Jameis Getting Shell-shocked?

October 15th, 2019

Hits taking their toil?

Joe referred to a very enlightening article typed by Albert Breer of theMMQB.com last week studying why first-round quarterbacks fail.

Basically, it boiled down three things: Rotten team, vanished confidence and getting pounded.

Breer interviewed Brady Quinn, Joey Harrington and Tim Couch. All succumbed to the three elements Joe described. In short, bad organizations chewed up the young quarterbacks and spit them out.

And as Joe was reading that article, you could have inserted Jameis’ name where Quinn and Couch were referenced and it would have sounded like the article was written about the Bucs.

Joe brings this up (again) because Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians seemed to hint yesterday that Jameis is starting to hear imaginary footsteps from defensive linemen from being hit so often.

“I think when you get hit – I don’t care if you’re Tom Brady – when you get hit early in games, it’s different,” Arians said about Jameis being jittery in the pocket, nervous, anxious. “We got him hit early in the game – excluding the first play – we got him hit too much early in the game.”

This is exactly what Breer wrote about. Guys like Quinn and Couch were beaten to a pulp and injuries led to their early exit from the game. Fortunately, Jameis hasn’t been beaten up too badly thus far.

Hearing Arians talk about the hits yesterday, it also reminded Joe of David Carr, who was beaten to a pulp because — all together now — he was on a lousy team that couldn’t block.

Joe sure hopes Jameis hasn’t developed a form of PTSD.

59 Responses to “Jameis Getting Shell-shocked?”

  1. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I think he is shell shocked…Im not a FSU homer nor Jameis homer, but 100% bucs fan and jason licht is THE worst GM on the planet and did not do Jameis any favors when after he drafted him. Get a young qb a defense and build him an OL to protect him and get him a running game. What did licht do? Draft DBs and kickers and out of the league RBs. I mean jameis is an average qb and had one great year and that was at fsu with the best players on the planet but he could be a game manager that is not scared like he is now

  2. SCBucsFan Says:

    1st throw of the game he got picked. Unless someone hit him in the locker room then this doesn’t really apply. Great line this morning, he’s giving out interceptions like halloween candy.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    jameis will be fine when he escapes the small market irrelevant mickey mouse franchise that is tampa bay buccaneer football. Jameis is not the problem the entire organization is a joke and has been long before jameis was born and will be long after he is winning championships on a nfl team. jameis has been setup to fail by owners and gm that are beyond laughable and have no clue what they are doing nor do they desire to field a competitive product. Jamies is just the latest whipping boy for the most embarrassing sports franchise the world has ever witnessed.

  4. Marine Buc Says:

    First of all our GM is a luck head for not addressing this crap offensive line via the draft. Our line is one of the highest paid and lowest performing in the NFL. Second, I don’t think Winston can read a defense any better than my 9 year old son. He just does not have it upstairs. Time to move on like Tennessee did with Mariota…

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Great analysis Dusthty. Spot on.

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    *lunk head not luck head. Fu@#ing auto correct…

  7. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    The same criticisms I had of him as a college draft prospect are true today…same ole same ole…

  8. Pewter power Says:

    Tell that nutcase to stop holding on to the ball to long and throw it away. Duh that is the issue because he wants to be superman but it has never worked out in 5 years so you think he would try to change his approach. Give me another quarterback please this one is damaged goods. Way too many excuses for this guy.

  9. passthebuc Says:

    There is not an offensive line that can hold up for 5 seconds. Give me a QB that sees the openings as they happen vs. JW who waits till everyone joins the party.

  10. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    “Excluding the first play”????? Oh, you mean the STUPID ARSE interception he threw??? Dang it man…….STOP making excuses for the guy!!! This is just one more excuse piece. It’s over.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jameis holds the ball too long….constantly…..you can just sit there and count……drop back…..wait one second then throw……but no….he continually sits in the pocket waiting…..when he gets hit it’s usually multiple players….no oline could protect him that long.

    Either he doesn’t see the field or he is looking at one route that isn’t open but he is too hesitant…..he waits for receivers to get open rather than throwing them open….

    It seems the only way to fix him is to bench him…..but that neuters him…..but if you don’t neuter him….he turns it over and gets sacked….a real dilemma.

