“Do The Right Thing”

November 8th, 2019


Joe knows of two former NFL suits who make a living yacking about football who would dump America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, in a heartbeat.

Perhaps that is why they are former NFL suits.

On Wednesday, internationally popular JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman hopped on “Movin the Chains” co-hosted by Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller and said he would move on from Jameis because he can’t win games, not to mention Ira doesn’t think you can win a Super Bowl with Jameis.

Can someone point out to Joe a quarterback who will be available next year that can win a Super Bowl with this secondary the Bucs have, much less eight games?

Kirwan, a former Jets pro personnel director, wholeheartedly agreed with Ira. Kirwan has been calling for the Bucs to cut loose Jameis for some time.

Well, it seems you can add another former NFL suit to call for the Bucs to dump Jameis. And that would be former Browns general manager Michael Lombardi. The former coffee fetcher for Bill Walsh, Al Davis and Bill Belicheat said on his recent “GM Shuffle” podcast that Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht should “do the right thing” and not go down with his legacy tied to Jameis.

“It will be an interesting offseason for most general managers,” Lombardi said. “They have to put away their confirmation bias and enter into a world where they have to do the right thing.

“Does Jason Licht in Tampa, does he go with Jameis Winston again? Does he really think he wants to go down that road?”

In the same conversation, Lombardi talked about the crop of expected free agent quarterbacks. Lombardi suggested there might be a good one or two in that group (namely Ryan Tannehill) but said for a team to pick one of those quarterbacks, of which Jameis is one of them, Lombardi said “You have to have the right coach.”

Hello! Isn’t that what Licht did by hiring Bucco Bruce Arians?

Please, name one of the free agent quarterbacks who would be better than Jameis. Broken down pouty Cam Newton? He likely will be more expensive than Jameis. Joe Flacco? Puh-LEEZE! Marcus Mariota? LOL! Over the hill Eli Manning? Andy Daltonstop it!

Sorry, but Joe isn’t exactly in a hurry to unload a guy running an offense that averages fourth-most points in the NFL and who will be toying with 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns this season if he doesn’t get hurt.

Good luck finding any quarterback who will get the Bucs to a winning season playing with a filthy toilet bowl of a secondary like the Bucs have.

85 Responses to ““Do The Right Thing””

  1. Bucfan33 Says:

    You are what your records says you are joe. Numbers are great when you only focus on the ones that make your case. Jameis will never get us over the hump. #foolsgold

  2. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Licht should do the “right thing” and step down as GM!

  3. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Jameis will get extended… Don’t believe me just watch.

  4. Hodad Says:

    Draft one. If he doesn’t work out, draft another one. The new CBA makes it affordable, and the right way to go. If you hit on one, your salary cap is good for the next four years. There’s some good prospects coming out, we’ll likely get a top ten pick, draft one.

  5. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Stats bull again…the bottom line is he makes critical mistakes that lead to losses..always has and always will…5 years and the QB whisperer can’t even take this out of his game…the day this team finally makes the playoffs, this fraud would screw it all up for sure…

  6. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Jameis has the most interceptions at 12 and the second lowest completion ratio. Keep Jameis if you feel that licht ,owners and coaching are holding Jameis back.

  7. Doug Says:

    Teddy Bridgewater?

  8. BigHog Says:

    You can switch any QB playing today for FAMOUS and you will not have better results on the field…sure you may have 6 or 7 less turn overs but that’s about it but as a team …a different QB will win not one more game …ITS A TEAM SPORT! AB stays and build and continue to groom that D Backfield! GO BUCS!

  9. Warren Brown Says:

    Tannehill isn’t better than jameis. #re-signjameis

  10. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Im over the who are you gonna get to replace him narrative . I’m not sure why it has to be a free agent QB . In 2012 offseason, the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a $20M contract and subsequently drafted Russ Wilson in the third round . The Ravens just took Lamar Jackson at the end of the first round . Did anybody think Kirk Cousins was better than Jameis when the Vikings gave him all that money ? Point is , there is likely a rookie QB or free agent out there that actually is a better option than Jameis . The franchise and fans won’t know until somebody else is in there to throw to these weapons . Hell , Journeyman backup Fitz outplayed Jameis last year in the same offense . Why couldn’t a rookie or Free agent be able to do the same ?

