Devin White Making Impact

November 7th, 2019

Rookie sitdown in Seattle.

Man, you would hope that a No. 5 overall pick would impact his team. And the early returns were that wasn’t happening.

Yeah, Joe understands Bucs rookie linebacker Devin White was hurt. But even when he played, you had to strain to see he was on the field, except for special teams play.

And when other players who were drafted after him are having much bigger impacts on their respective teams, it was beginning to worry Joe.

But last week at Seattle, you could see that maybe White is starting to turn the corner. He did have an impact on the game, good and bad, both on the field (12 tackles, two forced fumbles), and off.

Apparently when starting cornerback Carlton Davis was hurt in pregame warmups, it meant rookie corner Jamel Dean would start. With fellow rookie corner Sean Murphy-Bunting already getting a lot of snaps at nickel, White believed he needed to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with his fellow rookies prior to kickoff.

“That’s exactly what we drafted him for and expect out of him,” Arians said of White’ sitdown with the rookies. “We had a long talk last week. When he was out, Lavonte [David] kind of took over. [With] JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) coming back, [we told him] that ‘Hey, you’re still a vocal part of this. I want your leadership, especially with that young group.’ So, I was really happy he did it.”

Has White turned the corner? We shall see this Sunday when the Cardinals come to town. Arians said White’s knee sprain suffered earlier this season put him behind the eight ball.

“He’s healthy again,” Arians said of White. “He’s caught back up. When a young guy comes out of there and misses two or three weeks, it’s hard to catch back up. Just the speed of the game itself – wearing a brace for the first time in your life – all those little things.”

As rotten as the secondary is for the Bucs, every little extra help the defense can get elsewhere is welcome.

Now, the question is, since White was hyped up to be the savior this spring, can White play corner?

24 Responses to “Devin White Making Impact”

  1. Greg Says:

    Oh my God Joe lighten up! He is a rookie and miss the first few games with a knee injury. The guys flying around the field making plays the last couple games. Let the rookie be a rookie and stop complaining that we did not draft Josh Allen.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    White will be just fine…….He will be an outstanding Buc for many years…..I am starting to see some improvement in SMB….& Carlton Davis…..Rojo, Cappa….

    It’s difficult to have patience when patience hasn’t paid off for so long….but we really don’t have other viable choices….

    Boycott the team?……Simply tune out?…….If you continue to choose to be a fan….there are few options.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    bad pick…. he will not be an impact no matter how far you lower the bar to include him…

  4. tmaxcon Says:


    improvement is for tee ball players not professional athletes…. even if they improve their ceilings are so low it won’t matter. this is a high school roster attempting to play a mans game…

  5. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Desparate times calls for Desperate measures

    Shaman Kobe Faker will be performing an exorcism on possessed Bust Jimmy Dean before Sundays game

    Chicken feet, Chicken blood and maple syrup sausage links

    Sunday, Jimmy Dean will be a reincarnated Deion Sanders”

    Shaman Kobe Faker

  6. Slugglife Says:

    Good too see you have such high expectations of a number 5 pick TM.

    Now do Number 1 pick Jameis. List his contributions. You’ve got five years of sample size. Go!

  7. Deminion Says:

    White is faster than Hargreaves ! On the chase down white fetched Carson while VHG got burnt

  8. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I will never forget how White simply ran down Carson in Seattle from behind, and punched the ball out.
    I am glad we picked him!

  9. Bucnjim Says:

    If White could create a turnover every time Winston gives up the ball we’d be at least 4-4

  10. Greg Says:

    Come on Bucnjim, How many linebackers in NFL history of ever had 30 interceptions a season? LOL

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    we’ll see…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  12. Rich Says:

    I saw Lavonte David constantly …almost every play…directing him where to be!!! This is not a real good indication of his growth as a player. He has not shown an ability to cover anyone in a pass route…e.g. a 4th string TE or a back in a pass pattern. He still looks lost on the field and we cant have a #5 pick not performing like this. Yes, he’s making more plays over the last 2 games so maybe there’s hope but let me ask JBF this….how does this high pick compare to Kwon in his rookie season…or kendall beckwith for that matter? Not very good in my opinion….Josh Allen should’ve been the pick. Bud Licht strikes again

  13. Cgmaster27 Says:

    I love how its an article about out linebacking rookie and the trolls still cant get jameis’ jock out of their perspective mouths.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    To say that there is no room for players to improve is more than moronic…..only an imbecile would make such a comment……

    I can’t post your name because Joe protects you……I always get moderated when using it…..I’m sure this happens to others…..

  15. fernando diaz Says:

    the way he chased down that RB and caused that fumble shows upside.
    Kid forced 3 fumbles already.
    He’s learning, he will be good.

  16. The Coroner Says:

    There is a legion of special players including Hall of Famers who couldn’t play well their first season or two.
    Rhonde Barber Warren Sapp Derrick Brooks John Lynch

    Terry Bradshaw Peyton Manning. And many others.

  17. The Coroner Too Says:

    There is a legion of special players including Hall of Famers who couldn’t play well their first season or two.
    Rhonde Barber Warren Sapp Derrick Brooks John Lynch

    Terry Bradshaw Peyton Manning. And many others.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    Happy that Joe is feeling a little better about the early White pick. First round busts are a drag.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    On the play where he ran down Carson you see the good and bad from White. I was focused on him that play and thought toyself where the heck is this guys going?

    He still does not read the field that great but he is looking better and better every week. Just keep trending upward and I’ll be happy…..And of course he gotta keep making the impact plays.

    Really looking forward to following his progression!!

    GO BUCS!

  20. Kevin Says:

    His reaction time is too slow. That might improve with more knowledge and experience.

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    Even if they improve their cielings are too low to make an impact….. joe doesn’t protect me joe protects Joe

  22. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Your a dumb ass joe

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Bucs fans are so stupid, no wonder the team is trash…because the fanbase matches.

  24. pick6 Says:

    any progress is a positive but the kid needs another offseason. he looks noticeably lost in coverage. forgivable since he is brand new to the NFL and quite new to playing LB in general.

    i’m hoping he has a mike evans type rise. you could simply tell that Evans was a raw talent as a rookie (didn’t play football in HS), but his offseason work with legendary WRs has paid off and he is a dominant, elite WR now