The Re-Education Of Jameis

August 19th, 2019


It seems Bucco Bruce Arians may be trying to squeeze three years of work into one.

Recently, Peter King of NBC Sports spent a day at Bucs camp watching practice and talking to just about everyone in the know there to try to gauge the pulse of the Bucs.

He seems to think one thing is clear: It’s all about America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

To put King’s take into a nutshell, Joe gets the idea Arians is trying to run Jameis through a crash course of thinking about football in a whole different way. Call it reprogramming.

Yeah, Jameis is going through a re-education camp of sorts.

King explains in the video below how Arians is trying to change Jameis’ mindset, knowing he may only have a few months to do so.

Also, Joe thought King’s take on the Bucs defense is very interesting. It’s all in the NBC Sports video below.

80 Responses to “The Re-Education Of Jameis”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Joe I know your rules about comments so please go ahead and delete this comment but I really wanted to know if you saw the photo of ROJO’s leg that hyper extended on the opening kick off? It looks bad. He is fortunate if it’s only some soreness.

  2. Mitch Says:

    …missed the rojo article from earlier. My apologies.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Why the green dot on the back of Devin White’s helmet…….because he’s the “savior” of course!!!

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “The sooner we put Dare Ogunbowale as RB starter and dictate games with our screen game the better

    The sooner we start scheming and calling high completion pass routes is when JW3 gets more consistent and less prone to turnovers ala McShay and Goff”

    Kobe Faker

  5. Hodad Says:

    So another words the clueless Glazers wanted to keep Koetter for continuity, now they have to cleanse his mind of three years of what he learned from him. That makes sense. We’ll soon find out if Jameis was to stupid to learn how to play at a high level, or if Koetter was just a complete incompetent.

  6. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    That’s the most “bullish” King has been about Bucs in a long, long time. Arians garners respect around the league…no doubt about it.

  7. Magadude Says:

    There is one sect of fans saying nothing is wrong with Winston at all. and another saying he’s got many issues (esepcially decision making) which is why he’s not already on a second contract. When talking about “re-education” and Arians squeezing three years into one…if that is BA’s take, then it will be a challenge to get him think differently about the game, if Winston is agreeable to even do that. I remember he’d alredy said once about his coaching that he looked in the mirror and told him he had be himself. And maybe that wasn’t a good call either. It is also hard to look back on the four years Dirk had with him and how it seemed everyone was not wanting to shake up his development. And now we’re told that was perhaps all wrong. Not sure this is anything other regarding Winston that it’s what you see no is what you get, period: an average starting QB in the NFL.

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Scheme matters. Play calling matters. COACHING MATTERS!

    Bucs fans are going to see strong evidence this year of all the above.

  9. NOSBOS Says:

    Exactly Pick,sorta like Lefty emphasizing the “money decision over the money throw” line. Coaching, what a wonderful concept. Take the check down its there, call the screen pass they’re aggressively blitzing. All the while setting up the strike down field. This ish ain’t rocket science. Actually fundamental.

  10. Pittsshore Says:

    JW is simply not smart enough to check the ball down when under duress. As I have been saying….ignorant people cannot perform under pressure. NDog, JulyJoe, Bonzai, LordCorn, Bucs1987, Tmaxcon, all of you can relate to this ignorance and quite possibly shed some light on what is happening to JWs thought process when the pressure is on. I unfortunately cannot.

  11. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    So the bucs offense has been near the top of the league for 2 years and now jameis has to be re-programmed? Maybe jameis just does whatever he wants some of the time, like the game winning TD 2 years ago on last game of the year that cost the bucs quentin nelson or poking lattimore or throwing the ball straight up in the air or…..

  12. VegasBuc Says:

    I think Kwon got the green dot his rookie year too. Do I remember that correctly?

  13. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    But Jameis has a football IQ that is off the chart…

    If true, why the re education?

  14. BucsBandit Says:


    I’m sorry, but this all makes me laugh really hard.

    Jameis Winston has an incredibly high Football IQ yet suddenly he’s being “reprogrammed” to understand that he should simply take what the Defense gives him instead of taking unnecessary risks?


