Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-49ers

September 8th, 2019

BY IRA KAUFMAN columnist

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Tim McGraw sang a few songs about heartache and regret before the home team supplied the chorus.

The Bucs were in a giving mood Sunday against a franchise that went 0-8 on the road last season, a 49ers team that traveled cross-country before facing 93-degree heat.

The worst part of all is that San Francisco didn’t play particularly well. The 49ers played hard — and they needed all that resolve to overcome two giveaways and 11 penalties, including three that nullified apparent touchdowns.

Here’s how the Bruce Arians era in Tampa began:

*You’ve got to start with Jameis Winston, whose 45.4 passer rating looks more like a January thermometer in Brooksville. Winston threw a pair of pick-6s and another interception. Yes, he faced some heat against a strong pass rush, but Winston made too many poor decisions.

*That’s not supposed to happen under Arians, who was asked in January if he can live with interceptions. “Yes,” he said. “One.”

*If you’re looking for bright spots in Tampa Bay’s offense, look no further than second-year back Ronald Jones. He lived up to the training camp hype with 75 yards in 13 carries. He ran hard and he ran decisively. The run-blocking up front was solid and Jones proved he can be effective between the tackles.

*I talked to Kwon Alexander after the game and he insisted the helmet-to-helmet hit against Winston that led to his ejection was a complete accident. He said he spoke to Lavonte David before the game and Alexander said he was proud that his new teammates had his back. “It wasn’t intentional,” he said of the collision. “I was just playing hard.”

*In case you’re wondering, Gerald McCoy was credited with one tackle in his Carolina debut. Nick Bosa, who had 3 stops, a sack and 3 QB hits in his first NFL game, is the real deal.

*Bucs rookie safety Mike Edwards, hampered for the last month by a hamstring injury, played very little. Still, Edwards turned in what looked like a key defensive play when he smothered a third-down pass and forced the 49ers to settle for a FG and a 23-17 lead with 2:17 remaining. Buc fans need to see a lot more of Edwards.

*Ndamukong Suh gave the Bucs a physical presence inside. He announced his arrival 10 minutes into the game when he dropped Tevin Coleman for a 1-yard loss on third-and-1.

*O.J. Howard had a day to forget. The 49ers limited him to 4 catches for 32 yards and Howard’s hands led directly to two turnovers. His early second-quarter fumble stopped a drive at the 49ers 9-yard line. Nine minutes later, Winston’s pass skipped off Howard’s hands for an interception.

*Cameron Brate was asked how he felt seeing two TD catches wiped out by penalties on the same second-quarter drive. “That was a bummer,” he said with a wry smile. Then Brate turned serious. “Coach has been harping that we’ve got to eliminate Bucs being Bucs,” he said. “That’s kind of his go-to saying. Today, we just beat tourselves.”

*That may be true, but self-destructive tendencies don’t go over well with a fan base waiting 11 years for January football. A new coaching staff was supposed to usher in a more disciplined approach. Fewer turnovers. Fewer penalties. Fewer heartaches. “Bucs being Bucs.” We’ve seen this movie before. It’s rated PG.

Pretty gruesome.

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44 Responses to “Ira Kaufman’s 10 Takeaways From Bucs-49ers”

  1. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    For those who were also wondering, D-Jax looks like he has excellent Chemistry with young QB Carson Wentz.


  2. Buc4life24 Says:

    No Ira it’s rated “P” as in PATHETIC!

  3. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    So much for better coaching…

    Leftwich was a dud

    Arians leaving point on the field was a joke

    If it wasn’t for Bowles this would’ve been a blowout

  4. destinjohnny Says:

    devin white…..

  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Leftwich as coordinator in AZ averaged about 13 points a game in Tampa he’s continuing that with 10 points today

    Awful choice to have him call the plays

  6. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Djax has an accurate qb so he’s good

  7. Wesley Says:

    Can we forfeit the rest of our games please!

  8. Jeffbuc Says:

    I think every bucs fan can finally agree. It is time to move on from Winston. We have seen enough to know he is who he is and he will never change. He will be a career back up qb. Maybe we just sign him to a backup qb contract. And have him tutor the new draft pick on what not to do. The new guy can get first hand vision at practice watching Jameis and seeing exactly what not to do every play.

