News, Notes & Nuggets From Monday’s Practice

August 13th, 2019

Practice notes from the Glazer Shed!

Another indoor practice in shells and shorts Monday before Miami landed in Tampa to practice against the Bucs on today and Wednesday leading up to Friday’s preseason game. Here is what happened:

*Light crowd inside the Glazer Shed as dark clouds cluster around One Buc Place.

*Individual drills kick off as the QB’s, WR’s and TE’s go to work. All other position groups find an area of the field and begin their drills.

*The injury report doesn’t change: Mike Edwards, Vita Vea, Lavonte David, Anthony Nelson, Shaq Barrett and Scotty Miller are all being held out from different ailments.

*Also not practicing today is Ndamukong Suh, as he gets another veteran day off. Demar Dotson joined him.

*The first 11-on-11 session gets started. The first-team defense came out ready to play, stopping two rushing plays at the line of scrimmage and forcing an incomplete pass from Jameis to O.J. Howard. Jordan Whitehead covered Howard very well.

*The second-team defense follows it up strongly, playing the run well and not allowing Gabbert to do more than complete one pass 15 yards downfield to Justin Watson. Gabbert would’ve been sacked in a real game on that play, too.

*Action!!! A young boy runs onto the field trying to meet the players during 11-on-11. A security guard stops him at midfield and picks him up to take him to the sidelines. While walking back, the security guard trips and falls with the boy in his arms! The kid starts crying as the guard carries him the rest of the way.

*Time for the kicking competition. After a stellar showing from Matt Gay yesterday, it was Cairo Santos’ turn to steal the show. Santos has a strong day, missing just one kick, with his longest coming from 54 yards out. It’s going to take more than that to beat out the rookie from Utah, though.

*11-on-11 returns and Jameis targets Howard twice. On the second, Carlton Davis is there over the middle to break up the pass, but it was definitely borderline pass interference.

*Great play by the second-team defense. Blaine Gabbert runs a play-action fake that results in a short screen pass to the RB but linebacker Dare Odeyingbo is all over it and makes the tackle in the backfield.

*Third-team offense comes in and tries to run a halfback screen to the other side. Ryan Griffin flips the ball to Andre Ellington, and he turns on the jets, bursting downfield for a huge gain.

*The offense sets up shop at the defense’s 21-yard line. On the first play, Evans beats Carlton Davis over the middle on an inside move and Jameis delivers a dart that gets Evans the TD reception.

*Evans’ number is called again on the next play as he runs a short crossing route. Jameis dumps the ball to him and Evans turns the corner for a 10-yard gain.

*On the next play, Jameis looks over the middle to Howard but a wounded duck comes out of his hand. Safety Kentrell Brice sits in the end zone and waits for the ball to fall into his hands as he nabs the interception.

*Vernon Hargreaves and Carlton Davis are seen on the sidelines running 50-yard sprints from.

*The third team now in, Ryan Griffin pretends he’s playing dodgeball as he nails tight end Jordan Leggett in the back on a sharp throw over the middle. Leggett hadn’t turned around yet as Griffin rushed the throw due to the pass rush.

*The first team offense starts at the 1-yard line. On 1st-and-10, Peyton Barber takes the rock up the middle for a 3-yard gain.

*2nd-and-7 at the 4-yard line. Jameis hands the ball off again, this time to Ronald Jones. Jones is stopped for a 1-yard gain.

*3rd-and-6. Jameis looks Chris Godwin’s way on the right side but the pass falls incomplete.

*Second team on the field. On 1st-and-10, Dare Ogunbowale gets the carry and takes the ball 4 yards up the middle.

*2nd-and-6. Gabbert is under heavy pressure and flips it to Antony Auclair, and he makes a crazy one-handed catch for a 3-yard gain.

*On 3rd-and-3, Gabbert looks to Leggett on the right side but his pass falls incomplete. Another win for the defense.

*Third team features two nothing-special carries by Dare Ogunbowale gets the carry followed by an overthrow by Griffin.

*The field is flipped and the offense now has 1st-and-goal at the 5-yard line. The first play is a fade pass from Jameis to Evans. Evans comes down with the ball but Hargreaves makes a heads-up play and pushes Evans out of bounds before he can get his feet down.

*Next play, touchdown! Jameis again goes to Evans on a fade route. Carlton Davis has tight coverage, but Evans makes a one-handed grab for the TD!

*Second team in now. Davis gets targeted again, this time by Gabbert as he looks for Justin Watson in the flat. Gabbert completes the pass to Watson but Davis pushes Watson out of bounds at the 1-yard line. Davis steps off after the play.

*Davis and Hargreaves once again walk over to the 45-yard line and run sprints from sideline-to-sideline while the second team is in.

