“The Best Thing They Had Going”

January 25th, 2020

After eight years playing linebacker in the NFL, and several years in broadcasting, Kirk Morrison has a very balanced view of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Like fellow sober and thoughtful fans, Morrison realizes Jameis throws way too many interceptions and that number needs to be cut significantly if Jameis is to have a starting-QB future in the 2021 season and beyond.

That’s right; Joe wrote 2021.

Morrison was talking all things Jameis on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week and said Bucco Bruce Arians needs to simply work with Jameis on his mentality, and build an OK running game, and then Jameis should be fine.

“It’s all about Jameis studying his mistakes,” Morrison believes, noting the stunning Pick-6 errors must disappear because those are “points” and the worst of the worst screwups.

Overall, Morrison said he’s watched so many quarterbacks on film, and had so many as teammates, that he sees a rare talent and mindset in Jameis.

The Jameis attitude? “I have more confidence that my player is better than you,” is how Morrison described it. That gets Jameis in trouble, he said, and it just needs to be refined a little bit.

“The best thing they had going was Jameis Winston,” Morrison said matter-of-factly when speaking of the Bucs.

Overall, Morrison believes if Arians works to achieve a little improvement rushing, coaches out the Pick-6s and the Bucs do the smart thing and franchise tag Jameis, then “Jameis is my candidate for comeback player of the year.”

That last line made Joe chuckle. Man, hoping your franchise QB becomes comeback player of the year on a franchise tag is quite a big investment in hope.

Regardless, Morrison is on target, Joe believes. But Joe’s unsure what, after 70 career starts, will make Jameis a better in-game decision maker, outside of a good running game that would cut his total decision-making.

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  1. Stanglassman Says:

    This is exactly what all the Bucs fans are saying that want to Jameis back next year. It’s only the people who want to see him gone or never wanted him who say that we make excuses for him, that we think he is perfect or interceptions don’t matter. Nobody claims those things.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Seems to me that $27 mil is a LOT of money to pay for a POTENTIAL ‘comeback player of the year’. Have now seen several articles on getting him a better OLine, better running game, etc. Well, throwing out potential FA signings without talking COST is a fun, albeit meaningless exercise IMO. Winning TEAMS understand what tradeoffs they can make in terms of TEAM BUILDING and STILL be competitive. For far too many years, the Bucs have shown that they have no clue how to do that. This past year we did quite well in terms of salary Cap management I thought & finally looked like we were getting our act together.

    Bucs started last season with the most expensive OFFENSE in the NFL (on a cost/player basis) at very close to $100 mil, and one of the least costly DEFENSES (around $58 mil), thanks largely to having so many young players on defense & some excellent defensive 1-year FA signings. Well, now the ‘chickens have come home to roost’ and the bill for using that approach just came due. Even though Bucs should have $210 mil total available this year in salary Cap (which includes $10 mil rollover & very little dead Cap this year), we’ve already made some huge commitments, especially on offense.

    Just for kicks, looked at the Bucs POTENTIAL 2020 offense. Obviously there are a number of assumptions in there … ASSUMED that we franchise Jameis ($27 mil), sign a veteran backup QB (say $4 mil), re-sign Perriman (say $6 mil), keep Brate & Howard, re-sign Hudson ($0.6 mil), Auclair ($0.7 mil), and Barber ($1 mil) then draft FOUR rookies on offense (RT, RB, OL, WR). The result is an OFFENSE that’d cost a tad more than $118 mil. Here’s what that OFFENSE would look like (players under 2020 contract according to Spotrac marked with an asterisk):

    o QBs: Winston ($26.895 mil) … Veteran QB ($4.0 mil) … *Griffin ($1.645 mil).

    o WRs: *Mike Evans ($18.350 mil) … Perriman ($6.0 mil) … *Godwin ($0.967 mil) … *Watson ($0.735 mil) … *Miller ($0.617 mil) … Rookie WR ($0.585 mil).

    o TEs: *Brate ($6.0 mil) … *Howard ($3.530 mil) … Auclair ($0.674 mil) … Hudson ($0.630 mil).

    o RBs: *R Jones ($1.929 mil) … 3rd Rnd RB ($0.994 mil) … Barber ($1.0 mil) … *TJ Logan ($0.735 mil).

    o OLine: *D Smith ($14.5 mil) … *Marpet ($11.025 mil) … *Jensen ($10.0 mil) … *Cappa ($0.903 mil) … 1st Rnd RT ($3.593 mil) … *Watford ($0.870 mil) … *Stinnie ($0.660 mil) … *Bailey ($0.593 mil) … 4th Rnd OLineman ($0.831 mil).

    That’d give us 26 guys on OFFENSE: 3 QBs, 4 RBs, 6 WRs, 4 TEs, 9 OLinemen. Of those, 16 are already under contract for 2020. We’d be re-signing 5 of our own UFAs, adding 1 other UFA (QB), and using 4 draft picks on offense.

    IMO, $118 mil on OFFENSE is NOT DOABLE without compromising the DEFENSE. We MIGHT be able to go as high as $105-$106 mil on offense and STILL re-sign all our UFAs on DEFENSE, but I personally can’t see how we could go higher than that without compromising our defense. Obviously there are ALTERNATIVES like releasing/trading Brate & not re-signing Perriman to get the offense cost down. This is the problem that arises when you start paying your QB or any other player salaries that eat up a lion’s share of your salary Cap … TEAM BUILDING suffers, either in terms of your starters & key rotational players OR in terms of your depth.

  3. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    “It’s all about Jameis studying his mistakes,” Morrison believes, noting the stunning Pick-6 errors must disappear because those are “points” and the worst of the worst screwups.”
    IMO Jameis is dead on in film study and Q&A recognizing defenses and what reads to make….IN the film room and on the sideline studying as the game develops…
    Behind center with the ball in his hands not so much …then comes accuracy and timing…we can only hope it has finally sunk in….BUT as I say
    “There ain’t no hope in football “

  4. JP_09 Says:

    Transition tag or move on. He’s not worth 23 million yet but it’s the cheapest option if they want to keep him. If a team offers him more, goodbye we’ll take the two 1st.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    JP_09 … If Bucs transition tag Jameis & another team offers him more, we can match it, but we don’t get any draft picks in return if we don’t (that only applies to the franchise tag, not transition tag I believe).

  6. Craig Says:

    I thought Jameis just finished his audition year. If he could do it better, he would have done it last season.

    Jameis is not going to curb the interceptions because he can’t. There is some kind of disconnect that happens when the game starts. All he knows leaks out his ear and his play turns to crap.

    Hoe do you throw four interceptions in the first series of games? Comeback player of the year ain’t gonna happen.

    I am resigned to the fact that they will glue a tag onto his forehead, though. We still need to draft a QB. Trade down in the first round and get two second round picks.

  7. MadMax Says:

    I dont really care anymore…..he’s his own worst enemy…is what is…franchise and keep for 1 year as a bridge to the new QB, or let go and sign a vet as the bridge (Brady).

  8. Adrnagy Says:

    I don’t see any college QB that can step in and roll with offense from day 1. And be playoff team. If we draft a qb is a project to start 2 yrs from now.
    So it leaves two options.
    1- sign a vet QB (20m) who can win now and learn the playbook and draft qb. And use the money on defense.
    2- sign Winston

  9. JP_09 Says:

    @Defense, I could be mistaking. I thought I read somewhere if a team offers him more then the Bucs could either match the offer or if they choose not to then they would receive 2 first. I’ll look them up again to verify

  10. Warrenfb12 Says:

    So they are going to tag him? He’s not gonna be a fan of that.