  12. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Cue up the “definition of insanity” now please.

  13. Bruce Blahak Says:

    More excuses for this horrid QB? He’s slow with decisions, he’s inaccurate and, just plain and simple, a bad QB. There is no more need to flood this site with a multitude of excuses for this failure. As long as this QB is in place, the fans will continue to abandon this train wreck of a team. Minus this QB and things look up…

  14. Gino Says:

    Other than the first play🤷‍♂️

    “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how did you enjoy the play?”

  15. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    First play of the game destroys this JW protection theory.

  16. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Like I said already, before we go and destroy another QB please rebuild the offensive line in the draft first. Jameis can still get the job done but I know most fans want him gone. I just don’t want to see this all happen again with another QB. Also SCbucsfan you must have forgotten how many times he was sacked at the Saints game…so yes he is still hearing footsteps.

  17. NPRSageBoy Says:

    You mean on that enormous BA coaching staff there’s no psychiatrist with a comfy sofa for JayMiss to lay down on and share his millionaire misery with? How sad…not.

    JayMiss needs to grow a pair, pull up his “big boy” pants and start playing football. Enough is enough; you’re a 25 year old millionaire playing a game you say you love…start showing it, otherwise get ready to ride the bench in another city.

  18. Bruce Blahak Says:

    @m tired and 87 is right….HE SACKS HIMSELF! Arians even said it….

  19. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    LOL GINO !!

  20. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    AKickinTheBucNuts…..100% accurate. Also Joe, there is NO defending Jaymiss’ fumbles on CONSECUTIVE plays. Refs…”hey Winston, we’ll give you a reprieve on that fumble” Winston…..”thanks, I won’t do it again”….oops.

  21. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    DR…right on…im just sick of being this bucs franchise….its impossible the way the nfl is set up to be this bad for this long…you have to try really hard to be this bad

  22. Bucnjim Says:

    Who would have thought he was going to Evans on the first play? EVERYONE! Two things you will never be able to fix with Winston is maturity and IQ. Read in someone’s post yesterday that he has the same exact number of interceptions and TD’s as Freeman and Freeman couldn’t get a QB job in the CFL. This is a guy we want to resign for $100 MILLION?

  23. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Winston is a bad QB who plays behind an awful OL that has been neglected in drafts because the worst GM in football wastes draft picks on awful DBs and kickers.

    It’s really as simple as this, the Bucs suck because the owners are clueless and hired bad GMs which is a domino affect of bad personnel hiring and bad roster management.

  24. Casual Observer Says:

    After several years, he still panics too much when surprised. Still makes too many bad decisions under pressure.

  25. BigZ Says:

    Duh. Same will happen to our next QB. We must rebuild our own line and d-line next year and tank for Trevor in 2021 as long as he comes out no sense in drafting a quarterback this year it’ll be the same offensive line with little to no running game it’ll be the same recipe for disaster

  26. bucs4ya Says:

    Been rooting for this team for years and will continue to even after Jameis is gone and wins with another team. I’m a Bucs fan but everyone look at that picture. Jameis can’t see. I think the visor is prescription and he didn’t have it on during the game not making any excuses for him but have to wonder Joe why are no reporters asking about that? Heck he even wears glasses when you see him on the In The Current episodes. It wouldn’t surprise me if the kid is color blind. If the team is going to move on can we at least see what Griffin can do and invest in the Oline during the next draft.

  27. 813bucboi Says:

    if he’s shell shocked, we might as well cut bait with him now or after the season….

    how did joey, brady, tim and david perform once they left their original teams?…lol….

    the #1 thing that winston has in common with those other QBs are that they are all NFL BUST!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  28. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    The modern NFL game is all about pre snap reads, the best quarterbacks best the defense before the ball is snapped. Many 1st round QBs wow in college on athleticism, arm talent, and huge talent difference between their team and the competition. Once in the NFL they struggle with right windows and believing what they see and ball placement. NFL quarterbacks routinely complete passes to “covered” receivers. “A great throw beats great coverage” I agree that Jameis is shell shocked, but not from the hits. He holds the ball because he doesn’t trust his eyes and his reads. If he feared the rush he would throw the ball early, see Matt Ryan. I believe it’s the interceptions that have doomed his confidence, and lead to his lack of trust in the read and his arm. He is in need of a drastic simplification of his reads and throws they ask if him, in order to try and salvage his confidence and career.

