“Why Is He Still Here?”

August 17th, 2019

Team Glazer talks GM Jason Licht

Back in March, Joe asked Team Glazer the question many Bucs fans had about their general manager with a miserable won-loss record. Given today’s news of a new Jason Licht contract, Joe is bumping this up as an important re-read.

A popular question among Bucs fans since January surrounded the employment of GM Jason Licht.

Why is he still here?” many asked.

Well, Joe asked Team Glazer that exact question last week. After all, Team Glazer knows best.

JoeBucsFan.com: About Jason Licht, a lot of fans, they look at the record and they say, “Why is he still here?’ What’s the best answer there?

Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer: You gotta look at a lot of different aspects. One aspect is continuity. While the record hasn’t been what I think he would want it to be or what we would want it to be the last several years, when you look at the entire organization, part of problems can be constant turnover in all areas. So we felt it was important to keep continuity there. If you look at our drafts and some of the players we re-signed, that’s a result of good drafts. You’re never going to bat a thousand in the NFL Draft. But we do have some key players that have been drafted. We lost a couple of players in free agency this year that other teams coveted. Again, because of our cap situation, that was the situation we were in. You can look at some positives and you can look at some negatives. We felt at the end of the day, when you look at the entire picture, continuity was important and him bringing in Bruce [Arians] and their relationship we think will give us a big step forward, a big jump on this upcoming season.

Raw answer there by Glazer. Joe appreciated it.

It was interesting. What Glazer never actually said is something simple like, “Jason is a good general manager, among the best in the league. Or, “We like his body of work. He’s done a good job with personnel.”

Joe thinks what wasn’t said is telling. But ultimately it is all moot. Licht is here and his job is to work with a powerful head coach and raise the game of his personnel department and mesh it with Arians’ plan. Like Team Glazer, Joe believes Licht can get the job done.

In many ways, Licht is operating with a clean slate — and yeah, it needed a good scrubbing.

100 Responses to ““Why Is He Still Here?””

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    same reason as Jameis….just to make sure before the final answer

  2. Frank Pillow Says:

    In reading btwn the lines, it seems like what JG is actually saying here is that Licht’s tenure/contract was extended as part of the Arians hiring…especially giving his view on continuity (mentioned it twice) and Licht’s relationship to BA (and the role he played in helping bring him here).

  3. Iron Wombat Says:

    Well Dirk and Lovie’s left overs hadn’t managed to develop anyone so can we even judge most of Licht’s draft picks?

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    It’s because he brought in Bruce Arians IMO. Otherwise he probably would have or should have been let go.

    Glazers also got burned so hard by Mark Dominik that Licht looks like a drafting savant by comparison when he’s below average to average at best right now.

    Dominik drafted 2 decent players in 5 years basically. One was a top 3 pick in McCoy (a guy tons of fans hate) and then you have Lavonte David. Drug Martin was a bust for a 1st round investment and never deserved another pay day. Pathetic. He left the cupboard completely bare when Licht took over
    -sh1t O-line
    -no QB
    -sh1t weapons
    -sh1t D-line
    -sh1t LBs outside of David
    -sh1t secondary that has never been fixed

    At least if Licht leaves us we have a lot more worthy young chess pieces to build around for the next guy

  5. K2 Says:

    I believe that coaches do have a tremendous influence on the players selected in the draft. If I look at the Bucs offense…they have a lot of talent. Clearly, there have been some terrible selections on special teams and defense. There will be a number of tells on defense this year; 1) do the players we have get coached up, 2) what talent level do we pickup in the draft, and 3) how do our free agent signings perform. It seems that we had a lot of hits on offense, but a ton on misses beyond linebacker on the defensive side of the draft. How much will the coaching staff change the tide. I still believe we have enough talent to win now. Bucs offensive will average above 30 points a game. So, if defense shows up…we can win more than we lose.

  6. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Licht is a horrible GM and there is nothing to say otherwise. he drafted a kicker in round 2 bypassing all of the numerous needs the bucs still need as of April 1, 2019. Licht has had a different theme every year he has been here from the tall wrs to building the bucs into a bad team in cap hell. The bucs have the nfls worst rushing attack and the highest paid OL currently

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    glazers have no desire to filed a winner. left overs, has beens and losers that what the glazers look for in players, coaches and staff…

  8. Adrnagy Says:

    In a shocking move, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have acquired Andy Dalton and a third round pick from the Cincinnati Bengals in exchange for Jameis Winston.

  9. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    adrnagy thats a crazy move, i am on the ol myspace timeline searching sportstalk barry & saw that…..time to get the red rifle out!!!!

