Why The Nonsense, Byron?

August 21st, 2019

It’s borderline wacky how the new Bucs regime is talking about — and apparently handling — Jameis Winston.

Joe included the following quotes early this morning but it bears a quick deep dive.

Yahoo! Sports penned a feature on America’s Quarterback that contained comments by Byron Leftwich, the Bucs’ new playcaller and offensive coordinator.

“This is not a situation where we all have to put our heads together and fix Jameis. This kid don’t need fixing,” said Leftwich, who will call the offensive plays this season. “I think I can help him play better football. That’s all I’m trying to do. I don’t think he’s ever played bad football. That’s the misconception. …

“You look at what this kid did his first year in the league — it’s all-time great, right?” he said of Winston, who became the first NFL quarterback to eclipse 4,000 passing yards in each of his first two seasons. “Look what he did in the beginning. You didn’t get the win-loss record that you wanted, but being in that position, a lot goes into winning football games.”

First, if Jameis didn’t need fixing, there wouldn’t be four QB coaches in his ear. There is nothing wrong with needing coaching/fixing; Joe doesn’t get the regime’s need to spin Jameis as anything other than an inconsistent young player with a load of talent.

On that note, Leftwich said he doesn’t think Jameis has ever played bad football. Well, if that were the case, then Dirk Koetter would still be head coach and Jameis already would have a new contract. The reality is Jameis has had turnover issues since he entered the NFL. Every Bucs fan has seen him play bad football — except for Leftwich.

The levels to which the Bucs are working to reinvent Jameis are rather extreme — yet at the same time the Bucs apparently want everyone to believe Jameis is a stud who just needs a better team around him.

Consider what Jason Licht detailed two weeks ago about being pleased Jameis isn’t a rah-rah guy any longer and Licht prefers the new and different Jameis. Meanwhile, the rah-rah QB and the overall-team-leader type is the exact profile Licht drafted and then celebrated.

Arians told Yahoo! he wants Jameis to dial it all back, too.

But the coaching staff has cautioned Winston against focusing on the big picture instead of the task at hand.

“Just play quarterback,” Arians said. “He’s a natural-born, rah-rah leader. But just be the quarterback. You don’t have to be the face of the franchise. That’ll take care of itself.”

To that, Joe asks the following: If Jameis can’t freakin’ handle being a face of the franchise kind of quarterback now, then what the heck is going to happen if the Bucs are actually good and playing in the national spotlight? And Jameis needs to function on and off the field like The Franchise?

In contrast to what Leftwich said, Joe’s seeing an organization pushing hard to fix Jameis, changing his game as well as his personality and approach. That’s a fix in Joe’s book.

Hopefully, Arians knows what he’s doing. Joe will talk to the football gods yet again tonight.

84 Responses to “Why The Nonsense, Byron?”

  1. JOE Again Says:

    Same ole narrative push. Great Job Joe!!

  2. SB Says:

    Well today is my last day back in the Bay area. I must say that after living in Montana for the last decade I had Completely forgotten how bad the Heat and Humidity actually were here. No wonder the players have such a hard time at practice. Heck Busch Gardens was a chore for me. Especially since they did away with the free beer! 🙂
    Here is to hoping for a winning season!!!!
    GO BUCS!!!

  3. Dapostman Says:

    Since Leftwich is calling the plays maybe just maybe it’s going to be a different offense that we will see. More short and intermediate throws and less 4 verts and risk it biscuit stuff. They have to know this OL is below average and will get the QB killed if there are too many long developing plays. My guess is they will take some shots here and there but I see more of the 80’s 49’ers ball control through short passing game stuff. Lots of crossing stuff to shake guys free. We’ll see. Just my guess.

  4. D-Rome Says:

    So Joe, will you be creating JoeVipersFan.com?

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Frankly… I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. Did you want a laundry list of Jameis problems along the way? It would accomplish nothing. He is being positive, and the constructive criticism is given behind the scenes. Byron is calling plays to emphasize Jameis strength. I think that is the way to do it. Of course, Byron could have said “no comment”.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    I’m totally bewildered now Joe(s). I’m starting to think that you two play Good Joe – Bad Joe just to play with fans’ minds. Much like the Good Jameis – Bad Jameis persona that America’s QB has established here over 4 years.

