Bruce Arians Further Dissects Both Jameis Interceptions In Atlanta

November 27th, 2019

Bucco Bruce Arians shared more yesterday about Sunday’s two cringe-inducing interceptions from America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

The mere thought of those first-quarter picks has Joe yearning for a few Dunder & Blixem from Big Storm Brewing, Co.

The timing of the plays potentially was devastating, but the defense bailed out Jameis allowing just seven points from those two giveaways in Bucs territory.

Arians took fans a little deeper into his turnover thoughts on Buccaneers Radio.

“I give [Desmond] Trufant credit, you know, he made a great play,” Arians said of the opening-drive pick. “We’ve run that play quite a few times this year, and he studied his tape and undercut it when Mike [Evans] was running a skinny post. Mike didn’t run a bad route; [Trufant] just undercut it. And Jameis didn’t quite see him soon enough. He was trying to look the safety off, trusted Mike would be in the hole and Trufant just made a heck of a play.”

Asked to explain Jameis’ jump-pass interception on third down deep in Bucs territory two drives later, Arians served up an explanation for the average Joe, “It was kind of like a don’t-do-that. Never do that again.”

Joe is so grateful for the Bucs defense tightening up. The Falcons led 10-7 after the first quarterback, but a 17-7 lead might have changed the entire game.

TAMPA TWO is an enlightening show today with Hall of Fame icon Derrick Brooks and Ira Kaufman presented by Caldeco Air Conditioning & Heating. Another production from The Identity Tampa Bay and Joe. Enjoy!!

51 Responses to “Bruce Arians Further Dissects Both Jameis Interceptions In Atlanta”

  1. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jaguars game could be a setup-
    Campbell and Allen will be teeing off on Jameis- Bucs should win if Jameis doesn’t turn it over, but if Jameis feels pressure….

  2. H8JWLVEBUCS Says:

    5 Season and u have to tell this guy when its a bad look. Dude stop making excuses for this guy, he aint never gonna change haven’t u got that yet. What ever happened to make or break year?

  3. Jaywill Says:

    He completed two other passes while jumping in the same game for 1st downs. One each to Evans & Godwin. 100 turn overs in 5 seasons has happened before. Peyton Manning, Brett Favre & John Elway to name a few. Winston also has similar td stats as those guys too.

  4. Bruce Blahak Says:

    JBF = America’s Excuse Machine….5 years, he’s rotten, won’t get better…GOOD BYE !!!!

  5. Tbbucs3 Says:

    On paper the Bucs have a VERY easy schedule going forward aside from the Texans game. I don’t think 9-7 or 8-8 is that much of a stretch but this team can never play a complete game so we’ll probably shoot ourselves in the foot.

    When the offense shows up the defense doesn’t,
    When the defense shows up the offense doesn’t
    When the offense and defense both show up, the kicking game doesn’t……………Welcome to Bucs Football.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Derrick & Ira … Just wanted to say thanks for these Tampa Two segments. They provide some great insight into what went on in the various games that most of us never even think about.

    It’s humorous to read some who comment that Todd Bowles is a terrible coach because this defense has given up so many points. Yet those same people most likely have no clue how hard it must be to develop a strategy & tactics for the various games when you have so many ‘youngsters’ to work with in the starting lineup. I’m convinced that this defense will be something special IF they keep them together for next year instead of starting over yet again.

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Jags watched Saints destroy BA/BL twins offensive scheme by heavy blitz/pressure

    and watched ATL with no Blitzing

    Blitz and Hit JW. JW will be holding the ball while BA/BL Twins playcall 20 yard outs. Sack JW while he is looking at the backs of the receivers and starting their cut

    Kobe Faker is hoping he will not get impeached with this information”

    Kobe Giuliani Faker

  8. Lunchbox Says:

    Asked to explain Jameis’ jump-pass interception on third down deep in Bucs territory two drives later, Arians served up an explanation for the average Joe, “It was kind of like a don’t-do-that. Never do that again.”
    Right. Except he will. Again and again.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Tbbucs3 … There’s no such thing as an EASY SCHEDULE in the NFL, and I hope that our players don’t buy into anything like that. Either give everything you’ve got or stay home.

