Jarring Statistic

October 16th, 2019

Unreal stat.

Holy Flirkingschmidt, Joe cannot believe what he just read!

Joe did a double-take like Yosemite Sam. Joe simply cannot believe it. But it is true! It comes straight from the NFL’s official website. It’s in black and white (and blue). Take a wild stab at the team that has scored the most points in the NFC. Go ahead. Think about it. What team in the NFC has scored the most points?


It’s the Bucs! Yes it is! No sh!t, it’s the Bucs! Joe’s not lying. You can see for yourself right here.

The Bucs have scored 173 points this year. Only two teams are better, the Belicheats and the Crows. And think about this, the Bucs are doing this with one hand tied behind their backs. They are racking up points despite not utilizing their strong tight ends; they are doing this despite having a blah running attack; and, they are doing this despite forcing passes to Scotty Miller.

The Bucs lead the NFC in points! This is not a drill!

And what do so many Bucs fans want to do with this offense that leads the conference in points scored? They want to run off the quarterback for crying out loud. This is madness!

Why, Jameis and the Bucs have scored more points than the Chiefs and Pat Mahomes. Imagine that. Funny, Joe doesn’t hear any Chiefs fans screaming on sports radio to have Mahomes run out of Kansas City.

And no wonder Bucco Bruce Arians defends Jameis so much. Only a mental patient of a coach would want to run off a quarterback who guides a high-scoring offense.

Man, this campaign to run off Jameis is just crazytalk when the Bucs are putting up so many points. Never mind this offense is running in third gear with a five-speed stick. Nevermind the pass defense is so rotten you just want to punch someone in line at the coffee shop.

But yeah, #BlameJameis!

The Winston Derangement Syncrome was starting to get to Joe. Yes, Joe was actually starting to waver, thinking it may be time to try something new at quarterback.

Not any more! One has to be a full-blown whack job to want to whack the quarterback of an offense that scores this many points.

How about instead of worrying about the quarterback who has set several franchise records in five years including 100 touchdown passes reached just last week, this team start worrying about more pressing matters?

Like getting depth on the offensive line.

Like finding defensive backs who can cover someone for a refreshing change.

Like stepping into the 21st century and finding a friggin’ full-time defensive lineman who can sack quarterbacks. It works for John Lynch.

Is the quarterback, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, perfect? Hell no. But he’s not the biggest problem on this team, not even close.

Surely not after Joe just read Jameis is guiding one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league — and it isn’t even running at full strength!

Yeah, unload Jameis… for who? Gimmick quarterback Marcus Mariota? Yeah, that’s the answer. He doesn’t throw picks. He also doesn’t score points either, which is why he’s been benched.

(Hat tip: @TheMark318.)

123 Responses to “Jarring Statistic”

  1. Pepsi Says:

    Props for being able to write this much with good grammar while being drunk Joe

  2. ScamGod Says:

    Dont. Do. This.

  3. ship thief Says:

    Build the trenches.

  4. Colorado Says:

    54 of those points have come in the 4th quarter.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    Good job Joe!!!! 🔥. It was time man. Did you know we 4-8 when JW does not have a turnover? JW is surrounded by garbage players. JW know Vh3 ain’t no Bradberry and he trying win a Bucs game u know how hard that is?

  6. ship thief Says:

    We might have the 3rd most points scored, BUT we have also ALLOWED the 3rd most points scored AGAINST US!

  7. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Jeez someone needs to put the Jamison bottle down! England’s quarterback aka jamiss wINsTon needs to learn to stop turning the ball over. How many 3+ turnover games has he had since being drafted?

  8. Lamarcus Says:

    I’m sick of adult man kids complaining about the Qb

    It’s apparently to me that we have 7-8 guys blocking a 4 man rush (didn’t work) that means 2-3 guys vs 7 then pass the ball 54 times ran 14 times and this equal to 6 turnovers

    Arians I beat your drum for while but your not coaching. Your coaching the coaches. Leftwich personality as a player is all this offense. JW is not running.

    Arians everything that you said was wrong like throwing 50+ times, run game, secondary all looking bad and it’s making all the offense stars look bad.

  9. Lamarcus Says:

    I wouldn’t say garbage but mistake-prone in every facet of the game. We can’t get ourselves out of own way. One week is the defense. Next week offense. Next week special teams. Next week all of them.

  10. July Joe Says:

    ALL educated Bucs fans know what the author of the book on Jameis says … “Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome kills the brain”, and that author is dead right!

    Jameis is Jameis, he’s wild, wacky, tries to be Superman and turns the ball over more than people wish he did, but he’s also one of the FIVE most talented QBs in the entire NFL (Mahomes, Watson, Wentz and Wilson are the other four) and the Bucs would be BAT-ISH CRAZY not to stay the course with Jameis!

    Arians knows this already, as does Jason Licht, who are the only two guys that really matter in the “debate about Jameis”.

    Kudos to the JOES for seeing the truth!

  11. Pepsi Says:

    Can’t disagree that Arians has not lived up to the hype so far. Glazers need to grow some balls and say they hired him to run the offense, not a young first time OC that he just vouches for. OJ Howard would be unstoppable right now if monken/koetter we’re still running the offense

  12. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Winston top 5… now I’ve heard it all.

  13. ElBajito43 Says:

    Seriously Bro this article is complete TRASH 🗑 LICHT


    Meaningful much?

  14. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Wow Craft beer guzzling abe’s wing eating, Pisces sushi devouring Joe has finally gone off his rocker.

  15. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Would be interesting to actually have a true number excluding passes against soft end of the game prevent defenses.

