Would Boos Matter?

October 20th, 2019

“Our fans are our stockholders. They’re what we play for — the people in our stadium and the ones that watch on TV. That’s what it’s all about: winning and how they feel about the team. If they don’t feel good about the team, then there’s something wrong. . . I think you all know the sense that’s out there. It was time for a change.” Team Glazer, following the firing of Jon Gruden in January 2009.

We’re 60 starts into Jameis Winston’s NFL career, so it’s rather sad that most Bucs fans are riddled with discomfort when it comes to the future of their starting quarterback.

Jameis has fans who want him to get a long-term, contract extension immediately. But those folks are in the minority and they don’t appear to work at One Buc Palace.

Yes, Team Glazer and the lesser powers at team headquarters are holding off on putting a $100 million contract in front of America’s Quarterback. They want to see consistent, quality play before they open the vault.

Joe is sometimes asked what would happen if Jameis starts getting booed at home games. Would it matter when it comes to his future in Tampa, fans ask Joe?

Joe’s answer is simple: of course. Just look at the quote above.

It’s scary to think of owners making football personnel decisions, and it’s just as scary to think of fans calling the football shots, but Joe isn’t naive enough to think Jameis’ likability factor in the Tampa Bay area won’t factor into the decision to retain him as the Bucs’ long-term quarterback.

Jameis is lucky his meltdown against the Panthers was in London. Frankly, he might not have recovered if 50,000 Bucs fans had paid to see him generate six turnovers in his 60th start.

Joe can’t say how much Team Glazer cares whether their team is beloved and or how much it matters to them if their face-of-the-franchise guy is popular. But they are human. There is a point at which it will be a difference-maker in their decisions.

One thing Joe is looking forward to is the Bucs’ chance to really right their ship at home this season. Following trips to Tennessee and Seattle, the Bucs will have a five home games with which to get the team firmly on the upswing.

If the Bucs have a losing record in the second half of this season, Joe would expect Team Glazer to demand all kinds of changes in the offseason, assuming they care if fans “feel good about the team.”

55 Responses to “Would Boos Matter?”

  1. Pete I Says:

    The vast majority of fans in the stands today are wearing the other teams jerseys. So they won’t be booing Winston, why would they? He is likely delivering them a reason to cheer.

    If you can cut through those cheers you may hear the sound of booing which are bucs fans, assuming they care enough to expend the energy…

    The Glazer kids aren’t smart enough to know the difference or concerned enough to care.

    Jameis “meaningless stats” Winston is safe from this silly reason he may be jettisoned like the waste of 5 years he has been

  2. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Boo the collective local media for their silence at this point …for the owners ,the GM and Jameis…
    Jameis is too nice to Boo…he is doing the best he can…he will never be any different in particular accuracy
    Steve Duemig and Chris Thomas….
    I guess access to the free chow line @ OBP is more important

  3. tickrdr Says:

    Agree with Pete I.
    It has been a long time since RJS had 50,000 BUCS fan in the stands.
    I gave up my season tickets a few years ago now.
    Even back then, it seemed there were more fans of the opponents, than rooting for the Bucs, especially if the opponents were from east of the Mississippi.
    The diehards on this site do not reflect the general apathy among the casual fans. While you may root for the name on the front of the jersey, I think it really helps to like the names on the back of the jersey as well. Jameis Winston is obviously the most polarizing player on the team, at least on this site, but even amongst the more casual fans, I believe he is wearing out his welcome.


  4. Buc believer Says:

    Optimistic number there Joe at 50,000! Maybe if we were playing a team that travels well or a north east team where turncoat fans change their jerseys.

  5. Jim Says:

    Joe is a bit too emotionally invested in Winston. In a stadium full of Bucs fans, few if any would boo Winston, in fact it’s doubtful any who would would even be there. There are many fans that feel the Bucs need to explore their options at QB, that’s all.

  6. Slugglife Says:

    Never forget the $9 piss warm beer and the overpriced cardboard they call food. There’s nothing special about RJS anymore.

    The mystique left with Gruden, Barber, Brooks, Alstott and Sapp.

  7. Slugglife Says:

    Among others.

  8. BucDan Says:

    As soon as they decide to go to Ryan Griffin during a multiple turnover game, it’s over ala Tannehill for Mariota. And I’m not sure that Griffin is the answer either.

    Plenty of fans in the stands rep Winston jerseys. But there were plenty of Mark Sanchez jerseys in NY, so that’s not saying much for actual play on the field.

