“How Many Guys, If They Weren’t First Round Picks, Would Be In This League If They Did The Things That Go On Here?”

November 19th, 2019

The Bucs should plan on searching for a new starting quarterback.

That was the word yesterday from the former NFL men hosting what Joe has called the greatest football show on radio.

The guys talking in somber tones about the Bucs moving on from Jameis Winston were former QB Jim Miller and ex-Bucs scout and former Jets personnel chief/linebackers coach Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Kirwan said Jameis is not winning the battle to be retained as the Tampa Bay starter for the sixth consecutive season.

So what next?

“You can’t be afraid of the future. You can’t be afraid that we’re going to go draft one or we’re going to go sign one,” Kirwan said.

“I don’t know that I’d go down the road of a mediocre available guy. I’m seeing too much early success by these younger quarterbacks. Go look at the [AFC quarterbacks] that are in contention in the playoffs. Outside of Brady, you go Baltimore Baltimore, Indy, Kansas City, Buffalo, even Oakland, they’re young. So this idea that you gotta just keep putting a Band-Aid on it. I’m not so sure I’d do that [in Tampa]. Those are accomplished receivers, a good young throwers, and if you can get to one … I would be thinking that way. Why am I going to get a quarterback that’s never done it and he’s 30 years old already. No, not going there. That just keeps you in the 8-8 track, which never gets you to where you want to go.”

Kirwan was quick to add that the Bucs defense is as big of a problem as Jameis.

“You’ve had seven games where your defense, and it’s not all defense because of turnovers, gave up over 30 points a game. Seven of them. As nice as your offense is, you can’t weather that storm. It just doesn’t happen that way,” Kirwan said.

The Quarterback Whisperer, Bruce Arians, is fantastic at raising the games of players but isn’t doing that with Jameis, Kirwan added.

“I know Bruce is a guy that can really get in the mind of a player and help them. And it’s starting to sound like he feels like he can’t get in there. You can have all the talks you want all week, come Sunday in the middle of the moment, Jameis does not rise above his past; he falls back into his past. … How many guys, if they weren’t first-round picks, would be in this league if they did the things that go on here?”

Jim Miller agreed with the final quote block above and speculated a change of scenery is needed for Jameis, and that Jameis might agree.

Miller went on to compare Jameis to Ryan Tannehill and Kirwan added the Bucs should strongly consider signing Teddy Bridgewater as a free agent and drafting a quarterback in Round 2 next season.

Joe certainly agrees that Jameis has not improved under Arians. Considering that’s what this season was very much about, that’s an issue.

96 Responses to ““How Many Guys, If They Weren’t First Round Picks, Would Be In This League If They Did The Things That Go On Here?””

  1. unbelievable Says:

    To be honest, at times his mechanics look worse.

    Did you see all those wobbly balls he kept throwing all game? He used to throw a nice spiral, not sure what happened?

    Don’t get me wrong, his o-line does nothing to help. The pocket is collapsing from left, right, and center on almost every single play, nowhere to step up, etc. Or maybe he’s injured from the career high sacks and QB hits he’s already endured just 10 games into the season.

    I dunno what the answer is, but it feels like it’s never gonna work with Jameis in Tampa. And that’s not all his fault either. The whole team sucks. Mistakes from every single player at every position on both sides of the ball pretty much every week. But with our cap situation, I dunno how you can pay Jameis and expect to have any money left over to improve the defense and o-line (which is already the highest paid and severely underperforming).

  2. 813bucboi Says:


    trade mike evans to the PATS for 2 1st and 2 2nd round picks…

    trade LVD for a 2nd and a 5th..

    let JW giude us to a top 5 pick and then trade down to collect more picks….

    draft oline dline rb back to back years….

    add a QB last….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  3. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Winston = bust. (On and off the field). Move on.

  4. 813bucboi Says:


  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    How can the QB whisperer help when he’s on the golf cart not calling plays?

    Bridgewater would be awful in this down the field system. Need a system that minimizes the qb hits and doesn’t rely on a average at best o line to give a qb time

  6. Easy Says:

    Time to move on.

  7. Robert Says:

    There’s nothing in JW’s brain to fix.

  8. Lamarcus Says:

    When you have the worse win/lose percentage of all the 4 major sports you better be afraid of the future. The Bucs are about break their record of missing the playoffs

  9. 813bucboi Says:


    I AGREE….

