Saints 31, Buccaneers 24

October 6th, 2019

Someone forgot to tell Joe it was a throwback Bucs game — a throwback to Mike Smith’s defense.

The Bucs’ pass defense is brutal, and it’s even worse when Shaq Barrett doesn’t play out of his mind. Zero pass rush joined forces today with a secondary lacking in talent and Bucs fans paid the price.

Saints backup QB Teddy Bridgewater completed 15-of-18 passes for 160 yards as New Orleans carved up the Bucs’ secondary and cruised to a 17-10 halftime lead. Even Bridgewater’s backup, Taysom Hill, completed his only try for another 18 yards before intermission.

And then the carving continued after halftime. Bridgewater finished with 314 yards and four touchdowns, only the third 300-plus-yard game of his career.

Saints receiver Michael Thomas has abused the Bucs in past years, and today he racked up 10 catches for a whopping 182 yards and two touchdowns. The Bucs just didn’t have anyone talented enough to cover the guy. And Vernon Hargreaves, if you’re going to give Thomas plenty of cushion, then you at least have to close hard and tackle well.

The Bucs offense had just 21 snaps in the first half, evidence of how much they struggled and how well New Orleans moved the ball.

The saddest part for Joe was that, overall, the Bucs really weren’t very competitive, and that’s inexcusable. At least the fight was there to the finish.

No, Joe didn’t expect the Bucs to beat the Saints, but you have to compete better against a division rival and their backup quarterback.

The football gods shined on the Bucs early in the first quarter, as Jameis Winston had an interception called back after the Saints had a near pick, but little else broke the Bucs’ way.

Kudos to Chris Godwin for another huge statistical day, seven catches for 125 yards and two touchdowns, his fifth and sixth of the young season.

It’s off to England and a true must-win game. The Bucs cannot fall to 2-4 at the bye week. That would trigger draft talk and apathy all across Tampa Bay.

100 Responses to “Saints 31, Buccaneers 24”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    Bucs are now 2-3 which is the same exact 5 game start as they have been over the previous few seasons. I’m left wondering how this team has improved.

  2. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    Does anyone know if Devin White played today?

  3. A Train Says:

    That was a GAY onside kick attempt at the end there

  4. soggy Says:


  5. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Wished Ira had picked the Aints LoL

  6. bucfanforever Says:

    Is it possible to play the saints without interference by the refs? They should just walk out of the stadium.

  7. DB55 Says:

    DB55 Says:
    October 6th, 2019 at 6:47 am
    If Bridgewater throws for 300+ I’m spending the rest of the week ripping vh3.

    Gators!, do they even play football

  8. CPN Says:

    This team is going to make Kyle Allen look like a HOFer next week.

  9. Bird Says:

    The score did not tell the true story

    They kicked our butts
    Time to move on

  10. Ben real Says:

    Lol 2-14 yes we can

  11. Hater Hater Says:

    ElBajito43 Says:
    October 6th, 2019 at 4:03 pm
    I wish I was a fan of a different team
    I wish you were too.

  12. Max Says:

    Demar Dotson got TOASTED. Our right side is just a sieve right now

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    Petty I looked for Devin all day and never saw him. If he got in I missed it.

  14. Bucs911 Says:

    If Brees was in there, they hang 50 plus on the D.

  15. 813bucboi Says:


    If JW can’t outplay teddy, I’m ripping him the rest of the week….

    Seminoles?….do they even play football


  16. TampaTown Says:

    Thanks Ira hope you’re happy. This should end your nonsense and from now on you pick the Bucs to lose. I knew you jinxed us.

  17. AwShbucs Says:

    Vernon Hargreaves lost us this game. Michael Thomas ate his lunch all game long.

    Been saying it for 3 weeks. We need to trade for a legitimate starting corner if we want to compete this year.

  18. reply Says:



  19. 813bucboi Says:

    Hard to cover when the QB has 12sec to throw


  20. Ben real Says:

    We have a beautiful schedule of teams coming up … 0-3 the next 3 games lmao … what a pathetic team … and a bunch of dumb fans who swear we were playoff bound this year … and joe Bucs fan this is my boot out of here … your stupid blind and ignorant … your website is pure trash … go get a real job numbnuts

  21. DB55 Says:

    6 sacks. 82 yards rushing including a reverse by Miller for 18 yards. So 60+ yards rushing.

    Bridgewater 314 yards 4 TDs. Hasn’t thrown for more than 200 yards until today.

    Rime to move on, if your quarterback can’t block for himself, get open and catch his own passes or if he’s can’t cover a number 1 receiver then what’s the point.