  29. Richard Dickson Says:

    With that slow wind-up of his, he’d probably still get sacked even if he tried to throw the ball away.

  30. doctor_berto Says:

    Been a Jameis supporter till this performance. He is obviously not the answer and should not sign him or even franchise him this offseason. FIRE LICHT and find a competent GM who can draft a QB as well as trench players. I will not watch a single game next season if Licht has another shot at the draft.

  31. Boombang Says:

    Wow! Very well said tmaxcon…..Every franchise that had that ” Face of the organization quarterback” has put that quarterback in a position to win…..They have surrounded that QB with very good offensive people, O-lne…..The Bucs have relied on Winston far too long to be the savior and take them to the promise Land QB without much thought that it takes a TEAM to win – both offense and defense…..I am not one to bash Licht but he has known for quite some time that the Bucs O-line sucks…….Yet, he continuously has neglected that aspect of the team….When you go out and plug SECOND RATE players into your O-line……You get second rate play…..The Bucs have DRAFTED 9 SECONDARY PLAYERS in two consecutive drafts in hopes of getting something…..You want the FRANCHISE QB but you give him NO PROTECTION….I have been a Buc’s fan since the birth of the organization and if there is one thing I know about this organization – it has been terrible with the DEVELOPMENT OF IT’S QBs….. Traded away Young, let Williams go over money, broke down Vinny, ruined Freeman…..Tmaxcon, you hit the nail on the head.

  32. ClodHopper Says:

    His first game of his career he threw a pick 6 before he was even touched. We’re all she’ll shocked from his carelessness with the ball.

  33. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Can one of you football experts explain this to me.

    First…we all agree that our OL leaves a lot to be desired…

    Secondly..most agree..including BA that JW holds the ball too long..

    And now Third we’re thinking JW is shell shocked. What to do.

    It’s time to get REALLY creative. JW is not fleet of foot…he’s not going to take it to the house…BUT he is a sneaky good runner.

    So my question…why are we not moving the pocket and letting JW roll with the ball. He’s among the best in the league at throwing on the run…he’s already getting blasted in the pocket at least rolling and running he can see the hits and protect himself…and HANG ON to the ball.

    And so I come down with the Forrest Gump solution…

    Run Jameis Run!!! Why not? He throws better on the move…he can’t get hit any worse..takes pressure off our OL…

  34. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    “shell shocked”maybe BA needs to Patton on #3’s azz ! 🙂

  35. Agreement Says:

    Tua Tagovailoa wrote this.

  36. The Coroner Says:

    Tape a taser on him. When he just needs to throw the ball away and hasn’t – tase him 😳

  37. D-Rome Says:

    My criticisms of Jameis Winston’s play notwithstanding, this organization has a serious issue. According to the Joe’s and other reporters the Glazers care about winning. I believe they have the wrong front office people inside One Buc.

    Jason Licht and everyone on his staff is incompetent. I do believe Jameis Winston has talent and ability somewhere but he’s been sucked into this vortex of failure that has surrounded the Buccaneers for a very long time. Jameis is terrible and the Bucs should move on, but Buc fans should not fret. He’s not going to turn it around elsewhere. He has been ruined by this organization.

