Break A Leg Tonight, Booger. Seriously, Break Both.

September 9th, 2019

In episode 48 of The Todd Wright TODDcast, Todd exposes the fraud that is Anthony “Booger” McFarland. The Todd Wright TODDcast is presented by Full Torque Fitness and Pin Chasers.

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8 Responses to “Break A Leg Tonight, Booger. Seriously, Break Both.”

  1. Nick Says:

    @T-Dub- you sound like a little girl. Your very weak. I don’t like Booger either, but he has obviously gotten into your head you need to get over it because right now he owns you !

    You sound classless.


  2. Tom Says:

    Todd Wright is to names, as Michael Clayton is to passes.

  3. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    Todd Wright is a pompous clown.

  4. Paul Says:

    I’m not a Booger fan, but after reading this, I’m not a Todd Wright fan either. You need to toughen up dude. The things that your’re complaining about are ridiculously petty.

  5. Proudbucfan Says:

    That was the biggest waste of 30+ min. I won’t be able to get that time back. Todd Wright should pay me for listening to that spuing crap. I can say it was a learning experience and never listen to another Todd Wright podcast.
    Complete garbage.

  6. Crazy Old Fan Says:

    I agree with Todd and have no idea why people responding on here are kissing Booger’s ass……

    I have never heard Todd dis anyone publicly like this before – – Booger deserved it or it would not have been done. Todd was respected and liked by Big Dog, and trust me, he did NOT like everyone on the WDAE building.

  7. TB22 Says:

    Listened to just 3 minutes and that was 3 minutes too much.

    Wright sounds like a little girl. How is this guy a broadcaster?

    Embarrassing display.

    Toughen up puzzy.

  8. Booger Says:

    Todd brother I love you and a lot of what you say is true but don’t let the anger over take you