  22. unbelievable Says:

    I told y’all Bridgewater would go off.

    Our secondary is as pathetic as it gets. Whitehead is the only guy show should be a starter.

    I just hope BA goes off about the officiating in his press conference. Take the fines, who cares. Put the league in their place FFS! That was a fkn joke.

    Also how is it possible Mike Evans can’t get open once the whole game? He gets completely b!tched up by a corner that’s 6 inches shorter than him?!?

    Pathetic performance from pretty much everyone, coaches included.

  23. DBS Says:

    Any more questions as to why they were ranked where they were?

  24. Buc68 Says:

    I just don’t know why Licht isn’t held accountable for this secondary. He spent a massive amount of resources on it and it’s the worst in football by a mile.

  25. EA Says:

    Saints are more talented no question about that but they also got out hustled and out coached. This team does not know how to win back to back games.

  26. tmaxcon Says:


    Hey buddy i thought you said the oline was fixed and a strength moving forward….

    good thing bucs play in an uneducated small market or the fans would be helping the bucs move to london not just play a game there….

  27. Ed Says:

    Got creamed by the Saints. Nothing physical about either line, Saints outmuscled us. Jameis was off and slow on getting the ball out. Bucs didn’t put up a fight, they were clearly whipped. Watching the second half never did the Bucs show any sign of physically standing up to New Orleans. Extremely disappointed in the effort.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    We need a RT and Bruce knows it. I was glad he pulled Dotson but his backup got destroyed.

    Really hope this team got a Plan C for that position.

    Relying on Dotson has proven to be a freaking mistake. 5 games is enough sample size.

  29. AwShbucs Says:


    Cmon man. I get that you’re a gators fan and all but this is getting ridiculous. Vernon got absolutely dominated today and essentially lost us the game by himself.

    Hes supposed to be our # 1 corner and cant stop Thomas once?

  30. Ndog Says:

    813 you are embarrassment to football fans everywhere.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    Who gets paid more?

    Mike or mike?

    Let’s trade for lattimore since he shut down Evans with a great pass rush….


  32. 941bucsfan Says:

    Rojo 3.9 ypc

  33. unbelievable Says:

    813 are you seriously trying to defend VH3?

    He’s a 1st round pick and the biggest liability in our secondary.

    He is terrible. A bust. Pathetic. He will Be targeted every week all season long bc he straight up sucks.

  34. DB55 Says:


    You know I luv you but your boy is GARBAGE. week after week never has there been a bright spot or a good game. Dude is worse than a lawn chair.

  35. Sydney Says:

    Only two things be said…

    On defense the only stat that matter is points allowed and through the first quarter-plus of the season the Bucs are last/near last in the league again. No chance to win.

    Two, Sean Payton and his staff CLEARLY outcoached the Bucs. Their game plan was outstanding they were prepared to stop our best (i.e. Barrett and Evans) from beating them.

  36. Dapostman Says:

    Probably not going to be able to trade for a pass rusher and maybe JPP will help there but definitely need to trade for a better corner. Patrick Peterson would come cheaper than Ramsey. This secondary has gotten torched 3 straight games.

  37. unbelievable Says:

    I’m telling you guys, start boycotting the home games.

    Stop buying season tickets.

    It’s the only way there will ever be a shred of accountability with the clueless glazer children.

  38. tmaxcon Says:

    anyone attempting to defend that bum vh3bust either owes him money or is related to that sorry arse piss poor excuse for a football player….

  39. 813bucboi Says:

    Folks acting like mike Thomas got signed off the street…lol…

    When MT scored on VHG it was 17-10….

    But yeah….he was responsible for the other 14points….WTFDIK


  40. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    BA’s coaching today was like Jameis’s scrambling

  41. cmurda Says:

    Hats off to Winston and Godwin. It may not show up and matter in this game but playing with heart like that at the end of the game could pay off down the road. I know the whole argument about never blame the refs but I would like to know how the NFL can justify Michael Thomas pushing off while extending both arms and it gets reviewed without a change?

  42. Ndog Says:

    People saying Jameis is holding the ball what do you want him to do if no one is open? So if he throws it into tight coverage and it’s picked he sucks to you people and if he holds it cause no one is open he sucks. So seriously what do you want him to do?

  43. Destinjohnny Says:

    Good thing we spent all this draft pics on our defensive backfield…..
    Even more stoked we took Justin Evans over Komera

  44. 813bucboi Says:


    My boy won the CAR game….what game has JW won for us this year?


