Do The Fans Deserve To Know?

January 13th, 2020

“Joel, should we tell the fans?”

It’s been two weeks since Bucco Bruce Arians said “within a few weeks” the Bucs are likely to have made an organizational decision on the future of Jameis Winston.

America’s Quarterback might be wanted to continue as the face of the franchise — or perhaps not.

But it’s a solid bet the decision has been made at One Buc Palace or will be by the end of this week.

Joe sees the Bucs actively selling 2020 season tickets right now, so Joe’s wondering if the Bucs will tell their devoted supporters what they have decided regarding Decision Jameis.

Will Team Glazer care enough about the fans to have Jason Licht or Arians make it known soon, for example, that the Bucs plan to franchise Jameis as they discuss long-term contract parameters with his representatives?

Or would Team Glazer care enough about the fans to simply keep them informed in a matter that doesn’t compromise negotiations while still recognizing that fans matter?

Joe’s very interested in seeing how the communication gets handled, given how often the Bucs have bungled these kinds of sensitive situations previously.

83 Responses to “Do The Fans Deserve To Know?”

  1. FanO’Bucs Says:

    KEEP WINSTON!!!!!!

  2. LaMarcus Says:

    No because if JW leaves and we end back in searching for the qb….. fans gonna complain anyway ….. so no the owners dont need to tell the fans NOTHING

    Fans are complaining either way

  3. Robert Says:

    what fans?

  4. Pewter power Says:

    Glazers dont owe fans anything if it comes to tipping hand regarding the draft. They could extend a franchise tag but Winston wont accept it immediately most likely. This is far from over and if you aren’t going after a quarterback you dont want anyone else to know and vice versa if they do want to draft a quarterback. They dont owe fans nothing and they wont care as long as the team wins

  5. Zach Says:

    They should also tell us who they plan on drafting. I want to know every player on the roster before I buy tickets!!!

  6. Adrnagy Says:

    Trevor Lawrence is 25-0 as Clemson’s starting QB. In the last 40 years the only better start? Jameis Winston who started 26-0 at FSU

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    No, we should not know until a contract is signed with next year’s QB, whomever that may be.

  8. DBS Says:

    They don’t care about the fans or the ugly uniforms would be gone. This team would have been changed a long time ago. BA double talks. A fews could be 10 or 16 week to him for all we know. I could be Feb. Nothing will change if he stays. You will still be going my God what next. And know it’s coming.

  9. Buc believer Says:

    They will weigh things they way they think will make them the most money

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    OK, you got me curious Joe. Exactly HOW would the Glazers keep fans “informed in a matter that doesn’t compromise negotiations”?

    C’mon, man. As many things as you criticize Joe about, and you can’t answer that question for yourself? Last year, Jameis was cruising around Super Bowl Radio Row doing interviews. That fun kicks off again two weeks from now. If Jameis goes there before the Bucs say anything, then Jameis controls the message and Joe would assume the Bucs would prefer to be the first to speak to their fans. If they want Jameis next season, then spit it out. Obviously, that can come in many forms. There are many layers to this and many possibilities for the Bucs to consider fans in the process. Lastly, negotiations are always a fluid situation. What’s real one day is often ancient history in a few days. –Joe

    Strange thing about negotiations (and playing poker?). IF you show your hand, kinda leaves ya with very little leverage.

  11. CalBucsFan Says:


  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Defense…you beat me to the question….

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    I’ve said it before. When it comes to the Glazers we all know they arent very football savy. They need to get lucky in order for things to go right for them. But as long as they are trying to win I will never bash them. Going after another starting QB, through draft or FA, shows me they are trying. As a fan, thats all I can ask of them. You dont have to be very football smart to see the turnovers from the QB position is costing us just as many games as anything else.

  14. Ocala Says:

    The Bucs are in complete rebuild mode if Jamies is not resigned so it is a legitimate question by Joe.

    I would be very surprised if the Bucs do not keep Jamies. We all know his issues, but he is one of the most talented QB’s in the NFL with exceptional production and I just can not see the Bucs moving on from him.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    The fans definitely “deserve it”! That doesn’t mean we’re going to get it though!

