Bucs Wednesday Camp Notes, Nuggets & More

August 14th, 2019

Rough day for Jameis and the Bucs against the Dolphins today

The final public practice of the year was this morning and the Miami Dolphins hit the field with the Bucs in their second joint practice before Friday night’s game. Here are highlights compiled by manbeast JoeBucsFan intern Zach Seifter:

*Welcome to Tampa. As warmups start, weather forces practice indoors, then it moves outdoors, then comes back indoors once again.

*11-on-11 starts and Jameis Winston quickly throws his first pick of the day to Cornell Armstrong of the Dolphins, who covered Mike Evans well on the deep ball.

*With the second team in, Dare Ogunbowale and Andre Ellington get to work. The second-team offensive line starts out significantly better than yesterday, creating running gaps for the two.

*On the other side of the 50, the Bucs defense faces off against the Miami offense. Kalen Ballage gets the carry and he scampers for 35 yards and a score against the Bucs second team defense.

*With the first-team defense on now, Fitz tries to hand the ball off to Patrick Laird, but he is stuffed in the backfield for a 2-yard loss.

*Fitz throws a screen to Saeed Blacknall, but Vernon Hargreaves is all over it and gets him out of bounds after a 4-yard gain.

*The horn blows and both teams head to their sideline. The punting unit for Miami and the punt return unit for the Bucs take the field. Bobo Wilson will receive.

7-on-7 drills get started on each side of the 50. Toward the sidelines, linemen drills get going as well.

*William Gholston lines up opposite Deion Calhoun of the Dolphins. The whistle blows and Gholston obliterates him, using a quick swim move to blow by the Miami offensive lineman.

*In 7-on-7, Jameis throws another pick. Not a strong first half of practice for Jameis.

*On the other sideline, Tyrone Holmes lines up opposite Donovan Smith. Once the whistle blew, Holmes didn’t have a chance. Smith kept shoving him away from the QB, using his long arms and his strength to come away with the win in the 1-on-1 battle.

*Fins QB Josh Rosen steps in to lead the second-team offense. On his first play, he looks for Jakeem Grant deep over the middle and badly overthrows him.

*The first-team Bucs D comes in to face Rosen, who finds Ballage in the flat and he takes it seven yards up before being pushed out of bounds by Deone Bucannon.

*Rosen looks for Blacknall on the next play, but Devin White flies in and dives to break up the pass.

*On the other side, Jameis comes back in and is still trying to get into a rhythm. He hits Ronald Jones on a short pass in the flat for 5 yards. On the next play, the Dolphins see the same thing coming, so Jameis heaves the ball out of bounds.

*In the trench battles, Noah Spence runs an inside stunt and uses his strength to push back tackle Will Holden of the Dolphins to get to the QB.

*Christian Wilkins, the talented defensive tackle out of Clemson, faces off against Bucs offensive tackle William Poehls, who runs Wilkins into the ground and trots back to the Bucs’ o-line group with a win.

*The horn blows and now the Bucs punting unit and the Dolphins punt return team take the field for special teams work.

*11-on-11 play returns and Jameis turns around and hands the ball to RoJo but he is stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. Wilkins busted through the line to make the play.

*On the other side, Rosen runs a play-action fake and slings the ball over the middle for a completion. Jordan Whitehead came flying in and almost intercepted the pass but he missed the ball.

*Fitz comes in and lines up in the shotgun. He takes the snap and sets up for a screen to Ballage. Sean Murphy-Bunting swoops in on the blitz and gets in Fitzpatrick’s face to force a wide throw and incompletion.

*Blaine Gabbert comes in on the other side and looks for Tanner Hudson over the middle. He slings it and the ball is plucked out of the air by Nick DeLuca of Miami for an interception.

*The Miami offense begins red zone work, setting up at the 11-yard line.

*Rosen flips the ball to Ballage in the flat and Bucannon is all over it, making the would-be tackle at the 9.

*The Bucs offense now does the same, and on the first play, Jameis flips a short pass to RoJo for six points. Lots of work for RoJo with the first team offense today.

*Fitz is now in and immediately looks to receiver Preston Williams on the fade route. Williams makes the catch initially, but Ryan Smith shows great effort on the play by getting his hand on the ball and knocking it out before Williams hits the ground.

*Gabbert comes in on the other side and gets good protection from the offensive line. He holds onto the ball too long and eventually gets flushed out of the pocket, forcing him to throw the ball away.

*The Miami offense sets up at the 40-yard line, ready to face off against the starting Buccaneer defense. Rosen is the one leading the Dolphins first team on this drive.

*1st and 10. Rosen looks for Mike Gesicki of the right side but Deone Bucannon is tight in coverage, forcing an incompletion.

*2nd and 10. Rosen faces heavy pressure but finds Isaiah Ford for 11 yards and a first down.

*1st and 10 at the Bucs 49-yard line. Rosen fires to Ballage in the flat but Ballage drops the ball.

*2nd and 10. Rosen throws over the middle to Kenny Stills but the throw is high, just hitting off Stills’ fingertips.

*3rd and 10. Heavy pressure flies in and Rosen is sacked for an 8-yard loss.