    So what is it then? Does Jameis need FIXING or not? Is Jameis OK and it’s the fans who are ‘Throwing Gas on the Fire?’ as one of you just wrote? Or is Jameis not OK and thus the need for 4 QB coaches on the staff to ‘fix him’ so that he can make $30-$35 mil next year … someplace? So many questions; so many VERY confusing answers.

    As an aside, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Jameis played lights-out this year, his agent demanded $40 mil for his services … and then he signed with a team that can actually afford to pay him a ridiculous salary like that. Aah yes, then BA, Byron, Clyde & Tom could take a bow for ‘fixing Jameis’ … as we draft our next 4-year project.

  7. Destinjohnny Says:

    Agree with lefty
    He ain’t a bust just not top 20

  8. donuts Says:

    Arians did win NFL coach of the year twice with 2 different teams. Yes that is big.
    I believe its the main reason why Glazers went all-in. I think that says alot on his ability to “know what he is doing”. We have not had this kind of mentor/leadership at HC for too long in Tampa. I would say Dungy was the last great HC/leader of men. Gruden does not make the cut in this area of HC of year due to his inability to manage rookies/QB. Sorry, Jon.

  9. Lamarcus Says:

    Agree with the coaching staff. You can’t tell me with JW has done so far we can’t win? Get a competent team around him which is in the making and give me his same production and we will be winners

  10. pick6 Says:

    nobody splits hairs more finely than joe. this coaching staff has more eyes and brains on every single player than any staff in history. they are maniacally focused on teaching with every snap. when you ask them what they are doing, they will describe various ways they hope to improve every guy on the roster. does that mean every player for whom a coach can articulate a path to getting better is broken and in need of fixing?

    if highly qualified and experienced observers came up with a list of possible ways in which the Joes could improve writing quality or revenue, does that mean JBF.com “needed fixing”? does seeking out improvement imply that JBF is a “broken” website? or are you just doing what people who care about their craft always do?

  11. gilhealy Says:

    What’s the point of this article? The point is what it always is. Joe shares an opinion and/or news or chatter on or about the Bucs. Been doing the same thing since 2009.–Joe Do you not get enough Maga, Loyal, Morgus, Ben, Bandit and the other clowns on this site? I guess since you guys are not real journalists — This would be incorrect.–Joe — this is the crap served up. Huff Post, NY Times garbage. Keep the hate flowing, Joe’s. Joe is not hating anyone here. You might want to re-read. –Joe Terrible fan site. Just horrible. I read it often, and comment less and less. No sense in it. You got the same 10 or so dimwits, and a few actual football fans that do. Actually, there are far more commenters than that. Regardless, Joe doesn’t write for comments or care if there are 10 or 100 or 200. Joe’s been doing things the exact same way for 12 seasons. –Joe Not much else to say. You boxed yourself in. Shameful.

  12. RustyRhinos Says:

    Is this the “Relatable” OC Jamise now has in his ear? We know we do not have anyone on the team who would be a distraction to Jamise as far as being “pushed” for his first string placement in the depth chart. Yet we keep hearing how mentally strong Jamise is. Then why no competition for the first string QB position? Smoke & Mirrors? I bet we find out after the first three games of the 2019 season.
    More yards more TD’s more INT’s dont mean crap. I want and I believe we all want MORE WINS!! “Still waiting for it”
    SHOW ME!! Don’t tell me, SHOW ME!!!
    GO BUCS!

  13. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Why is it that only this city, Tampa Bay believe that Jameis is the sole reason and blame why this team will succeed or fail

    31 other cities, team, fans believe it takes more than the QB and that it takes the whole team to win or fail but why only Tampa? Better established players like Rodgers dont get the blame nor ultimatum to suceed as JW3

    very strange. This team never recently won anything and the time it did win the superbowl it was the ultimate team win by all the Buc players

    JW3 and Tampa Bay was and is a bad match. It will never suceed. It is a toxic marriage that was never and should have been

    remember the last game of the year and we were up by 3 tds and we intentionally lost to get Jaboo in the draft. It should never have happened. We were playing with fate

    The Gods have spoken

    April 23, 2020 draft day, God might speak Samoan”

    Kobe Faker

  14. Lamarcus Says:

    Even Steve young look like trash playing for the Bucs

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I fully understand what Byron is saying.

    Jameis doesn’t need fixing, he needs fine-tuning.

    He needs a good kicker.

    He needs a good defense.

    He needs a reliable run game.

    With those, he won’t take unnecessary risks and his stats and team wins will increase dramatically. Consistently.