  16. D-Rome Says:

    I only need to know of their decision before the draft. That’s when I told the Buccaneers representative to call me back about season tickets.

  17. PUGS&BUCS Says:

    If the Bucs do not keep Winston, I’m canceling my tickets. I’ve had them since 2005. It was the first “nice” thing I bought with my first REAL commission check. I’ve gone through over a decade of horror. Passing on Stephen Jackson for Michael Clayton. Reaching for Mark Barron. Ditching Jeff Garcia for 0-8 Byron Leftwich. I sat through “Youngry” and “Toes on the Line.” I listened to Lovie tell the media that there was actually a time when he thought it was a bad idea to score. I sat through a WINLESS season at home. I sat through a change to the worst uniforms in NFL history. I’ve seen JW walk off the field too many times with a lead or a chance for the win only to see FGs miss and a defense that couldn’t stop a fart in an elevator.

    If they give up on JW and start ALL OVER AGAIN, that means another rebuild, more growing pains and another top 10 pick next year. I’m getting too old to spend half a Sunday watching an abortion. I’m tapping out.

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    “Wahhh, if the Bucs dont do what I want, I wont be a fan anymore. Wahhh”


  19. El Buco Realisto Says:

    One just has to look at how they handled the secret backroom deal of extending of the GM!!!!!!!!!! It will be the same plan, sell as many tickets to the sheep as they can, then sign the horrible deal that holds the team back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. PUGS&BUCS Says:

    What does that mean COUCH FAN? I never said I wouldn’t be a fan anymore. I said I’m canceling my season tickets. I don’t feel it necessary to PAY to watch another rebuild when I can do it from home.


  21. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Unless it’s Tom Brady, I really don’t care.

    JayMiss deserves to hit the bricks based upon past performance.

    Peace, out

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    1 player doesnt constitute a rebuild and not buying season tickets is a petty way of saying i wont be a fan anymore, sounds more like a Winston fan boy. But keep crying for us… “Tool”.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Okay, nothing wrong with applying a little pressure by posting this story.

    However…I think it is very obvious that they intend to re-sign Jameis Winston. Arians said it himself…he said there would be negotiations. You don’t have them unless you are offering a contract, plain and simple.

    The question is how much, and will Jameis accept it.

    That will determine as to whether they franchise him or not. They might, just to extend negotiation time anyway.

    • Drew Brees – Going nowhere
    • Tom Brady – Going nowhere unless he retires
    • Eli Manning – 39 years old. Might have 1-2 years left, but likely will retire
    • Philip Rivers – 38 years old. Might have 2-4 years left in him because he is healthy. Might retire
    • Teddy Bridgewater – Buyer beware. A half year wonder. Probably6 staying in NO to replace Brees after a year or two
    • Marcus Mariota – Might be an option as a backup, but he never even came close to being as good as Jameis…though he did beat him when htey played
    • Ryan Tannehill – Going nowhere
    • Dak Prescott – I would take him in a heartbeat over Winston, but he’s going nowhere

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m all for drafting a QB, but if we do, we should still franchise Winston for a year.

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ocala Says
    ‘The Bucs are in complete rebuild mode if Jamies is not resigned…’

    Not even close.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Lastly, negotiations are always a fluid situation. What’s real one day is often ancient history in a few days. –Joe”

    This is very true.

    Opinions are also fluid, which is why I don’t see why people bring up past comments to rebuke anyone else. Opinions change.

    Personally, I believe Jameis will be here next year, so I’m not fretting. Whether that is a franchise tag or a contract is not up to me, so I don’t care so much. Actually, the last two years I’ve been caring less and less, but this year, outside of the picks and sacks, I’ve been rejuvenated a bit.

    How they handle the defensive line and right tackle will go a long way.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Sacks on Jameis allowed by the oline, I mean.

  28. 813bucboi Says:

    doesnt matter because we have to live with either choice….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here’s what they could say…..”We want Jameis if the price is right and he will guarantee many fewer interceptions”

    But…..why would you go public early when fifty percent will not like what you say…..just make the decision….get on with it.