  10. pelbuc Says:

    Licht is still here bc this organization is clueless from top to bottom. He bought himself another year bc of the Arians hire but his body of work in the draft and free agency is abysmal at best. After 5 yrs and to be this bad and this broke is very telling. Oh, and let’s not forget Jameis is still an unknown entering his 5th year. SMH! Don’t expect miracles from Arians until someone who knows what they ‘re doing start getting real players.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    He essentially said he would t be here if they didn’t hv an eye on Arians a long time ago !!!

    At least that’s what I heard !!

  12. doolnutts Says:

    If Licht was unable to get Bruce Arian’s we prob have a new GM right now… There is no doubt Licht’s relationship with Bruce helped bring him aboard.

    Winston, Hargraves, and last years draft class also could have major implications on what we do with Licht next year. Winston playing well this season and gaining a contract extension will go a longggggg way for Licht to make the case that he deserves an extension. You can draft a kicker in the 2nd round and potentially survive but you cannot survive drafting a QB 1 overall only to watch him fail. Licht/Winston’s fates are without a doubt tied together at this point.

  13. D-Rome Says:

    Backstabbin’ Jason Licht’s “continuity” has led to a 27-53 record. A stretch that is **WORSE** than Mark Dominick. That’s an amazing feat and very hard to do, especially when many other teams can turn it around in two years.

    That should give everyone pause.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    Joel Glazer’s response to your question Joe seemed quite telling in what it DIDN’T SAY. For instance …

    Joel: “part of problems can be constant turnover in all areas”. IOW … ‘Yes we had a lot of bad players that Jason acquired for us who we had to sh*t-can, but we won’t discuss that right now’.

    Joel: “we felt it was important to keep continuity”. IOW … ‘I wanted to fire EVERYBODY, but my brothers reminded me that we wouldn’t have a team if I did’.

    Joel: “You’re never going to bat a thousand in the NFL Draft”. IOW … ‘Granted Jason’s only batting .100, but add one lousy 0 to that and what’ve you got’?

    Joel: “Again, because of our cap situation, that was the situation we were in”. IOW … ‘Our lawyers recommended that we keep Jason around until we figure out what he did with all our money’.

    Joel: “You can look at some positives and you can look at some negatives”. IOW … ‘We’re positive there were a lot of negatives’.

    See, opportunity missed Joe. Kinda like the guy who invented the Tuning Spork?

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    Defense Rules- Hitting the sauce early eh?! “Tuning Spork!” I almost lost it, LOL!

    Really though, why is he still here?

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    It’s very hard to accurately judge a GM. Just look around the league. Not all GMs have the same responsibilities. Some of them make all the personal decisions ……While others are told which players to get by the Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder’s & Grudens of the league.

    A lot of decisions are made behind closed doors and are not public knowledge……….Like the decisions to hire Dirk Koetter. Nobody knows if that was his decision

    There’s a good chance that a guy like DeJax was what Dirk wanted and not Jason. Maybe thats part of the reason the HC was fired & not GM.

    Don’t think Jason was the driving force behind every decision made that he gets blamed for. And if he didn’t hire Dirk then I say he deserved a chance to bring in a HC he hired…….I’m willing to give Licht this shot and let this season play out.

    Now go nail that #5 pick baby!!!!! And find us a few more rookies gems.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  17. DB55 Says:

    The million dollar question imo is why didn’t the glazers hire Gruden when they had the chance? Assuming they had a chance which there is no reason to think that they did not.

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    he’s still here because he doesnt develop the players….the coaches do…..simple as that….

    they couldn’t develop mud if we gave them dirt and water…..


  19. stpetebucsfan Says:

    There are some unwritten rules to debating one of which gets violated on this board whenever Licht’s name comes up.

    Put aside FA’s…desperation causes desperate moves which rarely work out well.

    But as for drafting…you can’t argue from the specific to the general or the other way back. A GM with great draft picks doesn’t mean one of them might not stink…or the other way..a GM with a rotten pick doesn’t mean that ALL his picks are rotten.

    So folks come here and constantly bring up Aguayo and other second rounders. That’s specific. But also specific is a 4th round pick who just CASHED IN. He must have been an excellent pick! Or a UDFA who also cashed in…a real steal. We could list picks like Brate, Godwin and others as good picks.

    IMHO when you look at the totality…the general results Licht has have actually done pretty well.

    Now let me violate that rule of arguing from the general success to the specific.

    When you have the #1 pick in the entire draft you simply MUST get it right. I believe the verdict is still out on JW. I think he’ll blow up this year. If he does then Licht’s reputation as a drafter is cemented. Fair or not…if JW busts then so does Licht despite all the other good picks.

    As JW goes this year so does Licht.

  20. Buc believer Says:

    “Because of our cap situation that was the position we were in” and who the hell is responsible for that?? Jason Gump!!!!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    “Backstabbin’ Jason Licht’s “continuity” has led to a 27-53 record”

    And Les Snead went 31-49 with the Rams with WAY more draft picks his first 5 years.