  11. Jean Lafitte Says:

    another re-run

  12. Slugglife Says:

    The GSU homers will work overtime to convince you that Jameis will be a new man next year. Then spend all year making excuses again. Then we can talk draft before November. Then we can do this all over again in 2021.

    We can all be career losers together. It’s what we do.

  13. JP_09 Says:

    @Defense, I misread. It is the non-exclusive or (franchise tag) like you said that would give the Bucs two 1st if they chose not to match the offer. Transition is just the average of the top 10 at the position and if a team offers more and the Bucs choose not to match then they get nothing

  14. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Non-exclusive tag Jameis, ..then wait for offers, if any. If there is an offer, then accept the two 1st round picks and bring in veteran Rivers to bridge over newly drafted 1st round QB. ..the end

    Jameis moves on and gets a fresh start and we get a decent fresh start as well.

    Rivers will make Winston a distant memory, and will be a better mentor to Burrows or Eason.

  15. Al Says:

    Turnovers kill scoring drives, momentum and morale. Its more than a pick 6
    that puts points on the board. Worn out defenses caused by quick turnovers
    and letdowns by the offense lead to many uncounted points.

  16. Losing hope Says:

    Hey Joe wipe ur mouth, you got a Lil DNA on it. Jaymiss is a 5yr disappointment. Period.

  17. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I don’t want us to have to take a QB in the 1st, or even the 2nd. I’d like to see us add to our defense with those picks, and get a bargain on a RB in the 3rd or 4th, with a 3rd/4th used on OL.
    If we sign an old QB, we’ll have to use a high pick on his heir apparent. It’ll be nothing but going through transition periods for the next 2 or 3 years (I don’t think Philip Rivers would stay healthy very long in Tampa). Bruce Arians, Jason Licht, and myself all want to win in 2020 (along with some other fans).

  18. Chesapeake Bucco Says:

    Hey Joe listen: It will be transition tag for JW, not franchise!!!

  19. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Joe in Michigan

    What part about three 1st round picks do you not understand?

    Also Eason is NFL ready and would be perfect in Arian’s vertical offense.

  20. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:


    I don’t understand your QB logic.
    Even Jacoby Brissett makes almost 28 million. Unless you’re a superstar or on a rookie deal, that’s the going rate for an average quarterback.
    Are you saying the Bucs should keep drafting quarterbacks every five years or pay a different member of the ‘over the hill gang’ every two?
    The Chiefs got damn lucky with Mahomes, but he’ll be hitting them up for 40+ mil either next year or the year after. Granted, he’s worth it, but under your scenario I think not because all the good players around him will have to go.
    With the exception of Burrow and Tua, both unavailable at 14, who are you going to draft to be a starter under Arians?
    Better yet, which member of the ‘over the hill gang, are you going to sign–Butch Cassidy or The Sundance Kid?

  21. Buchead588 Says:

    Reading this gives me big hope I’ve seen BA say it many times an now Morrison that Jameis needs to beable to study his own Tape In BAs offense that’s he will improve dramatically in year 2 because he’s watching Tape on himself he’s been watching Tape on Palmer this past year Seeing both of them say this makes me believe that there is something g to this an should expect Jameis to have. Monster Year 2

  22. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jean Lafitte Says:
    January 25th, 2020 at 4:01 pm
    Joe in Michigan

    What part about three 1st round picks do you not understand?

    Also Eason is NFL ready and would be perfect in Arian’s vertical offense.
    The only 2 teams in the running to give up 2- 1st round draft picks for Jamyth
    One of the Joes

  23. Slugglife Says:

    Yep. JW needs just one more year. Same story next year. He needs on more year- he only threw 28 picks this year, that’s progress. Year 3- he’ll need just one more year under Arians.

    We could draft Blackman to appease the FSU homers and pay him less. That would keep them happy.

  24. Jonzey Says:

    Blackman sucks

  25. Slugglife Says:

    The three first round picks sound way better than another wasted year.

  26. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Jameis was in Koetter’s vertical offense and now Arians brings in his vertical offense which is similar to Koetters. Five seasons now and Jameis has been in a vertical type offensive scheme but somehow, magically he’s gonna have a monster year 2 after having his worst turnover year as a pro.

    Not buying it. He may not have a 35 TO’s season again but according to his body of work to this point he’ll be a league leader in turnovers next season.

  27. Jean Lafitte Says:


    I know you asked DR but what makes you think just because we have the 14 pick that we must stay at 14. If you NE tag Jameis and we get two 1st for compensation, don’t you think we could use at least one of them to move up?

    …and for your info Jacob Eason would be perfect in this offense.

    It’s not just either or on Burrow and Tua.

  28. Slugglife Says:

    Yeah Blackman sucks. But he’s a Nole. And that’s all that matter to the JW lovers.

  29. JP_09 Says:

    @jean I’m with you, give me Eason @ 14

  30. John.L Says:

    Give me Anthony Gordon in round 2 or 3.

  31. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Stanglassman amen, all these people saying Jameis don’t deserve 27 or 30 million dollar. Are y’all GMs or HCs. If N Foles is worth what he got plus a long term contract then Jameis should at least 27 to 30 million for 1 damn year

  32. SteveK Says:

    Where are the Jaguars since paying Fokes?

    Price vs production.

    Turnovers: Touchdowns

    Price tag does not compute with the cap commitment that comes with it.

  33. Tye Says:

    I guess every year now is JW s ‘make or break year’ because he is nowhere near good enough to win the position out right…

    The best decision the Bucs could make going forward for a better tomorrow is let JW go be a backup somewhere or go hang out with Kaepernick thinking he has to be paid X amount of dollars to play…

    Rivers/Dalton/Smith/Fitzpatrick and go after Eason…
    Man what a nightmare one uneducated decision 5 years ago has become for this organization!

  34. Slugglife Says:

    What Tye said.^^^^

  35. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I will make this guarantee:

    If the Licht and Arians non-exclusive tag Jameis for $27 mil

    I guarantee their will be NO …NONE ..NADA ..higher bidders.

    There’s no team out there that will be willing to invest that much into Winston. Especially after the Whisperer turned him out.

    Buc’s will sign Winston to a one year deal at whatever the true franchise number is which is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 27mil

  36. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:


    For all I know Jacob Eason might be a decent NFL QB, but not for Arians (IMO). With his coaching years numbered he doesn’t want to go with a kid.
    That said, I’d move up for Burrow or Tua only –if it didn’t break the bank, which it will.
    As I’ve stated before, I’d sign Winston to a (low as possible) 3-year deal and trade him, OJ and two #1’s to Cincy for their pick and take Burrow. I think he is special and with his skillset and age(23) is ready to play now.
    If I was Licht I’d make the call, but I have a feeling Cincy would laugh and hang up.
    Unless an aforementioned miracle happens, I think it’s Jameis–at least for one more year. As stated, those old free agents don’t do it for me.

  37. Buccernutter Says:

    Ah man another person advocating jameis will improve with a supporting cast. Doesn’t he know jameis doubters are the smartest football fans alive?

    Sick em jameis haters!!!!

  38. Jean Lafitte Says:

    If we can get JW back in here for 27mil then there’s a great chance of keeping that defense together.

  39. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Jean Lafitte: What are you talking about, 3 1st Round Picks?

