Mike Alstott Joins The Ira Kaufman Podcast; The A-Train Talks Ronald Jones, Shaq Barrett, Fan Interest And A Lot More

September 26th, 2019

Presented by Bill Currie Ford, Sage of Tampa Bay Sports Ira Kaufman is treating fans to a change of pace after such a rough aftermath of the Bucs-Giants debacle. Bucs icon Mike Alstott sits down with Ira and Joe to hit on a variety of topics. NO offseason on The Ira Kaufman Podcast!

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4 Responses to “Mike Alstott Joins The Ira Kaufman Podcast; The A-Train Talks Ronald Jones, Shaq Barrett, Fan Interest And A Lot More”

  1. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I believe the 2nd greatest play in Buc history was in the playoffs against Detroit. 4th quarter, Bucs ahead, Alstott up the gut, runs over 3 or 4 defensive players, and goes about 35 yards to the TD.

    Everyone had a little red pirate flag waving like crazy.

    Still have the flag.

    Thanks, Mike!

  2. Chris l Says:

    Joe – good to hear your voice again Steve. Interesting to hear about the fans with Alstott. We all know if they win the fans will come. This fan base and message boards you see every day is evidence this fan base is waiting to explode. We are out there and not just in Tampa but worldwide.

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    Yeah Ghost I would put that play right behind the Barber pick in Philly. Nice way for the Bucs to close out the Sombrero though I went there one last time to see USF blast Butler the next September. That run though, man he was just a bulldozerand I can imagine Berman’s sound effect on BSPN that day. Man I do miss that old stadium actually went there with my dad and sis to see U Tampa when they had Freddie Solomons and John Mutuszak, what great memories. Great to hear A-Train again, used to listen to him with the Big Dog religiously…..

  4. Loyal Buc Says:

    Glad steve is back, better podcast with him.