  45. MadMax Says:


    Also even more pathetic job by the refs…what a joke!!! Wouldve lost anyway though…

  46. ManzielMadness Says:

    Wow, whole team sans Whitehead and Godwin sucked today… Bucs need to look at upgrading that secondary.. VH3 got torched…

  47. JimmyJack Says:

    Ed I could not disagree more. Our weaknesses we’re exposed badly by a well coached team. The physicality was still there.

    Our OL has had better days so there is hope with that weakness. The secondary is the really tough part of this team to have hope for. We can’t cover anything……All well and good when our front 7 can take over the game but when they can’t on a day like today we have serious issues……..Hope Bruce and Bowles have a plan to fix that secondary. Right now they are now even competent.

  48. 813bucboi Says:


    All 31 points were scored on VHG….



  49. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    man imagine getting your college football team mixed up with how players do in the pros. literally as childish as you can be.

  50. Ndog Says:

    Also why dress White if he’s not going to play. Maybe we should have drafted a corner with the fifth overall pick. I mean if he can’t outplay a freaking twice cut Kevin Minter the that is a major waste of a pick.

  51. tmaxcon Says:


    just give it up dude. you have no ammunition and will lose what little credibility you may have if you keep trying to defend the little fella

  52. DB55 Says:


    I just want the name of the quarterback who’s coming next year. I heard he will go 10 for 10 for 1000 yards and 10 TDs in just 1 game. He needs no oline or running game or def. he will score 70 points a game and kick his own extra points.

    I’m ordering his jersey right now, just don’t know his name. Sad face emoji

  53. cmurda Says:

    Not so fast 813. The Panther game ain’t completely over yet.

  54. 941bucsfan Says:

    We play the same exact defense schiano played. #1 against the run, #32 against the pass and lead league in blitz

  55. UKBucs Says:

    That was bad on both sides of the ball. Peyton out coached us as well.
    Next week is big for how this season will pan out and Bucs need a big week before they head over here to London as our record here stinks!

  56. Lamarcus Says:

    Vh3 sucks. Bust.

  57. unbelievable Says:

    @813 how man passes did he defend today?


    How many completions were made against him? At least 9.

  58. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Its a copycat league

    Peyton and Allen exposed us and gave the blueprint for weekly blowouts

    Barrett agent better sign the contract because he will be lucky to have 3 more sacks

    like my dad has said Leftfoot and his play design and playcally suks

    can I make 7 million like brate”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  59. Dapostman Says:

    According to 813,

    VHIII makes one tackle and he wins the Carolina game while JW3 throws for 385 yards and 4 TD’s and he can’t figure out what game he won.


  60. Lamarcus Says:

    Vh3 is not good enough. Actually he gets roasted every game. 2 career ints vs a million years allowed can’t even accidentally make a pick

  61. 813bucboi Says:


    My point exactly dumbass….

    They both 1 game


  62. Pelbuc61 Says:

    This defense is designed to put the DBs on an island and Bucs simply don’t have the horses despite all the draft capital wasted on DBs. Today was a resurrection of the Mike Smith playing 15 yards off receivers defense and VH3 is pitiful, not to mention Carlton Davies just makes penalties. Online reverted to the Browns preseason game. Time to trade useless O.J. for another DB. BTW, Bucs 1st rounder and pre ordained defensive ROY is just killing it ON THE SIDELINE. SMH!!

  63. 813bucboi Says:


    And how many points?….7 out of 31…..


  64. Jersey Buc Says:

    Bucs defense sucks, period. Hargreaves is absolutely terrible, no edge rush opposite Barrett, same lack of quality secondary as last year only younger. Same defense as last year, only Barrett is in JPPs role. They haven’t competed against, forget stopping, the pass since 2004. Coaching only goes so far. Typical stat line, 460 total yards and 30+ points given up, again. At least they’re consistent, gotta give them that. Lol.

  65. Bucs14 Says:

    VH3, and the clown who selected him, Jason Licht, need to both go. Vh3 cant cover, and definitely can’t tackle. I thought he was overrated at Florida.

    And on another note to Joe. How about next time you get near the Glazier boys, place a bug in their ear about looking to sell the team. Losing starts at the top.

  66. tmaxcon Says:

    vh3bust is not even good enough to sell crack

  67. Tb54steel Says:

    When i get a billion dollars ill pay the refs off too. Sorry ass officiating. Garbage AF.

