The Play That Cost The Bucs

October 27th, 2019

Robbed of hero status.

There were so many dumb things the Bucs did you really can’t single out one play.

Well, yeah you could.

And it had nothing to do with the Bucs playing with their heads up their rear ends.

Bucs rookie linebacker Devin White made a play that should have won the game. Joe has been harsh on White because the Bucs passed on all sorts of players who are currently impacting their teams at positions where the Bucs need playmakers in the worst way. Yet if you didn’t know White was on the field, you wouldn’t know any better.

(Breshad Perriman had as many tackles as White had in the first half and Perriman’s was a tackle for loss.)

But man, White sure made a helluva play late in the game that should have been the game-winning play. Alas, some zebra clown incorrectly blew the play dead.

With 3:45 remaining and Tennessee leading 27-23, the Bucs defense seemed to have stopped Tennesee at the Bucs-28. Tennessee trotted out for a field goal with holder Brett Kern taking the snap and attempting to run to his left. White sniffed the play out and totally blasted Kern causing a fumble.

Andrew Adams for the Bucs scooped up the loose ball (which was not advanced far enough for a first down) and raced some 72 yards for what looked like the go-ahead score.

But no, a zebra blew a whistle.

“An inadvertent whistle,” Arians said after the game of the play. “It’s always tough.”

So what should have been at least a 29-27 Bucs lead instead was first down deep in Tampa Bay territory down by six.

It always p!sses Joe off when this happens. Usually, it happens to the Saints. Today, it was the Bucs’ turn to get hosed by the refs.

The subsequent drive for the Bucs died when the Bucs went for it on fourth-and-one calling — all together now — a Peyton Barber run up the middle that went nowhere.

60 Responses to “The Play That Cost The Bucs”

  1. soggy Says:

    you got to love the run up the middle play it is the only play in our book

  2. Frankinthe813 Says:

    Teams that win don’t talk about that kind of thing..we can’t keep giving away the ball

  3. Fire the fans Says:

    The saints talked about it..

  4. OBP Says:

    Just a reminder for all y’all done with Winston, Philip Rivers is an FA at the end of the year. Would be a perfect bridge QB/mentor for the dude we’re gonna take in Round 1 next year.

  5. Danr Says:

    The saints ts win plant and talk about it all the time.


  6. reply Says:

    Devin White (this so called savor?) has done little so far. Meanwhile…….

    Josh Allen: Sacks – 7.0; Total Tck: 14; FF: 1

    BA screwed up BIG TIME!!

  7. reply Says:


  8. Rayjay1122 Says:

    2-14 or 3-13 record would not surprise me at all at this point. Sad part is that may still have us outside of the first 5 picks in the 1st round and what is even sadder is that even if we had a top 3 pick, Licht and BA would screw it up anyways.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Calls like that suck, but they happen. But play-calls like our attempted run up the middle with 30 secs left to get a 1st down REALLY sucked. So did settling for THREE FGs in the first half when our offense was basically gifted the ball inside the 10 yard line with a 1st down. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PLAY-CALLING. And it came back to bite us in the ass, like it always does. If ANY ONE of those FGs had been a TD, it would’ve been a tied game at the end with us possibly in FG territory.

  10. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Excuses…..the breakfast of losers!

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    Was a great game by our Bucs. Unfortunately they play in the NFL where cheating is accepted.
    That’s what I’m calling today’s game. I don’t except the results. Bucs scored thirty and I saw it happen. I consider this a win for the Bucs am now only following them. I will not watch anymore NFL. I like football and but this is closer to wrestling the way I see it. Not even watch the SB no more. Not at all interested anymore. Defientally will never bet on this sport? again either. What a declining sorce of entertainment.

  12. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Again we play to lose vs playing to win. And yes the refs have screwed us again. I’m sorry folks insert any QB into that combo and you will always lose and most will just want another QB like that solves all problems.