*4th and 18 at the Miami 43-yard line. Rosen gets time and looks deep but Hargreaves is there to knock the ball away. The Bucs defense wins the series.

*The first team Tampa Bay offense is on the field and starts at the 40-yard line. On 1st and 10, Evans breaks wide open. Jameis launches it deep down the sideline and hits him! Evans gets taken down at the Miami 14-yard line.

*The next two plays are incompletions by Jameis.

*3rd and 10. Jameis looks for Godwin on the left sideline and completes it but Godwin can’t get two feet down. Incomplete.

*4th and 10. Jameis floats a pass over the middle to O.J. Howard in the end zone and Howard brings it in for a touchdown! A successful drive for the Bucs offense.

*The second team Miami offense, led by Ryan Fitzpatrick, takes the field.

*1st and 10 at the 40-yard line. Fitz hits newly acquired receiver Allen Hurns on his left side for 12 yards.

*1st and 10 at the Bucs 48. Fitz again looks for Hurns, but the ball is undercut by Sean Murphy-Bunting. He can’t haul it in and responded with swear words after the play.

*2nd and 10. Fitz goes deep to Brice Butler but just overthrows him.

*3rd and 10. Fitz looks for Trenton Irwin on the right sideline but misses him for the incompletion. A flag is thrown, however, and holding on the defense is called.

*1st and 10 at the Bucs 38. Fitz hits Irwin on a short pass for 7 yards.

*2nd and 3. Fitz finds his RB for a short gain and a first down but holding is called on the Miami offense.

*2nd and 13 at the 41. Fitz finds his tight end at the 20-yard line after escaping pressure for a fresh set of downs.

*SACK!! Devante Bond after a first-down incompletion.

*Touchdown!! On 3rd-and-16, an illegal substitution is called on the Bucs and creates a 3rd-and-11 at the 21. On the play, Fitz squeezes the ball between two defenders and finds Irwin in the endzone for the touchdown.

*Second team Bucs offense on the field.

*1st and 10 at the 40. Gabbert looks for Anthony Johnson on a deep post but the pass is broken up.

*2nd and 10. Gabbert floats a pass to Justin Watson in a corner route and completes it for a 25-yard gain!

*1st and 10 at the Dolphins 35-yard line. DeLuca breaks through the line and sacks Gabbert for a 5-yard loss.

*On 2nd and 15, Gabbert finds Dare Ogunbowale on a check down for 13 yards.

*Following an incompletion, it’s 4th-and-2 and Gabbert overthrows Anthony Johnson but a flag is called on Miami. Automatic first down.

*1st and 10 at the Miami 17. Gabbert completes a pass to the Dolphins 14 and then throws an incompletion on the next play.

3rd and 7. Gabbert looks to Hudson in the endzone but the ball is knocked away. Holding! Bucs back up to the 24.

*Last play as 4 seconds is put on the clock. Gabbert launches it for Bobo Wilson, who makes a great one-handed catch, but he’s knocked out of bounds for the incompletion. Miami wins the drive.

*30 seconds are put on the clock for each team’s first offense, down by two points. Miami’s offense comes on and does absolutely nothing.

*Jameis steps on and on at the 25-yard line, he looks for Godwin over the middle and is intercepted by Bobby McCain.

*11-on-11 sessions on each side of the 50 start, with each team’s third stringers taking the field.

*Something interesting to note. Caleb Benenoch is lining up as the third-team left tackle. Not a good sign for last year’s starting right guard.

*This third-team defensive line is getting a lot of push. The Miami rushing attack is getting nowhere against this defense.

*The Bucs kicking unit takes the field and Matt Gay is the featured kicker today. He hits every single kick. He worked on his short distance kicks today though, as his longest was only 46 yards.

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91 Responses to “Bucs Wednesday Camp Notes, Nuggets & More”

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Starting to get a little nervous with all these picks. Is it a new system? I’m starting to wonder if we are looking at the next Brett Favre, or the next Jeff George?

  2. Magadude Says:

    Not to worry. Jameis Winston will perservere. A couple of picks at practice means nothing. Has he ever thrown multiple picks in a game? Get rea, all you haters! Besides, he’s improved from the two pick sixes yesterday. Go Bucs!

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    “It seems defenders know when and where JW is throwing to

    JW3 still doesnt have the timing and ability to read defenses fast enough

    *Like Kobe has stated it will take 2 more years”

    Kobe Faker

  4. Jim Says:

    Mag, irony is not welcome or even recognized here…

  5. Macman Says:

    Relax folks.. its basic offense .. stop being erratic for single interception in “PRACTICE”

  6. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Jameis practices how he plays

    He’s a qb who’s only been turnover free in 17 of his 56 career games

    At this point he is who he is

  7. Magadude Says:

    Woohooo!!!!!! Cincinatti ready baby! Bring them cats ON again. He can whoop ’em this time. Our man has turned the corner! Dang, too bad we don’t play ’em this year.

  8. Magadude Says:

    @Loyal, but if you check the stats, you’ll find that NONE of those turnovers are his fault. Those are on the D, man! Get with it! Hater!!!! False narrative!!! You right Bruh, he is who he is. Hall of FAME Baby!!!!!

    Okay, that was exhausting.

