Future Bucs QB Shines?

January 26th, 2020

Big game for QB linked to Bucs.

So long as there is doubt about who the Bucs quarterback will be next season, there will be non-stop speculation. If the Bucs want to put a lid on the speculation, they have the power to do so.

Now Joe is going to go Grandpa Simpson here. Joe remembers a time when the most trusted draftniks did one mock draft, maybe two a year. Maybe.

And when a guy like Joel Buchsbaum put out his mock draft it meant something. One reason Mike Mayock’s mocks were so accurate? He did one and released it the week of the draft.

Now, dudes do mock drafts weekly, sometimes more, sometimes in the middle of a football season when you have no clue where a team will finish much less who will be coming out in the draft!

Joe has pressed some of these guys on why they do so many mock drafts. Why not stick to your guns and stay with one? The most common answer Joe gets is that these guys don’t give a damn about accuracy.

As Joe has always written, if someone is not striving for accuracy, then why the hell is Joe wasting his time? And if someone is not striving for accuracy, then what’s the point?

Now Joe remembers hearing Daniel Jeremiah, former NFL scout and current NFL Network talking head, go on SiriusXM NFL Radio and unload on mock drafts saying how much he hates doing them because they are the NFL’s version of throwing s(p)it on the wall until the final mock. So why does he do several in the winter and spring? Because, Jeremiah said, people click on them.

(Ironically, it was years until Joe heard Jeremiah again on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Joe is guessing the powers that be at The Shield got wind of Jeremiah’s words and were none to pleased with his comments and Jeremiah was possibly placed on a gag order.)

So the only reason Joe brings a tidbit on Jeremiah’s first mock draft is that he believes the Bucs will draft Oregon quarterback Justin Hebert in the first round at No. 14. For those fellow football junkies, you likely watched the Senior Bowl yesterday where Herbert was named the game’s MVP.

So until we know if or if not Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, returns for 2020, we are left to just speculate and in some cases, dream.

Did Bucs fans watch this fall’s quarterback line up a college all-star team yesterday?

66 Responses to “Future Bucs QB Shines?”

  1. kyle Hoge Says:

    joe, if the bucs tag winston prior to the draft and they do draft this kid, are they obligated to keep winston next year? Does the salary provided by the tag count against the cap? Not sure how that works, is it hust like signing him to a one year contract.

  2. Licht Headed Says:

    What a wasted pick on a player that is projected in the mid-second round. The kid is a project and Bucs have more pressing needs.

  3. Jim Says:

    Or give Winston his third “prove it year”. Jameis wants a multi year at or above 30 million and not a franchise tag or what, he walks? Chicago has been tagged as his most likely landing spot. There are two write-up responses from Chicago. Read them and read the fan comments…

  4. TDTB Says:

    Elite tackle (there are a couple), Kinlaw, Herbert or trade down. Tackles and Herbert are likely to be gone. Good chance Kinlaw is there.

  5. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    A million more than Mariota signs for in 2020 …there is NO market for Jameis at the salary he was paid LAST year…only the Bucs FO would pay him more than last years #….

  6. DaBux Says:

    Waste of a pick if we take him. I’d rather snag Derek Carr if they release him and grab that monster OT from Louisville.

  7. Larry Says:

    Can some PLEASE tell me why the HEAD COACH of the Buccaneers was no where to be seen at any Senior bowl practice or the game??? Bellichek was there and so were 31 other head coaches. ALL the big name coaches were the there but not Arians. Does he want to improve the team or not? Jason Licht is NOT the best person to judge who Arians needs for his offense to work. Arians is!! If he doesn’t want the duties of being a head coach any more, like calling plays or looking at fresh talent, then maybe it is time to retire. As someone once said, you are what your record says you are. 7-9 is NOT a good record. 30 td’s and 35 int’s and fumbles, is NOT a good record. I say to Arians and Winston, “DO YOUR JOB”!!!

  8. Dreghost Says:

    He had a great game yesterday and convinced me he can be good QB for this team! I’m definitely on the bandwagon now for this kid…and if we do draft him transition tag Winston so we can get a pick for him if someone decides to pick him up, i mean why let the guy walk for ya know!

  9. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I didn’t think Herbert was the best QB at the Senior Bowl.

    I don’t think he has shown any improvement in the last 3 years.

    He looks like a young Jameis Winston.

  10. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Gee, I wonder what the comments will be here. The bashers love these types of articles and will be out in full force. Herbert isn’t very good and I am quite sure management would never be dumb enough to switch out Jameis for this guy. It is red meat though for the Winston haters.