  13. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says: Says:

    JJ..that VV hit/flag on the QB was a bang bang momentum play…not a late hit

  14. Smashsquatch Says:

    Huge mistake by the ref. Bucs likely win if doesn’t blow his whistle. First real play for D White, finally! Not converting on 4th & 1 is on Lefty. Good teams get it done during crunch time. This team is desperate for a change of leadership. JPP is going to help the D. Play Ryan Griffen, he can’t possibly be a worse leader than Winston. JW simply wills his teams to lose and it’s not for a lack of trying. I still can’t stop thinking about how bad FSU was throttled by Oregon in the semis years ago. His teams always seems to be unstable and distracted. Turn the page BA.

  15. Joe Says:

    Devin White (this so called savor?) has done little so far. Meanwhile…….

    Josh Allen: Sacks – 7.0; Total Tck: 14; FF: 1

    BA screwed up BIG TIME!!

    Josh Allen… Jeffery Simmons… Devin Bush… Brian Burns… Joe could go on.

    Loss wasn’t on him. But right now (still very early), looks like the Bucs big time whiffed on him at No. 5. A lot can change in a hurry though.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not worried about White……need a QB….

  17. Vico Says:

    Many other plays have been let to be returned but not today, not to mention many roughing the passer (which they called for Tannehill) and other seemingly- notsoimportant- calls like that DPI. The refs should be fired. I can’t blame Jameis when it’s all on him to solve everything. This should have been a W. This is as frustrating as many other historically meaningful wrong calls against the bucs.

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Joe’s playing wag the dog …deflect, deflect, deflect. the defense played good enough to win this game

    minus the turnovers

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing says the Titans don’t come back and score again. Losers look at woulda coulda shoulda due to something someone else did or didn’t do. The fact is, Winston gave the ball up early, more than once, and didn’t score when he needed to late. The Bucs didn’t take care of the ball, or themselves. And Winston is the leader on offense. The high point is at least Evans showed up today. He will ask for a trade by year’s end.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t figure out who is the biggest excuse making loser….is it Arians, Winston apologists, or one of these Joes? Talk about totally dumb.

  21. Figures Says:

    BA says he doesn’t care about trades huh?

    Yayyyy so keep this same trash together and win just enough games to be out of the top 5. Yea good idea there coach. The season is OVER.

    Trade and blow this sh it up and get draft capital that you and Licht can screw up to he ll and back.

    Bunch of idiots. BA is washed up and leftwich is terrible.

    No accountability at all. Same ol sh it. I’m so tired of the excuses about everything. No one anywhere in that building can draft good players. The talent level on this team sucks.

    Just re retire I’ve seen and heard enough of your as s already you dumb as s.
    You’re letting Leftwich call plays because you’re afraid of looking like an idiot.

    And he’s pathetic and everyone knows it except for your old as s.

    Fire literally everyone employed. But the Glazers are even bigger idiots so that won’t happen.

  22. Biggun Says:

    WHY DID HE BLOW THE WHISTLE!!!!! There should be a fine imposed on refs making obvious mistakes! It is costing teams millions of dollars and fans completely crazy… Someones going to snap at one of these refs outside the game and probably wont be just a cursing out!!!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s the reason the Bucs lost. If field goals were 5 points and not three, the Bucs would have won. Same logic as this article.

  24. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I see white constantly not disengage from blockers. He stands there playing patty cake with a blocker while the ball carrier runs right by him. Everyone should be concerned about his lack of development but hey, we miss on our high draft picks far more often than we get a good player.

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    I heard on pewtercast from a caller that Vernon Hargreaves called a TO on the first TD and the refs refused to grant it to him.

    I did not see this but there is no reason to think the caller made it up. I’m sure it’s true and this is another example of how the Bucs were cheated today…..Well likely never know who cheated but the evidence is overwhelming in this game. Somebody was cheating.

    Ill be very interested to see what comes out as the all 22 film is discected.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Jimmy Jack in his own little world. Yeah right. The Bucs one today in your mind. Serious drug use going on. Please don’t drive.

  27. Matt Says:

    White is very physical and will make a splash play or 2 every game but the other 60 plays he looks beyond lost. All Pro Linebackers usually excel right away, they rarely put it together 2-3 years later. He actually looks like a RB out there not a LB. Not only is he not worth a 1st round pick but he has been a liability out there so far. I hope Bowles can simplify things or else this may be the pick that costs Licht his job.

