Windy Excuse

December 22nd, 2019

Seed planted in spring.

Joe is not trying to be repetitive here, but it is true. The Bucs painted themselves into a corner Saturday afternoon.

Yes, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, had a horrible first quarter. There is no excuse.

However, the game was tied at halftime. So it isn’t like the disgusting early picks were lethal. Bad, yes; fatal, no.

In his postgame remarks yesterday, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians kept saying the wind kept the Bucs from scoring touchdowns. He even said that’s the difference between throwing in a dome and throwing outside.

(Arians isn’t wrong but Joe hopes he understands it is unlikely the Bucs will be playing home games in a dome for the foreseeable future. Stu Sternberg is first in line for this wish list and constantly stalks Santa Claus; he wants a dome so bad. Maybe Arians has intel how badly Santa will ding Stu for being naughty due to his adultery with Montreal?)

Then Arians was asked what specifically was the reason Jameis was just off with his throws from last week to this week.

“It was the wind – it’s different.”

Now Joe is not saying Arians is inaccurate here. It was windy Saturday. But here is the way the Bucs painted themselves into a corner that dates back to last spring.

Jameis was off but the defense was playing lights out, with the score tied the Bucs could have leaned on a running game to bail them out. Problem was, there is no running game to lean on.

Sort of like an old man who needs a cane but there’s no cane for him to use to get to the fridge for a cold drink.

It’s a bad argument to say the Bucs need to rebuild one of the NFL’s best offenses to ground-and-pound.

One of Joe’s core beliefs in all walks of life is, you don’t fix something that’s not broken. Even though it doesn’t always pass the eye test, the Bucs offense is not broken. But the Bucs conned themselves into believing they had an effective run game dating back to last spring.

What meaningful move did the Bucs make in free agency in March, or the draft in April, that suggested they were going to upgrade one of the worst run games in the NFL?

Not one damn thing (unless you count signing Dare Ogunbowale, which for Joe is not classified as an upgrade).

So on a day when the Bucs could have used a solid running back to help out the passing game and upset the Texans, the Bucs were left out in the cold.

Yes, yes, Joe understands Arians and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich have spent months telling people the running game is just fine. Yesterday for the Bucs was like the time you opened the cooler for another to find only ice water, and then you realized you forgot to go to the store the day before to stock up.

Eyeballs at One Buc Palace read this here site. If Joe is wrong about the running game, Joe once again volunteers at literally any hour of the day to sit in on a film session with any offensive coach at their convenience to demonstrate to Joe the Bucs have a solid running game. Fully off the record.

There is zero evidence to the public eye that the Bucs have a decent run game. No, one 49-yard run (finally) in the 15th game of the season does not mean you have an effective running game.

109 Responses to “Windy Excuse”

  1. ColBucFan Says:

    Sounds like the colorblind argument. geez

  2. ModHairKen Says:

    Nowhere is as windy as East Rutherford and Eli found a way. So the wind excuse is crap.

    Bad day. Bad decisions. Good plays on defense. Jameis will bounce back. Wasted a great day of defense.

    This is our QB, folks. Get on board or be unhappy. You can’t change the Bucs, only how you perceive having Jameis lead them.

  3. Jean Lafitte Says:

    They have the RB’s but they don’t have a good run blocking oline ..period. Explain to me how any RB being tackled behind or at the line of scrimmage can consistently gain yards? Maybe if we had a RB like old Giants RB Brandon Jacob that can run through gang tackles all because of his huge size.

    Stop blaming the RB’s

    O-line can’t run block for sh|t

  4. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Watson didn’t seem to have a problem.

  5. mark2001 Says:

    MadhatterKen… of course you can change the QB. Teams that don’t have real franchise QB’s do it all the time…get used to it.

  6. Craig Says:

    Jason Licht tried so very hard to convince us that RoJo was the best running back in the draft. I haven’t seen it. To me the problem is that the O-line doesn’t run any stunts to open holes.

    They push straight ahead and clog every thing up. Marpet and Cappa are athletic enough that they could do something different.

    The Bucs could also use a two back set and run Barber as a fullback.

    Then there is the play calling. They run on every first down, then go back to Jameis staring down receivers. There are still a lot of problems to be fixed. Maybe Arians can make better choices in the draft than Licht can. I doubt it because Jameis is still playing.

  7. mark2001 Says:

    Jean… not entirely true. Our RB’s seem to be as lacking in vision as Jameis. And are rarely patient enough to wait for a lane to open. It is a “hit the spot” philosophy, and if it opens two yards to the left or right, or a half second later, forget it.

