Renting A Need

October 14th, 2019


Joe interrupts Bucs fans planning a wake for the 2019 season and disrupts the launch of draft talk — a pre-Halloween ritual in Tampa since 2009 — to bring word of a stud player at a need position who may be available.

That would be cornerback Patrick Peterson of Arizona, a former protégé of Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Bucs head coach Bucco Bruce Arians. The Cardinals are fielding trade calls, types Adam Schefter of BSPN.

In recent weeks, the Cardinals have gotten calls from at least three teams interested in trying to trade for Peterson, a league source told ESPN.

Over the past year, six or seven teams have inquired about Peterson, but the Cardinals have told all those teams — in no uncertain terms — that they are not interested in trading the eight-time Pro Bowler, according to sources.

Still, it hasn’t stopped teams from checking in to see whether they can pry loose Peterson, who asked for a trade last season. With the Oct. 29 trade deadline approaching, Arizona continues to insist it won’t deal Peterson.

Peterson, the eight-time Pro Bowler, turns 30 in July is signed through the 2020 season, earning $12.5 million next year, per

Is the season over yet for the Bucs? No, but it is certainly crunch time. A wild card is still within grasp. To get there, Joe guesses the Bucs probably need to finish 7-3.

For the Bucs to accomplish this they must address the secondary. And let’s call it like we see it without any sugarcoating; the secondary is trash.

So Peterson, even if a rental, would be an upgrade. Then move Vernon Hargreaves to nickel. Thus you have hopefully upgraded at two positions with one move.

Will the Bucs do it? That’s a far different question. Here’s what it boils down to: If Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht does not upgrade the secondary and doesn’t get help for the right side of the offensive line until Alex Cappa and Demar Dotson are healthy, that tells Joe that Licht is content with his roster and is playing for the draft, not for a shot at a wild card.

So which will it be? Will the Bucs try to make a run and upgrade two critical areas? Or will the Bucs start shopping some of their own players — how many years have we heard the Bucs have talent? — and make a run at a good draft pick? It should be one or the other.

Standing pat? Well, sometimes, making no decision is the worst decision.

74 Responses to “Renting A Need”

  1. ElBajito43 Says:

    Jameis Winston is being made fun of all over sports talk radio tonight saying “He isn’t eating Ws he is eating a whole lot of I…Ns…. and Ts.

    Licht is a Bass tu@r d and I’m upset like every other fan. This is over!!!
    Winston will WIN the Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ JUST ENOUGH GAMES to draft 12-16 in the first round this way there will not be any quarterbacks close.

    I buy so much Bucs merchandise and have it on all the time, just so people can make fun of us!!!! This is ridiculous. I’m seriously gonna organize a protest outside of ONE BUC


  2. ElBajito43 Says:

    Jason Licht has singlehandedly regressed this team 5-8 years by Drafting like a complete LOSER. I hope one day I can meet you “Licht my team on fire 🔥 “
    You are a pathetic LOSER
    A waste of a being. Fat and incompetent!!! Parading around in your khakis like Jake from State Farm drafting Gay kickers and jumping into pools.
    I have a special Dislike for you like none other

  3. BucsBandit Says:

    Bucs aren’t pulling a major trade for Peterson. It would cost them too much and adding Peterson is no guarantee the team makes the playoffs.

    At this point Licht is scouting QBs for next year’s draft. He’s not about to screw up their draft pick by winning a few more meaningless games.

  4. PragueBucsFan Says:

    Front office will do nothing. At 2 and 4 its over. No one comes back from that, certainly not this team. The Bucs are a loser franchise. Its going to get really bad this year, watch. Ray Jay will become a ghost town for Bucs fans heckled out of the stadium by yankee transplants more than it already is. Losing out. Licht is not going anywhere. Contract extended, its over guys. Armpit of the NFL. Even our best players (Evans) are throwing in towel on season already.

  5. Todd Says:

    On what planet do we keep Jameis next year?

    No one is a bigger homer than me…except perhaps my main man and prolific commenter NDog. That said, I’ll now take a pass on any potential and upside he brings to the table and “fold.”

    Go be an elite QB post-Brady and eat all the W’s you wish. I don’t care. You’ve crushed our souls more times than I’ve been honest enough to admit.

    Experiment is over.

    I’m all in on (yet again) trading on the hope some other QB can provide.