    TB is very accurate but the deep ball snt his strength…..

    any QB we get will look just as bad as JW if we dont fix the oline and dline….

    it’ll be the same story with a rookie QB ot FA QB….he running for his life, no run game and defense cant stop a nose bleed….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  10. Uber Bucs Fan Says:

    If JW3 wasn’t a first round pick, he’d probably in prison right now for what he did in college; at best, he’d have been kicked off the team and probably working a desk job somewhere.

    On the field, he makes the same mistakes over and over again. He has the NFL lead in interceptions by SIX picks over the closest competition. How high would that number be if he didn’t have one of the best receiving corps in football?

    Time to cut and move on.

  11. Blue-footed booby Says:

    I would much rather give Mike Glennon a 1 year cheap contract in the $5-9 million range to be our starting quarterback in 2020 than paying Winston yet again to give the franchise the same inevitable results of zero playoff appearance. Mike Glennon will be an unrestricted free agent in 2020.

    I would say draft a QB as well, but I’m not sold on BA wanting to develop a young QB so the next best thing in my view is to give Mike Glennon a chance next year being the undisputed starting QB without having to compete with a newly drafted QB like he did in Chicago or being displaced by a career loser in Josh McCown thanks to Loser Lovie.

  12. AwShbucs Says:

    Comparing Jameis’ stats to last year is asinine.

    That was his 4th year in Koetter scheme.

    This is his first year with Arians. And I have a strong inkling that were Arians calling plays and not Leftwich, the transition would be going more smoothly than it currently is.

  13. Jim Says:

    Low ball non-guaranteed offer and draft a QB.

  14. Jaysephus Says:

    I am a huge JW fan and I believe he needs to go to another team basically for his own safety. The following is not for all the “fans” who have had Trump level hate for him since he was drafted but for thoughtful, rational fans (if there are any left). Can we all admit the other things that have not improved in the last five years? The offensive line, the running game, and play calling (and that is just on the offensive side of the ball!). If you are more than a casual NFL fan you have to notice how much time in the pocket most other NFL teams give their quarterbacks. It is startling how JW works within a collapsing pocket on nearly every play. All the “young guns” the radio guys mention either have good offensive lines or they are basically running backs who can throw. JW moves well enough so why don’t we have planned rollout plays designed for him? Nah, let’s let him throw 45 times a game and then complain when he throws picks “trying to do too much.” You can read stats all you want but the eye test proves the Bucs have not done a thing to help their “franchise” QB since they drafted him. If they cared they would have opened the bank for Pro Bowl level tackles that any decent running back could have success with. They have done him no favors and I will pretty much guarantee when he shows up on another NFL roster with a decent line he will thrive (and, as history has played out, he will do it regularly against the Bucs).

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Licht surely reads these fan comments, probably laughs at them. He is rubbing his hands together anxious to have another go at building this roster with his stab in the dark draft picks. Woe is the Buc fans mantra.

  16. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Under the Bucs Fan – so you want to lose 35-6 for one year. Brilliant fans we have in Tampa!!

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Just didnt work out here and going thr route of glennon or someone that would be a low # would be the best option after firing jason licht and get a competetnt gm here to build this franchise with a great defense and great run game…licht missed that in GM 101 class

  18. Maddog Says:

    Amen, finally someone talking sense!!

  19. Buczilla Says:

    Draft a qb this year, just not in the first round. Tua is hurt all the time, Burrow was a scrub before this year, and Herbert has character issues. The only qb coming out that doesn’t scare the hell out of me is Jalen Hurts. Any qb coming here will need some serious wheels to compensate for our up and down offensive line and Hurts fits the bill.

    Maybe we can hire Logan Mankins to nursemaid Ali and Donovan? Maybe he can tell them how tough they are everyday in hopes that they’ll play up to their potential? Jameis is not very good, but make no mistake, Ali and Donovan have contributed to his likely release here in Tampa.

    Loyaltotheend Section 312 is right about Bridgewater too. He would get blasted into oblivion if he played here.

  20. ClodHopper Says:

    BA is too busy with his referee activism to have time for Jameis

  21. Lord Corn Says:

    If Winston goes Licht has to go with him or this is all a sick joke

  22. Pete I Says:


    98 turnovers in under 5 years with 6 more games to add to that total.

    Of course Winston will have his good game at some point soon as that is his cycle. Great game, OK game, Meh game, bad game and the horrible game.

    And while his game cycle isn’t exact, it is generally in some form of this cycle of success to lack of success.