  16. Joe Says:

    Wow Craft beer guzzling abe’s wing eating, Pisces sushi devouring Joe has finally gone off his rocker.

    Joe doesn’t do sushi. For a lot of reasons.

    (There’s a Sopranos reference in there. Let’s see who is on their toes.)

  17. Ben real Says:

    Joe who gives a damn … Bucs need wins not points .. jameis can kiss my arse

  18. Joe Says:

    Joe who gives a damn … Bucs need wins not points

    Bucs pass defense doesn’t care about points either. There’s your real problem.

  19. July Joe Says:


    I did NOT say Winston was a top 5 QB in the NFL right now. I said he is a top 5 “talent” and he is, easily.

    There are guys that are playing better on the season that are not even close to the same in “talent” as Jameis.

    The top 5 QB “talents” are:






    and not necessarily in that order … what is really weird is FOUR of the five have last names starting with “W”, not that that matters but it’s weird.

    And when you’re a top 5 QB talent, still just 25 years old, and easily the best QB in franchise history and hold the team records, it’s 100% obvious you are going to get a contract extension. Fans that don’t understand that are just dumb.

  20. Ben real Says:

    It’s both sides but you can’t win turning the ball over … if the Bucs score the most points they should win regardless of what the defense gives up… but we turn it over

  21. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    I guess we have to just deal with him coughing the ball up at minimum every other game. and every 4 ish games he is going to cough the ball up 3-7 times

  22. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    >And no wonder Bucco Bruce Arians defends Jameis so much. Only a mental patient of a coach would want to run off a quarterback who guides a high-scoring offense.

    High scoring for both teams indeed.

  23. July Joe Says:

    ^ Right, “Tampabucsbro” is a football genius, while Arians, with his TWO Coach of the Year awards and TWO Super Bowl rings is an idiot … Bucs fans are so stupid it’s crazy.

  24. July Joe Says:

    When you’re a top 5 QB talent, still just 25 years old, and easily the best QB in franchise history and hold the team records, it’s 100% obvious you are going to get a contract extension. Fans that don’t understand that are just dumb.


  25. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    ^ >he is taking everything Bruce is telling us as 100% truth

    Bruce is supporting him publicly. behind closed doors this is probably a different story the conversations him and winston are having. I am by no means calling him an idiot. I used to be an apologist but I have seen enough.

  26. Pepsi Says:

    July, do you think his a top 5 talent because he had one good statistically efficient season as a freshman at FSU? If we’re being honest, that’s literally the only time in Winston’s entire football career where he hasn’t been a turnover machine. So why should I believe he’s a top 5 talent instead of thinking he was overrated from the start?

  27. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    No Pepsi. We are the idiots here for not seeing greatness when it bites us.

  28. Pepsi Says:

    Actually I want to address July’s points one by one.
    ”When you’re a top 5 QB talent” – based on what? Your opinion?
    “still just 25 years old” – Hes in his 5th year as a starter.. get outa here with this he’s still young crap
    “easily the best QB in franchise history” – this is so low of a bar that it’s makes your point useless. If Fitzpatrick started the whole year in 2018, he would have been the best Starting QB in franchise history.
    “and hold the team records” – ditto my last point plus this is 2019. There’s lots of irony in calling fans dumb for not understanding your points while you don’t understand the different between the NFL today and the NFL yesterday. Insert any of the current 32 starting QBs, even some backups, into the Bucs right now and have them start for 5 years and they completely shatter any Bucs passing records made by anyone before Winston.

  29. Big Stinky Says:

    WHO CARES, REALLY? It doesn’t matter whether they resign JW3 or they don’t. This team is NOT going to win more than 8 or 9 games for at LEAST the next 2 or 3 years, and that’s being generous. BTW, Jameis is NOT a Top 5 QB talent wise either. Don’t know who the hell you have been watching. Average QB’s turn the ball over about once for every 2 TD’s they throw and the good to great QB’s turn it over even less. Jameis has 100 TD passes and 87 turnovers, EIGHTY-SEVEN! How in the hell can a Top 5 talent LEAD the NFL since 2015 in turnovers? He should have 13-15 INT’s already this year!!!!!! Two called back in the Saints game, the one Luke dropped in week 2 that was right in his hands, and he probably should’ve had 5 in the 49ers game!!! I really don’t care WTF they do. Jameis in NOT the ONLY problem, this team needs too many other players as well. I wish I watched college football to know if there is a better QB coming out in the Draft next year but I wouldn’t trust Licht to recognize his TALENT either. This team is NOT going to turn around anytime soon. We need at least 1 pass rusher once JPP leaves next year and better backups, probably 2 or 3 OL help, a veteran CB, a RB to replace Barber since he is a FA, and probably 2 more decent WR’s. And that’s just for starters!!!!! This TEAM lacks DEPTH!!!!! All of this chit is on Jason Licht in salary cap hell.

  30. July Joe Says:


    All you have to do to see Jameis is a top 5 “talent” is to watch the games. He can make throws and plays that most other QBs won’t even attempt and cannot make. There’s a reason QB gurus like Arians and Shanahan and others talk glowingly about him.

    As for “efficiency” … that’s NOT what guys like Jameis and Favre and Moon and Fouts and young Manning and other gunslingers brought to an offense. They brought play-making ability and the ability to push the ball down the field at an elite level.

    Too many fans want some game manager who will not turn the ball over but will also only lead the offense to 16 points a game, and you know what would happen if we had that, we’d lose games that we now lose by 7 points, by 14 points instead.