    Not saying that’s the case here but if you need an example of the power that bad coaching can have then just look at the Rams and Jeff Fischer not developing sh1t for 5 years before McVay came in and had them in the playoffs year 1 with the same QB that looked like the worst QB in the league by far under Fischer.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    “him bringing in Bruce”

    Those 4 words are the primary answer to your question Joe

    In his 5 years here, Licht has made quite a few obvious “mistakes”. (Collins, ASJ, Aguayo, Swaggy etc.)

    Jason has also acquired a # of very good to great players for this team (Evans, Winston, Marpet, Howard, Godwin. JPP, Vea, etc.)

    The biggest reason this team is 5-11 in back to back years – is NOT because the GM sucks…. It’s because a large # of “good” prospects that GM Licht has brought in – have not been coached/utilized/developed properly yet. Many of them have a more than reasonable chance to fall into the very good category once they are “coached up”. I’m talking about good prospects like Hargreaves, Spence, J. Evans, Rojo, Stewart, Cappa – all taken in the first three rounds over the last 3 years but the Bucs are still waiting for them to “develop” into reliable starters.

    Nassib, Davis and Whitehead all achieved some level of starter status last year but there’s 3 more (still young) players that can improve a good bit with better coaching and especially schematic usage.

    The talent cupboard that Dom left this team with was quite bare when Jason Licht walked through the door 5 years ago. Everyone seems to forget that your current Buccaneers roster was a complete rebuild from the ground floor – out of necessity. Dom drafted exactly 2 very good players in 5 years. And the 5 years prior with Chucky and Bruce Allen were basically just as bad drafting wise.

    That’s 10 straight years of bad drafting that Licht had to try and overcome.

    Mistakes were made along the way – but not acknowledging the good overall job that Jason Licht has done in loading this team with talented young football players – is not dealing in reality. The Bucs have more good young talent than most teams in the NFL do.

    Now its time for BA and his staff to prove it!

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Buc believer……..Our cap situation ain’t that bad as they say. Don’t buy that crap.

    If your upset about the free agent moves that’s different. But as it stands most of our roster is owed anything in the future.

    You can question how are we going to pay some players in the future but if that’s the case that means they are good players.

    Just let the Bucs get good first then we can be great.

  24. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Because he delivered on Arians. That is all.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Our fans are delusional. Flat out delusional. When we go 6-10 this year, what will be the excuses then?

  26. BrianBucs Says:

    Comments like this show why the Bucs will never be winners under the Glazer boys

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone seriously think this guy will be here after next season? Bucs are sure good at wasting away years.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone actually think he’ll be around after next season? The Bucs are good at wasting away years. Come to think of it maybe this bum will be around for more seasons ugh.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    If you don’t like licht you are wasting your time just like some of you who complain about Winston. BA is trying to win now and is a proven winner, why would he give any kind of final decision to licht on who to keep and who to bring in? I believe he lost right on who to draft and who to sign or cut and BA will be teaching him how to build a team as well. He will at least be here as long as BA unless this team is trash this year which I doubt

  30. Tom S. Says:

    Worst owners and worst GM in professional football. If the Browns make the playoffs in 2019 as expected it will become official. I hope some of the writers that cover this franchise and can’t help but defend them and the incompetent GM find other jobs to suck at when we go 6-10 this year.

  31. Joe Fornito Says:

    Licht is a terrible GM. You can sugarcoat that anyway you want. Bad draft picks even worse free agent signings. I believe most people on this website could have had better draft picks than Licht. We are in cap hell and in need of quality players. this situation was created by Licht.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    I just look at the roster and can’t help thinking that other than Mike Evans (who is a top 5 WR) and OJ Howard (who is a top 5 TE), this roster is devoid of “elite talent”. Certainly no feared Rb’s! OurQB is a HUGE question mark going into season 5! Marpet is a nice player, but the rest of the Oline is average to mediocre at best! Our defensive line…JPP had a nice year, but is on the wrong side of 30, Vea is decent and hopefully improving, McCoy has slowed down, Nassib was a decent pick up, but is hardly a “game-changer”, and the rest are not exactly frightening to any opposing offense! At LB, Lavonte is solid, if unspectacular, the rest are nothing to write home about! The secondary? After lots of high picks, we still allow opposing QB’s to complete 70% of their passes! Kickers? Don’t even get me started!

    So where does that leave us? 2 “elite” players on offense, a couple average or better on defense, and a few youngsters like Godwin and Vea who have potential. Hardly a ringing endorsement compared to other teams.

    No top15 QB! Not top 25 RB! No “game changers” on offensive line or defense! A “Swiss cheese” secondary! Not even a reliable kicker!

    I think that is a fair assessment of Licht’s current roster.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lucky I’m not the owner. My answer would have been, “Because we wanted him.”

    end of answer.

  34. BringBucsBack Says:

    I wish I could suck at my job for 5 consecutive years, blame my incompetence on others and be kept-on for continuity’s sake! ‘Merica!

