Bucs Beating Bucs

October 29th, 2019

Sets team up to fail?

Want to know why Bucco Bruce Arians is about ready to pull the gray hair from his goatee? You would too if your offense implodes this much.

Scott Spratt of Football Outsiders noted that Sunday’s loss to the Titans in Nashville was a perfect example of the Bucs being the Bucs in 2019.

Or, as Arians would say, “Bucs beating Bucs.” Because they sure did Sunday afternoon.

Most teams that turn the ball over as much as the Bucs do are some of the biggest dregs in the NFL, types Spratt.

But the Bucs offense has sabotaged itself, ending 18% of its drives with a turnover. The nine teams with at least 15% of its offensive drives ending in turnovers are a who’s who of the NFL’s worst teams: the Giants, Browns, Dolphins, Bucs, Jets, Falcons, Redskins, Bengals, and Cardinals — some expected to be bad and others disappointed.

The Bucs simply do not have the consistent offense to overcome these mistakes every game. It doesn’t help when the Bucs keep throwing the ball to Brashad Perriman in the fourth quarter (when is the last time he caught a pass, the season-opener?) and keep handing the ball up the gut to Peyton Barber.

Just insanity.

That impressive win over the Rams seems like a lifetime ago.

45 Responses to “Bucs Beating Bucs”

  1. Bruce Blahak Says:

    WinSTUNNED beating Bucs!…turnovers, no pocket awareness, inaccuracy, slow delivery, slow decisions and on and on and on….

  2. Coburn Says:

    I’m srill stunned the bucs ever let their #3 see the field. It’s a pure talert thjng. If your top 4 targets are 2 wr and 2 te thn you run 2 wr and 1 te or even 2 wr 2 te in some cases like empty backfield

  3. buc up Says:

    Have to wonder – how would the Bucs be doing if Koetter fired Smitty BEFORE the start of last season? Now both sides of the ball suck.

  4. Coburn Says:

    Of coaches cNt figure that out I have to call them into question. ..

  5. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Time for a new GM and a new direction.

    Glazers should roll the dice with Chris Simms or Peyton Manning.

    Extinguish the Gumpster Fire!

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    Hmmm, there’s that “T” word again. Coincidence?!

  7. Pete Mitchell Says:

    I almost wonder what the team would look like with Gabert and/or a rookie QB next year, instead of franchising Jameis and letting a bunch of really good d-lineman walk in free agency because we can’t get under the salary cap…

    Seems like that is going to be a tough choice at the end of this year. Licht has actually managed to build a decent D—line, but will it be one and done when JPP, Suh, Nassib, and Barrett all walk at the end of this year.

    They’ll go with Jameis and we’ll suck balls again next year. It’s a Bucs life!

  8. Allbuccedup Says:

    Beating the Rams I guess was a fluke game. If the players are running the wrong routes and not playing hard its on the head coach and staff. For christs sake BA has got a former referree on the staff and still can’t get challenges right. Looks like BA or BS should shoulder the blame, his finger pointing only drives the moral down. Just retire already and hire someone to rebuild this team.

  9. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Yards and points like Clueless Joe was puffing his chest about are negated when your QB and offense are giving away free field position and points to the opposition

    The qb position is about decision making and Jameis just doesn’t make smart decisions consistently. I doubt he ever will

  10. Frank Pillow Says:

    #3 is such an enigma. For all of his supposed football smarts, he hasn’t improved his situational awareness, not one little bit. The turnovers are killing a team that isn’t stocked with enough talent and isn’t coached well enough to overcome them, like FSU was during Jameis’ run there. It has to be nearly impossible for Jameis to demand or ‘will’ excellence from his teammates at this point of his career here. It might’ve worked early on-as a rookie-but he hasn’t been able to eat enough ‘Ws’ since then to lead. More to the point, he has directly contributed to enough ‘Ls’ that I can’t believe he has any credibility left. I think Bruce has done a lousy job here so far, but what coach can survive all
    of these turnovers!?!?

    -Mike Bajakian

  11. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    This headline should read “Glazers Beating Bucs” since they’re responsible for this pig vomit franchise.

  12. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    LOL! I knew that last entry would trigger moderation…I pressed submit comment anyway.

  13. TiredBucsFan Says:

    As long as Licht is GM we will suck. The guy cant draft, cant sign a player to a reasonable contract, cant do anything right. I cant figure out how he is still here. Trade away everyone, fire Licht and let a new GM start over. This team is trash. Cant stand it anymore

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Bruce I think you pretty well nailed JW’s challenges at the start.

    JW can be a very frustrating guy to cheer. We can bemoan his accuracy…with some justification…then he’ll turn around and drop a dime to ME or Godwin in the corner of the end zone.

    As far as his accuracy…deep balls..whatever…he is at best inconsistent…yet he does sometimes show a great arm.

    His decision making….

    All of this has been questioned but I see one consistency in JW’s failures. He does not really see the field…he does not really have pocket awareness…

    I’m not suggesting bad eyesight just a fundamental athletic lack of ability to visualize what is happening around him. And despite all of his years now he shows no veteran instinct to compensate for that natural lack of awareness.