  30. 813bucboi Says:


    it’ll be more like when they sent smitty packing!!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    teddy a half year wonder?……

    i guess making the PB and winning a playoff game makes you a “half year wonder”…….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  32. Tye Says:

    Works both ways.. they can keep calling but the truly wise investors will not commit to season tickets without knowind the quality of the product that will be expected on the field…
    Many are saying, if JW is expected to start 2020, then the Bucs can shove those tickets but if they are ready to face reality and go after a quality qb, tickets would be snatched up at least by regular season ticket holders and many new who left because of sticking with this losing buffoon.

  33. D-Rome Says:

    Couch Fan,

    Though I am not a Winston fan I do not think a person willing to buy or re-new season tickets based on the organization’s decision is petty. None of us can call up the Glazers or Jason Licht to offer an opinion on the team. Even though the Bucs have moles that read social media and the comments on this site the number one way to have your voice heard is with your financial investment (or lack of investment) in the team.

  34. Justafan Says:

    D ROME .. teams can always move. So fans buying tickets or not means absolutely nothing.

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow Joe, testy today I see. I asked because the FIRST day to use the franchise tag is Feb 25th I believe. Why should the Glazers say ANYTHING before that?

  36. T REX Says:

    Who would invest in this loser organization? you should burn your money instead or flush it down the toilet. Winston is great at home! LOL. Lemming. Pathetic lemmings.

  37. BrooksvilleDWB2019 Says:

    Of course let the fans know. Publish a list of every player not under contract with ranking and proposed salary maximum. Once the dust settles on that send the entire draft board to Mel Kiper at least 72 hours prior to the draft.

  38. D-Rome Says:

    D ROME .. teams can always move.

    Eh, you’re making it sound like they can pick up and go wherever and whenever. It doesn’t work that way. Besides, all sports franchises care about ticket sales. It’s a revenue stream. Look at the Rays. They’re one of the most profitable franchises in baseball but they want to move because of a lack of ticket sales (among other things).

  39. K2 Says:

    I’m sure if the Glazers explain to opposing team that the information they release is only for the fans. All the honorable teams will ingnore any opportunity to take advantage of inside information for the own benefit. Also, they could publish a list of players they would like to keep along with the maximum salary they are willing to pay.

    To involve fans further…I would suggest that they publish their game plans and make them available to the fans before the games. That way the fans will be totally included.

  40. Couch Fan Says:

    D Rome

    I agree with what you said however it depends on the scenario. If you dont like the direction of the team then thats fine. If you are doing it because we let 1 player go, to me thats as petty as it gets.

  41. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    It is fair that the Glazers compare Jameis to all the QBs in the playoffs and Super Bowl and see if they can find any common characteristics… best against the best under ever increasing pressure. I hope they are keeping all options open, after all the Bucs hold all the cards as the marker for Jameis is as flat and dry as the Bonneville Salt Flats… and factor in the best bang for cap dollars is a 1st round QB that works out… and Jameis is certainly not among that crowd… some of that crowd have been playing in the post season… Vern !

  42. This Guy Says:

    The Glazer’s need to let fans know for ticket sales alone.
    The stadium is half full, most fans in this area are fair weather and will sell out Ray Jay for a winning football team. (there was a waiting list in the past to get season tickets) Love JW or hate him, ticket sales will be a factor in re-signing him or not. Wins are more important to fans than a QB putting up huge stats (good and BAD)

    I for one will be considering re-newing or not based on the QB decision.

  43. Allbuccedup Says:

    Need to draft a qb in the 2020 draft 1st,2nd,3rd,or 4th round doesn’t matter we have to get a young qb while we have the qb whisperer. Jameis will get franchised or transtion tag one year. If he doesn’t cut it we have an insurance policy.

  44. BrianBucs Says:

    Joe, the Bucs are actively TRYING to sell tickets now, but from what I’m hearing it’s going a little slowly.
    A lot of fans are telling the Bucs ticket agents when they call that they are not making a decision to renew their tickets or not until they see if the Bucs bring back Winston or not.
    Glazers I think know that they will sell a lot more tickets if Winston is no longer on this roster

  45. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    BrianBucs Says:
    January 13th, 2020 at 2:22 pm
    Joe, the Bucs are actively TRYING to sell tickets now, but from what I’m hearing it’s going a little slowly.
    A lot of fans are telling the Bucs ticket agents when they call that they are not making a decision to renew their tickets or not until they see if the Bucs bring back Winston or not.
    Glazers I think know that they will sell a lot more tickets if Winston is no longer on this roster
    Gawd…I hope this is not a deciding factor in whether to bring Jameis back….

