Stats Grazing

October 17th, 2019

Doesn’t play corner.

Joe is in no way a slave to stats but they do sometimes open a window to see through.

The Bucs have a quarterback, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, who is fifth in the NFL in passing yards with 1,771 yards. Jameis also happens to guide an offense that leads the NFC in points scored, third overall in the NFL.

Damn near any fanbase that doesn’t have a quarterback, if you said you could pluck a quarterback who would be top-five in scoring in the NFL, they’d fall over themselves and spill their beers in an effort to have such a quarterback, no?

Well, apparently no. The Tampa Bay area seems to be an outlier because so many folks who follow the Bucs just cannot wait to run off the best quarterback in franchise history who is 25-years old.

Then Joe looks at the defensive stats and wants to shove his head through the drywall of his office.

The Bucs — yet again! — have an atrocious pass defense, third year in a row. And it seems no matter how many players this team drafts for the secondary, the pass defense is still a piece of trash. So instead of (somehow) repairing the pass defense, which is directly leading to losing, so many folks want to run off the quarterback with so many yards and so many points.

No, Joe doesn’t get it either. Not at all. Not whatsoever. Sort of like trying to wrap Joe’s head around someone saying 2 + 2 = 5. Or that warm beer is good. Just makes zero sense to Joe.

The #BlameJameis crowd wanting to throw Jameis to the curb because this friggin’ pass defense couldn’t stop a high school team is as baffling and infuriating as the following would be, if it ever happened.

Let’s say Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy suddenly loses his mind and is giving up six goals a night. And to repair that issue, the Lightning instead cut right wing Nikita Kucherov, who led the NHL in points last year.

To Joe, that makes as much sense as outing one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL for the woes of the pass defense.

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  1. Steven007 Says:

    Seems like I’ve read this very article, or one’s very much like it, about 10 times since this past Sunday. Seriously. No other Bucs news of interest?

  2. ElioT Says:

    Look Jameis needs to step it up and truly lead this team, most of us ratonisl fans understand this and want him through succeed.

    These Flip-Flopping articles by the Joes are meant to trigger our internal disputes as fans.

    It’s a good though.

    We’ve all been run through the f***ing Ringer year after year after year.

    What’s left?

    Hope? Maybe…

    Apathy? Likely…

    Not a single person here can argue the

  3. ElioT Says:

    Look Jameis needs to step it up and truly lead this team, most of us rational
    fans understand this and want him to succeed.

    These Flip-Flopping articles by are meant to trigger our internal disputes as fans and generate comments and that’s cool. We have a space to vent.

    It’s a good, we’re all alive and playing NFL football isn’t our job.

    We’ve all been run through the freaking Ringer year after year after year.

    What’s left?

    Hope? Maybe…

    Apathy? Likely…

    But what the heck!

    Not a single person here can argue the fact that being a Bucs fan sucks. Eben still i cannot root for any other team, never have, never will.

  4. ElioT Says:

    ^ all apologies, my post above has to be the worst “fat fingered” hack-job of all time.

    Just posting from the heart…

    We’re all Bucs fans and as long as you’re a decent human being, I would gladly drink a beer (or many) with y’all.

  5. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    “The #BlameJameis crowd wanting to throw Jameis to the curb because this friggin’ pass defense…”

    You might want to sit down for what I’m about to say:
    The Blame Jameis crowd wants to throw him to the curb because HE HAS 87 TURNOVERS IN LESS THAN 5 YEARS!!!

  6. Ed Says:

    They are beating a dead horse trying to sell us that Winston is so good. You are as good as your record and the NFL is a copycat league. Fast athletic quarterbacks like Patrick Maholmes and DeShawn Watson is where the game is evolving to. Winston is as good as he’s going to be. He hasn’t lifted up the players around him and made everyone else better. It’s an offensive game during the regular season before the weather changes so sure the Bucs secondary is awful but if Winston could play better they would be competitive. Give us a break we just want a winner and we’ll see how this all unfolds. We can all see Jameis melting down playing vs good defenses.