    In my eyes Jameis is a middle of the league QB. It’s a shame that the rest of the team has not been able to be developed through drafting to be able to compliment his skills, or lack thereof.

    Best players on defense are mostly FAs: Nassib, Suh, Barrett, Minter.

    I know that scouts don’t get everything right about a player, but how does the team whiff on every defensive back that has been drafted? And the team has been playing with the same depth at LB for too long. Minter has been great, but it would be nice to see internal development.

    OLine is decent but absolutely no depth and haven’t kept drafting at the positions of need: C, RT/LT/Swing T

    WR depth drops off like an anvil after 1 and 2, with no development of players currently on the roster.

    Lots on Winston, but the team management has been absolutely abysmal.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    This is actually a fascinating topic Joe. No, not booing Jameis, but underneath is the question ‘Has the Jameis-Decision been made yet’? That was after all THE key question going into this year for the Glazers & for BA.

    Personally think that the Glazers already know how they’ll APPROACH answering that question, but that the final answer is still open. They know who Jameis is by now, and so does BA. And so do almost all of those Bucs fans you reference. No sense in beating that dead horse.

    Glazers WON’T commit $200 mil or even $100 mil (plus) to a long-term contract for Jameis. They’re businessmen, not fools. That type of money, given our other problems, doesn’t make a lick of sense. They WON’T franchise tag him either … too expensive for yet another try-before-buy evaluation. I’m thinking that at best they’ll offer him a 2-3 year contract in the neighborhood of $15 mil annually (give or take) … with escape clauses and only 1 year guaranteed. Jameis MAY decide NOT to bite on something like that, and to dive into the FA waters. Good luck to him at that point.

    BUT … the Glazers could just as easily choose to cut bait and move on (they’ve seen enough?). In any event, UNLESS we end up this year with a Top-5 pick, I don’t think we’d draft a replacement QB in the 1st round. Too many other needs, and we’d be picking too far down. Tend to think instead that they’ll sign a quality veteran QB (maybe someone LIKE Bridgewater) to run the show next year, and to potentially serve as a backup for future years. 2021 is a more likely year for the Bucs drafting a new franchise QB, although we MAY pick one up lower down in 2020 if one that BA likes falls into his lap. In any event, it’ll be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.

  10. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Is Jameis Tennessee ready?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The decision IS made: Jameis Winston is not returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. That IS the decision. That is why there is no contract or contract talks so far. Something extraordinary needs to happen to change that decision. That is, the owners must be convinced Winston is NOT the same guy he’s been. Ladies and gents, don’t confuse Arians saying “he doesn’t have to be Superman” or “Don’t try to the be the franchise guy” as not being what the owners want and DO expect. Those are merely statements from a HC to and about his current QB to get Winston to settle down. Make no mistake, the Glazers do not share that philosophy in the strategic sense. Winston needs to breathe life into the fan base, not separate it or continuously frustrate it. A Glazers-Bucs franchise QB needs to be admired nationally and locally, fill seats, “sell” the Bucs. It is a fact Winston does none of this, and probably won’t. Too many Winston supporters have been blind to this reality. Put large amounts of garbage yards and empty stats behind for moment and look at the bigger picture. The decision will be finalized within the next six games yield similar record/results to the first six. If the Bucs enter the last quarter of the season at 4-8 or some other telling QB debacle, the last quarter of this season doesn’t matter. That is why I laugh and smh when I see reporters say he still has 10 games. No he does not. Mike Freeman’s report is accurate. On the notion of fans booing Winston. That is not Bucs fans nature at game though exceptions have existed for Aguayo-like performances, like Winston put on last week in London. But don’t confuse boos as a major factor in decision; instead, it is a symptom of an underlying current the Glazers are pulsing. In short, when it gets to booing, it’s already over.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Enter next the Winston supporters’ jabs at the “stupidity” of Bucs fans or the even the owners, even joining in on the site operator’s question of if the Glazers care. That is frankly, a silly question. These owners have made some mistakes, one of them being putting it all down on Winston. Some say the O line or Pass D are problems, not Winston and fault Bucs fans and Bucs decisionmakers for not seeing that. They do see it. To be correct, those things are ALSO problems. Still, over NFL history, charismatic leaders can carry their teams for a few years when all else is bad. From Archie Manning to Peyton Manning, from LeeRoy Selmon to OBJ, fans can tolerate teams with a face of the franchise they like. But the minute that guy turns them off, fans are DONE. Winston hurt the franchise as well himself with his own image issues. So the Glazers will clean house, expecting their QB whisperer and GM to know what they want moving forward and make it happen. A poser above refers to “business” and this is exactly that this is. Those trying to see Winston with stats and pointing to other problems have never gotten it. The Bucs have constantly overused “a new day in Tampa Bay.” The fear is if they don’t believe it this time when a new QB is drafted.

