Preseason Game Analysis

August 24th, 2019

Bucs defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh chases down Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. (Photo coutesy of

There was a lot to like and lot to hate about the Bucs beating the Browns in their dress rehearsal for the regular season last night at the Den of Depression.

Shortly after the game, J.P Peterson of Fan Stream Sports reached back to his TV roots and posted a solid video recap of the game on his Twitter feed.

Joe will have a few quick observations here;

Whatever the Bucs were doing on the offensive line, well, things need to change. Joe is also confident Matt Gay is your new Bucs kicker, but that is hardly official.

And Joe thought it was promising that despite American’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, nearly getting maimed last night, he still put up better numbers than his first-overall-pick, Heisman-Trophy-winning counterpart Baker Mayfield.

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  1. Armybucsfan Says:

    Winston looked down right horrible. But can’t blame the man because he got less than 3 seconds before the O-line collapsed. Poor man was running for his life. What he needs to learn is when the line collapses to just tuck and run. Better than taking a sack or risking a INT.

  2. SB Says:

    I haven’t seen much at all that makes me optimistic about this season.
    This coming from a classic optimist. Hope I am wrong.

  3. DooshLaRue Says:

    I’m excited about our Defense, Dare44 and happy that we may have found our kicker.

  4. JGhoti86 Says:

    I commented this already, but it’s fitting for this post…

    Observations and thoughts from last night:

    1) not worried about Gay missing that kick last night from 37 yards (even though that range in the right hash is his “bugaboo”). In this instance he was playing the right to left wind and his leg is so powerful he doesn’t need to play the wind as much as other kickers, especially from that distance. He still hit it well and it wasn’t a complete miss kick. I’m proud he cane back and hit the game winner, no problem (2 game winners in two weeks).

    2) I am worried about the starting O-Line. I wasn’t the first 2 weeks (excluding a few missed assignments and turning guys free, but that’s correctable). Getting your ass beat one-on-one repeatedly all across the board is concerning. Gonna have to have above average special teams and a solid run game, of which to play action off of to buy time to throw the ball, to have any success on offense this year. Need Mike Evans to stay healthy too. Those will all be paramount to establishing any offense this year, especially as they learn and grasp this new offense and get acclimated and accustomed to it.

    3) I think Byron Leftwich has loads of potential and I trust BA’s judgement. I just wonder if currently BL is a little too inexperienced and lacks some maturity and experience that comes with age. That is going to be a growing process. It’s BA’s offense, but to think there’s no difference or it doesn’t matter or effect the offense when BL is calling plays as opposed to BA, you’re out of your mind. It just is. I wonder if BA calling plays in the Dallas game is BA realizing this or if he really is calling plays this Thursday so “BL can get ready for San Fran in week one…

    4) I’m proud of the defense. The defense is definitely more of a strength of our team compared to our offense at this current moment (did I really just say that?). They played great this week (and last week) and without arguably our 3 best defenders in Vea, JPP and David. Suh looked great last night too and so did the secondary (did I just say that too?). I have much more confidence in our defense and Todd Bowles than I do our offense, offensive line and Byron Leftwich currently. My, what a difference a year can make.

    4) Even with the bad offensive line play, I thought RoJo ran the ball well considering. And at times our run game looks effective. Dare Ogunbowale is the 3rd string RB and probably our best 3rd down back. He runs great routes, can catch the ball and is good in pass protection. Still had a ways to go improving, but I like where he is at and think he deserves the 3rd down back role in some situations. That block he had in pass protection on the Jordan Leggett TD was beautiful to watch.

    5) Whitehead deserves to be a starting Safety currently. He impressed me all preseason. Might not be a bad safety group if Mike Edwards can show up and stay healthy and if Justin Evans can get healthy as well. I think Darrian Stewart (once he learns the defense and gets more comfortable) will be decent depth. But of the available safeties who played and aren’t injured, Whitehead is by far the best of that group. He deserves to start at one of the 2 Safety positions.

    6) Griffin deserves to make this team. He won’t make it the practice squad (yes, he is still eligible) if you waive him. He will get picked up guaranteed.

    7) Tanner Hudson also deserves a spot. Especially mueller with Brate being out injured and Antony Auclair getting injured last night too. And I think you have to keep 5 ILB as Cichy deserves a roster spot. That guy has potential. Go back and watch the Wisconsin game against USC in the bowl game. He just has to stay healthy. But you have to keep 5 at that spot. David, Bucannon, Minter, White and Cichy. I think you at least keep him for the first 4 games (for special teams alone and solid depth) while Ryan Smith serves his 4 game suspension and reevaluate then.