  9. JHoss Says:

    Love that “Bucs being Bucs” line. Very telling.

  10. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think we’d done better if Leftwich had played.

  11. TiredOfLosingGoBuc Says:

    When was the ladt tine a qb threw for only 166 on us…we have a lot to look foward too my friends we will be fine once we smash the stinking panthers

  12. TiredOfLosingGoBuc Says:

    ^^^last time^^^

  13. DB55 Says:

    Dalvin Cook > OJ Howard but wtfdik.

    Same ol Bucs I didn’t see anything new. Could have sworn Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter we’re calling the shots.

    Need an oline that can block and wtf is Dotson still on this team? Frfr

  14. Tye Says:

    3-13 if they do something about replacing Jameis… He plays for the opponent so he’s gotta go!

  15. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    At least we aren’t the worst team in Florida, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

  16. DB55 Says:

    Jeff buc

    Please stfu. Oj drops a pass, Barber breaks the wrong way and we can’t even execute a screen. Not to mention all the TDs called back by Dotson.

    I mean move on from Winston please. I’d like to see who is going to come in and win here. .233 lifetime winning percentage

  17. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Btw, JW sucked out loud case you missed it.

  18. Wesley Says:

    This team continues to be an embarrassment.But really i’m the fool for allowing them to waste another of my Sunday’s. Not again, not this year anyway, I’m already done.

  19. Coburn Says:

    Not sure if we should be crucify ing lefty. From the bit od the game I saw the play calling didn’t seem s bad. Jameis throwing picks and overthrowing guys isn’t letfys fault. Bad offensive play is always someone else’s fault but Jameis though I guess. .

  20. alaskabuc Says:

    The “Bucs being the Bucs” is just a product of Jameis being Jameis. #hirekap

  21. Ndog Says:

    I love it, we throw for 2 TDs that are called back by penalty and it’s ALL the QBs fault. The offense was terrible today, no body could get separation, the TEs couldn’t block for crap, Jameis made a few stupid choices that like usual blew up but he also made some terrific plays, like the TD to Brate that was called back or the play he faked out Boss who was unblocked to get a 20 yard pass to Evans. Barber, OJ, Evans, Dotson and Perriman were horrible and while I know everyone wants to blame the QB the rest of this offense just looked out of sync all game. So let’s start Griff next week and let’s see how he does with dropped passed, crappy routes, holding calls taking 14 points off the board and tipped paases from the TE causing a INT. Im sure it will be completely different cause it’s all the QBs doing.

  22. AMI_Chris Says:

    My 5-11 prediction included a win today. I was overly optimistic. Will the Rams part with Bortles for a 6th rounder? Is Josh Johnson still available?

  23. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Ira’s Chiefs looked outstanding…and yes…D-Jax looked good as well. If Ira was a full-fledged Bucs can he’d likely be depressed beyond belief. Instead…he puts a clothes pin on his beak and powers through the sewage.

  24. Snook Says:

    Ira 0 for 3 on his NFL bets. Give it up bro. You’re clueless about football.
    Actually, Ira covered with the Colts against the Chargers. AND he won with the Bills. So he was 2-1 against the spread. … So hateful you seem to be. –Joe

  25. firethecannons Says:

    agree completely, time to move on from Winston, honestly I would like to move on from Dotson also and perhaps trade D.Smith or put him at Right Tackle or even Right guard. Sell Mike Evans(cant get open) for draft picks also.This was a winnable game and damn Winston was awful, 0-16 on the year.

  26. Hodad Says:

    Bosa playing on a bad ankle is more of a pass rusher then a run stopper, yet we never pounded him. To many runs up the gut,, where the 9ers are stout. That’s not a good game plan, or good play calling. Who called an out route by Barber being covered by a pro bowl corner, and how can a Q.B. be stupid enough to throw the ball that way? The Bucs, being Bucs. Apparently the new O.C. is just as stupid. I remember Leftwich’s playing days in Tampa. He calls plays just like he used to run them, badly.

  27. Snook Says:

    OJ Howard is our new McCoy. Looks great in pads and uniform but in the end, he doesn’t change games.

