“We Still Believe In Him, As Crazy As It Sound”

January 24th, 2020

A Jameis teammate weighs in

[UPDATE: 3:59 p.m.] Candor!

It’s one thing that makes the NFL fun when the games aren’t on.

And Shaq Barrett was delivering yesterday on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The Bucs’ 19 1/2-sack man was asked about America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, entering the dreaded 30-30 quarterback club by virtue of his 33 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions this season.

And Shaq delivered a heck of an opening line before fully endorsing his QB.

“We still believe in him, as crazy as it sound,” Shaq said of Jameis. “But we know that he can do it, like you see how many yards he had. We know we pass a lot, so you’re going to have yards and you’re going to get like touchdowns, but you’re going to get interceptions, too, if you pass a lot. But it’s something that he can eliminate, and I know he’s going to work to eliminate them. But nothing with him changed at all during the year, it just got stronger and better, his belief, his leadership, like nothing wavered at all ever.

“Him personally, he’s coming in every day no matter what performance he had, he always the same person. He always motivational. He always like a great leader for us. Man, I would want him to be our quarterback, because you could have a lot of other quarterbacks there that wouldn’t give us a chance to even make it. So I’m definitely going to take Jameis.”

Essentially, Shaq simply said he thinks Jameis can fix the bad stuff.

Joe agrees, but Joe also would counter by saying if all the bad stuff was still there in the second half of Jameis Year 5, with allegedly great coaching, work ethic and elite receivers, then it’s reasonable to think Jameis won’t get much better in 2020.

[UPDATE: 3:59 p.m.] The good folks at SiriusXM NFL Radio just twittered the video of their interview with Shaq. You can see the video below.

95 Responses to ““We Still Believe In Him, As Crazy As It Sound””

  1. richbucsfan Says:

    While I am far from a Jameis apologist, I do have a question…How much worse could he get? Seems like he hit bottom and logistically speaking, the only was is up from here. Make sense or no?

  2. richbucsfan Says:

    *the only way up

  3. 1sparkybuc Says:

    He doesn’t need to get much better. He just needs a defense like he had in the last half of the season, and special teams to contribute something once and a while. They finished 5-3, and it should have been 7-1, fractured thumb and all.

  4. JP_09 Says:

    I don’t think any player will publicly trash Winston, he seems to be liked as a person by most. This is something I feel Arians and Licht should take into consideration though, not just Shaq but Bucs vets like Evans, David, Godwin then guys like JPP and Suh if resigned should all be individually talked to about the matter and see how they feel about playin with Winston. If they all endorse him in a private meeting with the coach and GM then those thoughts should be heavily weighted when making the final decision along with the financial request of Winston and his team. If said players don’t trust him/want him back then you can’t chose one guy over those players and you move on.

  5. ManzielMadness Says:


    Thank think it’s a matter of being more consistent (if that’s at all possible at this point). The last 4 years his INT totals were as follows: 14, 11, 18 and 15. If he can Cut his INT’s to 10-15 next year while keeping our PPG high we should be ok. Would help to have a rushing attack so we’re not asking him to throw 40+ per game.

  6. SteveK Says:

    Efficiency with the football.

    Price vs production.

    We can not pay top dollar QB money for all of the turnovers. Not worth the tag.

  7. Alanbucsfan Says:

    This isn’t just about whether Jameis will get better. His salary demands will cause Bucs to NOT re-sign other free agents.
    So, do you want to let JPP go? Suh ? Barrett? Perriman? Nassib? Not re-sign Godwin?

    The argument that with last year’s 2nd half D, Jameis should get better is mute because if you overpay for Jameis, you cannot keep the D together.

  8. OneBuc55 Says:

    30 ints is an anomaly…No way that ever happens again in Jameis’ career…

    That said imo Jameis should never lead the league in pass attempts with his “snap & clear” mentality…If we really want to “fix” Jameis we need to add another stud or 2 to our offensive line and pair Jameis up with a solid running game and balance out the offensive play calling…Imo, until those things happen no QB we drag in here is gonna succeed…

    Just my 2 cents; enjoy your Friday Buc fans…

  9. Big Stinky Says:


    Sounds like you are looking for assurance that he can ONLY get better, right? It damn sure couldn’t get any worse. One thing you can ALMOST count on is he will have at LEAST 4 games next year with 2+ picks. Had 4 such games EVERY year under Dirk and 9 this year. Problem with thinking he will get better in his second year under Arians is Jameis was on Pace for 21+ INT’S in year 4 of the same offense. He has REGRESSED the last 2 years, no way to deny it. He had 15 TO’s inside the 30 yard line. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Also had 7 more INT’S that were close enough to take to the house. Only QB to accomplish that feat in 100 years. It’s not even a debate at this point. Can’t keep HOPING next year he will fix it. If he comes back next year say goodbye to Suh, JPP, and Nassib… Spend $50 million on Shaq and Winston with 17 FA holes to fill including RT, RB, WR, DT, and a couple edge rushers. Good luck with that Mr. Licht. This team is going to look totally different next year no matter what Arians says he wants. Too much money on offense to try to make Winston better. Total rebuild mode soon. Wasted too much time and resources on a mediocre QB.