  11. Hodad Says:

    He won’t make it past the Chargers at #6. Rivers is done, they’re moving into their new L.A. home, they need a Q.B.. You chuckle heads don’t get it. Hitting on a rookie Q.B., having that nice cap # for five years makes a team. The young guys coming in are playing great. We’d be lucky to have a talent like Herbert instead of crutch grabbing, crab legs, turnover man, Jameis Winston as the failed face of our franchise.

  12. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Larry the stale biscuit is a lazy semi retired coach catching a huge pay check courtesy of the glazers and all arians will do is throw so much crap out there & know that the jenna laines of the world will say its gospel. What has BA said since day 1 that has turned out true? This is not a rebuild….. blahh.. go back to cbs kangol coach

  13. David Says:

    I hope not. Just my opinion, but I think he is not going to be all that.
    Get lineman for both sides of the ball, a running back and sign Winston for one more year.
    If Winston is a turnover machine in year two of this offense, that do what ever you can to get Trevor Lawrence

  14. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Maybe Herbert goes to the Stinking Panthers.

  15. MadMax Says:

    ^ Herbert and Love are gone by the time we pick at 14….trade down and land that C…Tyler Badasszzz….then go QB hunting (Anthony Gordon)

  16. Cobraboy Says:

    A rook QB saves a LOT of cap space for other players.

    I really don’t care if Jameis Christ stays or leaves, depending on the price. If it’s high, let him go. If it’s modest, keep him.

    I am more concerned about keeping the front seven intact and getting a RT.

  17. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    Sign Winston to a long term deal or let him go. I for one will passion for whatever team Winston plays for. It has been five year, you have seen enough? Then let him go. I will wake up at 6am to watch Buccaneers games when Winston is tearing the Buccaneers a new, and visit this here corner of the web to rub it in. As a fan of Winston, I want him released from the Buccaneers. Winston has given his all to a team that treats him badly. If there is one flaw in Winston’s game, it is trusting his teammates. The offensive line is terrible. The man was sacked over forty times. Mike Evans has been in the league for six years and still has not learned to run NFL routes. Julio Jones is a jump ball receiver. He wins jump. Compare Jones to Evans! Ronald Jones III will be the Hall of Fame back I always thought he would be if he gets from behind that lifeless offensive line. The Buccaneers’ offensive line plays with low energy. If you wanted to know what is wrong with the Buccaneers’ offensive line, I solved the riddle. Give them some batu or something. The defense was one dimensional. Why run the ball when you can pass on third and a hundred and pick up the third down? You are up 21 to 7 and lose in Seattle. I have news for Bucco Bruce Arians: YOU WILL NOT WIN WITHOUT JAMEIS WINSTON BECAUSE YOUR TEAM SUCKS. JAMEIS WILL WIN WITHOUT YOUR TEAM BECAUSE YOUR TEAM SUCKS.

  18. Bucs Guy Says:

    Herbert doesn’t get past the Chargers at #6 unless they get Bridgewater or other FA. Rivers is not going back to the Chargers or the Bucs. The Chargers won’t have a QB and have to tske one at #6.

  19. Bucs Guy Says:

    Please don”t even think about QB Jordan Love. Very high risk. You need a sure thing at #14, not a high risk. OLine or DLine.

  20. SteveK Says:

    Mirror mirror,

    You got it wrong. We lose with Jameis. We have four out of five years. More turnovers than anyone.

  21. Todd Says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Winston is tread,
    BA says #%^* YOU!

  22. MadMax Says:

    @mirror, been up all night drinking or on some stuff? Ndog’s boyfriend? lol

  23. Buc believer Says:

    @Dustyy Rhodes….. you took the words right out of my mouth. Not only is he hanging on for a nice fat tax free paycheck but he must have owed Jason Gump a favor because he has saved Lichts sorry arse so he can get a few more checks before the trust fund clan wises and and fires him so they can then hire their next losing coach and GM.

  24. Cobraboy Says:

    That’s quite the Rage Fapping MirrorMirror. Defensive much?

    If you hadn’t thrown so many interceptions and fumbled so much, the Buc fan base might care about you more.

    But if we part ways, good luck with your next team that doesn’t have Evans, Godwin Perriman and Brate. I doubt you’d be so awesome without those weapons few, if any, teams have.

    Will you keep your Tampa manse for the offseason?

  25. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think we keep Jameis and he blows up the entire regime this season including GM. Leopards don’t change spots especially in year 6.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Larry Says
    “Can some PLEASE tell me why the HEAD COACH of the Buccaneers was no where to be seen at any Senior bowl practice or the game???”