  23. Bruce Blahak Says:

    31st in completion percentage, #1 in interceptions, #1 in times sacked, 11 fumbles, 29th in QB rating, 24-40 career win/loss record….what’s worse than these stats is watching the games themselves and seeing with your own eyes how bad he is …always a big mistake in EVERY game

  24. Eric Says:

    Kirwan has always had a hair up his a”” about Jameis he was one of the “expert” that tried to convince everyone that trashota was better!

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    The sky is falling I don’t care. I just want to feel good.

    Dreams leaving I don’t care. I just want to feel good

    Worlds dying I don’t care. I just want to feel good.

    GO BUCS!

    Please win Sunday. John in New Port Richey is crying and I am begging.

  26. Tattoodonny Says:

    I’m so disappointed that this team hasn’t shown better this year along with Jameis. I fully expected Jameis to be the 1st QB 2 get a second contract here in Tampa, that doesn’t look like he will now. I don’t believe it’s all on Jameis, he’s had no running game except in his rookie year so play action doesn’t work. His offensive line is paid very well, to bad they don’t play that way. Then there’s the defense & kicking game that has hurt his game. There’s a bunch of games where Jameis had taken them in the 4th to either the leading TD or in line to kick a game winning FG only to watch the defense give up a drive at the end of the game that cost them the win or we’d miss a easy FG The kicking game seems to be fixed but the D is just sad. Everyone bangs on Jameis over the turnovers, but so many of them were bc he’s trying to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. We’re able to score a bunch of points, but the defense gives up more. Unfortunately, this is similar to the Vinny Testaverde situation where it was time for both to go their separate ways. Jameis might have a Vinny T type of career. Start out as a backup then becoming a starter & play for another decade, its just not going to be in Tampa. Its going to be interesting to see what happens this off season. Do they go after a veteran or draft another rookie maybe both? If they were hoping to get the 1st pick that’s not going to happen. Miami has so much more draft capital to trade, it would take giving up one of the few really good players to top Miami’s value. Maybe a Mike Evens or Chris Godwin & picks to get over Miami. I guess time will tell what happens to Jameis Winston and this team next year. Go Bucs!

  27. miken Says:

    Of course Kirwin and Miller are right but Jameis will put 2 or 3 good to great games together and we will franchise #3and bring back the 3 headed moster of JW,BA, and Jason for another lost year in 2020

  28. zzbuc Says:

    Bucs need fresh air, everywhere….
    New QB and new GM for starters and if Arians doesn´t like it he has to go to.
    We just can make the same mistakes season after season.
    It´s getting hilarious.

  29. Rob Says:

    I’m tired of watching our wide eyed quarterback throw picks. Fifth year franchise quarterbacks should be past that stage. I’d rather draft another quarterback in the first or second round and sign a free agent quarterback to bridge the transition than continue to watch our quarterback throw picks and fumble away the ball on a regular basis. Let Jameis go somewhere else. He has shown flashes of brilliance with a propensity to freak out and throw multiple picks in multiple games throughout his five years in Tampa. He does not learn from his mistakes and simply has a good game with gaudy stats followed by stinker games in which his interceptions cost his team a chance of winning. Imagine what low turnover Jameis would be like. We would be in the playoffs. He cannot stop turning the ball over so let him do that elsewhere. It’s that simple. No one wants to watch the interception show week in and week out. Yes, our defense backs suck but with a free agent pick up or two that can be addressed quickly if the GM makes smarter moves there. You can’t fix Jameis and the interceptions and can you imagine if we ever made the playoffs and the ATM freaked out and threw four picks to eliminate the Bucs like everyone knows he would. All you have to do is get in his face and wait for the picks to come. Go Bucs!

  30. 2020 What is the bucs future plan? Says:

    WE NEED:

    1. NEW QB
    2.NEW GM


  31. Kord Says:

    Bridgewater would be a great get. Probably gonna draft that Herbert dude though, and just like every other Oregon or Florida state qb in the last two decades, have great success haha not

  32. Bculaw Says:

    This team is not in position to win. The players are not in position to succeed. It’s not leadership. It’s not coaching. It’s not talent. It’s not culture. IT’S ALL OF IT!!!

    JW can not succeed here because it’s a flawed plan.

    JW came into the league with major question marks due to his high rate of turnovers. Instead of building the team around him (defense, run game, etc) the Bucs gave him a squad of great pass catchers and urged him to sling it all over the field. Is it so shocking he hasn’t grown in 5 years!?!?

