“Dependable” Carl Nassib

December 5th, 2019

Linebacker/defensive lineman Carl Nassib fits right in on the Bucs’ D-line, where he joins a too-long list of productive players whose inexpensive contracts are expiring.

Nassib has been blessed with that magical cash-attracting combination of youth (26 years old) and sacks (5 this year and 6 1/2 in 2018).

But team-captain Nassib offers even more, Bruce Arians told Buccaneers Radio this week.

“Carl, he’s so dependable. You know, and being able to move him inside, he’s really a mismatch for guards,” Arians said with adoration in his voice. “And again, big, big sack-fumble that he created Sunday.”

Nassib is not a special player but “dependable” appears to be a good word for him. He is versatile and has been productive in a Bucs uniform, plus Arians calling him a “mismatch” for guards is high praise and speaks to Nassib’s ability to fit into any defense.

Someone will pay Nassib at $6 million next season, more if he can get his season sack total up to seven or eight. Will it be the Bucs? They can’t re-sign everyone.

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  1. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    My guess is he’ll be this offseason’s version of Adam Humphries…where some team(s) will offer his more than the Bucs will. Just a guess though…

  2. alaskabuc Says:

    Would like to see him back at the right price, he’s been solid. Damnit though we need to keep JPP more than any of the upcoming defensive free agents. His return sparked life in our defense. I don’t care if he is on the wrong side of 30, he’s overcome missing digits and a busted neck. Anyone want to bet against this dude?

  3. MadMax Says:

    Love him, but we need cap room for Barrett and JPP! i dont think we’ll see him again (or Gholston) unless we cant afford Barrett and JPP…its just the business. It sucks because I love the guy….same situation he was in with the Browns (too much talent in those areas)

    But if he’s smart, signs cheap to a 1 year deal, grows and proves he worth more, then im all for it!

  4. MadMax Says:

    Plus injuries happen and we need to keep that in mind.

  5. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Yeah I like Nassib. I like Gholston too. Can’t wait to see what Nelson has to really offer next season. These are the depth players that good teams have to be successful. Another season together will make them even better.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    If the price tag to re-sign Nassub is around 6-7 million I can definitely see him coming back. For his position (OLB/DE) the going rate for elite players is 15 mil + so 7 or less I think would be a steal for him.

  7. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I agree with those saying that bringing JPP back is a big priority. His attitude is so foreign to this team’s previous culture and it’s just what we needed.

    I’m pretty sure someone is about to bust out the big boy wallet for Strip Shaq Barrett. I mean big money and I don’t know if that would be in the Buc’s best interest. I see us being outbid here, comp pick?

    So if we miss out on Barrett, Nassib would be a prime candidate to be brought back. At 7-8M/yr, that’s not too bad. Pretty sure his attitude is another that is great for this team and the guy busts his butt.

  8. teacherman777 Says:

    Cut Brate, keep Nassib.

    Tag Shaq.

    Sign JPP.

    Let Suh walk. Draft his replacement.

    Cut Jensen. Draft an OG/C in the 2nd round.

    Cut Dotson. Draft his replacement in the 2nd round.

    Keep Gholston.

    Let Ryan Smith go (2 million). We have enough young corners.

    Cut Blaine Gabbert. Too expensive for a backup.

  9. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Be a travesty letting this new found Defense lose these players. The QB can go and all that money put to the proven players, not the problem.

  10. Delabuc Says:

    Letting Shaq walk out of here would be similar to letting Michael Bennett walk out. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Lock up JPP and Shaq.

  11. TDTB Says:

    Reality is you can’t pay rotational players much more than league minimum or younwon’t Have enough cap for starters.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    teacherman777 Says
    Cut Brate, keep Nassib.I

    OJ has not been dependable at all this year, so that would be a huge mistake.

    Tag Shaq.

    This could be a smart move, if they cannot get him to take a deal in time.

    Sign JPP.

    Out of them all, JPP is the one most likely to be gone. I wish it were otherwise, but I believe he wants another team.

    Let Suh walk. Draft his replacement.

    This is actually very possible…although we need a RT more, I could see us getting a firey, beefy DT in rounds 2-7.

    Cut Jensen. Draft an OG/C in the 2nd round.

    Lost me on this one. Here’s why: Center has been the absolute hardest position on the offensive line to fill properly. Finding an acceptable center is hard, so when you do get one, you keep him as long as possible.

    Jensen is pretty decent at center. Bucs fans tend to forget the reason we had to sign him…the Bucs can’t draft a good center. We can only get goid ones through free agency, and it usually takes a few tries to find one. Just look at out history to find proof of that.

    Cut Dotson. Draft his replacement in the 2nd round.

    I doubt we’ll have to cut Dotson. I think he will retire…but even if he doesn’t, this MIGHT be the last year of his contract (not sure).