    Jameis needs to walk the plank.

    And Scotty Miller. Come on coach, WTF?

  6. Buczilla Says:

    I hope that we hold onto all of our draft picks as if they were gold. If the “using the force, Harry Houdini, Captain America, Ghengis Khan” of quarterback whisperers can turn Peterson into a solid quarterback than I am all for it. However, since he has failed miserably thus far with Winston, it’s probably better to pass. Besides, having Ronde back in his prime wouldn’t be enough to compensate for Jameis’s all too frequent turnovers.

    Is it too early to ask for detailed analysis of the 2020 qb prospects? “Sigh”.

  7. simsini Says:

    One unusual record for Jameis yesterday. At 9.37am ET, he threw the earliest pick of the day in NFL history.

  8. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    We can have all the draft picks, all the FA’s, but they are always the WRONG players.

    Look at SF49’rs. Lynch took a few years to properly build the team choosing the RIGHT players.

    Why do the Glazers continually hire the wrong people?

    I give up.

    And by give up, I mean give up on this franchise until the Glazers sell.

  9. UKbuc Says:

    Well stated Todd.

  10. louden Says:

    I’ve said it all off-season long:

    The Suckaneers suck because the FrontOffice (GM) is not able to build a Roster and they auck in scouting and in talent ecaluation..

    Fire Licht Tonight!

    Salary Cap Hell AND bad Roster???

    its on the GM !!!

    Trading for a 30 year Cornerback, who will cost much, while this team has holes all other and is nowhere near a playoff caliber team ?!

    very bad idea

    would be typicall Suckaneers move, typicall Idiot Licht move!

  11. teacherman777 Says:

    Devin White is NOT better than Kevin Minter.

    I cant believe we drafted a MLB at #5 overall!

    Did you see STUMPY Devin White get stiff armed by McCaffrey?

    I told you guys, Devin White has no length. He has short, stumpy arms, and he is noticeably shorter than LVD.

    The deepest draft of lineman in years, and we draft a MLB at #5? WTF?

    @joe- you were 100% right.

    I wanted Montez Sweat at #10.

    I wanted to trade down, pick up some extra 2nd round picks and still get a solid lineman.

    But instead, we are stuck with a 5-10 MLB with slow reflexes and short arms.

    In both of his NFL games, he got stiff armed like a biotch.

    Its sucks being a Bucs fan.

  12. delson Says:

    So what happened to alex cappa and demar dotson? Our oline was blown apart. Winston couldnt step up or have time to throw timing routes. In the scrambling drills if the wrs cant see winston rolling out which direction do they run? That dline wrecked us. Our own pass rush was getting stuffed. Luckily we gota man beast in vea to push 2 guys around. Winston had to improvise in the 2nd half n we almost won. He hopped around like a rabbit in the pocket found lanes to rollout and made plays. He threw 2 pcks at the end but i dont blame him. He threw a prayer to evans with pressure all around him. He did the same godwin or howard pressure all around he most like couldnt see the double coverage.

    Ps i know cappa and dotson didnt play but it showed us a huge difference. (LA Rams, CAR from week 2 and CAR of this week.)

  13. Pete I Says:

    “It was further demonstration of the eternal enigma that is Winston: do you commit to the guy long-term knowing full well that he’ll serve up one of these bus-station-toilet-quality games four or five times a year?”

    “You really have to applaud Winston for his commitment to sucking this hard at his job, especially when you consider that his traditional competition in the turnover race, Blake Bortles, has been relegated to the bench full-time. It’s that kind of dedication to his craft that truly separates him from the rest.”

  14. Pete I Says:

    “Jameis Winston now has 5 games of at least 4 turnovers since entering the NFL in 2015.

    No one else has more than 2 over that span.”

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Uhhh, a wild card is still within grasp? Did you watch yesterday’s game Joe? This Bucs’ team would have a tough time matching up right now against some of the better college teams. THAT was an embarrassment of epic proportions.

