The Locker Room Void

December 31st, 2019

Knows fate?

Yesterday was the last time the Bucs let media members in the locker room until the ball is teed up for the 2020 season.

It was the day players clean out their lockers for the offseason — except for those who know for a fact they will be back — there usually isn’t a whole lot of players there, largely because they can clean out their lockers any time of the day, not just in the hour the locker room is open for the pen and mic club.

The scene was eerie. Some players you had a good idea won’t be back in that building again. Joe saw cornerback Ryan Smith leave. He’s a free agent and Joe believes that will be his final image of the guy the team spent years trying to figure out if he was a safety or a corner.

There was Smith slowly, silently, walking away like a poor man’s Santa Claus without the red hat and coat getup, with a plastic trashbag full of belongings draped over his shoulder.

Then there was right tackle Demar Dotson. The big guy, 34, has been around since 2009. He’s a free agent in a few weeks and it sure seemed as if Dotson didn’t want to leave. He just hung out at his locker, talked to anyone who walked by.

Perhaps Dotson realized once he walked through the set of doors in the back of the locker room, there was no turning back, no return, and he didn’t want the end to come. Talk about your life changing by just simply walking through a set of doors. Nearly a third of Dotson’s life was centered in that same locker room.

Some younger players were there joking around and having a good time. Time to start the vacation. Offseason workouts will be here before you know it.

But there was one big void Joe noticed. And to Joe, it also spoke volumes.

Since he was drafted in 2015, Joe can never remember Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, not being in the locker room with the pen and mic club the day after the season ended. Typically Jameis would talk about turning things around in the next season, his offseason goals, his future football goals and what he was going to do with a lot of free time on his hands.

Sunday after the game, Jameis seemed like a different cat at his postgame presser. He had just thrown a pick-six to end the season and maybe it was his last throw of his Bucs days. He had six picks in his final two games, both at the Den of Depression, both losses. He too is a free agent in a few weeks, you may have heard.

In that postgame presser Jameis seemed a combination of very depressed, frustrated, slightly combative, maybe a bit insolent, a tad unrealistic and somewhat irked.

He spoke openly if he can cut down his turnovers, he’s a “baller” right up there with the best in the game. You rarely hear Jameis talk like that.

And then yesterday, no Jameis.

To be fair, he was hardly alone. There was no Lavonte David, no Ndamukong Suh, no Ali Marpet to name several.

But for Jameis, the absence seemed very unusual and very odd. Not anything like the leader he likes to portray himself to be.

Could it be that Jameis is as sick of the Bucs and the losing as the loud crowd is of him and the losing?

Yes, yes, And the interceptions. Always about the interceptions.

42 Responses to “The Locker Room Void”

  1. BrianBucs Says:

    I think some of Arians’ comments the last couple of days, especially the one about Gabbert are very telling. Probably the same feelings some of the players in the locker room had also.
    This is the first time this season that Arians didn’t protect, defend or make excuses for Winston. Maybe Arians has just seen enough.
    Winston’s post game presser was kind of odd. He probably was seeing all of the Millions that he lost.

  2. SteveK Says:

    Interesting point, Joe! Thanks for the share.

    I wonder if it’s part of the negotiation? I can understand if Winston was hacked off yesterday. I still am. It’s unbelievable the way he got the 30/30 season. Almost Shakespearean.

  3. LaMarcus Says:

    Jameis seems not like he wants to be here anymore. Tired of the BS. It’s gotten to him

    He probably throwing ints on purpose to get back at the fans and walking away now.

  4. Dapostman Says:

    Oh please start Gabbert. Arians should be good with that since he can win with any QB. He’s got a D now.

  5. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Yep it’s all the fans fault that Jameis might not be back.

  6. firethecannons Says:

    It is true what Jameis said, he is a baller,if he could cut way down on the int’s, he would be fantastic. You would think they could cut out certain plays and that would do it. Lost cause. Life goes on and these guys are spent, no more Ryan Smith or Dotson, they know.

  7. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Wha wha wha!!!
    Let him leave
    Less turn overs= less points allowed.
    Plain and simple.
    You can look at 100+ points on Jameis this year… 25% of total points allowed. Unacceptable, I dont care how rah rah u are… wake up and smell the coffee. He spots his opponents 1 touchdown every game on average. Very very very bad. No other player come close in the entire league.