  8. Adrnagy Says:

    RB Ronald Jones II rushed for a career-long 49 yards, which was the longest rush by a Buccaneers player since Doug Martin ran for 56 yards on 11/29/15.

  9. ATrain Says:


    Do you see how Jamies throws the ball. Some are good and some look like ducks flying

    He stares down his receivers and rarely scans the field

    His INT can’t be over come in a playoff type game

    He hasn’t corrected his problems looks today like he did 2 years ago and 5 years ago

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Arians is gonna defend Jameis no matter what. Beat ATL. finishing 8-8 is somewhat of an accomplishment for this team. And most of us starved wins fans will take it.

  11. mark2001 Says: a guy like Jonathan Taylor do it… it is step, look, pause if necessary, move directionaly if need be, and when the opening happens, hit it halls to the walls.

  12. Adrnagy Says:

    It’s ok. If licht , Bruce decide you move on from jameis it’s ok. Let’s get rivers, Mariota , Blaine or draft a qb. Let’s do it.

  13. Adrnagy Says:

    If licht, Bruce decide to bring back jameis it’s ok.
    Regardless. Being 1st in passing and 31st in running doesn’t seem right. I hope it gets address and the defense stay the same.

  14. JP_09 Says:

    So would you rather pay Winston 30 million or would you rather get Melvin Gordon, a RT and rookie QB?

    Give me Jacob Eason in the Second, Melvin Gordon and a new RT, bring back JPP, Suh & Barrett. Add more DL and OL depth with the remaining cap space and draft picks and god forbid can we get a fu&king kick returner and punt returner

    I’ll take my chances with a rookie qb, because not one rookie has thrown as many pics this season as Winston

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    I trust Arians. Hes the first legit coach we’ve had around here in a long time. But these silly excuses are scary because it sounds to me like hes saying things just to excuse his QB as if his mind is already made up about keeping him. Which im ok with. But that also leads me to believe they arent going to have a serious discussion about it after the season, which I think is a big big mistake. Would be an absolute shame if we miss the playoffs next season and Winston is still leading the league in turnovers.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    JP09 Pretty much agree…though Taylor as a draft pick is a far better RB than Gordon, and maybe find a Vet RT.

    And maybe we can find a way for a one year deal with Jameis so he can play here at a deep discount for one more year to prove it. If not, let him walk.

  17. Adrnagy Says:

    It’s not my decision. Maybe the decision has being made. That’s why licht gets pay big money.
    Imo bring back jameis and draft a QB with 2nd Or 3rd. rounder. I think we got two 3. And 1st pick get Kinlaw. 2nd pick RT. 3rd QB

    Vea. Shaq. Kinlaw. Dean. Sean. Carlton. White looks good for years.

    In offense trade O.J. for David Johnson. Sounds like the cardinals are not willing to pay the rest his contract plus they traded for drake. Release brate.

  18. DBS Says:

    There has been a lot of wind blowing since he got here. Now it’s more for Jameis. Lets see how much more blows in a few weeks.

  19. Tye Says:

    quality qbs play well in Buffalo…
    Quality qbs play well in Chicago…
    quality qbs play well in Cincinnati..

    But hey, you want your team to stay losers, well, to each their own!

  20. Buccfan37 Says:

    The game should have been played today in the rain. Bucs could have won that.

  21. BA Redzone Says:

    At least we got O.J. over Dalvin…..oh wait, Yes Dalvin hurt, but is in the pro bowl and helped his QB. Considered a threat every touch when in the game…..but not good enough for bucs…

    Even if not Dalvin, mercy. Pick a RB up in draft of FA …hard to be less productive than what we have…

  22. Buczilla Says:

    Great article, I agree. Just when I start to respect Arians more, he pulls a little of it back. Maybe it will be aliens or global warming the next time Jameis f’s up. We don’t need Barry Sanders or Emmitt here folks just a threat at running back.

  23. WeeManOfScots Says:

    Next excuse: From Arians and one of the joes…

    Cheerleaders were too loud , Jameis couldn’t concentrate…

  24. geno711 Says:

    How about sign and re-sign:
    Winston 25 Million
    Barrett 16 Million
    Brian Bulaga RT – 15 Million
    JPP 13 Million
    Suh 8 Million
    Perriman 5 Million
    Jordan Howard RB – 3.5 Million
    Beau Allen 2.5 Million
    Kevin Minter 1.3 Million
    Earl Watford .9 Million
    Jon Wells .7 Million

    Cut Brate, Beckwith, and Justin Evans to save 9 million against the cap. MJ Stewart may be cut as well with his 1.3 million contract but it 800,000 will count as dead weight against the cap so that is really no cap saving. Restructure Gholston from 4.7 million to 2.5 million.

