LeBron James & Mike Evans Bond

January 20th, 2020

(Photo courtesy of Buccaneers.com.)

On more than one occasion, Joe has heard Mike Evans asked how he spends his money since becoming wildly wealthy.

The cool thing about Evans is the answer is always the same. Evans says he spends little money but he will splurge on tickets to sporting events and a vacation or two, in addition to helping family and charity.

Evans was shelling out cash Saturday night for courtside seats to the NBA’s big game on national TV: the Lakers at the Rockets. Joe was watching and didn’t see Evans, but the Tweet below shows Evans in the second row with his wife.

One guy who did see Evans was James, who showed Evans love and respect during the game.

This just further illustrates how big of a superstar Evans is. Cool stuff.

20 Responses to “LeBron James & Mike Evans Bond”


    They r tearing Coleman a ne a$$ for not knowing that’s Mike Evans
    I was about to but there were so many I was like nah they got thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wow…..that camera caught me (to the right in isle 4 eating popcorn)…..

  3. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Evans is a huge James fan. The video is also funny because Mike is trying be all cool. But you just know inside, he is screaming with excitement like a 10 year old school girl.

  4. Buccernutter Says:

    Na James is a huge Evans fan. You could see in the video that James was all into the game and then got nervous when he saw Evans and tried to look all cool in front of him. He was definitely the one screaming like a little girl.


  5. SappAttack Says:

    Game recognize game. You think James doesn’t remember Mike doing the “Lebron” in the end zone after his late TD bomb from jameis, in front of Lebron in the end zone?

  6. Stanglassman Says:

    Wow TB Bucsfan you were really going at it. You really should have eaten before the game that popcorn is no substitute for dinner. 😯

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:


    WOW indeed. Is that you with the gray beard? Another gray beard I gotta love it. How did you score those tickets? I’m impressed that’s for sure.

    Meanwhile…I love Curry but I totally respect and admire James as well. As a little guy who spent all his hoop time as a guard I admire Curry’s skill set.

    James is just a freakish athlete. Fun to imagine what kind of TE he would have made next to Mike at WR.

    James is THE FACE of the NBA around the globe. Is it perhaps time to consider Mike as the face of the Bucs?

  8. unbelievable Says:

    Hahaha they’re tearing that reporter apart for not know Evans.


    Also perfectly encapsulates how disrespected Bucs players are… even future HOFers

  9. geno711 Says:

    Waiting for the Joe Buc’s fan article quoting Jerry Coleman’s analysis of the Buc’s team or a Buc’s player. How many times have we seen it from these beat reporters that follow some random team in the NFL?

  10. kyle Hoge Says:

    love evans and love lebron! that’s a cool post joe, thx.

  11. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Those guys already had a connection when Manziel was hanging out with Lebron.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    I dunno if it was on JBF but I remember a picture of Jameis, Mike Evans, and James Harden chillin in Houston last offseason.

  13. ClodHopper Says:

    I don’t blame this guy for not knowing Evans. Between the helmets and no one watching Buc games he would be hard to know by face alone by anyone that’s not a Buc fan. He probably knows who he is. Probably even has had him on his fantasy team one year. But that don’t mean he knows his face. Sad to say but he’s a larger than life athlete hidden in the corner of the country on a sht team. Similar to why David never goes to the pro bowl.

  14. MadMax Says:

    lebron is a president hating rac!st POS…..fk him!

  15. Buczilla Says:

    ROFL, James as the G.O.A.T.? Basketball and I broke up after Shaq left the Magic, but Jordan was head and shoulders better than this dude. Hell, for that matter, so was Magic Johnson, and probably at least a handful of others that I’m not bored enough to look up on Google. πŸ˜›

  16. Buc50 Says:

    @MadMax lebron is hating a POS rac!st president…fixed for you

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Lol Buc50, nailed it!

  18. unbelievable Says:

    Shows you backwards the magatards have it…

    Someone spray paints the n word on Lebrons home, and they think Lebron is the racist one lol smdh

  19. Anonymous Says:

    You make graffiti jokes while we’re still recovering from WW3

  20. Clodhopper Says:

    Oops. That was me