  46. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Nice answer for DR but doesn’t it beg another question…at least it does for me.

    How badly does JW want to be here? Not just financially but in his heart.

    There is a lot of water under the Sunshine Skyway since JW first arrived. Lot’s of hurt feelings on BOTH SIDES.

    I ….just my OPINION..perceive JW as a very proud guy. Nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t make him move to that metaphorical river of “denial”. Same as with his arm. He has a gun. But when he thinks it’s better than the entire NFL roster of NFL DB’s you end up with 30 picks.

    If his pride makes him overplay his hand the Glazers should let him “prove” himself somewhere else. In JW”s mind he’s been “ballin” already.

    And so to me your answer to D.R. contained a nugget. Let JW go to radio row and measure his statements and attitude.

    For me at least…especially with a QB that has 50-50 support for his “talent” he needs to bring something extra to the discussion. His LOVE of Tampa and the Bucs being at the top of MY list.

  47. T REX Says:

    Your teams own sponsors don’t want him on the side of the RJS. Yes, let’s invest $100 mill in a guy with 29 wins in 5 seasons.

    Do you hear your idiot selves talk?

  48. D1 Says:


    The Bucs need to fill out the defensive line. You know this as much as any single poster on jbf. I don’t recall the number, but you know it cold. Every player that is unsigned will be negotiate with the team. But Arian’s has put pressure on his GM by saying multiple times He wants the front 7 back. Did he say it was a priority? I got the impression that it was job 1.

    Now what has been said re winston? We have to evaluate, we can win with another guy. I’ve seen zero by the coach to indicate that resigning winston is priority. The idea that Arians is playing it close to the vest for negotiations is problematic. First, He’s not played that game with the front 7. I understand it’s not per individual as big a contract number as with winston. But collectively as you have stated it’s all part of a capped salary pool. They all count.

    Second, Arians isn’t writing a check to anyone. He isn’t even the point man to negotiate with Winston’s agent. Arians cannot drive the market up or down by his comments , so why not just say” we want winston back next year as our QB but that’s not up to me or the team”. Every GM in the league either has a QB, or is looking to sign one. The latter group is well aware of Winston’s play. The market value is driven by a single GM within that group. Whatever the team states about Winston’s potential to be a Buc next year isn’t going to impact that one single market setting gm. Maybe the group, but not the driver .

    There’s no reason for the bucs to not say , we want winston back , none.

  49. Buccernutter Says:

    T Rex

    You’re a year too late with that idiotic comment. You do realize he’s up there with OJ as we speak?

    But you’re calling other people idiots? LMAO

  50. Buccernutter Says:


    There are absolutely tons of reasons for the bucs to not say that. This should be common sense.

  51. D1 Says:


    If anything else, Winston is a team guy. That’s never been a question. I’m sure his agent has cautioned him , a hundred times a day, to not say anything in public that he will handle negotiations with the team. So I don’t expect nor should anyone expect winston to indicate his preference to resign with the bucs. It’s a negotiators worst nightmare, a player talking too much.

    Btw, “He has a gun” there’s a big difference between a .22 and a .50 caliber.
    Mahomes and Allen are the leagues current .50 cal gunslingers. And you’re right I believe winston thinks he has a barret hanging off his right shoulder.

  52. D1 Says:


    The management yes. But the coach , no.
    A well coordinated negotiations team, will employ someone who isn’t directly involved in the contract talks to signal a message to the other party. Arians, for this instance, is that person. Mind you , it’s often a member of the media who acts in this regard , but so far I’ve not seen it. But I don’t follow the st Petersburg times , so if one of those guys I wouldn’t know.

    If you think there’s a ton of reasons, name a few. Then let me know If you’ve ever had to negotiate a multi million dollar deal.