    Draft best Player available always. But O line is much deeper this year so would lean that way.

    Bulaga is a complete right tackle. Don’t change too many things. Upgrade that position and not only will our pass offense continue to be good but he will help our run offense on those short plays.

    That would leave he Bucs with over 10 million for the draft and lesser free agents to fill out the roster.

    The big name missing is Carl Nassib but I am not as high on him as others.

  25. SB Says:

    LOL Fitzpatrick with 4TDs to 1INT today.
    JW with 4INTs to 1TD yesterday!

  26. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Jesus. Arians with more excuses. I can’t stand this clown.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    The wind made him throw softballs in the flats on out route’s? Interesting.

    The most devastating wind I’m hearing is the hot air coming out with all of these excuses…..AGAIN!

    The wind….epic palm to the face.

  28. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    shouldn’t the people screeching for dalvin cook be screeching for Ryan Ramczyk
    or TJ Watt instead. yes guys instead of an all pro right tackle or DPOTY tier edge LETS GET AN INJURY PRONE YET TALENTED RUNNING BACK. god we need to excommunicate these FSU homers trying to cling on to the long gone glory years of FSU football through an NFL team.

  29. ElBajito43 Says:

    Daddy Daycare again Please remind me is this not the coach who calls players out for poor play?

  30. B.D Says:

    trade O J Howard, and our number 1 for Andrew Lucks rights only if he agrees to come back?….someone on the Bucs Knows Luck…

  31. ElBajito43 Says:

    Call Winston on the INTs?? We don’t do that here in Tampa! SPORTS SCIENCE PSYCH TEAM WON’T ALLOW IT!

  32. B.D Says:

    hell, even give Jameis if they want (franchise him and trade him to them)

  33. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I didn’t want to believe when I first heard from a local sports media head when he said OJ Howard is soft.

    After the last couple of month…….I agree now.

    OJ doesn’t like to get hit…..and he doesn’t put forth that bruising extra effort you see other Tight Ends doing.

    Maybe it would be better to convert him to just a big possession receiver since he’s not gritty enough to play TE????

  34. Allbuccedup Says:

    Agree with jp 09 but I would draft Cam Akers and use Gordons money elsewhere.

  35. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    JBF, you fail to realize that when your QB consistently puts you behind 2 scores, you pretty much have to abandon the run game anyway, not to mention force your defense to pitch a shutout. It seems you’re blaming JWs penchant for turnovers on a below average run game when in fact it’s the other way around. Licht and BA and YOU are in denial. JW will continue to be JW regardless of contract status and will never get us even close to playoffs. BTW, please name me how many must win games JW has won for Bucs in 5 years.

  36. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    I don’t know about our running game. But I do know the Panthers and Ice Scream man have melted into last place in the NFC South. It is official.

  37. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Long and windy excuses….it’ll be the same next year if Jameis is the starter…and the year after…maybe just maybe he’ll have a year like Dilfer did….in the meantime …the horrific bonehead throws will continue

  38. Deez days Says:

    Pathetic excuses … football is meant to be played in elements… do you think teams complain when games are played in the snow in December or the playoffs in January??? No … it’s part of the game … if this coach is bitc n because of the wind he needs to get the “ “ out of football

  39. Chris l Says:

    A horrible first quarter? Turnovers are fatal. What game are you watching? He threw FOUR interceptions. If you have Barry Sanders you won’t win

  40. 813bucboi Says:


    Agree with everything but Nassib has to stay too….

    add a FA FS and we good to go

    Imo consistency is key….


  41. Buc4evr Says:

    Jameis is highly talented but has serious impulse control issues. The wind yesterday isn’t even a semi plausible excuse. Total BS. Franchise tag him next year and get another QB. O-line needs upgrades. Hat on hat these guys have no push. Then get a real FB that can block and make those third and two and 4th and 1 runs.

  42. Roscoe The Pirate Says:

    “Eyeballs at One Buc Palace read there here site.”

  43. Joe Says:

    A horrible first quarter? Turnovers are fatal. What game are you watching? He threw FOUR interceptions. If you have Barry Sanders you won’t win

    Game was tied at halftime. Or did you shut off your TV after the first quarter?

  44. Mr. Reality Says:

    “However, the game was tied at halftime. So it isn’t like the disgusting early picks were lethal.”

    Reality: They WERE lethal. Essentially, Jameis Winston lost the game on the first throw. It doesn’t matter they were tied. He gave up 10 points all by himself.

    And, a leader and NFL starting QB would take his team down the field on a late drive and win the game before the home crowd. Instead, he just threw another pick. Right there in front of the owners and ticket buying fans.