    I wonder if the Saints & Panthers were expecting to beat the lowly (?) Falcons when they played them over the past couple weeks. Wonder also if the Bucs were expecting to beat the lowly (?) Giants when we played them earlier in the season. On any given Sunday, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. And when it comes to the Bucs, it usually does.

  10. diggler Says:

    Im the biggest Winston hater but this Winston is different. I think he’s salvageable and with a good secondary they can put some wins together.

  11. Allbuccedup Says:

    Dirk diggler lets see in jax!

  12. Tval Says:

    There’s remedial man aka/ Bruce blah blah!!!
    Argue Elway, Favre, and Peyton, goof troop.
    Now give Jameis Terrell Davis and hush that yukmouth. Lol!!!!!

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    well JW has turned the ball over in every game except for the week2 win VS CAR….

    i expect him to have a TO or 2 VS the JAGS….

    the question is, will it become 3 or 4 or will he bounce back like last week….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  14. 813bucboi Says:


    those other QBs were in the playoffs in their 5th year….

    JW may finish with 3 consecutive 5win seasons….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  15. 813bucboi Says:

    and somewhere @realist is still hiding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  16. Pewter power Says:

    We will see what leftwich is all about this game. Jags have the worst run defense in the nfl and should have no issues running the ball. If he throws 50 times this game he’s just crazy and has no week to week gameplan

  17. lambchop Says:

    Ndog was such a patsy cuz during game day thread he admitted the pass was horrible. Then Mark Schlereth, and his horrible assessment, said Mike ran a bad route. That was it. Ndog was slobbering all over that knob when that was said.

    I said this on the other posts, that was a horrible throw by Jameis. His reaction time is slow as molasses. Trufant was trailing and had the inside track on the ball, so the ball should either have been thrown over Trufant’s head or not thrown at all. The pass literally was guided beautifully right into Trufant’s hands.

    He’s an average to below average QB sprinkled in with some great throws. But, it’s really anyone’s guess whether he does enough to win or does enough to lose. That’s not a QB I’m paying big bucks for.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Jameis has had SIX games this year where he threw 2 or more INTs (disregard who was responsible).

    o 49ers: Loss (31-17) … 20-for-36 … 3 INTs … 3 sacks … 6 QB Hits
    o Panthers: Loss (37-26) … 30-for-54 … 5 INTs … 7 sacks … 10 QB Hits
    o Titans: Loss (27-23) … 21-for-43 … 2 INTs … 3 sacks … 6 QB Hits
    o Cardinals: Win (30-27) … 30-for-48 … 2 INTs … 4 sacks … 10 QB Hits
    o Saints: Loss (34-17) … 30-for-51 … 4 INTs … 2 sacks … 12 QB Hits
    o Falcons: Win (35-22) … 18-for-28 … 2 INTs … 0 sacks … 1 QB Hit

    So in those 6 games with 2 INTs or more, Jameis had 149 completions in 260 attempts … 57.3% in those 6 games (disregarding sacks), as opposed to 59.9% in all 11 games (no significant difference). But he got sacked 19 times in those 6 games (3.2 sacks/game average) and got hit 45 times (7.5 QB Hits/game). Jameis threw 46.5 passes per game average in those 6 games with 2 or more INTs if you include the 19 sacks as passing attempts. It’s interesting that our 2 wins in those 6 games were against the lowest ranked defenses … IOW, Jameis & the offense were able to bounce back despite the INTs. Against the better defenses, ‘bouncing back’ isn’t that easy.

    Interestingly, in the 5 games where Jameis threw 0 or 1 INT, a different picture evolves.

    o Panthers: Win (20-14) … 16-for-25 … 0 INTs … 3 sacks … 9 QB Hits
    o Giants: Loss (32-31) … 23-for-37 … 1 INT … 4 sacks … 10 QB Hits
    o Rams: Win (55-40) … 28-for-41 … 1 INT … 2 sacks … 4 QB Hits
    o Saints: Loss (31-24) … 15-for-27 … 0 INT … 6 sacks … 9 QB Hits
    o Seahawks: Loss (40-34) … 29-for-44 … 0 INT … 2 sacks … 3 QB Hits

    So in those 5 games with 0-1 INTs, Jameis had 111 completions in 174 attempts … 63.8% in those 5 games (disregarding sacks), as opposed to 59.9% in all 11 games (4% difference). He got sacked 17 times in those 5 games (3.4 sacks/game average) and got hit 35 times (7.0 QB Hits/game) … about the same for both as in the other 6 games. But Jameis only threw 38.2 passes per game average in those 5 games with 1 or fewer INTs if you include the 17 sacks as passing attempts (over 8 fewer passes than in those other 6 games).