  11. BigHog Says:

    ^^^SBR: Fritz …but was he a winner, thanks for making my point!!

  12. Onetrickpony Says:

    It dont much matter what the answer is, because JL will screw that up too.

  13. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I don’t wear suits, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and agree with them

  14. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Good call on Not signing Richie Incognito!!!!!! Damn he looked good last night!!!!!!!!! Idiots.

  15. Ndog Says:

    These guys are such idiots. The worst of them is Ira as he actually watches our games and still blames the QB for us not winning. Completely ridiculous, but maybe that’s why he was not retained as his previous employer?

  16. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Season ticket holder and I want Jameis under contract. I would love to see what the man can do with an actual defense who can hold teams under 21. We win all day! Go Bucs!

  17. Allbuccedup Says:

    As long as the over the hill gang is your coaching staff your never going to have a good team. Todd ” toilet” Bowles defense is too predictable. He had a couple of good years at Arizona and its been down hill from there. Todd Bowles was a secondary coach before a coordinator. Look at the secondary its not all on the players coaching is a bigger factor.

  18. George Rauh Says:

    HOF Drew Brees was unable to overcome a bad defense. 2014, 2015, 2016 the Saints had a high power offense but couldn’t overcome there bad defense. They finished 7-9

  19. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    George Rauh Says:
    November 8th, 2019 at 7:20 am
    HOF Drew Brees was unable to overcome a bad defense. 2014, 2015, 2016 the Saints had a high power offense but couldn’t overcome there bad defense. They finished 7-9
    Yeah…that is how good Drew Brees is…the only thing in common with Jameis and Drew is that they put on cleats…

  20. View from 132 Says:

    I’d like to see a few unknowns get a shot. Who was Tom Brady before he was Tom Brady? Favre was a kid with a great arm that had never learned to read a defense. To just name off top free agents because their agents get them mentioned by ESPN is like only choosing a car based on Formula 1 standings.

    Jameis may or may not be good, but with the CBA, that’s about 50% of it. Get someone decent and cheap and fill in the other holes.

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:

    So here’s the problem. I haven’t totally given up on JW’s career. But here with the Bucs? Not so certain.

    Some guys just get into bad situations and some people are just plain snake bit. JW has endured a run of bad luck along with his own self induced problems. I know athletes, hell people in all walks of life hate to acknowledge LUCK. After 72 years I can assure you LUCK is a part of life.

    So giving JW the benefit of the doubt…here is the problem…so many JW defenders here come on yammering about the defense.

    DUH. Of COURSE JW would look better on the field if he was opposite our SB defense. Which QB wouldn’t? Can you say Brad Johnson…the best of this group IMO….Trent Dilfer…Joe Flacco were decent NFL QB’s who led their teams to SB wins. I do not mean to diminish them or take anything from their accomplishment but it is what it is. Toss in Jim McMahon and you have Chicago…Baltimore and the Bucs that won their SBs with defense not some great QB.

    So here JW defenders is the real problem…addressed by D.R. and others…balance of the salary cap.

    We are now so out of balance in terms of cap money to OFFENSE versus Defense I simply ask NDOG…DB55 and other JW blind supporters where they are going to get the money?

    Perhaps a more affordable QB with some talent…perhaps not even as much as JW who I’m not trashing at all in this post. Just questioning our priorities…Could a good not great QB and a great defense be the way to go. Perhaps.

    As a guy who LOVES offense I can’t believe I just typed that. D.R. is infecting my brain!

  22. Leon Says:

    They are a bunch of idiots, much like most of this fan base of clueless fools. Jameis is not the problem and if the defense just slowed people down we would be 6-2 again not on the QB.

  23. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Andrew Luck

  24. Allbuccedup Says:

    Just read an article on ESPN should bucs rebuild or reload ( a la BA). They pointed out bucs say reload dolphins gutted their team to rebuild bucs 2 wins dolphins 1 win. Maybe rebuild is the route to go. Just saying.