  40. BucEmUp Says:

    Stan …exactly. Most of the people that want him.gone never wanted him at all.He could win a superbowl and they woukd give credit to 52 ither players and continue bashing Winston.They refuse to believe that a piss poor run game, historucally bad secondary for the first half of 2019 and the 4 years before that, missed field goals and crap special teams have ANYTHING to do with losing games. No…..everyhting I just listed is ALL Winstons fault 100%

    If all.of those things were even middle.of tge road last season they would have made the playoffs, and thats NOT even mentioning tge interceptions that were not Winstons fault.

    Tag him.

  41. BucEmUp Says:

    I woukdnt touch Tua for anything. Dude isnt going to win games or walk.on water like everyone thinks

  42. Slugglife Says:

    FSU homer ^^^^^

  43. BucEmUp Says:

    Also not sure how you throw for over 5000 yards and 30 tds and win comeback player….its not like he couldn’t run the offense.

  44. Slugglife Says:

    I don’t know, maybe don’t throw 30+picks.

  45. Slugglife Says:

    Maybe don’t throw any interceptions on your first pass of the game all year long.

  46. SteveK Says:

    More turnovers than touchdowns.

    5 years- no playoffs.

    No way you’re getting top dollar.

    Inefficient football leads to losing with flare.

  47. Jean Lafitte Says:

    our 1st round pick

    plus -the two 1st round picks we will receive for compensation if another team offers Jameis a contract after we non exclusively franchise tag him
    (2020-21 #1’s)

    equals -voila! … three 1st round picks …lots of ammo!

  48. Jean Lafitte Says:

    ^^^^to Joe in Michigan

  49. Wesley Says:

    It’s been 5 years it’s not gonna stop. Your Q.B. must protect the ball especially in critical situations, such as game winning drives (see J.W. final play this season).

  50. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    It’s going to be very hard for him to win “comeback player of the year.” The dude just led the league in yards, led an offense to a top 3 finish in offense with virtually no running game, and was top 3 in TD passes. Most comeback players aren’t league leaders in most categories in the prior year. Really dumb take in regards to that, but the sentiment is correct. These anti-Jameis posters can’t be real fans. They are advocating for Rivers (washed up), Dalton (a poor man’s Jameis), or the 4th rated QB in the draft. None of these options are better than letting Jameis play out a 2nd year in this system for a team that went 5-3 down the stretch even thought the receiving corps was depleted during that run.

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    Ineffable … Looking at ‘costs’ wasn’t really about advocating for Jameis or not advocating for Jameis. As I said at the end, it’s about TEAM BUILDING. Paying any one player, whether he’s a QB or a DE or whoever, huge $$$ has ramifications, and paying several like that has REALLY huge ramifications. There are only so many $$$ to pay for 53 players. And it takes all 53 to create a winning TEAM.

    I just wanted to see (using certain assumptions obviously) what the ramifications of franchising Jameis for $27 mil would be. IMO, re-signing JPP, Barrett, Suh & Nassib will cost $45 – $50 mil, and the defense as a whole will cost $90 – $95 mil. S/Ts is easy … it’s $4 mil. So obviously IF we pay for an offense at $118 mil, a defense at say $90 mil and a S/Ts at $4 mil, then $212 mil total is more than we have. And that’s not leaving any ‘contingency money’ for injuries, etc which isn’t wise. Something would ‘have to give’ as they say.

    IF we sign our Big-4 UFAs on defense, draft well and spend intelligently on offense, I’m of the opinion that there’d be at least a 2-year window for getting to the Super Bowl (perhaps more?). After that, our ‘youngsters’ like Vea et al start will needing to be paid also, plus I think BA will be ready to call it a wrap anyways. In any event, Bucs are actually in a very enviable position … unless we do something stupid. Of course, that’d be very ‘un-Bucs-like’ wouldn’t it.

  52. gotbbucs Says:

    Yep, and then first game of the year he’ll throw a pick-6 in the 1st quarter and we’ll all wonder why we’re still in this situation.

  53. Ndog Says:

    All I know Bruce said at the beginning of the year “give him (meaning Jameis) a running game, a good defense and a reliable kicker and let’s see how he does”. Well we didn’t give him any of those things till about week 11, which equaled 4 wins in a row BTW, until we lost all of our WRs and Jameis broke his thumb. I am not sure what everyone was watching but outside of the the Houston game, Jameis was outstanding when just given just one of what the head coach said himself says was needed.

  54. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Jean Lafitte: So you say Jameis isn’t worthy of being the Bucs QB, but he’s worth TWO 1st Round picks? How is this logical?

    You also say that Jacob Eason is “NFL ready”. Every site I go to says he’s raw and will need time to develop.

  55. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    So now the Jameis pick is uneducated pick LOL. What was all the other picks that the Bucs made many who have went on to great careers and others who weren’t worth a d… oh these were all uneducated if you don’t like Jameis just say you don’t like him. Tied of the crap he’s not worth this or that. Plenty players in the NFL making a lot more money with no production. Do he have it between his ears. I am sure Jameis is no dummy he make it this far in the NFL could have played baseball and also graduated from FSU. With me I am also tied of him trying to be super Bucs hero in games but all the loses or not on Jameis even with his constant f…ups. But you know what, I am a Bucs fan and what ever the Bucs decide I am with them

  56. Jean Lafitte Says:


    By dumping a couple salaries on offense like maybe Brate, Dotson, Barber would help get us back into the green. We draft their replacements.

  57. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Michigan Joe

    No that is not what I’ve been saying. Go back and read my threads

    Unlike what the Jameis supporters may have you believe I don’t think

    There’s a team out there that will be willing to invest that steep a price for Winston. Especially after the Whisperer turned him out.

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Michigan Joe says

    You also say that Jacob Eason is “NFL Ready”. Every site I go to says he’s raw and will need time to develop.
    Yes, he’s as ready as Jameis was “NFL Ready” …remember?

    They said take Jameis over Mariota because he’s “NFL Ready”

  59. Ndog Says:

    Touchdown I won’t say they aren’t fans of the team cause I don’t know them but I will say it is fairly clear that they let outside noise and others opinions impact how they feel. I mean just the number of comments about how he’s viewed across the country proves that. I mean who cares what others think as we know they are not watching our games to see what is really happening. People who watch our games and understand football games know that while Jameis was far from perfect he, along with Evans and Godwin, were the only reason we won any games until late in the year.

  60. Ndog Says:

    BTW Senior Bowl today Jordan Love 4/6 26 yards 0 TDs, 0 picks.

  61. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:


    Agree on all cost accounting, but the QB, right or wrong, eats up all the dough. That’s why it’s hard to maintain a dynasty. NE does it with Brady taking a little less, but mostly because it’s because of a talented front office and cheating—yuk-yuk.
    Bottom line, unless we orchestrate a miraculous coup d’état on draft day, we gotta pay Jameis, at least for one more year, and live with him and salary cap ramifications.
    I do have another question; you are still paying Godwin his rookie contract. I’d do everything I could to lick this guy up ASAP. Can’t let this guy hit free agency, even if it is a year or two away. Agree?

  62. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:

    Wrote because twice. Damn, guess that voids my arrogant literary prowess.

  63. Jean Lafitte Says:


    But yet you and everyone else uses outside noises to make your case.

    But dissenting opinions can’t be influenced by others outside the fanbase?

    Being a little hypocritical don’t you think?