  10. BucEmUp Says:

    Maintain the defense and fix the run game. Special teams is just as important and the joes just pointed out they were ranked 32nd.TWO games Gay blew that 7 and 9. One or two more games are wins if the defnese started the way they finisher.Its a team game.Tag him, draft a qb and make the decision in 2021.

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s laughable that people keep saying he can change. 30 interceptions might be an anomaly but it is a ridiculous argument when the guy stands alone at the top of the turnover column over his CAREER! And, the next guy isn’t even close!
    If you’re sitting, hoping it’s going to change, you’re fooling yourself. The only way this team gets better with Jameis at QB is if they throw less and run more.

  12. Mord Says:

    The problem is in this

    Versus this

  13. Noles Says:

    Well said JP 09

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:

    There is still another unanswered question. We’ve all heard about his inconsistency. Do we think he could ever mount a four game streak in the post season against the best teams in the league?

    One season…two games do not define an entire career. But this past year was incredibly alarming for me. Yeah all the pick sixes…30 ints…that’s a problem.
    But as posters have suggested for a variety of reasons…QB’s do better in the 2nd year of working with BA…the team as a whole is improving dramatically..we are close to be able as BA said..win with JW or win with another QB.

    I think JW could cut his int’s in half…but in doing so he’ll have to give up some of his gaudy stats…that’s ok..I’d rather win than pile up passing stats…but while I believe he could do that…perhaps getting us to the playoffs…what happens then?

    One and done? Perhaps two in a row…at what point does the inconsistency strike? Is JW a choker? He played lights out for four games and then the final two just came apart. How many points did his vaunted offense put up in the second half of the final two games when the pressure to succeed had grown. A chance for a winning record.

    JW has the talent and the heart and the work ethic…but is he a choker?

    Easy for me to ask on a blog…tougher for BA…his legacy is literally on the line.
    If BA determines that JW is NOT a choker…that will be enough for me.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s all about the money…….sure, we have $90 mil in cap space…..but if you give $50 mil to Shaq & Jameis…..you have so many FAs left to pay……JPP, Suh…..big bucks…..$90 is not as much as you think.

    As far as Jameis is concerned…..I don’t think he will change but I do think he will improve….

    This team is very, very close……we gave away the last two games and should have gone 7-1…..and we gave away two or three games in the 1st half of the season.

    Fix what we can fix…..transition tag Jameis for $23 mil…..and see if anyone else will pay him more…..I seriously doubt it.

  16. SteveK Says:

    Priorities of the Bucs:
    Resign Godwin/Perriman

    I hope the priority for the success of our team is to pay the best performing/most worthy/most consistent players.

  17. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Jameis Winston has had 5 years to improve, and we all know that didn’t happen. As a fan, I think that wins or losses should be more of a concern moving forward. What does “getting the record for this or that mean” when your team still loses? Five (5) years is a long time to show improvement, or not. Look at the rookie DB’s this year, they were horrible at the beginning but showed much improvement in the second half of (One Season) the year. Would the coaches allow a D-lineman, O-lineman, running back 5 full years to show improvement? Of course not. Because the team would lose games while waiting for that improvement. Which is exactly what we’ve done while waiting 5 years on Winston to improve. We need a veteran & draft pick that can win.

  18. Jonzey Says:

    We need to sign Winston please

  19. Zero_bucs_given Says:

    Why do we ignore the broken thumb

  20. Dare's Mama Says:

    What did you expect him to say? Every off season, after games, training camp, doesn’t matter when you ask….its always white clouds and blue skies from all of these guys. Why you guys even ask these questions baffles me. And no offense to Shaq, but he doesn’t really express himself well. To catch him saying something semi off color is not a stretch when we doesn’t even speak in properly structured sentences. Come on!!!

  21. AwShbucs Says:

    The last paragraph. Hogwash. You keep trying to make this point that Jameis has reached his ceiling. Its bogus.

    1st point you continue to ignore is that this was his 1st year in Arians scheme. See Carson Palmers interview.

    2nd point would be that Jameis did in fact improve in several areas this season. The most notable of which would be his deep ball. See the stats where he led the league in essentially every metric related to throwing it deep. He also had much cleaner mechanics and footwork than I’ve seen from Jameis his whole career to this point. And he threw the ball away more frequently this season as well.

    Please. Stop dragging out that argument. Its tired and lazy.

  22. runnerdoc Says:

    Jameis is Bucs management’s first priority, plain and simple. They know 5000 yds and 33 TD isn’t sitting around waiting for them to call.

    Does the receiving corps on the Bucs want to start over? No way.

    That is not to say Shaq, penalties, the defense, the special teams, RB, OL are not important to continue to improve, as the Bucs need to continue get better in all phases. Should they not, no playoffs are in their immediate future.

    Jameis isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Shaq

  23. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Yeah, 5 years, tireless worker, same results. The ceiling has been hit and HE WILL NOT IMPROVE!!!!! NEW QB PLEASE!!!!

  24. geno711 Says:

    I am ok with the BA/Carson Palmer era comparison to some degree.
    Just understand that Carson Palmer was coming from another team and had all new players to learn. That part is different. So the argument that Carson Palmer interceptions dropped in his 2nd full year with BA is every bit as tired and lazy. We all think him unlikely to have 30 interceptions next year. Ask yourself if 20 interceptions is good enough? If you say yes, then I suggest you are settling for Jameis.