  25. Ndog Says:

    So we score 30+ points vs both the Giants and Seahawks and lose and have zero TOs vs the Saints and lose yet it’s the QBs fault we don’t win. Do these guys even understand the rules of football? If we had ANY defense at all this team would be 5-3 right now.

  26. Travis Bray Says:

    “Sorry, but Joe isn’t exactly in a hurry to unload a guy running an offense that averages fourth-most points in the NFL and who will be toying with 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns this season if he doesn’t get hurt.”


    In his career has 104 TDs & a total of 92 turnovers (70 int and 22 LOST fumbles, he has fumbled the ball 47 times)
    He has played 64 games and averages:
    -266 yards/game
    -1.6 TDs/game
    -1.4 turnovers per game

    Based on these carreer averages and where he is at statistically now he COULD end up with nearly 30 TDs and roughly 27 turnovers.

    I personally would love to see him succeed, but the history doesn’t bode well for him, us as fans and the Buccaneers. Joe, you’re a history buff at times, can’t you see history repeating itself?

    Lastly, has anyone considered the fact that Jameis COULD choose not to return to the Bucs next year…that the choice is completely out of the hands of the GM and coach and merely his to make? He will be an UFA and as such have the right to take a QB opportunity somewhere else. He will have the right to “test the market” and I think there are at least 5 teams that would pay him a lot of money to leave Tampa.

    [Speculation] What if he doesn’t want to be here any longer? What if he believes he needs a change of scenary?

  27. Waterboy Says:

    You can’t evaluate a QB strictly based on wins. The game last week was a prime example of that. Jameis is good but not elite the key is how much money he’s looking for. You just can’t overpay for good.

  28. Easy Says:

    Licht should hold the door for Jameis and follow right behind him. We Bucs fans have seen enough.

  29. Mort Says:

    Agreed. These folks haven’t watched a single Bucs game. All they do is look at stat lines and spew BS. I love Kirwan, but he is dead wrong on this one. Watch some games. You don’t put up the offense this team has with an Andy Dalton. Sorry. Mediocrity is not the goal. Jameis is a GOOD quarterback. Keep him please!

  30. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Yeah the win loss record is an absurd measuring tool. There are 51 other players on the team that contribute to the team’s failures and successes. In the Giants game and the Seahawks game Jameis did enough to win the game. This has happened numerous times over his career in Tampa, only to watch the defense give the game away at the very end. Blaming Jameis for all of these losses when he was actually the primary reason they should have won is absurd.

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    Rebuild or reload BA says reload Flores says rebuild. Miami has 3 1st round picks bucs have 1. Bucs have 2 wins dolphins have 1. Looks like a no brainer to me.

  32. I’m a Tandyman used to be Bucs Fan Says:

    I would think you could get Teddy Bridgewater for what you would have to pay Jay Miss!! I know what I would do!! I’ve watched Jay Miss the last 4 years and he is the same now with no secondary as he was in 2016 when ghey had a secondary!! Licht and Jay Miss both get canned you will have a better football team!! Bucs have become stale and the fans deserve change!! Hell start playing Griffin and see how much you need Winston!!! Might even win a game!!

  33. tmaxcon Says:

    ira is a salesman not a football guy plus he is way past his useful prime similar to BA…. Ira calls mediocre football with no chance to win in post season glory years he is just an extended mouth piece for this minor league franchise….

    free jameis and evans. parole them from this mickey mouse small market franchise with zero hope… decades of failure back me up

  34. BrianBucs Says:

    Licht will do anything in his power to get Winston extended. To move on from Winston, which they should, would have Licht admitting that he made a Huge mistake by squandering the first overall pick in the draft on him and failed.
    Licht will go down with the ship as far as Winston is concerned and then be one of those Former Suits.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ndog Says
    “These guys are such idiots. The worst of them is Ira as he actually watches our games and still blames the QB for us not winning. Completely ridiculous, but maybe that’s why he was not retained as his previous employer? ”

    Dude. Disagree with him all you want. But insulting grandpa is wrong!

  36. Allbuccedup Says:


  37. Allbuccedup Says:

    Rebuild reload that is the question.

  38. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…a quarterback who will be available next year that can win a Super Bowl with this secondary the Bucs have…”.