    So many fans are so stupid it’s mind boggling.

    Mariota had no turnovers all year long coming into his last game and the coach saw enough to bench him and he probably won’t ever play for them again, not because he had two turnovers but because he NEVER makes any plays and can’t push the ball down the field for the life of him. All he does is “play safe” and coaches hate that crap; they want real gunslinging talents like Jameis.

    This fan-base is just bat-ish crazy sometimes and I’m glad Joe called you all out on it!

  31. ClodHopper Says:

    Jameis is good against prevent defense. Who ain’t?

  32. Ricky Says:

    Yeah we can score when is not important because when we need a score to tie the game or to go ahead do you now what happens ? A freaking turnover from Jameis.

  33. Alanbucsfan Says:

    teams with more rushing and passing yards, fewer turnovers, and fewer sacks are more likely to win. On the defensive side, teams that allow fewer rushing and passing yards, more sacks, and force more turnovers are also more likely to win.
    Draw your own conclusions…

  34. Big Stinky Says:

    I wrote a post on Buccaneers.com in 2015, in one of Scott Smith’s articles, that it was a mistake to draft Winston. He was NOT worth the No.1 overall pick in the Draft. The RIGHT move was to trade the pick for an extra 1st rounder in 2016 and whatever other spoils you could get from the pick. Then pick the BEST player available unless it was NOT a need. We had just drafted a QB in 2013 in the 3rd round and STILL didn’t really know how good he could have been if he had the offseason with the first team offense. Both times he played he was thrown into action in the middle of the season and STILL played decent. He had 29 TD’s and ONLY 15 INT’s in his 18 and a half games with the Bucs, which is almost EXACTLY what Winston did in his first 18 1/2 games. JW3 had 28 TD’s and a few more INT’s than Glennon AND he got to play with the first string offense from Day ONE!!!! I knew drafting Jameis would set us back 5 years but it looks like we are in for a few more years. Those extra picks MAY have helped build this team but Licht would have probably missed on those picks as well. Jameis WILL get his $30+ million per year, that I am sure! NO reason for Jason to make the right decision in this case either. Another 5 years of watching inaccurate Jameis with the occasional perfect pass, stalling drives because he can’t convert 3rd and 3, and NOT being able to score once he is inside the 10 yard line MOST times. Just KILL ME!!!!!!

  35. ElBajito43 Says:



    To set one back and regress beyond recovery where Pool jumping and love of kickers and cornerbacks is abound with lollipops of baby talk to not hurt th Feewings” of Ow Baby Qwuataback” Don’t Cwy Jamei-Poo it’s ok Papá BWuce make Leftywich give you a Running play so no more INTERCEPTIONS.

  36. 941bucsfan Says:

    But Joe.. these bucs fans want more points… they want 400 points by now… if the defense gives up 40ppg, they want jameis to score 41ppg. They all think this is Playstation. I watched deshaun watson throw 2 ints IN Kansas City vs Pat Mahomes. And the texans still won 31-24. Could you imagine if jameis threw 2 ints in Kansas City against mahomes. We would lose 55-31. Thats the difference. Other Qbs dont have to necessarily play perfect to win. Yet Jameis has to play FxxxxN to have a 7pt lead in the 4th qtr. I see folks on here bringing up fitzpatrick, like he didnt have to throw for 400yds TWICE just for us to get a damn win.

  37. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Woke up to this baloney….WINSTUNNED sucks….my god, watch a game…Mariota is on the bench, this chump should be too

  38. BucsBandit Says:




  39. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Ah yeah. You’re forgetting how many points Jameis has scored for the other team, directly via pick sixes, and indirectly by turnovers giving them a short field.

  40. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Pepsi Says:
    “OJ Howard would be unstoppable right now if monken/koetter we’re still running the offense.”

    No way. We’d still be kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns. At least we’ve had success in the red zone this year.

  41. MadMax Says:

    lol, ok, pay the man 30 mill….when we’re already in cap he!!…..he scores but he also throws a lot of int’s….sticking with franchising him 1 year and drafting a new guy…

  42. July Joe Says:




    Idiots … so many idiots.

  43. July Joe Says:

    At age 24 Favre threw TWENTY FOUR INTS AND HAD 14 FUMBLES to just 19 TD PASSES and then was in and out of rehab … many IDIOTS, even Packers fans wanted him gone from Green Bay and Mike Holmgren revealed later that multiple coaches on the team didn’t want him … THEY WERE ALL IDIOTS LIKE SO MANY BUCS FANS on this site … it’s so funny to see history repeat itself and to actually see these IDIOTS literally think they know what they’re talking about, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    BY the way, after some magic seasons from Favre, at the age of 29 and 30 he threw FORTY SIX INTERCEPTIONS AND FUMBLED SEVENTEEN MORE TIMES (63 TURNOVER WORTHY PLAYS IN 2 YEARS IN HIS PRIME!) and once again the IDIOTS came out of the woodwork and demanded him gone … but the team didn’t listen to the IDIOTS and Favre had more magic seasons after that … and now he’s in the Hall of Fame, and the guy who replaced him that NEVER turns it over has been FAR LESS SUCCESFUL as he’s only been to one SB and has less MVP than Brett “Turnover Machine” Favre.




  44. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    It’s like drowning.

    You drown in a hole of 6 inches of water…you’re dead.

    At that point, what difference does it make if the hole fills up with 100,000 gallons, you’re still dead.

    Once teams are safely ahead, they don’t care if you score a jillion points on them because the already have a jillion and one.

  45. Pete I Says:

    Who cares, they are 2-4 and Winston is a terrible 23-37 as a starter in this league.