*The third team takes the field and the offense immediately makes a great play. DaMarkus Lodge runs a fade route to the left of Ryan Griffin. Griffin throws a beautiful pass to Lodge, who soars over Ryan Smith and taps his toes just inbounds for the TD!

20 Responses to “News, Notes & Nuggets From Monday’s Practice”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Santos had a strong day, missing all but one kick??? lol

  2. Says:

    Why does 3 and out from inside or own 5 smell so familiar?

  3. TOM Says:

    No mention of Schnell or Hudson.

  4. Tval Says:

    Good red zone lesson for Jameis. Take the points. Seems he hesitated and saw the defender and threw off his rhythm. Risk/reward is his BIGGEST need for the team. BULLETS ARE BEST zone red zone. Let a defender EARN that i.n.t.

  5. Gofortheface30 Says:

    DARIAN STEWART!!! Great pickup

  6. Pittsshore Says:

    Sign the security guard now! It appears that he may be the only one that can make a tackle.

  7. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    TOM Says:
    “No mention of Schnell or Hudson.”

    No, but apparently there is another Dare Alphabetski on the team? How many can there be? My brain is only big enough to handle one African name at a time, and now *overload* I can’t remember either one of them.

    I will call them Dare O and Dare D (offense and defense).

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    no mention of the play calling?…..folks sure were worried about BL calling plays…..

    BL did a great job!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    This one seems shorter than they’ve been lately. Still a great job though!

    Sound like the second defense is trying harder to make plays.

  10. Kristhian Vejarano Says:

    Why people keep making this kicker competition about Santos innability to kick 55+ yards field goals. We know what Santos can and cant do. Our offense is good enough to move the ball down field easy making Santos the best option for at least one more year. Keep the rookie and get him ready to replace Santos next year.

  11. Magadude Says:

    Pittshore, but it was the boy who brought down the security guard. He’s the one to sign! Hopefully Bucs AND the kid’s parent whoever was responsible for him have a good sense of humor.

  12. Magadude Says:

    @Kristhian…the Bucs I’m sure are thankful that Cairo came on and helped them out last year, and he produced on conversions and many shorter yardage FGs. But the offense did have a problem with getting into the end zone once inside the 40 or so. FGs from inside 50 yards should be a higher % than they’ve been. I am betting he will be kicking somewhere in the NFL this year, certainly here if something changes at this point where Gay doesn’t pan out or can’t play. I am betting they will use Santo on most of the shorter yardage stuff in preseason to add to Cairo Santos’s video resume and spread the load. In the meantime no reason to pay double in the regular season, even if they are only about $1M apiece. I think the biggest question could be if they trade him to another team who needs a K “now” before he gets cut later. But he’ll play.

  13. Kristhian Vejarano Says:

    @Magadude the problem is this team cant afford to lose games because of missed extra points and short field goals. I believe this offense will not be needing 50+ yard field goals this year and currently Santos is the more accurate kicker. In addition to the kicker issues we had in the past I dont believe is a wise decision to throw the kid out there right now when the fans are already fed up with the pilling loses for the past 10 years. Too much presure equals Aguayo 2.0
    The perfect scenario would be to keep them both unfortunately you cant used 2 roster spots on kickers. I do believe Gay has a lot of potential but dont need to rush him. Specially this were this team
    needsplayoffs at least.

  14. Pittsshore Says:

    I doubt it but just maybe the Bucs are holding on to Cairo for a package deal trade. Not sure if they are that smart. Odds are there will be another kicker go down to injury or just simply have a poor preseason showing.

  15. Kristhian Vejarano Says:

    If the plan is to trade him they need to showcase him the next 2 preseason games.

  16. StonedBuc Says:

    VH3 and Davis running sprints is telling me those 2 WANT the starting jobs. Any and all corners should be follwing suit. I guarantee the coaches notice who is putting in the work to go above and beyond. You have to be able to hit another level of enduramce to win games in december.

  17. StonedBuc Says:

    Can we practice outside? This shed shyt is just dumb.

  18. Chip Chipperson Says:

    Int was OJ’s fault…BA said he ran the wrong route and it would’ve been a TD if he did run it correctly.

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    Gabbert is garbage!!! Griffin doesn’t get the respect because he’s never played in a regular season game. I remember last year in TC and pre season games he was making some really nice throws, also. People hate on him but he no doubt should be the #2.

  20. SOEbuc Says:


    You must be getting the good medical ganja. Practices were cancelled or cut short when the dark clouds rose. Which is every day. I’m not even sure how they stretched out when they had to run off the field for lightning. And my personal opinion is we don’t have many players with serious injuries (knock on wood) because we haven’t had to practice in the blazing humidity every day of the week.