    IMO, you can remove the qualifying “a QB who will be available” and insert any QB. The Bucs secondary is so bad and the running game is below average that the Bucs could have Russell Wilson run their offense and their record would likely be the same or possibly slightly better. The secondary is what is killing this team. In every game the Bucs are in (when JW is not giving the ball away) the other team just marches up the field and scores. Its a joke. No QB can win with this secondary

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m a Tandyman used to be Bucs Fan Says
    “I would think you could get Teddy Bridgewater for what you would have to pay Jay Miss!!”

    I wanted him to be signed as the backup this year, but didn’t happen.

    That said, the secondary is not the only problem. The offensive line is just as big an issue. So long as it is inconsistent, no QB will succeed.

    Also, I would caution on Teddy. He looked good this year, but it was in a vastly different offense…one with a lot of short passes. Byron doesn’t believe in short passes!

  40. Allbuccedup Says:

    Joe does not like the question of rebuild or reload he keeps taking my comments off.

  41. Wesley Says:


  42. tmaxcon Says:

    Dude. Disagree with him all you want. But insulting grandpa is wrong!

    old people are a drain on society and full of useless information… once the greatest generation was gone and they are gone, it’s time to do the right thing for the climate crisis and set a mandatory maximum age of 65…. clean up ameirca and save the planet… ditch grandpa and grandma!!!!! helps homeless crisis in a big way too…. maybe one of the Special Ed Scientists for the green new deal can turn grandma and grandpa into electricity….

  43. Allbuccedup Says:

    Hey guys Joe doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.

  44. ou812 Says:

    Defense #s get a whole lot better when the OB #3 stops giving the ball up on our side of the field!!! 91 INTS you can not defend that. JOE!!! #3 has got to go . Lets go get the next D Watson or Mahomes you know like Jameis was supposed to be! Those offensive # are because of the talent at the wide out pos. Just look at Fitzpatrick’s 3 games last year. Has Winston ever throne for 400 yards in a game??? The answer is NO ! With this talent at wide out !!! No your wrong #3 IS THE PROBLEM.

  45. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Ndog Says:
    “…If we had ANY defense at all this team would be 5-3 right now…”.

    This is exactly right on. And BA would be getting coach of the year consideration for how he “turned Jameis around”.

    But alas, BA thought the secondary was #totallyfiuxed! IMO, I am with Joe on we ‘shoulda’ traded or signed a decent CB or two. For those who think this is great experience for our young secondary, I very much disagree. A better environment would be having a vet in there providing stability and taking the heat off of all their mistakes.

  46. Pelbuc61 Says:

    Doing the right thing would mean firing Licht, dumping JW and Leftwich and telling BA he has to call the plays.

  47. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Speaking of general managers: Mike Mayock absolutely nailed his first draft class in Oakland. Very very impressive game last night for their rookies. They were making plays all over the field.

    Hopefully we think outside the box with our next GM like Oakland and San Francisco did. What do we have to lose.

  48. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’m not afraid to try. We’ve been spinning our wheels with Jameis for 5 seasons and now crazy Joe would love nothing more than to continue this. Your argument is weak sauce. Who you gonna get? What difference does it make, we’re not going anywhere with America’s Quarterback.


  49. #1bucsfan Says:

    Ok for you all saying the defense would play better if Winston didn’t give the ball away so much. Sorry but all of you are wrong an the numbers prove y’all wrong. Wen good Winston does show up the defense still loses the game for us. Not saying Winston turnovers arnt a prob cuz they are. But for you fools who think if we get rid of Winston that we just magically start winning more have no clue what you are talking bout. Defense wins championships always have an always will. Give this offense who ever is at QB a average defense an this team will win. Can’t win with defense Brady Brees Lamar Watson doesn’t matter who you put under center with this defense

  50. ou812 Says:

    Just blame it on the Defense with 6 rookie starters not your 5 th year OB???. You are Delusional. #3 ( Americas QB?) Delusional disorder. Seek help please !!!

