Perriman Next Big Thing?

August 16th, 2019


A lot of national types believe the Bucs will take a step back in passing because of two receivers who are no longer on the roster, Adam Humphries and malcontent DeSean Jackson.

If one were to argue the Bucs will miss Humphries, Joe agrees. If you want an idea how much influence Bucco Bruce Arians has on personnel, note that on the day he was introduced as Bucs coach, AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht said he would do everything in his power to keep Humphries, and with just a little creative bookkeeping, Licht had the cash to do so.

Humphries is now playing in Nashville, and not at the Grand Ole Opry.

Jackson? Man, people have gone through boxes of Kleenex over this guy, who may have been the most overrated receiver Joe’s ever seen. Joe guesses he’s a PlayStation warrior because Joe never saw his greatness during a Bucs game.

Joe is convinced trading Jackson was addition by subtraction.

Case in point, the addition of Breshad Perriman. In his drive-by, in-depth analysis of the Bucs, Albert Breer of Twittered Perriman just might make a huge splash.

@AlbertBreer: The WR group has a chance to be really good. Mike Evans has focused on his conditioning, so he can maintain his level in a downfield-focused offense, and that’s showing up. Chris Godwin’s a really good fit for Bruce Arians’ scheme. And Breshad Perriman’s been a nice surprise.

Something Arians said earlier in training camp, it was almost a throwaway line, really caught Joe’s attention: America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, and Perriman seemingly had a chemistry between them from the first day. The two clicked.

That quickly reminded Joe of when former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter talked about the non-chemistry between Jameis and Jackson. Koetter noted chemistry is a funny thing that rarely can be forced. Koetter remarked that on the first day he saw Jameis work with Cam Brate the two “clicked” immediately. To this day, Brate is one of Jameis’ favorite targets.

So this has Joe stoked that Perriman just might blow up with the Bucs.

As for why Jameis and Jackson never clicked, well, it may have helped if Jackson didn’t purposely run routes at different speeds in games than he did in practices.

Right DeSean?

33 Responses to “Perriman Next Big Thing?”

  1. Snook Says:

    The way you describe Jackson is how a lot of Bucs fans feel about McCoy.

  2. Swampbuc Says:

    Joes — love your calling DJax out on that, it was obvious. And why? Why would he want a teammate to fail at the expense of the entire team?

  3. Swampbuc Says:

    @Snook — comparing DJackson to McCoy is like comparing Charles Lee to Stylez White.

  4. Rob Tanner Says:

    DeSean is gone, I’m glad he’s dead. Dead to me, as you can see.

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m not shocked if Perriman’s cut before the season is over – and I’d be shocked if he blows up, unless that means he blows up because he’s 6th on the depth chart.

    Hope I’m wrong, will be a nice surprise and for a pure speed guy, if he can be more than that, it’s a great bonus. But come on, this is a guy cut from the Redskins last year, and they had the worst WR group in the NFL. He wasn’t even good enough to play for them – and we handed him the third down WR role because of a couple of good games in Cleveland? Seems like such a risky pickup, in terms of relying on him that highly. But, again, if I’m wrong, then it’s fantastic news for the team – so I’ll gladly be wrong.

  6. Ben real Says:

    Joe your observation about Jackson is untrue … coming to Tampa put a dent in his career .. and when his career ends I will simply inform you I told you so 6 years after he retires that he would end up in the hall and I will also tell you that had he chosen philly over Tampa he would have been a first ballot hall of famer along with a ring to go with his career … jameis hurt his numbers for 2 years … Tampa wouldn’t have hurt him had Fitz been his an for the whole 2 years he was here as a starting QB … not saying we would have won more games … just saying his numbers wouldn’t have missed a beat…. because of jameis he hurt himself number wise because he purposely moved himself down the chart in minutes played and “injury” which I don’t believe he was hurt

  7. Ben real Says:

    I will inform you 6 years after IF your website is still up and running … I will wager that when he goes in the hall of fame we will all sit and wonder “ damn do you remember that ? Wonder what happened to that website”

  8. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Calm down DeSean

  9. The Fighting Schiano’s Says:

    Go home Ben, you’re drunk.

  10. unbelievable Says:

    way too much booze for a few people it seems.

    Chemistry is definitely important. Perriman was pretty nasty in college. If he can stay healthy I think he can easily put up 600+ yards.

  11. D1 Says:


    How do conclude that DJAX is overrated? If you believe that He’s a one trick pony , strictly go routes, his speed and ability to beat the defender deep is tops in the league. He’s a threat to take it to the house on every reception.
    Last year, didn’t he have 3 scores of 70 yds or more.

    One thing is certain, there is a portion of his game that’s so underrated it’s bordering on journalistic incompetence or sheer blindness for it to go unnoticed. DJAX is a great, not good, great …route runner. This hasn’t always been the case. But it is now. He routinely makes even the best DB’s look average on routes that you don’t associate with him. And Hes doing this with technique and recognition of defensive sets not just speed. This is probably the reason why his route tree has expanded in recent years.

    I agree with your conclusions that this is a situation of addition thru subtraction. DJAX doesn’t fit the profile of the type of player the team is acquiring. A terrible fit for the team. However, that doesn’t diminish his ability or talent. Which is nothing short of special. Is he overrated. …I guess it’s all in how you rate him and what the rate is judged by. Production or Potential.

    Production, overrated. Potential…underrated.