  9. Mitch Says:

    He had a better day than Jimmy G

  10. Magadude Says:

    So far, Garropaolo is on the coat tails of Tom Brady. Great work in the season before last, but he may have lost some. Hopefully, he has a TERRIBLE day on Sep 8.

  11. Stanglassman Says:

    BA said Jameis had a great day. When ask about the two interceptions by JW3 he said they just installed those plays and it was the first time ever that he ran it full speed. He’d only seen it once before in a walkthrough and that it didn’t bother him one bit. I’ll go with coach over the sensational headline to feed JDS (Jameis derangement syndrome) gaggle of deplorables. “Sensational headline.” Where do you see that? –Joe

  12. Stanglassman Says:

    Nice picture but I’m surprised you didn’t use one of Jameis in his sports bra he wore today.

  13. Ndog Says:

    You guys are so sad.

  14. BucsBandit Says:


    I heard from a source that Arians is buddies with the Dolphins Defensive Coordinator and he asked him to “Throw the kitchen skin at Jameis” to really test him. No one would actually game play like that in real games! Don’t sweat the INTs.


  15. BucsBandit Says:

    @Maga – you hit the nail on the head.

    I’ve been saying the same thing all off-season… my theory is that Jameis lacks the ability to read Defenses fast enough. So he holds the ball to long (which often ruins the WRs advantage of knowing where the route is headed as the spacing closes).

    AND… Jameis is very inconsistent with his touch & accuracy.

  16. BucsBandit Says:


    Don’t tell all the Jameis homers that the Miami Dolphins are considered the WORST TEAM IN THE NFL for the upcoming season.

    The Dolphins have a Vegas over-under Win Total of 4.5 for this season.

    Imagine how Jameis would perform against a top team. YIKES.

  17. Ndog Says:

    If you listened to BA’s presser you would know exactly went down today but that doesn’t fit the Maga, Bandit, Loyal and many others ridiculously clueless posters narrative. Keep on spewing your clueless hate it is what we all expect at this point. Again you are really sad.

  18. Steve Says:

    Not a Jamis hater here. But three picks yesterday and three picks today in a joint practice with another team is something to be concerned about. When you are practicing against another team it’s just like playing a preseason game you shouldn’t be throwing picks.

  19. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    What did Arians say?

    No hate from me, just facts. Nothing incorrect in my pos at all…

  20. DooshLaRue Says:

    Why do our DBs have such a hard time catching the ball for an interception?
    This has been a problem for awhile now.

    Maxie is gone…… fix this Sh!t already!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Who was/is the better coach Joe Gibbs or Bruce Arians?

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    Great notes Manbeast. But please find another photo of Jameis. That one makes him look like he’s getting ready to cry. Some folks do wear their emotions on their faces for sure, but QBs shouldn’t fall into that category. Can’t be constantly thinking about the last play.

    Loyal … Jameis is responding well to his new coaches. It’ll take time to change old habit patterns, but that first drive against Pittsburgh appeared to show a QB who was well in control of the various situations he was facing. He’ll still have turnovers I’m sure, but BA seems to be getting through to him about making good decisions & protecting the football. Let him make these ‘mistakes’ in preseason … that’s what it’s for.

  23. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    @Defense Rules

    I was fooled by Jameis playing strongly to end 2017 and I’m waiting for him to show me it on the field before I get behind 100% again

    The first drive in game 1 was promising for sure though.

  24. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    This is ridiculous… I don’t care if it’s “only practice”. The NUMBER ONE issue Winston needs to work on is the rate at which he turns the ball over. There seems to be zero progress. In fact, he seems to be throwing more picks than he’s ever thrown in a training camp.
    It’s just one rotten excuse after another. I’m sick of it. STOP THROWING INTERCEPTIONS! For one day. Want to see him go one freaking day without turning the ball over. You know his teammates have to be saying the same thing. How can Arians expect his players to get behind a guy like Winston when they see this crap day in and day out?
    Those of you who want to say I’m just being too negative and need to find another team. Check some of my previous posts. I’ve been about as patient as possible with Winston and have supported him since he was drafted. Last year when Fitz Fever was rolling through Tampa I was standing behind Jameis 100%. But this crap has got to stop. He has got to be sharper. He has got to protect the damn ball. Get better or be gone. I feel very confident in this coaching staff and I like a lot of the talent we have on both sides of the ball. But I swear if Winston craps the bed this year he will set this franchise back another five years and I’m going to lose my sht.

  25. Stanglassman Says:

    NDog- I explained it an hour and a half ago but I was critical of the picture caption so it’s been lost in moderation. BA did explain that it was the first time the offense ran those plays full speed and he had no problem with the picks. He said Jameis had a very good practice. I’ll take him at his word.

  26. Pittsshore Says:

    Ha ha ha. Another suck arse day for Apples. Trade him for a 7th round pick or another kicker. He SUCKS.

  27. Hodad Says:

    I wish Joe, or one of his reporters would’ve asked Fitz what he thinks about the new Buc defense.

  28. BA FAN Says:

    Miami won their first Preseason Game and we already know how well Fitzmajic can play. They let their top sackers go in an effort to get younger and save money in case they have to draft a top QB next year if Rosen cannot prove his first year failures doom him from becoming a Franchise QB. They still have a number of real good players.