    Keep Gholston.

    Lost me on this one too. He has been a non-factor for years now. I don’t know why so many like him. Replace him with a similar UDFA and you will have zero drop off and save a few million.

    Let Ryan Smith go (2 million). We have enough young corners.

    I could live with this, although he is quality depth at a decent price, there may not be room for him next year.

    Cut Blaine Gabbert. Too expensive for a backup.

    Agree 1000%! Talk about a wasteful signing. I never cared for this signing. Clearly was a Bruce Arians decision…which is probably why we’ll be stuck with him.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Delabuc Says
    Letting Shaq walk out of here would be similar to letting Michael Bennett walk out.

    And we’d hear about it from you-know-who for the next decade too…just like with Bennett!

    Have to agree with you.

  14. Noles Says:

    Alaska –

    Agree w JPP take totally. He is not only a great player physically, he is also a culture changing player. He will not sit idle while others are ok w losing. It is no coincidence the defense began to play better upon his return. Pay the MAN…..

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    teacherman777 … Looks like you’ve done some detailed thinking about our 2020 Bucs. Had a couple hours to goof around a couple days ago & did the same thing. But expanded it to the full 53-man roster because looking at just part of it leads to some conclusions that don’t seem to be viable otherwise.

    Just looking at the defensive side of the ball, my preference is to keep the band together for 2-3 years to the extent possible so that we can make a run for the playoffs. That’d necessitate allocating around $85 mil to the defense (up from the current $59 mil) PLUS drafting 2 DLinemen in 2020 AND signing 2 additional FAs. On the players you mentioned …

    o Re-sign Nassib to a 4-5 year deal at $7 mil a year. Solid performer.
    o Re-sign Shaq to a 4-5 year deal at $14 mil a year. Top performer.
    o Re-sign JPP to a 3-4 year deal at $11 mil per year. Top performer.
    o Re-sign Suh to a 2-year deal at $9 mil per year. Solid performer.
    o Sign Gholston to a 3 year deal at $3.5 mil per year (he’s due to make $4.75 mil in 2020 and $5.5 mil in 2021, his last contract year). Quality rotational guy.
    o Sign LVD to a 3 year deal at $9 mil per year (he’s due to make $10.75 mil in 2020, the last year of his contract). Top performer.
    o Sign Ryan Smith to a 2-3 year deal at $1.5 mil per year (solid backup CB & S/Ts).
    o Re-sign Minter to a 2-3 year deal at $1.5 mil per year (solid backup ILB).
    o Re-sign Nunez-Roches to a 1 year deal at 1.5 mil (solid backup).
    o Re-sign Adams to a 1 year deal at 1.5 mil (solid backup).

    Keep these other defensive guys already under contract for 2020: White, Vea, SMB, Davis, Dean, Edwards, Whitehead, Nelson, Cichy, Wilkins and Justin Evans (still hoping that he makes it back).

    Don’t re-sign Allen or D Stewart or Acho (all 3 FAs in 2020).

    Release these other defensive guys already under contract for 2020: Dixon, Daniels, Dawkins, MJ Stewart. Would also release Beckwith UNLESS his rehab was 100% by Feb (he still counts on our 2020 salary Cap as right now)

    Draft 2 defensive linemen (DT & DE/OLB). Sign additional CB & DE/OLB as backup.

    That’d give us 25 guys on defense (what most teams carry) for just about $85 mil for 2020 & 2021. We’d then have several guys due 2nd contracts starting in 2022 (like Whitehead, Davis, Vea) that’ll undoubtedly cost us quite a bit to re-sign. But other expensive players like JPP & Suh would fall off the list around that timeframe.

    I seriously doubt that it would happen teacherman, but it is doable for about $85 mil in 2020.

  16. dmatt Says:

    I’m fine with letting Nassib walk. He’s not consistent when it comes to tackling. I’ve watched him over the past two seasons notice that he doesn’t wrap up but has a habit of slinging the player to the ground which would be a sack or tackle behind the line of scrimmage but turn into positive yards after the player regain his balance for big gain or avoidance of sack/loss yardage. Nassib should’ve had 3 for sure extra sacks last year n at least two this year. He overrun the play n does not wrap up. I think we’ll be fine with letting Anthony Nelson replace Nassib.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let Brate, Suh & Dotson walk……replace Dotson & Suh with draft picks in the first two rounds…..save $21 mil……that is enough for Shaq & Nassib…..we will also have enough for JPP, Godwin increase & Jameis…..
    We have to keep our younger players that are performing.
    Brate is a luxury…..I suspect Tanner Hudson will develop into a capable TE.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai- Totally agree, especially regarding OJ. Maybe we can find a cheaper version of Brate somewhere but why cut your only sure-handed TE?!

