Falcons 28, Buccaneers 22 (Overtime)

December 29th, 2019

Well, the Bucs sure put on a show.

And some might say it was another sh#* show for the home faithful, as the Bucs fell to 2-5 this season at the Den of Depression.

The Bucs came out flat, spotted the Falcons 10 points (no surprise there) before rallying all the way back (no surprise there), but it just wasn’t enough to overcome too many mistakes, horrid kicking and a pick-6 in overtime.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Our beloved Buccaneers finished 7-9 on the season but in third place, as the now 7-9 Falcons earned second place on tiebreakers.

Over and over again today, the Bucs defense manned up but the offense couldn’t get the job done.

O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate combined for one catch, a two-yard TD grab by Brate. What the heck?

Kudos to Ronald Jones for his first career breakthrough game, 11 carries for 106 yards. Devin White’s 90-plus yard scoop and score was a thing of beauty. The pass rush showed up big time, as expected, but it just wasn’t enough.

The Bucs aren’t a good team, but fans knew that before kickoff. But they are better than they were last season, despite Jameis Winston finishing with 30 interceptions and a new NFL record 7 pick-6s.

Look at it this way, the draft gods shined upon Tampa Bay today.

188 Responses to “Falcons 28, Buccaneers 22 (Overtime)”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  2. Wesley Says:

    Jameis sucks!

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    JAMEIS blows 30/30

  4. AwShbucs Says:

    Matt gays fault. But Jbf jinxed him.

  5. Killian Says:

    Such an ironic finish to the season…

  6. RSJCheapSeats Says:

    It will take a few minutes for the Winston defenders to make up their excuses, but I am sure Joe the Winston apologist is making a list now.

  7. Wesley Says:

    You people want more of THIS? You cannot trust him with the ball folks.

  8. Gary Says:

    Bye bye Jameis

  9. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  10. Discobeef Says:

    Jameis had a run game today, and a defense. Guess what, he still threw INTs.

  11. DaBux Says:

    Jameis Sucks.

  12. Buc50 Says:

    It is Gays fault but as usual, Jameis brilliantly sucks.

  13. ModHairKen Says:

    Ironic and poetic.

  14. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    You fans suck!

  15. SKBucsfan Says:

    JW’s first NFL pass for the Bucs was a pick six. It’s only fitting that his last pass is as well.

  16. Kirk Says:

    If they bring Winston back, this team are bigger fools than I thought. Get him the hell out of here.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I wanted the draft pick

  18. Jcscycles Says:

    Trade for Carr. It’s time.

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I agree that Matt Gay cost us the game. Three missed field goals…would not have even been an over time if he had just made one of them.

    So far as Jameis…barring a trade or big name free agent coming in, we have no choice but to re-sign him. We won’t get better in this draft.

  20. JohnBoy Says:

    An average kicker and the Bucs are 9-7.

  21. LongSeason Says:

    Good-bye Jameis. Good bye sorry ass kicker that can’t make field goals.

    How much money does Winston get from other teams to throw picks. I guess he gets a bonus for throwing pick sixes.

  22. Greg Says:

    How many quarterbacks get to start their franchise career with a pick six and end it the same way? That’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it

  23. WeeManOfScots Says:

    Jameis, you did it!!!! 30/30 club!!! You created a new stat in the NFL!! Hope that is the last pick he throws in a Bucs uniform!

  24. firethecannons Says:

    So Joe how can you possibly defend Jameis Wiston and want him to continue as a Buc! How can anybody who is a Bucs fan want this guy anymore?–I am an FSU alumni. I have had enough! Time for a change! No more Winston!

  25. Kevin Says:

    Go get bridgewater

  26. Pa Privateer Says:


  27. ChanEpic Says:

    What can you say? It was Jameis’ game to win and he couldn’t step up. It’s a situation people like Jameis relish and he pooped the bed. Hard to see how that helps him or the org. Damnit Jameis(and Gay)

  28. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    …..I called the INT

    the other poster said pick 6

    …….I didn’t think Jameis could be that dumb……but I was wrong

  29. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Welcome to the 30-30 Losers Club, JayMiss lovers!

    He stinks to high Heaven.

    To even consider paying this loser $30M+ a year is criminal.

    Hit the road, JayMiss.

  30. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Time to ditch winston. he isn’t changing he wants over 15% of the cap and for what YARDS JUST A WHOLE BUNCH OF YARDS SOME TD PASSES TO HIS TWO TOP 5 WIDEOUTS AND SOOOO MANY TURNOVERS. winston defenders you know we are a joke right with him.

  31. WorstFans Says:

    LOL yup Gay sure didn’t miss 3 field goals but Winston sucks.

  32. LongSeason Says:

    5000 yards be damned. Winston be damned.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    A lot of frustrated emotions here. Let it out, people!

  34. geno711 Says:

    I am ok with signing Jameis. I never wanted to have him at 27 or 30 million though.

    I just want us to prioritize signing Barrett, JPP, and Suh first. They are really what seems to make this team have a shot at winning.

