“He Is Your Strength And Your Weakness”

December 11th, 2019

It seems Jameis Winston has a new fan, or at least a fan who has reached a new level of appreciation for America’s Quarterback.

And the fan has a giant national audience.

The short video clip below is well done, even if it is Dan Patrick, the well known former BSPN voice who now broadcasts his weekday radio show across the nation.

Patrick says Jameis is the most fascinating quarterback in the nation. “He is your strength and your weakness,” Patrick says. (Joe likes that line a lot.) And Patrick notes how Jameis has set some obscure NFL records and more are likely to come.

38 Responses to ““He Is Your Strength And Your Weakness””

  1. Steven007 Says:

    Jameis over Cam 10 times out of 10.

  2. Buc4evr Says:

    Jameis doesn’t fascinate me, he gives me heart problems. Cam doesn’t have much left and is injury prone so I don’t see the Bucs going after him. The next three games will be key for Jameis, but my guess is the Glazers will kick the can down the road and he gets franchised next year. QB in draft next year or a possible free agent.

  3. Snookman Says:

    He fascinates me because he is Nathan peterman and Aaron Rogers from one play to the next and after 5 years I still don’t know what kind of qb he is

  4. VegasBuc Says:

    I’d eat more popcorn watching Jameis over Cam. #Jameis2020

  5. BrianBucs Says:

    Winston fascinates people in exactly the wrong way.
    You would like for your QB to fascinate people with his talent and wins, not because he is always a train wreck waiting to happen.
    All of this kind of attention that Winston gets from the local and national media is a major embarrassment and black eye to the entire Bucs organization

  6. adam from ny Says:

    omg jameis looks mad crazy in that picture above…lol…he looks like a young preacher in a cheap suit…ranting and raving to an audience on a sunday morning before the football game

  7. DB55 Says:

    There is no question

  8. Blogtalkfootball.com Says:

    Jameis Winston is not Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre… or anyone but Jameis Winston. He will remembered as himself, the guy who can thrill you and kill you in the same drive. But if he gets on a complete team, he will make it to a Super Bowl.

    As far as tagging him, no way! I would tag Shaq Barrett before tagging Jameis, because it would be cheaper. You can sign Jameis to a team friendly deal with incentives that would save the team some money and give them an out of he becomes bad Jameis for an extended period of time.

  9. Sport Says:

    He’s prolific!

    Coming to America line sums up JW

    “That boys’ good’
    ‘Mmm hmm, good and terrible’

    In BA I Trust!

  10. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Hey Joe you should come up with adjectives to describe Dan Patrick like you do Peter King.

  11. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    easy for DZP to say….he is just a casual observer

  12. Greg Says:

    Personally, I think you franchise tag Barrett and sign Jameis to a deal with a clean exit with options after 2 seasons. Even if you draft someone they should be eased in – BA is not looking to develop a rookie by starting him right away.

    And get an offensive line. Joe can quote whoever he wants but the sack total and crappy run game is due in large part to the line.

  13. adam from ny Says:

    get it straight…there is no qb being drafted under the BA regime…it’s jameis and only jameis…unless Luck comes back…then it’s hello andrew luck and sayonara to mr. excitement

  14. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Finish building the team around him. Too many Buccaneer QBs have won rings with other teams. Jameis is a bigger part of the solution than the problem. He moves the chains and scores like no other QB in franchise history, and he does it with pisspoor protection and a pathetic ground attack, not to mention a defense that in recent years has very nearly set league records as the worst in the last hundred years. They’re getting better. Finish building the team around him. The Saints are past their peak. Atlanta and Carolina are in turmoil. Now is not the time to start over with a new QB.

  15. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Jaboo will be tagged and then new super deal with the new CBa

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Brett Favre recently commented about Jameis on his Sirius Radio show. Fascinating takes I thought. Among them …

    o “I think with Jameis, there is such a huge upside”.
    o “He (Jameis) is super productive aside from the interceptions”.
    o “It comes down to the most important element of them all: are you winning”.
    o “The ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl and if he can get them there and still make some of these bad mistakes, then you can live with it”.

    Favre also talked about play-calling as a potential solution. He said “You call a play that restricts what gets him into trouble. I think Bruce is trying to find that but also be productive. You don’t want to get the ball out of his hands too much. You want to teach him patience”.

