“We Can Do A Better Job Of Running Routes”

September 9th, 2019

Bucco Bruce Arians was spreading the blame for yesterday’s loss around the offense during his news conference today at One Buc Palace.

Yesterday, he said America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, made a rough decision throwing Peyton Barber’s way on a play that led to an early interception by Richard Sherman. Today he said Barber was three yards too deep in his route and that pick really wasn’t on the quarterback.

Arians said, “we can do a better job of running routes,” referring to all his pass catchers. “Guys have to play better around him.”

Ok. Joe will play along on this steamy Monday.

Arians is supposed to have an A-list coaching staff and Joe doesn’t recall widespread issues in route running under Todd Monken and the previous Bucs offense. The Bucs receivers and tight ends are all veteran players.

And if Barber screwed up that badly, well, we do keep hearing that running backs coach Todd McNair is a superstar coach.

So the Bucs offense needs better quarterback play, better route running and some better pass blocking, along with better coaching.

Next up, Carolina.

35 Responses to ““We Can Do A Better Job Of Running Routes””

  1. miken Says:

    Even though he only played 1 quarter, Kwon runs great routes… got wide open.

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    “JW don’t do this…… Don’t do that…… Needs to do this and that”

    Now JW looks like he don’t even know how to play Qb anymore.

  3. Pittsshore Says:

    Marching orders from the GM. 7.3 QBR. I was just listening to Adam Shine when a Staten t was made “it was the single worst game for a 5th year starting QB in league history”.

  4. The Graham Tram Says:

    I feel like if we’re going to have Peyton out wide catching passes, he needs to get coached up by Mike Evans on the art of breaking up the errant JW throw

  5. Cobraboy Says:

    Let’s not forget Kwon Alexander dropped a sure pick-six right in his hands.

    So the game could have been much worse.

  6. Tye Says:

    Gardner Minshew may be the greatest pro QB in the State of Florida now and Josh Dobbs the 2nd… Fitz in Miami in still more watchable than Winston… by the end of this season, Josh Rosen my even pass JW as to who is reliable.

  7. Beligerentbuc Says:

    This the exact start we actually needed…remember our first game last year?

    I see us going up from here…the offense needs to shake off whatever is hanging over them cause that was ridiculous.

    Is it just me or does ME seem to have an attitude problem? His body language has been a drag. Is he all right Joe?

  8. Jason S. Mclaurin Says:

    I agree with BA on that int to Sherman but it was still an immature throw but I can live with that. I can’t truly blame Jameis for the turnovers yesterday but I do feel they put so much in the off-season to the defense that the offense still has players that need to go like Dotson and Barber. I think we agree on RoJo he’s our #1 from here on out but Dotson ain’t being mentioned enough by this fanbase and the butter body of OJ Howard as well. I think OJ will rebound but Dotson and Barber are two more incapable of leading winning football.

  9. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Far cry from the Bucs vs 49ers, THE FLAG GAME, that sent the winning Bucs to Philadelphia! and then on the San Diego bringing back the Super Bowl trophy….. That was a euphoric game in the Ray Jay !… getting old living in the past

  10. RawDog Says:

    Cobra.. yes, it could have been worse, but if you’re gonna bring that up, you should also mention the two touchdown passes that Jameis threw that were called back from Dotson’s ghost holding penalties…

  11. RawDog Says:

    Beligerentbuc… Mike Evans was sick. Roy Cummings said on WDAE this afternoon that no way was he 100%, & was used more as a decoy than anything.

  12. knucknbuc Says:

    here it comes from the coaches. blame everyone else except for jameis. its everyone else fault except for him. all his throws are pinpoint accurate and the wideouts ran the wrong routes and should also break up jameis perfect passes to the other team. does jameis still have that squinting problem or did he get lasik yet? could explain his penchant for throwing to the other team so often. there we go its the eye doctors fault too.

  13. BucsBandit Says:

    BAHAHAHA. I love how now we’re “blaming routes.”

    You mean the SAME ROUTES this team ran last year that put up massive yardage under Koetter and Monken?

  14. RawDog Says:

    Jameis plain & simple had an awful day. I wish coach wasn’t trying to do damage control for him, after everyone bragged how honest BA & company would be

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    This is a HC trying to deflect blame in order to try and salvage SOME confidence for his starting QB.
    “We can do a better job of…(Insert verb here)”

  16. CanuckBuc Says:

    I have been a bucs fan since ’99. Bought Winston’s jersey when he was drafted. After the game, the same unreal stupid awful play from winston, I threw the jersey out. Its time to throw the baby out with the bath water and get what ever value you can for him which probably isnt much.
    Point to any positive record he set you want, the only stat the matters is Ws and Winton has cost us more of those than he has won. Period.
    Go bucs 2021!

  17. Matt Says:

    There’s always an excuse for Winston.

    If he was from Clemson or Alabama, this fanbase would’ve moved on already.

