Pulse Of The Fans – Camp Day 8

August 4th, 2019

Bad grades

It was a full house last night as fans, including the “Loose Cannons” fan group filled the Glazer Shed through an action-packed practice. Manbeast JoeBucsFan.com intern Zach Seifter caught up with various fans and asked them a few questions about the team. Here is what they had to say:

Question 1: On a scale of 1 to 32, where do you rank this offensive line in the NFL? Why that ranking?

Summary – There was a large variety of answers to this question, but they all fell around the same number. That number was twenty. Many fans felt that this offensive line in the bottom half of the league and into the twenties. Bucs fan Eric Devoe was particularly adamant that the Bucs offensive line isn’t where it needs to be. “I would have to say somewhere in the bottom half of the league, maybe 20. The Donovan Smith contract is the biggest problem in my eyes. I mean, we had to do it, but it hamstrings the rest of our offensive line, in my opinion. It’s not ideal, but it will get the job done, hopefully.”

Question 2: On a scale of 1 to 32, where do you rank the Buccaneers fan base? Why that ranking?

Summary  – This question too received a large variety of answers. A few fans put the team in the bottom half of the league, whereas others had them middle of the pack, and some even ranked the fans in the top 10. But when a few members of the “Loose Cannons,” fan group were asked this question, three of them said the Buccaneers had the No. 1 fan base in the NFL. They made sure to mention that when this team begins to win again, everyone will see how great the Tampa Bay fans are.

10 Responses to “Pulse Of The Fans – Camp Day 8”

  1. firethecannons Says:

    where the zach play by play notes? please soon–thx!

  2. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    I agree with the Bucs’ fans being ranked at the top of the league. It takes a lot of love and commitment to stick with a team that has been so sorry for so long.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Real Bucs fans are great.

    Unfortunately, there are far more duds.

  4. BucingFamous Says:

    I love the Bucs—I hate their fans. I’ve seen more excitement from fans at a high school football game. And the argument that “if the Bucs win THEN the fans will be better” is weak as hell and proves how bad the fans are.

    I met some visiting fans a couple of seasons ago who travel around the country who were shocked at how passive and boring the Bucs fans were during the game—and this was a game the Bucs won.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Buc fans are the best from anywhere and everywhere.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Ranking the fans is easy: Ticket sales. Jersey sales. Percentage of households watching on TV.

    I don’t think this fan base is anything more than average. And that is good considering the bad moves made by management beginning with the termination of Jon Gruden.

  7. Magadude Says:

    The turnout was the best I’ve seen all week (four practices attended, though one was private), but I was hoping it would have been better. Nothing like the Hard Knocks Stick Carriers practice and in fact, the “Loose Cannons” seemed like their rounds were long depleted.

    @ModHair…this fan “base” is okay…solid enough but not nearly as big as it needs to be, as it used to be. It’s the lost fan base that is most troubling. The die-hards are still engaged, but have dwindled for various reasons.

    I do agree with your fan ranking factors, but would call them indicators from the other side of the fence.

  8. Mike10 Says:

    OL is easily bottom third in the league. You had to sign Donovan (where else we’re you going to pick up a LT this year). I would have probably franchised him.

    Fan base: this is a great fan base. Anyone that was here during the 90s and early 2000s, that had something to cheer for, saw that. Problem is this franchise (ownership/management) ranks towards the bottom, if not close to last. Fact that people don’t come out to the games, well what do you expect from a crap product that’s consistently last in the division with cap issues and a franchise QB that’s unpredictable (on and off the field).

  9. Clw JB Says:

    As a mostly transplant area, the Bucs have to be winning to fill the stadium- there are just too many people not from here that are just not true fans, they are transplants and remain loyal to their “hometown”

    As a Tampa native and attending my first game at age 8, I have watched this phenomenon my entire life- 42 years later it’s exactly the same

    As to the OLine – #22 – bad tackles, unknown at RG, overpaid try hard at C – only Ali is a sure bet- little to no depth

    This is the area they are going to have to excel at with coaching and hopefor very few injury issues or we are toast

  10. KingCrabbLeggs Says:

    Bottom of the barrel. The O-line is really being exposed by this defense. For the past 3 years since Zek jumped in the Salvation Army kettle we are too small on both sides of the of the line. Suh and Veta are charging that but we still need to get bigger. I know everyone is going to start the scheme argument. I told in by my pewee coach once when I wanted to play LB and he made me a WR for the West Tampa Spartans, “Big and fast beats small and fast EVERY TIME”. Until we get the right kind of players we won’t win. All the coaching changes don’t matter gotta bust up these players. Peace GMC.

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