  13. Oneilbucs Says:

    I’m ready for Jamies to leave this trash franchise and fan base. When you are drafted to bad teams and bad organization this is what happens. They make the quarterback the scapegoat. Now Mariota was in a better position. The titans build a defense and running game for him .Titans are ranked number 3 in scoring defense which means they don’t give up many points a game. Our GM is trash and building a team. He put Jamies in a bad position with those draft picks. Jamies has never had a running game and still don’t have one cause they refuse to run the guy that can run. So my question is when they do bring in another quarterback and we still lose then who are yall going to blame????

  14. Anonymous Says:

    If the Bucs come back to play ARI and are 2-6 and the expected 45K actually come to the game, Winston will be decidedly already done. And it doesn’t matter if he was a factor in the (next two) losses or not. Do not discount the possibility of the Bucs unloading him in a trade if he has a second consecutive bad game in TEN. A small segment would blast that a hasty decision while many (and probably most of the national media and analysts) would laud that that as “it’s about time” and finally Winston (with whatever pick or player his banishment would bring) did something to actually help the Bucs. Over the longer term, this would likel prove to be a great decision. What QB would replace him in the meantime? Doesn’t matter. That question would be irrelevent, as the Bucs would internallly know expectations are zero for 2019 and ticket buying fans would be looking to the draft. Don’t lose sight on how the last games with 2014 went on the perspective for winning that year. And who was the GM? And who has an extended contract (win or lose this year)?

  15. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    I’m a season ticket holder and I can tell you most of us usually boo the defense or refs who usually screw us. Most that go to the games like myself actually are least concerned about Jameis. Now I can tell you if he plays like he did again in London then boos would be likely. I enjoy watching Jameis just wish our defense could stop teams to not make us feel like we have to score every drive or get a 21 point lead…

  16. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “There is a dictatorship at 1 buc place

    What BA wants , he gets

    Since he is the smartest guy in the room he is never wrong will admit he is wrong

    He wants his coaches hired, he wants odd walking dead ala tom Moore paid, he wants to be known as changing society by hiring black coordinators and female coaches etc

    There is no checks and balances nor accountability

    This is no doubt a dictatorship. All hail our Kangol King

    *The Glaser boys are scared of The Kangol King”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  17. Anonymous Says:

    “Oneilbucs” is a perfect example of not understanding how things work. To answer his question, the blame will go to whoever is responsible, including the new QB and others complicit.

    Many miss the fact that other players and coaches who didn’t meet standards are gone now. And when they can afford more changes on those who deserve to be gone, they will be too. For sure, many personnel and priority mistakes have been made on the Bucs. Drafting and keeping Winston too long is but one of them.

    This is understandable. A company hits hard times and does layoffs. It is understandable and human that some people say “yes, but why me?” (or their spouse other loved ones).

  18. BucsBandit Says:


    Stop spouting your debunked nonsense to defend Winston at all costs.

    Let’s go over this for the 1,000,000th time…

    In Jameis first year, Doug Martin rushed for an incredible 1,400+ yards and nearly 1,700 yards from scrimmage and went to the Pro Bowl. Winston that year threw for over 4,000 yards but had the same massive turnover ratio he has this season and has a nearly identical QB rating this year.

    That year with one of the best running games in the NFL, Winston led the Bucs to a whopping SIX total wins.

    So enough of this “he’s never had a good running game” LIE. He had one and performs just as crappy as he is now 4+ years later. It’s the same Jameis.

    I know, I know… you’ll make excuses and say he was just a rookie (even though you won’t use that in an argument about this 4,000 passing yards that season). Or you’ll blame it on our Defense or coaching or some other excuse like you Winston-homers love to do.

    The guy just isn’t a good NFL QB. He’s too inconsistent and turnover prone. His turnover contribute to a tired Defense and bad field position.

    All the ‘data’ and reality about Jameis Winston is right in front of you if you’re willing to put your cognitive bias aside. He’s just not that good.

