More News & Notes — A Deeper Look At Saturday Night’s Practice

August 5th, 2019

Yes, Joe shared happenings at Saturday night’s practice inside the Glazer Shed. (Click here) Below are more notes and a lot of nuggets to get you through your Monday morning.

*Individual drills between QB’s and WR’s kick off followed by the the offense practicing formations. Jameis Winston makes calls at the line of scrimmage and then runs a quick walk-through play.

*11-on-11 work begins and chants of, “Defense!” come from the fans. The “Loose Cannons” fan group has kicked up the energy.

*Offense inside their own 5-yard line and it’s ground-and-pound football.

*Jameis goes back to pass and finds Mike Evans on the right side for first down yardage.

*Gabbert comes in and goes over the middle to tight end Tanner Hudson and it is nearly picked by Jordan Whitehead, but Hudson wrestles the ball away! Great effort by Hudson.

*Another player in shorts today, joining Lavonte David (knee) and Ndamukong Suh (veteran day) is third-round pick Jamel Dean. Not sure what the issue is for him.

*A lot of short passes and dump offs thus far through 11-on-11. Defense is looking good early on, not giving up any big plays.

*Earl of Watford (aka Earl Watford) is starting at right tackle today and lines up against Vita Vea. Watford keeps him on the outside as Jameis steps up and slings a dime to Evans 40 yards down the field! The crowd roars after the play!

*Gabbert comes in and doesn’t do anything. A couple of incompletions are the result of his turn in the drill and Jameis steps back in.

*Andre Ellington lines up on Kevin Minter on the outside. Ellington makes a quick move and is wide-open down the right sideline but Jameis overthrows him slightly.

*Ryan Griffin in now and fires to Anthony Johnson on the right sideline but Johnson drops the ball. When walking back, Johnson gets an earful from Arians, who erupted when he saw the ball hit the ground.

*In the latest edition of the kicking competition, Matt Gay steps up and misses his first kick, a 33-yarder, or an NFL extra point. He comes back and drains the next one.

*Gay doesn’t miss again, hitting every kick, including a 62-yard FG that gets the entire place on its feet! Some serious energy in this crowd today.

*7-on-7 play begins and it’s a lot of dink and dunk play from Jameis. He is checking it down a lot today.

*Gabbert comes in and does more of the same.

*More drops. Gabbert looks for Scotty Miller 10 yards down the field and his pass goes right through Miller’s hands.

*11-on-11 now and Jameis immediately looks for CHris Godwin down the field on a 50-50 ball. Godwin soars over M.J. Stewart but can’t come up with the ball. Nice effort by Stewart to knock the ball away.

*Offense driving on the defense now. Drive begins at midfield and Ronald Jones takes a carry 20 yards on first down.

*First-and-10 at the defense’s 31-yard line. RoJo gets the call again and breaks a few tackles for an 11-yard gain.

*1st-and-10 at the 20. On the play-action pass, Jameis looks to Godwin in the left corner of the end zone and hits him for the touchdown! The crowd goes nuts on the play. Gay nails the PAT.

*Second team now begins at midfield.

*1st-and-10. Bruce Anderson gets the carry and takes it up the middle for a 4-yard gain.

*2nd-and 6. Inside handoff goes to Anderson who is stuffed in the backfield for a 2-yard loss. Nice play for the defense.

*3rd-and-8. Gabbert hits Anderson in the flat but he’s brought down by Anthony Nelson at the 44.

*62-yarder for Gay again but this time he sends it wide left.

*Third team sets up at midfield. It’s a three-and-out. Win for the defense.

*Second returns for 1st-and-10; Gabbert fumbles the snap and the play is whistled dead.

*2nd-and-10. Gabbert holds onto the ball too long and Jeremiah Ledbetter gets there for the sack.

*False start on the offense sets up 3rd-and-24. Gabbert hits Bruce Anderson over the middle but he’s brought down at the offense’s 44. Punt time.

*Third team on again and it’s another easy win for the third-team defense.

*Second-team offense on again. On first down the defense jumps offsides.

*1st-and-5 and Ogunbowale gets the carry. He is taken down after gaining first-down yardage.

*1st-and-10. Anderson gets the rock and he takes it 6 yards up the middle. He goes for two years on second down. The offense then rushes to the line on third down Anderson gets it again and squeaks out the first down at the 29 yard line.

*1st-and-10 and Gabbert throws a screen to Anderson. He gets 2 yards up field before being tripped up by Beau Allen.

*2nd-and-8: Gabbert gets rushed quickly but he gets the throw off to Tanner Hudson. Hudson gets tackled at the 21, a yard short of the first down.

*3rd-and-1. Ogunbowale gets the carry and is swallowed up by the defense in the backfield.

*4th-and-1. Gay comes out for a 41-yarder and sends it through.

*First team offense sets up at the defense’s 32. RoJo runs it right and falls at the right hash and the offense sprints off the field. Gay sets up for a 50-yard FG, but he sends it wide left.

*Second team offense at the 32 now. 15 seconds is put on the clock. On first down, Gabbert looks for Hudson over the middle but Hudson can’t pull it in.