    Another feather in the cap of Jameis “meaningless stats” Winston. Hoo Ray!

    Joe is working harder at saving Jameis and setting him up for a payday than Winston is for himself.

    Bucs will be spinning their wheels and going nowhere unless they make major changes, including to the QB position.

  46. Buczilla Says:

    Holly hell, a whole lot of folks are riled up today. I wanted Jameis to succeed because drafting another qb means starting all over again. Football is not fun to watch when you’re cringing every time Jameis throws the ball. He is not now and in my opinion will never be a 30 million per year qb so why waste the fan’s time? Franchise quarterbacks do not have 4-6 turnovers every 3-4 games in this universe or any other. Glazers please do the right thing and take Jameis out of our misery.

  47. Pete I Says:

    Oh and while he too sucks Mariota is 29-32 as a starter in this league. The difference is the Titans may have seen enough and are beginning to move on. The Bucs are not very well run and are a bad organization, that will continue down this path and continue to wonder why it isn’t working.

  48. Gino Says:

    Lightning won 62 games last year too.

    What’s that pay!

  49. Pete I Says:

    Oh and Joe it’s funny you used Yosemite Sam as a reference – Winston plays like Yosemite Sam – spastic and out of control much of the time.

    That would make the Buc’s organization Wile e coyote as everything they try blows up in their face and or drops them through a hole to nowhere.

  50. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Joe bucsfan is Jameis bucsfan….that’s set in stone now with this bull…5 years, no better, turnover machine that is slow to diagnose. What more needs to be revealed? And don’t tell me he can’t be replaced. There are undrafted rookies that have more going for them than this fraud…

  51. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Perhaps it’s possible that this team scores all those points in spite of Winston and not because of him? Let’s us not forget this team was putting up some pretty gaudy numbers last year with Fitzpatrick as well.

  52. Pete I Says:

    So Bruce Blahak you are saying the this Joe suffers from Battered Winston Syndrome.

    Stuck in an abusive relationship and fearful of what will happen to them if they leave.

    Joe needs an intervention and a restraining order from watching the abuse that Jameis Winston heaps on Buc’s fans every third game or so.

    Like so many victims of BWS Joe can’t make good decsions, hence why we got this cry of help.

  53. Todd Says:

    I say, “Fricking invest and behold the most expensive O-Line in the league!”

    “Invest and ensure that you have two #1 receivers to devour defenses!”

    “Book-end your OL and receiving core with TWO monster tight ends!”

    “Start investing draft capital in a fast and physical secondary!”


  54. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Cue up the definition of insanity, once again. Was this written by Joe Thing One or Joe Thing Two? Joe Thing, you’ve become laughable. Know why the Bucs won’t trade Winston? Because they wouldn’t get squat for him. Squat. Resign him or Godwin? There is no serious debate there.

  55. Grt1 Says:

    When have we seen prevent defense this year. We’ve been every game this year. Man our fan base is stupid.

  56. Bucsfanman Says:

    Joe- I’ve got to hand it to you, you know how to kickstart a “conversation”!
    Short of jumping head first into this trap, anyone with eyes who watches games knows that Jameis is PART of the problem.
    It’s been five years of Sunday mornings thinking, “Which Jameis shows up today? Good Jameis or bad Jameis?”
    I doubt that’s how KC fans wake.
    But, here we are, the joy of numbers and statistics. A 2-4 team that leads the NFC in scoring, GREAT! Just as a friendly reminder, we were a TOP 3 offense in the NFL last year too. Our record, you ask? Well, we picked in the top 5.
    So, about that NFC lead! And that franchise QB! Yeah, that’s a ‘FAIL’ to the good ‘ol fashioned eye-test!

  57. Bucsfanman Says:

    We KNEW this defense would struggle and that the OFFENSE would have to carry the team. Has that happened outside of the Rams game? Has the NFC-leading OFFENSE carried the defense?
    You know the answer!

  58. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Stats are for losers

  59. Asdf Says:

    July Joe – the early part of Favre’s career was in the early 90s! The rules and game were completely different than they are now which has given huge advantages to the passing game. Your comparison is utterly absurd and not credible whatsoever.

  60. Bob in Valrico Says:

    With 12 TD and 12 turnovers ,Jameis is on his way to another four clunker season. Our opponents have scored 185 points and he has stop giving our
    opponents extra opportunities to score. Yes we have issues at too many other positions. This team can’t afford for Jameis to be one of them.

  61. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Thank you Joe! This is exactly what I have been trying to tell the fans. Invest our draft picks in the trenches. See how that goes for Jameis and if that doesn’t work at least your trenches will be fortified ready for the next QB to step in and hopefully not be rattled from the get go. No way should we just go get another QB. We still haven’t even given Jameis a defense. Have you seen them stop anyone? My only concern is with the GM can he draft players that can play? Go Bucs!

  62. Anonymous Says:

    How many points has Winstons turnovers led to? And if he had not turned the ball over how many point would the Bucs have? He is the sole reason we are 2-4 instead of 4-2. You can’t tell me a better QB wouldn’t benefit the team, i.e. Pat Mahomes had the worst D in the league last year, yet they were still one of the best teams because he didn’t turn the ball over. At the end of the day the QB makes the final decision before the ball leaves his hand, knowing the coverage and matchups are paramount to success (which is why you don’t throw a hitch to Barber vs Sherman). Although people will say that was Barbers fault for running the wrong route, it all started with the wrong decision by Winston. That ball should’ve never been thrown in the first place.