  35. The Ghost of Leeman Bennett Says:

    WOW….a fifth year pro making that mistake right there is…..just……wow

  36. firethecannons Says:

    a new kicker next season also please-no excuse

  37. NYC Bucs Says:

    It’s the way the season should have ended. On a JW pick 6 to become the only QB with 30/30. And to put us at 7-9 vs 8-8

  38. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  39. MadMax Says:

    Welcome to Tampa Jordan Love!!!

    oops, we need a kicker and new D nd correct route runners too since they are the ones throwing these interceptions…..dang you kickers, D, wrong route runners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. passthebuc Says:

    what is the difference whether you start the game with a pick-six or end it thus?

  41. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Defensively they are better. Every other facet is as dysfunctional as it was last year.

    No QB, K, GM OR HC.

  42. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    Here come the haters…. lol

  43. Pewter power Says:

    I have never laughed so hard at a bucs loss as I did just now. The last play of the game a pick 6. At work I burst out in laughter while its silent because right before he threw the ball I realized they were in overtime. 30+ is what you want huh winston

    Lol dude wants to be paid 1 million per touchdown or is it per interception, I cant be sure lol but he was smart to make sure we didnt draft high enough to find his replacement.

  44. Pete I Says:

    111 turnovers

    30-30 man

    5000 yards passing

    Most pick 6’s since 1950

    Lots of records for Jameis ” meaningless stats ” Winston America’s QB Mr. Excrement NDOG’s 30-30 lust child.

    Could NDOG be any more wrong about everything?


    And yet we are keeping Winston.

  45. stpetebucsfan Says:

    If JW is re-signed….This franchise and it’s fan base will have to swallow HARD to spend the entire off season with this taste and memory…a pick six when it REALLY…REALLY..COUNTS!

    There are not enough NDOGS in the world to change this perception. We win the coin toss and JW ENDS HIS FREAKING CAREER JUST AS HE BEGAN IT…A PICK SIX!!!!

    His first pass as a Buc a pick six…and what could possibly be his final pass as a Buc a pick six. Is there any more fitting bracket to JW’s Tampa days?

  46. Tye Says:

    JW is SO over rated, over hyped and should be over with in Tampa Bay…

  47. WorstFans Says:

    My god Winston haters came out the woodwork.

  48. Old School Athlete Says:

    Glazers and Licht listen up. If you think I’m gonna watch this trash again next year, you are sadly mistaken.

  49. Tampabuscsbro Says:


  50. ClwJB Says:

    Worst possible scenario are the only words I can use….

    3 missed FG and lose in OT on a record breaking pick 6

    Makes for a long, long off season

  51. Bucemup Says:

    I don’t know what to say??? Now way he threw a pic 6 to end the season in a contract year. Wow!!!

  52. Wesley Says:

    Until the bar is raised this team is going nowhere.

  53. Pa Privateer Says:

    Sign Barret, JPP and Suh……………..WInston to a contract that deducts 1 Million for every Interception

  54. PSL Bob Says:

    What the hell with the kicking already? I thought we had moved on from that. I’ve been a quiet Winston supporter because of his ability to make tremendous plays, but I can no longer endure the interceptions. Time to move on. Let someone else fix him. He’s definitely broke (mechanically not financially)!

  55. Kevin Says:

    Bring minchew to Tampa bay

  56. Pewter power Says:

    I can see licht being dumb enough to miss out on resigning the vets across the d line because he thinks winston is so valuable. This offseason will be the one to get licht fired if this team regresses.

  57. ElioT Says:

    Horrible second half performance by the offense.

    Jameis isn’t a QB that can put the team on his back when they really need him to = No $30 million/year.

    Matt Gay should be CUT right now! – Don’t even let him in the locker room.

  58. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Am I the only one who was sickened by that pick 6…..sure, Gay cost us the game so that’s 2 NY & ATL..on him and at least 2 on Jameis…..Tennessee & Texas…so that’s 4 games between the two of them.

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda…..been 11-5……..

  59. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I want Jameis back. Praying we bring him back. Go Bucs!

  60. Wesley Says:

    Listen up Glazers, we want change!!

  61. NO FEAR... Says:


  62. rrsrq Says:

    Anybody talking the penalties that put the offense in 3rd and long all the second half

  63. RealityCheck Says:

    @Im tired and 87

    Shut up. You’ve been saying the same thing all day. This team is lucky to have ANY fans at all. We’re all still here waiting and watching yet another failed season with a QB that can’t throw the ball to his own team. Stop trying to play the biggest fan contest it’s pathetic.

  64. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston Intercepted on First Career Pass Attempthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9-DCDD8Rvk

  65. Slugglife Says:

    It’s ok guys. We won the toss. Elected to receive. Then the first pass was a pick 6. Y’all are acting like you’ve never seen that before.

  66. gotbbucs Says:


    That damn defense lost it for us again… oh, that’s not an excuse we can use anymore? Dang it.