  45. Adrnagy Says:

    A lot of folks here are asking for change. But to fair. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
    I believe Bruce will have a better roster next year. Why did he come to Tampa. Licht. Jameis. And his coaching staff. Now after one season he got to know his team. He will add pieces.

  46. T REX Says:

    Joe, tied at halftime? So what? You’re trying to say that what happened in the first down is suddenly erased because of a tie at the half. You’ve gone off the deep end and if it is deliberate, shame on you. If you want me to break it down on how losing those drive opportunities in the first half affects the whole game…I will gladly embarrass you and your nonsense.

    I’m tired of all these excuses and tired of all the darn divisiveness this garbage QB has caused. A fractured fan base because Winston sucks. Enough is enough already.

  47. T REX Says:


  48. Mr. Reality Says:

    If the QB was worth being a starter on a team he is supposed to lead, and the run game wasn’t working, then why make risky throws? But Winston can’t help himself. I’ll add he had some of the best protection yesterday he’s had all year.

    Arians and Joe usually make excuses for Winston. So let’s blame the run game…or the wind? Too funny.

    If anyone on the coaching staff has to get pointers from a blogger, then coaching would certainly be a root problem…which goes back to Arians and Licht and the sorry Glazer ownership.

  49. Mr. Reality Says:

    Rememer, they beat the Colts by….three points. That was a game they’d not normally win. They were LUCKY things went their way, and it helps when the opponent is not a very good football team. But the Texans ARE a good team overall, thanks mostly to the offense–the D has some problems. Our D played masterfully against that offense. But as is the liklihood, when you turn the ball over five times, especially when you give other team a TD, you will most always not win. Winston averages more than two giveaways a game, with every third or fourth game being abysmal. You’ll never win in the playoffs that way, if you get there at all.

  50. Mr. Reality Says:

    The worst mistakes the Glazers have made: First, is drafting Jameis Winston knowing he has character issues and is a gunslinging turnover machine. They screwed the fans on that big. Second, they re-signed Jason Licht to another deal where he can continue to wreak havoc with bad decisions and salary cap management.

    The only WORSE mistake the Glazers could make than the above is to sign Winston to a long term deal. Happily, they have sat and watched this debacle like the fans. The awful picks, the small crowds, large proportions of away team fans, and losing two of three games or worse at home. Winston isn’t going to bring the fans back if they bring him back.

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    Geno711 … Intriguing list of possible re-signs. Counter proposal?

    o Winston … $27 mil (cost of franchise tag)
    o Barrett … $16 mil (reasonable)
    o Bulaga (RT) … Say what? $15 mil? No way (Draft a 1st Round Tackle … no more high-priced OLinemen; we’ve got one too many as it is).
    o JPP … $11 mil (no need to overpay … $11 mil for a 31-year-old DE is fair)
    o Suh … $9 mil (reducing his pay after a quality year isn’t a good look)
    o Perriman … $5 mil (fair price)
    o Jordan Howard (RB) … Say what? 3.5 mil? No way (Draft a 3rd Round RB to complement RoJo & re-sign Barber as a #3 … he’s durable).
    o Beau Allen … Don’t re-sign (Draft a DT/DE with 2nd Round pick to replace him & re-sign Nunez-Roches).
    o Minter … Re-sign (quality backup to White).
    o Watford … Re-sign (quality backup & knows BA’s offense)
    o Josh Wells … Re-sign (another decent backup OLineman)
    o Do injury settlements with Beckwith & Justin Evans UNLESS they get cleared by the Spring.
    o Retain Brate, but renegotiate his salary … trade if he doesn’t want that, or cut.
    o Retain Gholston at his current salary … he’s playing very well IMO.
    o Re-sign Nassib … $7 mil (check his stats for the year; he’s been a quality performer).

    Several others you didn’t mention (like Barber, Ryan Smith, Adams, Auclair, Liedtke, Bailey) who should all be re-signed IMO. I came to the conclusion (comment on 19 Dec at 6:40 AM) that we can in fact re-sign all these guys and still stay below the salary Cap for 2020 (barely). IF we find upgrades for the same prices, by all means upgrade. But until then, fix what’s broke BEFORE screwing with the rest of it.

  52. RSJCheapSeats Says:

    Excuse city on this site for Winston, who tied an NFL record for pick 6’s


    Ryan Fitzpatrick is outplaying Winston, and he has had ZERO games with Evans and Godwin.

  53. mark2001 Says:

    News update… the stats have been verified…it wasn’t too windy…. it was too humid.

  54. mark2001 Says:

    This is what happens to your humor when you get as old as Arians and me. LOL….