  29. Buccaroo Says:

    Felt like I was there

  30. rrsrq Says:

    According to B. A., both interceptions were miscommunications, new plays just installed and never ran before, only walk throughs, not making excuses, well maybe I am, but thats what the coach said

  31. Magadude Says:

    Another “BA special” for why Winston isn’t cutting it. Have to add the following to the running and ever-growing list of Apologists excuses:

    “It’s the new plays and miscommunications.”

  32. Ndog Says:

    BigPoppaBuc he has zero turnovers this year. You can’t do any better than that but you keep throwing your hissyfit there tough guy.

  33. Magadude Says:

    NDog, don’t worry, I get it. None of this was Winston. It was miscommunications and new plays. Man, so unfair. Jameis has to put up with so much stuff no one else does!

    Maybe just hearing Fitz’s footsteps today got him all woozy. That’s proably it too.

    Sorry man…saw you called me out…had to say it!!! Go Bucs! Go NDog! True eternal Jameis Fan!

  34. Magadude Says:

    Running tally of the Winston Apologists’ lame excuses for Winston’s performance…

    – It’s the miscommunications and new plays.
    – It’s just what he does.
    – His footwork sucks; he can fix that.
    – His jump balls may be causing INTs; he can fix that.
    – C’mon, even Tom Brady wants to be like Winston. No issue here!
    – Mike Evans is hurt (thank goodness this too is a BS statement).
    – We are challenging him so much that he fails (Leftwich Special)
    – Joe torpedoed Winston—and Twitter PROVES it.
    – It’s a new offense.
    – His arm is getting too much work (BA Special).
    – He tries too hard (every apologist and their mother).
    – He’s looking over his shoulder at Fitz.
    – There are too many voices in his head (Owweeee….make ’em stop!).
    – The D sucks.
    – The O Line sucks.
    – The run game sucks.
    – The coaching sucks.
    – He can’t identify with his coaches.
    – The software sucks.
    – The weather sucks.
    – The receivers can’t run their routes.
    – The receivers can’t catch.
    – False narrative! Media lies! You’re liar!! You’re an Idiot! He’s HoF! Irrefutable! WAH!

  35. Ndog Says:

    Magadude just keep it up there pal. Keep ripping a guy that his historically is in line with multiple HOFers at this stage of their careers. The real problem is you are to clueless to know what you are watching. But that’s ok once you’re proven wrong you will run and hide predictably. As I always say time will tell, I just hope the likes of you are still around to enjoy the show.

  36. JimmyJack Says:

    Some of y’all got short memories. A week ago at this time y’all were freaking out about practice stats and then Winston got into a game and looked very poised and led the team directly down the field and into the endzone.

    Now you guys are right back to freaking out about practice stats.

    Results are what matter and Winston has had one drive and delivered………… Behind those results were some very encouraging things…………Winston was getting rid of the ball quickly(not sure what these guys above me are talking about or saw) which is very encouraging cause many of his bad errors have come after holding the ball for a long time……….We also saw him hit a couple checkdowns and screens which is basically a foriegn concept to this team. This will also eliminate errors………And perhaps the best thing we saw on Friday was his scramble. He took a easy 1st down instead of chucking the ball down field. Let’s be honest we have all saw him needlessly Chuck the ball in a game situation that was inappropriate.

    Now let’s be real and realize it was one drive. Winston don’t deserve much credit for it if he cannot do it consistently. But there is no reason to think he won’t in this offense. And when you compare Dirk’s offense to what we are seeing in this offense for that one drive it looks like Winston is in a much better position for success………Now we just need to see more of it.

    And sorry to break y’all’s hearts but you gotta wait til Friday. You can keep freaking out about practice stats til then but all them stats will be overruled by the results on Friday.

  37. Bucsace Says:

    I’d take Jeff George over Jameis anytime

  38. Destinjohnny Says:

    3 is inconsistent

  39. mark2001 Says:

    We better all hope for Jameis to be successful… or the ceiling on this year will be mighty low. But really, this all makes me laugh. We don’t have to debate this all year…bottom line…winners win…losers lose. No excuses. And the QB has the greatest effect on the outcome of the game, on the field. Therefore, he will be worthy of all the praise of this team exceeds expectations, and worthy of scorn if not… no reasons or excuses necessary.

  40. Ndog Says:

    Bucsace Says:
    August 14th, 2019 at 8:52 pm
    I’d take Jeff George over Jameis anytime

    So you would take a selfish malcontent over Jameis. Wow you’re smart. Dude get a clue.

  41. rrsrq Says:

    Head scratcher, o not Jameis, but Bucs signed another receiver. Another big, 6-2, 201, 4.39 rookie that was cut by the Bears. Is this saying BA does not want small receivers

  42. mark2001 Says:


  43. Lamarcus Says:

    I’m a JW apologist. Happy to be one. Nobody can change that either. He is the Bucs Qb and my favorite player. Bless to have him as a Buc

  44. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog…there is the rub for Miller and Schnell. Arians like big receivers, that can block down field. I think he likes Miller and Schnell, but as they aren’t big blocking types, I don’t know that he likes them enough……. even if they are very fast, or very shifty.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Magadude……Excuses are completely irrevelant at this stage. The reason why is because it is practice. You are allowed to make mistakes in practice because you are there to learn.