  35. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Not lost on me is the April Fool’s Day time stamp.

  36. donuts Says:

    Get used to Licht. He just got 5 year extension.

  37. T REX Says:

    We are the joke of the league.


  38. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Lord Cornelius-

    Agree with your post except I think Martin was very good until he ruined his own career with party drugs. Can’t really pin that on Licht.
    But you are right, Dominik set the franchise back 5 years and Arians would not be here if Licht was gone.

  39. Race to 10 Says:

    All the complaining about the gm I doubt it’ll stop but sooner or later fans will learn thru have no say in what happens, either watch or don’t watch be a fan or don’t be a fan but geez wait for the season to stay complaining

  40. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Race to 10 you are out of your mind if the fans have no say, let 30,000 ppl show up on Sunday then tell me who has no say

  41. Alanbucsfan Says:

    IMO Licht has the Bucs in pretty good shape for next couple years-
    They will have over $50 million in cap space next year- and they will probably spend high draft picks next year on OLine and DLine-
    This year the Bucs turn the corner from losers to competitive

  42. tmaxcon Says:

    Race to 10

    so you are saying as fans we should just be quiet, lower our standards and love to fail… ok I get it… man dude I’d hate to go through life so apathetic and accepting of failure. action initiates change not lowering of standards and accepting failure.

    Duthsty Rhothdes

    i would normally agree with you but with revenue sharing (aka wealth redistribution) glazers and bucs have no incentive to field a great product. Wealth redistribution has taken the fans say out of it. TV is all that matters… stadium money is chump change so fans not showing up really no longer sends the message. the league just thinks of the bucs as a small market charity case. glazers care about tv money nothing else. they certainly don’t give two craps about bucfan. you have to try to be this bad for this long. they have trained low standard bucfan that 500 football with no chance in playoffs is legendary…

  43. Sarasot Garey Says:

    Obviously they think it was all poor coaching the last couple of years.

  44. Sport Says:

    Do any of you actually believe BA and TB aren’t driving the bus? All they need out of a GM is to facilitate, not lead.

    The GM position is now irrelevant as it should be when you have great football minds coaching. How much credit does the GM for the Patriots get? No one cares!

    In BA I Trust!

  45. BrianBucs Says:

    This Jason Licht extension is just another instance and example that shows that the Glazer boys are not football people and know little about it.

  46. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    JL’ Offensive Draft Picks & Free Agents

    1 Jameis Winston 1 QB 4 2015

    1 Mike Evans 7 WR 5 2014
    3 Chris Godwin 84 WR 2 2017
    5 Justin Watson 144 WR 1 2018
    5 Kenny Bell 162 WR 1 2015
    6 Robert Herron 185 WR 1 2014
    6 Kaelin Clay 184 WR 3 2015

    3 Charles Sims 69 RB 4 2014
    2 Ronald Jones 38 RB 1 2018
    5 Jeremy McNichols 162 RB 2 2017
    6 Danny Vitale 197 FB 3 2016
    7 Joey Iosefa 231 FB 1 2015

    1 O.J. Howard 19 TE 2 2017
    2 Austin Seferian-Jenkins 38 TE 5 2014

    2 Donovan Smith 34 T 4 2015
    5 Caleb Benenoch 148 T 3 2016
    3 Alex Cappa 94 T 1 2018
    5 Kevin Pamphile 149 G 5 2014
    5 Kadeem Edwards 143 G 1 2014
    2 Ali Marpet 61 C 4 2015

    Free Agents
    • Josh McCown QB 35 CHI TB 2 $10,000,000
    • Ryan Fitzpatrick QB 34 NYJ TB 1 $3,000,000
    • Jacquizz Rodgers RB 27 TB TB 2 $3,300,000
    • DeSean Jackson WR 30 WAS TB 3 $33,500,000
    • Brandon Myers TE 28 NYG TB 2 $4,250,000
    • Anthony Collins LT 28 CIN TB 5 $30,000,000
    • J.R. Sweezy G 27 SEA TB 5 $32,500,000
    • Ryan Jensen C 27 BAL TB 4 $42,000,000
    • Evan Smith C 28 GB TB 4 $14,250,000
    • Joe Hawley C 26 ATL TB 2 $3,328,125
    • Gosder Cherilus RT 31 IND TB 2 $7,000,000

  47. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Licht may not be the best GM in the league, but he’s certainly much much better than Rockstar Dominik. He inherited basically nothing, and had to start an NFL Team from scratch. Licht has seemingly drafted well, but poor FA signings have absolutely sunk this team. Our approach to FA was markedly better than years past, and that is why we will be successful this season, especially now considering we have a real Head Coach for the first time since Jon Gruden was told to pack his bags.