  38. BA FAN Says:

    The Panthers had a better game plan this second time and a better QB. The first game they tried McCoy at DT and he was just as bad as when he played for us. Then they realized what I had commented on back at the start of this season. If we were going to a 3-4 Defense McCoy with his fast getoff would make a great DE. Finally the Panthers moved McCoy to DE (probably over his wishes otherwise) and voila McCoy was very effective this time even running over our best lineman, Marpet, and allowing the Panthers to get great pressure just with four downlinemen, so they could use 7 players to drop back and smother our three receivers, which forced Jameis to hold the ball too long because usually everyone was covered. They also were playing zone coverage and all seven could keep their eyes on Jameis and help them get interceptions. Often Jameis was staring down his main target and has a windup delivery which gives the Defense time to get in position to intercept and watching for his pat on the ball indicating a throw was coming, they then were able to time their jump on the receiver. BA needs to realize all this and that all future teams we will play will study how the Panther’s stopped us and BA needs to prepare plays to dupe them. He needs to let Jameis have the option to run instead of throwing away. Have him stare first at a receiver he isn’t targeting and have the target receiver then cut back toward Jameis just as he begins to run and let Jameis then unload to the target without first patting the ball. Also have a lot more screens and outlet passes to RBs and ends around and fleaflickers and set up plays they would never expect. If Jameis is still overthrowing players or getting intercepted he should be told ahead of time that then he will be temporarily relieved so he can sit with a coach to help him calm down and get hydrated and can keep cool and go back in and win the ball game. BA is wise enough to make the above happen and take down the also 2 and 4 Titans by Coaching better. He also needs to make our DC move Vernon Hargreaves to only cover slot receivers and get a faster CB opposite Davis such as Dean, Ryan Smith, or Bunting with the fastest CB covering the top receiver of the opponent and all CBs playing man to man and using White to spy their QB and try to intercept or tip passes. We should not play zone. Use blitzes too like the Panthers did after the half. When we cannot get to the QB hold up hands by our front players and tip passes off their targets.

  39. Smashsquatch Says:

    Let me get this straight, BA says JW played poorly because he was hit early in the game? BA spinning BS acting as a JW apologist again. Seems it’s rarely JW’s fault when he plays poorly and when he plays well he screams from the rooftops about how well he’s playing. Byron Leftwich of all people is coaching our QB Jameis. The dude with the longest delivery in the history of the NFL is in the ear of JW who has the 2nd longest!. My eyes told me the same thing Sunday, JW holds the ball too long. He likely had this drilled into his head at halftime because he overcompensated in the second half and was throwing the ball way too early! JW lacks feel. All of you who want to point to the offensive line, or dropped passes, or tipped balls, or blitzing scheme act as if these problems don’t exist on other teams. They do, the difference is talented NFL QBs can adapt when called upon. QBs with JW talent are commonplace and I’m not spending $27 mil next year for one of them. JW never wins the game for the Bucs, but often his play loses the game.

  40. soggy Says:

    his eyes are bad folks, he squints on the sideline for the camera all the time, I noticed that years ago, bad vision..

  41. jerseybuc Says:

    Long release, a bit heavy legged and even in his best games he seems to be a little late on getting the ball out. Ever notice we rarely hit receivers in stride? Guy has had some good games but at this point everyone is best served if he moves on and we do as well. QB has the ball in his hands too much to deal with a turnover prone QB, especially one who will demand in excess of $20 million over the next 5 years.

  42. unbelievable Says:

    The game is won and lost in the trenches, and we have largely ignored them completely under both Dom and now Licht.

    It’s easy to see why this team constantly sucks.

    If you can’t win up front, you won’t win at all.

    Simple as that.

  43. miken Says:

    Some times you take a lot of hits when you are slow on your decision making and you hold onto the ball. Imagine thinking Brady Quinn would have been a good pro if only he had a better O line

  44. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    soggy Says:
    October 15th, 2019 at 11:47 am
    his eyes are bad folks, he squints on the sideline for the camera all the time, I noticed that years ago, bad vision..

    not his eyes…Jameis is thinking

  45. UKbuc Says:

    We Londoners will often are our soccer players out for a bit of post game partying after a successful match. But this is only after a win and not before the match. With that being said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has several players out partying in London on Saturday evening, into the early morning hours. We have not seen this from other NFL teams in the past or they quite possibly flew under the radar. Case in Point: I heard from several people at and after them game that Jameis Winston and this Bobo bloke were out having a good time well into Sunday morning. Is this acceptable to NFL clubs? They also played very poorly
    Joe has looked at the IP address of this comment and it is California, therefore, Joe is highly skeptical.–Joe

  46. Sleepy903 Says:

    People keep talking about him holding onto the ball to long. BA is known for having a playbook w/ plays that take forever to develop. Remember Big Ben used to take a beating as well. We see plays and say this player is open or that player is open. We dont know where the first read is. So yes we may see a player that is open but that may be the 3rd read based on the play thats called. I dont think Jameis gets to make it past his second read when he doesnt lock in a certain WR.