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    Ineffable … I agree that there are things we can do (like cutting Brate & not re-signing Perriman) to save money on the offensive side, and probably enough to franchise Jameis. But let’s say we do that; where do we find the $18 mil or so that it’ll take to re-do Godwin’s contract (he’s worth $18-$20 mil a year I’d bet … and he now makes $1 mil)? Unfortunately it ALL has to tie together in the end.

    JBFers like ndog love to say ‘Give Jameis a solid OLine, a solid running game and a solid defense and he can take us to the Super Bowl’. Actually I don’t disagree, but I’d add ‘Give just about any NFL QB those things & they’d probably get us to the playoffs also’. Because what he just described is a solid TEAM. But improving the OLine, the running game, the defense AND paying for top-of-the-line WRs AND TEs at the same time costs MONEY. And folks seem to disregard that little thingie. GMs like Jason Licht don’t have that luxury.

  65. Ndog Says:

    Jean I use facts most of the time but at times I do use other “experts” to drive points home. The only reason I do that sometimes is because I know people don’t know me or understand my knowledge of football. But again look at the vast majority of my posts and you will see I talk about numbers, games and situations not others opinion. It’s simple people that most others watch and take their opinions from don’t watch our games. I mean one simple way to prove that is yards. Everyone just acts like the yards Jameis put up is ho hum when in reality they are WAY MORE impressive than the 5,000 yards put up by Mahomes last year in his MVP season. While Mahomes was getting many of his yards on screens to Hill, Kelce and Watkins via YAC Jameis has more yards in the actual air than anyone ever this season. Now like him or not there is no way anyone would say that isn’t harder/ more impressive. But do you hear anyone saying that and in addition wouldn’t that also lend itself to more likely opportunity to throw picks? Now the media would say those are excuses but they are also cold hard FACTS. Simply put Jameis is playing a different game than most other QB cause the other team walks off the bus knowing what we are going to do and they know of they get Jameis to turn the ball over they have a chance cause they also know there is very little chance they actually stop him. Now think about the Chiefs, you better keep somebody deep at all times on Hill and you also better soy him close to the line for all those screens and oh yeah the same thing for Kelce and they will run the ball decently and run a great screen game to the backs. Again we drop back and fire that’s about it the majority of the time. Now Mahomes is clearly playing better than Jameis but the offense he gets to play with is also a lot more diverse which no doubt does help.

  66. Dapostman Says:

    Many JBFers wanted D-Wayne Haskins last year after he threw 50 TD’s at Ohio St.

    Doubt these same people would be clamoring for him at pick #14 this year.

  67. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Jameis is no Mahomes but his skill set is similar to a Josh Freeman.

    tag him …nobody matches we give him another prove it season @ around $27mil

  68. Ndog Says:

    Actually Jean Freeman had an amazing skill set he just didn’t give a darn and we know that isn’t an issue with Jameis. I know people think I’m crazy but if Jameis continues to start in this league he legitimately is on pace to have the most passing yards and TDs in the history of the the league. That is insane considering our history around here and yes our record since he has got here I think anyone will admit since the day he walked into the door our defense, running game and special teams have been trash. That is really not debatable yet he gets all the blame.

  69. T REX Says:


    “As it turns out, the importance of winning the turnover battle has been remarkably static throughout NFL history. Last year, teams that won the turnover battle won 78% of their games. And from 2007 to 2016, teams that won the turnover battle won 78% of their games. In the decade of the ’70s, when turnover rates were much higher, teams that won the turnover battle won 78% of their games. From 1950 to 2016, the average winning percentage of teams that won the turnover battle was 78%, too.”

    BOOM! Choke on those facts. You can give Winston everything and if he turns the ball over we aren’t winning. Get it yet? I’m so sick of you whack jobs defending him. He’s a loser. A rich one but as far as QBs go…dude is damaged goods. Sorry buddy.

  70. Jean Lafitte Says:

    There you go, craziest ideal yet. I wonder if anyone will run with it?

    Just bring back Josh Freeman for $15mil …voila Jameis’s identical twin

  71. Jean Lafitte Says:


    for half the price 🙂

  72. T REX Says:

    @ defense rules, agree with about are overuse of resources on the offensive side of the ball. That has helped Winston throw for a bunch of meaningless yards. Unbalanced. Winston doesn’t deserve another chance but I bet if he somehow manages one last season as our QB he’ll have to do more with less because the bucs have to spend more on defense. There’s an opportunity cost associated with that. The Winston knob gobblers have limited cranial power to understand these basic things. They whine constantly about defense and running game. Neither have anything to do with Winston not seeing the LB drop back into coverage. Why? Because he’s stupid. Probably the same genetics that gave him that arm also forgot to give him some IQ points to notice the LB dropping into coverage. Oops. I swear this is my last pick 6. Ha!

    His band of loud mouthed losers know the end is near.

  73. T REX Says:

    *agree with you about the…

  74. Ndog Says:

    I love the TO argument cause that is yet another falacy. Yes TOs can be on one person but quite often they are due to a variety of factors. Snapping the ball, blocking up front, route running, decision making, accurate passes, catching the ball and securing the ball once a player has it are all factors in TOs but yes 100% of the points scored this year off the Bucs TOs are on Jameis, you are correct again. SMH…..

  75. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    High 5 Andover I can see you understand the game. You pointed as I have several times that before our defense got going around the second half of the season Jameis was helping win those games or this was a new offense and receivers were running the wrong routes and so on but with many of these people all they go on is 30 interceptions and what out people are saying. If they would watch the games closely and not depend on what these sports people are talking about, they will get a better understanding

  76. OneBuc55 Says:

    Love him or Hate JW is our best options to make the playoffs next season…

    Even with the ints and some defense breakdowns we were still 4 or 5 field goals away from being a Wildcard team…

    Personally, I think 45 or 50 pass attempts a game is a bit much for Winstons “snap & clear” mentality…I think balancing out the offense and finding a 1000 yrd rusher is a must imo to help whoever the QB is we decide to roll with in 2020…

    Not to mention, finding a kicker that can consistently make a 40 field goal when the drive stalls…

  77. SteveK Says:


    What about the INTs dropped, or INTs called back due to penalty? What about the bad decisions or off throws?

    Don’t all NFL QBs face these hurdles, and most QBs don’t have the offensive cast JW had.

    You saw the statistical W-L numbers tied to turnover margin? Wake up and smell the turnovers.

  78. Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:


    To use an oft remarked cliche, “if you build it, they will come.”
    For the first time, in a long time, I have confidence that we’re trudging in the right direction.
    The millennial athlete usually opts for the cash–loyalty be damned–with few exceptions. Let’s hope we grab a few exceptions. We’ll see …

  79. Ndog Says:

    SteveK let me ask you a question. Do all QBs play with the most penalized team in the league? You know what penalities are they are mistakes, now why would that change when it comes to blocking, route running, etc…? So if you have the most mistakes in penalities then it stands to say that goes for other mistakes as well, so no, most other QBs don’t deal with the same thing at least not in the volume that QBs here do here in Tampa Bay.