    So long as Winston is learning it’s a basic overreaction that does not need a excuse.

    What if one of the successful plays that Winston ran on Friday was one of the same plays that ended in an INT during practice? Does that practice INT really matter no more…..now that he knows not to attempt that same pass that got picked in practice?

    That’s called learning bro.

    Judging somebody during this learning period is very quite lame. You extremists(haters like you & apoligists too) really need to take a step back and let the results play out. Unsure why patience is so hard for y’all.

  46. DBS Says:

    You don’t know what your seeing because it was 1 drive. No game planning and vanilla. You will know in game 1 of the regular season when they try to disguise and game plan. Also make adjustments.

  47. mark2001 Says:

    Lemarcus, et. al. I will root for Jameis as long as he is the Bucs QB…hope for his ultimate success. If and when the time comes that someone much smarter in the ways of football coaching and the role of GM decides he won’t be that, I will root for whomever is the Bucs QB. Why? Because I’m about the Bucs…and not an individual player.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    The haters are completely overreacting to practice stats and the apoligists feel threatened by this and are resorted to excuse making.

    If Winston were lighting up practices the reverse would be true.

    Classic lose/lose argument……..And y’all are reaching new lows now resorting to arguing about notes about practice stats.

  49. Lamarcus Says:

    I’ll teach you guys something I learn from just watching football. Quarterbacks throws int. Every Qb does. They throw TDS and completions also. Sometimes they run if they have the wheels and get sack. It’s part of a QB life.

    Love JW opposition because all they do is double standard stuff😂

  50. JimmyJack Says:

    DBS that is true. These preseason games don’t matter cause of what you said.

    But I do think there are some tangible things to take from that game.

    The quick releases and reads we’re defiently by design and it’s looks pretty certain that we will see a lot of this as the season plays out……..Joe had an article about Arians QBs have quick releases so the stats back that theory up.

    And that scramble play is nothing to brush off either. I think it’s safe to say that we have all saw Winston try to force a throw in similar situations before. Of course there is no telling if his decision making has improved or if this was just one play against the norm…….but it was his first test and Winston passed. We shall see if this continues ues or not.

  51. JimmyJack Says:

    Lamarcus…….The fight between the Winston extremists on this site have put Winston in a wierd situation.

    Between them he is in a spot where he can not throw an INT on Friday Night. Very unrealistic standard………Funny all this over a preseason game.

    Us regular fans & sheep alike will stay patient through this training period though. We won’t get all worked up over practice game like the extremists……….Of course we still wanna see our QB play great we just won’t freak out like they do about it.

    We got like 3 weeks til we get a real test. It really aren’t that long. Stay patient and don’t let these extremists get in your head. Half of them will be silenced forever once we get real results.

  52. D1 Says:

    Imagine how proud Buc fans and Titan fans will be as they join together to cheer Jameis winston and Marcus Mariota entrance into the Hall of Fame.
    They’re both on the way to the hallowed halls of canton.

    I’m hopeful that when that glorious day finally arrives that Buc fans won’t embarrass themselves and their team by taunting Titan fans with “mariota sucks” chants and dousing women and children with warm beer.

    Hopefully by then fellow fans and buc brethren will have joined together as a unified fan base. This, of course, after a well deserved period of finger pointing, self back slapping and a endless stream of “I told you so” that will surely drive a temporary wedge between the Bucs Nation. But nothing unifies a fan base like winning. And there’s no substitute for that feeling of your opinion being ultimately vindicated.

    Until then …….Stay classy Tampa Bay!

  53. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man why not just root for the team??? It’s the preseason it’s not that important. You see I just root for my bucs I don’t care about who the quarterback is I just want them to win. I believe with a good defense are a ok running game we will win not just the quarterback but the team will win games this year. When I look at a NFL standing I don’t see the Tom Bradys beat the bills I see the Patriots beat the bills. Why not just hope the team win??? What will it matter if Jamies has 400 yards and 5 touchdowns and we still lose?? And the standing will still say the Bucs lost and they are 0 – 1 not Jamies 0-1 but the bucs are 0-1 . Why can’t yall focus on the team???? Lol lol

  54. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I love me some Jameis and I am not worried at all.
    What does concern me is why was he wearing a sports bra at his presser?
    When did Rodman become a mentor of Jaboo?

  55. Lamarcus Says:


    It’s not a weird man. JW haters are comical and I only come to read the comments on JW as only entertainment. It’s truly funny.

    Preseason game 1 perfection…… “Oh no starters was in for Pit he played against backups and the game didn’t count” say a JW naysayer

    Int in practice…..” Oh he sucks. He is a turnover machine” see I have fun reading

    Then they say he sucks. I watch him play and he is an awesome talent. So much of hate is all bandwagon ppl who wants to be a part of something

  56. Delaware Bucs Fan Says:

    Obviously you’d like to see perfectly clean play from your QB during practice. But worst case is the Jameis this year will be the Jameis we’ve seen every year. That said, give him a good defense and run game and I think that will get us some more wins.

