Enthusiasm Contagious

August 3rd, 2019

Talks new defense.

Joe has been so conditioned to the lousy, passive defense that the way the Bucs are flying to the football and all over the field is a foreign sight.

Well, fans who have come out to training camp are not the only ones excited about this strange new defense of the Bucs. Even veteran players seem geeked.

Even a laid back cat like Lavonte David gets excited just talking about the defense of defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. Joe caught up with David after Thursday’s practice to talk about his new coordinator.

“It is just fun to be around,” David said. “It’s [a defense Bowles] likes to play. It is more of a style players like to play: downhill. Playing fast. Using your strength. It is fun for the [linebackers].”

It is still jarring to Joe’s system to see linebackers constantly flushing quarterbacks and hitting running backs in the backfield regularly. And defensive backs are flying to the ball, clogging passing lanes and disrupting passes.

The way the defense plays fast and loose, David admitted players are far from bored and are even more mentally locked in.

“The defense “is something not really difficult,” David said. “First of all, Coach Bowles has simplified things for everybody. And a lot of this defense is playing to guys’ strengths. Being out here, you are mentally locked in and are able to execute.”

Yes folks, the Tampa-2, at least for now, is dead in Tampa Bay. Whatever that nonsense was that disgraced former defensive coordinator Mike Smith used is gone.

The Bucs are once again in attack mode.

30 Responses to “Enthusiasm Contagious”

  1. AwShbucs Says:

    Said it over a month ago. This defense is going to be damn good. And when JPP returns in October, its gonna be one of the of better defenses on the league.

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    If this defense is in the top 15, the sky is the limit for this Bucs team.

  3. Cobraboy Says:

    Less than a week for a first dress rehearsal and unveiling for the Bucs new D.

  4. #1bucsfan Says:

    Trying not to get to excited but it’s really hard not to wen I’m reading all this talk about our D. Go Bucs #endthedtought

  5. WestChap Says:

    On one hand this all sounds too good to be true, but on the other I couldn’t stop yelling at the TV last year the way they lined up so far off… it was like gifting Brees and Ryan 5-7 yards every play. Smith is not dumb (although I may have accused him of such in one or two posts)… if Bowles can turn it around so quickly, how in heck did things get so bad last year. Was that garbage some sort of career death pact where Smith got to retire never to be bothered again and Koetter could go back to calling plays as an OC?

  6. BucEmUp Says:

    Can anyone guess what other team last season had just as bad a pass defense as the bucs that also ran tampa two soft pillow zone cushion coverage?

    Yep….The Raiders with John Gruden. The Tampa Two us DEAD!!!ITS BEEN DEAD!!!!!

    ITS COACHING!!!!!!

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    Top rannked defense that cant win in postseason is laughable and meaningless see the failed Dungy the clown era… jameis is only hope for championships not this poor attempt at defense bucs will field AGAIN

  8. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    It’s the Bucs OL that is making it happen

  9. LordCorn Says:

    For preseason I mainly look for the line play (both sides) & RB play because they’re likely to be pretty basic / vanilla with the playbook.

    This year I’m also excited to see the LBs/Ss/CBs in terms of the new speed / athleticism, along with the new WRs, and special teams

    Basically everything lol. Damnit why do I get excited for this team every year. #prettybuzzedrightnaw

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  10. Alanbucsfan Says:

    It’s alot about dictating momentum-
    If you’re just reading and reacting like last few years, then you’re letting other team dictate.
    If you attack, you’ll win some and lose some, but you’ll keep opponent off balance .

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    WestChap that’s some serious stuff. Our defense was litterally so bad that many fans are thinking that it had to be some sort of conspiracy……..That is beyond bad. That is bad on a new level.

    Reading the words Joe wrote about Tampa 2 being dead is the feel good storyline of the off-season for me.

    I am bringing my copy of that playbook to game one and will let the biggest drunk I can find dispose of how he wishes…….If their are any remains they will be left on the ship. Feel free to wipe your feet on it.

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    Off topic joe but is gil brandt officially the first dead guy enshrined into the meaningless hall of mediocrity

  13. wausa Says:

    The Bucs had the worst two year totals on defense in NFL history.

    If the Bucs can become a top 20 defense I am very confident the Bucs will be in the playoffs.

  14. Bird Says:

    Bleacher report still has bucs at 5-11
    That’s crazy talk

    I’m taking the over big time.

  15. webster Says:

    Tampa fans are so dumb. Todd bowles/arians have already said they will not show their hand in preseason which no team does yet everyday i see fools on this site and others saying we will see what this team is about in pittsburg. News flash to the dumbest fan base, the starters are only going to play 2 to 3 series if that. 2nd whoever plays, the bucs will not show their hand because you do not game plan in the preseason. You will learn absolutely nothing in the preseason. Fyi….the lions went 4-0 in the preseason when they went 0-16 in the season. You dont look at scheme during the preseason, you look at individual play ie can this 2nd or 3rd string guard pull if we call our sweep play. Fyi….the bucs may call a sweep on 3rd and 9. That play in the preseason is not to see if our running back can pick up the 1st down whoever is the rb at the time or about picking up the 1st down period. It is to see if the 2nd or 3rd string guard can pull to get to the next level. Please educate yourselves

  16. webster Says:

    Oh and that sweep play may have a small chance of being successful so the teams call these type of plays to put their special teams on the field to see who can make it there. I know many of you want winston gone, but winston is making this team as the starter and the bucs know that. They are trying to find out who is making this team that they do not know about. Get a clue

  17. NOSBOS Says:

    To that bum blake at the top of the thread jbf’s resident con man. Internet “I will work for a gallon of ice cream guy. JPP will play week 1 dumb@$$. And I hope you read post on the other thread porky.