    To me, Arians and Licht are a package deal. If Arians gets fired or quits, Licht is gone, and that means a franchise-wide reboot, which I think we can all agree no one wants to see. Even though Licht signed a 5 year deal, I truly believe that unless the Bucs can muster at least 7-9, Arians, Licht, Jameis Winston, and a host of others are toast. 7-9 is the bare minimum for the franchise to stay intact. If we dont hit that number, there will be a DEEP cleaning at One Buc.

    The most important season in a long time in Tampa Bay is upon us. Get Ready.

  48. tmaxcon Says:


    you do realize after watching that horrible o line BA has a 50/50 chance of not even making it to week 6 before one of those bums on the oline give him a heart attack… you better trust BA has paramedics close by at all time because you can guarantee that crap o line with not a single nfl caliber starter will fully test that heart medication BA is on…

  49. tmaxcon Says:


    you should be praying for ba not trusting in him….

  50. Elita Vita Says:

    Licht cemented the deal for Arians which was signed off on by the Glazers. Arians wants Licht to stay for 5 years. Those 5 years are needed as to assure Bowles and Leftwich remain with the Bucs. After Arians retires (again) in 2-3 years Bowles gets his 2nd chance to be a Head Coach with the Bucs. Leftwich needs these next couple of years to be trained by Arians (the Coach Whisperer). Hence we have the 5 year plan. (Just my theory).

  51. tmaxcon Says:

    First Down Tampa Bay

    that’s like saying your happy just being better than Cleveland

  52. destinjohnny Says:

    wow just wow just wow. at times like this I am so so so stoked to be a BAMA fan.
    the glazer boys dont have what Mr. Glazer had.

  53. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    JL’ Defensive Draft Picks & Free Agents

    1 Vita Vea 12 DT 1 2018
    2 Noah Spence 39 DE 3 2016
    7 Stevie Tu’ikolovatu 223 NT 3 2017

    4 Kwon Alexander 124 OLB 4 2015
    3 Kendell Beckwith 107 ILB 1 2017
    6 Devante Bond 183 OLB 2 2016
    6 Jack Cichy 202 ILB 1 2018

    1 Vernon Hargreaves 11 CB 3 2016
    4 Ryan Smith 108 CB 3 2016
    2 M.J. Stewart 53 CB 1 2018
    2 Carlton Davis 63 CB 1 2018

    2 Justin Evans 50 S 2 2017
    4 Jordan Whitehead 117 S 1 2018

    Free Agents
    • Michael Johnson DE 27 CIN TB 5 $43,750,000
    • Vinny Curry DE 30 PHI TB 3 $23,000,000
    • Robert Ayers DE 30 NYG TB 3 $19,500,000
    • Chris Baker DT 29 WAS TB 3 $15,750,000
    • Beau Allen DT 26 PHI TB 3 $15,000,000
    • Mitch Unrein DT 31 CHI TB 3 $10,500,000
    • Clinton McDonald DT 27 SEA TB 4 $12,000,000
    • Henry Melton DT 28 DAL TB 1 $3,750,000
    • Sealver Siliga DT 28 TB TB 1 $1,100,000
    • Tony McDaniel DT 30 SEA TB 1 $1,500,000
    • Daryl Smith ILB 34 BAL TB 1 $2,500,000
    • Bruce Carter ILB 27 DAL TB 4 $17,000,000
    • Alterraun Verner CB 25 TEN TB 4 $25,750,000
    • Brent Grimes CB 33 MIA TB 2 $13,500,000
    • Josh Robinson CB 25 MIN TB 1 $2,000,000
    • Sterling Moore CB 25 DAL TB 1 $1,525,000
    • Christopher Conte FS 26 CHI TB 1 $1,500,000
    • J.J. Wilcox FS 28 DAL TB 2 $5,500,000
    • T.J. Ward SS 30 DEN TB 1 $4,000,000

  54. FR Says:

    AlteredEgo Says:
    April 1st, 2019 at 1:21 pm
    same reason as Jameis….just to make sure before the final answer


  55. StonedBuc Says:

    Do you think the players are reading these comments? I know if i was playing id like to see the people in here being about them rather then hating.

  56. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Wow!!!!!!! Loser lovie smith just set this franchise back 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the “real” fans now will know to save their money and not waste on this dumpster fire incompetent lovie started back in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team glazer to scared to walk away from garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Mike10 Says:

    So basically the Glazier answer was to maintain continuity, which means “play it safe”.

    I’m disappointed w this move and the Glazier ownership since the boys have taken over. The 17 year playoff winless streak continues..

  58. Ndog Says:

    Lord Cornelius Says:
    April 1st, 2019 at 1:27 pm
    It’s because he brought in Bruce Arians IMO. Otherwise he probably would have or should have been let go.

    Glazers also got burned so hard by Mark Dominik that Licht looks like a drafting savant by comparison when he’s below average to average at best right now.

    Dominik drafted 2 decent players in 5 years basically. One was a top 3 pick in McCoy (a guy tons of fans hate) and then you have Lavonte David. Drug Martin was a bust for a 1st round investment and never deserved another pay day. Pathetic. He left the cupboard completely bare when Licht took over
    -sh1t O-line we shall see
    -no QB complete bold face lie
    -sh1t weapons are you serious, Evans, OJ, Godwin
    -sh1t D-line Suh, Vea and we only play 3 down lineman
    -sh1t LBs outside of David uh Devin White…… Hello
    -sh1t secondary that has never been fixed how do we knew anything cause the coaching was so freaking awful

    At least if Licht leaves us we have a lot more worthy young chess pieces to build around for the next guy

    This post by you proves what many of us already know about your football knowledge. I’ll leave it at that……

  59. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    G’Boyz are in pure panic mode…doubling down on doubling down…they are petrified BA will leave if Licht is thought to be on thin ice…..front office has a gargantuan task building going forward….both OL and DL need serious addressing and cap $$ is tight and the clock is ticking on the established roster…desperate men do desperate things….fingers crossed….I was in Publix and saw some old fart, I’m 71, walking in with a Bucs Super Bowl tee shirt and I thought to myself…gee he was a lot younger then…weren’t we all

  60. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Now that Licht has guaranteed money in the bank, what is his incentive to Make Tampa Great Again? Much like the USA economy, the seeds have been laid to ensure total FAILURE in the coming years.

    I see Arians gone within the next 2 years, Winston out (and doing much better for whatever team gets him), and Licht laughing all the way to the bank.

  61. Ptwalk Says:

    @Realist you wanted to be right about Koetter and Smith, so you’re hoping Arians fails to prove you were right. Sorry my man it was coaching all the time and as the season goes on we’ll hear less and less of you. Or maybe you and a few others admit you were wrong and enjoy this season and not let your ego and pride get in the way.

  62. Buccfan37 Says:

    Licht is a real schmoozer. Expect the unexpected.

  63. BucEmUp Says:

    Licht cannot be blames for one single pkayer drafted during the Lovie regime as Lovie HIRED JASON HIMSELF!!!!

    Koetyer brought in Smitty(which only a fool would celebrate at the time or ever) and he and Smitty had equal power and influence in the srafts as Licht himself did.

    Now BA.is here and who do you really think is running the show?

    Mark dominik was the last gm of this organizatoon to have total control. Since then the order of command had been unorthandox at best. Jury is still out on many of ( Jason Lichhts) the draft picks over the last 3 seasons.

    The only thing Lichr has had full control over is contracts, and when you have some.of the most dysfuncional leadership from the owners down, the worst coaching and the worst record I dont give a crap if you get the best gm in history on board, no player is going to want to play for a team with a decade long losinh culture and that GM is going to have NO CHOICE but to write up some fat overpaid contracts to get ANYONE to sign here.

    Stop looking at the easy answer. Disect the situation, look at everything and understand that its one big clusterfock domino effect. LOVIE didnt want to draft high in the trenches, Koetter didnt want to invest high in the trenches , they all wanted skill position players and they had final say on who was drafted. Its up to Arians now to fix things and determine if it really is coaching or talent.

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    Ptwalk…….He has lost his flock over his love affair of Dirk and Smitty. He wanted us to give Dirk another(a second) pass and us sheep just could not follow him any longer. Sheep are pretty dumb and we actually followed him for a long time but when he told us to give Dirk a second pass that was a swamp that even dumb sheep would not be led into.

    Nowadays he still pretends to be a sheppard yet he has no flock. That’s why us sheep now refer to him as “The crazy on the internet”

    813 is our new sheppard now and us sheep are happier then we ever were. Pay no mind to that crazy guy on the internet unless you wanna pause for a quick laugh……Other then that just enjoy our green pastures and thank your lucky stars we didn’t end up in the swamp like we almost did.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Why does anybody think Winston will go to another town and do better?

    Bruce is our coach and they call him QB whisperer for a reason. Do y’all think they just call him that cause it sounds cool or something? If so you would be wrong……..Am just remember…….when yo wrong, yo dead wrong!

  66. Glazers are idiots Says:

    this guy is the worst gm in the nfl and it’s not close.

  67. NOSBOS Says:

    Thanks St.Pete, still never letting me down with that wealth of wisdom. A yo LUV what’s good bro, keep killin’em with the graphics. You the best to ever do it.

  68. Buc believer Says:

    What do the fans expect from a franchise that has a male Pom Pom girl and a female trainer? Up is down and down is up! Crazy Crazy world!

  69. Tom S. Says:

    If Jason can’t be blamed for draft picks under Lovie Smith then he can’t get credit for Mike Evans, Jameis Winston, Ali Marpet and Kwon Alexander who are all players DRAFTED UNDER LOVIE SMITH.