    We need to take notes from the 49ers and the Cowboys. Draft in the trenches first and work from there. We are a completely different team if we have Quenton Nelson right now. We don’t need to even think about a QB right now until we build an offensive line. Smith would not be a starter on 28 other teams and Dotson is on his last gasp. We need 2 tackles asap.

    Look at Kyle Allen, he looked like Peyton Manning in his prime versus us and he absolutely carved us up but today threw 3 picks and looked horrible as he was running for his life. We must build an offensive line starting today, there are serviceable QBs out there we just have to build a foundation. We certainly have the weapons for success but our time is limited because Godwin is worth #1 WR $$$$$.

  28. Oregonbucsfan Says:

    I watched three games this weekend. Last night I saw Wash. State score a TD with 1 minute to go. Justin Herbert just took Oregon downfield and were on the Cougars 6 with 25 seconds to go- -FG won it for the Ducks. Herbert was great!

    The second game was the Bucs. I don’t have to tell you how our 5th year rookie did.

    Third game is the 49rs. You know, that team that was lousy for years. Then they hired John Lynch for GM (remember him?). He built the best DL in the NFL and added talent like Richard Sherman to stabilize the DBs. Then he identified the QB he wanted and went out and signed Garrapolo. He looks brilliant. They currently lead the Panthers 42-13 stating the 4th Qtr.

    Does anybody see a lesson here?
    A new but solid football man for GM.
    Drafting by said GM that works to find talent.
    Importing experienced talent that helps the team (ex. Sherman vs. ugh…Perriman).
    A QB that can lift a team when they need it at crunch time.

    I live on the West Coast so I see games that many of you don’t. But, from 3000 miles it still looks like the same ol’ Bucs. They never learn. One brief period of glory and then back to the dump.

  29. Pete I Says:


    The whistle was blown

    No one cheated either

    Winston is 23-38

  30. Oneilbucs Says:

    Matt I agree with you bro that’s been my hold point about the quarterback position. Build the team first then quarterback. If we draft a rookie quarterback we will still lose with this team and people on this site just don’t understand that.

  31. Wesley Says:

    White is yet another bust.

  32. cmurda Says:

    Run up the middle with Molasses. Brilliant playcall after Byron had plenty of time to dial up a bootleg or basically any other play that had a chance.

  33. adam from ny Says:

    besides the schedule, the league now owes us another apology.

  34. Todd Says:

    I was SO PISSED OFF when I read this headline.

    I thought you were going to take a big sh** on #45.

    I ended the game knowing the refs won.

    I was so grateful this article was NOT a bit piece on White.

    We won this game.

  35. Todd Says:

    not a “hit piece”…

  36. Bucamania Says:

    Second time it’s happened to the Bucs this season.

    Was happy to see White finally do something though.

  37. Jeffbuc Says:

    Devin white is so bad that when he made his first solo tackle in the second half. Me and all my buc buddies were like oh yeah of forgot about him where has he been we have a 5th overall pick and I forget we ha e him until the 3rd quarter. We are a joke it’s hard to watch. Run it up the middle every first down with barber. I was screaming at the tv to run the 4th down play before the two minute warning so we get an extra time out if we convert or fail. If I was the coordinator I’m running Jameis out of the pocket as I mis direct the flow the other way. Hope someone comes open dragging across or have Jameis run for it. Not hand it to a guy that is averaging 2 yards a carry the whole game. I don’t know how patient the bucs expect us fans to be. But I am sober and saying I’m about done. I can’t take much more of this ruining my Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Every week every year. No matter the coach we still look exactly the same. Which seems impossible to do. Usually with new coaches you become something else. We are a turnover and penalty prone team. That can’t run the ball to save are life’s. And the pass defense has been horrid for years. 3 and 15 any other team your thinking about the punt with us your thinking how are they going to get this one. I am so done it is not fun anymore

  38. 813bucboi Says:

    Meanwhile KWON went from the outhouse to the penthouse……


  39. Andrew Manley Says:

    Joe regardless the end result was the Bucs got the ball … it was 4th down and still the Bucs couldn’t drive and score to win … blaming the refs is what garbage teams do and that’s exactly what we do and who we are …. garbage

  40. Rafterman 61 Says:

    So you think a game can’t be fixed when there’s so much gambling money involved do ya ! Fellas fellas come on man don’t be so naïve , I mean the NFL was contrived by gamblers in the first place ! Sorry but this game you love so much ‘ well it’s fixed man ! And there’s chosen teams that win Championships and then there is the teams that make money for their owners and the businesses that sponsor them ! Just like the Government Ponzi scheme ( Tax’s) it’s just another way to screw the working man out of his hard earned money !

