“You Try”

December 25th, 2019

It’s rare to hear coaches admit to playing motivational mind games with players.

Bucco Bruce Arians did just that this week.

Very cool.

Remember rookie cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting’s debut in August? Probably not. It was only notable because afterwards Arians stood before a microphone and said, “Bunting didn’t show up tonight. I would like to see him show up and get his hands on the ball.”

That’s harsh early-August talk for a rookie.

Well, Arians revisited that on Buccaneers Radio when talking about the progression of Murphy-Bunting through this season. The head coach revisited needling Murphy-Bunting personally en route to the team bus after that preseason game and asking him to show up.

Asked whether it was a motivational tactic that succeeded, Arians replied with a smile in his voice. “You try.”

Astute Bucs fans can piece together a bit of how Arians motivates. Some guys get seemingly endless public love and confidence-boosting chatter; see Ronald Jones, Devin White and Jameis Winston. Others have gotten their share of tough love heard by all.

Arians hasn’t pushed all the right buttons, but it’s been enough to have the Bucs take a significant step forward.

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16 Responses to ““You Try””

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Tough love works especially well Joe when the player has competition for a starting gig. SMB didn’t get on the field until he earned it in practice. I can think of at least one player who could’ve used some competition for his starting role. Not ‘naming names’ though.

  2. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    That’s what I like about Arians he seems to be getting the best out of his players. Even with as many turnovers as Jameis has committed this season he has improved on the deep throws. Last year Jameis couldn’t sit the side of a barn deep. This year he has hit all of his receivers deep more the once That Godwin, Evans, Miller,Watson, Howard, Brate, you get the message

  3. Slugglife Says:

    If a multi million dollar contract- hell even a seven figure contract isn’t enough motivation to get guys up to the task, then why even play the game?

    These are grown men who don’t like coaches like Schiano who demanded a disciplined approach. Paid more than brain surgeons to play a game. Yet they need psychiatric treatment to do what they’ve done their whole lives, week in and week out?

    Sounds like a bunch of overpaid toddlers to me. This was supposed to be a gladiators game. Not a therapy session with Dr. Phil. No wonder this fan base clamors for continual losing. We have a select group of heard cases that need special treatment while the others keep their heads down and give it their all. Might as well just sign Antonio Bryant. What’s one more head case, when you already have a dozen?

    Oh yeah, a bakers dozen of head cases.

  4. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    DR right on

  5. Slugglife Says:


    If we weren’t chasing the moral victory of Jameis passing title, we’d probably get to see RG4 play a full MFL game this week, at the least to see where he’s at. After all, that was our QB if we made the playoffs had JW been injured. But nope. 4 years and still no game experience for the guy.

    I guess if he actually played well, JW would have to look over his shoulder huh?

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    Joe, this is off topic, but if you haven’t visited the NFL site today, you may want to. They just placed Lavonte David on their All-Decade team, along with Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner. Finally, some recognition!

  7. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Well we saw how Jameis collapse last year having Fitzmagic shine while he was out.

    I love this coaching t.

    Go Bucs!!!

  8. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:


  9. bucnut2 Says:

    This is a REALLY tough off season as I believe our beloved Bucs are finally close to begin playoff team. Here are my thoughts in order of priority:
    1-sign Barrett
    2-bring back JPP
    3-franchise Winston- don’t care how upset he is, too risky to sign him to a multi-year deal
    4-extend Godwin
    5-sign/draft Right tackle
    6-sign Suh
    7-draft/sign safety
    8-draft d-line and O-line depth

  10. Slugglife Says:

    I dated this psycho chick for a while back in the day. Beautiful, smoking body, good times behind closed doors. The relationship sucked. I stayed with her because I was worried some guy would figure out that the head case would be worth having a long term relationship- maybe he could fix what I couldn’t.

    Decided to part ways. Yeah, the next guy has a sexual wildcat with the goods to go with it. Probably had a great time. Saw him about a year later and we agreed- let the next guy try to fix the wack job.

    Not worth the effort and aggravation.

  11. Bojim Says:

    Slugglife. I saw that movie too, so do you have a point?And

  12. snookman Says:

    Say what you want about Arians but I have noticed this year we have not had any blowouts like we did last year in Chicago, The Year before in Minnesota, and The previous year in Arizona.

    I belive this team is pretty close to the 1996 Buccaneers. Hopefully 2020 is 1997 and 2002 is sometime in the near future

  13. Joe Says:

    Say what you want about Arians but I have noticed this year we have not had any blowouts like we did last year in Chicago, The Year before in Minnesota, and The previous year in Arizona.

    That’s a helluva point.

  14. Slugglife Says:

    If you fail to see the point, I can’t help you buddy.

  15. Slugglife Says:

    How I wish it had only been a movie.

  16. Tom in Madtown Says:

    Perhaps Arians needs a different approach with Winston. The public love confidence boosting chatter hasn’t worked. I think it’s time for him to call him out for his turnovers. Maybe then he’ll progress.