    It appears that Jameis struggles against the better defenses (most QBs probably do?), but that using a balanced run/pass attack is a key to limiting the number of INTs he throws. And particularly early in the games so that his INTs don’t cause us to fall behind early, then force us to abandon the run prematurely. IOW, strengthen the OLine, grab a beast RB to pair with RoJo, focus on a BALANCED ATTACK, and Jameis would do so much better.

    Unfortunately spending money to FIX those things AND to improve the defense would also mean that then we couldn’t afford Jameis, but that’s a different discussion.

  19. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If Jameis could..he would have by now…his future is his past…other than recently throwing the ball away he has not gotten better at anything else…

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Makes sense DR.

    When you’re throwing 45+ times a game, your offense is way out of balance. That means the opponent knows you’re gonna throw, which increases the amount of INTs for almost any QB except for the some of the most elite (Brady, Wilson, Brees, etc.).

    Balance has always been key.

    The difference in our team record when we run 20 – 25+ a game, versus running less than 20 times a game tells the whole story.

    You need balance on offense, and you need balance as a team. Last week offense and defense played complete games, and we got the win. And while I understand Atlanta is a bad team, they had been red hot the last few weeks wit wins over some very talented teams like New Orleans.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Unbelievable … What’s interesting to me is that Jameis has thrown 2 or fewer INTs in all 4 Bucs’ wins. He also threw 2 or fewer INTs in the Titans game (we should’ve won that one), in the Giants game (we should’ve won that one), and in the Seattle game (we should’ve won that one also). IF that had happened (and yes, I know it didn’t, but IF it had), we’d be 7-4 right now and in the playoff hunt … with an improving defense.

    IOW, we lost 3 games that were perfectly winnable in which Jameis threw 2 or fewer INTs. We’ve lost every game in which he’s thrown 3 or more INTs … pretty hard to come back from that. And in fact we were never really in any of those games, BECAUSE of the excessive turnovers IMO. All 3 of those games were against very good defenses, and Jameis struggles against those it seems. A BALANCED ATTACK would certainly help in those cases.

  22. Kobe Faker Says:

    Nice stats DR

    But more and more every year the true meaning of “Running” gets skewed and misunderstood

    Kobe believes “playcalling” and the importance and its effects of winning and losing will be more and more aware to the public and fans

    what does a run play on first down do? how does it affect the next 2 plays? do explosive plays mean pts? going on 4th down. QB sneak or not? what does double digit lead really mean? run or pass to convert 3rd down?

    Elliot/Dallas and cook/Minn has probably best 2 run games. some games they are irrelevant but win. some games they have monster running production but lose.

    we are in the years of the importance of “playcaller”. There might not be a better example than the LSU/playcaller Brady this year. the run happy LSU lighting it up under a ex saints play designer

    another story of the effectiveness importance of “playcalling” is the Lamar Jackson/Roman tandem that is destroying defenses in the NFL

    just saying running will not produce wins for our Bucs. Leftover can have ROJO gain 7 yards on 1st down and we have to kick because Leftwich cant get 3 yards in the next to runs

    using the run and setting up the run to move downfield to score points is truly a gift for the elite playcallers

    Kobe remember the 80s and 90s football and you ran the ball continuously from the 20 to the endzone with all the great past runningbacks

    those days are completely gone and relevant in todays game

  23. miken Says:

    BA never disects the passes that would have been picks but the defender drops. I think the Jags have packed it in for the year so its another W for the Bucs Sunday!!!!