  16. Greg Says:

    Joe Loved the article but did you expect anything else? Its all politics. Light has Arians overselling Jameis for 2 reasons. One, Jameis cant emotionally handle competition which is why Fitz is gone. 2 and this is the big one… Light has made many horrible decisions both in the draft as well as free agency. Winston is his biggest acquisition and so far has failed in terms of off field issues, turn-overs, not being very marketable, and simply not winning. Last one not totally his fault. Bottom line is that this is the SAVE JASON LIGHTS JOB tour. Any slight indication of improvement from Jameis and Light will jump at the chance to sign him to a long term deal and say “See I know what Im doin.”

  17. Hodad Says:

    First off Joe Koetter would still be out of a job if Jameis played better, because he hired his friend as DC, who was total garbage. He compounded his own demise by keeping Smith employed even tho we had the worst defense in the league during his tenure. If QB play determined who wins SB’s, then GB should have more then one since Aaron is one of the best to play the game. I also think you’re reading to much into Lefty’s comments. Jameis plays damn good football outside of his turnovers. So what he is saying is we need to fix that, not a complete fix, or overhaul of the rest of his play.

  18. Pittsshore Says:

    Nice work Joe. I wonder if they will have the dame amount of QB coaches when we draft one in the first round next year.

  19. Pittsshore Says:

    Same amount. ^^^^^

  20. Lol Says:

    Jameis Winston’s stats speak for themselves. He is comparable to the best quarterbacks in the game through his 1st four seasons. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger all have very similar stats to Jameis. Uneducated fans want to get rid of this dude for idiodic reasons

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Drive safely back to Montana……your crew…..& the trout await……careful with that clog in Chattanooga!!!

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Bucs are “reloading” instead of “rebuilding”
    Jameis is being “fine tuned” instead of “fixing”

    Semantics for sure……but WGAS?

  23. Tye Says:

    Basically he is going to be someone who eventually will cost the Bucs a shot at a winner ‘Franchise QB’ because of the delusion of fearing some other team could possibly turn him into a winner… Loser-mindset cause losing teams!

  24. Gman Says:

    Defense Rules Says:
    August 21st, 2019 at 12:51 pm
    I’m totally bewildered now Joe(s). I’m starting to think that you two play Good Joe – Bad Joe just to play with fans’ minds. Much like the Good Jameis – Bad Jameis persona that America’s QB has established here over 4 years.

    You are just figuring this out?

  25. Phred Says:

    Byron’s comments were aimed at an audience of one: Jameis Winston.

    Viewed in that context they’re perfectly understandable.

  26. Shedrick Anthony Says:

    Yeah I can’t really agree with Joe on this one. The narrative of fix Jameis is so overblown now because we need football on Sunday. We had a defense where a punt was like a turnover. We couldnt win last year …..two games come to mind second Saints game and Atlanta game where Winston balled out and Matt Ryan turned the ball over in the second half. His assessment ad response doesnt seem like nonsesnse. You can disagree, but nonsense no.

  27. ancientasbuc Says:

    Or Byron meant what he said. There are no glaring big things to fix, he’s good enough and needs to play better like everyone else in the league. Won-Loss on one person is not football on any level. Easy to think it, but just not true. Koetter got expelled from class because he did not lead well when faced with big decisions. Quite frankly he split his own locker room over Jameis. The disconnect over talent appraisal from the GM and coaching (ie, defense players) contributed as much as anything.

  28. Magadude Says:

    Really what I’ve been saying–is what Arians alludes to. He needs to play lights out now. And that is urgent. Or the face of the franchise part won’t even matter. That can only happen if over the course of time…the full year AT LEAST…he keeps his nose clean off the field and stays out of the news for wrong reasons. That is the second key condition and it’s ALL up to him and ONLY him. But that may not be enough time for him to prove he is worthy (again) of being the face of the franchise. ONLY the Glazers can and will make that call. As I’ve said before and that Joe wrote about again this morning…he’s got to move the needle with fans…masses and masses of fans. NFL teams want a QB who is the face of the franchise but the Bucs did their SB without one and they are not going to drop $140M or so on a guy they can’t trust. So, a tall order, lots of pressure on Winston, a lot of which he brought on himself. And so…back to this morning, how he plays Friday night sets the tone for how the local area community and national media sees 8 Sep with SF coming in, and then we go from there.

  29. BucEmUp Says:

    I agree.its a misconception. Winston has had horrible coaching and historically bad defense behind him.

    I thought Dirk would be a good fit for Winston but I said the day Mike smith was hired that it would be the reason the team failed and the entire staff gets fired. It happened.

    I.REALLY WANTED Bruce Arians and was very surprised he came out of retirement. The ONE THING and ONLY THING I see that can screw this up is Leftwhich calling the plays..Jameis has.proven he can make.all the throws and is surprisingly elusive in the pocket. The offense is.fine and if.it regresses it because of.playcalling and playcalling only. ESPECIALLY with an improved defense if it regresses its ALL on the placalling.

    I hope to god that Arians doesnt screw this up the exact same way Koetter did by staying.too loyal. If Leftwhich suceeds then GREAT!!! However if this offense isnt humming.like.it has the last three seasons its pretty obvious where the blame.should go with basically the same offensive roster.


    ITS COACHING!!!!!!

  30. ocala Says:

    Lamarcus Says:
    August 21st, 2019 at 1:21 pm
    Even Steve young look like trash playing for the Bucs


    Well Said Lamarcus.

    Jamies has made his share of mistakes, but the hate from this site and from their brethren at the Tampa Bay Times is at a point that my advice to Jamies would be to get away from this city and organization after this year no matter what happens this season.

    The Bucs were the number 1 passing offense in the NFL last year and Jamies Winston was 8th in the NFL in total QBR last year ahead of Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan. Can Jamies reduce turnovers? Of course he can, but the Bucs have put him into an untenable situation of having the worst defense in NFL history over a two year period, to go along with the worst kicking game in the NFL and a below average running game.


  31. Magadude Says:

    @DefenseRules…your scenario is not unrealistic at all. The Bucs are prepared for either option. Some cannot get it through their skulls this team can win or lose without Jameis…we’ve BEEN doing that. He is not the essential piece going forward if he doesn’t demonstrate he’s worthy of it–not just play alone. His problem is he really blew last year and he’s out of time, out of Schlitz–still has to climb out of the hole. He’s reliant on the good graces of the Glazers.

  32. SchlomieBarmitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Leftfoot’s hyperbole soup is pretty entertaining. No substance to anything he said. When you get down to it, pro sports is comprised of hyperbole soup. I’ll throw in my cliche’: time will tell.

  33. ATLBucs Says:

    On that note, Leftwich said he doesn’t think Jameis has ever played bad football. Well, if that were the case, then Dirk Koetter would still be head coach and Jameis already would have a new contract. The reality is Jameis has had turnover issues since he entered the NFL. Every Bucs fan has seen him play bad football — except for Leftwich

    I disagree! Give Jameis a running game and a defense and if he has the same number of turnovers, I will agree with you. If a QB does not have a running game and is playing from behind and HAS to throw the ball to put points on the board he’s going to have to take chances. So, in the situation he’s been in, the turnovers are just a matter of him trying to do what he has to do. How would we feel about Jameis if we were down by 2 TD’s late in the fourth quarter and Jameis threw the ball away in an effort to keep his turnovers down? I would rather that he close his eyes and throw a 40-60 ball than do that.
    I think considering the defense, the lack of a running game and the lack of competent coaching Jameis has done a wonderful job. The only person in NFL history that I can think of who has thrived without a running game is Dan Marino.
    I challenge anyone to compare Jameis stats with that of any QB who has had a similar running game and defense. Nevertheless, Jameis continues to break records.

  34. Pittsshore Says:

    This just in. the Tampa Bay Vipers (XFL) are in talks with JWs agent. This is great news for all of you JW butt boys, as he may still remain in Tampa.

  35. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Even the coaches (past nor present) know what to do with this freaking guy. MOVE ON!!! dammit!!

  36. 813bucboi Says:


    you sound like you’re sour towards BL?…..for what reason, idk…..

    cant say Rosen because he cant even beat out fitz….

    stop the BS joe….BL will prove to you he know exactly what he’s doing…..

    GO BUCS!!!!

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    Magadude Says:
    August 21st, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    @DefenseRules…your scenario is not unrealistic at all. The Bucs are prepared for either option.

    The bucs have not been prepared for anything since sapp walked out the door!!!!

    Vipers instantly have more credibility than bucs. even without a roster they have a better secondary and offensive line… guaranteed…

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Jameis was 4th in QBr last year, he doesn’t need fixing – he needs a defense that isn’t put him in impossible situations.

    If you don’t know that, you’re fake news.

  39. donuts Says:

    I always find it hilarious when experts come on here and compare Winston’s early years to Brady and Brees, who did not play their first year in the NFL. Brees got on the field for one game because Doug Flutie got a concussion. Flutie came back the next game and Brees sat the rest of the year.

    Please stop comparing Winston to Brady or Brees (both HOF).

  40. SOEbuc Says:

    Some how the Jameis haters are the ones that say Bucs coaching is why we’ve suck so badly. That sh!tty Bucs coaching has been all that Jameis has had since he entered the NFL at a young age. People are idiots.

  41. July Joe Says:

    A 2x NFL C.O.Y came out of retirement just to coach Jameis … anyone who doesn’t believe in Jameis is simply an idiot who thinks they know more than a 2x NFL C.O.Y. … ignore them.

  42. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    July Joe, the dumbass Glazers opened their wallet (again) just because Winston is an enigma, a problem (both on and off the field, and they are scared as HELL to make him the face of the franchise….again. Arians said “hmmm, ok…yeah, I retired, but that’s just too much money”. This will not end well. Again.

  43. mark2001 Says:

    Haven’t many of you guys heard the old saying “praise in public, criticize in private”? It is one of the oldest truisms of good management. Of course, that is when it is directed towards an individual. You could say, “the offensive line is weak”… but when you say “player fill-in-the-blank is weak” it becomes as personal as it can get.

  44. Race to 10 Says:

    Man I swear this site lol you dudes are nuts because your a totally saying that if winston wasn’t playing bad football Dirk koetter would still be here. You are the only ones still trying to act as if koetter was a good coach. Who was the reason he went 9-7? When did the Joe’s turn into drama queens? Dude does not need fixing it is not a spin. Does his mechanics need fixing? Yes the one thing a coach should be trying to do but koetter never tried, could the offense been tailored for him yes that’s what good coaches do, drama queens like no other, I dont see Aaron Rodgers and Brady doing what drew brees does so most people agreed he should move away from that but doesn’t mean fixing him. It’s a sad angle but what ever gets you a high volume of articles right? Doesn’t matter if its accurate or even petty, it seems like your the one with the spin job. Why is anyone supposed to believe you know more about winston than the people coaching him. Your a spectator like everyone else you just have a public outlet for your OPINION.

  45. tmaxcon Says:

    July Joe

    2x coach of the year is beyond meaningless… the only Coach of the Year at the end of the season is the dude holding up the Lombardi… COY is just like every other personal award it’s meaningless, usually a year to late and based on a feel good story not actual accomplishments…. Airans has a crap post season record just like dungy the clown did… winning in the post season is all that matters the rest is garbage.. sure arians will help jameis but unfortunately no one can win in tampa it’s been proven every single year except for sapp and gurdens glory year… jameis was never the problem it’s this minor league franchise led by glazers that is the problem.

  46. DBS Says:

    gilhealy the only time you show up is to jump on or make fun of a poster. So jumping on joe like yo uare doing is nothing new. There are about 4 other posters just like you.

  47. GetOverIt Says:

    Much Ado about…

    Anywho, Jameis is about like most of the non-top-15 QBs… They’ve got flaws to work on, and coaches work to create more optimal conditions for them to thrive. Is it fixing? This is just semantics. Jameis needs to reduce turnovers. Period. And the rah-rah stuff is just about maturity.

    Expectations are high, and Jameis will continue to turn the ball over, most likely. He’s not a top 15 QB until he does.

  48. tmaxcon Says:

    i understand the bucs have never won or contended outside of sapp and gruden’s glory year but damn you people talk about every stat but wins… defensive rankings, offensive rankings, pro bowls, this of the year that of year blah blah blah are ALL MEANINGLESS IF YOU FINISH IN THE BASEMENT EVERY DAMN YEAR!!!!! Wins are all that matter. if jameis throws 10 picks a game and they win a playoff game that’s far more success than the scared conservative BS we had to put up under the failed dungy the clown era… hopefully arians won’t waste jameis the way dungy the clown wasted sapp for 6 years.

  49. DBS Says:

    We won a Super Bowl with a QB that did not need to be the face of the franchse. As long as he can play more Good Jameis than Bad and get points on the board.