    As much as I’ve wanted to see us get Patrick Peterson in the past, that ship has sailed; the time to ‘go for it’ was prior to Training Camp, not now. Cost (in terms of draft picks or trading quality players) would be much too high right now. Lichtweight has put us over the proverbial ‘barrel’ … relatively little money (JPP’s still gotta be paid) & we have even bigger NEEDS. FIX THE DANGED OLINE before worrying about anything else), because if we don’t, yesterday’s game will be just a harbinger of what’s to come. Our offense was supposed to be our STRENGTH while our rebuilt, young & inexperienced defense had time to gel. Instead our offense has proven to be an unmitigated disaster. And the breakdowns all START in the trenches.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    @delson … “Winston had to improvise in the 2nd half n we almost won.” SERIOUSLY? The game was out of reach by his THIRD INT & 1 FUMBLE, and he added TWO MORE just for grins. Bobo, not to be outdone, contributed his own FUMBLE to put the nail in the coffin. No delson, we didn’t ‘almost win’. We $hit the bed.

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    Yeah, let’s get an out of shape DB and give up picks to make a run at a Wild Card. That is the plan? That’s stupid.

    How about playing with what you have? Flood a zone. Throw slants and short passes and screens. Hit a receiver in stride. Have the QB run when the receivers aren’t open. Line up DBs on the WRs and bump them off the line.

    And last and most importantly, don’t ever again intentionally target a WR because he did not catch a pass the week before.

  18. delson Says:

    Let me rephrase. We had an oppurtunity to be behind 1 score when Bobo (which is a great name for him) muffed that punt we had 9 minutes left we just put tgether a scoring drive with a 2 point conversion and stopped the panthers. When our offense gets hot they are dangerous.

  19. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Only thing I’m trading for at this point is a new GM. preferably one who can, you know, actually evaluate talent.

  20. BucEmUp Says:

    I could care less.right now.Its years past just flip flopped.Even if you get a corner and they start locking down recievers this offense will keep them on the field.This is the worst offensive playcalling I can ever imagine.Tge game planning just looks sad.And just like Mike Smith Leftwich will be allowed to continue as Arians has probably already promised him that he will stay loyal to him, give him every opportunity to and.go down with the ship just like Koetter did.

    I just dont get it, Bruce doesnt seem like the kind of guy that will settle for whatever is happening but it sure seems like hes gonna ride the hot(garbage) hand at OC.

    Go ahead get peterson, bring back jpp, the entire defense will be gassed after.4 quarters of.first down runs up the middle and vanilla vertical.routes that leep them on the field.

  21. SickofLosing Says:

    As much as I hate to admit, this team isn’t going anywhere. Giving up picks for Pat P would be a waste, they’re way farther away than one player. It’s time to seriously consider trading away some of the offensive skill positions for more draft picks and rebuild both sides of the trenches.

  22. Bruce Blahak Says:

    WINSTUNNED is done. Canada’s QB….CFL next

  23. Dom>Licht Says:

    Trade Evans and Jaymiss for picks. We need 5 O-Line men… sorry but Marpet Smith and Jensen need to go to …WAY over paid for their production.

  24. Darin Says:

    Its obvious better coaching isnt getting through. Must must must draft smarter players. Unfortunately it only takes a few guys to make em all look embarrassing. And yes guys they do have a shot at a wild card. Anyone who thinks different is talking out of emotion and hasnt watched football long. Happens every year. Not saying theyll do it tho but its well within reach. Gota win one game first

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of losing. I don’t care that we make the playoffs, I want to win freakin’ games!
    What we saw yesterday was embarrassing. Watching VHIII “slip” with CMAC bearing down on him exemplified the state of Tampa Bay. We are a joke!
    Secondly, I understand the need to let Jameis play out this season, I really do. BUT, at what point do you trade winning for stubbornness? Would it have hurt to put in Griffin after the FOURTH turnover?! Clearly it was “bad Jameis” day!
    I will end this rant by saying this. I have little faith that our incompetent GM has the chutzpah to make any move of the magnitude of attaining Peterson. Which is sad. We have a handful of players that are so over-valued and waaaaay over-drafted.
    If I were GM, I would bundle any combo of OJ, VHIII, and next year’s 2nd round for Peterson.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    delson … Do you think that changing Bobo’s name to ‘Bobbles’ would be PC?

  27. Licht needs fired. Says:

    Licht needs to take whatever he can get for JW. It’s time to move on. I know the line was bad etc. guy has weapons all over the field. He’s inaccurate and too slow at decision making. Let RG4 finish up season trade JW now!!

  28. passthebuc Says:

    Joe. You still do not get it

  29. SmittyToiletBowles Says:

    SmittyToiletBowles says the secondary is fine!!

