Losing Culture Alive And Well

September 22nd, 2019

Perhaps the saddest aspect to today’s shocking crumble at the Den of Depression is how the Bucs didn’t play with the same intensity in the second half that they displayed in the first.

Instead of stepping on the proverbial throat of the Giants, they went soft.

That doesn’t jibe with the Bucs signing tough-minded players, or developing a winning culture. The coaches were outcoached today. The players were outplayed. And the front office’s notorious kicking-game incompetence was on full display. And poof, the Giants, a bad football team, cut a 28-10 halftime deficit to a three-point deficit very quickly.

Did the Bucs wake up after that? Absolutely. But it still wasn’t enough, even with Saquon Barkley out of the game and a rookie QB leading the Giants.

That’s the same ol’ Bucs, the team that’s given Bucs fans agita and heartache for years and years.

And that’s not why Bucco Bruce Arians was hired. Teams with real franchise quarterbacks and real leadership don’t lose like that.

Arians has a great teaching opportunity here, a chance to teach players how to bounce back from a horrendous loss at home and not let this groin-kick of a loss to effectively end the season with games next against the Rams and Saints on the road. And make no mistake, if the Bucs fall to 1-4 the season is over — in October. Again.

It may be wait-til-next-year for the Bucs and the playoffs. But there’s still loads of time to eradicate the team’s losing culture.

72 Responses to “Losing Culture Alive And Well”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    OH NO! WE SUCK AGAIN! [waterboy]

  2. DB55 Says:

    Cut Winston bc he didn’t go 8 for 8 with 8 TDs and 800 yards. You know we need at like 64 points to win. 不不不不不

  3. Pruritus Ani Says:

    When they gave up that TD at the start of the 2nd half, mentally, they never recovered.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Teams with real franchise quarterbacks
    Add the clueless Joe to the 8 for 8 with 800 TDs crowd.

  5. ApacheFootball Says:

    Foolishness at the end of the last two games. What about the DELAY OF GAME that pushed back our incompetent kicker??

  6. Rayjay1122 Says:

    This team isn’t even worth getting upset over. Just the Bucs being the Bucs. Time to see how interestingly they can lose to the Rams next.

  7. FR Says:

    Arians aint gonna last all season he looks like he is so stressed out after these games.

  8. Bucco Ben Says:


    1st play of the 2nd half was the catalyst, nut Jones had already found success on multiple 3rd downs in the opening half.

    This team really does continue to find absurd ways to lose. The fact is was the Giants and rookie QB means national media will lap this up.

    A laughing stock and rightfully so.

  9. Zzbuc Says:

    One more time!
    Today loss is in the coaching staff!!!
    Second half we werent soft, our play calling was bad was predictable and very conservatibe…… no risk it no buiscuit…… what a joke!!

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Total team lost today

  11. DB55 Says:

    Then get a “real franchise quarterback”. This team can’t even get a kicker that can make extra points. Gtfoh.
    You can’t even get a coach that last more than 2 years but but but quarterback.
    Child please the Bucs as an organization and a franchise not to mention fan base are complete garbage. But but but the quarterback smh

  12. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    This team in the 2nd half was softer than my Uncle walking out of a Kennedy Blvd spa at 2 in the morning.

  13. Wesley Says:

    Defense, Gay and Leftwich failed.

  14. NashvilleBuc Says:

    Not Winstons Fault.

  15. Rick Says:

    Try moving Winston. Just try it…

  16. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    So they ran the ball 44% on first down in the first half. It was 90% in the second half. No risk it my ass. They played not to lose. 6 minutes to go at the 12, you go for the TD. Nope just be ok with the FG. I figured this kind of crap was history when BA came in. Guess not.

  17. Pelbuc61 Says:

    JBF, make no mistake, the season is already over. Poor coaching, bad kicking and the same loser mentality were quite evident today. But Licht and BA are signed for 5 more agonizing years. We fans got played again.

  18. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    We can blame all the coaches and players we want, but ultimately, this one is on Matt Gay. It doesnt matter how we got there, he left 5 points on the board. If he makes those 3 short short kicks, we win the game. And that’s that. Even if he only makes 2 out of those 3, we still win! Good teams have good kickers. We still don’t have a kicker.

    The nightmare lives on.

  19. FR Says:

    Maybe its the hold and not the kicker hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  20. unbelievable Says:



  21. 401Buc Says:

    @TheBucsAnthem That made me laugh. Needed that after this game.

  22. NashvilleBuc Says:

    Only player to fail 70% of his time in the field should be cut. CUT GAY TOMORROW.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Pitch them all. Start with Winston. Use that $25-40M to to build the D instead of paying a QB who got outdone by a rookie anyway. Arians kneeling and clutching his chest? No surprise.

    Three reasons they lost: 1. The K has to make those kicks. 2. The D makes one stop like on 4th and 7 or first drive following the half. Different game. 3. While not the primary reason, Winton still trying to make a big play instead of using a checkdown or looking short. He continues to hold the ball too long.

    Clean house.

  24. WestChap Says:

    Got to give it to Jones; the young QB was calm and accurate with his throws… seems totally unflappable. Made a few bad throws and held the ball a bit long but had a great overall outing for a rook making his first start against steady blitzing.

    Jameis was fantastic in 1H and not so much in the 2H… not quite as great an outing for a Heisman winner in his 5th year but also not horrible. I wonder how this would have turned out if Leftwich and BA had just held the gas pedal down with the passing game that served us so well in the 1H. Im all for balanced attacks and running out the clock but…

  25. Figures Says:

    Is anyone really surprised?

    Im not surprised at all. Not even a little.

    This is the Bucs lmao.

    Hahahahaha always find ways to suck.

    Pathetic as s team. Pathetic as s coaches lol.

    lol every week I wait to see how they will blow it.
    And Im right way more often then Im not.

    Lol lmao always someone finding a way to suck.

  26. Matt B Says:

    We’re all F’ing losers for following this piece of crap organization. It’s a curse to be a Bucs fan. I would love to say I’m going to take my Sundays back and not watch next week but I know that not to be true. One thing I will not do is spend another penny on a ticket or merchandise. The Bucs will invent new ways to lose and break your heart on a regular basis. So so pissed right now.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Missing routine plays is not a option. Kicker lost us the game. End of story.

    Wasn’t always pretty but in this league you must be able to win on final drives and the team did just that only to have our weakest link miss a routine play. Three routine plays missed today all by the same guy and that will get you beat often.

    Blame anything else you want but keep failed at the easy stuff and you will lose more games from it.

  28. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ 401Buc

    All Bucs fans needed that and a few drinks

    ….been drinking for many years since Gruden left

    ……we are the Cleaveland Browns of the south now

  29. ptrain Says:

    My big complaint is kicking a FG inside the 5 yard leading by 3 with 6 minutes left. It was 4th and 2.

    You give yourself a way better chance trying to convert the 4th down, plus what is the point of being up 6 if we fail to convert and the giants go down the field they kick a FG to tie on 4th down.

    Terrible decision on the second to last FG Arians needs to be better he lost the game with that weak decision.

  30. FR Says:


    “Bucs coach Bruce Arians said after the game he took the foul on purpose to help out Gay. It didn’t work”.

    This coaching era reminds me of when the Washington Redskins brought back Joe Gibbs. That didn’t work either

  31. Bucamania Says:

    So many blitzes. How many got through?

  32. Jean Lafitte Says:

    All this losing is because Tampa Bay is cursed.

    The Curse of Doug Williams ..it has held up till this day and even the mighty Arians will succumb.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Wait til next year for Bucs and playoffs? No. Have to have a franchise QB and leader in a HC first. What we saw was one of the games from last year. Again. Kicking games sucks. Pass D sucks. Winston does brilliant stuff and boneheaded stuff. Same ole Bucs.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    I blame the Gay.

  35. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Team loss. We lost to an absolutely terrible team at home when they were without their best player for more than half the game. We had an 18 point, what seemed like insurmountable lead at halftime and then Byron went belly up and so did the entire offense, including that “franchise” QB, Jay Miss, who stunk it up in the 2nd half. However, he did get us one field goal and in position for another. Defense was abysmal in the 2nd half and it all started with the first play. G-men had a touchdown and 2 point conversion within the first 12 seconds. What a joke this Bucs franchise has been and continues to be. Time to start the draft talk because any playoff talk is now over.

  36. monk Says:

    Who is picking our kickers? Who is coaching them? I’ve lived in 6 cities and I never saw this situation! WOW

  37. MadMax Says:

    Well, we all knew Gay isnt good from short distances for whatever reason,,,,now its biting us…..cant someone else on the team kick the short ones and save Gay for the long ones? There has to be a fix to this perplexed situation.

    Blame can go to many, but ultimately the kicker…we lost by 1, he missed 1 extra point, granted the 2nd one was blocked, then missed a very capable fg at the end…..kicker kicker kicker, we have a kicker problem again!!!

  38. Tye Says:

    The Rams all the way over on the west cost are no Giants team.. They are built well..
    Did you see the Saints game… Teams don’t normally just just into Seattle and push the Seahawks around at home… it was 27-7 to start the 4th quarter with NO Drew Brees…
    So the Bucs 1-4 is a strong possibility unless the Bucs do something miraculous!

  39. Tom S. Says:

    If you believe that people who are incompetent at their jobs (Licht) need to be held responsible then the only way the idiotic owners are ever going to be confronted with their own abject stupidity is going to be through losing games like this. So take heed Bucs fans, maybe some more losses to remove all doubt on Licht and the Glazer Babies will have no choice but to write a check to make his fat a$$ go away.

    I’m so glad ownership values likeability over results in a GM. It warms the cocles of my heart. Really it does.

  40. Jeffbuc Says:

    F Matt gay

  41. Gettinthebucs Says:

    After 22 years of being a fan I’m done. Won’t watch another game again this season. Time

  42. Jeffbuc Says:

    Cut him he does t deserve a second chance he cost you a game already. He can not be trusted. He left 5 points out there of gimme shots. He lost the game cut him.

  43. Dewey Selmon Says:

    YOU PLAY TO LOSE THE GAME!!! herm edwards voice.

  44. Adrnagy Says:

    Alex cappa. Howard. Perriman played Better. DBs didnt. Its a ebb and flow

  45. Desanova Says:

    I can’t believe they stood around and encouraged that delay of game penalty – after rushing up to the line and being ready to go. I can only imagine at some point in season prep they discussed with Matt where he likes the ball and he said under 30 was too short. That’s where the coach needs to step in and say no, shorter is better. Always. We should have kept Santos but we overweighted Gay’s big leg and probably figured this season was a mulligan so let’s develop him. Well, so far, so bad.

  46. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yes we hired a coach of the year to delegate his supposed expertise to a second year offensive coordinator who was the coach of the worst offense last year. Ok got it makes sense. I am an excellent engineer if you hire me I will let a new hire out of college do my engineering for me. So do I get the job.

  47. Jean Lafitte Says:

    why do we continue to stall in the redzone. outside of it were ok inside not so much

  48. Grt1 Says:

    Im done being a Buc fan … Im fishing from heres on out

  49. Jeffbuc Says:

    Cant believe this we should be 2-1 big hopes and dreams. Now we are 1-2 and second guessing everything. If we cant beat the sorry giants at home with a rookie qb. Who can we really beat. Just please sell the team and move it. So I dont have to keep ruining my Sunday what last ten years 170 games we won 50. We just lost to an o-2 team with a rookie web in his first start and were uo 18 at halftime. This is the new all time low for this franchise.

  50. Jerry Says:

    I knew when I heard they benched Manning we were in trouble. The Bucs always make rookies look like a HOFer.

    Bucs record now 3-13 against rookie QBs.

  51. July Joe Says:

    JAMEIS WINSTON should DEMAND a TRADE like his former FSU teammate Jalen Ramsey. This team, city (was this a Giants home game ???) and fans (many of whom hate Jameis no matter what) do not deserve a QB as talented and who cares about winning as much as him.

    Go ahead and TANK the next 3 games and TRADE HIM during the bye week to an organization that actually knows what it’s doing!

    Trade him straight up for Ben Roethlisberger (the Steelers will do it in a heartbeat considering Ben may never play again and their backup is mediocre) and watch Winston out the WIN back in Winston.

  52. Fire Goodell Says:

    Just saw this from @ESPNStatsInfo:

    “Daniel Jones is 1-0 when trailing by 18+. Eli Manning is 0-44 in those games in his career.”

  53. Jeffbuc Says:

    It isnt that hard stay on the petal. Why go in to turtle mode second half because your up they could t guard mike Evans and you help them out and get all conservative. The patriots would
    Ha e scored 50 today because they dont let up. And thats why they win every year.
    Oh were up 18 lets run the ball instead of scoring more points clock is more important. Dumbest thing ever keep throwing it to mike. I hate the bucs I hate the bucs I hate the bucs. A bunch of disfunctional idiots with no goal for the future. F the bucs f the bucs f the bucs

  54. Losinghope Says:

    First we gotta GET a franchise qb. We don’t have one

  55. Dirty Bucs Says:

    This loss is pretty much inexcusable. So many things to point to, but there’s absolutely no excuse. The team simply doesn’t know how to close out a game.

    This is the kind of game that the fans have come to expect, and it’s the kind of game that simply makes much of the fan base apathetic towards the team. Tampa needs to figure something out…quick.