  68. Dapostman Says:

    I had high hopes for Vernon Hargreaves after the first 2 games. He made a good read against SF and even though he gave up some catches to Car he was in position to make a quick tackle. But…………..these last 3 games he hasn’t even been in the same zip code as the guy he’s covering. He’s just not talented enough to play against the better WR’s in this league.

  69. AwShbucs Says:


    Itd be one thing If that score before the half was the only time Micheal Thomas took advantage of Vernon.

    But on that drive alone he had 3 catches that converted 3rd down for the saints over Vernon.

    He abused him all game long.

    Sure the pass rush needs to step up. But even when we do have a decent pass rush, i/e the last 2 weeks, #28 is still getting worked over. We cant compete against anyone if our #1 corner cant cover anyone…

  70. Pelbuc61 Says:

    Last 3 games Bucs defense has allowed 32, 40 and 31 points. So much for an improved defense.

  71. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Someone forgot to tell Joe it was a throwback Bucs game — a throwback to Mike Smith’s defense.” THAT’S absolutely hilarious Joe. Heaven forbid that anyone should say ‘Jameis & the offense stunk it up today’. 21 TOTAL PLAYS in the first half. Think about that for a second … TWENTY ONE TOTAL PLAYS in the 1st half. The only TD we got in that half was because the Bucs’ DEFENSE gave Winston & the offense the ball on the Saints 20-yd line after SMB’s INT.

    The Bucs’ defense couldn’t get any consistent pressure on Bridgewater & he ate us alive with his short passing (95% of his passes were less than 20 yds according to the announcers). And from what I saw, the majority of those went against Hargreaves. Saints’ offense picked on VHIII all game long, and he melted under the pressure.

    And oh ya, give credit to Bridgewater, to the Saints OLine, to Thomas & Cooks for getting the job done. Also credit the Saints DLine for ripping apart the Bucs’ OLine, as well as credit to Lattimore for shutting down ME13.

  72. CChead Says:

    No pass rush from d.
    No pass pro from Oline.
    Games are won at the line os scrimage.
    Saints are a way better team.

  73. 813bucboi Says:

    Let’s just trade for lattimore….

    He shut down Mike Evans with no pass rush and no safety help….


  74. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Jason Licht go?

    5 more years


    all the old timers here will never see another GM

  75. Dapostman Says:

    Uh 813,

    It would have been a worse beat down of Hargreaves but Bowles took him off Thomas and put him literally in right field. Ya know like the baseball coach who puts his worst player out there.

    Your blind loyalty shows. I get it but it is what it is. He just isn’t that good. 3 bad games in a row and teams attack him on 3rd down knowing they can convert.

  76. Craig Says:

    Looked a lot worse than the final score. Only bright spot was Godwin, no one else looked like they cared.

  77. 813bucboi Says:


    Did VHG give up a SCORE in the second half?


  78. Dano Says:

    Today there was NO pass rush at all. 0 sacks 0 tfl. Oline allowed 6 sacks. Trenches got manhandled.

  79. 813bucboi Says:


    TB did no such thing….lol….

    So SMB covered MT once CD went out the game?….

    And don’t forget, CD gave up the booty early to MT too….


  80. Anonymous Says:

    VH111 is hot garbage. That is beyond dispute. What did Arians say about him during the spring? “Vernon Hargraves needs to get his mind right”. I’m putting this loss on Licht for betting on aging RT Demar Dotson and for failing our secondary yet again. From mice you expect elephants? Sorry Jason, your bluff got called. And would someone please explain why Dare Ogunwalbe is on the team? What does he do well? Win one, lose two. It’s the Bucs mantra. They simply can not abide prospertity. Hello 6-10. Goodbye playoffs.
    Rah, Rah, Sis boom bah. Who frickin’ cares anymore.

  81. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Hats off to Godwin. Bad performance from most of the team.refs and coaches.

  82. 813bucboi Says:


    MT abuses CBS every week…..

    Something mike Evans should be doing…..


  83. 813bucboi Says:



    no pass rush….no pressure….


  84. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Wow…I’m not happy but I’m not headed to the bridge.

    I saw a lot of positives in today’s game. For once we probably need to do one of the most difficult things for a sports fan to do.

    Hey they pay the other guys as well and hats off to the Saints…they beat us…they have more talent…they are the CLASS of our Division and perhaps the Conference. In fact the NFL had them ranked 3rd best team heading into this week.

    They’re not chopped liver. They outplayed us. But I didn’t see guys dogging it…I did see some moronic rookie mistakes from…wait for it….rookies or 2nd year guys.