  7. Coburn Says:

    Last week is a prime example of why yards doesn’t matter, especially when playing from behind. Jameis must have been good because he threw for 400 yards I guess. As the panthers game was winding fown and I saw the yardage I thought.. give it a couple weeks and someone will say halfway through the season Winston has x amount of yards… just didn’t expect it so soom right aftwr a terrible game

  8. ElioT Says:

    The Bucs defense is also apparently #22/32 in total yards allowed just in front of:
    23. Jags
    24. Browns
    25. Skins
    26. Falcons
    27. Chiefs (Hmmm…)
    28. Giants
    29. Lions
    30. Cards
    31. Cincy
    32. Dolphins

    Stats are for losers and that’s what the Bucs are…

    EVERYONE has a hand in the losing, there is plenty of blame to go around.


  9. BA Redzone Says:

    All need to recall JW3 first year, when Doug Martin was amazing. 9-7 year. Just missed playoffs. Hmm. Great running game….Next year playoffs were in plain sight……

    Then Dirk Quitter, who never supported or wanted JW3, took HC…look at ATL Falcons now, w/Dirk at control of offense with Matty Ice…hmmm. Same results — Matty Ice> lots of interceptions, lots of yards, but still losing games…..

    Give BA some time, to undo, what Dirk Quitter did to JW3 psyche..

    We will win games…that we are supposed to lose…JW3 is still recovering from past regime –BA will coach the ghost stupidity out of JW3……

    Hang in, BUCS fans……JW3 will deliver….

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    Jw is my favorite and fun to watch. Never boring. He will give the high and low emotions to grown men. Amazing talent. You can say he has Qb raw talent top 10 only a hand full is a better raw talent. We just can’t give up on him because he trying to carry the Bucs.

    Secondary? What secondary? Vh3 ha!! You might as well put me out there. I’ll guard Mike Thomas. I can do better than Vh3 …..most of us can

  11. Joe Says:

    The Bucs defense is also apparently #22/32 in total yards

    The run defense is outstanding!

  12. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    @BA Redzone

    Umm… Jameis Winston’s first season was a 6-10 losing season and that was the year with an amazing Doug Martin performance. Still, Winston was a rookie QB. Also Koetter was not the HC.

    Koetter’s first year was 2016 and they went 9-7 because Keith Tandy put the team on his back and carried the defense for 5 games.

  13. ElioT Says:

    I try to remain neutral on many things “Bucs”…

    One thing I will not relent on is the FACT that Jason Licht has no place as an NFL GM.

    Remember who coined the #lichtmyb**ls movement!

    When I get the time, I’ll compile all Jason’s blunders into an excel file and pop a pivot table on that b*tch so it’s very easy to see just how horrible this dude is.

    I’m all in favor of bringing back the “Rockstar” at this point.

    Thank you Jason, you’ve brought so much to this franchise, you’ve haven’t wasted years of prime talent for the easy blue chip players you stumbled into drafting or managing at all…

    Lifetime contract!


  14. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    The thing is joe. it doesn’t matter how well Winston passes. If he has to have a game like he just did where he turns the ball over every 3-4 games he just is not worth it. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s going to be some great loss if we lose him
    >Best QB in franchise history

    I know it’s sad we aren’t really known for our QBs around here that doesn’t mean winston is the answer.

  15. Tye Says:

    Yeah, all the fumble and int. Helping the opponent run up the score on the Bucs so they coast and play soft to run out the clock while they LET the Bucs stack up on passes, yards, completions and even score just so long as the opponent wins has nothing to do with it…
    Who cares about fluff from garbage time when they lose again and again and again…

    JW is a part of the problem, certainly not the solution… Jameis fans only care about Jameis but Bucs Fan realize 5 years is plenty of film to show he is a backup and nothing more…

  16. ElioT Says:


    Not saying #22/32 is good lol.

    Lord help us all!

  17. Inexcusable Says:

    6 turnovers in one game is inexcusable. And are we supposed to ignore the other fumble? Bruce arians said “one” when asked how many turnovers would be acceptable. Not sure how Joe can defend jameis here.

  18. alaskabuc Says:

    Maybe our pass defense stats wouldn’t look so bad if those guys actually had a chance to catch their breath after a drive instead of Jamies giving the ball back to the other team? This doesn’t negate the fact our pass rush and secondary suck.