  30. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Why trade for a rental player to get to maybe 6 or 7 wins?

    This team is so mistake prone with penalties and turnovers they might win 5 games 6 if they are lucky.

    Arians won’t match Koetter’s first year record and is coaching like a retired coach collecting a paycheck

  31. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Joe, 9-7 will not get an NFC team in the playoffs. 10-6 might not do it…season is done again. This is now a rebuild and WINSTUNNED must be gone off this team ASAP. There are backup QBs all over the league better than that buffoon…

  32. Ndog Says:

    Yep let’s bring a rookie QB in to play with a #1 WR that doesn’t come back to the ball, drops the ball and quits on routes. A TE that just can’t catch and rarely gets open, a swing gate for an offensive line, no running game and a defense that lets an undrafted backup go 99 yards on them for a TD. He will come in and thrive in those circumstances, I mean who wouldn’t. What could go wrong?

  33. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis is another Sam Bradford.
    Draft a qb next year, sign Bridgewater until rookie is ready.

  34. diggler Says:

    Revis was a rental and he single handedly brought the bucs defense to a respectable 15th in the league. Dont underestimate the impact of good players LMAO! Stop saying Jamies was an experiment he was a number 1 pick not some flyer from the 6th round geeezus

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    @Darin … “Its obvious better coaching isnt getting through.” Gotta disagree on that one Darin. I don’t think we are seeing better coaching, at least on the offensive side of the ball. I see a LOT of things that I like and that I think will be beneficial in the future, but this offense has clearly regressed IMO … disregarding the Rams game (that was a work of art & EVERYTHING CLICKED).

    The key to game-planning & strategy IMO is to ‘set the tone’ early on. Let your opponent know this is gonna be a dogfight; good old-fashioned, smash-mouth football at its finest. Bucs have actually been doing that quite well on defense if you check the 1st half results in our 6 games. On offense? Not so much. Turnovers have crucified us. 3/4/5-and-outs followed by a PUNT have destroyed any chance at establishing a rhythm & scoring points early.

    Example: yesterday we had 8 first half possessions. INT (1 play) – PUNT (3 plays) – PUNT (4 plays) – PUNT (3 plays) – TD (3 plays after TB fumble recovery on CAR37) – INT (4 plays) – FUMBLE (12 plays) – PUNT (4 plays). And yet we ended the 1st half down ONLY 17-7 … thanks to our DEFENSE. Our offense did nothing, except capitalize on one turnover by our S/Ts that resulted in a short field.

    Look at our other games and that’s been a recurring problem. And not just this year. Yes we’re 2-4 right now, but mostly because we’ve beaten ourselves in at least 2 of those 4 losses. And mostly on the offensive side of the ball IMO (S/Ts didn’t help yesterday or in the Giants game). When you beat yourself, THAT’S NOT GOOD COACHING IMO.

  36. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    LOL….The Bucs “car” has defective steering and we are talking about a taillight needing a new bulb !
    Move On . Bucs !

  37. ed kerber Says:

    I believe this team is only a shut down cornerback away. I think you can watch the tape and see when the team had less of a blitz on defense, it was more successful. That to me signals the need for better back end play, which of course means that the existing LBs and D-line are good enough. I would trade/cut VH3. He is a liability. Jameis is a decent WB. His problem is he is being paid like upper-echelon QB. Sign him to a long term 8million/year contract (nobody else will want him except New England—Brady will retire some year?) Because the Bucs have 20 million tied up in the QB they can’t afford other players. Have a cheap QB and surround him with a better TEAM. We have two great WRs and absolute crap after that. We need to get another WR and it is time to dumpster dove other teams practice squads. Maybe we can sweeten the pot to get Peterson AND rent Fitzgerald. That would give Jason Lucy the 3rd received he needs give up VH3, Howard, a 2nd in 2020 draft and a first in 2021 to Az for Peterson and Fitzgerald (lets be honest they’ll be wasted Jason Licht picks anyway). Give up 2020’s first round pick and Donovan Smith for Trent Williams. Tanner Hudson is brought into active rotation. Swap Marpet to RG until Capps is back. Dump all WRs not named Evans or Godwin. Dump Dotson and being up Seaton from practice squad. if that doesn’t work, at end of year blow it all up and trade everyone for draft picks and completely rebuild. with new staff and new GM.