  41. unbelievable Says:

    Today? It’s every week with that kinda BS for the Bucs.

    Remember the blown fumble recovery with a clear recovery by the Bucs 2 weeks ago? We ALWAYS get hosed.

    You know the difference between us and the saints? When it happens to the saints, they get the frickin rules changed to make it right.

    What do the Bucs do? Shrug their shoulders, put their tales between their legs, and continue to be the laughingstock of the league.

  42. unbelievable Says:

    There was so many blown calls today it was insulting.

  43. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Stop already with the excuses!!

    The refs cost the Bucs the game? Come on…..

    Next thing Joe will say is the Devil made them do it…

    To you clueless JayMiss apologists, that’s a Flip Wilson reference

  44. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    It was an overall disgusting performance by the offense today. This offense scoring only 23 points is just unbelievable. Several key things held us back today. First, the same ol False Starts and Holding penalties we always accumulate in droves kept occurring over and over and over again.

    Second, the same ol lack of running production, although somewhat excuse by the entire right side of our line being injured.

    Third, the constant forcing of the ball to Breshad Perriman, when he clearly isnt cut out for an NFL team. (Just a little note on Perriman: If he makes a routine catch on that 2 Point Conversion, we can go for a FG and the win on that final drive. Regardless, overall poor play by him today and shame on Jameis, Leftwich and Arians for continually trying to force him into the offense. Perriman should be cut tomorrow morning.)

    Fourth, what in the world was Leftwich thinking by calling a run straight up the middle with our 2nd best running back when the entire right side of our line is out and the Titans having the box stacked. That was a disgusting playcall, and there is simply no excuse for it. A WR Screen to Godwin would have easily gotten the job done. That was just an unacceptable playcall with the season on the line. I get that Leftwich is relative new to calling plays and is working with a new team, but come on man. Anyone who’s watched a Bucs game within the last ten years should know we cant run when it matters, no less on 4th and 1.

    The defense played great today. The offense basically handed them 14 points, so props to the defense, especially Carlton Davis and the DBs, who played a solid game overall. That was sorely needed for them.

    It’s a Bucs Life

  45. BA Redzone Says:

    I acknowledge that JW3 has been bad. But since JW3 was drafted on a bad team, we have TOTALLY WHIFFED, for most part, on high #1 and #2 draft picks, who are supposed to be impact players —who should HELP a rookie QB during growth pains.

    Vernon Hargreaves —–Still suspect pick, might be traded or cut. not worthy of #1 pick
    Noah Spence —Cut No Impact
    Roberto — Cut – What else is there to say here? He lost us several games.

    OJ Howard? Should have drafted Dalvin Cook….OJ has zero impact in this offense.
    Justin Evans —-Questionable
    Chris Godwin — the FIND of the DRAFT – HUGE win for Licht

    Vita Vea – took half a season to get going last year – Excellent now Win for Licht
    Rojo – zero impact in 2018. Better this season. Still not sure why he is behind Barber today

    Devin White – Been a ghost. Great killer tackle today. I think he will be a force, over time.
    Sean Bunting — Jury still out

    Net – When you have a Rookie QB in 2015, see the Dallas Cowboys. DRAFT freaking offensive lineman, to protect your investment, for the fans and Glazers. Ali Marpet/Donovan are good….we need more…

    JW3 will resurrect his career on another team next year.

    Bucs fans – will have a rookie QB next year, still needing to score 30 pts a game to win, and running for to stay alive. and no pass rush, or competent secondary to stop the sieve.

  46. BA Redzone Says:

    Joe Says:
    October 27th, 2019 at 7:26 pm
    Devin White (this so called savor?) has done little so far. Meanwhile…….

