Ozzie The Sports Junkie Tries To Figure It Out

December 30th, 2019

The season’s done but Ozzie’s not. Hear Ozzie rant as a he throws back a few and tries to figure out what the hell went wright and wrong after a gutwrenching and very familar end to 2019 Buccaneers football.

This show is not for kids, but it’s definitely for crazy Bucs fans who want analysis and laughs. Ozzie bleeds Bucs and has for decades, and he’s spent a lifetime in the radio game.

Click above and dive in or download Ozzie’s podcast!!!

One Response to “Ozzie The Sports Junkie Tries To Figure It Out”

  1. Tom Says:

    Since Justin is no longer doing this style of broadcast I’ve always wondered would there be anyone who can do something similar. I’ve been listening to Ozzie lately and I have to admit he’s growing on me.
    I know this is not easy to do. You gotta have the right everything including the voice! The voice is important too because you create this visual when listening. And I think that’s important.
    Thank you JoeBucs Fan for finding Ozzie and bringing him on board and thank you Ozzie for your podcast. It’s been fire!
    Look forward to many more and I can’t wait to hear your takes on who we should select and why this upcoming draft.
    God bless and Go Bucs!!
    Tom in St Augustine