  51. Ivan Aviles Says:

    How many turnovers will he have with those 30 td’s. The guy is consistently inconsistent. He has 1 game then 3 bad games. How many of those TD the Defense allowed where short ydg due to the ATM? Why would the Glazer’s bring back someone to their team when they know he is not a winning QB adn it will not fill the stadium. People actually stopped going to the games and watching games due to Jameis, is that what a franchise wants?

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here are my thoughts on the Quarterback Position

    • Though I would like to give Jameis more time so the defense can be fixed for him, I do not for a moment believe he will agree to a short contract with this team.

    • We could franchise him, but that would mean paying him a LOT more for next year than he has proven he deserves.

    • Another option is to give him a 5 year contract, but only the first 2 years are guaranteed. We could probably get him at a lower annual price at this point than top Qbs are getting…and we could draft a QB to develop in case he does not work out.

    • Fans who want to draft QBs year after year are not seeing the big picture. QBs need time to develop. While uncommon QBs can produce quickly, in most cases it takes 2-3 years to decide if they will work out. So it is usually not an instant gratification thing. That means what talent we have could be wasted.

    • Most of the free agents are not worth considering. Eli might be worth it…assuming we draft a kid to be his heir. His age doesn’t bother me though. Look at Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The real issue is getting him to come to Tampa, and I do not see that happening because of the team and the division.

  53. ou812 Says:

    91 ints in 5 years !! No you are wrong !!! Give this team a average OB this team wins.

  54. ou812 Says:

    Not year after year . But after 5 years ?? It’s time to move on .

  55. ou812 Says:

    He has had his 2 to 3 years and more time to move on .

  56. ancientasbuc Says:

    I’m trying to remember the last thing Pat Kirwan said that wasn’t him repeating the obvious takes the rest of the NFL talking heads have said. For a guy who has been around the NFL for so long he sure doesn’t offer much except good information on how things work. He was critical of Lamar Jackson until he wasn’t. He loved Trubisky until he sucked. he never liked Jameis because of the FSU stains on him and loved to be validated on the Uber thing from 4 years ago now. If Jameis weathers the storm and finally develops and Licht stays with him, Kirwan will act like he knew all along. He will never do what Polian did and publicly admit he was wrong. BTW, he oversaw the Rich Kotite years for the Jets, and was miserable at his job. He does have a nice radio voice though and sounds real good. Mark Dominick actually says things you learn from as well as Polian. #gojameis

  57. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…NFL Week 10 QB Power Rankings: Matthew Stafford is playing at an MVP level for a disappointing Lions team…” from NFLcom

    Yeah, its always the QBs fault. All you Jameis haters need help

  58. ou812 Says:

    Good luck selling tickets with #3 at OB next year! Wont get my money ! 20 year season ticket holder. Already told my rep . If #3 back I will not be Renewing.

  59. stpetebucsfan Says:

    @Travis Bray

    I have considered the fact that JW is an UFA and that he could choose to leave. It’s an excellent point.

    I don’t know which five teams you’re counting on to pay JW big bucks but you’re probably correct there.

    But here is the problem for JW. He’s on a team with the very best pair of WR’s in the league…and when healthy the best TE tandem. The OL is NOT the worst in the league…I’ve surfed through a half dozen sites from the NFL itself to PFF to other less familiar. The Bucs are NOT considered in the bottom ten of ANY of these sites. They are ranked anywhere from borderline top ten to closer to 20. They DO NOT SUCK!!! They are at worst mediocre.

    IF JW wanted to walk…it’s virtually guaranteed JW would just give up all that he’s built here to start all over again on a horrible team. Same as being a top five QB draft pick…they always go to the bottom feeders.

    Teams desperate for QB’s right now are not primed to succeed instantly.

    So JW would have to weigh all these concerns along with his personal pride…I suspect…do not know..that he wants to complete what he started. He does not want to leave Tampa as a failure. If he stays he can fix that…if he leaves he will ALWAYS be viewed as a bust or at minimum underachiever….barring of course a couple of years in the playoffs and a serious SB run.

  60. 2020 What is the bucs future plan? Says:

    Joe you are a master at provoking …. people to leave responses on your website … hats off too you……..


  61. ou812 Says:

    Matthew Stafford is not turning the ball over you know good QB play. Not killing his team.