  55. Ndog Says:

    See this crap about Fitzpatrick or Brad Johnson is why people defend Jameis. Why can’t people just be balanced and make real points. Oh I know why cause they know anything about football.

  56. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    So it was tied at halftime so JWs interceptions had no effect. Except, we would likely have had a sizeable lead without them. Always fail to mention that don’t you.

  57. Bobby M. Says:

    Based on everything Arians has said…..I would bet Winston is staying. Arians does and says anything/everything to avoid criticism of Winston. Maybe he’s trying to prop him up for some type of trade but that’s highly unlikely….I think its realizing you’re going to bat with him again next year. It just doesn’t make sense how Arians throws anyone and everyone under the bus but the guy setting the league on fire with turnovers is untouchable. Its the biggest can of weak sauce for a mental midget I’ve ever seen. Winston cant have anyone on the bench that might remotely challenge him to be better….He cant be criticized by his coach. Its weak and I promise you its noticed within the locker room.

  58. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Lots of people here that haven’t been here in weeks. Y’all been waiting to crawl out of the woodwork.
    We win four games and finally lose one and y’all are just acting like that has been every game this year.
    What’s our record this year and what was it last year?
    Did we not just win 5 of the last 7?
    We are in a brand new system in which Jameis is setting records in, this in the least should afford him one more year to show he can improve. For me it’s safe to assume that another year in a system will have everyone playing better and more comfortable.
    Y’all just wanna start over next year and go through growing pains again. This is a volatile offensive scheme with the most volatile QB in the league. Any “conservative “ QB is still gonna be under constant duress and have to wait for long developing plays down the field that force him into bad throws.
    Anybody who has ever had to learn a legit playbook (not madden) knows that the first year is a lot of mistakes and mental errors. Through repetition and experience the team will all be more in sync next year.
    Just start all over, cuz it’s a Buc’s Life.

  59. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    The game was tied at the half. The defense gave up six points in the second. The offense, once again, was the problem.

  60. Bucs911 Says:

    D. Watson played in the same wind, look how that turned out.

  61. Chris L Says:

    Of course I watched the game. Just because t is tied doesn’t mean anything. Turnovers are lost possessions and spotted them 10 points right away. Teams that lose the turnover battle are much more likely to lose. That is not an opinion. 100 years of nfl history numbers prove that. Very game comes down to plays and yes that 3rd and 1 run was bad but a whiter block. Bottom line turnovers matter. Nobody is wrong in blaming Winston and just because we are we are. It saying to replace him with dalton. What is upsetting joe is the patronization to me and the total disregard for others opinions in the comments and how Winston seems to always get a pass. Come on now. It’s as if a healthy debate can not even occur without severe sarcasm

  62. mark2001 Says:

    Bobby…have you ever been a manager? Doesn’t sound like it, because if you had, you would know the axiom, “praise in public, punish in private”. If he does criticize Jameis in public bigtime, you know Jameis’s time here is over for him. Until that, he will leave room for a turn around and give him every benefit of every doubt, in public.

  63. mark2001 Says:

    Bucs911…it wasn’t the wind…it was the humidity. LOL.

  64. stpetebucsfan Says:

    JW simply needs to cut down on his turnovers by 1/3 next year.
    That’s still a high number but manageable.

    Manageable if we figure a strategy the first series of every game to make sure only the safest throws are scheduled…it’s just too deflating to see a pick much less a pick six on the first throw of the game. Too much wasted energy just to claw back to even.

    JW cuts turnovers by 1/3 and our Defense improves by 10% and if Gay doesn’t blow up we have a playoff team.

    IMO there is a LOT more than 10% improvement ahead for this Defense. We could become very good next year…draft another killer pass rusher and watch out!

  65. Mr. Reality Says:

    Winston has only gotten worse this year with his decision making that leads to turnovers, from a HC who is supposed to be able to deal with that. It’s time to set the wheels in motion to get a new QB whether it’s next season or the one after. It’s only a Buc’s life they continue to think Winston will change. Are there worse guys? Well…NO, not in turnovers. That’s a fact. And what is the biggest killer leading to losses? Turnovers.

  66. Aubpierce Says:

    Ronald Jones had numerous medium and long runs this season called back because the incompetent offensive line was called for holding on the opposite side of his runs. Yesterday if the receiver on fourth and one had made his block Jones would have taken it to the house. Vernon made the tackle and that was it. Replace two people on the line and you will have your running game fixed. The only thing that will fix James is a brain transplant. Still laughing at Winston not knowing what the humping roaches were doing on hard knocks. Just dumb. First one in the facility and last one to leave and not fixed yet. James would make a hell of a relief pitcher and that is not a bad gig. Move on Winston move on and stop the embarrassment.

