Thankful Byron Leftwich — For His O-line

November 28th, 2019

Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich talked offensive line

Your Buccaneers offensive coordinator was talking and reflecting a lot this week after Tampa Bay’s blowout win in Atlanta.

Byron Leftwich is a passionate guy when it comes to football with a lot to say.

Sometimes he talks in circles, but his passion and message come through consistently.

Speaking on Buccaneers Radio, Leftwich was glowing about his offensive line and how their consistency has allowed him to be the best playcaller he can be.

“I think we’ve been really, really good in pass protections. I think they’ve been really, really good in the run game,” Leftwich said of the O-line. “It’s just some games got away from us where we wasn’t able to run the ball.  But I think with what we ask of these guys and require of these guys, these guys play above the line all the time. They’re above the line all the time. They give us the opportunity to win.

“I love these guys’ leadership. The leadership of Ali [Marpet], Ryan [Jensen], Donovan Smith, the way that these guys go about their business every day. We got a bunch of guys that really put their hand in the pile and do what it takes for us to try to consistently win football games. And it’s hard to find. It’s hard to find, especially with the league being so young, you know. But we have a bunch of guys that’s really willing to do the dirty work, really willing to do what it takes even though we put a lot on their shoulders, they’re always above the line. This group stays above the line. You respect that, especially [as] a playcaller, because it allows me to really get in my bag and get to what I want to get to, knowing that these guys can hold up and do the things that they need to do.”

Leftwich also added the Bucs’ zero-sack day (for the offense) against Atlanta really was the result of “nothing really special” or an exceptional performance, so it gives him even more confidence going forward.

Joe is intrigued. You hear that from Leftwich and look at the Bucs ranked third in the NFL in scoring and fourth in yards gained, yet there are legions of fans that believe the Bucs’ offensive line sucks. To take that one more step, some of those same fans also believe the quarterback is terrible even though the Bucs are putting up those numbers without a standout running game.

Somewhere in the middle is the accurate evaluation.

Leftwich went on to laud the support system the veteran line provided for second-year guard Alex Cappa with a thought-provoking quote: “The guys did the right thing, you know, and allowed him to be ready to play.”

11 Responses to “Thankful Byron Leftwich — For His O-line”

  1. Says:

    Oline is good. RT probably out after this season. QB tends to hold balll too long, some games under constant duress

  2. Clw JB Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Byron isn’t watching the same line I am, but I get the whole stand behind your guys take he is on…

    Yes, we have sick numbers on O even with a QB that has had too many TO’s

    But we all see JW get pressured a lot, making many runs and throw away passes, and many, many runs getting blown up in the backfield. Evan last week

    The Oline to me is just like the QB, inconsistent still

    Will happily admit Cappa is good and has developed to be much better than the last three or so options

    We all know Dot is in his last year, all the rest are locked up for a couple more years – a new stud RT could take this line to “Above the Line” status, but not yet

    Haters can hate, there are 3 reasons why we have such a highly rated O:

    1) ME13
    2) Godwin
    3) JW’s arm and complete lack of memory on the next play when he throws a bad pick

  3. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    We keep saying, if the D can just be average, the Bucs can be a good team, maybe a playoff team. The D cannot give up an average of 31ppg and have us think they can be successful.

    Same with JW. If he could limit his TOs to even a semi-normal amount, JW is an elite QB. And on that thought, if Joe’s aunt had balls, she would be his uncle…

  4. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Our RB’s have scored 11 TD’s this year. standout ? But productive when it counts,
    I think so. This gives Leftowich more freedom to mix up his redzone playcalling.
    I believe they have already more than doubled last years production.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Hmmm, and yet we’re 4-7. Those 4 wins came against only 1 team with a winning record, the Rams, and they’re only 6-5 right now. Against aggressive DLines like the 49ers, Saints & Titans our OLine got owned. Sorry, but to be the best you’ve gotta beat the best.

    The remaining 5 defenses that we play (Jaguars #22, Colts #12, Lions #25, Texans #17 and Falcons #28) aren’t nearly as daunting as some defenses we’ve already played (like the 49ers #2 defense) though, so maybe our OLine will start showing some consistency. And if they do, maybe Jameis will also.

  6. Issac haggins Says:

    W/L Record,no 100 yard rusher since James Wilder , most hit qb in the NFL,terrible ypc ……….. one good game last week and Byron must be testing bath salts !!!
    His statements confirm to a certain level of lunacy !!!

  7. 813bucboi Says:

    3rd in scoring 4th in yards but yet folks want BA to call plays….lol…



    Issac haggins Says:
    November 28th, 2019 at 10:49 am
    W/L Record,no 100 yard rusher since James Wilder , most hit qb in the NFL,terrible ypc ……….. one good game last week and Byron must be testing bath salts !!!

    I hope ur joking isaac or are u tedting them bath salts? We’ve had 100 yrs rushers hell we’ve had 1000 yard rushers one even in this decade, well martin did it once or twice any way but I mean Alsott & Dunn, didnt Cadillac get a couple 100 yard seasons too 🤷‍♂️

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    It feels like the Bucs can win 2-3 games to the finish.

  10. Issac haggins Says:

    @R A 😂 yes ,not the most hit either !!

  11. bogiedr Says:

    Just draft a right tackle and a swing tackle and we’ll be OK. Get me a running back, Edge rusher, a QB to develop then take a shot at USF kids like Greg Reeves!
    Maybe Cronkcrite. JL seems to HATE USF players. Had a shot at Marlon Mack … duh!!!!! How did that work out?? Start looking in your own backyard Jason!!!!