  63. BucsBandit Says:


    Don’t even bother with this July Joe idiot. He seems to be the author (or close friend?) who actually wasted his time writing a book to defend Jameis. LOLZ.

    He’s the classic definition of Jameis-Homer. No matter how badly Jameis plays he’ll always make excuses for him.

    The fact that he’s comparing Jameis Winston to BRETT FAVRE says all you need to know about his lack of true football knowledge.


  64. Bobby M. Says:

    Hard to believe he’s so good yet still no contract extension…..In the NFL the money talks and the bs walks.

  65. Asdf Says:

    Also just cherry picking total points without adjusting for:
    1/ points scored by the defense
    2/ an outlier 55pt game
    3/ kicking success

    You can’t just cherry pick random stats to fit your narrative, but sadly that is simply what happens here all the time.

    If you have watching JW over his career he has not shown he has what it takes.

  66. donuts Says:

    The Bucs also lead the NFC and NFL in turnovers.

  67. Armybucsfan Says:

    Joe….. Jameis is also the highest scoring QB on points given up to other teams with the most INT’s of any other QB drafted since we wasted a 1st round pick on his sorry ass. If we are amongst the highest scoring teams in the league with a substandard QB at the helm. Imagine where we would be with a competent one. Maybe one that utilizes the crazy amount of aren’t surrounding him despite our subpar run game. Imagine what Mahomes would do with the types of weapons we have. It would be unfair for all of the other teams in the league. But yet again we missed out on him too

  68. Pewter power Says:

    London Winston threw for 400 yards despite the interceptions they still wouldn’t run the ball. Leftwich is hot garbage too, looks like the exact same game plan every week but you decide passing against that defense was threw best way to go? BA fault for not calling plays and his team now sucks. This just highlights how many points they give up.

  69. TeethingBrat Says:


  70. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Clueless Joe strikes again!!!

    Can’t compare him to Mahomes, Mahomes protects the ball and wins with a bad defense

    Points are great, but if you turn it over as much as Jameis does and give away field position and free points it’s kind of a wash

    Besides the defense has scored 14 points this year so that puts them #5 in the NFC in scoring not #1.

    If you get paid for writing about this team your takes should be much better

  71. Defense Rules Says:

    Oh Joe, articles like this make me wanna cry. In your eyes, it’s not Jameis; it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. The defense, the running game, the Oline, receivers, TEs … take your pick. Horsepuckey. That’s a very myopic viewpoint.

    Bucsfanman told you above what the situation is: “anyone with eyes who watches games knows that Jameis is PART of the problem”. Is he the WHOLE problem? Heck no, but he is PART of the problem. He’s INCONSISTENT as all git out; he runs in spurts. His TURNOVERS are way too excessive. He’s being made out to look better than he really is by having ME13 & Godwin as his go-to receivers, plus Cam & OJ as his TEs. And he’ & this offense are benefitting BIG-TIME from turnovers generated by this “rotten’ defense (your term, not mine).

    Our 173 points in 6 games is HIGHLY misleading for multiple reasons as I already commented in your next article ‘Disappointing’. LOTS of those points came as a result of what our “rotten” defense did, and our offense reaped the rewards. That same “rotten” defense has had to pay the penalties for all his INCONSISTENCIES (OK, let’s call them Pick-6s & other turnovers). Please take the blinders off Joe and see what so many other JBFers are seeing quite clearly right now.

  72. Jeff Says:

    Garbage time points. The Story of Jameis Winston and Mike Evans. Should be a new series on Netflix

  73. Bird Says:

    It’s obvious which joe wrote this article.

    Who is the whack job? You are out of your mind. It’s so creepy. It really is man.

    The whole Pitt game With belly rubs and hot showers and a pack of cigarettes.

    I just wish logical joe would step in and give a little talking to obsezzed joe
    This has been going on for 4 plus years. Every other buc site will disagree. Every other expert / analyst will disagree.

    You are the same joez that wanted Johnny manziel and still would as a back up. Thanks for more biased subjective reporting . And we know …it’s your site and you can right about what you want.

    I beg logical joe and Ira …Please step in.

    Just wait until the next good game by Jameis , he will say I told you so
    Just wait until the next bad game by Jameis , he will give some other stat or excuse.

  74. miken Says:

    Not surprising. We have more weapons than all but 2 or 3 teams and a great coach in BA. Thats what this team was supposed to do!!! If the qb doesnt turn the ball over 6 times in a game and throw pick 6s, special teams plays good, the d will bend don’t break and they play smart then this roster should be in the playoffs.

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As I have pointed out so many times over the years, Jameis’ turnovers rise when the offensive line fails to protect him properly. As sacks increase, turnovers increase.

    That’s the case with most quarterbacks. Bad oline equals bad QB results. Does Jameis make mistakes when he has good protection? Yes. But very few.

    Think of all the failed QBs in the NFL over the years. Common thread? Poor olines.

    Arians offense consists of plays which take time to develop. Offensive line play is extremely important.

    Wanna know why OJ isn’t getting passes? It’s because the oline is so bad.

  76. Bird Says:

    How many qbs can muster up 6 turnovers in one game ?
    It’s almost impossible

  77. Bird Says:

    Whack job meeting the kettle black

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Comparing Winston to Maholmes! Lol! Maholmes threw his fist pick of the season in game 6 with a flag on the field that he thought was a free play and too a shot. Winston had 6 turnovers in an 11 point game and has single handedly lost us games.

  79. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    By the way…Joe has been coming down hard on Jameis for a while now. Yet every time he occasionally says something positive, you guys say he’s obsessed.