  67. mark2001 Says:

    Aub…From the home of the SB champs to the home of the roach humping bugs and tree humping players. How far the mighty have fallen…and how willing we are to accept mediocrity.

  68. Mr. Reality Says:

    Another thing I find laughable is when people say he’s in a new system and it takes time. By now, he’d have it down as any QB should. Grown pains with a new system usually means a lot of false starts, formation, and similar penalties. But, by the way, this system is pretty vanilla and is not unlike the last one. Not to mention, MOST of the receivers are the same guys he’s been throwing to for YEARS, and his O line, including his Center, is nothing new.

    Then there is the “well, that’s just who he is.” Such a dumb statement it’s not even worth addressing further. He’s not making the grade, period.

  69. ElioT Says:

    Jameis leads the league by a long shot with 28 INTs.

    Jameis is tied for the league lead with 46 sacks.

    But yeah a competent running game wouldn’t make a difference… right, got it.

    I don’t give a crap how many yards you pass for, if you’re staring at 7-9 or 8-8, and out of the playoffs, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

    They’ve not been able and/or haven’t tried to establish the run all year.

    Through 15 weeks, this team has yet to play a complete game and defenses know it.

    You can’t place a value of what a good ground game does for the QB, offensive line, and defense…

    Clearly something is indeed broken with this team and they’d better fix it.

  70. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Le’Veon Bell is averaging 3.2 yds per carry this year.
    Today he averaged 2.9 yards per carry
    I guess he sucks too, right Joe?

    Since 2010, other than Smith, Marpet and Cappa, Bucs haven’t drafted an OLineman higher than 5th round.
    And they haven’t drafted an OLineman in 1st round since Davin Joseph in 2006.

  71. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m am dissapointment in the running game. But what’s with the whining about last year? I mean it’s very simple to see what the plan was. They had a entire defense to revamp. All high draft picks was spent on defense. The little money we had for free agents was spent mainly on defense.

    There were no resources available to add a explosive RB. They had to milk what they could from RoJo and Barber.

    So go back in time. Get Lev Bell or whatever…..That just means you don’t get a top Run defense. It’s give and take man…..The plan was to get the defense right at the expense of not adding a RB. The plan worked & I wouldn’t change it.

    We were a 5-11 team. Resources in the NFL are limited. Sorry if RB was lower on the list of needs for a vertical offense. The perspective is just ridiculous here.

  72. DoooshLaRue Says:


    There were a lot of new Nuthuggers on here the last couple of weeks too.
    I’m not seeing them now.

    It works that way when you have a polarizing turnover machine for a QB.

    Oh…… I know….. but he has soooo much potential…..


  73. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Agree JimmyJack-

    My point is, until RT and possibly Center in a year or 2 are upgraded, Bucs running game will not be effective. Dotson is a good pass blocker, he cannot run block and Bucs never run to his side.
    If you are a Def Coordinator and you know Bucs will not run off RT , makes it easier to stop run.

  74. Aubpierce Says:

    100% agree with Alanbucsfan.

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    Alan……Don’t rule out upgrading Guard either. Don’t know what the plan is but maybe they could swing Cappa over to Tackle.

    Plus guards usually make a bigger difference in run blocking anyway so maybe we could look at Cappa a little more then Dotson as a liability there.

  76. SchlomieBarmitzahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Give Jameis 10 more years to develop. By his 15th year, he will be unstoppable. Unbeatable.

  77. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Looks like we are making real progress as a team…….not fantastic, but progress. We have at least 2 more wins than last year.
    We have crawled out of the cellar of the NFC South and may end up in 2nd…..we were 5-3 on the road…….have a dynamic offense (sans turnovers)……
    We have a very young talented Defense and in particular, the secondary is developing. We may have solved our kicking problem
    We are not saddled with any burdensome contracts with older non-productive players.
    We have all of our draft picks. And we have cap space for many important signings….
    Aside from the QB (decision/inconsistency) we only need a few key pieces….
    We need a RT & some Oline depth……we likely need a DT/DE……
    And, depending on Justin Evans…..we may need a S.

    Things are looking up as far as I’m concerned……BA is turning it around.

    Sure……always next year…..but WTF…….what other real choice do we have?

  78. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So…how much in dollars did Jaymiss lose in contract money yesterday?