  19. adam from ny Says:

    if phil rizzuto was still alive, do you think he would have said jameis is a “huckleberry” ???

    #IsJameisAyeHuckleberry #TheScooterWantsToKnow

  20. CPN Says:

    Winston is the problem, Licht needs to draft Burrow or Fromm.

  21. ElioT Says:

    Licht needs NOT to draft another player for the Bucs.

    This dude has had ample time, money and draft position to build a quality roster. He’s failed miserably.

    This team should be stacked with talent, more than enough for any competent coaching staff, and I still hope Arians can fix this.

    The fact remains… Licht & Co. have to go.

    As much as I hate to say it, Shelton Quarles (who I think is one of the most underrated Bucs during the “glory years”), you’ve got to go too sir.

    Complete embarrassment.

    Throw all the blame you want at the Glaziers… Can you even comprehend how much money they’ve paid for coaches not to coach and players not to play in Tampa over the last six years?

  22. ElioT Says:

    General Managers are paid to do just that.

    …Generally Manage the f***ing franchise!!!!!

    Licht & Co. have “managed” nothing but basic basement maintenance, janitorial work.

    And yes, even a stopped clock is right twice per day.

    GTFO Jason!

  23. Big Stinky Says:

    @BA Redzone

    You did NOT just try to defend Jameis with stats from the wrong year!!!! I can’t believe I just read that and feel dumber for doing so, even though it was obvious from the start you were wrong. Don’t worry though, Licht WILL sign JW3 to a 2nd deal no matter how bad he plays. It’s that simple! I heard on ScuttleBucs tonight that JW3 has had 5 games since 2015 where he has had at LEAST 4 turnovers and NO other QB has even had two. AND, he has had 13 other games where he has 2 or more. He turns the ball over an average of 1 and a half times per game. What’s he played in 58 games and has 87 turnovers? OUTSTANDING!!!!! Hurry up and sign him before someone else does in FA!!!!!

    Give me a break with the “he’s learning a new offense” BS too. He did NOT turn the ball over SIX TIMES because he is learning a new offense. It’s the same plays he has been asked to make since he got here, the calls may be different but the plays are the same!!!!! Face it, he is inaccurate on some of the easiest plays a QB is asked to make. Sure would like to know what the percentage is of passes he throws deep on 3rd and 3 (or less). What a waste of a drive those are. I’m SO sick of talking about how bad Winston is EVERY year and it NEVER changes. Like I said though, Licht will resign JW3 to a new deal because HE drafted him. Do you REALLY think Licht could pick the right QB in the next Draft anyway? I guess he gets another 5 years to continue this rebuild that has been a disaster from 2014. Maybe I should just give up hope?

  24. Alanbucsfan Says:

    So instead of (somehow) repairing the pass defense, which is directly leading to losing games, so many folks want to run off the quarterback with so many yards and so many points. – Joe

    Fans know the pass defense is bad. Whether it will improve as young players get experience and players get healthy (Dean, J Evans, M Edwards) we will see.

    What Joe doesn’t get is how devastating sacks and interceptions are to a team’s chances of winning- and this is where Jameis is very inconsistent and has not improved and doesn’t look like he’ll ever get it in his 5th year.

    WINNING is what it’s about! Not yards and points.

  25. LongSeason Says:

    Can we also point a finger at the no run blocking “Hey Jameis” Lookout pass blocking offensive line that is so offensively bad Jameis would be better off without it?

  26. lambchop Says:

    No fan has said that Jameis sucking and the defensive secondary sucking is mutually exclusive. They both suck.

    If you get rid of Jameis, it doesn’t solve the problem in the secondary. If you solve the problem in the secondary, it doesn’t solve Jameis’s inconsistent play. Do you really think the secondary is responsible for 7 sacks, 5 ints, 1 fumble lost?

    What’s so hard to get? Don’t bury your head in the sand with stats other than wins and losses. We got 99 problems and Jameis Intston is 1.

    But yea, let’s be happy Jameis > McCown, Glennon, co. and ≥ Freeman.

    Gotta love homers.

  27. lambchop Says:

    Here’s a stat:

    Jameis Winston is the first QB to throw 5 INTs in a game since Nathan Peterman.