    Great takes from a great QB who was much like Jameis in many ways. He’s spot on in his analysis of Jameis IMO. Yes Jameis has thrown a lot of INTs, and yes some of those weren’t on him. A number of tipped balls (by his receivers) ended up in unfriendly hands. But his receivers are strong competitors too who’ll try everything to make a play. Sometimes a ‘high fastball that’s close but off-target’ can be a bear to catch I’m sure. Most of his INTs were probably deserved, in one way or another.

    But Jameis ‘is who he is’. He’s gonna take big risks. Sometimes it’ll pay off, sometimes it won’t. I like Favre’s take that play-calling can keep those risks manageable. As BA & BL get to know Jameis’ tendencies better, I think they can help him ‘manage those risks better’ and cut down on INTs. Jameis NEEDS a strong TEAM around him to be successful I believe, and strong teams cost money. The upgrades that the Bucs NEED won’t come cheap (in dollars AND high draft picks) but it’s doable IF quality guys REALLY want to play for a contender. The only way to make that happen IMO is team-friendly contracts by a number of key players who’ll be FAs shortly. And that includes Jameis.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Did anyone see that awesome big time commercial with Jameis where his selling cell phone service as well as Tampa as he walks around and has everyone on the street recognize him.

    Neither did I.

    No one gives a hoot about Winston. He’s not selling fans, or anything else.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    Cam, old and busted, can’t run, can’t throw, can’t read defenses playing a deep ball offense? I don’t think so.

    Winston will be here next year. Said it I think yesterday, but I’m guessing the Bucs can get something like a 5-year $160m deal done, but in terms of real money it would probably be around $45m. In my mind, you offer year one, full guaranteed, $30m. Year two, another $30m, but with only $15m guaranteed. Then year 3, he’s got $35m, year 4, $35m and year 5, $30m. The Bucs like salaries going down in the last year, so I’m following that trend. Can also throw in a bunch of bonuses, like $1m for 4500+ yards passing, $2m for 5000+ yards, $2m for making the playoffs then $1m per playoff win – you know, that kind of stuff.

    I think that deal makes sense. Winston gets more than if he was franchised and pockets a 45m at worst. If he improves, as I expect, then by year 3 he’s underpaid, but then again you use the Lightning sell on that – the lack of state income taxes literally means he’s getting millions more in pay than he’d get from other teams. From the Bucs side, Winston is their guy next year, so you’re paying $30m already – then if he was to bomb and not improve, then they’re only out $15m the following year – which means nothing since Arians would be gone and the team would be blown up.

    Anywho, not sure if Winston would take that deal, they might want more like $60m, which I still probably give him – but the Bucs should take my deal all day every day if Winston’s camp was up for it.

  19. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Patrick also said, “He giveth, he taketh away!”

    Hahaha. Only in Tampa.

  20. richbucsfan Says:

    I’m not sure it is wise to get rid of #3 because he is so unusual. Perhaps when he fully matures he will be a GOAT. Time will tell.

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    Also, going back to Cam, what he always had was a good defense, or a great defense, plus a strong running game
    . However, to be fair, Cam had Steve Smith for a few years then a bunch of scrubs at WR – and it’s not easy to be productive when you got nothing at WR. But man, Cam can’t read defenses, I doubt he’d be able to run again, he’s a ridiculously inaccurate passer, he’s moody player who can appear to be lazy if everything isn’t going to his way, and I’ve never really heard anyone on his team talk about how much they like him. With all that said he’d still be only 31 next season, so he’s certainly young enough to still have a productive 2nd half of his career. If Cam played in an offense with big WRs who can go up and get the ball and have huge catch radius, and he got his wheels back, and you had a coach that would design plays to take advantage of his size and strengths, he could still have a few good years left. I still would rather have Winston since I think he can do everything but run better than Cam, but I do think Cam will end up being productive for at least a couple of years somewhere else. Winston meanwhile, if he did leave the Bucs, I think he has a Testaverde like career where he’s still playing well into his 40s as some team somewhere always wants that big armed gunslinger. But Winston isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    If Jay-Miss throws one more INT he will have tied Aaron Rodgers for INTs thrown in a career and Winston will have accomplished that feat in 100 less games. This is why it’s stupid to compare him to QBs who were the best in **THEIR** era 20 years ago. Compare him to the elite QBs in today’s NFL and it’s clear that he’s below average.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – Favre’s defensive rankings his first 5 years as a starter…

    1992. Packers #5
    1993. Packers #9
    1994. Packers #5
    1995. Packers #4
    1996. Packers #1

    Winston’s defensive rankings his first 5 years as a starter…

    2015. Bucs #26
    2016. Bucs #15
    2017. Bucs #23
    2018. Bucs #31
    2019. Bucs #31

    Winston has thrown 81 INTs in his first 5 years, Favre threw 77 INTs in his first 5 years (minus his redshirt in Atlanta).

