“Thoughtful Purpose In Every Drill”

October 11th, 2019

Practice details

Ndamukong Suh isn’t one to share much more than clichés to the football media, so he’s hard to read other than the obvious, that he’s been a very consistent warrior in the trenches for 10 seasons.

He’s not what he used to be as a player, but he seems to be every bit of that and more behind the scenes.

Bucs assistant defensive line coach Lori Locust brought up Suh with a tone of reverence this week on Buccaneers Radio.

Like any coach, Locust loves practice and players who relish it. Fundamentals are a key part of defensive line training at One Buc Palace, she said, players are drilled daily, even with a veteran unit.

Locust said she and D-line coach Kacy Rogers often stress coaching get-off and violent hands, and she said she can tell when NFL players “are going through the motions” when the basics are gone over repeatedly.

“And then you can tell people that are like consummate professionals. Like Suh puts a lot of time into what he’s doing in every aspect. And you can see it. You know, he really has a thoughtful purpose in every drill and in every rep that he takes,” said Locus without being asked about Suh.

And she continued to rave about the five-time Pro Bowler.

“He couldn’t be more coachable. He couldn’t be more professional. He couldn’t be more easy to work with. And I found that out from Day 1,” Locus said. “He’s an ultimate professional. .. He’s watching film constantly to get better.”

Joe thought that was cool to hear. Good for Suh. How refreshing it is for a big-money free agent to come to Tampa and care deeply about his craft.

Joe’s still waiting for Suh to look like the force he was late in the season and in the playoffs last year with the Rams, but Suh has been at least as good as the guy he replaced — and cheaper. So that’s a great thing.

6 Responses to ““Thoughtful Purpose In Every Drill””

  1. adam from ny Says:

    is suh getting a “frog pond” belly ?


  2. dmatt Says:

    I watched rewinds of several of the Bucs game this year n SUH is ABSOLUTELY Bigger, Better, n Stronger than mccoy. He’s got others such as Vea, Davis, Whitehead, David, n Minter playing violent n aggressive, a style the Bucs solely missed since the days of Brooks/Sapp. I believe Mike Edwards is slowly learning the NFL n it won’t take two years for him to show what he can do. However, Hargreaves, Nassib, n MJ Stewart need to go back to basic tackling school. Nassib has a habit of arm tackling by trying to sling the runner down or hit with his shoulder without wrapping up…com on man! And, for the record, the NFL is too fast paced for Hargreaves n Stewart, plain n simple.

  3. Lamarcus Says:

    As good? You mean better than GMC. You never saw or will see GMC housing fumbles for tds to ice a game

  4. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    Suh is the better player, full stop.

  5. Colorado Says:

    Half Sack Suh has a nice ring to it

  6. JimmyJack Says:

    Colorado…..I say scoop and score Suh has a better ring to it.

    I think this secondary can’t make us a game sealing play so the next time we need one I know who to look for.