    I’ll stop there!

    p.s. “Nacho” deserves some playing time. And we made what some consider to be the most exciting young quarterback in the game in Baker Mayfield look very unexciting and bad. He was like 10 of 26 in completions (without JPP, Vea and David). Bowles is a blessing! We held the Browns to under 150 TOTAL yards.

  5. Buc1987 Says:


  6. Defense Rules Says:

    JP Peterson hit the nail on the head: the OLine stunk it up last night. And as he said, they’ll be our ‘Achilles Heel’ unless we make some changes.

    Was disappointed with what I heard from Marpet in that video clip. After 4 years on the job, no way we should be talking about games like this as being ‘a learning experience’. Horsepuckey. These guys aren’t rookies. They’re the 4th most highly paid OLine in the NFL. Learning time is over. Earn your pay; no excuses.

  7. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Joe is at it again making excuses for his boy Jay Miss. Granted, the offensive line was “offensive.” However, there was nothing about Jay Miss’s performance last night that gives anyone hope. This looks like yet another sub .500 year.

  8. Tony1775 Says:

    Still waiting for Jameis to show he is a Franchise QB. Happy about secondary, and overall D looks improved. O line is still suspect and has been an issue, and will not help Jameis.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Defense looks much better…….

    The much maligned Ryan Smith can damn sure tackle…..

    Nacho ain’t bad….

    Tanner Hudson is a keeper.

    Ryan Griffin is our # 2…..or should be, injury to Gabbert or not.

    Matt Gay will be our kicker…..younger, cheaper, stronger leg, 4 year rookie contract, used a draft pick for him……he’s the kicker and likely always was.

    Jamal Dean looks good and will get better.

    DBs flying around jamming….covering…..exciting.

  10. NPRSageBoy Says:

    I don’t think I’m breaking anyone’s dream, but this 2019 Bucs team looks a hellava lot worse than last year’s 5-11 squad.

    Just sayin’ …..

  11. NPRSageBoy Says:

    this 2019 Bucs team looks a hellava lot worse than last year’s 5-11 squad.

    Just sayin’ …..

  12. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Put Cappa (who never was a G) at RT, move the Earl of Watford to RG and actively watch the wire for help. Let Dotson play the backup swing tackle.

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Our weapons are useless, against a team with a real pass rush, as Cleveland demonstrated last night. Let’s all hope we can pick up some better O Linemen, and soon.

  14. Cgmaster27 Says:

    @tony1977 its comments like yours that are contradictory and just plain stupid. Hey our offensive line played like high schoolers ,but I cant believe Jameis cant succeed behind that line.

  15. NOSBOS Says:

    And you folks wanna do away with pre season. It takes most O line about a month into the season to all gel’d up. Lack of hitting in the off season and collegiate spread offense is killing professional o line play.

  16. mixxx31 Says:

    NPRSageboy, you are the dumbest of all the dummies in Dumbville!

  17. TonyC Says:

    They’re better defensively because the talent believes in the coaching and scheme. I believe this will be a top 20 defense this year giving up 20 on average. As far as the offense is concerned I still maintain they’re not showing much in the pre season. Still see them beating Frisco in opener.

  18. Dapostman Says:

    I remember when the Patriots lost to KC and all Belichick would say after the game was, “we’re on to Cincinnati.” Idiot Buc fans lamenting on one preseason game that will be forgotten forever once they kick off the 2019 season.

  19. TOM Says:

    Let me just say first off, Hudson should be a lock. Next we have two decent linemen, Maret & Jensen. The rest suck. Watson & Bobo should be 4th & 5th wr. Miller on PS. Next, I know this will never happen but going by pre season play Griffin should be our starting QB. Just sayin. Dare should be 3rd back. Nough said.

  20. Nptbuc Says:

    Another observation that I haven’t seen mentioned in any of the posts, though I may have missed it. Does anyone offer a grade on our “ new” special teams units- especially the punt team? Not a very good sign to see your kicker laying on his back after barely getting a kick( or what sometimes resembled a kick) off. First two kicks, he was clobbered. They didn’t show replays but assume that it was his own men being blocked into him. He was major league pressured on every touch. First two “ kicks” left the Browns in great field position. Thank God the D showed up big. We just can’t continue to let that kind of penetration to continue or we will be in big trouble. Punters don’t do much for field position when on their backs. Did I miss something positive about the punting unit???

  21. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    My observation is to start looking at the draft for next year.

  22. sco pederson Says:

    yes, the Oline looked very bad.