    Not really fair to Joe.

  80. Who Cares Says:

    If JW had not turned the ball over 6 times, we would have beaten Carolina. Simple as that. The Bucs have talent. JW’s inconsident play affects the entire team. The defense gives up after the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th TO. They probably figure, “what’s the point?” When JW hit Evans in stride with that beautiful bomb the announcers commented that Evans looked like he wasn’t expecting it. Who would? It was one in a million.

  81. BucSoldier Says:

    Ok sure. However he also is the qb responsible for how many pick 6s this season? How many turnovers? Then the defense gets back on the field and spent a good amount of time getting beat. I believed in Jameis but come on, too many turnovers. Maybe is the playcalling I dont know, but … im just tired of losing

  82. lambchop Says:

    Jameis Winston SUCKS. Deal with it. He is so unpredictable. We can bench other players, but can’t touch the most deceptive QB in Bucs history?

    Gimme a break. He sucks balls. Garbage time stats and garbage time points are for feeble minded monkeys. The only reason the Bucs have the most points in the NFC is because we give so many damn points away.

    How many of those points came from the efforts of Chris Godwin and Co. making plays?

    Tom Brady had hot garbage for WRs for a long time and made people great around him. He made house hold names out of players coming through their offense like executives driving through the red light district. Yet, we want to pound our chest because we compare Winston to Testaverde, Craig Erickson, Steve Young, Brian Griese, Josh Freeman, Shaun King, Trent Dilfer, Steve DeBerg, etc. and consider that a F-ing victory?

    Lowered expectations.

    Who wants Mariota? He’s garbage too. It’s a Bucs life when you pick #1 the year these 2 losers are the best options at QB.

  83. lambchop Says:

    Brad Johnson is the best QB the Bucs have had so far because he actually won a damn thing.

  84. Dan Says:

    We all know what’s gonna happen. Loosing loving Licht will resign Jameis for 3 years and we will be forced to watch this guy rack up stats while we rack up embarrassing losses. History has proven we will find a way to reward loosing.

  85. Ed Says:

    Joe writes good stuff but if all you do is cover the Bucs you have to come up with stories to keep the fans active on the site. I read many of your comments and I would say for every 1 fan that thinks the Bucs should keep Winston, there is 3 that aren’t comfortable with giving him a $30,000,000 contract when all he has done is has played inconsistant football his entire career.

    Look around the league, the quarterbacks that are Jameis’ age are so much more mobile than he is and are able to play under duress. Thats one of his issues, its a faster game than ever, he has gotten slower with moving in the pocket, his release hasn’t improved, his accuracy still is poor.

    Quarterbacks have to be able to “sense” a collapsing pocket and make quick reads or move around to buy time, he can’t do it. His throwing motion requires him to plant and wind up, that takes too much time. Kyle Allen and Teddy Bridgewater, neither even starters showed how important it is to have a quick release. Its more important than ever to get the ball out and Jameis throughout his career hasn’t improved his decision making.

    Its not as if other teams have whiffed on #1 picks, just look at these players that were just like Jameis: Blake Bortles, Ryan Tannehill, Marriota, Blaine Gabbert, all #1 picks that their teams invested multiple years without the return on investment.

  86. Dlavid Says:

    Yeah Joe , he is a stud ! He is also finished ! Turn over machine ! I guess you forgot that statistic in your rant . Not a leader of men ! Eat some Wash for breakfast Joe . Winston is a choker ! Yeah he is so great that his team sucks so much . Stats are for losers , wins are what matters ! Did I mention the turn overs …..? Lay off the sauce Lee .

  87. Bucsdude Says:

    The sad part is the bucs drafted the best about available that year

  88. Bird Says:


    That’s not correct .. you know there is 2 joez..one that only writes articles like this . Only positive articles about #3. And one that takes a more realistic approach and will admit Jameis is struggling

  89. 813bucboi Says:

    who has the most games with multiple INTS in a game?……


    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  90. Allbuccedup Says:

    Most turnovers in last 5 years still counting. Oh yeah joe lets keep him I enjoy being the laughing stock of the NFL. He may have 100 by the end of the year. What a bunch of idiots on this blog.

  91. Jeffbuc Says:

    Most points scored is like a player leading the nba in scoring and be on a losing team. The point is joe that we would be 4-2 or 5-1 while still leading the nfc in scoring if we had a decent QB who doesn’t turn the ball over. So we have left a lot of points on the field due to all of the picks. If we are this good with a below average qb play imagine what we would do with a qb who throws 11 picks all season versus in 6 games. He has 10 more games still to go he is on pace for 32 turnovers this year. What so hard to understand that fans are sick of that. Sick of losing games watching Jameis look lost and frantic in the pocket. While an undrafted rookie for the panthers sits back cool cam and collected in the pocket and has zero interceptions and his team is 4-0 with him starting. And they don’t lead the nfc in points scored but he leads the league in fewest ints thrown. This is every year we score a bunch of points. Most of them come after Jameis is 9-19 for 86 yards and 2 ints. And the team plays prevent and then he throws for 350 and we score two late touchdowns when the game is out of reach. When will you realize Jameis is holding this team back. You don’t think the players lose all hope after pick number two in the first quarter. Crushes the team when one player keeps messing up giving the ball back to the other team. And then to watch him squinting at the Jumbotron being all pouty like man I had it if I would have held the ball for ten more seconds I could have completed a 30 yard pass instead of taking the two yard check down. Oh well we recovered the fumble I will try to hold it longer next play.

  92. Joe Says:

    Most turnovers in last 5 years still counting.