  80. BrianBucs Says:

    People thought that Arians was going to come here, give Winston a magic pill and make him a true franchise QB. DIDN’T HAPPEN.
    Winston’s turnover total actually went up and he looked like a high schooler.
    He threw for a lot of yardage that meant absolutely nothing as he kept turning the ball over. making bad decisions and costing the Bucs games.
    When Winston is 35 people will still be waiting for him to “develope”.
    Let’s also not forget that Winston is only one more violation of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Code away from an indefinite suspension and we all know what that means. And that is a huge gamble for the Bucs to take.
    Bucs need to move on and end these lost seasons

  81. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Since NPUPPY wants to quote Bruce almighty, here’s one and let me know how you feel about this? Bruce says and I quote “With another quarterback? Oh yeah. If we can win with this one, we can definitely win with another one, too,”

    That doesn’t sound too encouraging, does it? If Winston was this god like qb, as it seems you put him as, then why hasn’t he been signed by the Bucs yet?

    Give him a defense, a running game, and reliable kicker, of course they’ll win! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, slick!

    And the turnovers and why ppl always bring it up. Again, NEWS FLASH!!! 121 points were scored by Winston turnovers.

    15 possessions by the opponents started within the Bucs own 30 yard line. I’m pretty sure Winston had a lot to do with that.

    People bring up his ints like you bring up his yards. We all know you know more than us as you eluded to earlier.

    Just remember NPUPPY, 121 points. 7.5 points per game. THOSE, MY FRIEND, ARE COLD HARD FACTS!!!

  82. BucBoy Says:

    First 5 years only one QB has thrown for more yards. Top of many other charts. Worse defense in any 3-year period and the team ask him to be a super hero to win games. But he throws interceptions. Steve Young laughed about the Bucs making another mistake getting rid of another young great QB. Yes let’s run Jameis out of town. The defense finally is playing better. Why not get a real RB to keep the defense honest? Draft DL first round and RT second round.

  83. Bucsfan951 Says:

    And you talk about most penalized team… Winston was the most penalized qb! Funny how those facts come back and bite you in the arse.

    Can’t wait to hear the excuses on why he was the most penalized qb. I’m predicting the offensive line will be blamed for that one (lack of blocking)

  84. Ndog Says:

    Yep 951 every one of those TOs are his fault. Bro you are just another uneducated fan spewing numbers without any context, which is exactly what the uneducated and those that don’t watch our games do. You are a waste of all of our time.

  85. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Facts for the sheep, Fitz and jay-miss threw for more TD’s, more yards and less Int in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If they can do better with a backup playing in 8 games, think of what can be accomplished with a “real” franchise QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    Think if we were to get two first round picks from some team for tagging Jami s wouldn’t one be this year and one next year unless that team has two first rounders already?

  87. El Buco Realisto Says:


    They are all his fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the QB!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is his stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And if he was a “real” Leader like they said he was before the draft, then he would have been all over his WR in practice for running wrong routes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think that Brady or Brees would stand for their WR running bad and wrong routes in game repeatedly???????????

    Stop protecting your boyfriend and wake up and see the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its 7:48 PM Ndog!!! That means you just got told what time it is, for the second time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Ndog Says:

    Says the guy who backed Lovie Smith!!

  89. Bucsfan951 Says:


    1. Yards: 274
    Tds: 1.68
    Int: 1.22

    2. Yards: 275
    Tds: 1.71
    Int: .89

    3. Yards: 259
    Tds: 1.66
    Ints: .76

    4. Yards: 231
    Tds: 1.45
    Ints: .81

    5. Yards: 242
    Tds: 1.52
    Ints: .65

    6. Yards: 253
    Tds: 1.73
    Int: .62

    7. Yards: 263
    Tds: 1.61
    Ints: .77

    8. Yards: 246
    Tds: 1.51
    Ints: .56


  90. Ndog Says:

    Oh I’m sorry the great Mike Smith that’s right, you hated Lovie. Well at least sorry Lovie has a job which is better than your boy Mike Smith.

  91. Jean Lafitte Says:

    QB Phillip Rivers wins QB Precision Passing contest at Pro Bowl

  92. Ndog Says:

    951 who knows and who cares and I respect you enough to call you by your name but yet again you lack substance so you try to distract with immaturity. Typical weak garbage.

  93. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Why didn’t Jameis make the Pro Bowl with 5100 yards?

    Legit question Dak Prescott had 4900 yards and he’s there. What did Dallas finish at? ..oh yeah 7 – 9

  94. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Context? Doesn’t every single qb in the history of the nfl have an int stat line? Tipped balls, wrong routes, and everything else you bring up goes onto that line, right? You act like Winston is the only person who has had players tip passes and such and have it not be their fault.

    You crack me up, NPUPPY. Uneducated? I am not!

  95. Ndog Says:

    Easy Jean it’s national media and the bias lies they have convinced everyone is ture. That’s an easy one. Why didn’t Shaq win DPOY, why wasn’t Godwin first team all pro, same reasons media bias, it’s just to the extreme with Jameis.

  96. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Substance? I just gave you substance you and you sweep it under the rug! Someone brings some facts to you and you run away!


  97. Ndog Says:

    Yes 951 you clearly are as I addressed all your points in just my last post. So maybe you can’t read?

  98. catcard202 Says:

    NDog makes a good point regarding team penalties…As rare as that may be.

    “\_(00)_/” who knew that was coming???

    However, 4 players were stand-outs in a very bad ways, were 4 of the most important players to teams success on the field. And none of them named Jameis.

    2 worst offenders on the team were Shaq & Carlton Davis…combining for 23 DEF penalties. Def flags extend drives & lead to points too…Same as JW3’s INT’s. Team mistakes = “Bucs beating Bucs”.

    However, no one is advocating for those guys to change their play, on a daily basis all over social media…Shaq’s 19.5 sacks & CD physicality on an island get a pass…”There’s a fine line between irresponsibly & playing on the edge.”

    However, OT’s Smith & Dotson’s 17 combined flags are nitpicked to death.

    (Hell, I’m an vocal advocate of replacing Dotson due to knees, age & degrading play…Not false starts & holding. It’s the ones that get by him & Smith, that can’t be held that bothers me… Bucs gave up 47Sacks. That # is A LOT on any QB…No wonder JW a little figety in the pocket & forces a few.

    Like I’ve said in other posts…JW3 is 1-2 plays a game away from the current roster being a 11-5/12-4 team….1-2 plays a game from flipping the script on his perception as a QB. 2020 should be the yr, if it’s going to happen.

    But part of fixing Jameis is fixing the run game to reduce the need to throw it 45x a game. To fix the run game, need a Physical RT & a healthy yr from Cappa…Add a Big Back in the draft (AJ Dillon BC) to pair w/ Jones II…And the 2020 season could end vastly different than the last 10+.

  99. Bucsfan951 Says:

    And before you call me a Winston hater, let me again make this clear to you NPUPPY, I say the Bucs tag Winston for this year.

  100. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NPUPPY, you cannot answer my simple question? Do you not like games?

  101. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Neighbor I am glad you are around on this site. I don’t see a lot of give credit where it’s do like with you. It’s always the bad about Jameis and none of the good you call it as it is. These people not fans because most of them are not real fans are simply saying that Jameis is the entire reason the Bucs are losing I don’t hear much other than Jameis throwing interceptions. No talk about penalties, running game etc. only Jameis is a loser again high 5 Ndog

  102. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Here, I’ll give you a hint NPUPPY since you just can’t make a choice. Here are the 8 qbs in that list.

    1. Winston
    2. Stafford
    4. Tannehill
    5. Carr
    6. Wentz
    7. Goff
    8. Prescott

  103. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I guess that’s it for NPUPPY for tonight. Unless he’s in the bathroom with some lotion and a picture of JW 🤔 yikes!