    There’s a good chance Jameis improves. I feel bad for people here that would feel better being correct with their doom, gloom, and Jameis hate. Instead of seeing the Bucs win. You know who you are.

  57. Brandon Says:

    Don’t really effing care. Practice is where you learn. Also, the last pick had 30 seconds on the clock and the team needing to move the ball in a hurry. Now is the time to make the mistake.

  58. Buccaneerscotty Says:


  59. Lamarcus Says:

    I agree with Delaware Bucs Fan and that’s what hit the nail on head they only care about their opinion not about team success. Most ppl on here are probably spending time on the their job clock hours not doing their jobs critizing someone else about how they do their job that never done!!!!

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    Ndog Says:

    “If you listened to BA’s presser you would know exactly went down today but that doesn’t fit the Maga, Bandit, Loyal and many others ridiculously clueless posters narrative. Keep on spewing your clueless hate it is what we all expect at this point. Again you are really sad.”

    I concur….almost child like. Kindergarten? Deffo more immature than Jameis.

  61. NOSBOS Says:

    D@#$ Joe Sapp RIP’d your boy former 93 a new @$$hole today during a radio interview. Well overdue if you ask me.

  62. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    NOSBOS Says
    “D@#$ Joe Sapp RIP’d your boy former 93 a new @$$hole today during a radio interview. “The

    I heard him rip GMC, Suh and Vita Vea on the most recent PR podcast.

    He also said he would give up every pro bowl, all pro, superbowl ring, ring of honor and HoF to play under Bowles right now. He LOVES this defensive scheme.

  63. CLAY TRAVIS Says:

    IGNORE the fact that JIMMY G threw an INTERCEPTION ON FIVE STRAIGHT PASSES TODAY … we all know he is way better than JAY-MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. July Joe Says:

    @Magadude & @BucsBandit and there other “screen names” have no problem with Jeff Garcia, a former Buccaneer QB with an actual arrest record, but he can’t stomach Jameis who has NEVER been arrested in his whole life.

    In the deranged mind of @magadude, @BucsBandit and their other “screen names”, Jameis being “accused” of something there is no proof he actually did (and a ton of evidence to show the accuser may have been lying) is far worse than ditching the mother of your child and cheating on games (Tom Brady), getting hooked on drugs and having to enter rehabilitation multiple times while also being a wild man off the field (Brett Favre), disowning your own mother and father while treating teammates and coaches like garbage (Aaron Rodgers), or drunk driving which could KILL people (Jeff Garcia).

    But, guess what … ALL those QBs were white … and Jameis … well, isn’t …

  65. Clay Travis Says:

    How dare you “July Joe”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know @magadude personally, so, so personally, and I can guarantee you that he has a black friend, so there’s no way he’s racist.

    And, just because he uses the “hard ‘r’” when talking to me about JAY-MISS does not mean he’s racist anymore than that guy in the Chris Cuomo video who used “Fredo” was.

    You’re just a JAY-MISS apologist and think JAY-MISS can do no wrong!

    Well, let me tell you, me and my cuddle-buddy @Magadude would rather have a QB that could KILL PEOPLE drunk driving (Jeff Garcia) and who throws away the mother of his child and cheats on games and misses 25% of a season for cheating (Tom Brady) and disowns his own mother and father while also apparently taking advantage of his gay lover (Aaron Rodgers), and gets hooked on drugs, has to enter rehab multiple times and later sends a dick pick to some reporter while married (Brett Favre) before we would want a “bad leader” like JAY-MISS!

    The fact that all those QBs were white and the fact that JAY-MISS is black doesn’t mean we are racist at all!

    The fact that Jefff Garcia has a criminal record and could have KILLED someone and we support him and he’s white, while we don’t support JAY-MISS who has never been arrested for anything ever and he’s black does not mean we are racist.

    SO, SHUT UP “July Joe”, you’re the racist!


  66. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    On topic, this week’s camp notes have been amazing. It can’t be easy keeping track of 180 players and 4 practices happening at the same time.

    I suspect it was a team effort, so cudos to all!

    A couple comments:

    – Good to hear they have Gay working on his short kicks. It seems he has really stepped up in this competition. I just hope fans can be patient with him if he wins the job and starts a little rough.

    – Jameis has had a couple bad days, but I don’t care. What he does this year in real games is what matters. Nothing anyone says that is negative about him has any bearing on the regular season. It’s all on Jameis, and it will be what it will be, good or bad.

    So the haters can hate. Doesn’t matter. The homers can…home? Lol. Doesn’t matter. What will be will be.

    I count myself as a Bucs homer. Not a Jameis homer. I want him to do well because it hat is the quickest way to success. Drafting a new QB means developing him. And he may not work out. So best thing is for Jameis to succeed here.

    – Good to see the second team lines stepping up.

    – Sound like bunting took being called out to heart.

  67. DB55 Says:

    The problem isn’t that he’s throwing too many interceptions, it’s that he not throwing enough touchdowns.

