“More Growth” Needed

October 9th, 2019

Bruce Arians sounds frustrated

No, this commentary from Bucco Bruce Arians is not the head coach making short jokes about his No. 4 and No. 5 receivers.

(Tall Justin Watson currently is the No. 6 receiver).

For whatever reason, Scotty Miller and Bobo Wilson were major parts of the Buccaneers’ game plan against the mighty Saints defense on Sunday.

When the game was over, the combined season stats of those guys read 11 targets and 2 catches for 25 yards. And many Bucs fans were left wondering what happened to featuring the team’s talented tight ends.

Arians flashed a little frustration with his offense yesterday on Buccaneers Radio.

“We can’t just throw every ball to Chris [Godwin],” Arians said after noting the Saints took Mike Evans out of the game. “Other guys have to get open. Scotty [Miller] was open once and we just didn’t hit him. It’s just a matter of a little bit of more growth with Breshad Perriman out of there and those other two young guys in there.”

Arians went on to say, “We missed Scotty twice; it’s just a matter of trust.” That appeared to throw some blame at America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Regardless, when Joe sees Wilson and Miller getting significant playing time, Joe flashes back to 2015 when Donteea Dye and Adam Humphries were rookies getting quality reps. They just didn’t look ready.

Of course, Humphries developed into a weapon coveted by Bill Belicheat before he signing a fat deal with the Titans. Dye is still waiting for that Calgary Stampeder contract.

42 Responses to ““More Growth” Needed”

  1. Let’s cut Jason Licht Says:

    Our offense is TOTALLY fixed…
    Jason and Bruce

  2. Larry Says:

    Blame the receivers all you want. Blame it on the Oline. Blame it on the DB’s. Winston is just NOT the most accurate QB. He is sometimes great. Sometimes mediocre. Sometimes terrible. He is NOT worth the 25/30 million dollars he will be asking for next season. Compare his throws with Bridgewaters. Teddy was more mobile and more accurate. Arians can say what he will about the play calling. It’s just not that good. the Bucs are an average team right now, maybe a little below average.

  3. Smashsquatch Says:

    Nice to see the kid gloves coming off. BA needs to continue to hold ALL players accountable.

  4. SB Says:

    Joe you keep harping on us getting a quality CB before the trade deadline.
    IMO if we don’t get a RG and RT then Jameis may never see another contract.

  5. Pewter power Says:

    Larry not sure your actually watching the games Winston is not the issue. I don’t get it how fake fans are so up and and down from week to week. They got beat by the saints bro the saints who are in the playoffs every year. So we beat them once a year that does not put us on that level especially with new coaches and new schemes.

    Dont listen to Joe’s about Humphries maybe I missed it bit have yet to see bobo and Miller in the slot, Humphries is too slow to play outside. They will be fine

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    joe the mediocre hump has 15 catches no td’s and the best catch and flop move in nfl… let that little bum go. you are not winning anything with players like that in key roles.

    if BA thinks he is frustrated now wait until he bails week 7 to 9 after having enough of the glazer carnival experience…

    nothing about the bucs is fixed and hoping for that dumbarse jpp to come back and lead is beyond laughable.

    bucs are right where the glazers want them…. heading for a free fall and another basement title…. don’t worry glazers low standard bucfan as all the excuses needed to justify failing just keep fielding crappy teams and they will get your baack

  7. Larry Says:

    It is ridiculous to run the ball out of the end zone!!! Take it on the 25 yard line. Even if you do get a solid run back there is a better than a 50% chance there will be a penalty and you will start inside your own 15. From the 25 you only have to make 40 more yards (NOT 85) and you will AT LEAST be in field goal range. Take the 25 yards!@#!!

  8. REN Says:

    Why are we talking about Scotty Miller? When we have OJ Howard and Cam Brate. I don’t get it. He talks about wanting to be a run-based team. So, why are we using more two tight-end formations? We actually have two good TEs. And they even complement each other. I’m already getting sick of this. Plus instead of asking your QB to hit Scotty Miller vs press man coverage. USE YOUR TEs FFS!

  9. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Oh look a new account named . larry putting all the blame on jameis. Where have i seen that before?

  10. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Starting to believe Coach Swaggy thinks he is a legend in his own mind. 6’6, 6’5 te’s and 6’5, 6’4 and 6’2 wr’s and we force balls to BoBo and Scotty Miller who are under 6’0 with a smaller catch radius.

  11. miken Says:

    The saints didn’t take #13 out of the game. He was open plenty but he can’t throw throw Jameis under the bus, i get it. We really miss Hump! Bobo, Justin, and Miller don’t look like NFL starters

  12. REN Says:

    Why is he talking about Scotty Miller? He should be behind OJ Howard and Cam Brate in the pecking order. I can’t understand why we aren’t using the TEs more, they both can catch. Cam Brate is at least a willing blocker and the QB is better at hitting TEs than trying to find Scotty Miller down the field vs press-man coverage.