    This is the kind of stuff a QB learns in Pee Wee football and is conscious of at every level he ever plays at.

    Jameis already fully understands this. I can guarantee you that. Arians telling him this is just lip service to try and cutdown on his interceptions and bad decision-making. BUT…

    All that “talk” is not going to change Winston’s approach to the game. Winston struggles because he has trouble at times reading Defenses fast enough AND in addition to that at times suffers from accuracy issues.

    All the “make better decisions” training isn’t going to change that with Winston.

  15. BucsBandit Says:

    @Loyal – JINX. I was just typing the exact same thing. This is all ABSURD.

  16. BigHog Says:

    Let’s get real clear here!! If you would have put any QB in the league with this team, with the coaching and talent that FAMOUS has had around him …AVERAGE would be the type of play you would get from the QB position!!

  17. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    We going to make some noise this season!

  18. SCBucsFan Says:

    The Inside Sports segment on Arians really makes you wonder, health wise, how long he will be here

  19. BucsBandit Says:

    @BigHog – FItzpatrick proved the opposite. This team has had plenty of talent. Coaching wasn’t the main reason they weren’t successful.

  20. SmoothBayRider Says:

    @BucsBandit nailed it .

  21. Terry O Says:

    If y’all think your QB is a changed man, y’all are gonna be PISSED when y’all go 5-11 yet again

  22. DBS Says:

    Yes he is FAMOUS for all the wrong reasons. How about give up with the titles and let him be Jameis. He has been branded with every name in the book from the day he got drafted. And it has been proven he is not Christ either.

  23. UnderMeBucin’Hat Says:

    Thanks Joe! GO BUCS!

  24. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    How’d a journeyman qb playing with the same weapons beat two playoff teams to start the season and almost came back against the Steelers overcome a historically bad d and as you say bad coaching, yet a #1 overall pick with an off the charts football IQ can’t?

    Excuses are wearing thin for Jameis

    Time to put it all together or grab a Lyft to be a backup somewhere else

  25. NOSBOS Says:

    Pit shut yo dumb @$$ up. He about to be smart enough to sign 100 million dollar deal. Will you ever be able to say that???

  26. FanO’Bucs Says:

    Taking care of the ball is an obvious necessity.

    Being fair, here are some other reasons that led to the interceptions by Winston:
    Crappy running game.
    *High* number of attempts. Throwing the ball 40 to 50 times in a game is not great.
    Defense they couldn’t get the ball back.
    Having to carry the team.

  27. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Most people posting on here are bucs fans 1st and foremost and want the bucs to win with whoever is playing good. Meaning if a quarterback cant get the job done then next man up. I hope jameis leads this team like I know he wants to do and I hope the bucs make some noise this year, but a small percentage on here are jameis fans first and will abandon the bucs if jameis ends up in ______ insert team. Arians has done a ton of talking and in 3 weeks it ends and hopefully the play matches the talking….still think arians thinks this roster is a trainwreck and wants it flipped besides a dozen players he inherited

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Did Jameis have a decent defense?
    Did Jameis have a good running game?
    Did Jameis have good special teams?
    Did Jameis have good coaching?
    Did Jameis have a good Oline? (arguable)

    The answer is no to 4 or 5 of those questions…
    Can we win with Jameis…..yes, if we fix the team around him….
    And, yes….Jameis needs to limit turnovers.

  29. tmaxcon Says:


    it’s very clear to me high iq individuals threaten you. You cling to has beens with no IQ’s like 55 yet constantly pound on the 3rd most talented player in franchise history behind selmon and sapp. Have you lost that many wives and girlfriends to talented athletes that you must attack fine successful young men like jameis… you know what they say about guys that get cheated on don’t you…. you either did not have enough money or it was tiny… which is O’perfect one?

  30. BucsBandit Says:


    Jameis had Doug Martin rush for over 1,400 YARDS in his 1st season and he couldn’t win more than 6 games.

    How is the O-Line at fault, yet Jameis gets the credit, for throwing for over 4,000 yards in a season and “putting up HOF numbers” like a few here like the claim.

    What does the Defense have to do with his lack of scoring in the Red Zone and major turnover issues?