    Winston should retire. He has an opportunity right now to start and end with a pick-6, and who really didn’t see that last pass coming? You can set your bowels to Winston’s late game interceptions.

    Josh Freeman at least could operate a 2-minute drill, Winston can’t even get a late game drive started. Move on. For the love of the other 52 guys, move on from this crap. It won’t stop.

  67. SteveK Says:

    We need a new QB. Someone cheaper and less turnover prone. Unbelievable.

  68. Pete I Says:

    Kicking lost the game, no doubt…but Winston made history today. A history of his making and no one else.

    111 turnovers

    5000 yards

    Pick your poison.

  69. Adrnagy Says:

    Although it wasn’t jameis fault. He kill it last throw. But the game was gay misses and defense couldn’t stop the last two drives but rebound very good.

    Tampabuscsbro Says:
    December 29th, 2019 at 4:25 pm

  70. NO FEAR... Says:


  71. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Oh and we didn’t need to put the game on Jameis back the second half we were running the ball well. It wasn’t like we weren’t moving the ball on the ground. Kicker can’t kick.

  72. Bucs1976 Says:

    Seriously, ok Gay didn’t help but Winston is a strong second string QB.
    The last pass of the game showed his level. Second string

  73. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    1st Career Pass w/Bucs Pick 6 …. Last Career Pass w/Bucs Pick 6??

  74. Marine Buc Says:

    I’m actually glad Winston just punched his ticket out of town. Go eat a bag of dic Winston. You suck!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    5,000 yards
    Most TDs scored by a QB this year
    Amazingly improved on deep passes

    Most sacks taken by a Bucs QB in history this year
    Most picks by a QB in league history

    It really is a rolercoaster ride!

  76. kstoges Says:

    Im as sick as can be over that last play but reality is we are 9-7 with a better kicker and if our defense played like this all year who knows how much better from that it be.

  77. ChanEpic Says:

    I’m #readyforteddy let Jameis walk (or sign for a very team friendly number), and bring in Teddy Bridgewater. Heck, I’d even like to see P. Rivers signed. And let’s keep it 100%, if Gay does his job we wouldn’t be here either. At least two losses can be directly attributed to crappy kicker play.

  78. ElBajito43 Says:

    NDOG on watch rt now.

    What a joke this guy is!!!

    But “Trash” Licht loves it. POOL MAN will AGAIN REFUSE TO DRAFT QB….

    GUMP enjoys the “innovator” title, thinks he is a GURU for going against the grain with a “GUNSLINGER” he actually is ordering the frame for Winston’s 5,000 yard season right now.

    Wife catches me cheating for the 10th time
    ME: “Oh honey cmon BABY! You KNOW I Love You… IM JUST A GUNSLINGER.”

  79. orlbucfan Says:

    I feel very bad for the defense. Sure Gay 9 blew 9 points. but Arians is an idiot with his offensive playcalling. Not once were any bootleg/ QB running plays called in this one.

  80. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You guys are fooling yourselves if you think Winston is gone.

    All this did is give the Bucs more bargaining power.

  81. SteveK Says:

    That was not $30 million quarterback play. Too many turnovers. Can’t win with 7 pick sixes in one season. A new record.

  82. Adrnagy Says:

    Let’s start with you. Lol

  83. Marine Buc Says:

    Matt Gay is a piece of sht as well. Get him the phuk out of here too.

  84. Realfan Says:

    Can’t wait to read the comments when the Bucs resign Winston. I swear the Bucs have the worst fans in football.

  85. orlbucfan Says:

    Here’s to 2020. I’m done with the NFL now.

  86. Hodad Says:

    Joe America’s QB, how about America’s pick six! The kicker for Atlanta who moonlights as a Makoto’s cook is better then Licht’s 5th round pick. Buy Licht, and Jameis two bus tickets out of town.

  87. Bobby M. Says:

    Good teams….bad teams….the entire league has Winston figured out. Good luck with that.

    The defense was fun to watch…we have to keep JPP, Shaq, Suh.

  88. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Keep rotating the excuse cards-

    Today was Matt Gay
    Before that it’s the running game
    Before that it’s the pass defense

    But you can always count on Jameis….

  89. Pa Privateer Says:

    We need to sign MINCHEW!

  90. Bangkok Bucs Fan Says:

    So who are we cheering for this afternoon for Moving up in the draft.
    It’s a Bucs life

  91. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    orlbucfan Says:
    December 29th, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    “I feel very bad for the defense. Sure Gay 9 blew 9 points. but Arians is an idiot with his offensive playcalling.”

    I feel bad for you since you don’t get that Byron Leftwich called the plays.

    Also because you don’t realize the playcalling in this game was actually pretty good.

  92. mark2001 Says:

    Thanks Jameis…now we are picking 13. Five draft picks gained. That was his plan all along… taking/giving one for the team draft.

  93. Adrnagy Says:

    So your wife is still with you ?