  28. JameisNOT Says:

    + D on the field way too many times due to JameisNOT turnovers
    + demoralizes the D players after stopping the other teams O and then having to immediately go back out on the field
    + these same D players still have in their mind on the lies to them and ownership about his transgressions.
    + he also sucks as a NFL player.
    + his total turnovers add up to be more than the amount of TDs he has thrown.

  29. Pete Mitchell Says:

    Has Jameis ever had a year where he had more wins than interceptions?

  30. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Joe Bucs is WinSTUNNED’s agent. He might get this team to an important game again, but he’ll sh*t his pants again like he always does. You don’t see that? Stats are for losers. Turnovers are a big stat for any QB. That will not and cannot be removed from his game. It’s over. Face the failure of the “Siberia’s QB”….

  31. Sport Says:

    JW = Fools Gold

    He frustrates every coach to consider benching him, including college.

    I watched his college highlights recently, there was a large sample size of ‘squint your eyes and throw it up for grabs’, wide open receivers and or great run after the catch. Which is what we get from JW except the great run after a the catch, our guys have rarely been hit in stride through 5 years. He also had some great keeper runs, which we haven’t seen in awhile.

    My biggest concern right now for JW, is that he plays well enough to earn an extension, gets us to a meaningful game (must win to reach playoffs, wild card etc) and Bad Jameis reappears. That weird energy he gets overwhelms him to do some seriously stupid sh!t.

    Which brings me full circle. JW = Fools Gold.

    In BA I Trust!

  32. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Joe will never learn. Get back to me In another wasted 2-3 years. By then I will be spending all of my Sundays doing anything but watching this historical train wreck.

  33. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Jameis puts too much undue pressure on his defense with his constant turovers

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Congrats Joe, you did it again. I’ve come to realize by now that there’s no such thing as the #BlameJameisCrowd. Virtually all (but you and a handful of others) understand that Jameis is PART of the Bucs problem not the entire problem. But go on pretending; it befits you.

    It’s not even worth arguing with anyone who BLINDLY supports Jameis since they use continuing diversionary arguments to ‘prove’ their case (sounds eerily like today’s ludicrous political scene?). IF the Bucs’ defense wasn’t so bad, Jameis would be doing MUCH BETTER? IF the Bucs’ OLine wasn’t so bad Jameis wouldn’t have as many turnovers? Could go on with the excuses & diversions, but why bother.

    The only REAL question that remains in my mind is “Is Jameis Winston the future QB of this franchise?’ After all, THAT’S what this ‘try before buy’ year is all about, isn’t it? Jameis’ PERFORMANCE & RESULTS weren’t good enough after his first FOUR years to make that determination, so we brought in ‘The QB Whisperer’ & his merry band to help FIX JAMEIS (no sense in discussing WHY our #1-drafted franchise QB even needed ‘FIXING’).

    So ‘Is Jameis FIXED?’ Well, at least ‘fixed enough’ to where we should offer him a long term contract because we KNOW that ‘Jameis isn’t the problem’. To you Joe, our defense is the PROBLEM, or our OLine is, or our running game is, or our game-planning & play-calling is … or WHATEVER. IF we FIX ALL THOSE, will Jameis THEN be able to lead us to the Promised Land? Or will we find out THEN that Jameis was A PROBLEM all along.

    I think that most JBFers have already decided that. He’s too INCONSISTENT. He’s the roller coaster ride at Busch Gardens. Some parts will be smooth as glass; other parts will be exhilarating, but some will simply terrorize you & leave you feeling that the ride is about to come off the tracks. The PROBLEM with Jameis is that all too often, it REALLY DOES COME OFF THE TRACKS. Coaches can ‘dummy down’ that ride by ‘neutering Jameis’, but then it’s no longer the same ride. And when that happens, folks will just find a new ride rather than paying top-dollar for what’d then be just an average ride.