  38. Rick Says:

    Don’t screw with draft position or picks.

  39. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Just had a cup of coffee to wash down my plate of apathy. Go Saints!

  40. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I would wager that if RG4 was starting for another team and he played the Bucs, he would carve up the defense also. That being said, this team is so awful that a QB change is not enough to make the difference in the win/loss column.

  41. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Ndog you got all the answers bro tell us Bucs fans what’s the freaking problem with my Bucs. 3 different coaching staffs and the same resorts

  42. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Words of the day…errr….. season


  43. Bobby M. Says:

    The team came out of the gate with some unknowns on offense and defense allowing them to catch opponents off guard. Teams have tape now and know exactly how to attack us, particularly division rivals. Its .500 ball at best from here on out. Its improvement…..but its also evidence of what we’ve known since Licht took the job. The dude cant build a roster. It is what it is, if we hit 2-5, there are no playoff hopes left.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Peterson for Winston. That would be a great deal for the Bucs. And throw in Hargraves.

  45. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Jameis Winston is Blake Bortles, who both have the most games with multiple interceptions since 2015. JW will probably back up Carson Wentz next year.

  46. Allbuccedup Says:

    When the Glazers signed Jason “not very bright” Licht to a five year extension, that says it all no clue.

  47. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Pull your head out of the sand joe!!! Can he play guard or tackle?! Can he play QB? Then we don’t need him.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t be stupid. Both teams are pretty much done for the season. No reason to mortgage the future. Peterson isn’t going to want to play here any more than he wants to play in ARI. This story is just “filler.”

  49. Allbuccedup Says:

    One player is not going to help this sorry team. BA or BS quarterback whisperer its easy to flip a team now than it used to be. Time to retire.

  50. SmittyToiletBowles Says:

    The pass defense is fine I said!

  51. 813bucboi Says:

    getting PP wont help anything…….

    its the pass rush that is hanging the secondary out to dry…….

    gotta put pressure on the QB if you want the secondary to be successful….

    pass rush and secondary go hand in hand…..a great pass rush makes below average DBs look average…..great pass rush makes average DBs look well above average…..

    no pass rush exposes everyone…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  52. 813bucboi Says:

    getting pat p wont stop BAD JW from showing up…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  53. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I am getting more doubts about BA at this point. I expect a coach that is unafraid to sit Jameis when he is not playing well enough to give the team a chance. Jameis did not have the spark yesterday to inspire the rest of the team to greater achievements. You can’t light a fire with no spark. IN fact a number of players had uninspired games. The only receiver that has been getting consistantluy wee thrown balls IMO, is Godwin. Why? Because he often has to thread the needle between defenders. His ball placement to other taller receivers
    not named Brate could be improved. I believe Evans should caught the deep ball thrown his way in the game. But in 50 years of watching football I have never seen a receiver running downfield with his head tilted back hunting for the ball well in advance of its arrival.With all the open field in front of him
    why was an over the shoulder catch required. Was this because of Jameis or the play design.

  54. Ed Says:

    Hargraves can’t play outside, has to be nickel.

    Winston can’t get rid of the ball on time, can’t get the clock in his head that there are rushers around him, he spins into sacks, he runs backwards when being chased, something very wrong with his football awareness.

    Bucs front 7 on defense is the best run defense in NFL, back end is the worse.

    Shorten up those tight end routes, get Mike Evans’ head into the game, am seeing way too many contested balls that he isn’t fighting for or isn’t adjusting to where the ball is, he is out of position or making one handed stabs, looks really off his game.

    Get Ronald Jones into the offense like Saints do with Kamara, you have an unused weapons, Barber is a great 3.9 yard runner but Jones can get 5-7 in the right offensive scheme, he’ll lose some yards but the upside is better than with Barber.

  55. Pewter power Says:

    Now I’m starting to take back my own words. Either upgrade your main weaknesses or start trading guys you dont know how to use. Its pathetic not to know how to use a tight end for anything other than blocking…..

  56. Hodad Says:

    Unless Peterson is going play QB trading for him would be a waste. Did you watch the game Joe? Your boy, Jameis Winston threw a pick on his first attempt yesterday. He threw four more, and fumbled twice, how is Peterson going to save us from that? We could fill the secondary with pro bowlers, and it won’t make a difference if your QB loses the ball 7 times in a game. You can have an O line of pro bowlers, and it won’t prevent a sack fumble if your QB holds onto the ball for 8 seconds. Joe, it’s Winston, he sucks.