    ElBajito43 Says:
    December 29th, 2019 at 4:29 pm
    NDOG on watch rt now.

    What a joke this guy is!!!

    But “Trash” Licht loves it. POOL MAN will AGAIN REFUSE TO DRAFT QB….

    GUMP enjoys the “innovator” title, thinks he is a GURU for going against the grain with a “GUNSLINGER” he actually is ordering the frame for Winston’s 5,000 yard season right now.

    Wife catches me cheating for the 10th time
    ME: “Oh honey cmon BABY! You KNOW I Love You… IM JUST A GUNSLINGER

  94. Slugglife Says:

    There is a better QB out there. So you can shut that sht up.

  95. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    The awful season is over !… Defense and WR’s are a bright spot… what I say about Jameis doesn’t matter… he NEEDS and the team deserves competition at the QB position… his glass seems to have a leak at the half full level!

  96. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Winston and Leftwich lost the game, not the kicker. Once, they go completely conservative with the lead, and look what happens. Winston and Leftwich gotta go bye bye.

  97. Easy Says:

    LOLOLOL JaJameis

  98. MadMax Says:

    JW’s presser….”I got to do a better job at not turning the ball over” …50 friggen times, he will say that regardless of what the question is…..

    Release him as soon as he steps down from the presser!!!!!!!!

  99. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Realitycheck why don’t you actually talk with your wallet and go to the games then we will talk. Can’t do much behind a keyboard blog. Oh and the only thing you have been doing all season it talking smack about this team. I’m tired of your loser mentality. Grow up son!

  100. WestChap Says:

    I take back everything I’ve ever said about Jameis… he is a leader and he knows how to fight through adversity to finish what he starts. It really looked like he was going to come up short of an historic 30 TDs, 30 INTs but with a complete effort across ST, O and D he led the Bucs into the history books once again. And, doing so with a trademark pick-6 showed some real style. No QB will ever break that record. Congrats… ugh!

  101. Couch Fan Says:

    For all of you calling Ndog out. Give him some time. I just know he’s watching replays repeatedly of that play to find any excuse he can come up with to keep riding Jamei’s big turnover prone D.

  102. ElBajito43 Says:


  103. Sappattack Says:

    I cannot wait to hear the post game interviews. This is going to be the most interesting Bucs offseason ever

  104. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Matt Gay didn’t throw that Interception Pick 6

  105. #1bucfan Says:

    this is freaking ridiculous. I’ve seen enough from number 3 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  106. Jeff Yoemans Says:

    Winston’s first pass as a Buc= Pick 6
    Winston’s last pass as a Buc= Pick 6

  107. ElioT Says:


    CAM BRATE (overpaid) & OJ HOWARD (overrated) can **** OFF!!!

    With Evans and Godwin out multiple weeks, you SHOWED NOTHING!

    Ty Sambrailo was a better TE today.

  108. ChanEpic Says:

    May Gay also didn’t kick the field goals he was supposed to. Just saying

  109. Bucemup Says:

    It’s just frustrating because what do you do with this guy? He threw a post route today that was a thing of beauty. The throw to the back of the end zone on that scrabble, awesome play! But then he does crap like throw a pick 6 in O.T. He’s the most frustrating player I have ever watched. He can make you believe one series and then on another series you wonder why he’s on the field? Mind blowing. Do you go after a more careful qb and then we waste the talent of our Wr core because this safe qb won’t push the ball down the field? Do you throw a rookie out there to make the same mistakes Jameis does? You bring in Philip Rivers and watch him throw 20 picks instead on 30 that Jameis throws? Everyone remember check down Glennon? This off season will be one of the longest!

  110. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    The thing that sucks is the morons up here who were hoping he’d do it so the Bucs would lose. No you losers I make no excuses for him he simply will not learn from his mistakes. Some people can’t get past a certain point in their work development and Winston can’t get past his. Let’s be honest though Matt Gayyyyyy does the simple job he has to do and we’re up 31-19 Atl still would need 2 tds to win which the easy the D played today wouldn’t have happened. No overtime no pick6 no record set and no loss, but with that I’m with you cornballs that he has to go. It’s hopeless to think he will get any better. What I want and hope for don’t matter anymore we need a new qb!!!!! You losers get your wish if the Glazers are smart.

  111. mark2001 Says:

    Jameis…wherever you are playing…try to do a better job not turning over the ball.

  112. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    2019 – NFL Pick 6 Leader – Jameis Winston w/7**

  113. geno711 Says:

    Pa Privateer Says:
    December 29th, 2019 at 4:26 pm
    Sign Barret, JPP and Suh……………..WInston to a contract that deducts 1 Million for every Interception

    How about this for Winston? Just kidding but..

    10 million base salary, plus 1 million for every 1000 yards, plus 1 million for every TD (passing or rushing), minus 1 million for every interception.

    That way next year if he is same as this year, he gets 10 million + 5 million for yards + 34 million for TD’s – 30 million for interceptions. He would be 19 million.