    Bucs have to determine what their VISION for the future is (I vote for BUILDING THE TRENCHES FIRST) and what our IDENTITY will be (I vote for a DEFENSIVE identity BTW with a more ‘controlled’ offensive attack based on a strong running game & quicker, shorter passing game with more favorable ‘deep strikes’). We’ve actually got the core of much of that now IMO, but we’re probably a couple of (solid) drafts away from completing it. Bucs don’t NEED nor can we AFFORD a high-priced QB to run that TEAM, but we do need a CONSISTENT one. Consistently good.

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    BTW Joe, our ‘rubbish’ Secondary consists of 1st & 2nd year players with little NFL experience. Right now they’re essentially a college Secondary, and it shows. They’ll improve with more game-time. They’d improve more rapidly with some experienced
    veteran FIELD LEADERSHIP back there though.

    Jameis Winston has now started 60 NFL games & has a 23-37 record. He’s thrown for 16,399 yards in less than 4.5 years, has an overall completion percentage of 61.4%, has thrown for exactly 100 TDs with 68 INTs & he’s fumbled 43 times, of which we’ve recovered 17.

    His RESULTS for 2019 indicate that he’s REGRESSING in several key areas (lower completion percentage & more turnovers). And in a contract year. Wow.

  36. German Buc Says:

    Joe, please give Defense Rules his own blog on your website. He is one of the most insightful fans, never blind, rarely biassed and calls out the things how they are. I always enjoy his posts – even this one which is – as a big JW fan -hard to swallow. But DR is right.

  37. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    Not only is Jameis guiding an offense that leads the NFC in points scored, he is helping OTHER teams score points! I feel like he should be getting credit for THOSE points too! Somebody needs to update his stats.

  38. BucEmUp Says:

    Still waiting on aomeone to point out how attrocious the playcalling has been and it being the most predictable since even Josh Freeman was drafted. Leftwich is a bottom five playcaller in the leauge.Every run up the middle on first down, no sweeps hardly and passes on first down.On second and thrid down? Deep passes that require Jameis to wait for someone to get open with no options for a check down.Our rbs dont even roll out as a safety option to get rid of the ball, they look for a block and just sit there as if they are told they will not be needednto catch the ball.What happened to the David Johnson factor?

    The corners continue to play scared and Im not sure why.Patrick peterson would help, but not putting Jameos in a position where he is trailing and has no options that the defense havent read the play pre snap, he wouldn’t be throwing these picks.

    Ira said it and I continue to agree.We pais for Arians and we want Arians the play caller.If Jameis had Arians he would have a career year.With Leftwich he will finosh with his worst.Just cant figure out why this isnt being talked about.Almost like its purposely being swept under the rug.

  39. SteveK Says:

    Defense Rules,

    Great point and post!

    And to who asked, Jameis has 10 TDs for the Bucs, and thrown 3 of his 10 INTs for pick 6’s.

    He averages more yards of YAC on INTs than he does on a completion

  40. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The great Chris Landry said, “Stats are like a bikini- what they reveal is intriguing, but what they cover up is vital.”

  41. JameisNOT Says:

    Yo Joe: check our what you boy Ira said about JameisNOT in his quickly interview with Chris Russo. He believes he is gone after this year. He stated that Peter Kings remarks (which you reported on) were derived during the preseason and that has totally changed. He went on to state that the 2015 draft for QB talent was the worst ever and that none of them will amount to anything. Funny how you report on old Peter King news but not on your homeboy Ira. Ira is by far much more I. Tune with what is going on with the Bucs even if it dies not fit your narrative.

  42. Bucsfan3 Says:

    @Joe – Because Tampa Bay has some of the most ignorant fans in sports. So opinionated with little knowledge. Jameis is a top tier QB! His team have placed him in situations where he has to carry the team and force the issue. TEAM GAME!

  43. Pete I Says:

    “To Joe, that makes as much sense as outing one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL for the woes of the pass defense.”

    Ridiculous folly and perhaps the dumbest line ever typed here or on any blog.

    Joe wants to hamstring the Buccaneers and he wants to get Jameis paid more than Jameis want’s to get Jameis paid.

  44. Bob in Valrico Says:

    There was a time when Jameis was able to overcome his and others mistakes
    and still lead the offense effectively. That Jameis has disappeared, IMO. Why do our receiver have to make more adjustments to the ball than the defenders so frequently. No confidence vote from this long time Bucs fan.