  28. Jason S. Mclaurin Says:

    I found that tmaxcon knows it’s time to move on from Dotson and the the answers the BucsRealist already knew are more apparent in the team being a together unit up front. Ion think they were pleased with Dotson today. If you ask me ol biscuit should put his accountability to use and send Dotson to the house and get him out of here. It would send a deep message. I think we get this Carolina game unless we bring Dotson back out there to start. We just made a trade for a RT who can fill in until we become more stable but I also feel Cappa can play RT and should once Bailey is ready to enter the starting lineup. Let’s see what Jerel Hawkins can give us or let’s give Capps a shot at RT and see what Watford can do until Z. Bailey is ready which from what I seen in him in preseason he looks ready.

  29. DB55 Says:

    “Here we go from the 21 yard line, Winston in trouble and it’s picked off”

    Dotson holding Dee Ford bc he cant block, lets him loss creating pressure. Three defenders on Winston as he releases the pass.

    Winston sucks cut him today and give Dotson a raise.

  30. wantstastayabuc Says:


    Remember? You don’t know what you are talking about.

    Wait for your next moment when you have collected yourself enough to share a cogent thought to post again.


  31. Ndog Says:

    wantstastayabuc what points have you made? Oh that’s right none because all you do is talk trash. I guess that’s what happens when you have nothing intelligent to add. You fit right in with your boy BucsBandit, you two are the clueless twins.

  32. Mike Johnson Says:

    Come on Ira, What the hell did you expect? This team is going nowhere but..back to the cellar!! Sorry but I calls’em likes I see’s em. No pass rush and a QB who is destined to be a career backup.

  33. Tony LA Says:

    One game.
    It sucked.
    New regime.
    Bad start.
    Short week on the road right away.
    Not good.
    I’m gonna give these guys 3 games before I make any snap judgments.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Week 1.

    We’ll see.

  35. unbelievable Says:

    My god can’t any of you be honest ?

    Winston wasn’t the only problem today, but he was a huge part of it.

    And yes I hold him as the QB in his 5th year, to a higher standard than a 3rd year tight end who has had a whopping 1 single bad game during his career.

    Receivers were not getting great separation, but there was enough to make plays. Evans obviously was below 100% so maybe don’t keep trying to force the ball his way? Same with throwing to a short RB who isn’t an amazing pass catcher to begin with.

  36. Nate Says:

    Ryan Giffin please next man up.

  37. westernbuc Says:

    Some people owe Dirk Koetter an apology.

  38. Todd Says:

    You know?

    “BLAINE GABBERT!” kind of rhymes with “GOD DAMMMIT!” … I think BA might be forced to change his language soon.

  39. Ed Says:

    Winston was horrible, as usual he is the slowest of starters early in games and doesn’t make fast decisions that are the right ones. Ronde Barber said on the last pick 6 that “Jameis panicked”. I don’t want a starting quarterback that when plays break down, doesn’t know what to do. As unproven as Ryan Griffin is, Jameis is a proven below .500 quarterback that 5 years into his career hasn’t shown that he is a bona-fide starting professional quarterback. Mariotta has improved and so have 10 other young quarterbacks that were drafted between the time Winston was. Winston is another Ryan Tannehill, Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabbert journeyman quarterback. He is the kind of quarterback that when a starter is faultering, maybe he can come off the bench and spark but to watch him play a full 60 minute game against decent teams is painful. Theres enough film on him to know that he doesn’t strike fear in any defensive coordinators’ gameplan. Griffin is better suited to a short passing attack and gets rid of the ball faster than Winston. Winston, with his rifle arm, doesn’t throw the touch passes that allow receivers to run under the ball. He’s a career loser, time to change the face of the franchise.

  40. Locked In Says:

    I think the line was “bucs beating bucs”. Bucs being bucs is accurate though.

  41. bucsfan561 Says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought barber broke inside instead of outside.. Everybody is talking about jameis but the real question mark is Donavan smith! he is not a starter.. He hasn’t gotten any better as a player nor has he gotten in any better shape since being drafted

  42. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Ira, I think you misspelled a word in here. “Coach has been harping that we’ve got to eliminate Bucs being Bucs,” or is it just a good pun?

    GO BUCS!!

  43. orlbucfan Says:

    Until we get some serious stability with the head coaching merry-go-round, the nonsense will continue. That fall squarely on ownership!

  44. orlbucfan Says: