Cheap Labor

October 17th, 2019


One reason why Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht may be a tad gunshy in trying to fix the secondary before the Oct. 29 trade deadline is he would be entering a gunfight with only a knife.

The Bucs just don’t have the Team Glazer loot lying around to get a heavy hitter cornerback. Sure, Patrick Peterson might be had for a decent price (he only has one more year left on his contract).

But the Bucs would have to do serious shuffling to squeeze him under the salary cap (unless someone is outright cut, say, Vernon Hargreaves — and it isn’t clear exactly what kind of cap ramifications that could have).

There could be a cheaper alternative, both in price and salary.

(Now before people start howling, please note the Bucs have the absolute worst pass defense in the NFL. So it is entirely likely there could be a backup on another team who could play better than what the Bucs put on the field.)

BSPN has a list of players from each team who could be trade targets. And with the Browns, two of their backup corners are listed as trade bait, types Jake Trotter.

Terrance Mitchell and fellow backup corner T.J. Carrie more than held their own while starters Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams were nursing hamstring injuries for the past few weeks. Neither Carrie nor Mitchell is owed any guaranteed money after this season, though, making them low-risk options who have proved they can provide quality snaps at one of the NFL’s most key positions.

Sadly, in the case of the Bucs, another man’s backup would be a starter. Yeah, things are that bad.

As Joe stated earlier, if the Bucs are not going to upgrade the secondary, then they need to be sellers and start positioning themselves to make draft noise next spring.

Inactivity before the trade deadline would be the worst activity.

Fish or cut bait.

39 Responses to “Cheap Labor”

  1. Bruce Blahak Says:

    my lord you guys are losing it…need an Ira intervention. This team is going nowhere with the QB that is in place now. So, this team has a young group at DB that needs time to develop, and with a new defense no less. Whitehead and Edwards are a good looking safety pair. Davis and Stewart are year 2, Dean and Bunting are rookies. Add a CB at a high cost to destroy next year’s draft? Bucs are gonna need a QB, RT and more DLineman. You guys have had 5 years of unjustified patience with WinSTUNNED, try some with the secondary.

  2. Kent Kleist Says:

    It is time to dump talent if we have any for draft picks. Get a new regime in the front office also

  3. Joe Says:

    So, this team has a young group at DB that needs time to develop, and with a new defense no less.

    Talk about an intervention…

    Arians isn’t going to be here three, four years from now, especially if they are not winning. You don’t win now by hoping guys develop in five years.

    The Bucs have spent seven picks in the first three rounds in the last four years on defensive backs. How have any of those guys developed?

    As far as Ira intervening, remember how he screamed how badly the Bucs needed Devin White at middle linebacker at No. 5? That’s been a success, hasn’t it? Totally turned the defense around, hasn’t he?

  4. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    So, we lack top tier talent across the board, we are in cap purgatory, and we have a horrendous record over the last five years. In what world do the Glazers live where such performance justifies a five year, multi-million dollar extension? Certainly not the one where most working folk reside. The Glazers have no sense of self-awareness and that is why we won’t win while they own the team and remain in charge of the business. Except for their reckless overspending compared to his chinciness, this is exactly what the Culverhouse era looked like.

  5. Buc believer Says:

    And who’s fault is that Joe? Licht has wasted team Glazer money on his stupid Ill advised moves. No one to blame but himself.

  6. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Don’t know what Joe is chiming in here. The Jameis Joe? Devin White played a game with tonsillitis, tough as hell. He is also a ROOKIE! and has 3 full games under his belt. Losing respect for guys by the minute. There’s a simple solution in Tampa. GET A F***ING GAME MANAGER QB, at the very least….

  7. ocala Says:

    I doubt the Bucs are active one way or another at the trade deadline.

    I think the only thing that may occur is the Bucs cut Perriman to get a 4th round compensatory pick to go along with the 3rd round compensatory pick they will receive.

  8. ocala Says:

    I do think the Bucs have lacked a clear vision that fans could easily see.