  79. Alanbucsfan Says:

    And for all you FSU homers-

    Dalvin Cook is a great back, but he wouldn’t do much with Bucs

    Vikings have 2- 1st rounders, a 2nd rounder and a 3rd round pick on their OLine

  80. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    After looking at the 2020 draft prospects I think the Bucs will go OL or RB which ever one has the highest value when we draft in the 1st round and a QB in the second round who Arians can sit and develop over next season. Over all I am excited about how the Bucs are playing on both sides of the ball with the exception of Winstons bad decisions

  81. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I take back my 1st Round pick (if The Sage can change his mind, so can a minion like me), RB (David Johnson, if he’s cut?) and RT in free agency, draft all defensive players. After seeing how Bowles can develop young players (none of the rookie CB’s would have been any good at all, at any point, last year). 1st, 2nd, & 3rd used on Safety, Rush Linebacker, and a DT/DE, in no particular order.

  82. bogiedr Says:

    Draft Travis Ettiene from Clemson and Chase Young out of Ohio State. Then O line depth. Sign Barrett and Suh, find a way to keep them, and draft Jake Fromm ouit of Georgia.First three picks are Young, Ettiene and Fromm. Fourth round on o line and d line.

  83. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    We have crawled out of the NFC cellar.
    We have at least 2 more wins than last year
    We may have solved our kicking problem
    We have a developing young secondary
    We have the #1 touchback percentage in the NFL (not a big deal unless you are on the kickoff coverage team)
    We have no restrictive high-dollar non-performing vet contracts
    We have all of our draft picks
    We have enough cap space to sign most of our FAs
    We have the #1 NFL sack leader
    We have a QB controversy

    Yes…..the future looks brighter next year (always next year) but what else can we do?

  84. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Amen Tampabaybucfan team is playing better than it has in a couple of years

  85. Adrnagy Says:

    I would hate it if I was I cowboy fan. Good oline. Good defense. Good rb. Good receivers. Do they sign dak to a multi year contract ?
    Jameis would of taken The cowboys to a bettter record.

  86. Stanglassman Says:

    The question to Arians was ask him Re: playing in that high wind with his the broken thumb in his throwing hand. If he sat out because the injury and the R. Griffin Bucs get killed by30 the same fans that blame Jameis for not playing when injured with none of his WRs. Those fans would say he is soft and selfish for not playing.

  87. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Maybe it was to sunny? Or was it cloudy? Maybe his socks were to tight or he was wearing his helmet to tight? Maybe someone what driving to fast past the stadium? Or a bird was chirping to loud? Maybe BA is insane?

  88. Brandon Says:

    What did they do to fix the running game? Got Jones to be a decent NFL starter. Helped Cappa develop into a solid NFL guard. Not earth shattering stuff. But here’s what they did do.

    Fixed the entire defense. The run defense is the best in the league. They brought in Suh and White for that.

    They fixed the pass rush. Bringing back JPP and bring in Barrett was huge there.

    They might have brought in and developed the best young trio of CBs in the league. They fixed the pass defense.

    They fixed the kicking game. Matt Gay looks like the real deal and is the best we’ve had since Barth/Bryant

    Fixed our red zone woes. We are lethal inside the 20. We’re lethal anywhere when we don’t give the ball away.

    I think the running game is a tiny bit better. For one thing. We run the ball. That is better.

    So they totally upgraded and fixed everything except the running game. Out of five or six major issues, the Bucs have fixed all but one. I have faith that these guys will get that fixed too.

  89. RSJCheapSeats Says:


    Fitzpatrick QBR: 62.4
    Jamies Winston: 54.4

    Fitzpatrick’s numbers are clearly better this year.

  90. D1 Says:

    In the last games, Winston has 800yds + passing. Let me repeat that .,
    800yds. 8—-0—-0 ….yards passing!

    Now please go back and look at Winston’s stats for games in which he passed for +350 and +450 yds in a game. .. 5yrs of data and it really won’t take but one hand to add all those times up,

    I’m thinking amnesia is a communicable disease. One person blaming a injury which not one person outside the bucs has a clue about the severity is understandable. But we have multiple people suffering from an inability to recall that throwing for 350 yds in a game was a bragging point they themselves repeated over and over and over again in support of winston.

    Now throwing for the same yards is because of an injured thumb and 3rd recievers and no run game .,.. .

    .Amnesia explains this nicely. Long term drug abuse does fit. But there’s nothing else that explains what is running rampant among some fans. It’s almost as if Winston’s inconsistent play has turned into a virus and spread inconsistency among fans. The stats they loved yesterday, is today a sure sign of injury and 3 string production or a hurricane. It’s a sickness!

    Keep winston.! Call the CDC and have them remove the infected fans and quarantined in Oakland or the city of the team they believe winston would win a superbowl .

    Remember Tampa Bay, remember!

