Ozzie Dives Into All Things Bucs & More With Special Guest Scott Ferrall

September 5th, 2019

UPDATED EDITION: Give Ozzie five minutes and you’ll be a fan. This show is not for children, but it’s definitely for crazy Bucs fans who want all kinds of analysis and laughs. Radio icon Scott Ferrall joins Ozzie today for a look at the Bucs and more.

Yes, Ozzie is a dynamic radio pro, but much more important, Ozzie bleeds Bucs and has for decades.

Click above and dive in to Ozzie’s Podcast No.  6 Great fun. Stick it out til’ the end. Ozzie will be coming through 2019 in various forms. Enjoy! And yes, he’ll be coming to the national podcast platforms.

12 Responses to “Ozzie Dives Into All Things Bucs & More With Special Guest Scott Ferrall”

  1. Iron Wombat Says:

    I forgot how much i hated Jim Rome Clones.

  2. BucAllNight Says:

    Podcast GOLD!!!

  3. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    This is the best podcast on Joebucs no disrespect to Irv but this is AWESOME

  4. Steven007 Says:

    Not bad until he goes off on a tangent about his guests father…

  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    All things Bucs…

    Far from it. Entertaining but not much football discussed here

  6. B-Rad Says:

    This guy sucks. I see why joe Bucs likes him ., he’s so damn negative on the Bucs . I tried him twice and that’s it.. he’s damn annoying

  7. D Smythe Says:

    GOD DAM! Really? We are talking football?, not our faith right!!!
    Is that the extent of your vocabulary Ozzie and why would you use God in a statement about your thoughts on a football team?

    TO JOE
    NO CLASS AT ALL JOE!!! Check yourself Ozzie

  8. Buchead407 Says:

    This guy is pretty full of himself…. and sitting there bashing Winston for not winning the past 4 years, yea he can play better, but he’s no bum, he has had no running game, no defense, no kickers, and below average coaching

  9. Knoxville buc fan Says:

    Dare ya to run a 24 flash poll on this mother freaker! God he sucks!

  10. RiceCakes Says:

    Ozzie- love the show but this one went on a wild route. More Bucs. Also, jameis needs a run game. 4-2 when he has a 100 yard rusher. Less pressure on him and better results to follow.

  11. ChipBuc Says:

    Like I said before this guy gives me a headache!!!!!

  12. OZZIE Says:

    NOTE TO SELF : More zone blitz hot read talk ..attend local parrish and ask for forgiveness…..get Aspins for headache…and..KEEP BRINGING IT HARD ALL YEAR AND BRING BACK BUCS PRIDE IN TAMPA BAY…..winning cures everything ..SUNDAY 4PM ….LETS DANCE!!