  104. BrianBucs Says:

    I really do Beleive that the very best thing the Bucs could do in the very best interest of their franchise and their fan base would be to NOT bring back or re-sign Winston, and for the two parties to just have a clean break.
    Now, here is my prediction of what will happen;
    The Bucs will franchise Winston. Jason Licht is still trying to save face and prove that he didn’t totally squander the #1 pick in the draft on him. Arians will be outranked and be forced to try to work Winston. However, the Bucs will follow the Titan’ s model and sign a capable backup they can win with. After Winston, who will be on a short leash, has given away a couple or a few games, he will be benched. Then at the end of next year he will enter free agency and become another team’s backup. Then Arians will retire, Licht will be fired, Bucs will have a new GM and HC who will draft his own QB to work with.

  105. Stanglassman Says:

    We wouldn’t be even having this conversation if Gay makes one of those three kicks. Everyone would just be excited about winning 6/8 games down the stretch, the improvement of the defense and Jameis’s back to back 450+ yard game, 5K+ season. Everyone would just be excited for next season, Jameis’s coming back would be a foregone conclusion. Sure there’d be some talk about getting the interceptions down next year but the vast majority of fans and pundits would agree a 2nd year in the system would bring the number down to at least his advantage of his previous 4 years in the league.

    Gay definitely cost Jameis a boat load of cash I just hope it didn’t cost the Bucs and Jameis a championship together in the near future.

  106. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Man it’s great how much Ndog loves to deflect his arguments with Red Herring’s about penalties and things that happen to all QBs like tipped passes and deflected passes.

  107. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Yeah but glassman that doesn’t matter. Winston got the ball back in OT and coughed it up immediately for 6 points. he had the ball in a position to win and did what he has done multiple times before these last 5 years COUGHED IT UP AND BLEW IT.

  108. T REX Says:

    Winston just took him for his walk.

  109. WyomingDude Says:

    Some people commenting here, and at 3:21…have WAY way too much time on their hands. Lord do they.

    Bridge QB to maybe Eason in 2nd round. Review all the backups in the league too that can be traded for, say with OK as bait.

  110. WyomingDude Says:


  111. Big Stinky Says:


    Keep up the good fight Brother! Don’t know where the conversation is at this point but figured I’d try to join in if I can. I was skimming through the posts because I didn’t catch this article until a few minutes ago. Saw a long post you had to Jean and I figured you were trying to make a point as my posts are often longer when I try to articulate the SO CALLED FACTS!!! T Rex smoked you with FACTS hands down I must say. Yours were more HALF TRUTHS if you will. Kind of fact and opinion mixed. You lose a lot of credibility right off the bat trying to compare Winston and Mahommes in any fashion really but I will play along for sure.

  112. Stanglassman Says:

    Got the ball back in OT? Is that what you call it when the kicker misses 3 Fgs and the defense gives up a TD drive and the end of the game cause they were too busy celebrating Shaq’s sack record. Jameis played well enough to win that game. It had no business going into OT. Dotson getting blown up on that OT pick6 play and letting the ball get tipped did effect the play. The bad play call effected the outcome. Jameis should have just thrown the ball in the stands on that play so he had some fault too. All I’m saying is Jameis is part of the team outcome and to blame it all on him maybe easy but it’s not right.

  113. tickrdr Says:

    In 2018, Fitzpatrick and Winston threw for MORE YARDS, TDS, AND FEWER INTS, than JW3 did in 2019.

    No one is arguing his production. Yards and TDs are important.
    But consider how counter-productive his turnovers are.

    Look at his career TD and INT percentages.
    2015: TD% 4.1% INT% 2.8%
    2016: TD% 4.9% INT% 3.2%
    2017: TD% 4.3% INT% 2.5%
    2018: TD% 5.0% INT% 3.7%
    2019: TD% 5.3% INT% 4.8%

    If his yards and TD% rise, Then INT% rises as well.
    If you play recklessly, with little concern for the consequences, your offensive production may rise, but your negative consequences also rise proportionately, at least in Winston’s case.

    As I’ve argued repeatedly, you need BOTH: Production while also taking care of the football. The best QBs demonstrate BOTH of these criteria, which is why I have repeatedly suggested the following criteria for elite QB play:
    1) A TD/INT ratio of at least 2:1, as a MINIMUM
    2) TD% greater than 5.0%
    3) TD% minus INT% greater than 3
    Jameis Winston has NOT ever done this, not even for one year despite 5 tries.

    The QB with the HIGHEST number for TD% minus INT% is usually the MVP!


    BTW: Look at the season stats for most of the QBs drafted AFTER Winston, and see if ANY of them have met all three of my criteria above. Then see how their teams fared in those seasons.
    The best “bang for the buck (?Bucs)” is a 1st round QB on a rookie contract.

  114. DBS Says:

    You all tried that excues in Washington. If we had the ball first Winston would take us down the field for the win. OT is same as 0-0. Well you got it. Won the toss. Got the ball first. So the IF factor in Washington went out the window too. Now you want all to use every kind of excuses. Well the game WENT to overtime. Deal with the results. The so called “savior” did not do what most of you guaranteed he would do.

  115. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NPUPPY WITH THAT “IM TAKING MY BALL AND GOING HOME” mentality now. Sadly, this isn’t the first time he’s done that.

    Come on NPUPPY, let’s play that game! I’ll give you a hint. One of those 8 qbs contributed to 121 points for the opponents.

  116. Big Stinky Says:

    Guess I was too late to explain why what Ndog said was in FACT wrong proved by stats.

  117. Dapostman Says:

    For all you clowns who are hung up on TO’s.
    Mike Glennon
    2013: TD/INT 19/9 > win 4 lose 9
    2014: TD/INT 10/6 > win 1 lose 5

    That’s 29/15 and a 5 and 14 record for you Florida educated dimwits.

    So dimwits why did Mike Glennon lose so much when his TO’s were relatively low? He threw less than 1 a game.

  118. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    Question for Joe, if Peyton Manning figured it out, why can’t Jameis being that he is smarter than Manning?

  119. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’ll support Jameis until he is no longer our QB. Arians earned my trust this year.

    Winston usually has around 15 pick per year. If he gets back down to that with a strong defense, a goid kicker and an improved Oline, I’m happy.

    The wins will quickly come then.

    As to comeback player? The only area Jameis did poorly in was INTs. He improved in ALL other areas.

  120. Clean House Says:

    Come back from leading the NFL in passing!!

    People are insane

  121. Robert James Says:

    MAN… JOE is just going to regeritate what whoever says on whatever day . zero media in tampa

  122. Stanglassman Says:

    Bonzai-Exactly! Jameis is not only our Qb he’s the best one we’ve ever had. Just like coaches deserve two years to get there system implemented the Qb deserves a 2nd year in the system. Unless Arians can talk Luck out of retirement (even then I’m not sure I’d trust him not just retiring again) Jameis gives us the best chance at a championship over the next few years.

  123. adam from ny Says:

    if you sign brady and change or tweak the uniforms, madness will ensue…every seat will sell out and it will be like 1999 all over again…

    fans are hungry, they just need a couple sparks to set them on fire…

    brady will be like eli and retire a patriot, because there is something to be said for playing an entire career with one organization…

    oh well, just saying…

    what ever money you might just pay jaboo, offer it to brady first

  124. July Joe Says:

    A BUNCH of HALL OF FAMERS and PRO BOWLER’S have all praised Jaboo like crazy recently and said Tampa would be crazy to let him go, but the IDIOTS on this site who think they know what they’re talking about would rather run him out town … only in Tampa, the city with the fans with the lowest QB smarts in America.