    If he cuts turnover to 15 instead of 30, then he makes 34 million instead of 19 million. If he cuts his interceptions to Drew Bree’s level, he would be making over 40 million.

  114. ElBajito43 Says:



    “He’s just a gunslinger honey”

  115. DBS Says:

    Yes. Rememember. If we win the toss we the game . Just ask Rod!

  116. MadMax Says:

    Yo LUV, your thoughts on Jordan Love?

  117. Slugglife Says:

    Old tired 87

    If Winston is back- we lose. If that’s what you like- good for you. The rest of us want to win.

  118. PSL Bob Says:

    Anthem, no Gay didn’t throw the Pick 6, but if he’d made just one of the 3 field goal attempts, we wouldn’t have gone to OT either.

  119. Sharthappens Says:

    Ding dong the witch is dead. Although, he may be staying in Tampa…… playing for the Vipers

  120. Mike10 Says:

    Fromm in the second round?

  121. BucsBeamMeUpScotty Says:

    Jamies Its time to hit up Publix for some Free Crab Legs!

  122. Bucy Says:

    Jameis please GTFO of Tampa please

  123. Bucs_Fan_Orlando Says:

    A pick six with the pressure on.

    A pick six when what he does works toward his contract.

    A pick six when the team needs him.

    A pick six…. A pick six…. A pick six.

    A pick six for another losing season.

    This is a joke. A bad joke. And you want to pay this guy? Because there isn’t anyone better?

    Because 5000 yard? You do realize most of the other QBs who did this. Went to the SB that year or were thr NFL MVP the year they did it. They didn’t have losing records…..

    We pay this guy we buy more misery.

    He is who the tape says he is.

    It takes courage to admit mistakes, it takes stubbornness to think you can change history.

    Next week I’ll be watching a bunch of other QBs who didn’t throw pick six after pick six as they play in the playoffs.

    2nd longest playoff drought in the NFL adds another year to the total. The bucs are a drought island with Cleveland and the Jets.

    A team with a lot of the pieces on Def and Off, but the QB can’t just stop throwing the ball to the other team.

    Yiu can’t and won’t win with horrendous turnovers like that.

    Good luck with this team if JW gets a contract. Anything outside of a franchise tag is the end of my watching this garbage.

  124. Pewter power Says:

    No haters here except the one talking about bringing minchew, maybe he went out and had one too many to drink we can forgive him.

    If you lame the kicker for this lose basically you are saying a pick 6 is better than 3 missed field goals because of the points it cost us. If we went down the field and missed the field goal it’s on the kicker but when the defense walks off the field with a win because of winston its 100% his fault regardless of whether you want him back theres no excuse for staring down a receiver as consistently as he does after 5 years of playing at this level you haven’t learned from that yet?

  125. Wesley Says:

    It’s simple, he cannot be trusted with the ball in big moments. Time to move on, don’t be foolish.

  126. DaBux Says:

    Two of our idiot GM’s picks were on full display looking like crap today:

    1. Jameis
    2. Gay

    I know he won’t be fired, but BA and Bowles needs more oversight into the draft selections from now on.

  127. BuccoBrucey Says:

    Not a 30 million dollar QB. not a 20 million dollar QB. let him walk

  128. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    The only thing I can see with Jameis is to tag him until you develop someone or trade for someone and wait til that person make the transition and we almost have to move on from Jameis. He act like something on his mind mentally

  129. Troy Says:

    When it came down to ‘America’s Quarterback’ to show us what he had, he stared down his TE and threw another pick 6. Yep. That’s the crap I want to watch again next year. Face it. If he comes back to this franchise, then it’s doomed to fail for the number of years of his next contract. He’s not a winner. Winners do what Rodgers did today in Detroit. That’s not Winston.

  130. passthebuc Says:

    I don’t mind if JW stays. It will allow for good betting as to when he will throw the game away.

    I would let him test the waters and see what happens. Maybe you can steal him for 10m until you can put someone back there that can win.

    Maybe he could practice throwing left-handed and cut down on the pick-sixes.

  131. The Coroner Says:

    All hail the Draft Gods.
    All hail Matt there never should have been overtime Gay.
    All hail Matt the kicker savior who lost two games by missed kicks Gay.
    All hail Jameis the seven pick six Winston.
    All hail Jameis the first 30:30 quarterback Winston.
    All hail Byron what’s a tight end Leftwich.

  132. Sharthappens Says:

    PSL: you are an idiot. We win the game of the idiot crotch grabbing shoplifting homophobic womanizing mentally ill JW is not the starting QB

  133. Red86 Says:

    Don’t forget Dotson missing a block on the goal line, which lead to a miss field goal.