  45. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I have been watching some of the college prospects recently. IT seems like
    they run their offenses almost exclusively in the shotgun set. This can be a big problem when they get to the NFL and have to adjust to being in the pocket so
    much and getting the ball out quicker.

  46. Lunchbox Says:

    So instead of (somehow) repairing the pass defense, which is directly leading to losing games, so many folks want to run off the quarterback with so many yards and so many points.
    See Joe, what you’re not mentioning here is that Winston’s turnovers ALSO directly lead to losing games.

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    It’s really hard for a cornerback to throw an interception or take a silly sack.

  48. Lunchbox Says:

    The #BlameJameis crowd wanting to throw Jameis to the curb because this friggin’ pass defense couldn’t stop a high school team is as baffling and infuriating as the following would be, if it ever happened.
    Correction. the #BlameJameis crowd want to throw Jameis to the curb because he’s too erratic, causes WAY too many turnovers, and is very inconsistent. The pass defense that couldn’t stop a high school team is Licht’s fault, as well as the secondary coaches. They should go too.

  49. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Stats are for Losers!
    W’s are for Winners !

  50. Bird Says:

    Defense rules

    That’s a great piece. Nailed it.
    I agree 100%. Been calling Jameis the human roller coaster for years . Consistently inconsistent . You think he turns the corner and then eat your words
    And yes …he is not the sole problem…clearly there are so many weak links including poor management and direction of this team .
    But let’s face it. He is the quarterback …sometimes they get to much credit when a team wins and gets to much blame when the team loses….
    But In today’s nfl , set up for high scoring (where a dB can’t touch a receiver or DLine man even touch a Qb too high or low )to make games more exciting , the QB almost counts as 2-3 players. And that’s why their now 40 mil salary is almost double the next position group.

    We all know which joez wrote this…and he is off his damn rocker . Going on 5 years here pretty soon . Since that Pitt game.
    It’s a dang shame

    Logical joe and Ira and Defense rules . That would be a good team

  51. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Stats are for losers and wins are for winners which is something lacking around Tampa.

  52. Chris l Says:

    My god joe look at his turnovers. If your argument is yards and points then doesn’t that apply to turnovers? Nobody wants the guy to fail if you are a real fan but have some objectivity and you hate if any fan criticizes him. He hasn’t played CONSISTENTLY well in his career. I want him to succeed but if you say stuff like this when many yards and points come in garbage time then look at his turnovers over his career which is very consistent.

    Any fan who says they are skeptical of jameis like me you make them sound dumb but the facts stats and watching how he has regressed and has these implosions do not help. I would seriously reconsider how you view other viewpoints. Is it such a bad idea to consider we may need a new quarterback in the draft? In my mind and any business that would be doing your due diligence.

  53. down in the dirt doug Says:

    BucEmUp,you should be directing the Bucs from an office.Leftwich is a weak link.BA needs to step in and help him run the offense.
    Now for our weakest link.He has a great smile and wants everyone to love him.His thought process is weak and his results are poor.In the real world you are judged by you results.AM I NOT RIGHT—JASON!!!!

  54. Allbuccedup Says:

    Apparently Joe likes a good laugh on sunday. To see Jameis running around like a chicken with his head cut off. No offensive line banged up or not and a QB if the primary receiver isn’t open he panics.

  55. Sharthappens Says:

    I do believe we have a chance to finish as a wild card contender and surprise everyone in the playoffs with a super bowl birth. Not sure if you are aware that the Bucs partner AdventHealth just announced yesterday the ability to perform brain transplants. But wait there is more, Publix and AdventHealth is currently running a BOGO promo this week and we should be able to get one for the QB and GM. Great timing since it is a bye week; 4/5 day recovery timeline.

  56. SteveK Says:

    Jameis INT% is 4.5 this year. That’s roughly every one of twenty throws is picked.

  57. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe Thing One said it ALL yesterday….”Joe isn’t sure who would sign Jameis as a starter if the Bucs don’t.”

    In other words, the offense IS good. wINTson drags into hell with his INT’s, fumbles, overthrows, inability to read a defense pre-snap, and inability to throw to a predetermined spot before the receiver makes his move. Great arm? Sure. But SO WHAT??? America’s Grop…..errrr, Quarterback indeed.