    Those saying Winston’s INT’s are WHY the Bucs defense is bad… LOL! Bust again.

    However, once the defense is good, I full expect a big decrease in turnovers as Winston won’t be required to try to win on his own and over having the worst defense in football since 2015, the worst kicking game in football since 2015, all while playing the hardest schedule in football since 2016.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve always said that if you give Jameis a running game and a decent defense he will win games….

    I would franchise Shaq & do a team friendly deal with Jameis….

  25. MTM Says:

    Resigning Winston will set the franchise back 5yrs plus. Once the Bucs go 2-5 next year he will have zero trade value and will eventually be let go. He is who is after 5 yrs. Its not the defense that tosses multiple picks every game. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Brian Bucs – Jesus f’ing christ you 100 percent missed the entire point, the entire context of what people like Bill Simmons is saying (he started the mr excitement moniker) Dan Patrick and everyone else. People are acknowledging his talent, he makes unreal throws, throws deep and throws for a shi ton of yards. Only a handful of quarterbacks can do that and that’s a good thing god damnit. I don’t want some boring check down Charlie here and neither does Bruce Arians. The negative is that he obviously needs to cut down a lot on turnovers which is more coachable. It quite literally took Peyton Manning, the second greatest quarterback ever, 5-6 years to be more efficient and in fact has more interceptions than Jameis at the same point of their careers but he never got half the grief. People like you need to just admit that you’re not going to like Jameis regardless even if he has a 5td 0 interception game

  27. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    You lost me at “your weakness”

  28. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Here’s the ultimate value test for America’s Grop…..errr, Quarterback. What could the Bucs get for him in a trade? Serious question (deserves a serious answer, which ain’t “two number one picks”)

  29. Jeff Says:

    Cam wouldn’t last 4 games in this offense. His wittle shoulder would go boom!

  30. Ndog Says:

    Anyone debating a broke down beat up Cam Newton vs Jameis going into his prime is the definition of CLUELESS.

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … If the Bucs pay Jameis what you’re proposing, they just doomed their defense to years of mediocrity I think. The primary reason our defense ONLY costs $59 mil this year is because (1) Barrett is ONLY making $4.0 mil; (2) Nassib is ONLY making $2.0 mil; (3) we didn’t sign a veteran CB or Safety for our Secondary. IOW, we went cheap in the Secondary, cheap in the LB group, and cheap in the DLine. That approach got us a defense that gave up a LOT of points, especially early-on this season. Our defense is improving quite rapidly I think, and could POSSIBLY become a Top-10 defense next year IF we’re willing to foot the bill.

    Retaining Barrett will probably cost us $16 mil or so (an increase of $12 mil). Retaining Nassib will probably cost us $7 mil or so (an increase of $5 mil). White’s due to make an extra $1 mil next year, as are LVD & Gholston. Even if we’re able to re-sign JPP & Suh for what they’re making this year (OR replace them with equivalent cost players), that still means we’d need an EXTRA $20 mil just for those 5 guys (bringing us to $79 mil). Add in the cost of signing a quality veteran safety (or CB?) for say around $6 mil and we’re sitting at $85 mil for the defense next year. And that assumes that we replace Allen with a high round DT.

    Our offense is currently the most expensive in the NFL at $98.5 mil for only 23 players (most teams carry 25). Of that, Jameis makes $20.9 mil, ME13 makes $13.6 mil, D Smith $12.5 mil, Marpet $11.0 mil, Jensen $10 mil, Brate $7 mil, Dotson $4.8 mil, Perriman $4.0 mil, OJ $3.0, Barber $2.1, RoJo $1.6, Godwin $0.9 mil and Cappa $0.8 mil. That’s pretty much our starting 11 plus 2 rotational … all for ONLY $92.2 mil (the additional 10 for depth are VERY cheap at $6.3 mil, thus no real depth?).