    For every Carson Palmer interview there are other past pro players that are ready to give up on Jameis just like some Tampa fans.

  25. OneBuc55 Says:


    They don’t care man; they basically want anybody but Jameis…
    Watching the playoffs this year really bothered me…every team in the dance had a solid if not great running game; even KC ran the ball down the Titans throat…

    Yet even with a broken thumb we still continued to allow this kid to “keep firing” as if the thumb would have no affect on his ability to grip the football properly…That was the perfect time to get our RBs involved more but we decided against it…

    If we do decide to let Jameis walk hopefully he lands somewhere where there’s a commitment to running the football…I’d love to see Winston in New England if Brady leaves…Belichick & McDaniels would definitely understand how to use him…

  26. geno711 Says:

    The advanced metric that is most concerning to me (from Pro Football Reference) is the one that says on target percentage at 69.9% which is last of 32 qualified quarterbacks.

    Also, what does this say?
    Jameis was the most blitzed QB. Jameis sacked 47 times.
    Russell Wilson was the 2nd most blitzed QB? Wilson sacked 48 times.

    Don’t tell me Winston is better at escaping a rush than Russell Wilson
    Very different results.

  27. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  28. AwShbucs Says:

    Geno. While not as athletic as Russel, by a longshot. Jameis is exceptionally good at escaping pressure and avoiding sacks. He is deceptively elusive.

  29. Ndog Says:

    Zero_bucs_given Says:
    January 24th, 2020 at 7:13 am
    Why do we ignore the broken thumb

    Because that would hurt the narrative.

  30. AwShbucs Says:

    Also, your point about Carson Palmers playing with all new players vs Jameis being with the same team doesnt hold water. Seeing that it was his recievers first year in the scheme as well.

    As Carson Palmer cited, the playsheet from week to week is complicated and vast. With the majority of passing plays containing option routes. And if he isnt on the same page as the QB, trouble ensues.

    An addition year in the scheme for both Jameis and his targets should significantly reduce that kind of mistake.

  31. Ndog Says:

    Um they shouldn’t be questioning a defensive player about the leader of the #3 scoring offense in the NFL. They should be questioning the offense about if they believe in the 30th ranked pass defense in the NFL. It is amazing how the media controls people and literally tells people what to believe and think. Of the defense believes in Jameis cause he and the passing game bailed them out if the Rams game, Cardinals game and gave them a chance in the Seahawks game, Giants game, first Saints game Colts game.

  32. Pewter power Says:

    I think most sane Bucs fans become he should come back but everyone who has every watched him played can agree he’s not a 30+ million dollar quarterback yet.

    Shaq’s comment is honestly irrelevant and he’s just smart because he already knows they want him back and doesn’t matter to him who the quarterback is. You wrote about banking on hope and if you Winston with no kind of backup plan or competition then that’s exactly what they are doing.

    Look what Flacco did in his contract year, he went and got his big contract before turning back into the trash he was, Winston talks as if interceptions are no big deal going into the 6th year I don’t think they even need to franchise at this point, who will pay him what he’d get on the franchise tag?

  33. SteveK Says:


    Don’t play dumb. Jameis had 7 pick sixes, a record. Also the 35 total turnovers are more than the touchdowns.

    Point being, your 3rd overall scoring offense would be about 7.5ppg less- if you took into account the pints off turnovers.

    Remember all the picks at the beginning of drives/games? Talk about a swap of field position.

    It’s hilarious that you posture Jameis in a pedestal, but are quick to crucify any other player is pretty amusing. Can you view the team and the players through the same lens? You come across as Jameis first, Buccaneers second. And that is not s Bucs fan. That’s a contingent fan- welcome nonetheless- but not a fan of the team or it’s true success.

  34. AwShbucs Says:

    Pewter Power, today’s 30 million is tomorrows 40. I personally think it’s better to resign him now before the QB market continues to skyrocket.

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    we’ll see…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  36. ATrain Says:

    Wait a Minute


    Jamies is the QB of Course he won’t trash him in the media

    Wonder what he says on the sideline after the Defense makes a stop and had one play off and back on the field after one of those picks

    I bet it’s more like “F$&$ Jamies Really You A$&$&&. $&&$&&&&. “

    You may LOVE THIS GUY But He has more than One Problem

    Evans and Godwin make him look better than he is

    Those two guys are the Best WR in the NFL

  37. El Buco Realisto Says:

    For all the sheep that think that jay-miss is irreplaceable, The Bucs had more passing yards in 2018, more passing TD’s in 2018 and less Interceptions in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that was with the backup playing 8 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. miken Says:

    Year 6 and its the same as all the previous years… he’s just needs to fix the bad stuff. I remember Rays / Phillies world Series. My good friend came down from Phily. He loved Jason Wertz… said he’d be among the best hitters in baseball if he could just cut out the bad stuff with the swings on balls out of the strike zone. He can’t , of course he can’t and he was never great. If 100% of nfl players could just cut out the bad stuff, they’dd be great

  39. jjbucfan Says:

    If Jameis has reached his ceiling, it is only because Licht will not fix the OLine, the ST, or the running game. Also, I’m giving the defense the benefit of the doubt that they will be top 15-20 this year. It is amazing that certain people expect 1 guy out of 22 to win EVERY game for a team and also is not allowed to make mistakes in the process. Yes he made a lot of them this year but the defense and kicking shares the blame as they made their mistakes as well.