  12. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    Rod i sure hope ur wrong cuz id love for him n godwin blow up n evans still hit his normal. That would make this “won”(that was on purpose) badass passing game

  13. Magadude Says:

    We need to see Winston start hitting receivers in stride (much more). Period. Big plays where guys like DJax and now Perriman can use their speed to get long TDs, and in general increase YAC will reap big rewards. I can only imagine how awful Winston would have been had he not had guys like Evans and VJax (Winston’s first year) with big a catch radius.

  14. BucEmUp Says:

    Jackson wasnt over rated, he has talent. Hes just a little b!tch! He gave mo effort. He woll gove more effort in philly. I really hope he gets knocked the F out

  15. Pittsshore Says:

    DJax 2.0 = badly thrown deep balls.

  16. Jonzey Says:

    Evans, Godwin, Perriman, Watson, Wilson, and Scott are the Wide Receivers

  17. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    WR’s and TE’s have not been a problem with the the offense in 4 years….actually it has been a strength waiting to be taken advantage of by the QB

  18. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Scotty Miller is a similar player to DJax. He is fast and not too tall and will probably have the same problem developing chemistry with Jameis.

    I would much rather see Spencer Schnell get a chance to make this team.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    Look, DJax is no longer a Buc. He and Jameis didn’t ‘click’ and DJax is who he has ALWAYS been, a prima dona!
    Lets not get it twisted though. DJax did not purposely tank for Jameis. Maybe after a few dozen overthrows and underthrows he didn’t give 100% but lets not put our heads in the sand here. There isn’t a single WR in the league that does not want the football and score TDs so that they can do their little prima dona endzone dance and drive up their worth for free-agency. So don’t give me this crap that he was running “half-speed” for Jameis so that he couldn’t score more TDs and therefore take a pay cut with his next team. That’s such a lazy statement!
    Leave it at, “they had no chemistry” and call it a day. DJax was an established WR long before Jameis came in to the NFL. We knew what he was when we signed him in the 1st place!
    I hope that Perriman’s speed doesn’t get wasted and he develops the chemistry that Jameis and DJax never had.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am on record several times that I believe Perriman will outperform & equal or exceed Djax’s production….
    A motivated Perriman with chemistry with Jameis beats a unmotivated Djax without chemistry.

  21. Ben real Says:

    Perriman won’t out perform deez nuts … you guys give hype to overrated players …. mike Evans and Chris Godwin are the only good receivers on this team … Winston will struggle getting the ball to Perriman just like desean … jameis can not hit speed recievers unless they are running screen

  22. NOSBOS Says:

    You folks swear you know the inner thinking of these coaches but you be so far off it is ridiculous. BA lust for speed, BP has an abundance. He ain’t going no where. To my eye the light has clearly come on for BP in this system. Last week on what you dorks call a Jameis overthrow to him early in that game clearly wasn’t. BP was given a 10 yard cushion by the defender, he ate it in a few strides. Once he stacked the cb he clearly switched gears. Something he probably doesn’t do much in practice. The ball had been thrown as if he was in the next gear the whole take off that’s why it was slightly over his head. BP was seen on the cameras explaining to Jameis this very thing. I read Jameis mouth saying “my bad” but it wasn’t Jameis bad BP knew it. But having an addition like him in the off season yet another player who has experience in this league makes the potential of this offense to be one the best this league has ever seen.

  23. Ben real Says:

    And those who say I been drinking … you guys are nothing but buc fans and if there was no bucs you wouldn’t watch football just a bunch of homos being homers at home

  24. NOSBOS Says:

    Shout out to the homie P Cody,I know you tuned in kinfolk.

  25. Pittsshore Says:

    Just watch what DJax does this year with a real pro QB

  26. Jeff Says:

    Jackson was intentionally altering his speed to make Jameis look bad. If you watched the games you could see it.

  27. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jeff Says:
    August 16th, 2019 at 8:08 am
    Jackson was intentionally altering his speed to make Jameis look bad. If you watched the games you could see it.
    OMF’n Gawd !!!!!!!!!

  28. bucsfan561 Says:

    I think Perriman has more to lose than desean did! I think breshad finally gets it & this will be his best season in the NFL!

  29. NOSBOS Says:

    See the league Execs know what time it is, I recall Joe saying during the either the coaches meeting or the combine how most were oohing and aahing over BA and Licht adding BP because they already know what BA is capable of doing with a player especially a WR that many here feel won’t even make the final 53 man. Psst, what a crock.

  30. NOSBOS Says:

    Just like me saying all summer josh Allen game is soft and then an Exec tells Joe personally “he doesn’t play violent”. Translation, he soft.

  31. Capt Kidd Says:

    Jackson openly admitted that he ran a different speed during games than he did at practice. He said Jameis wanted to practice with him at full speed and D-Jax went full Iverson on him and said he wasn’t going to practice full speed cuz he was a vet and was saving himself for game days. That’s the reason they never developed chemistry.

  32. tired buc fan Says:

    DJax was a joke. Another Licht mistake. Glad hes gone. Schnel is going to be good where ever he lands. Hope its in TB

  33. Ptwalk Says:

    Well I was at the Wednesday Dolphins practice and BP was having his way against their dbs. My brother and I watched the first team offense the whole time. And after Evans and Godwin, BP showed why he is 3rd WR. Also want to add that Watson was also impressive.