  68. Magadude Says:

    Impressive how the surrogates and psuedos to peusdos rapid-fire all within one minute…and use buzz words and phrases right out of the book. And in typical desperation mode, now are throwing down the race card, ad hominum attacks, and linking more unrelated stuff (like Jimmy G and J. Garcia). Yup. The only thing missing is the bible verse and some long BS string debating on (and getting blocked) from Twitter, etc. Oh yeah, NFL Network and ESPN want some of that stuff. Sure, let’s have guys that write like this make the case for Winston on mass media? Smh.

    These Bucs need to step it up and it’s clear Arians is hitting that with his comments about he could cut 30 right now. Looks like two days of sub-par stuff. For Winston, he is no different. On this team and most of us (who are not exclusively Winston fans) hope this team wins. Nothing new there. Don’t coddle him. Instead, bust his chops to improve his play consistently all year, keep clean off the field, and stay out of the news for the wrong reasons, and he’s got his best shot with the clock ticking. His apologists that pull the stuff like you see in the schtick above are not helpful to him.

  69. Magadude Says:

    @BigPoppaBuc…I hear you…agree 100%. I was the same as you until end of Year 3…decided I’d seen enough. I still hope he wins since he’s a Buc, just like I’d hope those who wanted to see GMC still hoped he did well on the field.

    Many apologist are now saying “well that’s just Jameis.” That’s not going to fly for a position that will eat up 20% of the salary cap for the next few years. . Like Fitz, Glennon, Gabbert, etc, worst case is Winston can be a decent backup QB. But he is struggling now going into year 5 in the bottom third of QBs starting in the NFL.

    Reasonable people have already moved on. Some have stayed for now, and many loyal continue to want to see one more year of Winston to be sure. Those with their own interests and agenda, or who are just plain blind, will cling to keeping him no matter what–some deny he has, or has had any issues at all.

    You are more than right…

  70. Magadude Says:

    Speaking of the race card from pseudo pseudo pseudo above. Does Parnell Dickinson, Doug Williams, Shaun King, Josh Freeman, Russell Wilson, Pat Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson know they are white? I mean, they are all QBs I’ve spoken of very favorably here…been hug fans of them in the past or still are (though Freeman also blew it with me). I mean, it can’t be that Winston just isn’t cutting it right…it’s got to be about race, right?

  71. Magadude Says:

    I do a another apologist excuse born out of this thread. I don’t disagree with it…never have…but they are using it nonetheless.

    “It’s just practice.”

    As with before, soon it will be:

    “It’s just one game!”

    I need to update the list with the first one. Hopefully we don’t see the second one pop up.

    Go Bucs!

  72. Bucsfanman Says:

    LMAO at this thread!!! Very entertaining!

    Magadude- You have way too much time on your hands!

  73. Pittsshore Says:

    NDog & Bonzai: pass the bong it either get more JW lovers into your smoke session in order to limit the “high”.

  74. Stanglassman Says:

    Vinny’s girlfriend & wife was really clumsy punching herself in the face all the time. A lot of fans around here were just happy we had a ‘real’ Qb and no longer had that ‘other’ one who wasn’t intelligent enough to play the position. It’s really sad that nothing has changed. Maybe on the margins but we are definitely regressing.

  75. BucsBandit Says:


    Please tell me the Jameis Apologists are not down to using “racist!” as why other Bucs fans are criticizing Winston???

    @July Joe – let’s get something straight… I could care less about Jameis’ off-the-field shenanigans. I think he showed quite a bit of bad judgment with what he did (especially the Uber drive AFTER going through everything he did with the FSU woman) but he’s also a young guy and people make mistakes. I honestly don’t think much about that stuff.

    I also have ZERO interest in his skin color. Doug Williams was one of my alll-time favorite players (yes, I’m white) and I nearly cried as a kid when Culverhouse wouldn’t pay him and let him go to the Redskins, and we all know how that turned out.

    I also strongly supported Shaun King (I was at that epic MNF game against the Rams and will never forget the show he and Dunn put on.) BUT… I stopped supporting King when I realized he lacked the ability to put up a strong passing game, and that held us from progressing.

    My problem with Winston, as much as it’s hard for you to believe, is NOT related to his off the field stuff, is NOT related to his skin color… it’s 100% related to his TURNOVER PROBLEMS and lack of Leadership to win games. Period.

    He can’t seem to protect the ball and keep his FOCUS for an entire game. He also clearly has some accuracy issues and struggles with reading Defenses and reacting fast enough.

    These are MAJOR red flags.

    In the NFL, Defenses adjust. They mix things up. They hide coverages, schemes, and blitz packages. Winston may do okay against 90% of the Defensive plays, but it’s that other 10% that he struggles with and it LOSES US GAMES.


    The name of the game in the NFL is WINNING. Not putting up big yardage stats or staging late game comebacks that fall short, it’s about WINNING. And the way to win is to ESTABLISH AND EARLY LEAD. This is something Winston-led Offenses rarely do. Rarely do we go into halftime with a lead. Yes, some of that is on our poor Defense for sure. BUT… let’s not kid ourselves… so much of that is also on Winston’s turnovers and giving the other team a short field to work with early in the game.

    Field Position is a critical and undeniable mathematical fact of NFL Success. And Jameis Winston is a MASTER at giving opposing teams a Field Position advantage with his turnovers.

    If you can’t admit that, then you truly are a homer.