  50. Magadude Says:

    Doesn’t look like the campaign and attack and shout down those who don’t think Winston has it going on yet is working. Here’s an updated list…
    Running tally of the Winston Apologists’ lame excuses for Winston’s performance…
    – Jameis doesn’t need fixing; pay no mind to those four $$$$ QB coaches.
    – Jameis is fine; he just needs to be re-educated/re-programmed.
    – Jameis is fine; people just need to stop trying to re-educate/re-program him.
    – It’s just one game.
    – It’s just one season.
    – It’s just one suspension.
    – It’s just practice! He is allowed to throw multiple INTs!
    – It’s the miscommunications and new plays.
    – It’s just what he does.
    – His footwork sucks; they can fix that.
    – His jump balls may be causing INTs; he can fix that.
    – C’mon, even Tom Brady wants to be like Winston. No issue!
    – Mike Evans is hurt (Oops! This is not good; it’s true right now).
    – We are challenging him so much that he fails (Leftwich Special)
    – Joe torpedoed Winston—and Twitter PROVES it.
    – It’s a new offense.
    – His arm is getting too much work (BA Special).
    – He tries too hard (every apologist and their mother).
    – He’s looking over his shoulder at Fitz.
    – There are too many voices in his head (Owweeee….make ’em stop!).
    – The D sucks.
    – The O Line sucks.
    – The run game sucks.
    – The coaching sucks.
    – He can’t identify with his coaches.
    – The software sucks.
    – The weather sucks.
    – The receivers can’t run their routes.
    – The receivers can’t catch.
    – False narrative! Media lies! You’re liar!! You’re an Idiot! He’s HoF! Irrefutable! WAH!

  51. BA FAN Says:

    Jameis wants a Super Bowl Ring and he would never get one in the XFL. His best chance is with BA. BA will up the wins in his first year like always and Jameis will stay a Buc! Trust BA to find a way!

  52. tmaxcon Says:

    DBS Says:
    August 21st, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    We won a Super Bowl with a QB that did not need to be the face of the franchse.

    bucs won a superbowl because gurden cleaned up dung the clowns mess and knew the raiders plays…. the bucs were post season failures outside of sapp and grudens glory year… being satisfied with 1 good year every half century is the definition of a glazers buccaneer man…

  53. Dapostman Says:

    Mr Bi-Polar Magadud is back. Keep a watch for him when Winston has started to keep pace with the other top QB’s. Magadud will then tell us all that he knew all along that Winston had it in him he just didn’t do it.

    Bank on it!

  54. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    “Joe is cynical by nature”

    The question/debate here among commenters and commentators seems to be who is really full of hot air? Among Bruce, Byron and the Joes who is blowing the smoke?

    Cynical: contemptuously distrustful of human nature
    Objective: dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings or interpretations
    Subjective: modified or affected by personal views , experience or background

    I am personally biased in favor of Jameis Winston based on how I’ve seen him perform in the past four years and the growth I’ve seen in him as an NFL calibre QB. I expect him to have his best year yet. I expect to see his TD/INT ratio move from 2 to 1 toward closer to 3 to 1 this year.

  55. Bucnjim Says:

    Mega dude,
    Wow that’s a pretty accurate list! I was way more critical of Winston before BA was hired. Now I’m just hoping things start clicking. After meeting him in person several times now I have a little more confidence then I did before. He’s a good dude that does want to win. Does not have that Millennial entitlement which I do like as well. I’m really looking for toughness on both sides of the ball this year and especially Winston. I’m looking for dirt and bloody uniforms. I’m looking for leaders who will never except losing. The dancing clown clean uniform players have been exposed and eliminated from the roster.

  56. J Says:

    Freaking R E L A X, JOE. Who cares, we all see it’s emotional talk just like your whiny ass assessment.

  57. Koryc Says:

    Weird how my comment still hasn’t posted. I lived in Tampa and still listen to every podcast from Idaho (guarantee I’m the only one, even though I tell all my Buc buddies to listen and check the site) where I live now. I guess if I don’t agree on a take I get blacked out. Good thing I flew in like a real fan for last week and this weeks game to be not be heard

  58. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Alternate definition –

    Cynical: Negative or pessimistic, as from world-weariness.

  59. 1sparkybuc Says:

    If Dungy had Jameis paired up with that Defense, he would have won several SBs in Tampa. Dungy had a decent kicker, great RBs, and a serviceable OL. The receivers were a mixed bag, but the one thing that got him fired was a QB that could make an impact. Brad Johnson might have been able to do it if the Bucs had him there a few years earlier. If Jameis had the 2002 team behind him, the Bucs would be a SB favorite. I’m hopeful Jameis and this team gain some respect this season.