  40. T REX Says:

    stpetebucsfan Says:

    January 24th, 2020 at 6:34 am

    There is still another unanswered question. We’ve all heard about his inconsistency. Do we think he could ever mount a four game streak in the post season against the best teams in the league?

    No. He has a terrible record against winning teams. Hell, he has a terrible record vs everybody. The Winston knob gobblers just throw out excuse after excuse after excuse. A sorry lot. I have a hard time believing they aren’t like that in real life with everything as well. Just full of excuses. Everything is someone else’s fault.

  41. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Maybe he can play TE?

  42. jjbucfan Says:

    Geno- if the kicker makes 2 under 40 yard FGs, one to win the Giants game and one that wins the ATL game because we don’t go to OT, we are 9-7. If the refs don’t steal the Titans game from us 10-6 and in the playoffs. All of that is with 30 INTs. I know if Jameis throws 15 INTs we probably have the same record, if not better. Let’s not forget that JW and the offense gave leads to the defense at HT and the defense blew those leads. Leftwich also went into a shell on offense while the defense did their prevent crap. The point is there was sooooo much to like about the 2019 team compared to the past teams. We are so close to turning the corner, this team, the coaches and the fans deserve one more year at least to see which way we are going. The tragectory is up IMO. I think if we bring back major players and draft the way we should O-Line, D-Line, possible RB, and get a veteran S and maybe CB, we will win the South next year- no doubt in my mind. Just don’t know if Licht has the balls to admit his O-line has been subpar. Don’t hit me with talking heads stats- I WATCH the games. Not to mention how much we are spending on them for that performance. We were really close this year, everyone should stop being so negative. Takes more than 1 year to turn around a perennial losing franchise.

  43. Buccernutter Says:

    Another pro player said he thinks jameis can fix the bad.


    Any pro players in here to make fun of what Shaq doesn’t know?

  44. martinii Says:

    The farther we get from the 2019 season the pain of another losing campaign subsides to the point where multiple opinions develop regarding the Buc’s and 2020. At first pass I was convinced Jameis had to go. But then I wander if a few more FG’s and a few less penalties and a few more completions might have generated a 10-6 season. Maybe a little better schedule, and as always a few less key injuries? A lot of if’s but if the queen had balls she would be king. Let’s approach 2020 with optimism and see what BA does with what he has and what the Glazers can afford. For now I would franchise 58, offer 3 what he made in 2019. Build the trenches (O-line and D-line) with the draft and focus on the running game.

  45. Sharthappens Says:

    PC. Saying all the right things in order to ink the big contract. Shaq will decline in a big way after his money grab

  46. K2 Says:

    It would be foolish for Buc players to say anything negative. He might be their QB so they will say positive things.

  47. BucFanDuh Says:

    “No risk it, no biscuit!”… if you aren’t familiar with the phase that defines Arians offensive scheme, it basically means that he is willing to increase the the play associated risk to benefit from higher risk plays. Risk/reward… increase risk.. Your QB now throws 33 TDs, and 5k+ yards, career highs… throws 30 interceptions, also a career high. All of these statistics are anomalies. Career highs and lows in any category are by definition, statistical anomalies. Example… Shaq posted 19.5 sacks this year, which is a statistical anomaly. Do you honestly expect shaq to produce above or at the same level next year.. when he failed to produce at that level in the years prior? There’s a 95% chance he wont. Back to Winston. He’s always been turnover prone, but hes also produced at an above average, and sometimes top qb rate. Add additional risk into the mix, and you will get last years season in return. Now… if I were an intelligent person, I would make an effort to mitigate the risk in order to find a balance. He had less time in the pocket than most, and was sacked more than most.. the OL needs work. The running game was absolutely embarrassing.. can say it was the running back, the inability of the OL to run block, the predictability of 1st down running plays, or the absurd thought that Peyton Barber deserved the rock despite being garbage in comparison to Jones… but what you can say. Is that the passing game was there.. despite the lack of a running game. I would mitigate risk by not resigning Barber, drafting a bruiser in the 2nd/3rd round, increase RJ snap count to about 70%, and address the OL in the first round… because apparently, on top of an inability to pass protect, the OL is also among the worst in run blocking. the safety position is also a concern, fingers crossed on a shaq type free agency pickup in that position, but I’ll stay on task. The Bucs will reduce risk through their decisions this off season. Jameis is a risk, but only if the bucs over pay him, and cut their salary cap legs off, limiting their options in other aspects that need improvement. Hes a 22-25mil QB… that’s it.

  48. Pewter power Says:


    I agree today’s 30 is tomorrow’s 40 million but that’s about it. I think just because he was a first overall pick he thinks he’s on some kind of wage scale and hes comparing himself to the top 5 quarterbacks in the league.

    NFL’s highest paid players regardless of position (average annual salary):
    Eagles QB Carson Wentz: $32 million.
    Falcons QB Matt Ryan: $30 million.
    Vikings QB Kirk Cousins: $28 million.
    49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo: $27.5 million.
    Lions QB Matthew Stafford: $27 million.
    Raiders QB Derek Carr: $25 million.