    Despite BA’s stated plan to fix all of these deficiencies this season, nothing has changed. Our defense is among the worst in the league. Our run game is among the worst in the league. Our pass protection is spotty, at best. And, JW has been asked to sling it all over the field.

    To top it off, it doesn’t even appear as though JW is getting the benefit of the self-proclaimed “QB Whisperer.” In a make or break year for the team and the QB, BA have the keys to the car to an unproven play caller that appears to be learning on the job, and unsure of how to actually use the talented pass catchers (as opposed to the JAGs) that JW was given.

    Is it really shocking that JW hasn’t improved this season.

    The Bucs should move on from JW, but they shouldn’t stop there. This team will not succeeed under the current plan. It needs to hit the restart button from top to bottom. JW is a problem, but he’s not the only problem. Until they clear house, and build the team the right way – the lines and the schemes – this team is going nowhere.

  33. TOM Says:

    I’ve got news for the fans that want to get rid of JW, BA, and/or Licht. Its not going to happen. Unfortunetly they will all be back next year. Even if it means sacrificying JPP, Nassib and/or Barrett. Not much to look forward to.

  34. Dirkdiggler Says:

    Bridgewater would be an awful choice for his health alone. Bucs need a very quick release QB that mobile Bridgewater is neither.

  35. Tom S. Says:

    A QB in year 5 is what he is. In Winston’s case, he is the most turnover prone QB in the game of football since he entered the league 2015. That will not change, as it’s just his nature and was his nature in 2014 at FSU as well.

    Lichtweight has done Winston no favors with the offensive line he built his franchise QB or running game by making Winston the focal point of the offense and asking him to win the Bucs games in shootouts because Lichtweight’s Defense is atrocious at attempting to stop the pass.

    If Winston was put in a situation where he was asked to take shots only on occasion and be a part of the offense then you’d probably see a much better QB.

  36. Craig Says:

    Long ago BA said he would to evaluate Jameis for 10 games. Those games are over and it is time to see if Ryan Griffin is another Glennon or something worth a roster spot.

    Bridgewater isn’t going anywhere. He turned down the Dolphins starting job to be a backup to Brees. Forget him and see what else is out there, if Griffin is worthless. Let Jameis see the writing on the wall, and lend him some glasses so he can read it.

    Draft: Get a monster O-line guy or two first, get two QBs later and make it a real competition

  37. Mort Says:

    How many Bucs games have they watched?

  38. AMI_Chris Says:

    Accurate opinions. But not as pithy as PFT today. They noted that Arians’ plan is now “win them all.” Then they asked, “Well, what was his plan for the first 11 games?”

  39. #1bucfan Says:

    He also hasn’t had very much time with the QB whisper. I know as a society we want instant success but I think for #3 it might take longer than some other doesn’t mean tho I’m willing to wait. I’m sick of the turnovers but bringing in a rookie QB doesn’t make me feel any better either

  40. SteveK Says:

    Waiting for it is over.

  41. Adrnagy Says:

    The problem with Jameis is that he doesn’t see this team improving. He’s stubborn. Thinking he can win it all by himself. And true this team hasn’t improve. Doesn’t get better. He feels and hear the head coach say the same bs. And noAccountability . Bring in Pete Carroll and he will let players walk because you can see players drafted are not smart. NFL is about smart play.

  42. PUGS&BUCS Says:

    I don’t get this city….

    We are a city that saw one of the greatest defenses in NFL history and we’re too stupid to recognize that giving up 30+ a game is somehow palatable?

    Whomever replaces Jameis would have to basically perform at a level NOT CURRENTLY BEING SEEN with a ONE-DIMENTIONAL offense and the inability to protect a lead.

    •Get Jameis a LEGITIMATE RB.

    *Replace Dotson

    •Fire Byron Leftwich (Am I the only one who remembers he was 0-8 as a starter here? The guy is Tampa Bay Cancer)

    •And for GOD SAKES keep your mouth shut until the Bucs are holding people under 30 on defense.

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    If he wasn’t the 1st overall pick, he would’ve been gone already, or at the very least benched. That’s a fact!

  44. BucMan13 Says:

    It’s funny:

    All anyone talk about today is what’s wrong with Philip Riversrivers, he threw 7 INTs in two weeks….

    and all I can think is yeah, JW threw 6 in two weeks so something is clearly wrong with Rivers.


    Funny on the perspective, PR it’s catastrophic for JW its ‘so is he improving?’

  45. Bucfan81 Says:

    Kinda hard to keep teams under 30 when the QB turns the ball over 4 times a game. Hell last game this offense didn’t even get a first down until the second quarter. The defense is out on the field way to much.