  134. THETRUTH Says:

    Inconsistency all his career !! That type of QB will NEVER win you a super bowl so he has to go !! Bridgewater has More consistency of playing well and improvement that’s called developing.
    Joe in ira show tries to compare Winston to qb who have been in league for a year To prove his point who you going to sign. well you can’t compare one year to 5 inconsistent years. Joe compare him to a QB that had played like this 5 years u can’t cause they have been on some teams bench

  135. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ PSL Bob

    While I agree with you and many others about Matt Gay’s 3 FG misses

    Once cannot simply deny how many INTs and PICK 6s that Jameis has thrown

    If this was a game with Playoffs implications on the line…..90% of fans would be screaming for Jameis head

    ONLY Jameis defenders comes up with excuses

  136. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    The kid has talent – but he’s regressed though.

    Your thought on RB J.K Dobbins!!!

  137. Bucs1976 Says:

    Winston has had 5 years, max in a rookie QB. Yeah, Gay missed three, sorry but I agree. Winston is a phenomenal college QB, He just doesn’t have what it takes to finish it in the NFL

  138. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Any reasonable person would agree that this will…..at the very least…..cost Jameis some money…..

  139. #1bucfan Says:

    Bonzai I have to disagree with you. The play calling in the 2nd half was garbage. On both sides of the ball. With this team you can’t play conservative. Over the past several years wen we are actually up an play conservative we lose the game. All the zone calling on defense left guys wide open. Offense just running the ball an no points in the 2 nd half because of poor play calling. The whole team lost this game especially Winston with that last pick. Gay didn’t help an play calling was terrible

  140. LuxuryLuggageDelivery4Less Says:

    Face it People! JW A’INT GOING NOWHERE!!!! Who’s gonna give up a 5000 QB? Who are they going to replace him with. JUst like Peyton Manning at this phase of his career, JW will shake off the INT’s and become a hall of fame QB. Take away the INT’s and he has 6000 yards.
    He is what he is, so until he is cured of color-blindness and generosity, enbrace it. KEEP FIRING JAMEIS!!!!!

  141. Dewey Selmon Says:

    BA just said his evaluation of Winston will include what other Qb’s are available. He also stated the worst way to end a season is to lose in OT by giving the ball away and the other teams defense scoring.

  142. DBS Says:

    And the excuse about Gay. That won’t work. They tried that Last week but remember? The game was tied?

  143. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    You simply cannot win with this turnover machine

    5 years of not improving 30/30, 7 Pick 6s

    …………………………you will never go far with numbers like that

  144. passthebuc Says:

    you cannot afford to draft a QB this year. you cannot afford to bring JW back. There is no one out there that is either affordable or talented.

  145. Wesley Says:

    Saying we have no options at q.b. so we have to keep Jameis is just stupid.

  146. ChanEpic Says:

    #readyforTeddy and I’m a (ex) Jameis defender and current Nole fan. But seriously it’s fine to at the very least bring in competent competition at the QB position. Blaine Gabbert doesn’t count.

  147. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Don’t pass the buck people

    Pick 6s and INT in overtime is simply unacceptable

    but Jameis has done this all season long

  148. Bucbob Says:

    It’s crystal clear to me now why the second half game plans always go more conservative. BA trusts his defense to win more than he trusts Jameis. If we can’t win a meaningless home game, then how are we going to trust Jameis to win an important playoff game in the future. I’m not putting it all on Jameis because of Gay’s missed field goals, but when it came down to trusting Jameis to win it, he ends the season with an interception. This one unfortunately, is not going to easily be forgotten.

  149. Buccfan37 Says:

    Don’t count your chickens before the buzzard hatches.

  150. Ed Says:

    All the Fox guys at halftime were afraid to be definite regarding how the Bucs should move next year. I believe that as long as Winston is the starter the team will be high/low and will not be able to make a playoff run.

    The team has too many needs to worry about Winston. My suggestion is to transition him so they can get the top draft picks for him. I know this is going to make some crazy but also why not trade Mike Evans for (2) #1 draft picks. Bucs could have (4) top 32 picks and a bunch of money to fill in the holes.

    Evans is tremendous but with Periman and Godwin, there is too much talent at the position, why not use the picks you get to improve offensive line and grab a good running back?

    Sign a free agent QB like Bridgewater and draft another QB with one of those premium picks.

    Also trade OJ Howard while we are at it.

  151. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    #1 off season priority is to resign Shaq Barrett

    every other player comes last…especially JW

  152. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Just let him walk, build an all star defense, pick up a cheaper QB, extend Godwin, draft a QB, draft RT, draft DL, draft best players available.

  153. mark2001 Says:

    Luxury…so funny… he is a seventh alternate pick for one pro bowl. He will never see another…no playoff appearances… and he will be a HOF QB. I think you are seeing color, or maybe I should say you might be looking through a green smoke haze. Or should I say wishful thinking. Nothing even Pro Bowl about his play, much less HOF>

  154. Couch Fan Says:


    Exactly. Saying we cant do better is a loser mentality. Nobody knows anything about this draft class but what we do know is Jameis is a turnover waiting to happen. And we can absolutely find somebody that wont lose the games for us with silly turnovers. People act like 5k is so great and assures that we will have a winning season real soon with him. LMAO, clowns.