  91. BrianBucs Says:

    Every single time that Arians comes out with his lame excuses when Winston has a terrible game he loses a little credibility and respect. Plus it’s an insult to we Bucs fans that he thinks that we don’t know enough about football that we will believe his silliness and not know any better.
    Hey Bruce, stop making yourself look ridiculous by continually defending your QB. Even Ray Charles could see that you sometimes are full of it. Let Winston man up to his mistakes and poor play.

  92. Stanglassman Says:

    Yeah because playing without your top two receivers, with no running game, a fractured throwing thumb on a windy day against a playoff team is nothing. If you didn’t expect Jameis to have trouble Sunday maybe you don’t know much about football.
    It’s strange how knowledgeable, people on any topic realize there is a lot more to learn and the people who know nothing are always the ones confident they know it all.

  93. TampaTown Says:

    Wow. That’s good.

  94. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Historically, great RB’s make OL’s look good. Neither of our RB’s demonstrate the explosive first step, vision, and acceleration through the hole that top NFL backs show. I believe we should draft the best RB available with our first pick. If Arians doesn’t believe he can coach the TO’s out of Jameis then suck it up and go after Bridgewater.

  95. Says:

    It is not the offensive line. It is the offensive line coaching! That is how you get a run game.

  96. Touchdown, Tampa Bay Says:

    I’m not a Winston jerker but I really like him at QB. If he can cut down the
    give aways this dude will finally reach his full potential

  97. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Licht and Arians already decided to sign Jameis.

    They should start RG4 to see if he’s their backup for next season. No way they go into next season without someone they can count on (because apparently it ain’t RG4) to come in if Jameis is playing poorly, and costing the team wins. Maybe bring Dalton in or Alex Smith in to push Jameis.

  98. MTM Says:

    With Licht an Arians the Bucs will stay in the minors. Low IQ management and coach.

  99. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…for the record I picked them to go 7-9!

  100. Pewter power Says:

    Everyone has to make excuses for the picks in this organization when everyone else already knows that’s just who he has always been and no one is buying it. Your idiot offensive coordinator knew it was windy, hes not sitting in a booth upstairs. I’m tired of the excuses, they are only make for high draft picks. We will see next year, if they are losing games the same way next year then I have no doubt they will paint themselves in a corner and have no plan in place to ensure playoffs are an option.

    No one will take winston seriously in the playoffs it would be like Blake Bortles a couple years ago and you could see he was way over his head.

  101. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Chase Young falling to the Bucs at 17 (or so)? That would be quite the draft free fall. I don’t see any way this happens, he’s a top 5 pick, IMO.
    Question for the Joes: when Warren Sapp fell in the 1995 draft because of rumors of him being a cokehead…A friend of mine told me that it was Sam Wyche himself (Bucs coach at the time) that started the rumors so Sapp would fall. I don’t know if this guy was just speculating or not. Has anyone else heard it was Wyche spreading rumors that made Sapp fall to the Bucs?

  102. July Joe Says:

    WHY don’t the Bucs have a dome? It’s hotter in Tampa than Atlanta. The weather is Tampa is just as wild as in New Orleans. BOTH of those teams have a dome.

    Fans would appreciate it as the stadium is HOT.

    WHY don’t the Bucs have a dome?

  103. Pete I Says:


    86 interceptions

    23 lost fumbles

    109 Turnovers – which happened in good and bad weather, in domes, everywhere.

  104. Jonzey Says:

    Keep JW sign him 2 years 25 million a year, get OT in 1st round, get Cam rb in 2nd

  105. D-Rome Says:

    Wind is a horrible excuse. It’s BS. DeShaun Winston (get it right, Rich Eisen!) didn’t throw 4 INTs on Saturday and the Bucs defense neutralized their running game. In fact, the Bucs rushed for more yards than the Texans.

    The difference in the game was Jay-Miss throwing 4 INTs and nothing else.

  106. Stanglassman Says:

    Sapp fell in the draft because of weed not coke. I think he also had a scooter incident on campus too.

  107. TOM Says:

    Arian’s, enough with the lies & excuses. Let’s tell it like it is & call a spade a spade.

  108. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The rumors were Sapp was into cocaine. I remember Sapp saying “I don’t do coke, coke makes you steal from your mother”.

  109. unbelievable Says:

    Yeah I’m sure the wind is why the o-line can’t run block at all.

    I’m sure the wind makes Jameis stare down receivers.

    I’m sure the wind makes Brate and Howard drop perfectly placed balls that hit them in their hands.

    The wind probably knocked Justin Watson off his feet too, right?

    Cmon Joe, how could you or another reporter not call out Bullchit Bruce on this ridiculous notion?