    Is it all their fault?

    No. Even the announcers stated that JW needs to go to his checkdowns when nothing is there and that is true whether your OLine holds up for 5 secs or for 3 secs. Top tier QBs make adjustments at the line with their Pre-reads, they also make quick reads if the line is collapsing by either hitting a RB in the flat or a TE/WR crossing which on replay it was evident Winston wanted to go deep when the crossing route was wide open underneath and probably would have gotten the 1st down.

    Some things never change.

  23. Bobby M. Says:

    ONE injury to the o-line and we’re screwed…..We’ve overpaid grossly for mediocre players other then Marpet.

  24. Destinjohnny Says:

    After 6 Jason drafts here we sit…..

  25. Clean House Says:

    I think we should sign Licht to lifetime contract, his OL expertise is undeniable

  26. orlbucfan Says:

    JGhoti86 Says:
    August 24th, 2019 at 1:13 pm
    Appreciated the very thoughtful and astute comments. That’s why I put up with the dimwits on here. Hope you post more throughout the season. 🙂

  27. Franklin 813 Says:

    JP Peterson ? I’ll pass….

  28. JGhoti86 Says:


    Thank you and much appreciated. Very kind of you to say and thanks for reading!

  29. StRicKn Says:

    So sick of the hate for this team from the fans. Show some M.F. Support and believe. Sure Winston didn’t do anything on the stat board. We may finally have a defense. Suh got more pressure in one half than I can remember McCoy having in a full game, it’s been that long. Vea and Suh are gonna be a terror on offensive lines. We will be ready week 1 and gonna pound the Niners. LETS GO!! GO BUCS!! FIRE THE CANNONS!!

  30. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs better find a pass rush from somewhere else its gonna be a long long season. Then Browns got a smoking one huh?

  31. PSLBob Says:

    I think JGhoti86 summed it up nicely and seems as though others have similar thoughts. Exactly my feelings. And consider that the defense is still holding back some of its more exotic schemes for the regular season. Should be exciting. However, I’ve had this optimism way to often, only to be greatly disappointed. Just have to wait and see how it plays out, but right now the D looks pretty damn good!

  32. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Somewhere DJax has a HUGE sheet eating grin on his face

  33. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Facing a tougher defense with considerably less talented blockers in front of him, Winston put up better numbers than did his counterpart who faced a much weaker D-Line. That by itself is ENOUGH SAID.

    Winston had 2-3 bad throws the entire night. One of his deep passes was a combination of pass interference (no call) and poor effort by the WR, and the other one he badly missed. He looks like one of the Top 10 QBs in the NFL IMO, however, with the OL in front of him, he is not going to have a good year at all.

    Of course, your typical know-nothing fan, will love to pin the Bucs’ woes on the QB, or the coaching staff, or anyone and anything that isn’t actually the problem: the GM for failing to put all of the needed pieces together despite having all the tools needed to do so.

  34. Dom>Licht Says:

    Not a Jamies fan BUT the guy has not had a chance behind this awful OL. Weapons for Winston should have been 3 Straight drafts taking Ol in first and 2 Nd round. Licht sucks!

  35. BetterBucFan Says:

    I was rewatching the game, and a few of the sacks were certainly not the O-line’s fault. Jameis moving in the pocket, trying to find someone open, instead of tucking and running led to sacks. The only real embarrassing plays were when both tackles got clowned and when Cappa got his ass beat by by Richardson (both times).

  36. Snook Says:

    Wake me up when the games start that actually involve game planning. Then we can make some real evaluations.

  37. Jeagan1999 Says:

    What we see on the field is a direct result of how Licht has built this team…and it’s not good. Our Oline is down right “offensive”. Our RB’s are arguably the worst collection in the league. Our QB is in a “make-it or break-it” fifth and final season to show he can crack even the middle tier of NFL starters (that is if our Oline doesn’t get him killed first). Our defense is…..I don’t even know what our defense is….all I know is we don’t seem to be able to get consistent pressure on opposing QB’s, and our secondary is…at best….a work in progress. To be fair, we do have a nice group of WR’s and TE’s….but that can’t be the only group producing for us. There is a real lack of “elite” talent n this team…and it’s elite players who take teams to playoffs and SuperBowls!

  38. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    I quit caring about anything JP Peterman has to say a long time ago, and I’m a Jameis supporter. It was a great day in Tampa when they kicked him off of WDAE because his constant White Grievance whining.

  39. Echase Says:

    Licht refuses to draft quality d line or o lineman. Even when they are there in the draft. And he sucks at CAP be ause we have no money.