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    BucEmUp … “The Tampa Two us DEAD!!!ITS BEEN DEAD!!!!! ITS COACHING!!!!!!”

    Say it enough times BucEmUp and even you will start believing it. It takes talent PLUS coaching to win. What made the Bucs Tampa Two great was (1) the talent of the players executing it; AND (2) Monte Kiffin’s coaching in orchestrating it. Jon Gruden didn’t know diddly IMO about defenses. Without Monte’s defense, he was a middle-of-the-pack coach. Check his offense’s scoring results while he was here (scoring-wide his offenses averaged about #18 in the league … Monte’s defenses saved his bacon). Gruden still doesn’t know diddly about defenses … only ONE team allowed MORE points than the Bucs last year: the Oakland Raiders (467 pts allowed). And if you’d checked you would’ve seen that they play a 3-4 defense, not a Tampa Two.

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    D r

    Anyway you slice whyche defense he handed dungy was nothing more than a highly ranked defense that failed… it was nothing more than one year wonders carried by sspp and Gruden… buc legends ate backups at best especially vince young i mean 55

  20. webster Says:

    Why does all my comments get moderated? Posters post after me and their post show up immediately yet i moderate for an hour plus sometime. Ive never been warned etc but yet im moderated every time smh

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules you are absolutely correct about talent & coaching but what bothers me to this day is we played that Tampa2 crap under Lovie…….In those two years it was basically proven that we did not have the players who could run that system well.

    After Lovie is what bothers me because Dirk hires a DC who runs the same freaking system…….which could maybe work if you make a effort to tear down and rebuild but they don’t do that……they keep the same players in place to keep running the same garbage that they were never any good at.

    And if you wanna look at how poorly run Mike Smith’s Tampa2 defense is all’s you gotta do is look directly at red zone statistics. Anybody who knows anything about what the Tampa 2 is designed to do(any Bucs fans who witnessed our Glory days) knows that it is supposed to dominate in the red zone. We were a freaking doormat!!!

    As Buc fans we have witnessed the Cover2 base defense run in it’s most perferct form of all time(Kiffin) and the worst version of the Cover2 base to ever grace a pro football field(either Smith, readers choice)……….not sure if that’s good or bad.

  22. FortMyersDave Says:

    Man I would love to see the defense actually makes some stops this season. The fact that the Glazers and Licht allowed Dirk Koetter to retain Smitty for any part of the 2018 season is embarrassing. Any other owner in the NFL would have forced Licht and/or Koetter to replace him after the 2017 implosion! I never got how anyone thought that soft “off the ball” approach in the secondary would accomplish anything except allow 38 in a half to an average Bear offense or allow Matty Ice to pick apart his old coach’s scheme after a bye week. When the Glazer’s took so long to intervene during that train wreck this fan realized that their off hands approach may not be the best way to run a franchise. Hopefully this year will be different and yeah I think the subtraction of Gerald from the equation is a plus because he was the face of that horrendous D and he seemed so darned complacent with losing week after week and allowing winning score after score. In Bowles I trust, an upgrade over Mike Smith who is and was an embarrassment to the game

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Also disagree that Gruden is a middle of pack coach without Kiffen. His Oakland years were pretty decent.

    He was middle of the pack his entire career in Tampa aside from his first year but I dont think his GM(himself) was any good at giving him talent.

    He is calling the shots in Nevada too if I had to guess. Maybe a outside chance he is truely letting Mayock tell him what to do but I highly doubt that and see the Raiders being middle pack based on talent. Not coaching

  24. tmaxcon Says:


    Sorry bro but the national fireworks convention starts week 1there is no way jpp is anywhere near a football field on that week…

  25. AJ Says:

    Don’t knock the Kiffen/Dungy version of the Tampa-2. That won a lot of games around these parts. Got to have the players and coaching to operate that system like we use to. Obviously we did not have the players. And we damn sure didn’t have the coaching. Really excited for a fresh look and downhill defense.

  26. tmaxcon Says:

    AJ Says:

    You should ignore it…. dungy they clown failed and choked in post season. Dungy was a joke hardly a legend career losing post season record proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt…. hall of fame is a joke because of enshrinement of Dungy the clown

  27. hamilton Says:

    tmaxcon trump

  28. SenileSenior Says:

    Tmaxcon is a partially brain dead troll!

    Have pity on him but don’t argue with him. Don’t encourage him.
    Real fans

    Enjoy the buildup to the real season. Keep the debates lively but civil. We are all individuals as well as fans after all. Have fun. Enjoy football like it is supposed to be enjoyed.
    Go Bucs!!! Win Now! This Year!!

  29. webster Says:


    You are hillarious!!!!!

  30. ATLBucs Says:

    JimmyJack and Defense Rules,
    Both Smiths, Lovie and Mike, were old, stubborn dinosaurs who needed to be put out to pasture. They both believe that they could plug and play anyone in that Tampa 2 and be successful. That’s why Lovie got rid of Derrelle Revis and it is why we have not seen our defensive players get coached up during those regimes. They were so focused on making the Tampa 2 work that they didn’t have time to teach technique