  24. TOM Says:

    Bucs should dominate the Jags by at least two touchdowns

  25. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Five games left.If the Bucs win three, than it is a tossup with Jameis. If the Bucs win four of the remaining games than give Jameis a one year prove it deal.If the Bucs win all five than give him a new contract.Some say that other teams will offer Jameis a four year 80 million dollar contract at the end of this season.I am not ready to buy this story!!!!!!

  26. 813bucboi Says:


    great post….

    imo the key is limiting TOs…..

    the strength of our offense is passing which isnt a bad thing unless your turning the ball over….

    we can have a balanced but if the QB is giving the opposing team extra possessions everything goes out the window….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Kobe … You obviously ‘get it’. Few nowadays seem to understand the importance of game-planning & play-calling. Instead they focus on execution. Myself, I love the strategy & tactics part of the game (OK, game-planning & play-calling). It makes a monstrous difference (I think that’s why I’m so impressed with Sean Payton … he gets it, even more IMO than Bill Belicheck, Andy Reid, Sean McVay & a few others IMO).

    The idea of a BALANCED ATTACK translates to OPTIONS in my mind. Picking the right OPTION at the right time is still critical, but if you don’t have the options (like a solid running game), then you’re very limited in how you can respond. To me, it’s not about ‘running the ball continuously’ but rather about being unpredictable and causing the defense to hesitate for just that split second in their attack based on what they’re seeing develop. That split second hesitation is all it takes to whoop ’em.

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    813bucboi … BA said at the start of the year that 1 turnover was ‘acceptable’ in his offense. Actually I think that 2 turnovers can be acceptable IF our defense becomes a Top-10 defense, and IF the turnovers don’t all occur early in the games. But 3 or more turnovers will result in a loss almost every time, and especially against good defenses.

    Balanced to me means about a 45% run to 55% pass on a seasonal basis. Against some teams (Jacksonville may be one) Bucs should emphasize the run. Against some other teams (with weak pass defenses), we should emphasize the pass. I personally prefer a lot of short passing because the higher completion percentages (typically) keep the clock rolling (thus higher TOP) and because you can get the RBs more involved & more ‘in space’ (love watching RBs like McCaffrey & Kamara for that very reason).

    RoJo BTW has turned into an outstanding pass catcher (80.8% so far this year is awesome, and significantly better than Peyton’s 62.5% or Dare’s 72.7%). Kamara BTW is catching at a 88.2% clip and McCaffrey is at 82.9% catch percentage. Impressive on both; almost as safe as handing it off, but with a much bigger payoff. Hmmm, wonder if having Payton as your play-caller & Brees as your QB has anything to do with that.

  29. DooshLaRue Says:


    Ndog was such a patsy cuz during game day thread he admitted the pass was horrible. Then Mark Schlereth, and his horrible assessment, said Mike ran a bad route. That was it. Ndog was slobbering all over that knob when that was said.

    I said this on the other posts, that was a horrible throw by Jameis. His reaction time is slow as molasses. Trufant was trailing and had the inside track on the ball, so the ball should either have been thrown over Trufant’s head or not thrown at all. The pass literally was guided beautifully right into Trufant’s hands.


    I know, right.
    I called ndipsh!t out on this the other day.
    That guy is PATHETIC.

    He’s an average to below average QB sprinkled in with some great throws. But, it’s really anyone’s guess whether he does enough to win or does enough to lose. That’s not a QB I’m paying big bucks for.

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    To further cement your case Defense Rules, Eric Weddle after the Ravens beat-down said,”Half the time,I didn’t even know who had the ball!”
    Talk about getting your rear end handed to you!

  31. Old Sombrero Says:

    Don’t do that again? Coach if you have to tell a player at this level don’t do that again it’s time to embrace reality – he ain’t all that bright. When you touch the stove and it’s hot and you burn you’re hand it should take just once and you know not to do that again. Jameis likes to reach for the stove thinking maybe it won’t be hot this time unlike the 50 previous times.

  32. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis had 2 fumbles lost to go with 2 interceptions in Titans game – 4 turnovers- Bucs didn’t lose that game because of D.