*Seven seconds remain on the clock and Gay is in for another 50-yarder. He sends it through this time.

*Goal line work from the 2-yard line. On 1st-and-goal, Jameis runs a play-action fake and throws to Mike Evans on a fade route. Evans goes up 1-on-1 with Hargreaves and makes a spectacular catch. Hargreaves got his hand in there, but Evans was still able to go over him and make the catch.

*On the next play, Jameis takes the snap and is chased out of the pocket by Kevin Minter. Jameis scrambles to the right side and just throws it away. Smart play by Jameis. There was a time he would’ve thrown that ball up in the endzone.

*Gabbert comes in and a few rushing plays are called, but the defense makes a goal line stand and prevents the TD.

*Jameis back in. He now lines up at the 21-yard line. The situation is 3rd-and-1. Peyton Barber gets the carry and pounds his way forward for a 2-yard gain.

*Same situation. Now RoJo gets the ball on a toss to the left but Devin White flies in and tackles him for a 3-yard loss. Great play by White who flashes his speed there.

*Same play. Barber gets it up the middle but White is there again to make the tackle. Barber falls forward, however, and gets the first down.

*Second-team offense on and Gabbert gives the ball in the same situation to Ogunbowale but Devin White is there again for the stop.

*First-team offense now sets up at the 2-yard line again. On 1st-and-goal, RoJo gets the carry and pushes his way across the goal line. RoJo showed serious power on that carry.

*Same situation for Peyton Barber. He gets the ball and hops over a defender before powering into the end zone.

*On the next play, Jameis runs a play-action fake and finds Antony Auclair in the back of the end zone for an easy TD. Auclair was, as Arians would put it, wide-ass open.

Manbeast intern Zachary Seifter doing the heavy lifting on these notes.

The fun starts Friday night. Ira will be passing out gift cards while supplies last.

10 Responses to “More News & Notes — A Deeper Look At Saturday Night’s Practice”

  1. DB55 Says:

    How are Jamal Dean’s knees holding up? Isn’t he the guy we drafted instead of Henderson (rb)?

    VH3 is just too short to cover Julio Jones or Michael Thomas and probably too slow to cover dj Moore, Curtis Samuel or Tory Smith. But he does look good in a sports bra I’ll give him that.

  2. 813bucboi Says:


    who on our roster would you like to see cover JJ or MT?….lol…

    JJ and MT cooked davis a$$ last year too…..but surely one of the rookies could do better…..riggghhhtttt…..

    VHG is going to make you eat crow this year…..

    before his injury, he was playing lights out vs MT in the opener…..

    GO BUCS!!!!

  3. BA FAN Says:

    Glad to see Watford handle Suh. Watford showed he can backup Dotson at RT. We already know Liedtke can backup D. Smith at LT and and Cappa can hold his own at RT. Now if LeRibeas can backup Jensen and Cappa or if Zack Bailey can backup Cappa, we will be set at OL. Thanks to Joe for including in depth notes on Saturday’s scrimmage that included 2d and 3d string scrimmages. We can see now that Ogunbowale should make the 53 man roster and would be a good choice for our third down back. We can also see that Ellington is a good change of pace back and good backup for Rojo. Ogunbowale is also a good backup for Barber and Anderson should be on the practice squad. Glad we didn’t waste a draft pick on another RB. Our OL is improving and with our new power blocking scheme incorporating blocks by TEs and WRs and especially the slot receiver we are going to have a good running game to help Jameis and make play action work much better. Just look how the power blocking scheme worked for the Patriots!

  4. DB55 Says:


    I’m guessing Bucannon but wtfdik

  5. 813bucboi Says:



    he’s a backer…at best a safety….

    he doesnt have the skill set, ball skills, foot work or speed to keep up with JJ, MT or any of the other WRs you named….

    dont do that to yourself…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  6. LordCornelius Says:

    If VHIII is doing good against ME then he can hang with Thomas or Jones.

    Most CBs will give up 70-80+ yards still to those guys though. Only in his prime Revis shut down those type of WRs and keep their stats below like 40-50 yards, and maybe Jalen Ramsey / Xavier Rhodes today, but even they get beat / have bad days.

  7. teacherman777 Says:

    Carlton Davis will line up against Michael Thomas.

    Hargreaves or Sean Bunting will cover Julio with DOUBLE TEAM help from Safeties. Julio will not run SOLO anymore!

    Any other questions?

  8. LordCornelius Says:

    Sounds like weakest spot on O-line is backup OT?

    If Cappa has held his own… along with Earl of Watford then I’d guess this.

    Also seems like most clips the pressure is coming either off the edge or from the blitz. Either way I like seeing the pressure.

    ALso another thought – Griffen looked like an awesome QB last preseason / going against our own team in practice so if he sucks right now that might be a good sign just regarding the general defensive system / change.

  9. EvolvingBucsFan Says:

    *1st-and-10. Anderson gets the rock and he takes it 6 yards up the middle. He goes for two years on second down.

    Two years? is he Forest Gump?…lol i know what you meant though and appreciate the chuckle.

  10. DB55 Says:

    I thought he played corner in AZ along with safety?!??! But again see my disclosure lmao