    “Jameis needs to limit turnovers” is like saying the runner that lost to Usain Bolt needs to just “run faster.”

  31. NOSBOS Says:

    Pittsshore.. More like d**ksore, been trying to ignore you. But I’m at ya now.

  32. mark2001 Says:

    Mag…ever wonder how many young talented QB’s have their careers destroyed by poor coaching? I’d bet dozens.

  33. mark2001 Says:

    QB…most important position on the field, and I’d think the most difficult to coach effectively, having to be tailored to strengths and weaknesses of the individual player.

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    I don’t know if “re-programming” is the right term. I call it BETTER COACHING! Put your players in a position to succeed. This is what successful franchises do.
    It shouldn’t be ALL on Jameis to win games. Play balanced offense, play solid defense, make the kicks, and be flexible with play-calling.
    We will win more games with Jameis doing LESS.

  35. Kobe Faker Says:

    “The actual amount and number of total interceptions is lazy journalism

    18 is a turnover machine

    while 15 is average

    JW3 because of the Bucs always being behind and losing, throws 3 interceptions each year on last play hail marys

    lazy journalism is the beginning of the demise of humanity”

    Kobe Faker

  36. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Re-educating a 5th year number one over all draft pick? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs Bandit

    Our 2015 defense gave up 26 points per game…..that’s why we didn’t win more than 6…
    We got worse….our 2018 defense gave up 29 points per game.

    A poor defense and special teams will give up field position and put a QB behind making the offense one-dimensional……that can cause a QB to struggle trying to come back.

    If you’re happy with our defense but unhappy with Jameis…..I think you need to rethink things.

    Fix the D and we will win.

  38. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis is a caulk board genius
    game time squinting ,ADHD , panic attack dyslexic

  39. Dapostman Says:

    Or maybe this new offense that Leftwich not Arians is running is more of a short passing game and not the 4 vertical or the no risk it no biscuit that we all assumed would be implemented. Re-education? Naw.

  40. Cobraboy Says:

    Winston was not the reason the Bucs have been poor the last half-decade.

    The worst defense during that stretch is the reason.

    Give Winston a defense where he doesn’t think he has to score a TD on EVERY POSSESSION to keep his team in a game, and he will not force the ball as he has in the past.

    I recall someone asking Brad Johnson, no great gifted QB he, to describe the best part of his game: “Our defense.”

  41. jruss Says:

    @BucsBandit I guess JW plays all 22 positions on offense and defense, from all the blame you’re placing on him. JW is far from the perfect qb. You’re a funny guy. What did Doug Martin do after that… behind that O-line? Having a defense that can’t stop anything is going to lead to a qb thinking he has to be the hero; which leads to questionable decision making. If the defense and run game is improved and Jameis’ play isn’t then you can post all the negative comments you want because they will be justified.

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I can understand why many don’t like Jameis as our QB…….Joe’s “America’s QB” placing him on a pedestal he simply can’t achieve…..his off-field behavior….his reckless turnovers….his inaccuracy downfield. And, yes….he’s a Nole”……Oh, the unmet expectations”…

    But an objective analysis would show that Jameis has had a very poor team around him with very questionable coaching.

    Let’s see if BA & Co. can affect a change……

  43. Bobby M. Says:

    If you don’t think Koetter tried to get Winston to check down, go look at nearly every back that’s ever played under Koetter. They all catch significant passes out of the backfield. I don’t believe Winston deliberately refused to do so…however, it seems obvious Winston gets caught up in the moment and doesn’t mentally execute that well. That’s the real issue he faces…when the bullets start flying, his football IQ goes out the window and he starts forcing plays.

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Y’all argue about it all ya want. In two weeks half of you will be shut up. None of this petty arguing will amount to spit once the results are in.

    Of course it could take a bit of time for this offense to find a rhythm then y’all will be gifted an extended period of bickering.

    This should be an exciting time for Buc fans and you extremists do nothing but ruin it.

    Won’t ruin it for me though. I been paying attention & even with just 2 drives it’s easily noticable that this offense is much different then Dirk & could defientally elevate our QB.

    -Balance…..This offense seems to defientally be committed to running the ball. Just the threat of running the ball makes a QBs job easier.