  53. Billy_45 Says:

    He clearly said we won’t know till around March.
    He also said the reason was because we would lose LEVERAGE.

  54. Buccernutter Says:

    I’d love to hear your deals you’ve negotiated. That’s a little hypocritical because we both know what you’re calling me out on, you haven’t experienced either.

    I have a real estate investment firm and have sold many homes, although not in the millions, for what it’s worth.

    Then you proceed to to say management yes and coach no. They are hand in hand my dude.

    Leverage, issues with Jameis’s past, still evaluating whether they want to or not, lighting a fire with jameis, internal debates, financial uncertainties, letting offseason past to ensure no distractions, evaluating his market, etc.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    813bucboi Says
    “teddy a half year wonder?……

    i guess making the PB and winning a playoff game makes you a “half year wonder”

    There is a reason his team got rid of him and he now plays as a backup, buddy. Live in denial all you want though.

  56. View from 132 Says:

    The Titans are looking good with a dominate run game and game manager QB. I’m sure any number of QBs could complete 7 passes in a game for less than Jameis money. It’s all how the team is built and coached. A lot of options here. I don’t think Jimmy G and Tannehill were on anyone’s must have lists.

  57. gotbbucs Says:

    It’s been over a decade since this team has mattered. Whoever is still here at this point is probably just as much a glutton for punishment as me. Keeping a color blind near sighted QB for damn near $30 million a year probably won’t break our spirit…..or will it? Dun dun dunnnnnn!

    More than anything, I’m upset with myself for dragging my two young impressionable sons into this hot mess. My 12 year old thinks it is absolutely hilarious that this team sticks with this clown of a QB through all of his garbage, and my 10 year old just shakes his head.

    This team isn’t currently building any new fans. For over a decade there is now reason for any coming of age football fans to think that this team is anything more than a laughing stock. The only new fans are those born into this mess and their attention spans are that of a house fly. If it doesn’t smell good enough to keep them close for more than a few minutes they’ll move on to something else.
    None of these young kids are going to waste their time watching a crap team like most of us used to in the past. The days of grinding it out as a fan are over. Rebuilds are a joke and not neccessary, the NFL is full of teams that switched QB’s and immediately started winning, yet this team wants to keep losing with the same guy, and on top of that pay home elite QB money? I wonder why we’re in the position we’re in. I’m sick to death of this merry-go-round, but where am I going to jump off to. I’m too pot committed at this point, but ownership can make a change and do something to regain our attention.
    What Winston brings to the table is stale and predictable. Push away from the table and find something new to eat, preferably something that doesn’t taste like rotten eggs. The never ending interceptions and god awful decisions aren’t cute or entertaining.

    I don’t want “Mister Entertainment”, I want “Mister Win a Freaking Game Without First Trying To Give It Away On the First Posession”.

  58. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I’m enjoying your posts. Filled with logic and solid points.

    I certainly take your point that if JW does wax poetic about Tampa and the Bucs on SB Radio row it could damage his leverage. I agree with you.

    Having said that…I am the old goat…I have outdated ideas about loyalty and earning respect. IMHO from the old school viewpoint of life…JW owes this franchise big time. And I’m sorry FSU homeboys but YES the off field stuff does count…the Bucs gave the most controversial college QB prospect a chance to prove that the off field crap was just immaturity….but JW BETRAYED the Bucs, teammates, fans with the MORONIC 3AM drunken adventure in AZ. He was suspended 3 game to start last season and the fact that we got LUCKY and enjoyed a few games of Fitzmagic is beside the point. NO QB should miss the first three games of a season.

    To NOLE guys I get it…you’re tired of hearing about ANY JW negatives much less off field stuff…but it should figure into negotiations.

    What part of lying and betrayal do you guys not understand. JW would not have a job in most industries where people have to work and are accountable…Hollywood…rock stars…they get that treatment. Joe Six Pack would have been fired long ago.

    Having said all of that I’m not crazy. JW is not going to play for 15 million…but all this talk about him “not accepting” a franchise tag…25-28 million? At that point I say OK…stick that franchise tag where the sun doesn’t shine.

