Rookies Need To Step Up

October 21st, 2019

Time to prove worth.

So yesterday afternoon Joe was watching the Raiders and Packers. And it wasn’t too far into the game that Joe noticed something about Chucky’s team.

Chucky’s rookies were making impacts. Being a force. Scoring touchdowns. Key catches. Sacking Aaron Rodgers. What a concept!

Then Joe thought about the Bucs. Outside of kicker Matt Gay, what rookie is making an impact? That would be none.

Oh, Devin White when healthy has had some good tackles. But where is the impact? He hasn’t shown anything (yet) to demonstrate he is the one-man force of a game-wrecker he was hyped to be by the team.

(Yes, Joe understands he missed games with a bum knee. Duly noted.)

But this story isn’t so much about White. It’s about the cornerbacks the Bucs drafted so high.

The Bucs, if you can imagine, have a worse pass defense than they did last year, which is not just revolting but unacceptable. How, with all the draft capital spent on defensive backs the past four years, can this pass defense be worse? It really is appalling.

So with the worst-in-the-NFL pass defense coughing up 300-plus yards a game, where exactly is Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jamel Dean, corners who were drafted in the second and third rounds, respectively, this spring?

Dean is sipping Gatorade on the sidelines and Murphy-Bunting is struggling at nickel after riding the bench early in the season.

In fact, Murphy-Bunting and Dean have yet to start one game. Think about it: Vernon Hargreaves is playing so poorly and the pass defense is so putrid, yet the Bucs can’t take Hargreaves off the field because the Bucs apparently do not trust either Murphy-Bunting and/or Dean enough to play them.

The Bucs would rather see Hargreaves get juked out of his jock and fall down than take a chance with Murphy-Bunting or Dean. Really!

They can’t even beat out dudes who start for the worst pass defense in the NFL! How awful is that?

Even though folks mock Joe for the following, the Bucs are not out of a wild card hunt yet. It will be an uphill climb if they do make a run.

For that to happen, Murphy-Bunting and Dean absolutely need to step up their games and do so immediately not just to justify their draft slots, but to save this Bucs team from circling the drain.

The rookie cornerback duo was drafted highly for a reason. And that wasn’t to scope for chicks in the seats.

43 Responses to “Rookies Need To Step Up”

  1. Pablo Says:

    Pablo thinks it’s because the Raiders had 4 first round selections from trading Khalil Mack & amari cooper

  2. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Agree … Stay with me here…..imagine being a Bucs QB….KNOWING you have to put up 30 points a game to win, with no running game. And no impact from your #1 draft pick in first 5 games.

    HMMNN A little pressure on the QB – Ya Think? Good luck next year with rookie QB, fans.

  3. Bucsfan951 Says:

    9 db picks since 2016. All between rounds 1-4. Just too many important resources went to those positions while other important positions (o line/d line) have been forgotten. We still don’t have a secondary that is competent enough to be starters on other teams. This team will continue to fail until Licht is relieved of his duties. Thing is, I don’t see the glazer boys doing anything until after 2020. I see a Licht/Arians/Winston 2020 season next year unfortunately

  4. Joe Says:

    Pablo thinks it’s because the Raiders had 4 first round selections from trading Khalil Mack & amari cooper

    Foster Moreau, fourth-round pick, two catches, 24 yards and a touchdown.

    Hunter Renfro, fifth-round pick, two catches.

    Maxx Crosby, fourth-round pick, sack.

    All rookies, not counting Josh Jacobs racking up 124 yards.

  5. Bigbucs1 Says:

    What if this is a coaching issue and not that they aren’t capable? I mean why are we not seeing more rojo or OJ catching? It isn’t that they aren’t capable, it’s the coaches not wanting to play them.

  6. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I’m so tired of hearing the excuse of no run game. Green Bay, San Francisco, New Orleans, New England and Kansas City all are in first place and don’t have a rb in the top 10. Stop using that stupid excuse as a crutch!!!

  7. patrickbucs Says:

    Bucsfan951 Says:
    October 21st, 2019 at 12:48 am
    I’m so tired of hearing the excuse of no run game. Green Bay, San Francisco, New Orleans, New England and Kansas City all are in first place and don’t have a rb in the top 10. Stop using that stupid excuse as a crutch!!!