  155. Troy Says:

    Anybody who thinks Winston will be a HOF QB is delusional. Trying to compare him to P. Manning is absurd. Winston couldn’t hold Manning’s water bottle.

  156. mark2001 Says:

    This simple boys…he had every chance to take the game by the throat and lead us to victory. That is what Franchise QB’s often do. He rarely has…he didn’t…time to move on. Good luck Jameis.

  157. Nptbuc Says:

    Did Brate look open to anyone? Not like the defender made an an outstanding play on the ball. Meanwhile Watson WAS open over the middle. Nope. Play called for Winston to go to Brate on an out route. Jameis stared him down from the moment the ball hit his hands from center. Brate not open? No problem. That’s the play called and that’s where I am going! How the hell do you play like that after 5 years in the league? Did you see Marty Ice pulling that crap? If his receiver wasn’t there the ball would go 6 rows deep! Happened a lot today too because of a damn good defense. I feel so sorry for those guys, having to sit on the bench and watch Jamiss piss away another outstanding effort. Better get used to it cuz Glazers will open their vault for Winston. After all this IS entertainment right. Certainly isn’t professional football. So sad….

  158. Ndog Says:

    So the ball is tipped at the line of scrimmage which allows it to get picked, we miss THREE FGs the defense AGAIN blows a lead in the 4th quarter and yet all we do is blame the QB. This is why we are a CLUELESS fan base. I hope Jameis is gone so maybe just maybe people can look at the big picture instead of just blaming one person.

  159. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Jameis is the cancer of losing

  160. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    December 29th, 2019 at 4:30 pm
    You guys are fooling yourselves if you think Winston is gone.

    All this did is give the Bucs more bargaining power.

    If you can’t fool yourself, you have no business following this team.

  161. Ndog Says:

    But to be clear it was a HORRIBLE read by Jameis.

  162. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    you cannot defend a pick 6 in OT

    you just don’t do that…..you just don’t go there

  163. NYbucsfan Says:

    JW3 stinks, he is a back up QB!!!

  164. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jameis is the cancer of losing

  165. ChanEpic Says:

    NDOG both/all can be true. But we do know in this league you cannot turn it over and expect to win, and we also know Jameis
    Definitely turns it over A LOT. That’s just facts.

  166. orlbucfan Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    December 29th, 2019 at 4:31 pm
    ©ive me a damned break. BA rides around and you don’t get the fact that BL is interning under him? Boy, are you stupid. We finished 7-9 cos the defense is developing but not the offense. Whose watch is that one under?

  167. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Jameis Winston is the perfect test case for binding arbitration. The good Jameis does on the field is often outweighed by the bad. IMO, he would be overpaid at even the franchise rate. Struggles to throw ball away properly, Throws passes
    beyond the line of scrimmage, Weapon for opposing defenses, record INT’s and pick 6’s No confidence vote
    for the success of this franchise with Jameis behind center going forward.

  168. ChanEpic Says:

    @JoesephMamma – LOL! Masterful

  169. Troy Says:

    @Wesley is 100‰ correct. This nonsense that we have no options at QB is just ridiculous. Why can’t we trade up in the draft? KC traded a first and third to move up 17 spots to get Mahomes. Why can’t we do something like this? People act like trades in the draft are impossible.

  170. SteveK Says:

    Can’t wait for Joe to unleash on Matt Gay and not Jameis for turning it over.

    Is Fitzmagic better? He won in Foxboro today and makes the Patriots play next week.

  171. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog…too many excuses. Or as was said by Michael in the Godfather to Moe Green when his Casino was losing money… I don’t think you are skimming off the top… you are just unlucky.

    Maybe Jameis is just unlucky here. Time for him to go elsewhere…. most fans have absolutely no confidence in his ability to take a big game on his shoulders and win it.

    But to be nice to you, let’s just say that Jameis is unlucky here.

  172. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Thanks Elbajito take your hatred and go to the games and make some noise instead of pounding your keyboard. Try to make a difference.

  173. SteveK Says:

    It shall be over!

    Give me a Tua and a bridge QB- bring bak Fitzmagic. The price vs. production is undeniable.

  174. orlbucfan Says:

    If Jameis hangs around, don’t give him a raise. A few Million$$? Don’t think so. If anyone deserves a raise, it is LVD!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. mark2001 Says:

    Steve…that won’t wash….it was OT…we had the ball…time…decent field position.. and it was in Jameis’s hands. And he threw another one away. What happened before the OT is all water under the bridge.

  176. David jones Says:

    What time frame do most of you think the Glazers/Licht make their intentions known as to what their decision will be with Mr. Winston?

  177. Bobby M. Says:

    The statement….you are what your record says you are….is accurate.

    Folks like to say “if this” and “if that”, particularly with the kicking game. Sure there’s a game or two in there that probably should have been one. Guess what….there’s several that should have been lost. The Colts game is an excellent example. You don’t win turning the ball over 3-4x in game. That’s the reality of the NFL. So yeah….the kicker makes some kicks, maybe we win. But if Winston doeesnt gift pick 6s, easy field position, FGs, etc…..We probably win more of those too.