  13. BA FAN Says:

    Perriman was supposed to be the burner to stretch the defense but he has bad hands. So they went with Scotty and Bobo in the last game to stretch the field and it did not work. They should make Watson the deep receiver in England and dump Perriman.

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    [No need to copy and paste your comments from another post. — Joe]

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    I am with Ren on this. I don’t really care too much who the #3 WR is or how bad they are. What’s more bothersome is they are being targeted over OJ and Brate.

    It’s like we are struggling to squeeze juice out of a box of raisins when there is a freaking bag of oranges setting right there on the counter.

  16. unbelievable Says:


    No, let’s keep throwing to midget Miller and Bobo-has-never-shown-anything Wilson instead.

    JFC, doesn’t matter who is in charge this team just constantly sucks and under performs.

  17. unbelievable Says:

    Why won’t the media grill Arians about his non-use of the best tight end tandem in the league?

    Why is the local media afraid to ask a tough question?

  18. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “We have been duped!

    The Great Golfcart Heist

    But my Dads hands are clean”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  19. lambchop Says:

    You can’t get me to believe that Scotty Miller is a better option than Justin Watson. Some guys just need to get some game time to show what they got. And Watson is at least a serviceable option to spell some of the starters.

    We haven’t had a successful speed WR since Joey Galloway. I mean you gotta get the tools around your QB that he can actually work with. JW will hit big targets. Smaller targets – not so much.

  20. lambchop Says:

    And BA is going a little old in the tooth, one minute he says we missed Scotty once and then the next he says we missed him twice. Which is it?

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    sounds like JW had a bad game as well….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  22. lambchop Says:

    My comment on Justin Watson should be getting reps over Scotty Miller got axed.

    Give me JW throwing to JW any day. The speedy short WR experiment has not worked with Jameis. Give him the tools he can actually utilize. Big WRs.

    Haven’t had a speedy WR that amounted to anything since Joey Galloway.

  23. BigHog Says:

    THE FAMOUS ONE is by far not the worst STARTING QB in the league, so being that it is his time PAY THE MAN!!! Because if you don’t he will double back and bit us in the ass BEAUTIFULLY!!

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Take a look at our receivers results for these first 5 games:

    o Godwin … Targets – 43; Catches – 33; Percentage – 76.7%; Yards – 511; TDs: 6
    o ME13 … Targets – 38; Catches – 18; Percentage – 47.4%; Yards – 368; TDs: 4
    o Perriman … Targets – 12; Catches – 3; Percentage – 25.0%; Yards – 16; TDs: 0
    o Miller … Targets – 3; Catches – 0; Percentage – 0.0%; Yards – 0; TDs: 0
    o Wilson … Targets – 8; Catches – 2; Percentage – 25.0%; Yards – 25; TDs: 0
    o Watson … Targets – 1; Catches – 1; Percentage – 100.0%; Yards – 13; TDs: 0

    Now look at our TEs through 5 games:

    o Howard … Targets – 14; Catches – 11; Percentage – 78.6%; Yards – 141; TDs: 0
    o Brate … Targets – 10; Catches – 10; Percentage – 100.0%; Yards – 72; TDs: 1
    o Auclair … Targets – 0; Catches – 0; Percentage – 0%; Yards – 0; TDs: 0

    And now our RBs through 5 games:

    o R. Jones … Targets – 6; Catches – 5; Percentage – 83.3%; Yards – 92; TDs: 0
    o Barber … Targets – 9; Catches – 6; Percentage – 66.7%; Yards – 25; TDs: 0
    o Ogunbowale … Targets – 16; Catches – 13; Percentage – 81.3%; Yards – 92; TDs: 0

    Looking at that small set of statistics through 5 games, makes me wonder why in heaven’s name our OC is even using Perriman, Miller, Wilson & Watson when you have bonafide ball catchers like OJ & Cam being way underutilized and also barely using RoJo out of the backfield. I’m sure that Byron has a plan, but newsflash … IT’S NOT WORKING.

  25. Mike Johnson Says:

    LMAO here. Arians frustrated? Try being a Buc fan since the teams inception. Welcome to Buc country Mr. Arians. Get after it. Improve this lot. You got 2 yrs. And then? You could very well be joining Lovie, Schiano and a host of others fishing off the St Pete Bridge. Good Luck sir.

  26. christopher Says:

    Try Watson. I understand he can’t get open either but at least he’s as fast and taller.

  27. buc15 Says:

    Howard & Brate?

  28. unbelievable Says:

    Good stuff DR. I can’t understand it either.

    It’s like they are intentionally set on using a WR3 more than our TEs, despite the obvious mismatches and opportunities.