  46. Pop Says:

    The real shame of it all is we haven’t had a good personnel guy since Gruden ran Rich McKay our if town,
    If Jason Licht is the answer, you’re asking the wrong question.

    I agree w tattoodonny who says Jameis will have a similar career to Vinny. Sometimes the stop gap starter, other times the veteran backup.
    And if Licht is fired and Jameis walks, Arians will retire.

  47. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Anyone suggesting we draft a rookie QB is a fool. Jameis is better than all of these scrubs coming out this year. Do you really think reaching for a rookie QB in the draft is smart when we have an incredibly bad o-line, no secondary, and apparently no running game once again. I can almost guarantee you and rookie we would draft for that position would be shell shocked and a complete waste of three years. There are two options, keep JW for another year or two and hope he develops, or blow it all to smithereens and bring in a scrub QB to take the beatings for a few years while the team drafts to try and fortify the trenches. If you think drafting a guy like Jalen Hurts is going transform this team into a winner you are a fool.

  48. Kansas95Buc Says:

    If we don’t have a O-line and a decent running game it doesn’t matter what QB we have, he’s going to have the same problem. I swear only 10% of commenters actually watch the game…

  49. Tye Says:

    if he wasn’t the #1 pick or picked by any other team than the Bucs, he would have already been cast off several teams by now and be pursuing a gig in the CFL or XFL… BUT not the Vipers! (LoL)

  50. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I just don’t get it we finally have a QB who can move the ball and score points yet everyone wants to run him out of town. I would like to see how he plays with and actual competent defense. Not bottom of the league defense since he’s been here.

  51. BucsBandit Says:

    I’m tired and 87,

    When has he consistently “moved the ball and scored points” in the FIRST HALF of games?

    When he has not turned the ball over in the first half of games and given the opponent a FIELD POSITION advantage? Field position is the most important factor in football that points to victories more than anything else.

    You act like Winston charges us down the field for points every time he has the ball.

    The reality is, most of Winston’s production comes LATE in games when we’re already behind 2+ scores and the game is out of reach and Defenses give up the underneath stuff as they run out of the clock; which yields tons of passing yards to Winston and even late TDs.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m not a stats guy and I hate looking up stats and prefer to go off of the eyeball test. But when something really ticks me off I’ll go ahead and do homework about it.

    44……32…..45……44……36………This is how many drop backs were called for Winston in our first five games. W-L was 2-3 and Winston had 1 multipick game over that span.

    62….54……48…..55…..55………That’s the last five games. W-L 1-4 and Winston had 4 multipick games.

    Keep in mind I’m talking drop backs. Not just attempts so I added sacks and QB runs to attempts. A few of them numbers are off by 1 because we ran a few QBs sneaks.

    This freaking playcalling is hurting the team. It sucks out loud and it’s going unaddressed. They even said themselfs you can’t ask the QB to do everything yet that’s exactly what they ask him to do.

    That freaking Saints game ticked off a lot of people that already weren’t. And I’m one of em. This dumb game planning is now exposed to me…..just a dumb ole fan….Obvisously the rest of the league got you figured now. Now fix it dammit. Do you job. Cause so far you’ve been a major dissapointment!!

  53. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Bucfan81 maybe if the defense didn’t put us behind so much in ball games he wouldn’t have to force the ball so much. Think about it your objective is to WIN the game what would you do if you knew that your defense was the worst in the league and can’t stop anybody? Would you just say I’m just going to sit on my two thumbs and pray they stop someone..lol. So he has no choice but to take his chances and unfortunately it doesn’t always work out. So again what would you do if you were in his situation?

  54. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Bucbandit did you know we are ranked 4th in the league with first half points scored? What are you even talking about?

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    Guaran freaking tee you that if you look up dropbacks over Winston’s career it directly correlates to W-L……..and also to multipick games.

    They asking this QB to do the same crap that we have all seen fail for over 4 seasons now. It’s a freaking slap in the face to intelligent Buc fans and totally highlights how inept these owners are when it comes to putting the right pieces together. Somebody needs to grow a brain in this organization and it better be this coaching staff or we are basically doomed.

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    I don’t think ownership has the balls to do what should probably be done.