  19. orlbucfan Says:

    JPP will retire at the end of this year. Draft Dotson’s replacement and let Dot player-coach him. We need linemen cos that’s where the old age players are.

  20. Grt1 Says:

    The only difference with letting Shaq and Bennett. Is that Bennett walked away for peanuts, Shaq will cost a kings ransom. What happens if keep Jpp ( is a must) and let Shaq go. Use the money for Shaq to resign Godwin, Jameis and FA Oline.

  21. ClodHopper Says:

    Yes we can resign them all. That just means we need to make sacrifices elsewhere. We have a plethora of pass catchers and Licht is good finding cheap pass catchers. Some (not all) very talented pass catchers are expendable. Pass rush is not!

  22. George Rauh Says:

    Bad move by our Gm restructuring JPP. He was under contract for 2020 at 11.5 million. It’s going to cost the Bucs more. Agree OJ is not playing up to his potential but 7 million for Brate is to much for the way we are using him.

  23. Kobe Faker Says:


    Nice point and again Gump trying to be smart and attempting to out think someone

    We had JPP locked in for next year and now going to cost us

    JPP will get a 3 yr contract with 13 mil per with 32 mil guaranteed

    Gump gambled and now we have to pay 20 million more guaranteed money for JPP

    Dont think! It will hurt the Bucs!”

    Kobe Faker

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    resign JPP, SHAQ

    offer nassib 3years 20mil 16 guaranteed….
    offer suh 1year 6mil…

    i say offer minter and ryan smith small deal too….minter is good depth and r.smith is a ST ace….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  25. BigHog Says:

    I keep hearing Anthony Nelson …well he will have to step up and it will be time for others to step up…we won’t be able to keep everybody, unless these guys want to stay together. This is the reason why your 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds picks really do mean something. When your middle round picks make the team, after a season in the league, they should be able to compete for playing time or you will forever be overpaying in FREE AGENCY!!! DRAFT WELL BUCS!! KEEP FAMOUS!! SIGN COLIN K!!! KEEPP GRINDING!! KEEP BA!!!

  26. Joe Says:

    I keep hearing Anthony Nelson …well he will have to step up and it will be time for others to step up

    Not sure how you “keep hearing” about Nelson since he hasn’t played much. Or practiced. He’s hurt. Gotta get on the field before you can do anything on the field.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    For all those saying ‘let Suh walk’ keep in mind that the only 3 additions to the Bucs’ defense that’ve really impacted the gigantic improvement in our RUN defense (#2 this year versus #24 last year) have been (1) Ndamukong Suh; (2) Shaq Barrett & (3) Devin White. All the rest (Vea, JPP, Allen, Gholston, Nassib, LVD) were with us last year.

    Of the 3 players most directly impacting the run defense, Suh stands head-and-shoulders over the other two. Devin missed 5 games (during which time we were #1 run defense), and Barrett is primarily a pass rusher as opposed to a run stuffer. Suh has the most tackles on the DLine (30) PLUS the 3rd most QB Hits on the team (10), PLUS FOUR fumble recoveries (kinda implies being around the ball a bunch?). He & Vea TOGETHER own the center of the line & tie up a lot of blockers, allowing our DEs & OLBs to see a lot of 1-on-1’s. Not to mention that Suh is an iron-man when it comes to defensive snaps (70% plus every game). Replacing THAT level of production with some UNKNOWN is VERY risky (Swaggy Baker should’ve told y’all that).

    Be real careful what you wish for. Rams big DLine change this year was to replace Suh with Joseph. They went from being #13 run defense last year (and making the Super Bowl) to the current #23 ranked run defense (and probably missing the playoffs). It all starts in the trenches. Don’t mess with what ain’t broke.

  28. chris L Says:

    joe i remember you hated on nassib earlier in the year! give the man his props. he does not do stupid stuff and is productive. also a voted on team captain!

  29. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    I like the way u think….. defense rules…. Lets hope the ownership figures it out …..

  30. BucsNY96 Says:

    So we can’t keep everybody so let’s see where we can save.

    At already saved 10 mill w/ Hargreaves
    We’ll save w/ Gholston being released
    We’ll save w/ Brate being released
    Ryan Smith contract expiring
    Dotson contract expiring
    Perriman contract expiring
    Gabbert being released

    Draft a RT in 2nd or 3rd round, DT in 2nd or 3rd round, 1st round draft best available (mostly what Licht has done)

    Resign both JPP x Barrett to multi yr deals, sign Suh to another 1 yr deal, Nelson takes Nassib role & draft pick takes Gholston role x eventually replacing Suh

    Sign Jameis to a multi yr deal where the 1st yr only is guaranteed & sign Godwin to a new deal that gives more cap relief in 2020 but escalates in the following yrs

    The most important thing is keeping this d-line together!