    The Bucs need to upgrade their offensive line and add depth to it. Additionally, they need a solid veteran corner and more young pass rushers.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    Totally agree Bruce Blahak. These others crying all day about the secondary obviously have NO CLUE about coaching or learning a new scheme. Yes we might be last but we went from one of the worst 4-3 zone defense to a 3-4 man scheme and we’re six games in with DBs all under rookie contract.

    Will say the entire Bucs organization are off their rocker if they keep VH3 at outside if Dean can come back healthy. VH3 could be great in the nickel and needs to be tested there before he’s let go.

  10. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Why are so many people convinced IF THIS TEAM JUST FIXED THE PASS DEFENSE WE WOULD BE A CONTENDER. This needs to be a rebuilding year we are not going anywhere with this QB or this defense. Trading for a rental would do us literally nothing.

  11. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Is it Licht’s failure as a GM?


    Is it a multitude of coaching staffs over the years that simply don’t know how to develop and grow Cornerbacks and their talents??????

    …….I think it’s a combination of both

  12. Joe Says:

    Is it a multitude of coaching staffs over the years that simply don’t know how to develop and grow Cornerbacks and their talents??????

    Jury is still out on Todd Bowles and his staff with corners but the previous staff was horrid.

    The fact the former defensive coordinator retired (he knew he wouldn’t be able to find work), one secondary coach couldn’t get an NFL gig and instead went to Maryland and the other secondary coach not only couldn’t get a(ny) college job and is now a defensive coordinator in high school, well that sort of tells the tale.

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    The offense, the NFC leading offense, was supposed to have carried this young inexperienced defense.
    That has NOT happened and we are being exploited.

  14. AllhailJPP Says:

    New GM…new owners.. even a new Bucs fan site… its broken record in here.

  15. jjbucfan Says:

    Get man up on the LOS when you blitz. If you get beat, you get beat man up. Instead, you are blitzing and we are 10-15 yards off the line and they are picking us apart just like they did with Mike Smith in the booth. One missed tackle and it is either huge yardage or a TD. At least if you get your hands on a WR you can disrupt the timing with the QB, i.e. what teams are doing to us. Our receivers cannot get open with the exception of Godwin. I bet our TEs could, but we may never know.

  16. BFFL Says:

    stop rushing 6 on 3rd and 5ish and actually use the LBs to cover

  17. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    There is a reason the Glazers don’t have loot laying around to sign players ,cap $$$ misspent and very very little to show for it…

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    Holy crap Joe…..Did you just say that one of our former professional coaches is now a high school coach? WTH dude!!!

    Reguarding the trade I think you gotta see what you got in these players we haven’t seen yet. I don’t see one perimeter CB transforming us to a playoff team. Not unless they can cover an entire sideline and everything over the middle which is just as big of a problem.

    Even if we fix the pass defense we we can still lose games with crappy OL play, RBs wiffing their blocks, a QB who refuses to protect the football and pass catchers who consistently dissapoint. If all that fails we can still lose on being a top pentalized team or ST gaffs. And we all remember what happens if we only need a chip shot FG to win. We are not a CB away from anything right now. I do believe we hit a turning point but at 2-4 it might not happen soon enough.

  19. Noles Says:

    Josh Allen was the pick & yes he looks good. Much harder to find edge rusher just another poor decision by Gump.

  20. pelbuc Says:

    So if I understand this right, Bucs are supposed to give the moron GM more chances to trade for more DBs for which he’s demonstrated he has zero ability to find a competent one. And also overpay for average players on the roster. In exchange Bucs would lose drafts picks that could better go to QB, Oline and Dline. And for all this blundering, he gets a 5 yr extension!

  21. ITS ABOUT TIME !! Says:

    we should put Lictked’s ass on the trading block …. see what his market value is zeo ! 0000!!

  22. Brandon Jeff Says:

    Amen brother. The retool ship has sailed. In spite of everything we’ve been told,this should be and is a rebuild. Anything less at this point is a waste of time.

  23. Troy Says:

    This is the problem – The Bucs are like a gunshot victim…..a victim that’s been shot 15 times. Everybody wants to put a bandage on one spot. The problem is this team is bleeding everywhere. We need a new doctor (GM) that can actually prioritize our wounds properly and apply the right bandage. Licht isn’t the guy. He’s wasted our bandages. Hell, we can’t even get healed up to the point where we can get discharged to play the damn game.