  58. Old Sombrero Says:

    The best QB in franchise history? What does that say about our franchise history? He’s not the best. Johnson has a super bowl and 2 pro bowls and a winning record – the only qb with a winning record. And it’s barely above .500. Dilfer played on some horrific teams and he managed a .500 record. The D is terrible. But remove JW’s ding dong boneheaded decisions and he too could be in the .500 club which is a sad state of affairs when .500 gets you in the best QB in franchise history discussions.

  59. Jim Says:

    Your QB leads the league in turn-overs. Then he starts a new game with an interception. What does that do to the team? No stat will tell you that…

  60. lambchop Says:

    Why are we looking at it like the defense should bail out Jameis? Jameis started the Carolina game with a stare down to Mike Evans and got picked off.

    He didn’t do the defense ANY favors putting them in that tight spot. So, no I don’t think the defense gives a flying F what the homer behind center is dealing with.

    The QB is the leader of the team. Jameis is a laughing stock by now.

  61. 813bucboi Says:


    great post….

    JW is like the wooden Gwazi at busch gardens….lol…

    up and down….hard and harsh….bumpy and rattled…gives you a headache once you get off…..

    BG spent years trying to improve it but they ultimately came to the realization that they made a mistake and had to scrap it…..

    now BG has the new iron gwazi…lol…

    still up and down but much more enjoyable….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  62. EK Says:

    Joe It seems the biggest problem that gets under people’s skin is that he absolutely refuses to throw the ball away. When will it sink in that he can’t make every play? Apparently no coach will get that through to him. That’s why the “DREAM” of Jameis she a top qb will probably never be realized.

  63. EK Says:

    Being not she

  64. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Joe – this fan base is crying out for a JayMiss Confidence Poll.

    It needs to be done!

  65. July Joe Says:

    THIS “Joe” gets it.

    WINS are all about the TEAM not the QB position. How in the world do people still not understand this?

    EVERY SINGLE year there are playoff teams that have BAD QBs and non-playoff teams with far better QBs.

    This year JOSH ALLEN who is a train wreck as a QB, is 4-1 while Philip Rivers and Jameis are both 2-4. Why? DUH. Allen is on a good TEAM.

    As for Jameis, he’s a top 5 “talent” that has finished each of the last 3 years ELITE in the “advanced metrics” and will still be just 25 years old when this regular season ends … but yeah, dump him and draft the next Josh Rosen or Dwyane Haskins or Baker Mayfield and have Evans and Godwin so DISGUSTED with a QB that can’t get them the ball that they demand a trade!


    Jameis Winston was 26-1 in college, the greatest win % of any QB that played that many games in college history … and was then drafted by the WORST team/franchise in the entire NFL … but yeah, he’s the one that doesn’t know how to “win”.


  66. soggy Says:

    Hang down your heads bucs fans like the song say’s and cry, tom dooley, because this is a sh!t show and has been ever after the superbowl, but hey at least we have that win, how would it be if we did not have a superbowl like detroit, and I know I lived there 30 years..

  67. July Joe Says:

    ^ You have a point, but fans can also get enjoyment out of watching good players play, even on bad teams. A lot of Lions fans would NOT trade away Barry Sanders career and getting to watch him play for one SuperBowl and 10 years of watching some garbage running back play.

  68. SteveK Says:

    Barry Sanders was amazing.

    A clear cut HOF back.

    Years of

    We don’t have anyone close to that kind of

  69. July Joe Says:

    ^ No, no one on the current is Barry Sanders level “special” but that could be said for every other team in the NFL too.

    But, JW, Evans and Godwin are all on an awesome season and career pace, and Vea looks like a perennial pro bowler as well. There’s some nice individual talent on this team … if the pass defense could just be average the team would likely be a playoff team.

  70. Oneilbucs Says:

    So what if we make the playoffs this year because we know it’s a strong possibly that he plays good throughout the season. That’s the thing about Jamies. When he plays bad then he will come back and finish strong. I can tolerate 1 or even 2 bad games then come back and play good throughout the season. I say we franchise tag Jamies and keep building the defense and offensive line.