  60. tmaxcon Says:


    dungy the clown and mckay could not build an offense if they had montana / rice in their prime…. Ravens won with Dilfer using the same exact formula that dungy the one dimensional clown failed with in Tampa… if dungy the clown was a well rounded coach he could have won with the dilfer. his coaching scared philosophy is why the bucs failed under dungy the clown. dungy the clown was a popular one dimensional failure nothing more. history can’t be rewritten because you have a man crush… dungy the clown coached a bad team with a highly ranked defense that choked in the post season. that is realty and the results prove it… raise your standards hanging onto one year wonders that have not done a damn thing that matters in nearly two decades is sad and pathetic.

  61. Magadude Says:

    Bucnjim…I have met him too, a few times. I have also contributed to his foundation. Yea, he needs to do more. I still think he’s a BS artist. Yes, I know he wants to win. But who wants to lose though? I know what you mean though. Yup, he’s got a lot of work to do. A lot. Can he do it? Doubt it. But we’ll see.

    Yes, sadly the list is accurate as you say. Compiled all on JBF! Almost 20 of them are just from this camp!

  62. Ptwalk Says:

    What’s gonna happen is when we start winning the Winston haters will say it’s because of the defense or the kicker or the running game. Lmao

  63. DBS Says:

    max your all mouth that can’t make up your mind about anything that has anything to do with this team. Everyday it’s someone different or something else different.

  64. Pittsshore Says:

    PTwalk. We won’t start winning until Apples McGoo is gone. What has he shown you the past four years that leads you to believe he will have a great year this year???? Must be no transgressions?

  65. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Does this site understand nuance, or must everything be a controversy? Who says it’s a controversy???–Joe (Well, welcome to the internet 2019). Bruce said being the face of the franchise will take care of itself, ie be more consistent and play a little better and you’re a good QB AND the face of the franchise. Jameis was trying to be The Guy before he was truly a good QB. In no way shape or form did Bruce say he COULDN’T be the face of the franchise.

    And this sorta talks to the first point, that a three year old MeToo charge basically sank last year for Jameis and frankly the team. On and off the field Jameis then tried to salvage his reputation (& Dirk was so desperate to win) it all went to hell. Byron’s saying let’s just build off the first three years, with a more mature leader. Zero controversy in these narratives but the flopsweat to drum up drama was almost embarrassing.

  66. Pittsshore Says:

    Magadude. Great post as usual.

  67. Magadude Says:

    @Pitt…thanks…but that is apparently NOT the universal view. But I don’t care…just the say it is.

  68. Buc1987 Says:

    Winston is going to have his best season yet.

  69. Ndog Says:

    I love the Jameis has got to make the fans happy narrative. That is probably the dumbest thing ever written on this site as it is crystal clear that making “the fans happy” is impossible because no matter what he does many are going to hate him. That has been proven time and time again. BTW I have been saying the, he is not broken line, on here for the last month. You guys have to get tired of these proven professional coaches parrot what I have been saying over and over.

  70. 1sparkybuc Says:

    @tmaxcon. My point was Dungy’s teams were strong where Koetter’s were average to pathetic. Dingy lacked a dynamic QB. Even with Winston’s turnovers, an elite Defense, decent OL, powerful ground attack, dependable kicker, and average receivers, would have won the vast majority of their games. Oh yeah…..Dungy was directly responsible for one of the best Defenses in the entire history of professional football. To call him a clown indicates to me you are extremely young and ignorant, lacking in manners, or possibly have a racist agenda, thus your attitude word Jameis. BTW, Jameis would not need an elite defense to win in this league, just something other than the league’s worst in it’s entire history. Average would enough to make the Bucs a contender. Usually when I see your name, I just move on to the next post. When you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. Nothing new. If I’ve misjudged you and you’re mentally handicapped or simply stupid, I apologize. I’m sorry for your condition. Please ignore this post. I really have no interest in developing a correspondence with you. GO Bucs

  71. donuts Says:

    I expect Winston to win enough games to get franchised next year. The TEAM still looks and plays like a 6-win team. It will be the Arians – Winston combo (whether its working or not) in combination with a DEF ranking in the middle of the NFL pack that will push the team wins to the 7-9 realm. Hence, the run game becomes so critical, which is dependent on the OL that is very thin from a depth standpoint. The other hurdle is the road schedule from hell. However, some teams play better than at home and the Bucs are one of those teams historically. Its not called the Den of Depression for nothing.