    Jameis’ turnovers have cost Bucs 3 games- 49ers, 2nd Panthers, Titans.
    And his poor play and D’s poor play in 2nd half cost them Giants game

    And you’re right, Bucs should be 7-4

  33. Kobe Faker Says:

    “That Trufant INT was the most idiotic play design in modern NFL. 10 out of 10 times it will not be completed

    BA/BL has too many timing plays where the QB and receiver have to guess right at the same time. this crap dont work in the modern NFL

    look at every damn pass play. Its all congested except the outside go route

    the wr screen to godwin is a clusterfk

    OJ is having a hard time catching 15 yard contested passes. Dump the ball to OJ and he will yac it to the endzone

    *No more go routes for MeMe. they always have a safety on top

    the top offensive coords, playcallers, and Kobe Faker laugh at Leftover

    Why dont no one listen to me”

    Kobe Faker

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Alanbucsfan … Those 3 games (Giants, Titans, Seahawks) were there for the taking. But we fought our way through the threat of victory and managed to lose. Jameis’ 10 INTs in the 49ers/Panthers/Titans games obviously had a major adverse impact on us losing, but so did coaching. And maybe even more-so. One of those 3 games (Titans) was within our grasp near the end, but we blew it. Jameis’ INTs put us out of contention much earlier in the 49ers game & in the Panthers London game. But we still had a decent chance to win near the end of the Giants game & the Seahawks game, but coaching had a major impact in those losses also IMO. Such is life in Bucsville I guess.

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    Why dont no one listen to me”

    Kobe Faker

    because tmax is your brother and realist is you sister…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Defense, two of the games with more than two picks were due precisely because the team was behind and in desperation mode. If the team is down a score or two with under two minutes and its 4th down the QB sometimes has to simply chuck it and hope someone catches it. He has had two games where there were very late picks and it was do or die for the offense. I don’t have a real problem with those as they will happen. I also understand that several picks this year are not on Jameis (ex is the OJ behind the back dribble). However, the early picks like last week were just unforced errors and need to stop. I honestly think Jameis is our best option going forward because we can score enough to win with him as our QB. No journeyman out there is better than him, and drafted QBs fail at a very high rate. If we pick somewhere between 10-15 you would definitely be gambling by drafting a QB there. As a fan my hope is simply for JW to reduce the turnovers. The offensive production is outstanding and I want that to continue.

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    @Kobe … “Why dont no one listen to me”. Come on Kobe, no begging. I do agree with you though about play designs. Far too many congested (and contested) passes, and it has to be the route design. OJ’s got good speed, Godwin has good speed, and ME13 is great at body positioning. And yet, most passes to all 3 of them seem to be in tight coverage, even against meh defenses.

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    TDTB … You make some excellent points, and I agree about picks like the ‘OJ dribble’. More than 1 have happened like that this year (and in past years). But it’s not like Jameis is the only QB in the league that happens to. I’m a believer that ‘bad picks’ balance out within the league over time.

    Besides, that wasn’t a well-thrown ball by any means. OJ, being a competitor like Jameis is, did his absolute best I believe to bring it in. Unfortunately, catching balls behind your back is rarely practiced I’m sure, and it ended in disaster. So did the jump pass. Jameis has thrown a LOT of passes that SHOULD have been intercepted, but weren’t. Why? Not sure, but I think that he lacks ‘touch’ on the close passes, and on the intermediate & deep ones it’s hard for any QB to be consistently accurate I’m sure. And he throws a LOT of intermediate & deep passes.

    I really do think he’s improving and would improve much more with a better ‘cast of characters’ around him. I still think though TDTB that money drives the decision. How do we pay for a better offense & defense next year and STILL pay Jameis what he & his agent will most likely be asking? And if we pay him say $27-$30 mil, how do we afford the cost of building a better team than we now have? (at last look, we’re not playoff-bound this year). We can’t have it all; we saw that this year … no depth anyplace, couldn’t re-sign several guys it would’ve been nice to keep, several starters questionable (at a time when we NEEDED at least a veteran CB & safety, but couldn’t afford them). Pay Jameis more & next year will be even worse. Yup, a conundrum.

  39. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    The O.J. pick actually was perfectly thrown and hit him right in the numbers. You may be confusing it with some of his poorly thrown balls which he definitely has done, but that pass was not one of them. Very surprised with OJs struggles this year.