  62. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    licht is a horrible GM, but there are maybe 2 teams in the NFL that may want jameis next year not including the bucs, so why drop a good chunk of your salary to the jameis winston roller coaster…he has personally won, only one game and that game cost the bucs quentin nelson, so actually it was a net loss. Jameis has lost at least 10 games due to his turnovers. Though arians said turnovers would not be tolerated

  63. ben Says:

    as a long time season tkt holder .. Winston needs to go away ..He will never be good ,only ok which is not enough

  64. DBS Says:

    Last nights game is a fine example. Would Jameis have driven them down the field and put them in position to win? Probably. Would the defense have stopped the Chargers from getting back in position to win? No way in hell. This defense would not have done half what The Raiders did. I am not a Jameis fan but that game with their rookies and coaches exposes the problems here.

  65. GhostofSchiano Says:

    First and foremost we need a competent GM

  66. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Licht is licked. Fire the G. I mean cannons

  67. Snook Says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! The excuses for Jameis continue… Amazing.

    I actually believe it’s just click bait. Look how many comments…

    No one in their right mind still thinks Winston can be a starter.

    Dalton is better. At least he’s has actual WINNING seasons. In a pit named Cincinnati.

  68. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…Matthew Stafford is not turning the ball over you know good QB play. Not killing his team…”

    And yet his team is still losing, so what is your point? I contend the good JW is give us a chance to win each week. Like everyone here, I do not like his TOs, but give him a D and we have a chance

  69. Tye Says:

    61 games… Mostly loses!.. many which have several turn overs..
    People love to say this decision or that will set the team back several years…
    Every year they keep JW is prolonging the building of a winning team…

    I am certain the best of coaches (Bill Belichech and Saban) are winning coaches because they don’t waste precious time and talent of the TEAM waiting for one guy to take years to learn his position all the while holding the team back… Good coaches preach ball security and JW would not be on there team any longer…

    Keeping JW ( one bad apple) is spoiling he bunch (good receivers and defensive guys with talent getting older)…

    People worried about Freeman leaving becoming somebody thinking ‘ what QB is there to bring in’ and unfortunately JW came along.. What if the Raiders still had JaMarcus Russell because they remained stuck in the same mindset as you… Their record would look a lot like the Bucs!

  70. Defense Rules Says:

    Newsflash: The decision to keep or move on from Jameis isn’t solely the Bucs’ to make. Jameis probably would opt to test the FA market if Licht offered him say $15 mil a year for 2-3 years. You could probably raise that amount to $25 mil and he’d still opt to test the market. Wouldn’t blame him a bit BTW. He’s a QB with FIVE years experience as a starter who’s admittedly been up & down (spelled INCONSISTENT), BUT … a good agent (which he has) could easily spin that was the fault of the Bucs’ defense or running game or OLine or coaching or (fill in the blanks). That’s EXACTLY what Jameis’ apologists have done for 5 years now.

    I’m convinced that there are a number of NFL teams willing to pay a hefty price for Jameis, in the belief that THEY can turn him into the perfect QB for them. Tampa Bay has had 5 years sailing that ship now, and guess what … Jameis is still Jameis. The REAL problem is that IF we pay him a hefty sum to continue our journey with him, the money that’s left won’t be enough to build the top quality defense that it’d take to win games WHEN his inconsistent play puts the team behind the proverbial 8-ball.

    It all comes down to what’s our identity going to be? Offense first (like the Packers, Bucs, Saints, Raiders, Titans, Bengals), OR defense first (like the Vikings, Browns, Broncos, etc), OR relatively balanced (like the Patriots). Personally i prefer some semblance of balance, erring on the side of defense if anything.

  71. Tim Says:

    Truth of the matter is JW has cost his team wins and likely will continue to.
    My opinion is we see what he does the rest of the year, if plays out like he did against Seattle he gets franchise tagged we draft OL and sign a FA RB in the offseason.

    If JW plays 2 games like he did against Carolina (the 2nd time), it is time to move on. Any of the QBs this (Joe) says is not an upgrade, are all more consistent and do not turn the ball over as much. So either he is sniffy JW jock strap too much or JW has nude photos. Reduce the turnovers and we have at least 2 more wins this year if not 3 more.