  72. D1 Says:


    Of course they will. Because there’s nothing wrong with Jameis and He is already playing great. He just needs all those other components to win.

    Sorry, but the problem with the supporters arguement is it leaves no credit on the table for Jameis when the team starts reeling off wins. Funny how no one really understands the flawed logic of that approach.

  73. Dapostman Says:

    All winning QB’s have good defenses, good running games and good kickers.

    Example: Aaron Rodgers in 2017 n 2018.

    Right now Jameis Winston is not the reason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are losers because if he was the reason they would have won under Ryan Fitzpatrick. They didn’t. 2-5 is not a winning record.

  74. Mike Says:

    @1sparkey… if Dungy had an average qb he wins 2 super bowls. He almost got to a SB with a guy he could barely make an nfl roster. One note… Dungy was adamant for the bucs to not draft jameis so he didn’t want him and would not put up w the turnovers / suspension. … but yes, Dungy wins big with a middle of the pack qb

  75. philips Says:

    i love Gil Healey/ lord corn post!!! I haven’t seen him this upset since people were pissed w the aguayo pick! So funny!!!!!!!!! The funny thing is Joe loves #3. Its best gil sicks to comic book movies and stops pretending hes media.

  76. tmaxcon Says:


    Why were the ravens able to win a super bowl with dilfer using the same formula dungy the clown failed at?????? Dilfers was good enough to hoist the Lombardi with ravens but the ignorant one dimensional dungy the clown couldn’t win…. totally discredits your previous post…. McKay and dungy set this franchise back…. both did far more harm than good by wasting 6 years of sapps prime


    I’m all facts not all mouth sir.

  77. tmaxcon Says:

    Dungy the clown had one of the greatest QBs of all time and a stacked offense and only managed 1 superbowl and that was against bad character lovie smith…. you people live in fantasy land…. colts overcame dungy the clown they did not win because of him and his coaching scared philosophy

    You people need to research actual on field results lol the legend of dungy far exceeds his actual accomplishments… you people act like that hypocrite bum was perfect. Nothing more than popular bum who over plays god card…who also lectured people on how to live yet could not keep his own house in order….total hypocrite

  78. Miken Says:

    @taxmon… if dilfer doesn’t get hurt in 99 , we win.

  79. Miken Says:

    @taxmon…. Dungy doesn’t lecture people. He only speaks truth… saying he doesn’t keep his house in order, just speaks to the type of person you are. I never thought dungy was an hof coach but saying he’s a bum is ridiculous. He had a system and got fired when it didn’t work… like Gruden , Landry, Walsh, Bowden,spurrier, o belichecj ect

  80. Magadude Says:

    NDog, do you vote in U.S. elections? Of course some will never support Winston for various reasons, no matter what. So will be all in on him no matter what. Then there are the unlimited variations in between. Look beyond the white lines of the field. To be the face of the franchise he must be great on the field and off. Yes, the vast majority of fans need to like him, and it needs to be for football or more. Owners call in the end.

  81. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man you guys will soon get what you want!!! When Jamies is gone since he is the only reason why we lose then the next quarterback should take us back to the super bowl his first year right????? Lol lol you guys are a joke!!!!

  82. tmaxcon Says:

    Miken Says:

    dungy does lecture people… he has made numerous public statements against gays and is down right an A-HOLE to anyone that does not over play the god card like he does. When you write books and lecture men about being a father first and do not (allegedly) support your gay son you are a hypocrite POS… calling him a bum is being nice…. don’t act holier than thou while judging others


  83. Koryc Says:

    Where is my first comment?

  84. NoJoe Says:

    Bad Joe, Koetter was fired because his good friend Mike Smith couldn’t spell defense and Koetter want looking for an RB1 to set up play action. Just let #3 throw….
    This is just sad that this is the narrative you promote about the QB of this team just for clicks. Well there I gave you your click.\
    Joe knows it’s hard to believe, but there is no narrative around here, and Joe absolutely doesn’t live worried about clicks. Joe shares Joe’s honest opinions. Period. That’s it. Read it. Don’t read it. Joe doesn’t care at this point. If nobody reads, then Joe will get a job — and still type away here. There is nothing written here that is anti-Jameis like you think it is. Farther down the page is a story about how Jameis is one of the very best in the game on third down. Somebody will scream “narrative” on that, too.–Joe