  57. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If Jameis was the QB of the future…there would be NO questions about it….this is all you need to know…I back out all the well known problems with DB’s…OL…etc…

  58. Mike Johnson Says:

    Damn..As much as I like Jameis, It is probably time for us to move on. He’s looking like a great career Backup for somebody. And there is nothing wrong with that. He will get another shot on down the line and who knows? Might become a better QB in a backup role. Lets look towards the draft. Yes, I am a Jameis fan. But I’m..running out of excuses for him.

  59. Pewter power Says:

    Some of the most ignorant comments on this site come not from saying move on from Winston or Winston is a bust, it’s the idiotic contingency plans like mike glennon comment for example. People dont realize how dumb their alternate options are. Dsmn people stop trying to be general managers, it’s hard for the bucs to take you seriously if they read these comments.

  60. Allbuccedup Says:

    I think the quarterback whisper is all BS. Most of the qbs he worked with three a lot of picks and he was only with them a year or two. Then after he left they got better. Did he teach them anything or when he got out of the way they excelled. Only way to find out is sign JW to a one or two year contract and fire BA.

  61. AllhailJPP Says:

    Average NFL qb at best… lets enjoy more years to prove this point to the clueless FSU fan boys

  62. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Bandit you are honestly the most annoying hater that always makes an inaccurate statement. “First half of games!” ??? The Bucs scored 24 points in the 4th quarter against the Rams, 16 in the 4th against Carolina, 10 against Seattle, 10 in game two against Carolina, and 10 against the Cardinals. As for the entire second half, the Bucs outscored their opponents in 5 games and tied for points in one other one. Oh, and one of the games we were outscored in the second half was a game we won.

  63. JimmyJack Says:

    And I bet if you really went back and put a microscope to it our OL stuggles in pass pro mostly come when we try to heave the ball downfield 50+ times per game.

    It’s just common sense that if you are predictable it’s much much easy to get at the QB.

    Just don’t freaking get it……It’s the same freaking crap the last coach did and why I couldn’t freaking stand his freaking ass. And we never tryed to adjust and use different concepts. Maybe this coach can show us he aren’t a one trick pony like the last guy but jeez it should freaking take this long to figure it out……….Heck all’s he had to do was go back andook at old games to see what we can and can’t do. Yet it’s the same freaking. Crap!!!!! Dammit man.

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    Bandit has his own reality.

  65. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    QB Whisperer? Tim Couch may start gagging on his pizza rolls…

  66. Donnie wish we were better Buc fan Says:

    I commented about this before but I seen every game JW has played in, sad FSU and Buc fan I know.. he is not a high volume QB. He needs a balance offense. Every since Dougy left he has digressed.

    In 2016, JW only winning season, we went 9-7, out of those 9 wins 7 of them JW threw for 33 attempts or less. 3 of those games, 33, 32 and 32 were more than 30. We need a balance to help the pressure of a struggling QB and a struggling young secondary. That’s just simple math.

    What it takes to win with this team is not in our game plan. Our AC/DC loving GFY GM Jason Licht has put together a losing team and has no clue how he didn’t- therefore will not know how to get out of it.

    I had season tickets for the first 4 years of JW career and I didn’t renew because our GM is clueless. We all need to boycott games to send the message. 4 of 6 of his 1st round picks are proven busts!

  67. FairMinded Says:

    We are quite literally a Cowboys level offensive line (replace both tackles) and a seasoned secondary (with zero additions IMO just more experience) away from being in serious contention…oh and better damn offensive play calling with all those weapons. No need to blow it all up after 1 year under Arians

  68. sincethebeginning Says:

    Jameis will get franchised, and we need our first 4 picks to be O and D line. Maybe all of our picks. And from major effing programs, not D-III crap holes.

  69. Defense Rules Says:

    It really doesn’t matter who Bucs bring in for a QB to replace Jameis. If we don’t FIX THIS OLINE and add a QUALITY RB to complement RoJo we’d be toast. And oh ya, bring in a QUALITY VETERAN CB as well as a QUALITY VETERAN SAFETY to fix this Secondary while keeping the DLine intact (but draft a pass rusher high).

    Oh and BTW, BA & BL are NOT the ones to run the TEAM that would result. BOMBS AWAY may work well in war but it works lousy in modern-day football.

  70. BrianBucs Says:

    Time for Bucs to move on from Winston.
    Kirwin and Miller are exactly right.
    Licht has done everything in his power to make Winston a success and prove that he did not waste and squandered the #1 pick in the draft on him but it hasn’t worked.
    Bucs should let Winston walk, or a large part of the fan base will.

  71. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m curious. Over the past couple of weeks I see Teddy Bridgewater’s name keep popping up.