    YES he does owe us at least some consideration in terms of making this team the best it can be…he could easily play for whatever figure he gets. He’s earned 50 million freaking dollars already and produced what? Lot of yards..TDs Int but no playoffs….28 wins for 50 MILLION $$$.

    The $$$ at this point are TOTALLY about ego and bragging rights…there is NO NEED involved!!!

  59. Siege the Bay Says:

    Its an internal affair. Fans dont need to know who the QB is before they buy season tickets. They are buying TB Bucs tickets, not JW tickets.

  60. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I feel your pain and you’re correct!!!

  61. Discobeef Says:

    Bring back Fitzpatrick on a 1 or 2 year deal and draft a QB. Keep front 7 intact, sign or draft a safety, RT, and a power back. Boom, playoffs b*tches!

  62. Lavonte 1of1 Says:

    What the heck is wrong with you Joe?

    Did Jason Licht get fired?

    No? …there’s your answer

  63. T REX Says:

    Lol. Great. I stopped paying for season tix because the glazers are schmucks and Winston is a loser.

  64. Bucs 14 Says:

    LOL at people who say if Winston is gone I am not renewing my season tickets. Are you a Bucs fan or Winston fan? In the end what we think here on this board means absolutely nothing at One Buc Palace. Glazers are not football people. They are only in this for the $$$$. So whatever on the field dog and pony she we got, is what we got as fans. The Glazers are only going to do what is necessary to make a profit. So whether the Bucs bring back Winston or not is irrelevant. I am a Bucs fan, not a Winston fan, unless he plays for this team.

  65. Ndog Says:

    Some of you guys on here truly deserve Fitzpatrick or Jordan Love or Teddy “don’t get near me or I’ll get hurt” Bridgewater. You people honestly don’t understand the game of football at all and for that I truly feel sad for you. Good luck to you all.

  66. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Neither the Glazers Four, Jason Licht nor Bruce Arians did what I suggested about a year ago regarding the QB situation then. None of them contacted me on the phone or even sent sent me an email inquiring about what I thought either.

    So what? :>)

    Don’t they even check out JoeBucsFan, PR or other Buc fan sites to get a feel for fan opinions? What ‘s wrong with those folks anyhow!

  67. Mr. Reality Says:

    Fans (those that buy tickets or pay for ads, no one else. NO ONE else) deserve a winning football team with players that are plusses for their team, the NFL brand, and the community. Those fans deserve to win. Winston deserves nothing, nor is he owned a dime. He’s been given more chances than any other QB would have been. There is still a business to run. I don’t expect either side to make any announcement until the week of free agency. Any “leaks” should be scrutinized.My money is on NO tag being used and Winston getting less than 20 millon per year for two year max deal. The Bucs will draft a QB. This is the only thing that MAY appease fans. And if you don’t pay for ads or buy tickets, sure, voice your opinion. But it doesn’t matter to the Bucs, nor should it.

  68. Mr. Reality Says:

    I see all the Winston nut huggers are getting nervous. Attack attack attack draft prospects. LOL. Sorry, you man had five years. He is a waste of human flesh and oxygen.

  69. Mr. Reality Says:

    And I put Winston in the same boat as Big Ben, Johhny Manziel, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy…let him go play for PIT or some team where constant on and off field stuff doesn’t matter. Sick of the drama.

  70. Buczilla Says:

    Jameis is coming back for at least one year. What was the point in hiring Arians anyways? To turn around and boot Jameis after he did some incredible things both good and bad? More than half of the fans will be pi$$ed, but I don’t see a realistic scenario where Jameis does not return. Draft another QB this year and I am good with it.

  71. BucEmUp Says:

    I have heard that one of the three is just a colossal prick that treats people like dirt. They didnt want to get specific on which one and I didnt want to press for an answer byt im curious which one it is. A few stories that really describethe character and make me wonder if the players see this and just dont want to play for them.

  72. donuts Says:

    Id give Winston and 2 #1s for Joe Burrow.

  73. Ndog Says:

    What I love is that this coach is on record saying it takes a half a year minimum to get this offense and that does lead to TOs yet you people want to bring in a new QB and still think we will win. Believe what you want but the FACTS do matter.