  8. LaMarcus Says:

    And then…. 5000 30/30 says alot about the amount of pressure

    Something happens during the week at home games. Some kinda pressure where kickers and qb gets mistake ridden. Maybe from the top on down. Team doesn’t handle playing at home well. But play good on the road in front of other people

  9. Buc4evr Says:

    Jameis sees the writing on the wall. Even if he is retained for a year with a franchise tag, he is not the franchise QB that is going to command a big contract here or anywhere else. His dreams are about to come to an end and somewhere in the NFL he is destined to become a backup.

  10. ElBajito43 Says:

    LaMarcus says :
    “He probably throwing INT on purpose to get back at the fans.”

    You never had credibility to begin with but you just got BIG TROLL status with this BS.

    N-Dog and Munch are the only people you have left on here. No one likes you because your such an IDIOT.
    All you care about is Jameis this and Jameis that….. YOU ARE NOT EVEN A BUCCANEERS FAN BRO

    What are you gonna do if he plays for another team??? Well we already know the answers to these type of questions.


  11. Clean House Says:

    Maybe they can’t win at home because the stadium is empty and it has an eerie psychological effect

  12. lambchop Says:

    Good riddance. Let him get his personal stats somewhere else. We don’t need hero ball to win.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    The buzz I’m hearing from friends who know the higher ups is that they want to take a real swing at getting Luck from the Colts. Will take a ton to get done, but that is option A right now.

  14. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Fancy Man has friends?

  15. sincethebeginning Says:

    We’d have to give up Evans or Godwin, plus draft picks at the least in order to get Luck. I’d rather do without Luck. He’s proven himself to be far more fragile both physically and mentally than what’s needed to be a top-flight quarterback in the league. Is he even going to want to play for BA again? That’s a system that requires deeper routes and longer developing plays, putting more pressure on the OL and quarterbacks. It’s a recipe for disaster for that China doll Luck. No thank you.

    Lets get Bridgewater if he’s truly going to be available. He’s learned in a system similar enough to BA’s, and he’s definitely tough enough mentally and physically.

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    You’re damn right it’s about the interceptions, and it’s not just the ridiculous number of them either, it’s the timing of them that’s even more insane. What else is it about, the hollow 5000 yards?
    Seven interceptions returned for touchdowns. A ridiculous NFL record, but he think’s he’s “ballin”. He doesn’t get it. In his mind he thinks he can get away with anything as long as he says “my bad” after it blows up in his face.

    His lasting legacy will be the cringeworthy “eating a W” video. Disgusting and disturbing.

  17. Ndog Says:

    Funny Rod I love the Luck comparison cause look at how similar they were through their first four years:

    QBs first 4 years:

    Games started: 55
    Attempts: 2,106
    Comp%: 57.8
    Yards: 14,838
    TDs: 101
    Rushing TDs:12
    Total TDs: 113
    INTs: 55
    Fumbles: 24
    Total TOs: 79

    Games started: 54
    Attempts: 1,922
    Comp%: 61.6
    Yards: 14,628
    TDs: 88
    Rushing TDs: 9
    Total TDs: 97
    INTs: 58
    Fumbles: 22
    Total TOs: 80

    Crazy when you put them side by side and people act like Luck was some walk on water QB while Jameis sucks. I telling you man the media had these people brainwashed. Jameis had one freaking more TO playing in a much much harder division but again excuses right. Well what are the excuses for Luck being great and Jameis sucking when you look at these numbers above?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    His presser reminded me of his presser after the Oregon game in college. Definitely frustrated and a little combative.

  19. Worst Off-season Ever Says:

    His absence is more likely as a result of Arians/Licht asking him not be there. Since media are looking for blood now that he’s in a very vulnerable state. You guys love to takes unwarranted shots at the guy. He may be the worst quarterback in the league but he’s given everything he has inside him to be the best he can.. Make fun of his game. But don’t you dare question his attitude…

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … I have serious doubts that the Glazers, Licht or BA are sharing ANYTHING with your ‘friends who know the higher ups’ in the Bucs’ organization, although I’m sure that’s what they’re telling you. But I do believe BA when he said that they haven’t made any decisions yet regarding Jameis (or any of the other players’ futures as Bucs for that matter).

    Bucs appear to be caught in yet another ‘damned if you do; damned if you don’t’ conundrum. Jameis NEEDS a strong supporting cast to be effective & win (OLine, receivers, RBs, defense). We’ve already seen that. But so does EVERY winning TEAM. Weaknesses get exploited very quickly & very effectively at the NFL level.

    The conundrum? That ‘supporting cast’ costs big bucks … and so will Jameis. Bucs maxed out on the salary Cap to start the 2019 season, AND YET, we had to start multiple rookies on defense, we had a number of starters on 1-year ‘try-before-buy’ deals, AND we STILL had holes (like at running back & in our depth?). And that was with our QB making $21 mil, not $30 mil or more.