    Yes he’s a free agent. How much will he command? TOO MUCH.

    In addition what makes us think he would wish to come here?

    If NO could figure a way to afford him he could become the heir apparent to Brees. The B and B can’t play forever. Brees and Brady might have a couple more years…perhaps three.

    If Teddy and Payton are simpatico Teddy may be willing to wait ala Aaron Rodgers. And at least in the meantime he gets to play for a genuine SB contender.

    I certainly respect and understand posters desire for Teddy…given his cost and our lack of appeal…just don’t see it.

    Find another Gardner Minshew in the 6th or Wilson in the 3rd and spend everything on the trenches and perhaps a solid DB depending on how the kiddie corps performs the rest of the year.

  72. How bout dem bucs Says:

    BUCS ALWAYS MAKE IMPORTANT Decisions to late!!! What else is there to see it’s past time to move on from Jamies Winston.

  73. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Brianbuc a large part of the fan base? Lol. The polls show otherwise.

  74. BucsBandit Says:


    You’re a CLOWN. What does scoring tons of points late in the game have to do with any sort of positive? That was my point. Winston FAILS in most games in the first half. You’re also nitpicking a few games OUT OF 10.

    Sorry, but your boy sucks.

  75. bojim Says:

    Blue-footed booby Says:
    November 19th, 2019 at 11:52 am

    I would much rather give Mike Glennon a 1 year cheap contract in the $5-9 million range to be our starting quarterback in 2020


  76. Sharthappens Says:

    Pat Kirwan is one of the best on the radio. He knows how to evaluate talent and is spot on with his comments. Time to move on.

  77. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    They are 4th in the league in the first half. Your comment was so far off base that I assumed you had a typo and were referring to the 2nd half of games instead. I don’t think it is cherry picking to point out 60% of their games where a lot of points

  78. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Kirwan seems anti-Bucs…I believe he was a Buc scout during some similar lean years in the 80’s. Not a lot good to say about the Bucs the past decade + I suppose. Perhaps this franchise has bottomed out? Never underestimate the suckage LichtWeight is capable of…Football Gods take your boots off our neck/seeds already!

  79. unbelievable Says:

    Mike Glennon LOL!

    Please explain to me how an immobile statue could possibly do a better job when our o-line is collapsing into his lap on almost every play?

    I would love to hear this, please.

    Do you all really not remember that Glennon is the guy who use to waddle backwards and go out of bounds while losing yards when he tried to get out of trouble?

  80. BrianBucs Says:

    Tired 87

    Just keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better

  81. Capt. Tim Says:

    I caught hell here, but I said we needed to cut Winston over the uber episode.
    Not just because of the alleged deed.
    This occurred the year we drafted Jameis. After all of his previous controversy,
    He came here and continued the alleged pattern.
    That showed that Winston didnt learn from his mistakes.

    Can anyone look back, and say we were a better team- because we kept him?
    All he is doing, is wasting years of Mike Evans, Cameron Brate, Chris Godwin, etc., career. Some of these Guys are very special- yet we continue to waste their time in the league- on a 5-11 QB.

    If we had cut him, and finished the season with our Backups, who would be our QB today?
    Kirwin is a very NFL savvy guy.
    “Dont fear the future”.
    Fear has cost us several years now.
    How many more?

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Keeping Winston this year was a waste of $21M. They could have locked up Barrett, JPP, or Godwin for longer. I wanted him gone after Uber too. That was already the last straw. What has he done since that came out? Lie and throw picks.

  83. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Jameis Winston has had 5 years now to show that he can become a top tier NFL QB. Jason Licht has had 5 years to try to build a winning team around Winston. Neither of those things has happened…who’s fault is it? Winston? Licht? Both?

    I have no faith that Licht can build a winner. I have no confidence that Winston will become a top 15 QB. I believe very strongly that both need to move on.

  84. July Joe Says:

    The Bucs would be 0-10 with Teddy “game manager” Bridgewater.

    They’d “maybe” be 4-6 instead of 3-7 with Patrick Mahomes.

    They’d “maybe” be 5-5 with Aaron Rodgers.

    No QB on earth would have them better than 5-5.

    Seeing as the Bucs can’t get Rodgers or Mahomes, and seeing as NONE of the draft eligible or free agency QBs are anywhere near as talented as Jameis … JAMEIS will get PAID by Tampa … and if he hits free agency, my guess is he will feel like whatever team he signs with is “heaven” compared to the “hell” he suffered through in Tampa … and he’ll still get PAID!