  19. Bculaw Says:

    @Anonymous – I’m a big JW supporter, but your post at 9:01 AM is spot on. The sad part is that it has taken 5 years for the HC to try to get JW to play within a system and not be Superman. The recipe for grooming a QBs is simple: run the ball effectively, create a QB-friendly scheme and a clean pocket when your QB does throw, and play defense while the young QB grows into the role. This was the plan year one, but the plan quickly changed under DK’s watch. We couldn’t run, couldn’t protect, and couldn’t play defense (or special teams for that matter), all in an offensive scheme that demanded a lot from the QB position. Add a very immature JW to that mix, while expecting him to be the “face of the franchise” after all of the off the field trouble and distractions from college, and this marriage has been doomed from the start.

    I do believe it is time to start over. Im not sure this staff is the one you want in place when you start over, and I hope that, whoever is in place, will fix the rest of the team’s major issues (o-line talent and depth, secondary, pass rush) before expecting any rookie to come in and make a difference. I also hope that we will follow “the recipe” for our rookie when, and if, that day arrives. That’s the only way the outcome of the “Winston debate” will even matter.

    Winston will sign with the Pats and back up Brady for 2 seasons while learning to play in a QB friendly system behind a stout o-line and will thrive. Because … well, we are the Bucs.

  20. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    LOL … Belicheat would NEVER have Jameis on his roster…. his offense is based on accuracy and timing, quick reads …I’ll stop there

  21. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:


  22. Phil Says:

    I have been a big Jameis supporter since before he got here but after the turd he laid in London no way we can resign him. Time to move on.

  23. Hodad Says:

    All the owners need to see is a half full stadium cheering for the other team. That should be by the next home game. The Glazers are like the three monkeys. One has his hands over his mouth, the others over their ears, and eyes. That’s a perfect picture of our owners.

  24. Locked In Says:

    “Yes, Team Glazer and the lesser powers at team headquarters are holding off on putting a $100 million contract in front of America’s Quarterback. They want to see consistent, quality play before they open the vault.”

    At this point, with 10 games left this season and the track record of the previous years, they are not going to see that. What’s the best they can hope for? 6 quality games out of the remaining 10? 2 average and 2 disasters? 4 quality, 4 average, 2 disasters? What would it take?

  25. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    in other news gruden is a pretty good football coach… and will pull an upset today in green bay

  26. BrianBucs Says:

    It is very obvious that the vast majority of Bucs fans do not want Winston as the starting QB here, and most of those don’t even want him on the roster.
    I could sit here and give you a dozen reasons why the Bucs should move on from Winston, and none why they should not. But since we are on the fans subject, just look at Ray Jay. It keeps getting more empty by the game (except for the other team’s fans) and the fan base is shrinking. Not to mention the large number of Bucs fans now laying dormant just waiting to have something to cheer about and come back.
    It is still mind boggling that the Bucs drafted such a polarizing figure with all of the Red flags that followed him and tried to make him the face of their franchise.
    It has been reported that the Bucs have sent people to scout the QB coming out of Oregon. Maybe that should tell us something.
    The Bucs made their bed with Winston, now they are having to lay in it.

  27. Bob in Valrico Says:

    IN four years ,there hasn’t been enough growth in Jameis. He just isn’t the leader that they thought he was. On and off the field he has made some mistakes, for the most part he escaped the more serious off field Judgement
    issues, but even on the field he lacks judgement at times. Your franchise QB
    should not go on the field and create a fracas by poking an opposing player in the back of the helmet or headbutting another opposing player.
    Years ago Talib said Jameis was so predictable you just had to wait for him to lock onto a receiver. It”s still happening, and that is inexcusable for a franchise QB of his experience.

  28. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    The only thing worth going to RJS anymore for is the hot girls who dress up as wenches and walk around, and even they are a dying breed.

    Glazers need to go to 2001 and mons and hire some daytime workers to fill the role because the old fan passion is on life support.

  29. NPRSageBoy Says:

    It’s only a matter of time before the trashbag wearing fans start showing up en mass.

  30. firethecannons Says:

    Time to move on from Winston, getting hard to read anything regarding him, he has had enough opportunity already, there are much much better options in the 2020 draft. Impressed with joe Burro and Jalen Hurts. These guys are excellent and are making Saturday good football.

  31. NPRSageBoy Says:

    JayMiss was doomed every since that first pick 6 against Tennessee.

  32. BringBucsBack Says:

    Spare us the platitudes, G-boys! We are not shareholders so, we can’t possibly be “stock”holders and we dang sure don’t profit from the fine “product” you put on the field that, we happened to buy for you! Unless of course you are willing to profit-share. No, you say? I’m surprised! All hail capitalism!