    I am pully for JW, I have met and like the young man and the talent IS there. But the constancy is not and that costs this team. If he cant pull it together, its time to draft a QB and likely sign one too.

  72. Tye Says:

    Whenever the Bucs finally get all the right pieces together and have the best built o and d they can, the team will need a strong, confident, accurate leader, someone worth playing hard for every snap and JW hasn’t, isn’t, and never will be that guy! That’s the bottom one…

  73. Bobby M. Says:

    The QB alternatives Winston is being compared to aren’t going to fetch $20 million per year deals. If we could keep Winston for $15 million and use the extra money elsewhere, then i think you can find a formula that works…possibly.

    I do think there’s a point with certain types of personalities and performances, that the locker room might be better served getting a new QB in the huddle. Its blatantly obvious Winston is protected due to his draft status….He avoids nearly all criticism from his head coach, professionals will only tolerate so much of that, particularly vets that are trying to finish with some playoff runs. I dont believe vets view Winston as capable yet he’s one of the highest paid on the team. Its not a great dynamic.

  74. AllhailJPP Says:

    Hooray for more excuses we didnt use last year. good one Joe’s foh

  75. Jmarkbuc Says:


    “I’m convinced that there are a number of NFL teams willing to pay a hefty price for Jameis, in the belief that THEY can turn him into the perfect QB for them.”

    Then I say let them have at it….it appears to me that most pundits and fans share the same opinions about JW. There are very few who tout his positives, and plenty who see that he’s just an average to below average QB.

    He’s In the same boat as Mariota, 1st round picks that weren’t worth the hype.

  76. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Glazers should do the right thing and dump Gump

  77. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The Bucs don’t need an elite top 5 or even top 10 defense.

    I just want a top 20 average defense.

    Licht consistently puts together bottom 5 defenses year in year out. Was Mike Smith good? No, but the larger issue is glorified scout Licht.

  78. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Only the anti jameis crowd and the trolls think any qb can win with this defense. You can pin point the turnovers and you have a steing case agaisnt jameis. Even us supporters can see that. But if anyone thinks one of these rookies, is gonna come in here and turn thisbteam around is in for a rude awakening. And we arent hetring Tua or Burrows so whos it going to be people? Fromm who has a TOTAL of 9 tds this seaaon om a team thay has vastly superior talent than almost anykne they face. Herbert, who is mariota 2.0? Jameis will het resigned, just watch.

  79. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    I’m not sure if we stick with jw but he will probably get some kind of contract with us even if its 2yrs but I’m sure they will have their eyes on his eventual replacement in this years draft or next years

  80. RustyRhinos Says:

    tmaxcon for GM 2020! Go TMAXCON! With your mind numbing football knowledge and player skill assessment, with your coaching skills assessment and all the power of the GM position. The Glazers will have to build a new office building for the Buccaneer GM. Because tmaxcon’s head won’t fit into One Buc Place’s GM office. No Way!

  81. CalBucsFan Says:

    Easy free agent choice…..Bridgewater. If he were the Bucs QB this year (and he should have been) the Bucs would NOT be 2-6, but likely 5-3, if not better, and right the hunt for the SB, even with their week a$$ secondary.

  82. Caleb Lee Says:

    Worked for the 9’rs.. why not give Brooks a shot at the GM gig..

  83. Losinghope Says:

    Hey Joe, ever heard of a guy named TEDDY BRIDGEWATER? Theres ur answer. Hell at this point I’d take tannenhill over America’s to machine .at least he protects the ball

  84. Tbbucs3 Says:

    So Teddy Bridgewaters gonna turn this team around? HA!

    So he will score 55 against the Rams, 40+ to beat the Seahawks, 32+ to Beat the Giants, etc. What do the Saints have that the Bucs don’t? A real Defense.

    You guys sound crazy.

  85. July Joe Says:

    Jameis Winston is on pace to finish the season 2nd in passing yards, 3rd in passing TDs and leading the Bucs to have the 4th most points scored … all while just 25 years old.

    HE WILL GET $$$ PAID $$$$ either in Tampa or elsewhere!!!!!!!!!