  125. Buczilla Says:

    “The best thing they had going was Jameis Winston,” is one of the dumbest, untrue quotes that I have heard in ages. Shaq, White, Vea, JPP, Suh, Marpet, Godwin, David, and Evans (probably more) all had more going than Jameis last year. It’s almost like politics where either side has fringe people with extreme views on Jameis that are just complete gibberish.

    Outside of the nonsense above, I pretty much agree with Morrison. Jameis deserves one more chance. I think that he will fail miserably again, but we have too much invested in this dude to just send him down the drain without getting another chance. There is precedent for quarterbacks having something “click” in their heads and becoming good players.

  126. Big Stinky Says:


    I would call what happened in the Atlanta game FATE for the TEAM. Maybe even DESTINY for JW3 in a sense. Guess what? Someone’s destiny was the 30/30 club someday and it’s been 35 years since WE last had a QB throw 35 INT’S in Tampa. We have come full circle as that was Testeverde’s destiny as well. Again, someone in the NFL was going to be the last one to throw 30+ picks. Why not Tampa? Historically speaking we Draft interception prone QB’S more than other teams and a big reason why we don’t win very often. NEWSFLASH!!! THIS JUST IN!! Jameis has regressed the last 2 years, in case you haven’t figured it out yet.

    Dirk knew it was happening last year and panicked because his job was on the line, while JW3 was secure because of Licht still being here. That’s part of the entire problem actually. He was given the job from day one without competition. Glennon’s experience and numbers were more than enough to earn the starting job. Anyway, to claim Jameis had NO fault unless he threw it in the stands ruined your entire post. Funny how that happens sometimes, to have one silly sentence bite you in the ass. You were doing so well with the TEAM theme, bringing up things I had forgotten possibly. The team played well enough to win, not just Winston, and we STILL could have with the ball last.

    It happens every week in a lot of games. Last team to score wins pretty often as you must know when games are decided on the FINAL drive of the GAME. Pretty sure there was a whole quarter of football to go but Jameis, YES Jameis, made it the final drive on his first pass if I remember correctly. Don’t usually dwell on games these days as there is nothing good with a loss. All those other things you brought up became excuses for why Winston didn’t win instead of why the team didn’t win. DESTINY also said he would be the ONLY player in 100 years to throw 7 pick 6’s which is REALLY why we were in OT at all. Now you Winstonites can brag about some REAL NFL records JW3 set vs EVERY QB to ever play. What great records are there in Tampa with the offenses or QB’S we’ve had?

  127. Big Stinky Says:


    You ALMOST nailed exactly how I feel. Everything but bringing him back next year. I too am afraid of him FINALLY putting it all together this year if he leaves but am ALMOST certain it won’t be next year. Even if he’s ballin’ finally it’s too late now. Defense needs to stay in tact after last year’s sack totals IMO. Can’t bring everyone back unless JW3 leaves. Transition tag him and hope someone else wants him. If that is true about getting 2 first round picks for him that NEEDS to be done. Hell, I would even try to trade him to the Bengals with picks for that first pick. Don’t care whether Stale Biscuit wants to groom a rookie or not. It’s what has to be done, partly his fault, for telling Jameis just keep firing. Some quarterback whisperer he is.

  128. Buczilla Says:

    Big Stinky

    ROFL, if any GM Is dumb enough to give us two first rounders for Winston, I will gladly eat the tablet that I am typing on. 😁 NFL teams regularly do stupid things (the Bucs are near the top of the class), but I don’t see any team paying Winston as much as we probably will. Chicago might be a team willing to give him a contract, but those fans would eat him alive if he continued his buffoonery up there.

    We are not too far apart in our reasoning though. Based on his play down the stretch, I feel it would be almost criminal not to see if he can turn it around and become good. I think that we need to keep our defense together as well, but if keeping Winston means losing a guy like Nassib or Suh, I can live with that.

    Also, if I’m Licht and another team was willing to sign Winston off of the non-exclusive exclusive tag and give me two first round picks, it would make me question my sanity for wanting to accept the compensation. Salma Hayek is more likely to whisk me away to Hawaii and feed me grapes on the beach while
    ravishing me at her leisure than we are of getting two first rounders for Winston though.

  129. onetrickpony Says:

    trying to compare Winston to Mahommes ? ……aaaa ha ha ha

  130. stpetebucsfan Says:

    We all know that the discussion over #3 boils down to…do you love his gaudy passing stats…or do you hate his record setting turnovers and horrid 28-42 record with ONE…ONE winning season out of five..a whopping 9-7. Could have matched that last year if he hadn’t choked big time the final two games. It’s not just the pick six to end it all.

    #3’s vaunted offense scored a whopping THREE POINTS in the second half of those final two games including the goose egg he put up against the Falcons. His flashy offense did not score a single point in the 4th quarter of those games.
    Oh but lets blame the kicker since the QB couldn’t score a freaking SINGLE TD in four quarters of play in those two concluding games.

    #3 has talent for sure. I would say he’s tease but it’s worse!!! Simile time…

    #3 is like that hot chick you see on the dance floor when you are out on the prowl. She has a beautiful face, incredible body, moves great on the dance floor and has a sexy sexy smile and demeanor. You get truly lucky and she goes home with you, where you find out despite the package she is a real loser in the rack.

  131. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “The only area Jameis did poorly in was INTs. He improved in ALL other areas.”

    ALL other areas? How did he do in terms of wins and losses?. How about the failure of our offense to score a single TD in the second half of those two critical final games. When the pressure was on…#’3’s offense put up 3…did you read that…THREE points in the four quarters that comprised the second halves of those final two games.

    Ohhh but he only had the off season..the preseason and 14 freaking games to master that offense…wait till year #2…but but but blameless didn’t have his two stud WR’s…Perriman blew up and played like a #1.

    Cmon Bonzai…improved in ALL areas? He freaking choked like a dying dog those final two important contests. That’s one area where I’ve yet to see improvement. I’ve seen him look impressive against LA and a few other games last year…I’ve seen him look impressive in games throughout his five years and sometimes against good teams…but never in the BIG games.

  132. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You clearly did not go to FSU or you’d stop bringing those pesky stats here. LMAO

    I know you deal with the physical heart but what about the emotional heart?

    What makes Noles such diehard supporters of their players? I get passion for the Old U but at some point it grows tiresome.

  133. Buczilla Says:

    Big Stinky

    I think my response to you got flagged because I put something risque about Salma Hayek feeding me grapes on the beach before a GM would sign Winston off of the non-exclusive tag and give us two 1st rounders, so I had to make it more g rated. 🤣 We are not far apart though and while I want to keep the defense together as well, I’m ok losing Nassib or Suh to keep Winston for one last Hail Mary chance of him becoming good.

  134. SteveK Says:


    When your 5th round rookie, kicker has a bad day, you’re 5th year QB, former number one overall pick, is supposed to bail them out when he gets the ball first in OT. Not give it away on the first play. Tipped or not, Jameis stared Brate down and Deion Jones ate his lunch.

  135. SteveK Says:


    Penalties are like stunning your toe. Hurts like hell, but one can overcome it.

    Turnovers are instant death, and for the last five years Janeis has more “Darwin Awards” (turnovers) than anyone.