    Basically your saying winston should be allowed to reset the quarterback market. Bucs are in an impossible position. Basically I think every owner in the NFL would hate the bucs if paid a guy who has never been to a playoff game and set the nfl record for pick 6’s and interceptions more than the top paid guy wentz.

    Letting winston reset the quarterback market is embarrassing

  49. Pewter power Says:


    It is amazing that certain people expect 1 guy out of 22 to win EVERY game for a team

    Firstly winston was responsible for just as many wins as losses. Every team gets bad calls and bad breaks like missed field goals, it’s called overcoming the adversity to get the job done.

    And yes most people expect the guy touching the ball on every offensive snap to win games especially one who wants to make over 30 million a year. Green bay is in the top ten of the draft without Aaron Rodgers

  50. Hodad Says:

    So the Bucs had a turnover prone QB, and they hired a coach with a complicated offense that tends to lead to a lot of turnovers. Makes sense. That’s like giving an arsonist a can of gas, and a lighter, and telling him to not start any fires.

  51. BigHog Says:

    Without FAMOUS we go back to the days of old…no retread QB can come in and lead this team !!!

  52. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Bucs fans! Where interceptions numbers are more important than actual QB production.

    Quick to disregard the leader of a Top 3 high scoring offense (3rd most in points scored) but love to obsess over interception numbers.

    Also quick to disregard the abysmal play of the defense in the 1st half of the season but then go on to have a love affair when they start to play well against Gardner Minshew and the Jags and David Blough and the Lions.

  53. Bucsfan951 Says:

    @steveK: don’t bother with the PUPPY. He says “ Because that would hurt the narrative”. Well, of course he leaves out certain aspects to Winstons game to help his narrative, as well. Like the 121 points scored by opponents off of Winston turnovers. Or the fact the opponents had 15, yes, 15, drives start within the Bucs own 30 yard line. That’s pretty much one per game. The 121 points alone is alarming. 7.5 points per game given to the other team. Bucs averaged around 28 points per game? Great! I’m pretty sure the Bucs d was the #1 scoring d in the league. What did they have? 6? 7? Tds.

    It’s easy to twist numbers to prove a point, NPUPPY. You perch Winston up on this high and mighty pedestal. That’s great! You have a man crush on the dude. It’s ok. But don’t act like he’s some untouchable figure and some HOF player and the only reason he isn’t successful is due to the team.

  54. Conte Piscateli Says:

    Football is a team game and as such, the whole team requires monetary investments in talent. We all know Tom Brady has always worked with the team on team friendly contracts to keep or obtain talents. Look at the history of Super Bowls and tell me how many times a top 5 paid quarterback at the time has made it to the super bowl. The answer will be a very low percentage in the salary cap era. Keep in mind that Goff, Wilson, Ryan, and Flacco all got big deals after super bowl trips. It can be argued that nothing kills a super bowl contender faster than allotting a huge contract to one player. As nfl front offices become more aware of this fact, quarterbacks will begin to carousel around the league as teams try to find a better balance of salary/talent distribution eventually bringing quarterback salaries back to reality.

  55. Buccernutter Says:


    That’s true but this seemed a lot more genuine than the typical “ya he works hard and we would like him back.”

  56. AwShbucs Says:

    Pewter Power. The QB Market is going to be reset by Dak and Pat Mahomes who will probably get closer to 40 million than 30.

    I think 30-31 million a year would be reasonable for a 26 year old QB who just lead the league in passing and the #3 scoring offense in the NFL.

  57. BucFanDuh Says:

    Another point which fans fail to see. They see the blaring statistic of interceptions, but dont see the more obvious statistics associated with it. Every single one of those interceptions ended an offensive drive. Those potential drives are potential yards and TDs that weren’t gained. Yet he somehow managed to throw for over 5k, and 33 TDs. Bucs fans are narrow minded. They want a high risk player to throw half the interceptions, in a high risk offense that expects higher than average interceptions. Naw fam, ya’ll want a miracle. I want that same QB, who throws a mere 5 interceptions less, for an additional 200+ yards and 3 more TDs. I want Winston to have less than 25 interceptions next year, in an offense he is familiar with… producing more, behind an improved offensive line, which improves the run game… and makes the offense less predictable and one dimensional. Could you imagine what would happen if opponents defenses had any respect for the bucs run game!? Holy carp batman.. they would assign more to defend the run game.. less defense to the pass. They would fear the pass… because only an idiot would ignore the weapons in the bucs passing attack. But… they would also be required to account for the run. If you think that requires a Derrick Henry, Emmit, or Faulk.. or whoever gives you a RB chubby.. you are wrong. RJ would succeed in the same fashion, if not more, if he had lanes to run through. The QB is not the weakness, the RB is not the weakness, it’s the group that has failed in giving those key positions sufficient opportunities. This year, that group is the OL and the Coaching staff.

  58. Buccernutter Says:


    That’s too much logic!!! You’ll overwhelm everyone.

  59. Joseph Mamma Says:

    runnerdoc Says:
    January 24th, 2020 at 7:23 am
    Jameis is Bucs management’s first priority, plain and simple. They know 5000 yds and 33 TD isn’t sitting around waiting for them to call.


    And with stats this impressive, he will be in the running for league MVP.