    Josh Allen: Sacks – 7.0; Total Tck: 14; FF: 1

    BA screwed up BIG TIME!!

    Josh Allen… Jeffery Simmons… Devin Bush… Brian Burns… Joe could go on.

    Loss wasn’t on him. But right now (still very early), looks like the Bucs big time whiffed on him at No. 5. A lot can change in a hurry though.

    RIGHT ON JOE! Per my post, LICHT seems to be trying to be the GM, who found “diamond in the rough” vs focusing on what the BUCS actually need.

    Dalvin Cook, is now a potential MVP candidate, and making Kirk Cousins look like Pro Bowl QB. Josh Allen… Jeffery Simmons… Devin Bush… Brian Burns… Any BUCS Fan, could go on.

    And why the hell, do we THINK, that Peyton Barber, can gain more than 2 yrds on our every predictable First Down RUN play?


  47. BA Redzone Says:

    @First Down Tampa Bay
    RIGHT ON assessment!

  48. Joe Says:

    blaming the refs is what garbage teams do and that’s exactly what we do and who we are …. garbage

    What are you talking about? It took six points off the board.


  49. BA Redzone Says:

    Watching GB vs KS…. Matt Moore, never a starter, just a career backup…..looks amazing in place of Mahomes vs GB.

    Wow – Dude should be a starter somewhere? Or perhaps, just effing perhaps? A great total team, can actually help a QB to win a game????……HMMMM

  50. Joe Says:

    Watching GB vs KS…. Matt Moore, never a starter, just a career backup…..looks amazing in place of Mahomes vs GB.

    Wow – Dude should be a starter somewhere? Or perhaps, just effing perhaps? A great total team, can actually help a QB to win a game????……HMMMM

    There is a reason Moore retired/unemployed. And a reason he is doing well tonight.

    Two words and they begin with an “A” and a “R.”

  51. BA Redzone Says:

    here is a reason Moore retired/unemployed. And a reason he is doing well tonight.
    Two words and they begin with an “A” and a “R.”

    @Joe — I’ll play… And admit I am scrambling…..deleted my thoughts…

  52. BA Redzone Says:

    WANT TO KNOW, @JOE think “A” means Arians. “R” ????

  53. Says:

    Every flag thrown by refs should be reviewable

  54. JameisAlmighty! Says:

    The only running up the middle the Bucs need to be doing is running a pink slip up the middle of Jason Licht’s butthole. Fireeeee Licht!

  55. BA Redzone Says:

    JameisAlmighty! Says:
    October 28th, 2019 at 1:12 am

    The only running up the middle the Bucs need to be doing is running a pink slip up the middle of Jason Licht’s butthole. Fireeeee Licht!

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Peyton Barber??? like him….but zero impact for PLUS plays……

    Leftwich —Why???? Same results, every play.. What is your obsession with

  56. Defense Rules Says:

    BA Redzone … Andy Reed (wish WE had him for a coach; love the guy as a coach). Patrick Mahomes lucked out when Andy Reed drafted him because he knows how to build successful QBs to fit his system. Jameis? Not so much when Lovie & Licht drafted him.

    And no, Arians hasn’t done Jameis any favors at all; if anything he’s hurt him in terms of development by NOT rebuilding this OLine to protect him, by not giving him a decent receiver to replace Humphries (and DJax for that matter), by not bringing on at least 1 RB to complement RoJo, and most of all by putting him under the thumb of an inept Leftwich (who’s badly stunted whatever ‘growth’ Jameis had before this year).

  57. LoveMeSomeBucs Says:

    Starting Winston is what cost the Bucs the game…Ryan Griffin is a solid player and has never been given a chance. We don’t need a superstar quarterback just not a complete idiot

  58. Allbuccedup Says:

    Hopefully Arians will be one and done he is a joke. We need a young defensive minded head coach and you will see White and the other young players flourish. This team is run by a bunch of old men that time has passed them by. And Bowles has never been a very good defensive coordinator and never will be.

  59. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Winston is a bum. How many turnovers? Again? Tom Brady doesn’t make these same mistakes

  60. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Ohh but they weren’t his fault………..