    Thank u!! Some are running by committee though in all fairness. Bucs were middle of the pack until their last game.

  8. Joe Says:

    OJ catching?

    Joe’s written about OJ several times over the past couple of weeks.

  9. Clean House Says:

    It’s ALL lichts fault- every one of those dB selections was a reach. Always trying to be “clever” and go against conventional wisdom, just for the sake of being unique. This GM has his head up his ass. It’s pretty clear and straight forward.

  10. Tom S. Says:

    It’s almost like our GM and Ownership are trash and have been since they took their respective reigns of the team. 🤔

    Licht’s current record is 29-57 right? The Glazer Babies’ biggest claim to fame is firing Jon Gruden so they could go on a quixotic quest of cheaping out on salaries when there was briefly no cap and go through a revolving door of coaching staffs apparently determined to prove that coaching and not talent wins football games. How is that working out for those world-class silver-spoon doofuses?

    But I’m sure our incompetent GM and Ownership group will surely turn it around because people who are bad at their jobs suddenly become better when given more time. Just ask Dan Snyder and James Dolan how it’s working for them.

  11. REDZONE BA Fan Says:


    OJ has BRICK hands this year. Weird development.

    OJ seems un-focused/complacent. We need OJ to deliver, to justify his #1 draft selection Vs Dalvin Cook…who is killing it with productivity and team impact.

    Jason’s #1 picks, which includes JW3, need to deliver…! JW3, OJ, and Devin White. I have written off, VH….total bust.

  12. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    @joe and @Tom S

    Firing GRUDEN, will go down as most horrible decisions ever by any NFL owners. Fired him for a 9-7 season?????????

    Gruden will absolutely…. make the Raiders relevant again… and possibly bring in JW3 as his backup QB next year…..And then….who knows?????

  13. Big Stinky Says:

    THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!! This TEAM is SO bad that it needs it’s rookies to step up to make up for the LACK of talent on the team. Think about it, Licht has only hit on about 10 players in SIX DRAFTS!!!!! And by hit I mean capable of even being backups. Evans and Godwin, ASJ and OJ, Kwon and maybe Beckwith (if he didn’t get hurt), Smith and Marpet, and Vea and Rojo. Cappa hasn’t been called for holding or false starts and seemed to be playing good at the RG position so far. And after ALMOST FIVE YEARS we STILL haven’t made a long term decision on JW3 because of his inconsistent play.

    Jason tried to build the “Greatest Show on Grass” since he got here, and that is the PROBLEM!!!! He drafted ONE defensive player in his first TWO years as our GM and got LUCKY to hit on Kwon in the 4th round. He didn’t draft a DE until his THIRD year here, as bad as the pass rush has been since he got here, and NOT ONLY did he WAIT until the 2nd round he picked a player known to have a shoulder problem. Other than drafting a NT in the 7th round, Licht didn’t pick another D lineman until Vea in his FIFTH year!!! Jason has drafted 7 WR’s (hitting on 2), 6 OL (hitting on 3 I guess), 2 TE’s, 2 K’s, 3 RB’s (and a FB), a QB, and NINE DB’s in FOUR years!!!!!

    Sorry “Stale Biscuit”, you said you came here for a RELOAD not a rebuild, but I’m afraid you underestimated how bad this TEAM really is. I didn’t bother to mention how many LB’s AND DL Jason has drafted because NONE of them are worth mentioning except for Vea and Kwon. HOW is this team in salary cap hell with SO many needs. Jason should’ve resigned Kwon and Hump AND got a veteran CB in FA. That No.5 pick SHOULD have been used on a pass rusher or OL help since you don’t pick that HIGH that often. BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE!!! IS THAT SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT JASON???? A LB at No.5 should be Ray Lewis, Luke Keuchly, or the great LT. Hate to be down on White but we used a No.5 pick overall to replace a player we got in the 4th round.

    Don’t know what the hell Arians thought he was reloading anyway. This team was NEVER any good to start with. Dirk telling the team on Hard Knocks how much talent was on the team was a joke. Yeah, they should have been in the Playoffs the year before HK’s but JW3 INT’s early that year cost us a couple games. Could probably blame a game on Aguayo as well. Point is, Arians is a dumbass for thinking he can CHANGE Jameis with Leftwich calling the plays. JW3 may NEVER change and that is a PROBLEM!!!! Why would Arians say this defensive backfield is FIXED??? Because our QB throws INT’s to them while they are in training camp???? Because our WR’s can’t get separation from EVEN our crappy secondary???? RELOAD INDEED!!!!!!