  136. JP_09 Says:

    @ stpete “ #3’s vaunted offense scored a whopping THREE POINTS in the second half of those final two games including the goose egg he put up against the Falcons. His flashy offense did not score a single point in the 4th quarter of those games.
    Oh but lets blame the kicker since the QB couldn’t score a freaking SINGLE TD in four quarters of play in those two concluding games.“

    Thank you, this is exactly what I think when people try to blame Gay, a rookie kicker making less than a mil/yr. They always forget to mention if Winston “the franchise qb” would’ve scored 1 TD in the second half of those games we win.

  137. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Please do an article describing the three tags……Exclusive, Non-exclusive and transition tags…

    Many posters have no idea how they work.

  138. Bird Says:


    What a clown
    “For those people who dont know my football knowledge”

    I mean holy toolbag batman
    Do you have any friends ?
    You are probably that guy that goes to the bar and thinks chicks are checking you out

    We know you play Quarterback on Madden
    And Claim to play peewee football at the age of 25

  139. tickrdr Says:


    No, I certainly did not attend FSU. I don’t watch college football, though I sometimes root for Purdue since two of my brothers went there for their engineering degrees. I attended Purdue and Indiana for undergraduate work, but I never got an undergraduate degree.


    BTW: Just so you won’t worry about my patients, I did get my MD degree from Indiana University.
    BTW2: I must be cursed…… rooting for the Cubs, Purdue, and now the Bucs??

  140. tickrdr Says:


    I also don’t think most of the fans rooting for Winston and/or FSU ever attended school there.


  141. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    This all the same BS being churned over and over without any change.

    After 5 NFL seasons, JayMiss is who he is. He’ll never change.

    Time to leave or cut bait. Enough is enough already.

    Peace, out

  142. 2002WasALongTimeAgo Says:

    Ineffable Dullard Repairman Says:
    January 25th, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    I don’t understand your QB logic.
    Even Jacoby Brissett makes almost 28 million. Unless you’re a superstar or on a rookie deal, that’s the going rate for an average quarterback…

    Umm, no…Brissett signed a 2 year contract last year for 30 mil, 20 guaranteed. So, that’s 10-15 mil, not 28.

    I live in an area with fans of many different teams. I have never had anyone say, “I wish Winston was OUR qb” when they learn I am a Bucs fan. At best, I get a smirk and eye roll, at worst a laugh and Crabman, Uber or “eating W” comments. I’m curious, has anyone ever had another team’s fan compliment Winston?

  143. T REX Says:

    Dapostman Says:
    January 25th, 2020 at 10:25 pm
    For all you clowns who are hung up on TO’s.
    Mike Glennon
    2013: TD/INT 19/9 > win 4 lose 9
    2014: TD/INT 10/6 > win 1 lose 5
    That’s 29/15 and a 5 and 14 record for you Florida educated dimwits.
    So dimwits why did Mike Glennon lose so much when his TO’s were relatively low? He threw less than 1 a game.

    LOL. Is this a joke? No one is this stupid?

    Wow, this post is up there for worst post of the year.

    I’m speechless.

  144. T REX Says:

    I’m still shocked by the idiot’s post above.

    Let me help the morons on here. NOT turning the ball over does NOT guarantee wins.

    Turning the ball over DOES guarantee losses.

    If you don’t understand that then you probably should go back to school and start at kindergarten. Or God just hates you and I am sorry for that.

  145. tickrdr Says:


    There was apparently an article on PFF(?not sure of source), which was linked on the Bears’ fan site called WindyCityGridiron on SBNation; opining that the Bears should sign Jameis Winston, and demote Trubisky.

    112 comments there when I read that post, and only ONE thought Winston would be a better option than Trubisky or ANY of the free agent QBs. LOL.
    Some of the comments and GIFs were pretty funny.


  146. Stanglassman Says:

    SteveK. That 4 bailouts not one. He missed 3 kicks and the defense gave up a TD at the end of regulation.

  147. Bucsfan951 Says:

    GLASSMAN: if you’re talking about that last falcons game, the Bucs d didn’t give up a td at the end… but your boy Winston sure did. You know, the pick 6 that lost them the game.

  148. Dapostman Says:

    T Rex,

    Thanks you for being the dimwit who makes the point that winning the TO’s doesn’t guarantee wins. Admitting it is the first step.
    It’s all about winning fool. It’s about finding a balance between the risk vs the reward.

    Slow, dimwitted and narrow minded is no way to go through life T Rex.

    Mike Glennon 29/15 record 5-14
    Jameis Winston 33/30 record 7-9 and probably should have been 9-7 at the worst.

  149. T REX Says:

    dapostloser: Dude, you’re an idiot. Ho lee fuk you’re stupid. I don’t even mind paying for your food stamps because God shorted you upstairs. What does Mike Glennon have to do with Winston’s 35 turnovers? Seriously, have one of your fellow Winston knob gobblers explain it to you. Do you have any children above the age of 5? They can probably explain it to you as well.

  150. T REX Says:

    dapostloser: Dude, you’re an idiot. I don’t even mind paying for your food stamps because God shorted you upstairs. What does Mike Glennon have to do with Winston’s 35 turnovers? Seriously, have one of your fellow Winston knob gobblers explain it to you. Do you have any children above the age of 5? They can probably explain it to you as well.

  151. Dapostman Says:

    @T dimwit,

    That’s called an example where your guy a non throwing interception QB had a worse record than the guy who threw twice as many picks.

    I get that your biased hatred is running the show in your frontal cortex.

  152. WestChap Says:

    At this point I desperately want to see a $15-20M QB for 2020. The arguments are running so hot here that I’d just like to see what the best vet we could sign at that level would do surrounded by the team we’d flexibly be able to afford. If Jameis got us 7 wins with 30 picks, 7 pick-6s and a developing defense in 2019… we can probably get to 9 wins with Jameis in 2020 but he’s not signing for $20. Who might deliver 11 wins: Rivers? Mariota? Dalton? Brady? Keenum? Maybe even Carr? I think at least half of those guys could… but would any sign for $20M or less? I hope we get a chance to see.

  153. T REX Says:

    I’m still shocked by the idiot’s post above.
    Let me help the morons on here. NOT turning the ball over does NOT guarantee wins.
    Turning the ball over DOES guarantee losses.
    If you don’t understand that then you probably should go back to school and start at kindergarten. Or God just hates you and I am sorry for that.

  154. WestChap Says:

    Trex, I’m with you on TOs being an element and not a determinant of wins/losses… but I think you need to work on submitting your comments. Perhaps low bandwidth (of your internet) causing delays and double-clicking submit on your comments?

    Dapostman, Jameis has found so many creative ways to lose (and win) over the years that it seems naive to assume he’ll just start making better decisions. I’m (kind of) sure he won’t throw 30 picks again but I’m (really) sure he won’t do better than 9-7 in Tampa either. Can’t we just try something different? Rivers or Keenum as a cheaper starter… and Love or Eason (or even Gordon) as a rookie project… come on, what have we really got to lose?

    Bruce? Help a longtime fan out here… I’m beginning to forget my only SB live in San Diego as Sapp and Simeon haunted the Raiders every down. Playoffs again soon… please.

  155. T REX Says:

    westchap, the first double response there’s a slight difference. It was hung up in moderation so I took the offending word out and posted. Then the original was released. There’s the two. And the last post I copied and pasted because that idiot doesn’t deserve a fresh take.