  74. T REX Says:

    ndog: Winston can babysit your daughters. Right? LOL. Half this fanbase is hanging on to long lost fsu seasons of old in their moth eatin’ faded t shirts. That crap is gone boys…gone. All that’s left is Winny the loser and some old memories. Maybe a stained SI in your bedside drawer at your parents. Losers.

  75. donuts Says:

    Yawn….the old and unproven its gonna take too long with a rookie argument. I watched Marino up close his rookie year….it can and has been done. The list of recent rookie QBs is long Dak Luck Russell, Roethlisberger. Lawrence and Burrow are better QBs right now than Winston is after 5 NFL years. Winston cant even throw a simple out pattern. How sad is that? Still awful at pre-snap read to the point he does not audible. He is the turnover king. Pick6 guru

  76. T REX Says:

    Winston needs more time! WAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  77. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    I posted the rap sheet from Wikipedia this morning but for some reason joe wouldn’t let it through.

    In my opinion actions have consequences, I don’t want him the face of my franchise. He hasn’t won and he has more turnovers than anyone else since he’s been in the league. The argument is the yards but Fitz and Jameis combined had more yards last season than this season. It’s the receivers.

    Plenty of options. Bridgewater, Dalton Mariota TB12. Bring someone else in. Buc fans deserve more.

  78. martinii Says:

    Actually I enjoy watching the playoffs (really good football) and forgetting about the Buc’s for a few weeks. Being a Buc fan is a perpetual stressor that usually culminates in another losing season and a lot of wasted brain cells that I won’t get back. Most fans and everyone who earns a living off their football cred spout volumes of useless ideas in a game of one-up-man-ship only to be wrong when the playoffs roll back around. I’m old and a long-standing Buc fan but it’s the love of the game that matters over the long run.

  79. Mr. Reality Says:

    I see the comment about the Glazers, and “one of the three are pricks” comments. There are actually three males and a female. Darcie (female) has unfortuneatly gotten and stayed on a philanthropist kick. We have a male cheerleader that doesn’t perform like college cheerers; he dances and acts like a female on the field. The women’s club and forcing the players to go mingle with local police for a photo shoot (so they can air concerns and not feel like have to disrespect the national anthem) are pet projects of hers. I’d not be surprised if the is the voice for keeping Winston as a social gesture since he is so downtrodden and led to nefarious ways because of his meager lifestyle. My take is the Glazers know they have been screwed by Winston, whom they stuck their neck out for and he hosed them badly, on the field and off. The desire to use Winston as a local son and strike-it-rich gamle on both turnover and character issues from college has blown up in the face, thanks to Winston, and ONLY Winston. No QB has had the coddling this guy has. And to make all look good (GM, BA, and owners) all he had to do was not screw up again on the very thing that has fans most frustrated this year. He could have handed those guys and fans a “winning season” in BA’s first year, and taken the edge off. But no, Winston can’t do it, and he won’t do it. So with BA “riding the fence” the owners will likely take it from there.

  80. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    They might sell more season tickets by announcing they will NOT have him back. A lot of people have trouble shelling out their hard-earned money to go into the coffers of somebody they don’t like.

    Not to mention a lot of businesses may be afraid how supporting a Bucs team with Winston will appear to their female employees, customers and partners.

  81. lewis Says:

    They called me about season tickets and i would be passing this year

  82. Posey99 Says:

    “Mister Negative Nancy Says:
    January 14th, 2020 at 11:56 am
    They might sell more season tickets by announcing they will NOT have him back. A lot of people have trouble shelling out their hard-earned money to go into the coffers of somebody they don’t like.

    Not to mention a lot of businesses may be afraid how supporting a Bucs team with Winston will appear to their female employees, customers and partners.”

    Spot on. He received a glorified golf clap when he broke the passing record. Shaq’s record was way louder. Fan’s are tired of losing and looking silly.

  83. Posey99 Says:

    He’s not getting a contract more than 1 year or a tag. Take it to the bank. He will be a transitional piece with one last chance next season. Too many good quarterback prospects in the draft. Not to mention free agency. He won’t have much leverage with other teams making him offers for that reason too.