  14. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Foster Moreau, fourth-round pick, two catches, 24 yards and a touchdown.
    Hunter Renfro, fifth-round pick, two catches.
    Maxx Crosby, fourth-round pick, sack.
    All rookies, not counting Josh Jacobs racking up 124 yards.
    besides Crosby, none of those players are even on defense. (how many sacks did Vita have first season?) Crosby not special

    The two receivers you mention only had 4 catches combined. That’s not an in-ordinary feat for rookie receivers especially when the starters are banged up.

    What was the final score again? Oh and did I mention that Rodgers had a career day.

  15. Red86 Says:

    I believe some of the issue on defense is the pre snap alignments. Too many times I seen the linebackers, safeties, and corners goes to the line before they blitz. It’s obvious what they are going do before the snap. It beginning to be too predictable. The opponent qb audible and change the blocking scheme. We suck at disguising what we’re doing on defense.

    Now to get to the point this alone would hurt our rookie corners and secondary as a whole. Many time they are on an island immediately cause of bad disguise pre snap. Also, some players aren’t living up to their drafted spot. It don’t help if they don’t “communicate” and understand the play they are running. Sometimes it takes time for rookies. For the vets, I don’t know what’s going on. Plus, stubbornness from the coaches may be a factor for the rookie corners aren’t playing enough. Look at Ronald Jones.

  16. down in the dirt doug Says:


  17. Bucsfanman Says:

    Pray that the bye week was the elixir this secondary needed.
    Can’t state it enough, right now the best defense is a good offense. The only sure-fire way to keep other teams from scoring is having the ball on offense.

  18. Kevin Says:

    You forgot about Mike Edwards. Worth at least a mention: probably played the most snaps from all the rookies. Was a starter untill Andrew Adams started in London. But you’re right, at least he’s starter level or close. Dean and Bunting are on the bench behind VH3 and MJ Stewart is more concerning. Wouldn’t be surprised to even see Ryan Smith getting more snaps if they don’t step up.

  19. Anglican Says:

    You could plug in JW name in where VH is and put in RG in where Bunting and Deans name is and you could ask the same. JW with his .383% winning average over his 4 1/2 year in the NFL.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Thanks for the morning surprise Joe. Just when I think you’ve hit rock bottom you amaze me and dive a little deeper. Comparing the Bucs to Chucky’s Raiders based on cherry-picking? REALLY? As Paul Harvey used to say … “And now for the rest of the story”.

    Raiders had 3 1st-Rnd picks (Ferrell, Jacobs, Abram), 1 2nd-Rnd pick (Mullen), 3 4th-Rnd picks (Crosby, Johnson, Moreau), 1 5th-Rnder (Renfrow) & 1 7th-Rnder (Bell) for a total of 9 picks.

    o Clelin Ferrell (DE): I like him as a DE, but he’s had average at-best impact thus far … 3 solo tackles, 1 sack, 2 QB Hits, 2 TFL, 2 PD, playing in about 75%-80% of the defensive snaps in 4 games.
    o Josh Jacobs (RB): Wish we’d drafted him (one of my Bama boys) ’cause he’s doing great … 88 rushes for 430 yds & 4 TDs in 5 games. Awesome 1st-Rnd pick.
    o Jonathan Abram (S): Good potential as a Safety, but must be a bust (to you) because he’s only played in the 1st game & only got 1 solo tackle with 1 PD. Oh did I forget to mention that he got hurt in that game& is now on IR? (Like you did with CB Dean). Oops, my bad.