    If I assigned a 1-10 rating to the two teams in terms of power rankings…I give the Saints a 9 I give us an 8. That’s still some ground to make up. It also means when we play the Saints we need to bring our A game. Thought we were a B today…not awful…great defense against Kamara…he’s going to get his but by and large we kept him bottled.

    Scoring at the end was a good thing. It showed some character and pride.

    Lots of football left. This team continues to improve and when we get our #1 draft pick back and healthy…it’s going to make a difference.

  85. JimBuc2 Says:

    Win one, lose two. Rah Rah Sish boom bah. Who frickin’ cares anymore?
    Vernon Hargraves III is hot garbage and our rookies played like, well rookies.

  86. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Jameis wasn’t making the quick decisions this game like he did in LA

  87. A Train Says:

    Let’s face it, no pass rush and lousy pass coverage cost us this game, throw in a little bad officiating too. You really need good DBs and a great pass rush or vice versa to win int he NFL. We probably have the offense to compete, to be a true contender we would need a good line.

  88. Greg Says:

    It would be awesome if the owners passed a rule that if your team hasn’t made the playoffs in over 10 years, the loser owners have to sell the team….

  89. AwShbucs Says:

    He gave up plenty of first downs my friend. On long touchdowns drives that ate up tons of clock. We couldnt get off the field on 3rd down dude
    Vernon’s inability to cover people contributed to that 100%.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Can we trade for Ramsey now?

  91. Bird Says:

    Holy cow

    Da post man is talking about blind loyalty.
    That is the post of the year.

  92. T REX Says:

    stpetebucsfan Says:
    October 6th, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    If I assigned a 1-10 rating to the two teams in terms of power rankings…I give the Saints a 9 I give us an 8.

    252 yds of offense…Saints had 470 yds and 31 pts

    On what planet is that an 8? You give pumpers a bad name. That was a bad bad game on both sides of the ball. Bad. Hard to take your post serious.

  93. Dapostman Says:


    you are wrong again Bird. After the 49er game I didn’t sugar coat any of the Qb’s bad decisions. I even stated the pass to Barber should not have even been thrown because it was Barber a RB vs a CB Sherman. That is not an advantageous matchup.

    Winston should have never even looked out there let alone throw that pass.

  94. Marcus Graham Haizlip Says:

    I am a lifelong bucs fan. I happen to live in NOLA and go to our game every year. This year was a huge disappointment. It jusy didn’t seem like we came to play. I know first hand how loud it gets here in the dome, but we played like crap. It’s just a shame. It wasn’t the same team we watched last week. The bucs have got to find some consistency. I am excited about this new era for the Bucs. Hopefully we will continue to improve and eventually be the contenders we should be. I am just so sick of looking forward to next season 4 games into the year.

  95. orlbucfan Says:

    I’m about ready to nuke the Glazer boys. Why? first time in 40 years, I could not get my team on radio!!!! I spent most of the first half doing every sort of legal searching I could for a live radio broadcast link. No luck. Man, am I PO’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I went back to the old Buc audio links, I was informed I had to sign on to a link costing $$$$$$$$$. That has never happened before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    About the game. No surprise. I know everyone is screaming over the refs–big deal. Bucs have always had to outplay them. Bucs lost cos they are still adjusting to THEIR FIFTH HEAD COACH IN 12 YEARS!!!! I hope BA’s bunch hangs around for more than 1 year. 2-3 with the schedule, etc. is not a disaster.

  96. orlbucfan Says:

    Bucs lost cos of adjusting to 5 head coaches in 12 years. They’re only 5 games into the newest regime. Bucs radio was f/u today. Hope that is not permanent.

  97. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    Bucboi Winston was off but hard to do anything when ur sack 6 or 7 times n almost always under duress. The dominated our o line n shut down our d line n our secondary is garbage AF unfortunately STILL 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😢😭

  98. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    VH3 is a BUST… Basically the entire 2016 BUCS draft class is! BACK TO REALITY. ugh… this sucks

  99. Cobraboy Says:

    That is what you call a butt-whuppin’.

    No excuses.

    New Orleans is a very, very good team, Super Bowl quality.

  100. Secondary is garbage Says:

    VH3 is a major BUST ! He can’t cover to save his life. Poor and soft, especially to give up the yardage they have been giving up over 3 games the most in NFL. They should keep white and Edwards and drop the garbage DBs that have been playing soft! Each Sunday I watch this football team and can tell that secondary is trash ! It’s always been our secondary from day 1. Let’s hope this Glazer organization wakes up and smells the coffee and finally get some top tier DBs to compete in this league. “Same ol’ BUCS !