    With a season this monumentally epic, the HOF committee will be calling him soon. Might as well start fitting him for a jacket.

  60. D-Rome Says:

    Joe agrees, but Joe also would counter by saying if all the bad stuff was still there in the second half of Jameis Year 5, with allegedly great coaching, work ethic and elite receivers, then it’s reasonable to think Jameis won’t get much better in 2020.

    Clearly Reasonable Joe wrote this.

    As for Shaq’s comments, what else is he going to say? There is a golden rule with players, former or current (unless they’re a paid analyst), that to never get in between a man and his money. Unless they’re a paid analyst they’re all going to say to bring him back.

  61. Craig Says:

    If Jameis is better next year it will be because he actually did something to help himself, this off-season.

    The Bucs still need to draft a QB, in case our season start is as bad as history shows.

    I doubt Jameis would survive as a starter if he opens the season 1-3 or 2-5. Maybe Griffin can be a bridge for a few games and the QB hope take the back half of the season.

    It looks like the Bucs could trade down in the first round and grab Fromm, Hurts or Eason and still end up with an extra second round pick. That could be used for a safety and RT.

    Lots of good RBs still in the third round.

  62. ATrain Says:

    Wait wait

    I keep seeing this same post “If the kicker made this kick and that kick we would win”





    That’s why it’s a big deal

  63. ATrain Says:

    By the way

    How many QBs in the playoffs had 5000 yards

    Exactly NON-POINT JAMA lovers

    PLAYOFF > Stats.

  64. Buccernutter Says:


    Very well said. Only thing is like koetter’s offense, bruce focuses on pass pro way more than run blocking. So I think we’re gonna need a baller at rb to have that effect. Hopefully rojo improves again this offseason but ya those holes weren’t there. I’m pretty confident barber is gone, he is mediocre. I would love to take a rb in the second as there are several.

    However, I am never paying big money for a rb. There really weren’t very many teams in the playoffs paying big money to their rbs. Get em cheap on a rookie deal.

    Does anyone really expect jameis to throw anywhere near 30 ints in year two of this system?

  65. Buccernutter Says:

    You can’t bank on a td every time you’re in the red zone. The backup plan needs to be a consistent kicker. We were very good in the red zone compared to most teams so to suggest that a missed kick is not an excuse for not converting a td, is silly.

    Pick sixes are inexcusable. Period. Jameis can’t do those and that was WAY worse than his 30 ints imo. I just don’t see the defense giving up as many pts even with the same number of ints next season.

  66. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If Jameis doesn’t work out if signed for 2020….you realize there will be a complete house cleaning from top to bottom in 2021…GM-HC- QB- and half the names

  67. Buccernutter Says:


    I don’t know if I agree. I think if the defense is legit and the offense is solid outside of him (which would be an epic collapse if the entire unit struggles) they’ll just replace him. I could see bruce retiring and bowles taking over or even leftwich.

  68. DBS Says:

    SSDD. Cut Copy Paste. If you noticed yesturday he said he does not care who was under center. And he is not going to say anything to stop another player during $$$$$$$ time.

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    I think Winston will do very well playing for another team that has an average to decent rushing attack.

    Therefore I do see Winston improving once he leaves Tampa.

  70. Toddsbucs1 Says:

    Winston’s gonna throw interceptions with that slinger mentality but if you put a better line in front of him so he ant gotta be so worried in the pocket all the time and get one more good RB to go with Jones you’ll see a better Jamison.100%

  71. SteveK Says:

    Buc 1987,

    I can see it happening, maybe, but I also would be ok wit it considering the past five years no playoffs/disgusting amount of turnovers.

    The press conference after the last game in which Jameis proclaimed, “I’m ballin’!” Check your sheet” was it for me. Delusional to think he can be the best with a worse turnover rate than Bortles or Eli, and the rest of the league.

    Realist makes a helluva point: more yards, TDs, less INts in 2018 when Fitzmagic started 8 games.

    I believe another QB is the answer.

    I also think the Bucs O faces lot of eight man fronts bc other teams know if Jameis is throwing the ball, then they will get a chance to eat.

  72. T REX Says:

    OneBuc55 Says:

    January 24th, 2020 at 7:36 am

    If we do decide to let Jameis walk hopefully he lands somewhere where there’s a commitment to running the football…I’d love to see Winston in New England if Brady leaves…Belichick & McDaniels would definitely understand how to use him…

    The above is another example of Winston>bucs. You people are disgusting fans. If Winston leaves I hope he fades away into obscurity. I can’t wait till all his fanboi’s are gone.

  73. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We shall see what we shall see.

    Whatever will be will be.

    Here’s the truth as I see it:

    1) Winston IS worth the tag, be it Franchise or Transitional. Why? Because frankly, giving him a contract would cost more, unless he is willing to take less for the team.

    2) If we bring in another QB, we are looking at another down year with a veteran, or 3-5 years with a rookie. If it comes to that rookie, we may as well scrap everything and start over. Arians will not do that. So it is either a Veteran or Jameis, and Arians has put time in with Jameis, so it will be Jameis no matter what. Common sense. Whatever will be will be.

    3) Shaq is the only player I would put above Winston…but Arians will not feel that way. He is a man of offense, so he will focus on Winston first.