  24. Rob Tanner Says:

    Yeah @Joebucsfan we need to start rebuilding for next year, WHEN THEIR IS FREAKING 10 GAMES LEFT THIS SEASON. Seriously, do you read your split before you post it? The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Thought you’re a FAN not the usual bashers/bandwagon fans. Keep writing this split and you’ll need to change the name to @JoeBandwagonFan

  25. Joe Says:

    Yeah @Joebucsfan we need to start rebuilding for next year, WHEN THEIR IS FREAKING 10 GAMES LEFT THIS SEASON.

    No s(p)it!

    That’s why Joe is BEGGING the front office to trade for a corner. HOWEVER, this team has no prayer of a playoff run if the secondary s not repaired. So if you don’t play for a playoff, you play for the draft.

    Joe has been writing this for years.

  26. Ricky Says:

    This reminds of a time that Joe wanted us to draft Manziel.

  27. Hodad Says:

    Joe, we’re in real trouble if we’re making roster decisions based on how long BA is going to be here. Didn’t we hire him after last season? He had the whole off season to add a vet corner, and said he was happy with VH.03, the DB’s we had, and the ones we drafted this year. He declared the secondary is fixed!! Remember, now you’re saying we have to get a vet to make him happy?

  28. Denjoe Says:

    Having Jason Licht as a GM is like having a plastic knife at a gunfight.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    CB, DE/OLB and RT are all huge needs right now.

    And we lack depth at almost every position group except for TE and WR.

    It’s truly unbelievable how this team has been completely unable to build any depth for the last decade plus.

  30. 813bucboi Says:

    browns have a great pass rush….lol…

    thats why they didnt get exposed….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  31. D1 Says:


    Is the High school IMG by chance?

  32. Wesley Says:

    Time to completely rebuild, you’re not turning things around with a few trades. Don’t be stupid, but of course Licht’s gonna Licht.

  33. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Yes, we are what our record is, we’re 2-4. What would our record be if we had Patrick Peterson for the first 6 games? Probably 4-2. There’s still time to turn this season around. A 1st Rounder for PP.
    Yes, Jameis had a terrible game on Sunday. He’s still my QB, though. He’s played brilliantly at times this season. So no, we don’t need to draft a QB in the 1st Round of the 2020 Draft, IMHO.
    Also, if we could also get a serviceable Right Tackle for a late round pick in 2021, that’d be great.

  34. Bobby M Says:

    Licht always always always waits until after an opportunity has passed. He has this delusion that he’s an excellent decision maker regarding value of a player while ignoring his collection of dog sh!t for 6 yrs. He won’t do anything unless it’s a kicker or back up long snapper, then he’ll act like he caught lightning in a bottle. Mahomes could be available for four 1st rd picks and he would believe Winston is the better value. I don’t expect him to do anything….season started, his leash is tight.

  35. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Ronde Barber for GM… smart, knows the game inside and out. If Lynch can become a GM so can Ronde This franchise needed to admit it was rebuilding long ago , I am ready to start all over and that includes trading some big names

  36. Joe in Michigan Says:

    We are what our record is, 2-4. What would our record be if we would’ve had Patrick Peterson for the first 6 games? Probably 4-2. The season can still be salvaged, I’m for trading for PP, even if it’s for a 2020 1st Rounder.
    Jameis had a horrible game on Sunday, but has also been brilliant this year, at times. He’s still my QB.
    Maybe get a serviceable RT for a 2021 pick.

  37. ElBajito43 Says:

    It’s totally OK guyz
    2020 draft “TrashLicht” RE-LOADS at Defensive Back with the first 3 picks!


  38. #1bucsfan Says:

    White hasn’t bin able to turn this team around joe cuz he’s bin hurt he finally got back last week an he deff looked rusty his 1st 2 starts weren’t amazing but they deff were encouraging

  39. #1bucsfan Says:

    Alter ego. I’ve heard Rondé is smart but is he lynch smart? Idk but I do know Lynch went to a ivy school so there’s that lol