    -Quicker reads……In the few plays Winston has run he is taking his drops and unloading the ball. He knows where he is going and is decisive. This is a vast difference from Dirk’s offense where he constaly took deep drops and then was seen surveying the field. This will eliminate some mistakes, especially the fumbles, as many came after he stayed in the pocket for an extended period.

    -Simple route designs…….We are seeing more check downs used and other simple throws like screens for example. There is obvisously an emphasis on hitting the the checkdowns & simple play designs are going to be a cog in this offense. Don’t take a rocket scientist to realize this will help Winston get into a rhythm in games which has been a weakness.

    -Improved decision making……..This is a tricky one but Winston has done better in this department. Admittly the sample size is too small so far. Nonetheless he has made good decisions in first 2 drives. If you don’t believe me it’s cause you weren’t watching. Or just seeing what you wanna see.

    So keep bickering like babies……wah wah wah……..I’ll be excited to see us build on and perfect all those things mentioned above. I’ll have fun watching how much of a difference the QB whisperer can make. Y’all have fun keeping score of whose most right and whose most wrong.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Bobby M…….Problem with your story is that so far in 2 drives we are seeing Winston utilize his checkdowns……And you better believe that it’s going to continue.

    Don’t know if you are right he didn’t listen to Dirk or what the reason is but all’s that matters is the fact. And fact is Bruce is getting Winston to do things that Dirk didn’t….or couldn’t.

    Another aspect that’s worth following is Winston using his legs…..especially in the red zone. When Lovie was the HC he was able to utilize this weapon……6 rushing TDs I wanna say…….Dirk has not been able to get that out of Winston in his entire time here. That’s called wasting a weapon………I am very hopefully that Bruce will u derstand that Winston can make plays with his legs and will succeed in this area that Dirk failed. Just like he’s doing with checkdowns.

  46. tickrdr Says:

    Posted previously, please ignore.

    tickrdr Says:
    March 31st, 2019 at 12:49 pm
    Only two quarterbacks have played for the Bucs over the last two years.
    To my knowledge they have BOTH had:
    the SAME coaches,
    the SAME RBs,
    the SAME receivers,
    the SAME kickers,
    the SAME defenses,
    the SAME offensive line,
    etc., etc., (uniforms, locker rooms, game-day meals or other excuses).
    Ryan Fitzpatrick started 10 games and went 4 – 6.
    Jameis Winston started 22 games, and went 6 – 16.
    Now, I will admit that the opponents were different, but if you look at the records of the teams each one beat, you will again see that Fitz and the Bucs actually beat a few good teams, whereas Jameis’ best games came against inferior competition.
    Now again, to be as clear as I can, I am not saying that Fitzpatrick is better than Winston, but I am saying that America’s QB, ProBowler, #1 First Overall Pick in the NFL draft SHOULD be better (in his 3rd and 4th seasons in the NFL) than the journeyman, Ryan Fitzpatrick.


  47. Stanglassman Says:

    I don’t think Apocryphal means what King thinks it means.

  48. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Not to take anything away from you because I agree with your post……I would point out that those 2 drives took place when the score was 0-0…..

    Jameis makes many of his mistakes trying to come from behind…..far behind….and the defense is constantly giving up leads late in the game.

  49. JimmyJack Says:

    TBBF……..Much of the time when our team has gotten down big the offense was a contributing factor because they were not putting points on the scoreboard themselfs.

    Slow starts to football games were a very nasty problem with Dirk’s teams.

    This is a problem I don’t think we’ll see as much with Bruce. Using quick reads, utilizing checkdowns & having more balanced offense should help us get into a flow & rhythm.

    Another thing I like is that Bruce does not defer the kickoffs. That drove me crazy with Dirk. That stragety is fine and dandy…….but when it consistently comes back to bite you and you consistently surrender the lead before touching the ball then you must change the strategy.

    Why in the world stick with a strategy that fails most of the time? WHY!!!! WHHHHY!!!!!!!! It made no freaking sense and it really ticked me off!!!