    Time to move on. But I’d cut the rest of the squad carefully.
    The Ram’s game was not a fluke…it’s NOT something we can do consistently but we do have talent. I suggest we be overly cautious before jettisoning players.

    No long term answers should go…short term FA’s..maybe.

  15. ClodHopper Says:

    Jameis will never win a Super Bowl unless there is a coach that can find a way to get that “wing and a prayer” throw at the slightest bit of adversity out of his instincts.

    It’s like he gets desperate way to early and just closes his eyes and chucks it hoping for the best.

    The defense sees this game in and game out then we expect them to NOT be deflated?

  16. Sharthappens Says:

    Captain obvious.

  17. Buc believer Says:

    Pops Arians needs to look no further than the architect of this keystone cops team… his buddy Jason Gump.

  18. ChanEpic Says:

    JW’s problems stem from his lack of pocket awareness and a slow as heck internal clock. We can all see it and when he holds on to the ball in the pocket I hold my breath. It’s like he has 0 pocket awareness at times. I don’t know that, that is uncoachable but can he be coached out of that here? I doubt it.

  19. Aceofaerospace Says:

    9 more games before Jameis becomes some team’s backup QB.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It’s not the coaches. Come on, people. This has been going on a very long time. While I have been maintaining a #ShowMeDon’tTellMe outlook, that is more because of the past. Arian is a great hire and he has assembled a great staff.

    It might be easy to blame the play calling on offense, but we also don’t know the plays which are being called. Arians blamed WRs for not finishing routes…that’s not bad coaching, it’s players screwing up on a new offense, not fully knowing it yet.

    You can have a lot of great coaches, but each player learns at a different pace, depending on smarts and effort.

    Same thing with the CBs. Carlton Davis went for the ball on one of those touchdowns, probably trying to knock it down. He should have focused on the hands of the WR and keeping him from making a catch. That’s something experience will teach him.

    Davis will probably never have a lot of picks, but he is improving and can become a good shutdown corner. That should be his focus.

    Young players still need development. Arians is the right guy.

    Off topic: just as I predicted, not trades for the Bucs.

  21. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    The Turnover Face of the Franchise photo is appropriate for this article. Nice job Joe.

  22. down in the dirt doug Says:

    We need the money- so see yah Jameis.Reup our defensive line ,bring in a young quarterback and a vet to manage the team.JASON WILL PROBABLY NEVER BE FIRED SO HAVE A PRESIDENT WORK CLOSE WITH HIM ON FUTURE DRAFT PICKS.
    yes I am dreaming,but it possible beats insanity.

  23. Bird Says:

    But according to arians those turnovers weren’t his fault

    Of the 18 Jameis turnovers has so far , I think he has blamed him
    For one or two only.

    Got to love a coach who calls it like it is
    Lol 😂

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    JW beating bucs….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  25. BucsBandit Says:


    This is my hypothesis…

    I think after 4+ years of turnover problems, some accuracy issues, holding the ball too long, etc. I think many on the team have lost faith in Winston and just don’t expect much from him anymore…

    When that sort of thing happens, people stop playing as hard as they can.

    Football is a brutally violent and physical game. Imagine being on the offensive line, or in other skill positions, and you go out and sacrifice your body during games, only to know you don’t have much of a chance to win games because Winston is your QB, known for sloppy play and bad decisions.

    You can’t tell me that doesn’t affect the performance of players. It was obvious last year that many players balled out at times when Fitz was on the field. Yet another reason why QB is the most critical position on the team. Other players look to the QB for leadership and confidence.

  26. BucsBandit Says:


    You’re 100% right.

    Arians, like many others, is very POLITICAL when it comes to his criticism or lack thereof. He says the things he does about Winston so he doesn’t completely destroy what little confidence Winston has left.

    The Bucs have invested so much money into Winston, not just his salary but his development, team marketing, etc. that they’ve handled him with kid gloves during his 4+ years on the team.

    Those days are over. The only way the Bucs can get better and get back to making the playoffs is to be BRUTALLY HONEST about the weaknesses on the team, and Winston is a major weakness.

  27. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    Players lost faith last year in Winston. Fitzgerald might not have been the answer but anyone who didn’t see how happy the players were with him (or anyone) instead of Winston weren’t paying much attention. This lack of motivation effects the Defense as well. I’m going to tell you from experience that nothing brings down a D faster than getting a stop coming off the field and then having your QB give it back to the other team before you even get to the bench.

  28. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    The question is what will it take for Joe (the one who backs Winston) to admit we must move on. Or will it go right to the end like it did with Freeman and McCoy?

  29. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Since I don’t live within the market for this team, I only get to see maybe 2-5 games at most a year. I could go to sports bars to catch the games via Ticket but I’ve found in doing so, I’m the only customer there who wants the Buc’s on so if more people come along wanting a different game, my tv gets changed.

    Anyway when Jameis was drafted I was willing to give him a shot. I don’t care about college ball so I knew like nothing about him. It took only about 5 games (that I actually saw) before that all changed. Literally every time he drops back, my heart begins to beat faster and I get very tense. I have zero faith in him that he can ever complete a pass…..to our team.