    Please, just sell the team to Eddie DeBartelo.

    We can lose eleven games without a $30 mil.-per-year QB. The Bucs must and will draft a QB in next years draft!

  33. John Sinclear Says:

    Just a thought I have not seen or heard mentioned. Winston is in his fifth year. He is now vested in the NFL retirement fund. He can easily just quit football, save his body, and go to baseball. Simple as that.

  34. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    The GBoyz will get a chance to see their second rookie QB this year when the Cardinals come to town… just saying

  35. Oneilbucs Says:

    Anonymous. The thing is that you and Bucbanid don’t know nothing about football. You count 1 year that we had a running game since Jamies been here lol lol lol . And where was we ranked on defense that year 32 right. And yes Jamies was just a rookie just like Murray this year just like Payton was with the Colts. Payton threw 6 interceptions in one game. But Payton had Bill Polian as his GM Jamies got a dummy for his . And let me tell you this if AZ don’t build the team right Muarry will go through the same thing Jamies is going through. If the Jets don’t build their team right it will be the same thing. You see Jamies played bad last week and I can agree with that. But I know Jamies is all we need at quarterback to win. But it takes a team to win !!! Look at the Chiefs without a running game . Look at Goff now with out a running game now yall use to bring up Goof but look at him now. If you can’t run the ball and play defense you are going to lose regardless of who the quarterback is. Lol lol lol you guys hate for Jamies is to funny. But if Jamies plays like he did last year those last 6 games you guys are going to be upset so keep hoping he fails and the team lose so you can get what you want and that’s to lose with another quarterback. This is a losing team just like McCoy said and ain’t no 1 quarterback is going to change that. Defense wins championships not quarterbacks dummy’s!!! Lol lol lol lol

  36. Oneilbucs Says:

    John I agree with you if the bucs move on from him he should go play baseball that’s the smart thing to do business wise. If I was him I would. He said that Baseball was still in his plans!!!

  37. Buccfan37 Says:

    Patience does not mean to last forever. Patience has worn thin. Patience is past it’s expiration date.

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It would be very low-class to boo a player on the team. Fans should be hoping for improvement, not rebelling on a player.

    Here’s how I look at it: The season will play out the way it is meant to. After that, THEN we’ll know what’s up. Until then, I’m hoping for this team to turn things around. That means the players, all of the players, will get better…including Winston.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BringBucsBack Says
    “Please, just sell the team to Eddie DeBartelo.”

    DeBartelo will never own an NFL team again. You may as well give up on that dream. The NFL already rejected him in the past as an owner.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not to mention Eddie DeBartelo is 72 years old and that means he would not be the owner for long.

  41. tickrdr Says:

    Logical reasoning and excellent posts! Kudos to you, sir!


  42. tickrdr Says:

    I also believe that Jameis Winston does not have 10 games left in his “tryout”.
    IIRC, TampaBayBucFan said it first, and I agree that he has at MOST 6 mores games to “light it up”, or else they will plan to draft a QB next year, and let Ryan Griffin play the last 3 to 4 games just to finally see what he can do, and what to do with him going forward.


  43. Jean Lafitte Says:

    who cares anymore

  44. DB55 Says:

    One thing I think we can all agree on based on history is that no matter what decision the Bucs make it will be the wrong decision. 11 years and counting…..

    I think many of Winston’s homers including myself would welcome cherish and applaud the release or trade of Jameis Winston.

  45. Oneilbucs Says:

    DB55 you are right I’m one of them . And watch we still going to lose with are without Jamies and with a new quarterback lol lol lol .

  46. BucsBandit Says:


    No surprise you have more excuses for Jameis. You said he’s “never had a good running game” and I proved how that wasn’t true. He had one of the best running games in the NFL and still turned the call over more than anyone else.

    And stop using our Defense as an excuse. They’re not on the field when he has the ball. They have nothing to do with his turnovers or inability to convert in the red zone. Or inability to be productive early in games (he always racks up yards late in games).

    Sorry, but he sucks. You can’t say just because the team is bad the QB gets a free pass. A bad QB is a bad QB.

  47. Oneilbucs Says:

    Bucsbandit ok that’s why we ranke number 3 in offensive scoring cause he can’t score points. Lol lol lol you people are just stupid. I said he had a running game only 1 time in his career. But again where was the defense ranked ??? Now what about the other years??? When Jamies leave this trash fan base and franchise watch the next quarterback come in and have the same problems and you will be blaming him next cause if you can’t run the ball and play good defense you are going to lose!!!!! Go learn about football before you have a comment about the game!!!!