    Raiders 2nd-Rnd and 2 4th-Rnd picks are MUCH MORE INTERESTING IMO.
    o Trayvon Mullen (CB): Has played in all 5 games … averaging 23% defensive snaps. Grand total of 2 solo tackles, 0 sacks, 0 QB Hits, 0 PD, 0 TFL. Are you impressed yet Joe with the Raiders 2nd-Rnd pick? Great size though (6’2″ & 200 lbs).
    o Maxx Crosby (DE): Improving steadily, and getting more playing time as a result … 7 solo tackles in 5 games, 1 sack, 2 QB Hits, 2 PD, 1 TFL. Most of his production came in these last 2 games (2 Oakland wins).
    o Isaiah Johnson (CB): Another big, fast rookie CB (6’2″ 210 lbs) who has yet to see the field because he’s on IR. Maybe he’ll make an impact though … next year.

    The ONLY rookie OR 2nd-year player who started in Oakland’s Secondary this year was their 1st-Rnd pick, Jonathan Abram, and he went down in the 1st game & has been on IR since. The rest of their Secondary is veterans with AT LEAST 3 years experience. THEIR 2 rookies CBs have been non-factors.

    Do you seriously want to compare that to the Bucs’ Secondary Joe? The ONLY defensive back we’ve had in our Secondary with ‘experience’ is VHIII (and he’s the worst of the lot). The rest have been rookies or 1st year players. You know better than I do that Secondary positions are skill positions that almost always take TIME to grow. Putting FOUR-FIVE rookies & 2nd-year DBs on the field at any one time in the SAME position group is very likely unprecedented.

    But hey, it’s all Todd Bowles fault anyways. Heck, the Bucs drafted him a great college Secondary that could compete with the likes of Bama or Clemson or LSU any day. Well, maybe.

  21. #1bucsfan Says:

    We don’t get to see what is going on behind the scenes but it would be nice to WHY arnt they starting bunting n dean over VH3. Can it really be much worse ? Honestly I don’t think it can so why not give it a try

  22. Buczilla Says:

    First off, Licht picked Eugene Marve Jr. Instead of Josh Allen. Secondly, either Licht is absolutely horrendous at picking db’s or we have yet to find a coach that can properly train them. Maybe both are true? So far, this is one of the worst seasons for me in recent memory. I had a lot of hope going into this year, but I am back to my pessimistic creamsicle days.

    Remember when we took Keith McCants over Junior Seau? I hope history isn’t repeating itself with us taking White over Allen, but it looks like it so far. (If I remember correctly, Seau didn’t want to play for us, but if Culverhouse wasn’t so cheap he could have smoothed it over).

  23. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    BucZilla – What exactly did you see in the offseason that gave you hope about this season? The team got worse in the offseason and lost some good players. Talented players make coaches look good (regardless of what all these posters claimed during when Arians was hired).

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    we’ll see what happens after the bye week….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  25. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “WHY aren’t they starting bunting n dean over VH3. Can it really be much worse ? Honestly I don’t think it can so why not give it a try”

    Simple answer, because they don’t belong in the NFL. The problem us that Gump doesn’t draft “Impact” players. He gets cute, drafting D3 guys and long term projects. Players who will have trouble making a XFL roster.

    Problem is, they are taking up roster spots of real NFL players.

    Can it really be much worse ? Sean “Murphy’s Law” Bunting (If anything can go wrong, it can and will go wrong).

    Then again, James Dean has only 3 bad knees. If he had been a horse, they would have shot him.

  26. BA FAN Says:

    Once JPP Can Play Our Pass Rush Will Flourish And JPP will help stop runs too. The opposition can’t double both JPP and Barret both so there will be pressure on the QB on almost every play. Our DC must stop playing zone and go man to man jamming at the line of scrimmage. The reason we have gone to zone is to stop QB runs but now that White is back he has the speed to be the spy on the QB and that will be all we need to get back and win games again as long as Hargreaves is only used on the slot receiver and Davis and Dean are our CBs with Whitehead and Edwards at Safety and Dean is on the fastest, biggest receiver. Then our DC can throw in exotic blitzes from time to time to rattle the other QB and hurt their passing game. Next year only keep Hargreaves if he agrees to a price cut. Otherwise trade him. Use the draft to get needed OL talent to replace both OTs and move D. Smith to RG. Also pick up a Guard to develop for backup purposes and train Cappa for RT as well. Remember BA lost some games in the first third of the season he took over at Arizona before he finished 10-3 and even Tony Dungy lost most of his first third of the season when he took over and then started winning all of his games the last of his first year. It is too early to be moaning the sky is falling now! Evaluate BA and Licht at the end of this season and not now. And as for Oakland, they looked terrible yesterday as the Packers picked them apart!