  85. July Joe Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    Evans, Godwin and Brate LOVE Jameis … he got Brate PAID and is the only QB in the entire NFL giving two different wide receivers superstar stats.

    Replace Jameis with some rookie and Evans and Godwin’s numbers will drop BIG-TIME and they’ll both be completely disgusted with the organization and Godwin will force his way OUT to a better organization … maybe the one Jameis would be starting for.

    Thank God you’re not the Bucs GM!

  86. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Winston can only thrive in some very unique offenses. This offense is certainly NOT one of them.

    That said, he will always turn the ball over due to his inability to throw accurately & make quick, sharp decisions–not to mention, he gets very lazy with his eyes & often telegraphs his throws.

    That said, would suddenly replacing Winston with Mahomes turn this franchise into a winner? NO! Likely sitting at 5-5 right now instead of 3-7.

    Why? KC has a better OL, receivers who create quicker separation, and a playcaller that keeps the defenses guessing (Leftwich seems to be the exact opposite of this)…. coaching, the surrounding players, and the offensive style/calls all have an impact.

  87. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I think it’s hilarious how every comments section has to be about Jameis when why aren’t you all raising hell with this atrocious defense we have been playing with year in and year out? You all want to complain about something start with that! Until I see our defense being able to play good sound ball I don’t want to hear about another QB! Let’s see what Jameis can do with even a middle of the pack defense. I want us to sign some veterans in the secondary and draft o and d line. Until we address those issues insert any QB into this system and he will be destined for failure.

  88. EEK Says:

    It’s like everyone else outside of Tampa sees what is going on with Winston but somehow it escaped the Bucs coaching and management.

  89. BrianBucs Says:

    Tired 87

    As poor as the defense plays at times, there’s nothing they can do about pick 6’s or repeated turnovers deep in their own territory

  90. July Joe Says:


    Nope, it’s the obvious. It’s idiot Bucs fans that can’t recognize a legit gunslinger and fans from the Bears and Broncos wishing he was their QB.

  91. Capt. Tim Says:

    July Joe,
    Desean Jackson left the Bucs, because he didnt want to play with Jameis.
    Obviously you dont understand the inner workings of an NFL team.
    Evans, Godwin, and Brate say, what the Bucs public relations department tells them to say. They toe the company line.
    Desean has the street cred- to say what he wants.
    Or you really believe the NFL is one big lovefest? Lol.

  92. July Joe Says:


    Left the Bucs?

    MeJax was DUMPED by Jason Licht and traded because he was a TEAM CANCER!

    It’s the same reason he was DUMPED by the Eagles the first time and the Redskins the second time.

    Godwin looks a million times better than MeJax ever looked … because he actually practices and gives full effort.

    Evans & Godwin LOVE Jameis as he is giving BOTH of them superstar stats and NO OTHER QB IN THE ENTIRE NFL is giving two wide reciever’s superstar stats.

    And, Brate LOVES Jameis because Jameis turned him into a stud and got him PAID!

  93. July Joe Says:

    The Bucs would be 0-10 with Teddy “game manager” Bridgewater.

    They’d “maybe” be 4-6 instead of 3-7 with Patrick Mahomes.

    They’d “maybe” be 5-5 with Aaron Rodgers.

    No QB on earth would have them better than 5-5.

    Seeing as the Bucs can’t get Rodgers or Mahomes, and seeing as NONE of the draft eligible or free agency QBs are anywhere near as talented as Jameis … JAMEIS will get PAID by Tampa … and if he hits free agency, my guess is he will feel like whatever team he signs with is “heaven” compared to the “hell” he suffered through in Tampa … and he’ll still get PAID!

  94. lambchop Says:

    Jameis’s ego is too big to allow anyone to change his habits. He plays sandlot football while leaving winning to the professionals.

  95. Buc96NYC Says:

    Jameis is 3rd in passing yds, top 5/10 in passing TDs & top in scoring (go look @ the list of teams in top 5 scoring & their records)…ooo & he’s 25 yrs old

    Funny that Peyton Manning had 100+ turnovers during the same span as Jameis & nobody on the radio was saying get rid of him.

    By the way, we witnessed over the yrs that Jameis would have 1 or 0 picks & the defense will still give up 30+ points. So you think Bridgewater, Rivers or Tannehill or

  96. Buc96NYC Says:

    a rookie is gonna come in scoring 30 points a game lmfaoooooooo

    FIX THE DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 seasons now of this bulls**t