    The team that played Sunday is gone. We’ve got some excellent players to build on, but by-and-large we’re building a new TEAM effective today. Starters Sunday like Jameis, Perriman, Dotson, JPP, Barrett, Suh, Nassib, and Adams (plus quite a few others on our 2019 roster) don’t belong to us any longer. We have no more claim to them (except for 1 franchise tag) than do the Patriots, Chiefs, Browns or any other NFL teams.

    Fun days ahead. Our ‘defense on the rise’? They just became free agents for the most part. The 5 years we’ve invested in developing our ‘franchise’ QB? Meaningless at this point. And yet, we also have the OPPORTUNITY right now to create a TEAM that CAN win CONSISTENTLY in the years ahead. Yup, fun days ahead.

  21. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    A kicker meltdown and a pick 6. How is THAT for momentum going in to next season. Sounds like from his lack of locker room antics yesterday, Jaymiss is being coached up by his agent.

  22. Hodad Says:

    Friends, Luck is done with football. He’s sitting on over a hundred million dollars, and his body feels better then it has since college. He’s not playing for the Bucs, or any other team. Get those crazy dreams out of your head. I remember one pick six Jameis threw, forgot what game there’s been so many, where Dotson throws his arms up in disgust. Watch the look on D. Smith’s face when Jameis throws his last pick six if you still have it on DVR. He rolls his eyes, and shakes his head with the same look of not again. Smith played hurt, as most players do this time of year, it’s got to get to his team mates who play their hearts out only to see Jameis turn what could be a win, into a loss. I know the players say they have his back, but if they really do, for how much longer?

  23. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Luck carried a mediocre team to the playoffs and got deeper into the playoffs every year his first few seasons

    Media and fans remember those postseason victories and the clutch play. Also those first 4 years he had ZERO losing seasons, unfair but QBs get recognized for that

    When Jameis needs a score to win a game he throws a pick like the last two weeks against bad defenses.

    Luck had 13 more TDs as well and missed 9 games due to injury. Qb play is not just about stats it’s about decision making and not hurting your team with dumb play

  24. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Interceptions matter lol just like TDs matter…

  25. 813bucboi Says:

    with a run game and a defense, even ryan tannehile can win games….

    and how much is he making?…..

    with that said, consistency is key….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  26. Pewter power Says:

    Could it be that Jameis is as sick of the Bucs and the losing as the loud crowd is of him and the losing?

    Uh there is no one else throwing pick 6’s in tampa except winston since 2015, how can he be tired of making this team lose, is he ready to go sabotage another franchise?

    There’s no benefit in him knowing he wont be back yet this is much to do about nothing. They have no idea what will be available in free agency or the draft yet and there are zero quarterbacks under contract.

  27. james west Says:

    i used to support sameis jameis winsome, but reality is a bitch, and i no longer have his back, i started opening my eyes with the 49er game, and had to truthfully look at his total body of work, the only thing he is consistent at is turnovers, and losing, he will never win more than 7-8 games a season if that, the nfl is not college, you can not get away with this BS in the pro’s, and i was frankly feeling sorry for him, until i seen his last, press conference, imho he was arrogant, combative, and in a sense of denial, truthfully i think he want’s out of tampa, and i also think there are some team mates would like to see him walk also, just my opinion

  28. ClodHopper Says:

    “Yes, yes, And the interceptions. Always about the interceptions.”

    Lol Joe is going to borrow the phrase “But her emails” and change it to “But his interceptions”

  29. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    That look on Jameis’ face at that final press conference really is telling. It looks like he is feeling the weight of the world and like he has let everyone down, and yet defiantly trying to remind himself of the talent that he has. I am sure he is a bit lost for answers as to why this keeps happening…. because his will to do well is as strong as anyone in the league.

    You made a great point that he normally would point to the next game as an opportunity to “bounce back” and to “be better”. — He is realizing that there is no next game………. and I think realizing that it is POSSIBLE that there may never be one.

    It’s tough to see.

  30. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Bye, bye JayMiss!

    Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

    Peace, out

  31. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Yes interceptions matter when they give free points and field position to the opponent. One day you will get your head out of the clouds and understand the game

    Here’s a breakdown of the 30 Interceptions

    7 pick sixes resulting in 48 points
    6 resulted in TD’s for the opponents 42 points
    4 resulted in FG’s for the opponents
    13 times Defense prevented any points from being scored

    30 INTS equal 102 points for the opponents
    Nearly 23% of the Points Allowed are from the mistakes of one player

    15 of the 22 INTs (Subtracting the Pick 6’s) resulted in the opponent starting their drive in Bucs territory

    So almost 68% of his non pick 6 INTs have the opponent in great field position

  32. 74 Bucs fan Says:

    I am a Seminole fan and have been a Jameis supporter, but I now believe that our fan base will not fully return with Jameis at QB. There is no faith. A fresh start at QB would bring excitement back IMO, and yes – being rid of the “off-the-field” issues would play a big part. Restoring faith in the QB (and the Team) and being proud of our QB on and off the field would be a good move at this point IMO. We no longer need the gunslinger now that our D is improved (pending off season moves), and a fresh start would increase sales and attendance rather quickly. We must restore faith.

  33. Ndog Says:

    Loyal what division was he playing in? Was his teams going against Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and at that time an MVP Cam Newton? I’ll wait till you bring up the QBs for the Jags, Texans and Titans during that time frame. I’m willing to bet my life they might have not been quite as good as the guys Jameis was going against. NEXT!

  34. Ndog Says:

    See 74 I couldn’t give a crap about “excitement” I want to win freaking games. Jameis has had to put up with a horrible defense, horrible running game and horrible kicker his entire career here now that our defense is getting better, we have at least a slightly below average running game we don’t get a chance to see what he can do with this team? I all know is if they get rid of him for a Bridgewater, Dalton or Rivers I’m gonna be pissed and it will be hard to be optimistic about this team walking into that stadium next year. If they want to go young ok maybe because that is the unknown. I saw freaking Bridgewater with a Super Bowl team this year and he was very underwhelming, no thanks.

  35. #1bucfan Says:

    NDOG You wanna win games ? That’s weird then why don’t you hold Jamie’s to the high standard you have for the crap tons of games he single handed lost himself.

  36. TOM Says:

    I do believe a lot of his team mates are sick of his crap. The D plays their ass off to keep the team in games & then along comes Winston & his stupid crap & next thing you know game is lost. I do believe BA is a good HC & could win with almost any decent QB whether it be RG, Gabbert or any of the many FA QB’s & go to the playoffs. As far as Winston goes when is enough, enough?

  37. View from 132 Says:

    Tired of all the Jameis talk. 52 other guys will need to be on the team too.

  38. 808bucfan Says:

    on a scale of 0-10. lead the league in yds=10, lead the league in picks=0, lead the league in pick 6’s=0. that averages out to a 3, below average, dont see how he can demand top $ for below average qb. wen he negotiates his next contract he’ll tell you of his potential and what he can do, remind him of his performance and what he has already done

  39. Phillip Says:

    Ndog so you compare him with Luck but just the first 4 seasons because it fits your narrative better? Isn’t Arians the best coach JW has ever had? He just set records and you choose to omit them because why? Might want to check your selective stats moving forward and your resource.

    Games 70
    Passing Yards 19,078
    Passing TDs 132
    Rushing TDs 14
    Total 146

    INTs 68
    Fumbles 38
    Total 106

    Games 72
    Passing yards 19,737
    Passing TDs 121
    Rushing TDs 10
    Total 131

    INTs 88
    Fumbles 50
    Total 138

    So a + 15 in the TD department and 32 less turnovers. But they were soooooo close.

  40. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “Crazy when you put them side by side and people act like Luck was some walk on water QB while Jameis sucks.”

    What’s getting crazy is JW nuthuggers going to great Colt QB’s for stats but neglecting totally THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT.

    You could have saved a lot of pixels!

    Andrew Luck’s first four years 35 Wins 20 Losses

    Jameis Winston first four years 21 Wins 33 Losses

    Luck’s fourth year was abbreviated because of injury..only 7 games….in his first three seasons Luck posted identical 11-5 records. 3 11-5 records in a row!!!

    And you desecrate SCOREBOARD with an absurd comparison like you made. Get outta here with that weak sheeet!

    Virtually any QB in this league can put up JW like stats IF he’s willing to attempt any number of low % throws into tight coverage and accept the resulting 30 ints.

  41. MadMax Says:

    Ok, if we can afford it after bringing back our D and Perriman….sign Bridgewater, as a bridge, draft Love and lets get this season loser ship turned around!…All water under the BRIDGE…and lots of LOVE!!!

    All the pieces are just about in place….need Safety, RT, RB/DT (unless Suh comes back) and Marvin wilson wont be available, he’s returning to Fl St. I think we may need some Jensen money so draft a C too…Darryl Williams.

  42. BucEmUp Says: