“It’s Going To Take A While”

September 3rd, 2019

Riffs on No. 1 pick.

Joe gets absolutely hammered sometimes for honest, reason-based, objective analysis.

So let’s get this straight right off the bat: Joe hopes to live long enough to see Devin White standing with his bust in Canton as he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Joe wants, craves, desires every snap White plays for the Bucs to ball out.

So pardon Joe for starting to scratch his head why he hasn’t yet seen that from Devin White, the talented No. 5 overall pick in this spring’s draft. Joe has seen Devin Bush ball out for the Steelers, a linebacker most commonly compared to White entering the draft.

Joe has also seen other rookie defensive players make plays, including Brian Burns and Josh Allen.

In one preseason game, Joe specifically had his binoculars trained on White. Joe saw one fantastic play White made against the Browns that didn’t show up on the stat sheet. But otherwise Joe has to strain to find White making a play. Is that such a sin to write about a No. 5 overall pick?

At least in preseason, Joe saw a guy with tremendous athletic ability who isn’t involved in plays enough. He hasn’t yet made much of an impact. Not for Joe’s liking.

An ex-Bucs player has the same read on White, and that is former Bucs guard and current popular local sports radio personality Ian Beckles. Speaking on his podcast “In the Trenches,” Beckles is waiting for the real White to show up.

“Devin White, I’ve been keeping my eye out for him in the preseason,” Beckles said. “He’s got a whole lot of athletic ability but right now he doesn’t have a whole lot of instincts. You are not born with NFL instincts, OK?

“It’s going to take a while. It’s going to take a lot of film-watching. It’s going to take a lot of making mistakes and we will go from there.”

Now why didn’t White making many splash plays? Joe cannot answer that. Could it be that Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is hiding him, waiting to unleash him upon the NFL in the regular season beginning Sunday? Joe sure hopes that is the case.

Remember, the Bucs, specifically Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and coach Bucco Bruce Arians, hyped this guy like he was Bruce Smith, Jack Lambert and Ronnie Lott rolled into one, as if White was going to single-handedly reverse the fortunes of the rotten Bucs defense. Thus far (yes, Joe knows it is only preseason and perhaps an unfair sample size), White hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Is that White’s fault? No.

Once again, Joe hopes White rips the head off of Jimmy GQ this weekend. Joe hopes White is a total one-man terror. So don’t come at Joe with the nonsense that Joe wants him to fail. That is 100 percent unadulterated bulls(p)it!

Is it really that much of a mortal sin to want to see more from a No. 5 overall pick?

As always, Beckles welcomes feedback and encourages listeners to submit Bucs questions by e-mailing him at IanBeckles@RadioInfluence.com.

35 Responses to ““It’s Going To Take A While””

  1. TDTB Says:

    Personally, I’m not concerned White hasn’t been splashy enough in the preseason. I’m more concerned that the second round pick, the two third round picks and the fourth round pick did not produce a starter. Now that is a story.

  2. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Why is anyone surprised…
    Other than Winston, Mike Evans and maybe Marpet…what first or second round draft choice that Jason Licht has made been a immediate contributor..

    That’s why we are basement dwellers…

  3. isrBuc Says:

    Maybe its finally the time to look at the big picture and forget about all this nonsense. So many bad drafts put us in the cap situation were in. That plus the inability to cut ties and trade players in time. We should have had Dotson’s and D Smith’s predecessors in house already. That’s how you build a team. That’s how you play the game within the game.
    Now you see what the Dolphins are doing. They are 8-8 9-7 team. not 5-11. They get it that your’e either a competitor or you need to start over. Why they get it and not us? Where is the local media? Everybody knows we are a 6 wins team at best. We can hope but reality suggests we are 6 wins team. We should have been cleaning house 1-2 years ago and aim for 2023 when Breese and Ryan are gone. Be dominant for years with a young QB and multiple first rounders. like the Browns. Like the Phins in a few years.
    Go give JW 30 mil and see what happens. let LVD retire a buc. This is so stupid but the joes rather have the offseason hope clicks than being real.

  4. D-Rome Says:

    Remember that video that came out a few weeks ago of Noah Spence blowing up Caleb Benonoch in training camp? Spence looked like he was flashing all over with his speed. Well, looks like all that flashing didn’t matter at all in the same way that perceived lack of flashing doesn’t matter with Devin White.

  5. dmatt Says:

    No worries, the best in “White” is yet to come. Being that BA is quick to call out any player who’s not playing to his potential, not once has he called out DW during the four preseason games. However, he will be unleashed against the 49ers n JimmyG. Sideline to sideline, Devin White is a playmaker. So what the Steelers DBush had a monster “preseason”. Come Sunday, about 50 miles southwest of the Daytona 500, listen up for…”Devin,start your engine”.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    So far, no he hasn’t really flashed. It doesn’t mean he isn’t playing well though. I didn’t see anyone run on us in limited action, so…I suspect he’ll emerge at some point and show us why we picked him.

  7. Buccaroo Says:

    I think Devin will be just fine, especially when LD gets back.

  8. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Expecting one player to be the savior ,hasn’t worked out so far.. As good as JPP played last year it was not enough to carry the whole team. The limited time
    White has been on the field isn’t enough of a sample size to evaluate a player.
    Adjusting to the NFL and Todd Bowles defense should require a modicum of patience.

  9. isrBuc Says:

    @dmatt “no worries” your’e right, everything turns out great for the bucs. History tells us we shouldn’t be worried about anything as bucs fans
    Where do you guys come from? Something must be legal in florida that i don’t have an access to.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    I don’t understand stories like this at all Joe. You seem to spend far too much time looking for splash plays from individual players than you do looking for TEAM and position group results. The bigger questions to me are “How did our Bucs do as a TEAM?” plus “How did our defense do as a unit?” and “How did our LBs do as a unit?”

    If a player DOES HIS JOB consistently he may not have a bunch of splash plays, BUT … the team may do well, his unit may do well and his position group may do well. Besides, Devin White is a rookie, and I don’t know of a rookie who’s in the HOF. Most seem to judge their performance over a career. Just a thought.

  11. Buccaroo Says:

    ^^^rah rah ..go back to bed Smeagol

  12. #1bucsfan Says:

    It’s not at all a sin joe. I want the same thing an honestly wen your that high of a pick that is the expectation. I understand tho it’s a big jump from college to the pros an I’m ok if it takes him a little bit of time to become the next Superman for our defense but D. white is going to need some help just like Sapp didn’t do it by himself as some people like M A X I P A D an a lot of others think it’s a one player sport. It takes a team to win championships

  13. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    If Joe didn’t have a pre conceived bias against White the post would be more believable

    Some writers and fans are rooting for other picks so it proves them right

    Remember this is the same Joe who threatened to turn in his media credentials if White was the pick. But sadly he’s still here

  14. RustyRhinos Says:

    As much as the “joes” want Mr. White to be good enough for their eye test during preseason games. He has not. He is not Allen or “any DE” that you guys coveted. You did not get listened to by those who told you who was the pick I get it. But the draft was in April this is September, it is time to move forward, without looking back.Take the players we drafted and support them unbiased by your own personal perceived needs and selections. The guys in that Buccaneers front office have a job to do. That is to evaluate the team speak with the Head Coach and position coaches and ask them what they feel they need and what “X Y Z” player at #5 do you think will help our team the most. If those choices were not the players “joes” had as their top selections the player is not bad because we are told they are not “X Y Z” player. Funny how your attempts at drafting players you coveted have not been as promising as your slathered on opinions of them. Anyone still begging for Johnny Football? Yes I get it we are all enamoured over the players we think will improve our team. But we all do not get to make those selections.
    SHOW ME!! Event happens soon!! No more talk about it no more, what about it! DO IT! SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME!!
    GO BUCS!

  15. BucdInTheHead Says:

    Hasn’t white been the mike while he’s out there though? Those short fields that Cleveland couldn’t capitalize on make me feel pretty good about him running the defense. In addition we’ve yet to see him with Lavonte out there. I think he’ll be fine .

    “2019 will reveal the answers that all the ‘Devin White Fans’ already know””

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I don’t care if White makes a single tackle on Sunday…..if he inspires and directs our Defense to be dominant, that’s good enough for me.
    One of the reason he hasn’t made as many plays is that our Dline has done a great job stopping the run.

    And, Joe….don’t think your constant disclaimers claiming you hope White blows up can make up for your skeptical, cynical “savior” cry over spilled milk Devin White “pickitus”!!!

  17. Snook Says:

    Still waiting for this to happen from our #1 pick in 2015…

  18. firethecannons Says:

    I want to see some blitzes, I actually want to see him swing cam newton around like a rag doll and shoulder dive him into the turf. Perhaps I am mentally ill but I really get off on that.

  19. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    It’s only been 5 months since the draft and already everyone can see what a horrific disaster it is. The only draft pick that earned a spot on this roster is the 5th rounder that didn’t even need to be drafted.

    BA said it best, some players that show up big in underwear football (Spence) will crap their diapers when the pads come on (White).

    Usually it takes 3 years to grade a draft, Gump has made it easy this year.


  20. Bob in Valrico Says:

    This is just silly, Don’t first round picks get a regime change and a a fifth year option to be fully evaluated.

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    You also have to remember that White was brought to LSU as a RB and didnt start playing LB until I believe his Sophomore year. He’s still learning the position.

  22. Billy_45 Says:

    If I had to guess, looking at either hiding him for the regular season, or White being the WRONG pick, I would definitely side with it has only been preseason.

    Bowles wants people concerned with Suh, Vea and Gholston.
    If the NFL truly knew his blitzing potential, the RB would be prepared.

    I think he has 2 sacks 1st game.
    White out of nowhere will be the commentation.

  23. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…You seem to spend far too much time looking for splash plays from individual players…”

    I usually agree with things you write, but its what we do with #5 overall pics, we want to SEE THEM excel. That is why they are drafted so high. SEE Devin White and Josh Allen.

    “…I don’t care if White makes a single tackle on Sunday…..if he inspires and directs our Defense…”

    Same with you. I like 99% of what you say, but if you want to someone to inspire, lets hire a chaplain or Tony Robbins. White was drafted to make plays, period. Like Josh Allen and Devin White are doing. Why do you and Defense cut White so much slack?

  24. Pittsshore Says:

    It’s the system Joe. Bowles D has his LBs all over the place and often rushing the QB while lineman drop back in coverage. White was drafted due to this versatility and ability to rush the QB. This will often have him tied up with the expectation that his teammates make the play/tackle. He will be fine.

  25. SenileSenior Says:

    Read and react is the ability that Devin Bush came into the league showing ahead of Devin White. Ian Beckles is right on this one. It was known by the scouts that White’s instincts were strong but his would have to learn much more about reading offenses.

    Suppose White works as hard as Ronde Barber did for his first two years. (I see no reason to think he won’t with the character he already demonstrates.) Watch how White outpaces Bush in overall performance in years three, four and five.

    I realize most of you won’t remember this five years from now. Part of the fun of being old is you finally develop enough patience to watch potential and effort pay off over several years. You enjoy watching the growth of players as well as cheering on the current team.
    Go Bucs!!!

  26. JGhoti86 Says:

    Devin will take longer than Bush or Burns to develop as neither Burns nor Bush have been tasked w/ getting the defense aligned every play and calling plays (and communicating that to all the players). Having the green dot is a big responsibility and added pressure and responsibility, that takes you away from just being free and playing. It’s gonna take a little while for White to reach the same level of comfort ability and be able to play free and think less. Comparing these 3 situations is not a good comparison at this point. White will be a good player in the middle of this defense, but it’s gonna take a minute. I’m sure his head is still swimming too. Not worried about White at all.

  27. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    I know Joe doesn’t understand the 3-4 scheme and still thinks Manziel should’ve been drafted here and that Dominik was a good GM but he realizes Josh Allen is on a stacked d and has the benefit of not being counted on to produce like White who is coming to an awful d

  28. Joe Says:

    And, Joe….don’t think your constant disclaimers claiming you hope White blows up can make up for your skeptical, cynical “savior” cry over spilled milk Devin White “pickitus”!!!

    Bull! Joe didn’t want the Bucs to draft O.J. Howard either. How many articles have you seen Joe defend Howard? If you are a regular reader, plenty!

    Once a guy is on the roster, Joe wants him to excel. You actually think Joe enjoys covering a losing team year after year???

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    I am convinced the Joes don’t know squat about football.

    This negativity is getting old.

    You guys expect players to ball out in the preseason, and if they don’t it means something seriously negative?

    I don’t know which Bucs-Steelers PS game you guys saw, but the one I saw showed the other Devin making “splash plays” downfield.

    You guys seem to forget the NFL is a TEAM sport and not some dial-in-the-numbers video game, or fantasy football.

    Back in the glory days, I don’t recall Shelton Quarles making “splash plays” his first season at MLB.

    The pre-season continues to become even less relevant in predicting a team’s success.

    You guys must be a real blast to hang around watching a game. Bitch, bitch, bitch.


  30. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    When Josh Allen falls in your lap yet you’ve already insisted on Devin White…

  31. Rob Tanner Says:

    Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:
    September 3rd, 2019 at 6:55 am
    If Joe didn’t have a pre conceived bias against White the post would be more believable

    Some writers and fans are rooting for other picks so it proves them right

    Remember this is the same Joe who threatened to turn in his media credentials if White was the pick. But sadly he’s still here

    1st. lol 🤣
    2nd. You got a link of one of the joes saying that?

  32. tnew Says:

    I am good with the Devin White pick. There are some questions that I have and would like him to play more instinctive, but that should come. He hasn’t played more than 3 series in a game by my recollection.. No matter, I had much bigger issues with the second round pick. I really, really wanted the Bucs to package that pick, jump back into the late first and pick up a tackle or end (Montez Sweat). Even with that second round pick there seemed to be much, much more value than the player they selected. The jury is out but SMB looks to be the 4th best outside corner and maybe the 6th or 7th best DB on the roster.

    Also, if you want to really see a player, put down the binoculars and get the game package. $100 and you get the All-22.. Then you can iso on a player.

  33. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Listen to the pre draft Ira Kaufman Podcast the Joe who mis pronounces Carl Nassib’s name and drools over cheerleaders and doesn’t understand the 3-4 scheme said he’d turn in his press credentials if this team passes on another pass rusher.

    Yet he’s still abusing readers with his lack of knowledge and understanding of the game on this site

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    First off Devin Bush not Josh Allen have “balled out”(hate that description) because they haven’t ayed in a real game yet.

    Making plays in practice football means next to nothing.

    A level of concern is valid and of course we all wanted to see some spash plays. But even if they did happen they meant nothing. All’s that matters is what happens on Sunday.

    It’ll go one way or the other and if it don’t go the way we all want then we’ll have to excersice patience………of course that does not happen. Kneejerk reactions rule around here

  35. JGhoti86 Says:


    It was on the Ira Kaufman podcast. It was one of the episodes prior to the draft (it was on a 2-part episode that had John Lynch in the title I think). He’s said it multiple times, but just find that 2-part episode prior to the draft on the Ira Kaufman podcast. Not only did he (Lee) say he’d turn in his media credentials if the Bucs picked White, but he also said he’d “give up on this team if the Bucs draft White”. But it is true and he did indeed say it.