  40. orlbucfan Says:

    OJ and Brate are rusty. Their numbers are rarely called in receiving plays. One reason why I’m not sold on BA.

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules one thing that’s always been true of Winston is that he throws some of the hardest balls in the league…… terms of velocity (MPH) because of this is does make it harder to get some picks off of him and naturally gets away with some. That would be my answer to your why question above.

    And you are 100% spot on that the bad picks balance themselfs out. Same with the picks he gets away with. That’s why it’s completely fair to look at his total INT numbers and judge him on it.

    I’m getting sick and tired of some fans putting every turnover under a microscope and trying to act like we can subtract some that aren’t his fault. While some are not his fault it doesn’t make him a better QB to do this excersise. That’s because all INTs balance themselfs out for all 32 QBs in the league……….Winston is not in some unique situation where he’s the only QB in the league that has OL breakdowns or bad WR routes. Trying to excuse these turnovers is just that……a excuse.

    At the end of the day you gotta ouplay your opponent. If your INTS are double theirs that’s a major disadvantage. And it don’t matter if some weren’t your fault cause the same applies to your opponent. Theirs balance out just the same.

    Now if somebody wanna do a study of every QB in the league and the hunderds of INTs and tell us how many they get excused for compared to Winston then maybe I’ll listen. But until then the excuse making has got me on tilt and it’s driving me crazy and I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat over in and I’m losing sleep.

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    ***END RANT***

  43. Bucnjim Says:

    Defense rules:
    I pretty much come on here now to read your input or rebuttal because you do it with facts and without drama or emotion. All extremely well written and even take the opposing side when they have proven their case. The Joe’s should be reading your posts closely on how to take emotional opinions out of the equation and using the simplest of facts to make a point.

  44. BucsBandit Says:

    Defense Rules,

    Nice stats analysis. It basically proves that Jameis is NOT as good against better Defenses…

    Meaning, Jameis Winston’s NFL QB skills are exposed against above average teams.


  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Bucnjim……I pretty much come here for the rants and meltdowns. It entertains me:) To each his own I guess.

    GO BUCS!!!

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    Bandit … Just speculation, but I’d bet that the vast majority of NFL QBs are not as good against the better defenses. Just a guess, but I suspect that the primary reason they’re ‘the better defenses’ is because they’re CONSISTENT, against all QBs.

  47. jmarkbuc Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a HC take the time to explain away a QB’s INT’s, justified or not.

    Our standards are low here.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    BucnJim … I appreciate the kind words, and I pretty much feel the same way about a lot of the commenters on (and especially the Joe’s BTW … they get me thinking, which is always dangerous my wife says). My sport growing up & in college was ice hockey, but I always viewed football as the ultimate TEAM sport for some reason. And especially at the NFL level. Making all the ‘parts’ work together to achieve a win is intriguing to me, more-so than any other sport IMO.

    I had the distinct honor for over 25 years of working with some great leaders in my Air Force flying career who taught me that nothing’s ever as good as it appears OR as bad as it appears. Building a true TEAM requires knowing your strengths AND your weaknesses, then building forward from there. The Bucs truly have some outstanding players IMO, just not enough over these past several years. We’ve had difficulty overcoming our weaknesses, and especially compensating for injuries when they occur. Quality depth is critical to any team, and that’s been a major weakness over the years for us (quality depth costs $$$ and we’ve put our money into the starters, oftentimes overpaying it seems).

    I love sound, quality, smash-mouth football and I think we’re getting closer to the day when we’ll see more & more of that. This year really excited me, more because we hired Todd Bowles as our DC than anything else believe it or not. I firmly believe that he was the mastermind in structuring this defense as it is (it has HIS fingerprints all over it IMO), and that once these youngsters gain sufficient experience, this Bucs’ defense will be special … a Top-10 defense. Time will tell though.

  49. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Jameis Moves The Needle. Especially when he threads throws to Godwin for long TDs.

  50. ElBajito43 Says:

    Winston throws wobbly NON-Spirals with a SIDE of LARGE WINDUP from the pitchers mound and a LARGE RECEIVER STARE DOWN SHAKE

    GTFO you guys are pathetic who like this QB

  51. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    JW isnt worth 25-30 million a year period …..