Defensive Player Of The Year?

November 7th, 2019

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Though he has cooled off from his blistering hot start, Bucs outside linebacker Shaq Barrett leads the NFL with 10.5 sacks through eight Bucs games.

And in at least two general managers’ eyes, Barrett is the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Not bad for being an afterthought free agent during the 2019 winter shopping spree.

Albert Breer of sent a questionnaire to the 32 NFL shot-callers asking a variety of questions. Nearly half — 15 — responded.

One question, of course, addressed the Defensive Player of the Year. The responses had Barrett tied for second with several players, receiving two votes (Joey Bosa led with 5.5 votes).

There are likely two, maybe three Bucs defensive players Joe can see playing in the Pro Bowl. Maybe Jason Pierre-Paul (though a stretch), Lavonte David and Barrett. Yeah, Vita Vea is playing at a high level but folks look for numbers more than quality of play for Pro Bowl nods, so Vea likely will be watching that game from home.

When is the last time you saw a defense have that many potential Pro Bowlers and yet the defense gives up so many points? That’s how rotten the secondary is and that is an organizational fail of the highest magnitude, from the suits at the very top of One Buc Palace to the lowest of the dozens of assistant coaches Bucco Bruce Arians employs and deploys.


31 Responses to “Defensive Player Of The Year?”

  1. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    What would Columbo conclude?
    What would Judge Judy day?
    What will the G’BOYZ do ?
    As The World Turns ~~~~

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    pay shaq and JPP….

    let JW walk after he guides us to another top 5 pick….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  3. DB55 Says:

    813 keeps deflecting bc his boy is basura

  4. OBP Says:

    Right now it’s a toss up between him, Garrett, Collins, and McCourty. Most likely since both Tampa and Cleveland are heading towards another loss season the DPOY will be from NE.

  5. zzbuc Says:

    Shaq certainly cooled off and made a VERY stupid penalty at the end of seahawks game……If the real Shaq is the one from the first games, we should defenately pay him, but that’s a big if….I would pay JPP for sure because he has been a consistent proven monster!!! Not sure about Shaq…..
    I hope somebody takes the GM’s office and takes wise decisions…….
    Not sure how the cap will be next year……But the QB decision will be important

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Do not disagree with your observation about what part of our D is killing us.

    However hard decisions had to be made. It’s not like we just go to WalMart and pick up another running back and a couple of defensive backs…and while we’re at it how about another OL.

    Hindsight is 20/20. The Bucs rolled the die and came up short.

    IMHO its far too soon to totally write off all of Licht’s pick. I still see potential in several of our young guys. Two years from now the core of that group will be in their third year…that magic number that frees us to grade their performance.

  7. pick6 Says:

    need a 16 game body of work. most of his production came during an amazing 3 game stretch, the other 5 games he’s been somewhere between pretty good and invisible.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    Talking pro bowls and meaningless personal achievements when you team has been in the basement for a decade is why bucfan is a special kind of laughable

  9. Pete I Says:

    right now the Pro Bowl defense is likely to be painted by the 49ers as almost their entire D could be in.

    Barrett needs to have a strong second half another 5.5 sacks would be useful.

  10. JimmyJack Says:

    Hey tax you find you a few ProBowl caliber player and those are the guy you build with. The fact you think it’s meaningless shows just how lost you are. The only thing that laughable her is you…….Not understanding how ProBowl caliber defenders can be part of the solution.

  11. JameisHas2Go Says:

    Secondary is terrible… Sad!

  12. tmaxcon Says:


    Pro bowl has not meant anything in 20 years its a freaking popularity contest / dog and pony show….. politicians have more credibility than pro bowls….. you could start 11 pro bowl players in Tampa and they would find a way to lose. History proves there is no hope jimmyjam….

  13. Anonymous Says:

    T it’s a tea sport with individual accolades…that explaines why nothing is meaningless nothing ….that’s for all the stupid talking people!

  14. BigHog Says:

    T:It’s a team sport.. that allows for individual accolades ……

  15. Chris K Says:

    @JimmyJack,,, T-Maxi-Pad is and will always be the ultimate basement dwelling troll of all trolls.. And Joe leaves him in here for some reason 🤷🏻‍♂️…. Either way, of course for actual fans of the team you’re looking for all the bright spots you can find to build on. The Max-Pad would rather keep spewing the same ignorant comment over and over and over and over again. Not sure he’s ever used any intelligence or wisdom in any football/Bucs related talk in here ever.

    Me for one would love to find a way to bring back JPP and Barrett next season. Might be tough to do though. Having a line in 2020 that consist of JPP, Barrett and Vea next season is a great start for any team! Of course a troll like the PAD will say something totally ignorant about those three starting together or some loser mentality mumbo jumbo crap.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Just for kicks, compared the first 8 games of last year (3-5 at mid-season) against the first 8 games of this season (2-6). Last year’s first half schedule was quite a bit easier than this year’s has been, BUT the defensive numbers are quite similar MOSTLY. But there are 2 differences that are quite striking.

    o Sacks: 2018 … 18 versus 2019 … 19 (essentially the same).
    o QB Hits: 2018 … 47 versus 2019 … 50 (essentially the same).
    o TFLs: 2018 … 45 versus 2019 … 38 (close to the same).
    o Passes defensed: 2018 … 22 versus 2019 … 39 (hmmm, many more PDs).
    o Takeaways: 2018 … 6 versus 2019 … 14 (hmmm, many more takeaways).