  47. Buc4evr Says:

    Jameis is an idiot making horrible decisions and it will never change. On top of that he is leading a pretty bad team – bad o-line, sub standard D-line, defensive backfield that is a mess, coupled with bad play calling. What could go wrong?

    We need to go to a west coast offense and just focus on first downs and try to slow the game down and keep the defense off of the field. As far as the defense, we need JPP back to have any chance. The men in the trenches are not getting it done and our backfield looks like the keystone cops.

  48. T REX Says:

    He may do well somewhere else but both parties need to go in another direction.

  49. Buc4evr Says:

    UKBuc, if that is true shame then on Arians. Players need to be fined and benched , especially if Jameis was pulling that s**t. Joe, is there anyway to confirm this? If I was the Glazers there would be holy hell to pay.

  50. Bobby M. Says:

    Winston was making the same type of mistakes when he was at FSU. Everyone acts like this is some new development, the scouting on him in college pointed to his decision making and turnovers as red flags along with character concerns. I would add his ball placement has been terrible since then as well. He is who he is, so the question and problem to solve is can Arians find a formula that works?

    I’ve always believed the best chance with any young QB but particularly with one like Winston is a strong running game and stout defense. Arians has an avg running game and better but still bottom tier defense. I dont see much changing. Winston will look solid for a game or two…..and then below avg to terrible for a few. That’s what the overwhelming body of work has indicated. You can take all these 3 game blimps and forecast them into eternity but reality is he has more TOs then anyone in the league since joining, no playoff appearances and a terrible Win/Loss record. He’s talented enough to be in the league just not consistently effective enough to do much. There’s been lots of QBs like him….great talents, just never comes together at the level needed to win in the NFL week in/week out.

  51. UKbuc Says:

    Joe skeptical? I am on a plane which has Viasat satellite connectivity. They are based in California. You should spend your time finding better articles to write about the team or better yet toughen up with the questions that are lobbed to the QB and coaching staff.

  52. Says:

    Dusthty Rhothdes — Spot on!!!

    I am nowhere close to a JW3 apologist, but the dude had Blue and White jerseys buzzing the tower on every play.

    GM has not helped him.

    and the playcaller did not help him on Sunday.

  53. Biggun Says:

    Just curious does anyone know how Quinton Flowers UCF,QB was picked up undrafted by the Bengals… got cut and came in did work out for the bucs where does he stand do we have any interest? He’s short but tough as nails and he has a great arm and some serious wheels runs like a running back throws like a top quarterback… highlight reels look great any news??? I’m done with JW3 too damn sporadic!!!

  54. Craig Says:

    Jameis has been shell-shocked since he found out he didn’t have Dalvin lined up behind him anymore. It hasn’t gotten much better since. He sets his squinting eyes on one person and if that doesn’t work, he holds the ball.

    Bad things happen when you hold the ball, miss open receivers and don’t even see your check-down receivers. It is not going to get any better.

    Let us see what Ryan Griffin can do.

    I heard Quinton Flowers, ex-USF QB had signed with the XFL’s Tampa team, but they also signed Arron Murray the other day.

  55. lewis Says:


  56. ClodHopper Says:

    I have no idea if UKBuc is telling the truth but to be fair, I have Viasat internet and my IP address is always jacked up. It always thinks I’m in Jersey or somewhere in Illinois.

  57. Echase Says:

    We need offensive lineman, a running back. A stud d lineman. Oh wait those are all the areas we passed on to draft horrible db


  58. Simeon97 Says:

    I went to the saints game 2 years ago in New Orleans and I DID see Jamies the night before the game 1 block off bourbon with a woman that didn’t appear to be his wife/gf from hard knocks, it wasn’t too late, but still scratched my head as he wasn’t with his teammates or resting the day before a huge game.

    The next day they got whooped and that was the game that he started the fight with whoever on the saints.

  59. Brandon Says:

    Blocking hasn’t been great but Jameis holds onto the ball way too long. Also, when he starts to move in the pocket, he rarely abandons the pocket with any sense of urgency and barely separates from pressure. He hasn’t been doing a ton to help himself.