    Since the start of the 2018 season, the leader in picks in the NFL is… well, it’s not Jameis. It’s Baker Mayfield!

    Anyone hearing cries from the shores of Lake Erie to chase Mayfield out of Ohio at gunpoint if necessary?

    Nah, Joe doesn’t hear anything either. Strange.

  93. Pete Bauer Says:

    I was an adamant Jameis supporter until the London game. I thought coaching would fix it, like McVay did for Goff.

    But, Jameis is Jameis. He’s Jay Cutler. He’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s a coach killer.

    Tom Brady doesn’t have random, weekly regressions. Neither does Brees, Rogers, Wilson or any of the other proven elite QBs.

    Winning QBs don’t do what he does. He’s Vinny Testerverde throwing a lot of yards to Mark Carrier, along with throwing a lot of picks. We’ve seen this movie before. It doesn’t end well.

    Jameis will never be more than average. I hate to say it, but its time to move on.

  94. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah joe because he has just started 16 games in his career. If Baker was in year 5 than yes he would be being talked about. When you are still a young second year player people still think you can get better. But in year 5 they know you are what you are. And that’s a stupid point to defend Jameis. Look guys there is a whole that is worse than ours and he isn’t getting run out of town. So why should we run our second worst QBs out of town if the worst isn’t. So we should wait u til the browns get rid of baker before we make a decision on Jameis. Atleast Jameis has less picks than a whole on the browns my morning is going to be a lot better great news. Man I am relieved now

  95. RustyRhinos Says:

    Who would have thunk it? That we as Bucs fans should want to keep a QB who leads the conferece in several categories, none of which are the most important category in the conference. That would be WINS! Yeah most yards, 100 TD’S yes! But does that go good with with 81 turnovers? Do we really want to see how fast this QB can make it to 100 turnovers as well? That would be a great accomplishment, right? Will it be year six, or year five with a few more bad Jameis games?
    What is wrong with wanting a QB who is known and praised for his Winning abilities not his stats and turnover ability.
    I don’t know if it is a known fact at JoeBucsFan but you can not reach the playoffs without a winning record. No matter how many yards, how many TD’s, how many team records fall. The only way to reach the playoffs is WIN! No talk about it, no promises about it, the only way is to DO.
    SHOW US! Don’t tell us. SHOW US!

  96. Allbuccedup Says:

    Joe says its Mayfields second year not fifth do your homework how many fumbles does he have?

  97. Allbuccedup Says:

    If mayfield doesnt produce he will never see 5 years a la winston.

  98. TampaTown Says:

    What “garbage points” is anyone talking about? The first three games came down to the last play. The last two games were within 1-2 scores and I assume the Bucs were trying to win the game. SMH

  99. Old Sombrero Says:

    And Hillary won the popular vote. So what. Doesn’t matter. Only the win/loss stat matters.

  100. tickrdr Says:

    TB vs. Car
    34 -10 with 12:55 left.
    Winston to Brate TD
    37 – 18 with 7:56 to go.
    Ogunbowale for TD. JW with 2 pt conversion.
    Now 37 – 26.
    Two more Winston INTs.
    10 points in first 3 qtr season plus.
    14 points after down by 3 scores plus x 2.
    Aren’t those facts above the very meaning of GARBAGE TIME stats???


  101. danr Says:

    I would wager, if you told Joe before the game how many times our Defense would make the panthers punt, he would not have imagined they would have won.

    7 additional drives add up.

    How many times does our D need to stop them?

    Yes we gave up too many points to the Panthers, but when you have 30 drives (exaggeration), even a backup is going to score some points.

  102. 941bucsfan Says:

    Some guy up there said mahomes had the worst defense in the league last year. Yea, lets talk about Garbage time… Their defense was giving up the booty in Garbage time. Our defense gives up the booty starting with the first series… thats the difference. Jameis can be 28-34 350yds 4tds 0 turnovers, yet we would still only have a 7pt lead. You dummies dont understand that

  103. Troy Says:

    Anybody who thinks Winston is a top 5 talent is off his cookie. When the Bucs let him go, and they will, he will be lucky to be a backup in the league. Teams that actually win know that turnovers matter. Write an article about turnover differential if you want to write about what matters.
    All this article tells me is that the Bucs have talent on offense. The line isn’t nearly as bad as everyone claims and neither is Lefty calling the plays.
    You cannot tell me that this team will win games with Winston turning the ball over like he does. I don’t care how many points they score.
    With all of that said, our defense is problematic. We have no pass rush. We can’t defend the pass. You can’t win games like this.

  104. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … “Arians offense consists of plays which take time to develop.” Excellent point and one that’s only partially true, at least this season.

    We’ve run the ball more this year than in years past (in all but one game) … 155 rushes to 220 passing attempts thus far this season. If you count Jameis’ 25 sacks as passing attempts, that’d come out to us running the ball 155 times on 400 plays (rushing 38.8% of the time in all 6 games).

    Take out the Panthers game though where Jameis passed a ludicrous 54 times & took 7 sacks (61 plays) compared to us running the ball 14 times, and the picture changes quite a bit. In the OTHER 5 games, we ran the ball 141 times against 166 passes, plus the other 18 sacks Jameis took in 5 games. That comes out to 141 runs in 325 plays (43.4% of the time in the first 5 games).

    IOW, stats can be deceptive. On deep passes, Jameis was 2-for-7 deep in Game 1, 3-for-9 deep in Game 2, 7-for-13 deep in Game 3, 1-for-4 deep in Game 4, 2-for-6 deep in Game 5 and 1-for-9 deep in Game 6. That’s a TOTAL OF 16-FOR-48 deep passes … with a 33% completion rate. Several resulted in INTs and many were drive-killers. Duh.