    One of his assistant coaches was coaching a team. He probably got more info than any of those other guys. Also, feigning disinterest is a form of smoke and mirrors.

    And yes, people, we have now entered the part of the year when you can consider every statement or story misdirection. Even so-called inside scoops are given to mislead and manipulate.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Where did the game air? Where can I watch it re-air?

    Dummy me forgot to watch it.

  28. 40 TDs Says:

    I like it!

    Yes and franchise JW.

    Great way to teach the future as a backup QB. Let Jameis have a crack at franchising himself or a ticket out of here while the backup learns what to do and/or not to do.

    I’m sure the Glazers are sold on this coaching staff(me too). If Jameis dos not workout, a promising young QB for 2021 is better than a rookie.

    Go Bucs!!!

  29. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Really Joe and insanely dumb people on this website????

    There is nothing that really stood out about this kid except his escape-ability in the pocket and deep ball accuracy.

    I see more negatives than positives:

    – Average arm strength
    – No pin point accuracy
    – Had all day to throw
    – Hardly pressured throws
    – He floated alot of passes
    – He Jump Ball alot of passes
    – Average runner

    ……………..this kid has “Project Player” written all over him.

    You’re better getting Mariotta in Free Agency and developing him than picking this kid.

  30. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I thought Herbert….who is a big kid with a big arm….played well yesterday! But I agree with Bucs Guy, I think the Chargers take him at 6. I think Eason is firmly in play for the Bucs…..and that’s fine with me. I like Eason more than Herbert anyway.

    And the best thing about a rookie 1st rd. QB, is you get that 5th year option! So you get 5 years of relatively inexpensive QB play. Imagine what Mahomes, Watson, Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, etc. will get paid when they cash in on that next contract? 5 years of cheap QB allows you to build the rest of the team.

  31. MadMax Says:

    @Bonzai….smh, just how? Come on man lol

  32. WyomingDude Says:

    Even DJ is no Mayock. And in practicality, there are too many QB-needy teams picking before us at #14. See Bengals (moving back or not for more picks with Miami perhaps), then Miami also picking theirs at #5 Or wherever, Chargers at #6, Jaguars at #9 now giving up pretty much on the ceiling of Minshew, cutting Files, plus Jay Gruden new OC, new system etc. Plus other teams in top 20.

    DJ saying with a semi straight face that he thinks Herbert gets all the way to #14 is insulting everyone’s intelligence.

  33. MadMax Says:

    i cant post links anymore so use your head

    This is the main one from Voch about offense/defense lines….just go to utube and type it in watch?v=lXnZt0qnLME

    The full game condensed somewhat watch?v=G0ZB2zhdClI

  34. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    As long as it’s not #3 I’m good

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucs better not draft a QB first. Unless they address right tackle before the draft.

    Although, if Arians really wants a QB, I could see him trading up. I don’t think he wants to replace Winston though.

  36. ou812 Says:

    Oh yes please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. BrianBucs Says:

    Herbert would look Fantastic in red and pewter.
    Won’t make it to 14 though.
    Arians knows he can’t win with Winston. But at decision time he will probably get outranked.
    No matter where Winston goes or who he plays for, he will always be a turnover machine that will always make bad decisions that will cost his team games

  38. catcard202 Says:

    CIN, MIA, LAC, CAR, JAX, IND are in front of Bucs #14…All with QB1 concerns.
    PIT, TEN, NO & NE will be opportunistically looking for long-term answer QB1’s this off-season, so all have to be considered as teams potentially looking to trade up.

    If the FO wants to go get Herbert….DET @ #3 has to be in the play, to do so.

    LSU QB Burrow to CIN is a lock @ #1…tOSU OLB Young to WAS is a lock @ #2….That leaves DET’s Rd1 #3 pick as the gate-keeper to Herbert, other wise they take AUB DT Brown. NYG will not move back unless overwhelmed, as Gettleman will be dancing on Broadway & sprinting his man up to the podium to take UGA LT Thomas @ #4….Then MIA / LAC will go back to back QB…MIA has Tua fall in laps at #5 & LAC West Coast Franchise Face Herbert #6.

    1 CIN- QB Burrow
    2 WAS- Edge Young
    3 DET- DT Brown
    4 NYG- LT Thomas
    5 MIA- QB Tua
    6 LAC – QB Herbert

  39. Jive Turkey Says:

    Jacob Eason!

  40. Joe Says:


    Teams have access to video of all the practices of the Senior Bowl.

    Remember, Bucs drafted fairly well last spring and Arians wasn’t at the Senior Bowl either

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    Draft the best OT available at 14 or a couple spots back. Really need a RB in round 2 or 3 though.