    3) The other defensive players are important, but not as important as Winston and Barrett. JPP won’t even be here…he negotiated his freedom when he took a pay cut. He’ll want at least $10 million and hte Bucs already told him he was not worth it by reducing his pay. Suh is a decent leader, but a big, strong run stuffer is easy to find, so he is expendable. Nassib is more important, as he has been on pace for double digit sacks whenever he has started. He’ll also be needed in place of JPP.

    All of these fans hating on Jameis are refusing to see the writing on the wall. It does not matter what we want. It does not matter what we think or the media thinks. What matters is Arians.

    Bowles might want to keep this defensive line together, but in the end, he will work with what he is given.

    Arians has pretty much given us the clue we need to figure out what is going to happen.

    Barret stays. Winston stays. Nassib stays. JPP has to be convinced. Suh will come down to budget.

  74. Allbuccedup Says:

    Time to move on from Jameis there are plenty of free agents QBs and QBs in the NFL draft. Build the defense resign Shaq, JPP, Suh and sign Leonard Williams.

  75. ATrain Says:

    The run game will not help Winston stating down receivers and throwing wobbling ducks

    Winston’s INT will not improve because we have a run game

    JAMA Lovers want a BETTER DEFENSE that allows only 6 points / A kicker who never misses/ The best running attack

    But then why would we need Winston you could put Griffin in will all of that a win

  76. GuttaMuzic Says:

    It seems a lot of people got so much to say but after Peyton Manning first 5 years when he led the league in interceptions all y’all talk about was how great a quarterback he was going to be I find that foolhardy and crazy that’s some some people so quick to try to get this boy out of town a man with a quarterback in the league threw for 5000 yards so you can keep talking about all these other quarterbacks out there that’s on the bench and ain’t doing nothing the reason they are on the bench and ain’t doing nothing today ain’t half as good as the one you got started for you now why’d you so worried about that man pocket who don’t want to see this team together and stay together if the defense would have played the first half like they played the second half the buccaneers would have made the playoffs the offense put up points though quarterback through touchdowns as well as interceptions and the kicker bluetooth games the defense blue more games but somehow it’s solely focused on the quarterback even the games where he had multiple interceptions they were still in those game and could have won them nobody making no excuses but I’m just saying if you can understand a misread route have you knew anything about football techniques then you would see it’s a lot of those interceptions came off misread routes bouncing off receivers hands are some just boneheaded plays which he made some himself so y’all get off the man penis I’m a buccaneer fan out of Jamie’s fan but that is our best option at quarterback at this moment and you need to re-sign him before you watch him do what so many other buccaneer quarterbacks did that left, another team to a Superbowl.

  77. Buccernutter Says:

    ATrain Says:
    January 24th, 2020 at 1:07 pm
    The run game will not help Winston stating down receivers and throwing wobbling ducks

    Winston’s INT will not improve because we have a run game

    JAMA Lovers want a BETTER DEFENSE that allows only 6 points / A kicker who never misses/ The best running attack

    But then why would we need Winston you could put Griffin in will all of that a win

    I can’t believe how dumb this post is. A run game won’t reduce interceptions? Jameis throws ducks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    No dude, jameis doesn’t need the best rb, ol, d, and st in the game to succeed, he just needs a few of them to not be bottom 5. What are you talking about?!?! What a polar opposite, idiotic response. How about a defense that doesn’t give up the most pts in the league most the season, a kicker that doesnt miss half his kicks to end the season, and a top 20 running attack.

    You guys reach HARD to make jameis look bad and it looks hilarious.

  78. ATrain Says:

    Peyton and Jamies in the same sentence HAHHAHA

    FACT The QBs in the playoff didnt have 5000 yards

    FACT INT and Picks 6s. Kill a team

    FACT Every other positions got better this year BUT QB



  79. gotbbucs Says:

    Give me a break. What is he supposed to say?

  80. Buccernutter Says:

    Add 7 probowlers to the list that think jameis will be great to elite. They interviewed them today at the pro bowl and budda baker, darius slay, dalvin cook, chandler jones, kirk cousins, darius leonard, and calais campbell all said he is awesome and needs another year in bruce’s system. Add those names to steve young, terry bradshaw, bruce arians, randy moss, warren sapp, carson palmer, and peyton manning who have all said he is good and will be great.


    I can’t wait to hear the excuses as to why those players are lying or ignorant HA.

  81. ATrain Says:




    My Dog just spoke and said keep
    Winston Too MIRACLE

    BUT When we get the same crap. NO MORE EXCUSES.

    And you owe every fan a beer

  82. Matt Says:

    If he keeps up with the “ballin’” egotistical bs then no one will block for his ass. Check your stats?! You mean 30% of your passing yards were against prevent defenses in garbage time or the end of the game down 2 scores vs a prevent?? 30 interceptions and 7 pick 6s!? Those stats?!

    Lol how about “Yeah I threw for a lot of yards but I made too many crucial mistakes that cost us games and here’s how I’m working to fix it…..” instead of head bobbing and going on egotistical rants.

    I believe in Winston because he puts it on the line but that rant really put off a lot of Bucs fans. If we pay him big and he continues with the bs boneheaded plays you will see a mass exodus of fans turn off the TVs and give their Bucs gear to the Goodwill and just become Miami Dolphin fans after they get Tua. Not because Travis a winner (which he is) but because he’s easy to root for and they have decent ownership.