  48. BucsBandit Says:


    The points scored stat is misleading. So much of our scoring is in the 2nd half when the game was already out of reach. Like the TDs in London after being down 3 scores due to Jameis’ turnovers and the meaningless TD to Godwin against the Saints late in the game when we down 2 scores and the game was already over.

  49. July Joe Says:

    If the Glazers offer Jameis a big contract, would anyone be surprised if he says, “NO THANKS, I WANT TO BE A FREE AGENT”?

    I wouldn’t.

    The fan base is filled with idiots.

    The media is TERRIBLE (and NO, I’m not talking about this website)

    The team STILL has one of the worst defenses in the entire league.

    The O-Line still sucks.

    The run game is still in the bottom 1/3 of the league.

    And JW is still being asked to drop back 50+ times in any given game.


    It might be best for JW and Tampa if JW goes and signs with a QUALITY ORGANIZATION and the Bucs sign an old vet on his last legs, like Philip Rivers.

    In fact, heck, maybe JW can sign with the Chargers and the Bucs can sign Rivers in the offseason. JW could become the best QB two different franchises ever had (the Chargers have never won a SB) and the Bucs could whine about Rivers throwing picks in bunches and not being able to escape sacks, for a year or two and then watch him retire and go into the HOF as a Charger and trash Tampa on his way out for being a joke franchise?

    That sounds fine to me.

  50. Vico Says:

    Reports say the Glazers (or some Glazers) might be selling their shares of Man U.

  51. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    I cannot believe you stupid fans blame Jameis !!!! Oh….call me stupid.

  52. BucsBandit Says:

    LOL @ July Joe!

    Seriously? If the Bucs offer Winston an extension he’ll sign it in 2 seconds. He and his agent know he’s not going to get a big offer from another team.

    You think our fan base is terrible? DUDE… do you realize if Winston played for any other larger market team there would be CUT WINSTON billboards put up and boycotts until he was removed the team.

    The Bucs fan base is pretty tame compared to others. If you think we’re being hard on Winston you haven’t seen anything.

    If anything, the Tampa Bay fans are TOO EASY on Winston and too easy to give him chance after chance after chance yet to get burned again and again.

  53. July Joe Says:


    ^ Name ONE other QB, not just in the NFL right now, but in THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE NFL that has ever been called a “bust” and had idiot fans like you and Morgus wanting to run him out of town, and his own local media write hit pieces on him constantly, that by his 5th season in the NFL was the ALL-TIME leader in team history in both career passing yards & TDs and was also #2 ALL-TIME in NFL HISTORY in both career passing yards and passing touchdowns by his age?

    NO OTHER QB IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL has been treated as bad by his local fan base as Jameis Winston. NAME ONE that has his above credentials that was treated worse. I’ll wait.

    As for JW being quick to sign an offer … BS … it wouldn’t shock me at all if he AND HIS AGENT want him to hit free agency just so he can escape the terrible franchise that is the Bucs and their terrible fan-base and media. It worked for Steve Young, Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer, Tampa is where QBs have historically went to die … and when they leave they are reborn … but much of the fan-base stays as stupid as ever.

  54. July Joe Says:

    If JW hits free agency, the following teams will be ALL-IN on signing him:

    Broncos (This is Flacco’s last year under contract)
    Chargers (Rivers didn’t get extended)
    Raiders (Carr’s contract is easy to move on from)
    Bengals (This is Dalton’s last year under contract – Winston would say no)
    Titans (Tannehill just showed yesterday that all they need is a guy who can “throw” and isn’t scared to take some shots, which Mariota couldn’t do)
    Dolphins (Winston would say no)
    Bears (Trubisky is the NFC’s Mariota)

    It only takes two teams to want a player for a bidding war to happen, and Jameis will easily be by far the top free agent on the market and will get $$$$ PAID $$$$ by someone if Tampa is stupid enough not to extend or franchise him (and if they try to franchise him, he may refuse to sign the tag, or even more likely, he’ll sign it but tell them he will NEVER sign a long-term contract with them in the future).

  55. Greg Says:

    Slugglife Says:

    October 20th, 2019 at 7:52 am

    Never forget the $9 piss warm beer and the overpriced cardboard they call food. There’s nothing special about RJS anymore.

    The mystique left with Gruden, Barber, Brooks, Alstott and Sapp.
    Not entirely true, the bang bang shrimp at Rum Fish are pretty good!