    We are what the record says…7-9. Winston is what he is….talented QB but completely ineffective due to a penchant for turnovers. That was the red flag on him coming out of college….He was viewed as a talent then. You wont win in the NFL when your QB is giving the ball away an avg of 22x per season.

    The only option to “fix” Winston is drop him back less….that’s it. So now you need a super star RB, two pro bowl WR and a top 10 defense…..all while Winston wants $30 million per year? It’s not possible. We cant even win with Winston making $20 million per year, JPP making $4 million, Shaq making $4 million and Godwin making peanuts.

  178. down in the dirt doug Says:

    BA–thanks to you and our coaching staff we now have a team with a winning attitude.In my mind you put the team in position to be 11-5–YOU ARE A BEAST OF A COACH–GIVE UM HELL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow, so much hate. Matt Gay was doing very well, for a rookie, prior to today. He made 27 FGs in 32 attempts … 84.4%. Plain & simple, he blew it today (he wasn’t alone BTW). He’s now 27 FGs made in 35 attempts … 77.1%. Even for a rookie, that’s meh. Prior to today’s game, he’d never missed more than 1 FG in a game. So I’m curious why did he miss 3 today? Thought I remembered him having a hamstring problem or something like that last week. Might be wrong, but I’m guessing that something’s not right.

    Jameis stunk it up today when his team needed him the most, but we’ve all seen this act before. It doesn’t matter whether he throws a Pick-6 on the first play of the game or in overtime. It’s still a TD, and those points count in the final tally. Bucs’ offense had THREE giveaways today. Our #3 scoring offense managed to score a grand total of 15 points against the Falcons #22 defense, while our #30 defense managed to hold the high-flying Falcons offense (#13 this week) to 22 points (of which at least 3 points were gimmes off of Bucs’ turnovers). And our defense even contributed a TD of their own off a takeaway.

    Despite Jameis’ PERFORMANCES in these last 2 games especially, I agree with Bonzai … we’ll end up re-signing Jameis. HOPEFULLY we use the non-exclusive franchise tag and someone subsequently signs him to a nice contract (and we get the two 1st round picks as a consequence). If not that, MAYBE JL & BA will be open to trading him for Derek Carr. I’m impressed with how he’s matured into a quality starting QB. We could use that.

  180. Troy Says:

    Anyone who thinks this team will sniff the playoffs with Winston as the QB is nuts. It doesn’t matter who coaches the team. We’ll keep playing meaningless football in December as long as Winston is a Buc. No coach will change that. He’s an embarrassment.

  181. HeavyE Says:

    Jameis is and will be Our QB in the Future, if You don’t like it, choose another team!!!!!!

  182. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Torn about Jameis. The first pick was the receiver’s fault. Terrible read. Ran a fly and Jameis threw a post. Miscommunication. We were missing three of our four WR’s and it showed what a huge difference that makes for the second straight week. The fact is that once again our FG kicker lost the game…again. We should not have been in OT. He cost us a 9-7 season. Period. Nevertheless, you cannot throw a pick six in an OT game against a crap team, which the Falcons are.

    Alas, Jameis has had five years to grow out of the TO’s and he has regressed. If the Bucs are going to spend $30+ million on a QB then it might as well be Teddy Bridgewater as he is the only FA QB worth taking a chance on. Time to ay goodbye to Jameis. We have a top ten D now, two Pro Bowl WR’s, two quality TE’s, a top notch #3 in Perriman, and tons of cap space. I’d draft Etienne with the first pick and OL with the second, and move on. We cannot waste next season.

  183. The Coroner Says:

    Where were Leftwich’s 2nd half adjustments to the Falcon’s halftime adjustments?
    Raheem Morris stoned Byron Leftwich.

  184. Bucsfan951 Says:


  185. tgregs Says:

    “Beloved” I’ve hared this team since they hired Lovie All downhill sonce

  186. LuxuryLuggageDelivery4Less Says:

    Troy, at this point in their careers, their stats are almost identical.

  187. LuxuryLuggageDelivery4Less Says:

    Through 5 years:

    Peyton 113 TDs, 100 INTs, 20,685 yards

    Jameis 119 TDs, 88 INT’s, 19,728 befire today’s game.

    Relax people. We have a HOF QB. Let’s not let him get away like we did with Doug Williams and Steve Young

  188. MadMax Says:

    @Luv, i like him (Dobbins) but he’s probably going in the 2nd.

    Love had a new coach (who has a horrible record) and a lot of new teammates this year, on the O line too. Go look at his 2018 season. All of the others I wanted are top 10 picks and we’re at 14 now….so other than Delpit as far as talent meets need, theres not much out there unless Suh leaves and we have to go DT. If thats the case, (no on Kinlaw, dont like his history and he could get fat real quick)….so im thinking we trade down and land Marvin Wilson around 20th….he reminds me a lot of Sapp.