  50. BucsBandit Says:


    The Defense has ZERO to do with how Jameis performs early in games, like opening drives (or the first 3 drives). JAMEIS has single handedly put us in a position to lose games very early with costly turnovers that shortened the field for the other team and forced us to ‘chase’ them from behind the entire game.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick excelled behind the same O-Line, and dealing with the same Defense that Jameis did.


    ALL of us true Bucs fans would love to see Jameis play well and us finally make the playoffs again. But until he proves it on the field that he can limit the terrible throws and costly turnovers (picks and fumbles) he hasn’t proven that he can be a solid NFL QB.

    I’m also not buying the “QB Whisperer” stuff about Arians until that is proven as well. Winston has thrown a lot of INTs during camp and scrimmages against the Dolphins. QBs certainly throw INTs in practice and learn to get better from it, but it’s not a great overall ‘trend’ from Jameis that he’s thrown a lot of INTs in camp when he already has a reputation for turning the ball over too much.

  51. Magadude Says:

    @Mark2001…quite a few I imagine. Some guys never get the chance. Imagine if Brady never got summoned off the bench, or if he didn’t have Belichick. Then there are guys that get chance after chance and never can get there (Mark Sanchez, etc). They say life’s not fair.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    The complexion of many of our games would have been entirely different if we could have jumped out to more leads over the years.

    And this team was built with a bigger focus on offense……That stands to reason that we can expect the offense to lead the way for us from time to time.

    I heard so much about how great the offense was but entering haltime on many occasions we had 7 points or less. It happened quite often. This is unacceptable to me and is not great despite how much they score in 2nd half. I call that inconsistent at best………..This kind of futility also seeps into the mindset and confidence of your defense. It’s the oppostite of complimentary football.

    Our offense never met my standards of being called great. But that’s just me. I got a feeling they look much better and more consistent this year.

  53. down in the dirt doug Says:

    Last season the Bucs were very predictable.Football is not my strong sport–yet I was able to guess nine out of ten plays in advance.This year they are unpredictable—great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One of the things that bothered me with our third down plays is that we would constantly be attempting a more difficult downfield pass……low percentage completion…..instead of like on 3rd & 5…..throw it for 6-8 yards……or, we would be 3rd & 5 and throw it 3 yards……

    I think Arians will have Jameis check it down much more often….hopefully Jameis will be comfortable with that…..he’s actually pretty accurate on the shorter passes.

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    BucsBandit…….That’s one of the most fairer comments I’ve read from you.

    I agree. I just happen to have more faith in Bruce then most do.

    My belief is most are too scared to have hope. Too many shattered dreams to keep trying……..Not me. Bucs dissapointments over the years has helped me develope thicker skin. I now know how to deal with disappointment. It has actual been a useful life lesson the Bucs have taught me. I fear no more.

  56. tmaxcon Says:


    so what’s your biased take on a why a bum like Tanneyhill can push your fragile hero do no wrong Mariota for his starting job?

    So far you math did not work out for glennon and your laughable comparisons to a bum quarterback like fritz leave you with very little credibility when evaluating quarterbacks. it’s all about results and results are not on your side… fritz played for every single damn team in the league twice… he’s awesome— lol way to reach… bringing fritz to argument about quarterbacks is like bringing a twinky to a gun fight.

  57. Cobraboy Says:

    JimmyJack Says:

    Another thing I like is that Bruce does not defer the kickoffs. That drove me crazy with Dirk. That stragety is fine and dandy…….but when it consistently comes back to bite you and you consistently surrender the lead before touching the ball then you must change the strategy.

    While I understand the desire of getting the ball to start the second half, I never understood why, with a horrendous defense, you’d want to let the other team score first.

    Deferring is fine…if you have a kick-ass D: three and out, punt, start at your own 35-40. But with the Bucs D, they started behind 7 on the 25.

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    The one thing I haven’t saw from Winston is seam passes. It is one of his most accurate throws and I figure that Bruce will recognize that and use it.

    Maybe he is saving it for Carolina? They got no time to prepare for our offense and I expect Bruce to hide some of our playbook until that game.

    I’m really looking forward to that game and I’ll make my early prediction now. 32-16……..You know who!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bandit

    The stats simply don’t support your assertion that Jameis puts us behind via turnovers…..not our defense.