    We seriously have the dumbest fans.

  70. Clay Travis Says:




  71. jmarkbuc Says:


    “As JW goes this year so does Licht.”

    Apparently Licht has guarantees through 2022, if the article that Joe referenced is accurate…

    So whatever happens this year is apparently a moot point

  72. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Well…what’s done is done I suppose. The fact that this was so “hush hush” if not classified information until today tells me they weren’t at all proud of the extension. Ashamed of the backlash no doubt…embarrassed. Lucky for them a pear shaped analyst with an imaginary army of gnomes, fairies and elves is loving it. So there’s that.

  73. jmarkbuc Says:


    “The million dollar question imo is why didn’t the glazers hire Gruden when they had the chance? Assuming they had a chance which there is no reason to think that they did not.”


    Gruden wouldn’t have touched this job with a 10 foot pole…All that “Fired Football Coaches of America” BS, was directed squarely at Team Glazer, he carried that bitterness ever since he left. Gruden acted just interested enough to get the Raiders to pay him a 100mil.

    Besides you can’t recapture lightning in a bottle, and Gruden’s tenure here is why we are where we are now. He got us a SB win, and destroyed the franchise in the aftermath….

  74. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “part of problems can be constant turnover in all areas”

    That’s a confession that they’ve been too impatient with coaching staff.

    So far as them not saying what Joe wanted to hear, no matter what is said, someone somewhere will always find something to pick apart.

  75. Silent_Partner Says:

    He didn’t hire Koetter. That was obvious when he was choking up at the Lovie Smith firing presser, and you all saw Hard Knocks. The word I kept hearing is that they looked like a high school staff, which wasn’t surprising from seeing Koetter when he was here at Arizona State. The guy was just not a good coach. There is more than enough talent on that team to win.

  76. TOM Says:

    Once again the Glazers proved how inept they are by signing an equally inept GM to a 5 year extension. I guess misery loves company. As I’ve been saying all along, sell the effing team to someone who cares about winning more than the almighty $. WTF are they trying to keep fans out of the stands? What will they do when BA decides to hang it up in a year or two? Its kind of funny that after all the losing years now they decide they they want continuity. If that’s the case Jameis should get a nice extension no how good or bad he is this year. Poor papa must be rolling over in his grave with all the dumb decisions his family has made since his passing. He probably feels like he’s on a rotisserie. Sorry Malcome RIP

  77. Clodhopper Says:

    “Because of the cap situation that’s the situation we were in”

    So they kept him after some not so great drafts because he put us in cap hell.

    There’s some dots to connect here that you may have missed, Joel

  78. westernbuc Says:

    You don’t get to say it’s about continuity and fire coaches every two-three years.

    I’m fine with continuity, but they were ready to toss Koetter after 1 bad year when his QB was injured.

    I really wished the media pressed them on this. How can you talk about continuity when you bail on coaches the moment they struggle?

  79. BringBucsBack Says:

    I just got a raise at my job. I’ve been there for five years. I produce very little and I’m very expensive but, they said they wanted to keep continuity!? Yeah it sounds crazy, right! There is the real world and then there’s Glazeristan!?

    Sooooo many things wrong with this!

    Don’t defend this garbage GM. Of course he brought in a few good players; he has been drafting top ten for 4 out of 5 years!! By default he drafted good players. However, what/who he has not drafted/signed is what should alarm fans.

    Soccer player in the 2nd rd (worst draft pick, ever. No hyperbole!)
    NO 2nd rd players succeed
    NO $
    RBs=C (maybe)
    O-line= mucho $$$ for C- play
    D-line= ONE injury away (if that much)

    JBFers could draft better-seriously!! Throwing darts would yield the same results, minimally! Rock, paper, scissors! The shadow of a small mammal! A coin toss! Letting middle school girls select players based on the attractiveness of players’ uniforms! Select names from a hat! Uggggh!!!

    The ONLY defense for this guy is the influence of the coaching staffs in decision-making and THEY WERE RIGHTFULLY FIRED! He helped BA come; that’s good! If BA & co. drafts suck like Licht’s, fire them too!

    Licht=THE most expensive losers!

    It’s a good gig if you can get it! C’mon G’boys!

    APB for Eddie De!!!

  80. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Bring Bucs Back nailed it…with the Eddie D. Plea as a perfect ending.