  27. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Ravens beat Seahawks in Seattle because they had NO turnovers and Seahawks had 2, – 1 that went for 6

    Raiders were blown out by Packers because Carr made a critical turnover at the goal line which totally changed the game

    Eagles blown out by Cowboys because of turnovers

    Does it sink in yet?

  28. Nick2 Says:

    Too funny, last I saw the Raiders were the team close to taking Sean Murphy Bunting the latest high secondary draft pick that looks like a bust. They must have gotten lucky we took him instead.

  29. TOM Says:

    This past draft I feel BA is equally at fault for the bad DB,s. I’m sure he had a lot to say in the draft room for those picks. Of course that does not mean that Licht is the worse GM in Bucs history. Of course the Bucs will probably win big against the Titans & all will be forgiven & ouf faith will be restored in Bucsland.

  30. The Graham Tram Says:

    I don’t know if you’re purposely being disingenuous, but half of this is BS.

    Jamel Dean has been injured since the like week 2 and Bowles openly stated before the Panthers game that they needed to ease him back into the line-up. Bunting has already supplanted MJ Stewart. You can address the lack of production without trying to drive fans into hysteria (with nonsense).

  31. Oneilbucs Says:

    Bucfan51 the Patriots running back led them to a super bowl last year. The Chiefs lost 2 games in a row because they can’t run the ball. The Saints have Kamara and they ran the ball good yesterday. The 49ers only wining because of their defense and they can run the ball. Green bay also can run the ball this year last year and the year before they couldn’t run the ball and they missed the playoffs both years. You people are sooo stupid to me . But I can tell you don’t know are watch football with that statement lol lol lol lol !!!!! Get a good defense and a running game and the bucs will be a complete team!!!!

  32. Marquis Wellman Says:

    But yet Sean trying to inbox me being tough and trying to fight me cuz I said they playing soft lol and it right here he ain’t doing nothing but everyone dancing instead of grinding trying to win ..then the crazy part he talking trash in London like I’ma flu out there to get with his… But he blocked me lol I was stating facts the secondary playing soft

  33. Donnie Says:

    My thoughts are, it’s 1 year into new scheme and coaching. Current it seems like the draft picks are less than 50/50, which is slightly worse than leagues average. Licht has a horrible W-L record but if BA and co can’t get the ship sailing right by next year end, the Glazer’s are going to reboot.

    -Franchise tag JW while looking for his replacement this off season. Not going to find a FA that is a whole lot better than JW.
    -Sign a vet starting power DB
    -Draft OL first pick and another in a later round.
    -Find a true RB
    -Trade away/release dead and sour players that won’t comply

    I really think that Licht is not that good at scouting and he should be replace but it looks to me he is at least trying. Unfortunately it was not good enough for me to renew my season tickets for the 5th yr and it’s not good enough to put a winning team in the field.

  34. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    The Licht Years continue to produce a team that wins 1 outta 3 games. Once Licht landed Arians ( who no doubt has buyer’s remorse ), he went ahead and butchered this year’s draft. And I mean massacred.

  35. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Licht has been a disaster picking in the second round and picking CB. He just needs to trade out of the second round and stay away from CBs.

  36. Pewter power Says:

    That’s the coaches fault…when davis got ejected you saw the difference in the secondary, I’m not sure if smb was the worse corner on the field. It seems VH3 is the worst on the entire defense and coaches wont hold him accountable and bench him. Cant beat them out no more like coaches wont give them the chance.

  37. Pewter power Says:

    How about veterans step up, rookie corners dont change a team’s fortunes ever, you have to have a good team defense all around or veteran safeties something other than 2 rookies corners only one playing and a rookie safety

  38. BigHog Says:

    Everybody gots lots to say today and yes I understand…been here awhile myself, QB Doug Williams, Orange 12 Jersey was my favorite! Before all you ranters bust that main vain in your chest, just breathe man and go find you another team to cheer for, it’s not that serious, I’ll be here until change come! GO TEAM BUCS!!!

  39. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Murphy-Bunting is a below avg CB

    Jamel Dean has two bad knees out of the box. He’s already displayed hamstring issues. Below avg CB, at best.