    In the near 30 years of supporting this team, I’ve NEVER had that feeling with any other QB. The simple fact that nearly every week (win or loss), Jameis is up there at the stand saying “I gotta get better at protecting the football” is all I need to know. He will never get better at it. I’m done with this team until he’s gone. I can’t listen to/watch him anymore.

  30. FortMyersDave Says:

    “The nine teams with at least 15% of its offensive drives ending in turnovers are a who’s who of the NFL’s worst teams: the Giants, Browns, Dolphins, Bucs, Jets, Falcons, Redskins, Bengals, and Cardinals ”

    These are also 9 of the teams that will likely pick in the top 10 and a few of them have a head start in tanking for Tua so might as well see what pops up in the early mock drafts for Tampa Bay: the #4 QB, a top 1 or 2 OT or edge rusher or most likely: another ****ing CB/S who probably will not have a high first round grade or another idiotic trade down so Jason can waste more coin on additional day 2 picks that are worthless??? Its maddening that the Bucs have wasted so many elite picks on garbage but that is why they will be drafting in the top 8 for the 8th time in the past decade. Blow the team up and fire the whole front office!

  31. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Koetters offense was far superior to the BA version.

    Best thing BA does throw the BS. World class.

    Peace, out

  32. FortMyersDave Says:

    NPR: I agree that BA throws the BS but Koetter is not exactly knocking it out of the park in the ATL where he got Art Blank to sign off on drafting heavy on the OL early in the draft last April (something a lot of people here were begging the Bucs to do) yet they seem to have a big problem consistently running the ball and outscoring their opponent (sound familiar?). Yeah this Buc team is bad but Koetter would probably have the Bucs at 0-7 and in the running for Tua with Miami, the Skins and Cincy as he needed the Eagles to have a major choke to be 1-7 right now….

  33. Buc4evr Says:

    Please dump Perriman and go back to a two tight end set. Jameis’s playing days for the Bucs are over and this season is already in the tank. Bench Jameis and let’s see if Ryan has any juice.

  34. Kord Says:

    Turnovers, get 3 off this roster now, not sure anyone would give us a 5th or lower for him, just cut this clown already

  35. Pewter power Says:

    Where are all those Cleveland to the superbowl fans at now, dis you stop playing madden with that sad roster? Quarterback isn’t why this team is losing never mind BA saying as much a lot of guys just play timid on game day but having said that im tired of my own two faces arguments about winston. Even when the guy does have a good game the haters focus plays of the game even if it’s a dropped interception. He is inconsistent and I’d prefer to move on to a new quarterback just so the idiota would shut up about blaming the quarterback and I can laugh at the squirming at the sight of new rookie quaterback growing pains

  36. Buccfan37 Says:

    Trying to climb out of a 2-5 hole looks to be a daunting task at this point. Tanking without even trying. Seahawks are beatable but by this bunch of assorted misfits?

  37. Kord Says:

    We play Seattle tough in the Wilson era, has his worst games vs us. I really want us to stomp them out, me living in hawk country and all, got a lot of bets out on this game. Totally believe it could happen, but also believe Jameis gonna shoot that 18% turnover rate into the stratosphere and Bucs get massacred, if there is a football god, we need you

  38. Kord Says:

    Actually I just thought this will be Winston’s 1st game in Seattle, let’s all think about that for a second. Might as well just leave #3 at sea tac airport after the game cause this is gonna be a bloodbath

  39. Sharthappens Says:

    Recite for team captains today: it would result in a change with all captains with the exception of Mike Evans.

  40. Sharthappens Says:


  41. BucsFan727 Says:

    Try refs beating Bucs. And its league wide. NFL IS A JOKE. These are new refs too. Games are be controlled in this manner. They need to fine the refs. We should be 4-3 but the NFL has other plans. Im starting to see what the conspiracy theorist where talking about. Is it because they want to control games? A astound yes is my answer. Clearly a fumble. Clearly a flop. Not PI on Davis. Big calls. Just to get Jamies out of the league? What is it NFL? New York botched a call so its probably ordered agendas from the NFL. Glazers this is where you put your big girl panties on and do something. WTF do they care TV revenues is good win or lose.

  42. BucsFan727 Says:

    It dosent matter who you fire or hire the NFL has there darlings that they need to win. We will lose. The refs and NY have shown what there agendas are. Make shure Bucs lose. Its up to the fans to boycott. We have the power to change this. We are the cash flow.

  43. Pierce Says:

    So basically one out of every five drives we turn the ball over. That’s horrendous.

  44. Greg Says:

    Pete Mitchell Says:

    October 29th, 2019 at 8:13 am

    I almost wonder what the team would look like with Gabert and/or a rookie QB next year, instead of franchising Jameis
    Geez, if you think Winston is bad, you obviously haven’t seen Gabbert play enough to know that he is INFINITELY worse!!!

  45. tickrdr Says:


    Look at the difference coaching has made. It’s headed in the right direction.
    2019 turnover percentage = 18%
    2018 turnover percentage = 19%
    Only 8 more years of JW3 and company, and he’ll get it under 10%.