    Most of the PDs were by the Secondary, and this year they have 77% MORE. Most of the takeaways have also been by the Secondary (and LBs), and this year they have 80% MORE.

    Can’t wait for these youngsters to gain EXPERIENCE. I hope that most JBFers aren’t fooled by Joe’s constant beating of the drum that this Secondary is ‘rotten’. It’s very young & INEXPERIENCED, and there’s a BIG difference. Except to those who only want to look at what’s happening superficially, and use that to divert attention from other problems. But like CS Lewis wrote … ‘Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn; my God do you learn’.

  17. SB Says:

    What Chris K said.

  18. SB Says:

    VERY interesting stuff DR!!!! Now how do we figure out the algorithm that tells where the Actual blame is?
    Good Stuff tho. “Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm”

  19. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    It’s time to start trading or signing proven vets in the secondary vs drafting them. That’s what the Steelers did after they also realized they couldn’t draft a secondary and look at them now. Give Jameis a defense he can win with! Since he has been here I have yet to see a competitive defense. Come on Bucs get with it!

  20. Clw JB Says:

    losing franchises have very few PB picks…ME13 will likely be the only player voted in

    2nd to last D, Barrett will make it if he is in the top 3 in sacks, no one else, we are the Bucs

    not that LVD isnt deserving, but……we are the Bucs

  21. Pugs&Bucs Says:

    Shaq is gonna Thomas Jones us.

    And if you don’t know what that reference is, odds are about 100% you think JW is the problem too.

  22. SB Says:

    Im tired and 87 is right Says:


    You should probably read what Defense Rules just posted and do some thinking.

  23. ModHairKen Says:

    Defensive player of the year? On a loser? What did he do to help the Bucs win? Boy, if they did not have him, they might have gone 1-7.

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    SB … Algorithm to figure out where the ACTUAL blame lies? Nah, just a little common sense. What do you think our record would be right now SB if we had (1) a quality veteran starting corner in our Secondary; (2) a quality veteran starting OLineman to plug in at tackle; and (3) a quality starting Rb to pair with RoJo? And oh ya, might want to throw in a starting quality #3 WR just for kicks. We’re not that many pieces away from being a force to be reckoned with.

  25. unbelievable Says:

    I agree DR. I have been hard on the secondary b/c they have been the weak link, but the majority of them are very young (rookies or 2nd year guys), so I do maintain some hope.

    A more consistent pass rush would help them. But even then, I still think they badly need at least 1 veteran presence in the backfield, like you suggested.

    Relying on VH3 to be that person was astronomically stupid IMO. He’s never shown anything, and has been moved to the slot for the 2nd time, where he still gives up a completion almost every single time a pass is thrown his way.

  26. DB55 Says:

    Fwiw Gruden got these bunch of nobodies (sans Jacobs) ballin out.

    Phillips should retire so WinsNot can take over.

  27. lambchop Says:

    @Defense Rules,

    Comparing a 90% rotten egg to an 80% rotten egg is not exactly a win.

    We need to start protecting our endzone and give Jameis no excuse to lose.

  28. ElBajito43 Says:

    Some people from St Pete really do believe in this LICHT MY BALLS guy.
    But mostly that’s because they are sunshine and rainbows 🌈 type Bros.
    No one actually believes in “Trash” Licht for real.
    Does anyone know if it’s allowed to protest with signs outside One Buc Place.
    This is not a joke tho….

    “FIRE JASON LICHT” on FB group

    This is a Revolution and we need to take action to overthrow this regime

  29. BA FAN Says:

    On sports radio in Tampa today an ESPN Analyst that analyzes all the NFL Teams was asked about the Buc’s Defensive problems and his comment was that whenever 4-3 teams convert to 3-4 Defense it always takes a year to train the players how to play it successfully. And that is what is hurting the team this year and not Jameis. He said if the Bucs don’t keep Jameis there will be 10 NFL Teams that will all want him. He said our Offense is playing well with Jameis and all they need to focus on to win is their defense. (There have been only two high turnover games that our Offense had this year he said). And that Defense is why BA is not getting his usual big turnaround in the first year like he usually does, but he is preparing the Bucs for that turnaround next year. The Bucs have a higher number of young players than most NFL teams. I happen to believe the ESPN Analyst is right on the money! Even though Defense Rules showed some interesting stats favoring our rookie CBs this year they have not yet mastered the 3-4 Defense and that is why we still rank very low on Defense against the pass. But this valuable experience they are getting the rest of this year will pay huge dividends next year even if we don’t sign an All Pro CB at a huge cost. The reason is it is easy for a QB to just avoid throwing to the top All Pro CB’s side.

  30. DB55 Says:

    Don’t look now but as of today JayMiss ATM WinsNot the human crableg and the greatest quarterback in the history of the buccaneers is 5th in TDs, 7th in yards and 1st in ints.

    He got 2 top 5 receivers. Evans is tied for first in TDs (7) and Godwin is tied for second in TDs (6). Mike is second in yards IN THE LEAGUE and first in catches 40+ yards (6).

    According to team rankings dot com The offense avg’s 28 ppg 4th in the league behind Baltimore, New England and San Fran. And of these 3 teams only the goat himself is ahead of the ATM on the QB leader board.

    OPOY? Wtfdik

  31. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LOL….NOT a a losing team does he even come close to winning ANY awards. Just like others. Right LVD?