    Last year he only threw 2 of his 14 picks in the 1st Qtr & 2 in the second…..

    10 of his 14 picks were thrown when the Bucs were behind.

    Jameis struggles when he tries to do too much….and he tries to do too much because the entire team doesn’t perform well.

  60. BucsBandit Says:



    Jameis Winston only played in 11 games. So those 4 INTs (if separate games) that he throws an interception in the critical 1st half of games *36%* of the time.

    And that doesn’t even count his FUMBLES.

    Let’s stop making excuses for Jameis Winston. He was a league worst in fumbles lost in 2017, and was one of the worst for INTs alone in 2018 based on the number of games he played.

    This is no one’s fault but Jameis Winston’s. If he doesn’t do better he’ll be out of the league.

  61. Pittsshore Says:

    As a reminder; the only drive for Apple McGoo this past game ended in a sack when we were in field goal range. Dumb as dirt just couldn’t remember to throw the ball away so we could salvage 3 points. This sack is a turnover in my books.

  62. tickrdr Says:

    Hi, tmaxcon:

    First, I have posted numerous times in the past, that I voted “trade down” in every single JBF poll re: 2015 draft, so I’m not sure why you think I have an opinion about the Mariota/Tannehill QB room in Tenn.

    Secondly, my post clearly compares Fitzpatrick’s performance to Winston’s performance over the last two years, playing for the SAME TEAM. Yet, Fitzpatrick, on a per game basis, posted MORE TDs, MORE passing yards, and had a better winning percentage than Winston. The only problem was that he threw even MORE INTs than Winston. Can you explain why the journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick outplayed America’s QB, ProBowler, #1 pick in the entire NFL draft, Jameis Winston?

    Lastly, I sometimes point out spelling or grammatical errors to our hosts at this website, mainly because their journalistic abilities are judged at least in part, by their command of the English language, as they are professional journalists. I don’t point out your spelling or grammatical errors, because I do not know your pedigree, that is if you are educated or not.
    My point is that Winston’s pedigree is that of the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Don’t you think he should be outplaying a journeyman like Fitzpatrick?

    Exit question: JimmyJack alluded to this in his excellent posts above. Since the Bucs’ defense has been less than stellar at times, shouldn’t Jameis and the Bucs’ offense be expected to win an occasional “shootout” where the defense was not playing well, especially since the team has been built with “weapons for Winston”. Did you know that in games where the opponents scored 24 or more points, the Bucs record is 4 – 33 over the last 4 years? Jameis was 0 – 9 last year, but they did win the game at NO with RF14.


  63. tickrdr Says:

    Here is an example from 2015:

    tickrdr Says:
    March 28th, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    @Tom Edrington:
    Not low standards, just low expectations. I’m just grateful they took Mike Evans and NOT Johnny Manziel. Now I’m worried they are about to make the Big JabooBoo. Still a member of the trade down crowd—-I know….. pitiful.


  64. tickrdr Says:

    Only one drive for Winston in PS game 2:

    I saw only four passes, and this is what I remember.
    The first one was five feet over the head of Mike Evans 6 foot 5 inch frame, and resulted in Mike looking po’d about the shot he took in the back on the play.
    The second was a perfect throw, in stride to OJ Howard for a nice gain.
    The third was a short completion to Brate, moving right to left, but that throw was behind him.
    The fourth was an incompletion, but don’t remember the details. Maybe someone can help.
    Only one drive, and too early to tell.


  65. tickrdr Says:

    Does everyone who mentions a poster that hates 93 and 8 get moderated?


  66. T REX Says:

    Winston fans are in for a long season.

  67. BigHog Says:

    If you love Fitz, then follow Fitz….he did and showed just what he has been in this league…then he got exposed!!! He can’t in my opinion hold FAMOUS’S jock strap! GO BUCS GO FAMOUS !!

  68. Stanglassman Says:

    Winston doubters are in for a long career.

    Winston derangement syndrome is so real someone wrote a 400 pg book about it. It’s not just race I really think most of them have been brainwashed by ESPN. RACE DOES play a part don’t get me wrong.

  69. Cobraboy Says:

    I refuse to accept that Winston’s performance under Koetter as the best Winston can be.