  42. Craig Says:

    There are more QBs in this draft than there are teams that feel a pressing need.

    Burrow, Tua, and Herbert are out of the Bucs grasp. Then there will be a big gap before another QB is taken, probably to the second round.

    The Bucs should draft down and take a safety in Round 1.

    Two picks in second round are a QB and RT that can run block.

    Round 3-running back

    Rounds 4-6-more O-line, unless a defensive edge rusher stands out.

    The QB should be more of a game manager with a strong arm. If there is a break from Jameis, it should be clean. We don’t need to draft a clone of Jameis, we need change. Jordan Love is too close to a clone of Jameis.

  43. Swampbuc Says:

    Not a chance in hell. Reading that Arians is going to go with a ground and pound attack and diminish his offensive style to accommodate a weak armed QB who checks it down every play is about as ludicrous as Arians wanting to draft a rookie QB. Even as a backup. Not a cat;s chance in doggie hell that happen.

  44. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    MadMax Says,

    No you trump nut sucker, but I agree with you cut bate with Winston. You losers deserve to lose.

  45. Dapostman Says:

    Pac 12 QB’s drafted:






    Do they play defense in the pac 12?

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    I can see AT LEAST 4 teams who could very well draft a QB in front of us: Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers & Panthers. Several others are even possibilities depending upon how the draft picks fall before they select: Jaguars, Raiders, Colts. But then again, you never know.

    Gut feel is that the Bucs’ QB situation will be settled long before the draft. Most likely scenario IMO is that we franchise Jameis for a year (non-exclusive tag), then either keep him (for another ‘prove it year’) OR we trade him AFTER we’ve tagged him (hello Bears or Raiders) IF someone is willing to play ball. No real way to know that however until AFTER we’ve tagged him, so we shouldn’t tag him unless we’re willing to have him as our QB for 2020.

    In any event, we need a quality backup QB, just in case Jameis implodes. Really wish we could’ve seen what Ryan Griffin could do at the helm of this team, but that ship’s sailed. Gabbert obviously isn’t the answer. I miss Fitz.

  47. TBUC North Carolina Says:

    He will be gone 8 or more picks before us!! There is no way Licht trades up for Herbert! Licht only trades up for kickers!! That’s Jason’s strength!!

  48. MrContrarian Says:

    Matt Gay makes late 4th quarter 34yd field goal in week 3 and week 17.

    Bucs finish 9 – 7.

    Is Winston already signed long term with Bucs?

  49. NoPlayoffs Says:

    Someone needs to remind @Joe that Winston only made the Pro bowl once in 2015. He’s not there this year because the NFL knows what he and the nut huggers don’t, INTERCEPTIONS ACTUALLY MATTER!!!! When you turn the ball over 35 times in a season, at the highest paid and most important position, you aren’t talented, you’re a bust. Garbage statistics don’t equate to wins. And that’s the only stat that matters.

  50. Big Stinky Says:

    Defense Rules

    Yeah, I really wanted to see what we had in Griffin too. Wish we just had some REAL film and stats to compare with Shameless. I actually figured out why Tampa is cursed with him. I told someone last night, joking at first, that it was DESTINY for JW3 because he was making up all these excuses why the last game should NEVER have went to OT. The guy actually said that it was, in NO way, JW3 fault. Then claimed the only way he would have been to blame was if he threw it in the stands on that last play. How can he NOT see that reason is precisely why most of the blame should be on Jameis for the loss.

  51. Jim Says:

    NFL site says Bucs pick Herbert in first round…

  52. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @Larry Says:
    “Can some PLEASE tell me why the HEAD COACH of the Buccaneers was no where to be seen at any Senior bowl practice or the game??? Bellichek was there and so were 31 other head coaches……… …… As someone once said, you are what your record says you are. 7-9 is NOT a good record. 30 td’s and 35 int’s and fumbles, is NOT a good record. I say to Arians and Winston, “DO YOUR JOB”!!!”….
    Cause he is NOT here to work, he is here to relax after his health/age reality.
    JL as a COPY CAT GM, with no fantasy, no skills, no vision, picked him to hope-repeat his two years “half-success ” with Arizona…. He is going to keep JW…. this people don’t want to create ANY “wave”… just keep the status quo …. grab a million or two, and move on…. we are sooooo doomed…

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  53. Big Stinky Says:

    No Playoffs

    The TRUTH hurts don’t it. No one wants to face the FACTS!!! Definitely time to move on. He actually accomplished what NO OTHER QB in 100 years could do. That pick 6 record is NOT a good thing at all. In FACT, one could argue that record alone makes him one of the WORST to EVER play. I know it’s not true but it’s the BEST reason to move on.