    Until this team figures out how to draft/build a defense, it’s gonna be painful.

    If Bucs lose to Tennessee on Sunday, no one should be safe from front office on down to assistant janitor.

    You only have to look as far as ATL and Dan Quinn to see what happens to a franchise when the owner(s) pick / fall in love with a coach

    I’ll say it again, BA sold this city/franchise/ownership a “bill of goods”. Time to totally clean house and start over.

    Can anyone say Derrick Brooks, President of Football Operations/ GM?

  40. Pickgrin Says:

    These are Bowles and BAs picks first off. Jason Licht obviously had to agree or it wouldn’t have happened – but lets not kid ourselves about who picked these defensive players this year…..

    So what’s the actual scorecard on this crop of Buccaneer rookies 6 games in?

    1. White just got healthy for the first time since the regular season started (played sick the first game and got hurt in the 2nd) and is still probably having some lingering effects from a fairly serious knee sprain… Devin is a total stud prospect and will definitely be making his presence known once he gets a few games under his belt.

    2 Sean Murphy-Bunting is probably the biggest disappointment of the bunch to date. I think Bowles had big expectations for this kid coming in – and SMB obviously hasn’t lived up to them yet. But he’s getting some live snaps and has all the intangibles needed to succeed. SMB will likely be a good NFL player in time. Bucs fans at this juncture are understandably not in a very “patient” mood however….

    3. Jamel Dean – (along with Edwards) was perhaps the primary reason that BA felt bold enough to declare the secondary “fixed” early in training camp. Dean who shined early and often would have likely been taking snaps from Hargreaves at outside CB of late – if he hadn’t suffered a somewhat serious ankle injury early in game 2…. Dean is back on the active roster and should be healthy now. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him get significant playing time moving forward assuming VH3 continues to struggle. Dean was a highly talented 3rd rd pick with +++ speed, size and athleticism who fell that far in the draft mainly because his injury history and resulting surgical knee repairs (yes plural) going all the way back to high school were too scary for most teams to stomach spending a higher pick for him. Look for Dean to be a real asset – even as a rookie – if he can manage to stay healthy…

    3. Mike Edwards has quietly had a good beginning to his NFL career. He got hurt during training camp and missed at least 2 or 3 weeks I believe during pre-season which certainly must have stunted his development a bit – but he’s played a majority of snaps on defense this year and while he has yet to make very many “splash” plays – he is handling his responsibilities fairly well and has demonstrated excellent tackling on quite a few plays. Edwards looks solid out there for a rookie if you ask me – and he’s going to get a hell of a lot better in time under Bowles direct tutelage. All these guys will…

  41. Tom S. Says:

    You know what’s funny about people who think Bruce Arians all of the sudden, for the first time in his NFL career put a GM hat on and started making all of the picks in the draft…

    Y’all said the same thing about Lovie Smith. And the two drafts under Licht/Lovie were relatively speaking the best of Licht’s career (Evans, Marpet, Kwon, Winston, D Smith). Of course the reality is that Jon Robinson was in the front office then and coincidentally got poached by the Titans before Licht had the immortal 2016 Draft aka “The emporer has no clothes” draft.

    The reality is that while the coach influences the GM and vice versa the GM is the equivalent of the home inspector that tells you what they see. You can overrule them if you want but head coaches usually have an awareness that the scouts and GM are there to help the selection process and should be trusted in general with their advice and input.

  42. PoundTheRock Says:

    SMB is soft as baby sh$t. Not physically strong, doesn’t want to tackle. He is too long and is not twitchy enough to play nickel.

    Move him outside, VH III to nickel.

  43. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    All that matters, Bucs Fans. is a CLEAN Game. Look back – I am HUGE JW3 fan.

    We have most of the pieces for playoff run. If, and only IF – JW3 plays a clean game —- not a HUGE game,….just clean. Which also means, overcoming our secondary, who will absolutely give up 300yrds/game. And effing backups, will look like Tom Brady, against our secondary.

    So…..that means JW3 and offense, MUST put up 30+, for Bucs win. Just a little pressure on the starting Qb….huh? Means he has to score at least 4 TDs on his possessions.

    Hate Jw3 , but he does lead Bucs to points…..