  70. D1 Says:


    You’re right on when you state Winston tries too much or too hard to make a play. Apparently, He believes a play is never dead. This has produced spectacular plays that remind everyone of how special He can be.

    But there’s the downside to that as well. Often this attitude gets the team in trouble. Turnovers or sacks is part of that never give up on a play mentality.

    The question is , based on actual results, why does Winston continue to try to hard? Can He play in that fashion and win? Based on trail and error over a 4yr career , where is the learning curve relative to the results this attitude has recorded. It’s not as if the results support this belief . In fact, its just the opposite.

    While I admire the never give up on a play attitude, there comes a point when a QB should realize that live to play another down is the smart choice and throw the ball out of bounds. Winston almost never does that. There’s a mental aspect of the game that all top QB’S have, that’s an understanding of the entire game. It’s referred to as Situational awareness. There’s been a 1000 reasons offered up as to why winston hasn’t been successful . Yet not one includes this key trait.

    I’m hoping that the new coaches can get winston thinking about the overall game instead of a single play. That isn’t an indictment of the previous coaches but perhaps the current group will be able to get winston to understand the importance of this idea. Honestly, I find it bizarre as to why such an intelligent player hasn’t learned this lesson on his own. Winston is a student of the game and this is a huge part of it. How or why is this missing is the question.

  71. T REX Says:

    Stan, stay away from the skyway bridge buddy. Life will go on.

  72. Oneilbucs Says:

    I rest my case!!! Have anyone watch the SF vs Denver??? This is the 4th are 5th quarterback that left the Patriots and was trash with another team. Jimmy G was great in new England. He never lost in New England and every body was saying how good he is and he’s a franchise quarterback and now look how bad he is playing with the 49ers !!! The Patriots is well coached and the team is and have been good but Brady got all the credit. Football is a team game not a quarterback game and there goes your proof. Look how Jimmy G played with the Patriots and now look at him with another team it’s a big difference . He don’t look to good !!! Lol lol . That’s why I say Jamies ain’t the problem with this team. But yall think that a quarterback solves all the problems on a team and that’s all you need. But look at Jimmy G with another team that’s not the Patriots it’s a big difference in how he looks with the 49ers vs the Patriots. So yall need to leave Jamies alone until we build a real team around him. Then I will agree with everyone who wants him gone!!!!! Lol lol lol lol !!!

  73. Reach87 Says:

    False narrative not backed up by any data. Yawn. Getting old. Go Bucs!

  74. July Joe Says:

    Fact: @Magadude thought the Bucs should have dumped Jameis to draft WILL GRIER, a guy who has been reported to possibly be CUT soon and who can’t even beat out the Panthers 3rd string QB …

    Lesson: Don’t listen to the deranged Bucs “fans” who know NOTHING about how to evaluate QBs.

  75. D1 Says:


    You are resting your case on a single preseason game. That’s smart.
    Jacoby Brissett is a QB who doesn’t fit the “He’s trash” story. So is the case lost….

  76. Oneilbucs Says:

    D1 he’s haven’t been the same guy since he left the Patriots!!!

  77. Pittsshore Says:

    To July Joe. July has passed and if only you would as well.

  78. Pittsshore Says:

    What will be higher in the season opener?….the number on JW jersey or the amount of turnovers he has??? Start a poll Joe

  79. RustyRhinos Says:

    So what happened to “The most NFL ready QB in a generation “? Did he forget how to play QB or is the NFL just a little bit more difficult than the ACC? I wonder how many Interceptions a game BA will tolerate? How many plays Jameis does his own playcalling without the HC and OC approval. I do like the concepts we hear being taught to Winston, about checking the ball down and letti g the receiver do their thing with the ball in hand. I do not know how well that will go over with the “fans” here at JBF. He will then be the same as Glennon. Captain checkdown.
    I have my fingers crossed that Winston has a great season.
    Go Bucs!

  80. Mike Says:

    Great take.

    1. Bruce Arians is healthier and has a big coaching staff
    2. Make or break year for Jameis
    3. Green dot to White.

    Did he need to come to Tampa for that take. Or just state the obvious.