  54. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    I’m all for getting someone new to feel hopeful about again.

  55. Jf Says:

    Tua will the be the best of the class

  56. Tye Says:

    Watching him play yesterday did spark HOPE (a refreshing, new, actual hope) for the 2020 season if the Bucs somehow end up drafting Herbert…
    Get a wrecking ball of a back in the draft and use free agency or Trade to upgrade online…

    The Bucs could very well be better built for the future with just a few similar moves this off-season… May even be positioning themselves to elevate to the level of beating out the Saints and Falcons for best team in their division..

  57. Big Stinky Says:

    The owners are a JOKE at this point and getting exactly what they deserve. They hire people that don’t do their job and don’t fire them for it. Coaches that don’t let their QB’s compete and just go with their “favorite” one. Hire a GM that can’t evaluate talent to rebuild their team and REWARD him for doing NOTHING in 5 years except put us in salary cap hell. Now it seems we hired a coach that doesn’t even want to do his job. Wants to just sit in a golf cart and watch. Why would he not be at that game to evaluate the talent and have some input on who to take in the Draft? Says Jameis can have one INT but didn’t even REALLY care if he had 4 multiple times. What a joke he’s become constantly challenging pass interference plays knowing they WOULDN’T be overturned. The Buccaneers are the laughing stock of the NFL for a reason. I’m about done with this chit seriously. I picked this as my team in 1979 but I was ONLY 11 years old, CLUELESS, and I could ONLY watch Tampa or Miami then. Not the same case now. Trust me, I am a diehard fan but at some point I gotta wake up to FACTS folks! Maybe it’s just TIME for ME to move on and Jameis can STAY here. What you gonna do NEXT you STALE BISCUIT????? Don’t want to EVER see JW3 in a Bucs uniform again. That’s a NO BRAINER!!!!!

  58. WestChap Says:

    Herbert played his way out of Tampa as he’ll be gone before #14. Would Bruce take Love that high? May be safer to go OT or DL but no risk it, no biscuit.

  59. Toddsbucs1 Says:

    Sell the farm but do whatever you have to to draft Herbert in the first round. He’s going to be perfect in the Bruce Arians offence. PLEASE DRAFT HIM WHATEVER IT TAKES.

  60. Big Stinky Says:


    Well written post Sir and I agree entirely

  61. MadMax Says:

    @mirror, oh i know you….wtf u been dude? Lol, have to keep changing your name i see. oh well….cheers buddy, and yeah, hope you’re ready for 4 more years….4 more years, 4 more years, 4 more years….suck on deeze nuts!!!

  62. Armybucsfan Says:

    TheBucsAnthem Says:
    January 26th, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Really Joe and insanely dumb people on this website????

    There is nothing that really stood out about this kid except his escape-ability in the pocket and deep ball accuracy.

    I see more negatives than positives:

    – Average arm strength
    – No pin point accuracy
    – Had all day to throw
    – Hardly pressured throws
    – He floated alot of passes
    – He Jump Ball alot of passes
    – Average runner

    ……………..this kid has “Project Player” written all over him.

    Haha haha you just described Jamie’s Winston. Hahahahah

  63. BUC IT Says:

    We tag Winston and draft a QB with one of our top 2 picks. It doesn’t mean we have to give up on Winston. Maybe he magically stops turning the ball over and becomes a true franchise QB. But we can’t wait around anymore.

  64. Buczilla Says:

    I think that it was Mike Mayock that said something along the lines of “if you believe someone is a franchise guy when it’s your turn to pick and you need one, you gotta take em”. I’m not a quarterback whisperer, so I’ll be good with it if we take him. Personally though, outside of some damn good runs in the bowl game against Wisconsin, I’m not overly impressed. To be fair thought I’ve only seen him play in a few games.

  65. Justafan Says:

    Buc it. Why?
    Arians is 67 years old. When you pick an old coach, it has to be win now.
    If you aren’t sure you want Winston for a long term deal. Then you tag him and trade away our 2020 1st, for another teams 2021 1st. That allows you to to take those 2 1st round picks and get Trevor Lawrence next year.
    If the 2020 pick is going to sit, then why use it. Lots of big tall bust QBs.

  66. Jimmy Clark Says:

    In our division, we have been competing with QB’S that are truly going to the hall of fame such as: Drew Brees, Cam Newton, & Matt Ryan. None of the QB’s we have or had can live up to this height yet. Maybe we need to look at Colin Kappernick 🔥. I rather have someone seasoned who will compete than someone who is still trying to develop an identity (Jameis😒) .