  18. LargoBuc Says:

    No excuse for our offense to be so stale. It should have been easy picking against that secondary. #Rebuild 2020

  19. DB55 Says:

    Better fans too. Better educated fans!!

  20. OklahomaBucFan Says:

    Look we can make all the excuses in the world for America’s TO Machine but nothing can change his in the moment decision making and nervous tendencies and reactions. The man has all the physical gifts but mentally he cracks under pressure 85% of the time in his career

  21. DBS Says:

    So no It’s BA with the BS to cover for him. What’s next. The grass was not cut properly?

  22. Hodad Says:

    More coaches then any other staff in the NFL, and players are running wrong routes? That’s still not an excuse for Jameis throwing uncatchable balls when guys were open, or just plain throwing it to the other team. Mike Evans sick, or not is still a hell of a receiver, Godwin is supposed to be a #2 who really should be a #1, Brate, O.J.? Doesn’t add up. Jameis just plain sucks.

  23. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Pretty simple, once BA got to review the tape.

    1st pick bounced right off OJ’s 2 hands. Perfectly thrown ball, on time, eye level and should have been caught. In the red zone!

    2nd pick was right on target and on time, if PB had executed the route, it would have been a routine completion. First down!

    3rd pick, Dare was going from right to left, JW saw him on the right, then his view was obstructed and he timed the pass to where Dare should have been. Dare cut the route short and never got to the ball. Pick 6!

    I think that those who are reporting Winston’s demise are a bit premature.

    Yes, two pick 6’s are devastating but a loss is a loss. Time to shake it off and on to Carolina.

    I’m excited about this new defense and running game.

  24. firethecannons Says:

    don’t even go there, dude started off his nfl journey with first pass a pick six, he threw multiple int in every game as a seminole, he is five years in now and throws 3 picks plus! I am a seminole alumni and thanks to Jameis I am a Buc fan, I hope we trade him before 10/30 trade date–enough already!

  25. widerightandleft Says:

    However,On the bright side Jameis is on track to throw 48 !!!!

  26. diggler Says:

    I would have played JW 4 more quarters in the preseason. I think most of this was rust and a new system. By week 8 well have a great idea of JW and where he’s at with this offense. All signs point up for the team. Fans just need some patience.

  27. Isaac haggins Says:

    There is t a time not a one where you put Peyton Barber out wide against Sherman and throw him the ball. That’s on the coaching , that’s a complete No No ,for a multitude of reasons !!! If you want Barber to occupy Sherman for a better match up elsewhere fine but you don’t under any and I mean ANY circumstance . Dumb Dumb Idea and that would be an expected outcome . That pass won’t be completed more than one in 20 tries and will be picked 5 of those . Dumb Dumb Dumb , I mean it doesn’t get any dumber !!!

  28. 123urout Says:

    The way this team started it’s going to be 1-15 season if we are lucky..

  29. orlbucfan Says:

    123urout Says:
    September 9th, 2019 at 3:04 pm
    The way this team started it’s going to be 1-15 season if we are lucky..
    You a Buc fan? Don’t recall seeing you lately. Get lost, troll.

  30. SchlomieBarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Who are the Bucs playing tonight on Monday night football?

  31. Yuc life Says:

    @orlbucfan do you actually go to the games or just watch them in tv ? Just asking because we drop a G a game for 4 stadium club seats and I say 3-13, so not far off. Before I go After the QB anyone see White aka horse lover during the gam or even in preseason ? We could of had Allen whos a beast and something we need ( a pass rusher because JPP and the offseason don’t go well, but once again they whiff !!! Yes game one, but he hasn’t shown anything prior to the 49ers game ? Until we get the coach killa out of Ray Jay it’s going to be another horrible year !! Year 5 and we lost to a team that won 2 games ? I’m so over losing and the only ones that stick up for JW3 are Noles fans. I’m so tired of this BS and paying money to watch a garbage QB lose another game. All the blaming is laughable because theirs only one to blame and that’s America’s Turnover machine !!! Easy game that should have been won and what’s going to be the excuse after we get whooped on Thursday ?? McCaffry is going to have a field day !!! Maybe I need to have my head checked Joe because basically paying for pregaming ?? Lol

  32. pelbuc Says:

    All these coaches and the best they can do is hand out excuses. It’s a Bucs Life. Thursday night is gonna get ugly real quick. Panthers 34-3 and JW throws 3 more picks and 1 fumble. Then BA will say its not his fault on Friday.

  33. Easy Says:

    Winston is missing Hump already for those underneath throws.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Hey yuk life, I see you didn’t bother to go thru the stats and learn that Allen had only 1 tackle in his game, White had 5 tackles. So from those pesky stats who had the better game?

  35. john bravo Says:

    ..its nauseating to watch that slop qb play..and then listen to the coach throw the recievers under the bus..Winston is a train wreck ..its painful to listen to the excuses..5yrs worth..so disappointed arians is coddling him..