  83. Matt Says:

    Ask Cam Newton or Felipe Franks how that egotistical nonsense works. Franks gonna get wrecked at Arkansas and Cam is broken. Why would you even try to act all big and bad when there’s 11 guys on the other team coming to knock your blocks off!?

    You want to hear clear leadership skills listen to the NFL films audio of Mahomes!! Dude is the perfect leader!

  84. Pit of Misery Says:

    It’s about ratio’s. If he was even 2:1 TD/Int’s ( average to below average) in 5 years I would “consider” an extension for multiple years. If he was at 3:1 (good to above average), we wouldn’t be having the discussion and his multi year extension would be a no brainer. So I ask, what is his career TD/ Int record as well as the Win- Loss record?

  85. 813bucboi Says:



    of course they said that….they all got wins(or picks) off of JW…lol…

    budda baker(2017) got a W
    darius slay(2017) got a W and INT
    dalvin cook(2017) got a W
    chandler jones(2016) got a W and a sack…JW threw 4INTs
    kirk cousins(2015) got a W
    calasis campbell(2016&2017) got a 2 Ws….lol….
    darius leonard(2019) got 2 INTs

    they all love playing against JW!!!!!!….LOL….

    even BA said we can win with another QB!!!!!….LOL….and thats the person of sees him every day!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  86. Buccernutter Says:


    I knew someone would respond with some dumba*** logic. It was just a guess as to who.

    You usually take the cake with dumb logic so CONGRATS! You win dumbest post of the day!

    Yep all 14 people I listed got ints and wins off of him. That’s the only reason. You got it, great insight! SMH

  87. Buccernutter Says:


    I’ll agree with that. IF he screws up, no more excuses. These idiots just cannot simply make up an excuse as to why they said this LOL. I mean 14 elite players or coaches have all said this. Must all be a conspiracy to get ints.

    Nothing anybody says will ever sway a true hater.

  88. OneBuc55 Says:

    TREX says: “If Winston leaves I hope he fades away into obscurity.”

    Wow! hoping bad on someone is the definition of a hater…

    You’re a joke dude…

  89. Pewter power Says:

    Yes mahomes will set the market again but I wasnt aware of him being up for a contract along with winston and Prescott. Just because he led the league in passing yards doesnt mean give the guy over 30 million damn what kind of football fans come here. #1 thr arrival of BA and his staff along with a bunch of people teaching how to play the position aided those stats. #2 if your gonna mention the record for passing yards please dont forget the record for pick 6’s or being the first guy to kick off the 30-30 club. He may be the only quarterback there in the next 30 years.

    #3 what quarterback wouldn’t play better with a run game? And for those talking about all the records he broke well ok if your eli and you broke Phil sims records or big Ben breaking Bradshaw records ok but seriously breaking josh Freeman records? For an organization who never had a franchise qb or signed anyone at that position to a 2nd contract? GFTOH with that.

    You dont have to tag him at all if you let him go test the market he will lose money, who is going to pay $27 mil a year for a guy leading the league in ints by a wide margin and always in the top 5 of the league in turnovers.

    Hey let’s blame jason licht, o line, defense, run game and BA because its everyone else’s fault bucs have not given him a fat contract and ]are scouting quarterbacks in the draft and free agency. Leading the league in passing and interceptions matters when the team finishes 3rd in the division

  90. Licht Headed Says:

    Buc fans have got to be the dumbest in the NFL. Since Winston came into the league in 2015, he ranks first in positively graded play rate and has posted the second worst negatively graded play rate. Other teams will pay Winston 4 yrs. @ $30M per so the Bucs need to tag him, not the three-game sack wonder.

  91. Ss Says:

    When he said “crazy as it sounds” no doubt he meant the thirty interceptions, not the fact they still believed in him…….

  92. Ss Says:

    The interviewer mentioned that he was in the 30-30 club and that he had 30 interceptions and then asked if they still believed in him he was responding to his statement.

  93. ATrain Says:

    Yep Nuttter

    Cant change a Lover either

    Hater is that because I called him out on a huge problem
    His INTs

    By the way almost all of the NFL shows have called Jamies out on this huge problem

    But You would love him Throwing 60 INTs Sitting at home in January

    You my friend are a Jamies Fan —The person

    We are Bucs Fans —the Team

    Bet you loved GMC and screamed the Bucs were stupid for sending him packing

    Best move ever

  94. Buccernutter Says:


    Come on man. Let’s not play dumb. There is no correlation between a hater and calling jameis out on ints. We all know. It’s common sense smh

    You don’t know me dude. In fact it’s funny for you to preach cheering for a player vs team when I cheer for jameis cuz he is on my team and is our inevitable starting qb. Hell be back and what are you gonna do? Cheer against him? Ya great fan of the team. Bad logic.

    I’m a much bigger fan of the team than you, evidently.

    I couldn’t be happier gmc is gone. But I cheered for him when he was here.

  95. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    Better 2nd year in a new, very complex system, including less WRs running wrong or poor routes, contributing to INTs. Plus improved running game and dropped passes takes some of the pressure off…just watch. Like with Hargreaves, BA will continue to clean up mistakes.