  56. TonyC Says:

    Jones played well but lets see what he does against above average NFL competition. Lets not anoint him the savior of the Giantiquas quite yet. Btw the Bucs play not to lose at home. Boy do I long for the good ol days of the late 90s early 2000s when we expected a win (even with Dilfer at the helm).

  57. TonyC Says:

    Boy wouldnt it be a gas if they beat the displaced Rams next week (a team without a city). Heard they might be moving to San Diego in 2025.

  58. Buccfan37 Says:

    This loss is mostly a speechless empty feeling that has become all too familiar.

  59. Old School Athlete Says:

    Is it true that BA said he took the penalty on purpose? If so, thats the most ridiculous thing Ive heard since Lumpy said he didnt want to put points on the board. Glad I didnt waste my money on a ticket today.
    Now 5 straight road games, two trips to the west coast and a trip to London? Good luck with that.

  60. 813bucboi Says:

    Kicker has to make his kicks


  61. July Joe Says:

    If only the Bucs franchise could trade their fanbase for the Steelers, Giants, Packers, Browns or Raiders fanbases.

  62. THETRUTH Says:

    How your as bad as fans , win and your saying how things changed and on the rise. Lose and back in that bandwagon

  63. Pewter power Says:

    Damn there some whiny arse b!0tches in this website my goodness so in their feelings from week to week lol what happens to all that this is our year talk from last week. Pathetic fanbase thinking we in the playoffs with every win and a loss and we have the first pick in the draft get a freaking grip.

    Since training camp saying our corners weren’t as good as everyone was trying to make them seem. A corner having 12 tackles is never a good thing. VH3 and davis cant cover and both are slower than Ali market so they got exposed for the third week in a row but hey at least they can tackle and we get ryan Smith back after the Rams lol

  64. Frank Pillow Says:

    There was nearly as much blue in the stands today as red…given that large swaths of red were actually empty seats. It was damn near like Jones was starting at home. Im not calling out Buc-fans, not at all…Im calling out this donkey show of an organization led by invisible goober-brothers, a doofus GM, and a brain-farted old coot HC. You embarrassed yourselves out there today. Embarrassed us as fans. Look around, where are your next generation of fans? They dont exist. My poor kids have known nothing but losing for their entire lives. Theyve endured a lot of lousy football. A lot. Dont be fooled by the score, this game was just as humiliating as Lovies opener and the requisite seasonal 40+ point shellackings wed endure with him + Dirk. This was a huge kick in the balls (that didnt go wide right). Its time to jump ship. We deserve better.

  65. Buddy Says:

    Remind me again what Grandpa Arians has ever won???? Im waiting….

  66. Silent_Partner Says:

    It’s not a switch that gets flipped. They’ve been in every game in the last two minutes, which isn’t something this franchise has been able to say for over 10 years. Even with his Arizona stint and his year subbing for Pagano, the core of those teams already had won regularly before in the recent past. But if they had a decent kicker, they’d be 2-1 now.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    “And thats not why Bucco Bruce Arians was hired. Teams with REAL FRANCHISE QUARTERBACKS and real leadership dont lose like that.”

  68. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Even if he makes the kick and we win we still let them back in it. We would still lose more than we win this season. You don’t do that. I remember John Lynch in the Super Bowl saying “Keep the peddle on them!”. They were champions. This team is irrelevant as we have been since firing Gruden.

  69. T REX Says:

    DB55 melting down…buwhahahaha. Defending Winston. Brah, find something else to do. LOL.

  70. Luke Says:

    Kickers come and go. One tune remains the same, competitive losers. Blame the Glazier.s, the coached, the Players maybe even Antonio Brown.s at fault. The underlying fact is talent wins games. The lack of talent on our team is once again showing up, Besides Evans, Winston and shaq. Where is it. Yes and that was only one game. It’s a garantee Evans can’t duplicate. Winston…we know the answer….Shaq so far I like the ride. So Blame the kicker..the coach makes no difference in the overall scheme of things. Bucs Loose. Yes another year of well we could of. The fact is sh&% roles downhill. WWelcome to Buc land,

  71. July Joe Says:


    The FRANCHISE QB was clutch as can be and gave his team a bunny FG to win that game … no QB other than Jameis Winston gets blamed for this loss … NONE.

    “Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome” is real.

  72. orlbucfan Says:

    Check in every season on here and there’s always a boatload of trolls, whatever I’ve never heard of. Man, I wish I could hit DELETE on them!