  57. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Why would they trade away next year’ high draft picks???????? Would P Peterson fit under the cap?????? Would they have to cut or some restructure their contract?????????

    What happened to the “its all coaching”!!!!!!!!!!! Joe mentioned many times that the front office all but said that many times!!!!!!!!!!! And now you trust them to fix this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time for the sheep and local media to start looking at the big picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are not talking about a new GM then you are east wasting time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most already knew this but the sheep have to see it over and over again before they catch on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Bucy Says:

    Licht is actually dumber than he looks. Hard to believe

  59. Jonzey Says:

    We need Peterson bad we need him to teach the young DB’s

  60. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Since all of you are throwing in the towel with Jameis before we go and draft another QB I would like to see us fortify our offensive line first and get another DE through the draft. Then we can talk QB. Or take a QB late in the draft. What makes you think just inserting another QB is going to do well with the way this offensive line protects?

  61. Troy Says:

    You cannot trust this GM to make this type of deal. We need a QB next year. You might as well figure we’re in a rebuild.

  62. LongSeason Says:

    Renting one player for a ransome is exactly why we suck. We over pay for trades and then the player leaves after a couple of years and have we won anymore games? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Learn to scout better. Learn to draft better. Learn to coach better. Learn to play better. And do all of the above smarter.

    We should trade Mike ‘I’m not interested in finishing my routes’ Evans while he still has value and get some high draft picks. Use them on real offensive linemen not on offensive sieves. Receivers the caliber of Evans and Godwin are lost when a quarterback is under siege every game.

    We need a lot of players, not just one. The only thing we win this year is the Toilet Bowl Trophy as our season is already flushed.

  63. Greg Says:

    Stop senselessly throwing money at the problem. We don’t have the Space. And Joe eventually hast to learn that and less you can pass rush without blitzing half the team your corners are always going to be vulnerable

  64. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Let’s stop the Peterson chatter. This team is more than one player from a playoff run. Cut your losses and clean house at the trade deadline; gather draft picks and hire a GM with a clue of how to build a team.

    It’s time to do the right thing; this charade is over.

  65. America's Disgrace Says:

    This team is going nowhere without 5 all pro offensive linemen and at least 3 all pro offensive skill players with America’s Disgrace at QB!

  66. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    And once again we are irrelevant. Always will be loyal to this team. (I guess I have gotten used to the punishment)

  67. Pickgrin Says:

    9-7 won’t get a wild card spot Joe.

    Even 10-6 is iffy (see 2010 Bucs for reference)

    This season is history. The Giants game did us in…

    Even if the Bucs were to run off 4 or 5 wins in a row somehow (yea right) – they will still come up short of earning a playoff bid (see 2016 Bucs for reference).

    Bucs need to stand pat – let this excellent coaching staff coach these guys up to the best of their ability – fully evaluate the talent on hand within these schemes – and continue to build this team’s talent level up the right way. Through the draft.

  68. Dom>Licht Says:

    Lynch has built a pretty good looking team in just a few years…..WTF Jason

  69. Wesley Says:

    This season is not magically turning around. Season is over, it’s time to rebuild through the draft with a capable g.m..

  70. Jmarkbuc Says:

    We don’t need a QB in next years draft… Trade JW (although no one would give you a ham sandwich for him)

    Beyond that , sign Keenum, Hoyer, any old QB will do. Build the rest of the team first. Of course that would require Licht t be intelligent, and we know how that goes. He’s probably scouting DB’s and kickers right now

  71. Bucamania Says:

    Just stop. This team should be having a fires sale and starting over.

    Keep Godwin, Marpet, Vea, OJ, and Rojo. Sell the rest.

  72. Chris l Says:

    A secondary can’t do anything when your quarterback turns it over. When are we done with the excuses he has bad people around him? Take the sack or don’t throw into tight coverage. No other quarterback turns it over as much as him and those are real numbers no bias. It keeps happening and I’m sick of it.

  73. firethecannons Says:

    PP is a major discontent out here in Az, too old and failing drug tests and the cardinals who are a better team than the Bucs want him
    we are not getting him

  74. firethecannons Says:

    get a quarterback next draft and buy a cornerback next free agency right tackle in the draft also
    sell some pieces too