    Next year, Jameis, Dotson, Perriman & Barber are all UFAs, meaning that they either have to be re-signed or replaced (hopefully with equivalent players). The remaining 9 from the above list cost $67.0 mil in 2020, up from their current $60.4 mil this year ($6.6 mil more). Now add your $30 mil for Jameis, about $3 mil for a high-pick rookie to replace Dotson, say $4 mil for a WR to replace Perriman & say $5 mil for a quality RB to replace Barber and voila … you’re now up to $109 mil for JUST 13 offensive players. Add in say a mere $10 mil for 10 more players to get us back up to 23 on offense, and we’re now paying $119 mil for our offense.

    The good news is that our Special Teams only cost us $4 mil next year, so that brings the ‘total bill’ to $208 mil … within a few shekels of being EXACTLY what many think our salary Cap will be next year when you include the $9 mil rollover from this year. Not much room to work with huh … as in NONE.

  32. #1bucfan Says:

    Love what you commented DEFENSE. Especially the part about putting a good team around Winston. Winston has never had a average defense an don’t tell me that time our defense played good 6 games was it. That was a fluke. He’s never had a running game or ST play this is a team sport. Not making excuses for Winston cuz he sure does make some stupid boneheaded throws that drive me nuts. 2020 if this team can manage a average defense, ST has bin decent an get him a running game where he doesn’t have to throw the ball 40 plus times a game an I’m almost certain this team can make the playoffs even with his alarming turnovers. The one great thing about Winston is wen he turns the ball over he comes back an plays great that’s amazing.

  33. ben Says:

    Winston will never take the buc fans to the BIG game with his fumbles and turnovers. Why accept an average qb at best ?

  34. RustyRhinos Says:

    What exactly does the Fact that Jameis throws Interceptions have to do with Defense? Is the Defense making the decisions that Jameis makes when he drops back to throw the football? When he decides before the snap who he is going to throw to, and never looks off of that receiver? I get it our Buccaneers QB’S have not been very good. But what does the decisions Jamise is making have to do with Defense? Yes the entire time Jameis has been here our Defense has been offensive. But is the Defense causing him to throw high, low, or behind receivers?
    And yes there are many more INT’s our opponents have left on the field because they didn’t catch the Jamise pass he threw directly to them. How does this have anything to do with Defense?

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    Those figures for a new Winston contract are too high Munch.

    His play has earned him a sub-$25M per year contract. His talent and potential to be elite probably bump that up a bit at the negotiating table. But only consistent, elite play merits $30M+ on a multi year deal in today’s current market.

    Not ONE NFL Quarterback counted $30M against the cap this year. Only 7 are slated to make $30M+ in 2020 – and a # of those will be re-worked to under $30M.

    Unless you are talking about Wilson or Rodgers – you CAN’T pay your QB $30 or $35M and still manage to field a competitive team around him.

    The Rams (for instance) overpaid Goff and now they are screwed cap wise heading into the next couple of years. Paying a QB who is not an elite talent HUGE $s.

    Winston deserves a Garrapolo type deal – $26M next season. Go ahead and add in incentives that if all reached could bring it beyond $30M – but Winston’s base needs to be closer to (if not below)$25M per – not over $30M per – in order for the Bucs to be able to pay enough good players around him to field a good TEAM.

    Pretty much what DR said….

  36. Buczilla Says:

    If Cam is 100% (highly doubtful), only a mindless lunatic would Choose Winston over him. Anything but a 100% Cam you have to roll with Winston and bring in some true competition next year.

  37. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    No matter how many turn overs the offense has, the defense is paid to stop the other team plain and simple. How many times has the defense given up scores in 4 or fewer plays? When your defense gives up more points than your offense scores then of course you’ll have a losing record. This defense has been the worse since forever. All you whiners over all these turn overs please stop it! They ate paid $$ millions to stop teams no matter where they’re on the field! This defense finally stop giving up the booty and stop offenses from scoring 27+ points when they were scoring 17 per game then the 28 our offense averages would lead to many more wins. I love watching Fameis play because he is this offense, of course not always pretty because hate the turn overs but he is the most exciting qb we’ve EVER had. He is highly aggressive and fully confident. All he needs to temper is his confidence by not believing he CAN/SHOULD make every single throw.
    He needs to start running more because when that part of his game was taken away his play diminished. Against the Colts he proved with the proper play calling he can get it done with backups that he trusts.

    He lowers his turn overs by half and this defense gets to the 15 th spot he will win us some games and the playoffs!

  38. July Joe Says:

    The author of the Jameis book has the whole media changing their tune and he just doesn’t stop going at em, it’s fun to see.