    I just don’t understand it.

  29. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    BA needs to review Todd Monken’s games plan and learn how he incorporated the TE. Makes me wonder if should of kept him as our OC.

  30. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Great info DR…
    Makes you think if Bucs targeted TE’s more, would open things up for MEvans.

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    BTW, Sean Payton did a beautiful job of play-calling on Sunday. Threw in enough rushes (a tad over 45%) to keep our DLine from just teeing-off & kept our LBs off-balance too. From a passing perspective, he did a beautiful job of exploiting our weaknesses and having Bridgewater throw that ball all over the field … left, right, middle, deep, short. Also did a fantastic job of mixing up 1st-and-10 calls … 15 rushes & 13 passes in those situations (excellent balance). Very impressive.

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    Unbelievable & Alanbucsfan … I chuckle when I hear ‘Stats are for losers’ because they can show you ‘tendencies’ & weaknesses. The Saints did a masterful job of spreading the ‘touches’ around Sunday & it kept our defense off-balance. Lots of runs (31), lots of short passes (18 in the 1st half; 13 in the 2nd half) with some deep ones mixed in (2 in the 1st half; 3 in the 2nd half). So they had exactly as many short passes (31) as they had rushes (31) in the game, with 5 deep passes thrown in for good measure (all 5 deep passes were complete BTW, resulting in 155 yards of the Saints’ 345 total passing yards). We got played.

    THAT’S how you call a ballgame.

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    “Rod Munch Says: August 6th, 2019 at 4:08 am
    Don’t worry, we can get Hump back next year when the Titans cut him after he puts up 450 yards and 2 TDs after Mariota is missing him on every other play even though he’s only 6 feet away.”

    Humphries is on pace for 454 yards and 0 TDs…

  34. Get a clue Says:

    Should of kept Spencer Schnell

  35. firethecannons Says:

    wtf!we have OJ and Cam Brate and JW supposed to throw to scotty miller NO!

  36. July Joe Says:

    No need to whine about or focus on the passing game … even the entire offense. The passing numbers are there, as are the rushing numbers. If OJ gets more catches and yards, then Godwin gets less … who cares?

    The ONLY two problems on this team (if Gay has fixed the kicking issues) is the O-Line and the pass defense; that is it. If those two units were merely “average”, we’d be 5-0.

  37. Larry Says:

    Pewter Power! WAKE UP DUDE!!! Brate, Howard, Jones, etc., open! Winston is NOT a Super Bowl QB. Like I said, Good/Great, Mediocore, and just plain bad. He is NOT worth 25 Million dollars a year.!!! Period!! End of Story!!! Tell me Payton Manning couldn’t complete some of those passes???

  38. jjbucfan Says:

    Rod- that is because of a fact that we have all known for 5 years, Marcus Mariota is simply a terrible NFL QB. He cannot throw the ball in this league. BTW, I was watching their game 2 weeks ago and the coaches don’t even play Hump. He came in on 3rd down in the game I watched. 9 million a year- good for Humphries.

  39. Rod Munch Says:

    jjbucfan – Well, yeah, I agree with you about Mariota. People whine about Winston, but Mariota can’t throw worth anything and is insanely inconsistent – his value comes from running, yet if he runs he gets injured. Hump however has played quite a bit, at least in the games I’ve seen – they just don’t pass that much and when they do, everything is mostly short passes. If you take away the huge after the catch runs by AJ Brown, I think Mariota has probably thrown for like 135 yards on the year (only a slight exaggeration). Why Hump choose to go there and reject the Patriots offer is baffling – unless he was worried about the pressure of being in New England. But nothing against the guy, I just didn’t think he was worth $9m, but then again Devin Funchess got $10m from the Colts for one year, so by that standard Hump was totally worth the money.

  40. orlbucfan Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    October 9th, 2019 at 1:18 pm
    BTW, Sean Payton did a beautiful job of play-calling on Sunday.
    No kidding. He is the Saints new head coach just hired this season. What a genius. When are the Bucs going to have that kind of coaching stability?

  41. teacherman777 Says:

    I miss Koetters offense.

    We went up and down the field with ease.

    We just didnt score.

  42. Hodad Says:

    What is the one constant in the losing for the last five years? Jason Licht. He started as Lovie’s boy, but has now survived them all. Lovie, the Koetter years, those were the days. We couldn’t win, but we threw to the TE’s. Now on his third coach, the come back kid Bruce Arains. Who will be next? Does Licht have a shot at drafting a new QB if we land in the top five, or does he pay Jameis? My guess he pays Jameis, and sells the Glazers on him being the franchise. What else is he going to do, can’t miss on a QB with the first over all pick and keep your job as a GM. No matter how bad we do Licht does have the ability to sell the Glazers on everythings fine, and they don’t know any better, or don’t care.