    So Jameis has ATTEMPTED 245 passes Bonzai (220 plus 25 sacks), and 48 of them have been deep … that’s 20% of his attempted passes. His sack rate is 10%. On the OTHER 70% of Jameis’ passes (short), he’s been quite effective IMO. Actually that tells me a LOT more about our OC’s game-planning & play-calling than it does about Jameis. The old mantra ‘Keep doing it until you get it right’ has been going on here for like 10 years? With the same results? Duh.

  105. Smashsquatch Says:

    Points only matter when you outscore your opponents. Jameis’ miscues lead to large deficits which allows bad teams to score against prevent defenses when it matters least. See 2018 Bucs. Talk to me about points when we are winning consistently, until then they are meaningless as well as JW’s garbage time stats.

  106. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Cherry pick! Cherry pick! Looking at points total is looking at the QB completely out of context. It ignores outliers (55 points in one game). It ignores game situation (garbage time points, points off turnovers). It ignores who is responsible for the points. There are 8 QBs who have more touchdowns than Jameis. And guess what? They all have significantly less turnovers. Add in that many don’t have the same weapons to throw to, and it becomes pretty clear that Jameis is still who we think he is: an average QB who loses games with turnovers.

  107. MtBucsFan Says:

    I just wish we could play a few games against our defense. Then we could see some points lol.

  108. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Stats like that are for losers. Only stay that counts is Ws and last time I looked, Bucs were among leagues worst there

    Keep pumping up JayMiss though if it makes you feel better.

  109. SteveK Says:

    💄 🐖.

  110. Rob Says:

    Through 62 career games…

    100 TD’s
    68 Int’s
    43 Fumbles (19 lost)

    87 total turnovers in 62 games. 87

    Jameis Winston averages 1.4 turnovers a game.
    When one player causes this much damage, you damn right I’m gonna blame him. He. Is. Garbage.

  111. Bucsmarley Says:

    You idiots would rather have points than wins. A buc life

  112. Cgmaster27 Says:

    I love the trolls in here. Lets take this game out, lets take away scoring during this time period. The stats dont lie, you all just skew them to rip on jameis. Heres a stat you cant spin, the bucs are scoring 41% more points against the teams they play then others against the same teams. But
    you’ll all come back with stupid statements like garbage time and other crap.

  113. T REX Says:



  114. lambchop Says:


    Now you’re comparing Jameis’s 4.3 years to Baker’s 1.3?

    LOL, that’s reaching. Let Baker play like Winston for the next 3 years and see him get thrown out of Cleveland. The Browns actually have talent across the board. All they need is some coaching and better QB play. Nobody is going to waste 5 years on Baker if he plays like Winston. That team is too close to being playoff competitive.

  115. lambchop Says:

    Personally, I think it’s hard evaluating QBs and figuring out which QB to draft in the top 5. I don’t blame the Bucs for drafting Jamyth Intston. But, if they sign him to a lucrative contract to suck some more and put a stamp of approval on mediocre to atrocious QB play, I think the Glazers seriously need to have every person’s head examined for competence including their own.

    I would much rather get a veteran or draft a QB in a later round where there’s less pressure for them to be a savior for some garbage team.

  116. Jim Says:

    Agreed Joe. Too many times the blame is unfairly placed on the QB. The Bucs were winning playoff games with a top notch D in the late ‘90’s with Sean King at QB. It’s not all on the QB people!

  117. July Joe Says:

    At age 24 Favre threw TWENTY FOUR INTS AND HAD 14 FUMBLES to just 19 TD PASSES and then was in and out of rehab … many IDIOTS, even Packers fans wanted him gone from Green Bay and Mike Holmgren revealed later that multiple coaches on the team didn’t want him … THEY WERE ALL IDIOTS LIKE SO MANY BUCS FANS on this site … it’s so funny to see history repeat itself and to actually see these IDIOTS literally think they know what they’re talking about, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    BY the way, after some magic seasons from Favre, at the age of 29 and 30 he threw FORTY SIX INTERCEPTIONS AND FUMBLED SEVENTEEN MORE TIMES (63 TURNOVER WORTHY PLAYS IN 2 YEARS IN HIS PRIME!) and once again the IDIOTS came out of the woodwork and demanded him gone … but the team didn’t listen to the IDIOTS and Favre had more magic seasons after that … and now he’s in the Hall of Fame, and the guy who replaced him that NEVER turns it over has been FAR LESS SUCCESFUL as he’s only been to one SB and has less MVP than Brett “Turnover Machine” Favre.



    JAMEIS WILL GET $$$$$$ PAID $$$$$$

  118. T REX Says:


    Winston fan boi

    We’re not winning with Winston. He won’t be here next year. Make sure all of you fanboi’s leave with him.

  119. Losinghope Says:


  120. July Joe Says:

    T REX,

    Thank God Arians and Licht aren’t as stupid as you.

    When Jameis is back as QB1 in 2020 … find a new team to be a “fan” of, so that you can plague their fan-base with your idiocy.


  121. Bcool Says:

    Who leads the NFC in turnovers? Guess who.

  122. July Joe Says:

    ^ Who leads the NFL ALL-TIME in turnovers?

    Brett Favre.

    Who led the NFL in TO’s in MANY different individual seasons? Various HALL OF FAME quarterbacks, that’s who.


  123. Rob Says:

    July Joe… meth is bad for you, mmkay?