  81. Wesley Says:

    Licht has left us broke and one of the worst teams in the NFL. #firelicht

  82. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    I like that Andy trade to the Bengals

  83. Dom>Licht Says:

    Only here because of BA was the only He was coming here. Let’s hope BA has final say on the roster and we might be OK… all though this past draft makes you wonder

  84. mark2001 Says:

    So funny…boo hoo… Just think for a second…Lovie had the keys to the store…and clustered it for a few years. Koetter couldn’t develop a player if his life depended on it…particularly on D. Arians is a proven winner. And Bowels know D and D personnel. Licht works well with them. We are moving in the right direction. Just relax…

    For those of you historians, remember when we brought Gruden in?… Doom and gloom… but when we won the SB, everyone forgot. Then many of you hated Gruden starting when he and McKay couldn’t co-exist,And Richie torched that draft. Then a salary cap guru was brought in…Allen…who didn’t know anything about personnel, while Jon never saw a player he didn’t like and made those decisions. Bad news. That toxic mix should have resulted in canning Allen and bringing in a GM that could call the personnel shots rather than Gruden. Instead of that, so many of you instead on running him out of town. And you got your wish. Ten years later, and after many poor coaching hires, we are moving in the right direction. Please relax… it will be OK.

  85. Doctor Stroud Says:

    GM Licht sold his soul to Team Glazer, and now, we have Tim McGraw! RIP AC/DC.

  86. Who said sucking will get you fired wither Bucs it gets you a raise Says:

    Yes sir the Glazer boys have shown again that the fans can kiss their arse. All they care about is money.

  87. Pittsshore Says:

    I’m going out on a limb here but I am beginning to believe the rumor that Jason has Pics with the Glazers boys in the back seat, of an Uber Deluxe, with JW performing the proverbial circle jerk. Jason was in the front seat with the driver.

  88. mark2001 Says:

    I hear baby wah wah…oh sorrow…the Bucs will never win…boo hoo… time to bandwagon to some other team, sharing my twenty years of couch coaching expertise with the fans of my new team….pass the chips Lovie…you will make my new team great, just like you did back in the TD years. Licht extended…wah wah.

  89. bucy Says:

    Horrible decisions to keep a clueless GM, cant decide who has a worse sense of judgement the horrible GM or horrible owners…….

  90. Oregonbucsfan Says:

    This extension trumps the enjoyment of a tight win. It is literally mind boggling. I came here tonight to express my positive (except for Rojo) feelings about the game. Instead I’m posting my disgust over this.
    The Glazier kids have to be the stupidest crew this side of Trump’s kids.

  91. BA FAN Says:

    I am sure when the Bucs lose to the Browns you all will be convinced BA will flop and take Licht with him. That would be dead wrong! The Browns are picked by Lindy’s to win their Division and they are not still learning new systems since they promoted their successful OC to be HC and he hired our Monken as his OC. Kitchens, their HC was mentored by BA. We are thankful the owner of the Browns didn’t hire BA to be their HC like BA wanted initially.
    BA is on schedule to turn the Bucs around this year but it is a work in progress.
    You have already seen purported busts turned around in droves by BA’s Coaches. BA will make the Bucs winners this year, just like he has done every first year beginning with when he was an OC. They will get better and better.

  92. tmaxcon Says:


    The only center piece of a circle jerk in Tampa history was dungy the ignorant one dimensional clown trying to figure out offensive football….. whyche built his defense and the clown never figured out offensive football…. i guess we’d have to judge dungy the clown and Glennon as best fluffers in the industry

  93. tmaxcon Says:


    The td the clown years were pure failure 2 playoff wins in 6 years is laughable considering the defense whyche built for the ignorant one dimensional clown…. he wasted sapp for 6 years… indie won despite dungy the clown…. indie loser who like dungy the clown wasted a hall of fame defense that was built for him and already in place… both Dungy the clown and bad character lovie and the family plan both were handed hall of fame defenses and choked like a cheap hookers when it matter most…. the legend of dungy the clown far exceeds his actual accomplishments….

  94. miken Says:

    “why is he still here?”… because he brought BA…. That’s it. He sucks but he brought BA so here we go.

  95. miken Says:

    reports were 1stpick for rivers, Gordon and chargers 1st for the #1 . Glad jason didn’t do that.

  96. philips Says:

    @lordcornhole…. and Jason got you the kicker you wanted.

  97. Buc1987 Says:

    “Why Is He Still Here?”

    Because the Glazers aren’t very bright peeps and they think the fan base isn’t very bright either.

    I say they are not too far off with a lot of our fan base though…

    Go Bucs!

  98. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    Just my opinion hes new at it when we hired him and even gms sometimes need to learn. Everybody being so quick to dismiss players n coaches and gms is why we tooooooo many times watch them go else where n become great players. Weve had him this long n its a job that could be done for decades if he is pogressing in his job (we onlys see part of his workload) whos to say he cant become a great with patience🤷‍♂️ u know that thing too d@mn many fans haven’t had h*ll our owners have had that problem n some of that i blame on whiny a$$ fans. “Patiences is a virtue”🤔

  99. LUVMYBUCS Says:



  100. BringBucsBack Says:

    Miren, yes I remember the talk of Rivers for the 1st pick. I don’t remember the other player/pick. I think of it often:/

    Joe, why are there a few posts from April 1st, here?