  76. Dapostman Says:


    every time you mention winning it just shows your cluelessness. I can give you records of good QB’s who have losing records. A Rodgers is 10-12-1 the last two seasons. D Brees won 7 games three years in a row. it’s easy for the simpletons to blame the QB for every loss because it fits your narrative. I get it. Question is if Winston has a good year will you change your name, disappear or eat crow and admit it isn’t all Winston’s fault?

  77. BucsBandit Says:


    Are you really using Rodgers and Brees, both Super Bowl MVPs, as comparisons to Winston? LOL.

    How many playoff games has Winston played in?

    Sure, all teams, including those with great QBs, have their ‘off’ years, but those guys you mention have consistently been winners, even when their Defenses weren’t that great.

    You know what Brees and Rodgers both DON’T have in common with Winston? TURNOVER PROBLEMS.

  78. Dapostman Says:


    Do I really have to explain it to you that when Rodgers and Brees won their teams were better? If teams only won because of their QB’s why did Rodgers have a losing record the last two seasons? Why did Brees go three years in a row with a losing record? You never have an answer because as we all know your case against Winston is bogus.

    So tired of having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents.

  79. orlbucfan Says:

    40-year faithful Bucs fan here. 5 head coaches in 12 years. Bucs’ regular season record was 12-4 in the season they won the SB. Hasn’t happened since, even though they have had some great players. Hope this year is the exception, but not holding my breath. Go Bucs!!

  80. Magadude Says:

    @Bandit. You are being unfair. Winston has helped many teams get to the playoffs. In the last few years, he was key for ATL, CAR, and NO to get their post season time in.

  81. Clay Travis Says:

    @Magadude and @BucsBandit

    CUDDLE-PARTY at Zed’s house tonight … bring the pointy white hoods! It’s gonna be fun!

  82. July Joe Says:


    The mere fact that you trumpet how you’ve spoken favorably about Dickinson, Williams, King and Freeman combined with how you speak about Winston proves just how biased and insane you are, as Winston’s resume through four seasons and/or to his current age BLOWS THOSE GUYS AWAY.

    By the way, you keep saying I’m the author when it’s been proven I’m not … and if you actually read his book, he NEVER one time uses the race card. I DO because I think it is relevant at times, but he NEVER did in that book. I would have!

  83. BucsBandit Says:

    @July Joe & Clay Travis – can you seriously drop the “race card” on this site? That’s a bit absurd. No one here is criticizing Winston because he’s black. Let’s have some reasonable football discussion (on whatever side of the opinion you fall in) but let’s leave the “racist!” nonsense out of it. That has absolutely ZERO to do with it.

    July Joe – Yes, Winston has put up some impressive stats so far in his career, at least his passing yardage numbers. But the league has also evolved into more a passing game. Overall, QB’s average passing numbers are going to go up.

    But even if Winston was an anomaly and had above average passing yards, his turnovers are still a major liability and so is his terrible Red Zone conversion percentage.

    I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again… Winston has an amazing arm and when he’s “on” he can hang with anyone in the league, but his problem is putting it together and consistently making good decisions for an entire game.

  84. Joe Says:

    can you seriously drop the “race card” on this site? That’s a bit absurd. No one here is criticizing Winston because he’s black.

    Joe is convinced it is a factor.

    Joe spelled out one example a few years ago.

    More than a few people in NFL circles, including a few players, agree with Joe on this.

  85. July Joe Says:

    ^ Great post by Joe … one the Winston bashers (with many different screen names) will ignore or hate.

  86. BucsBandit Says:

    @Joe – those are fair points in that article. I don’t know that I 100% agree, though. Winston was clearly a bigger ‘star’ than Mettenberger so the spotlight was on him much more — Winston was a potential #1 overall pick, Heisman winner and Nat’l Champ. Mettenberger was a 6th rounder.

    BUT STILL… I’m not saying some may not like Winston due to race, I’m saying *I’M* not criticizing him because of his race, and I don’t think many of the other knowledgeable fans posting on this site that that are criticizing Winston are doing so because of race, of course I can’t speak for them and don’t know if that’s the case.

    With all that being said, crying “racist!” after someone has posted many, many FACTUAL statistics and scenarios about the person being criticized makes it a pretty damn weak argument to just start saying it’s because of his race.

  87. Joe Says:

    Joe – those are fair points in that article. I don’t know that I 100% agree, though. Winston was clearly a bigger ‘star’ than Mettenberger so the spotlight was on him much more — Winston was a potential #1 overall pick, Heisman winner and Nat’l Champ. Mettenberger was a 6th rounder.

    This is something Adam Schein brought up to Joe. To Joe, where a guy was drafted or if he is/was a star should not remotely be a factor. If someone truly assaulted a woman, it should not matter if a guy can’t make an XFL team or is a Pro Bowler. To say otherwise really, really trivializes and cheapens the crime on a woman if not the victim herself.

  88. BucsBandit Says:

    @Joe – I agree, but that’s not the point I was making… Winston was more ‘famous’ so to speak and covered by the media more, therefore when he screws up… he’s covered by the media more. I don’t think anyone was condoning what Mettenberger did, but there are cases like that all the time with little known players that don’t get much coverage. It would be much different if it were Andrew Luck, Baker Mayfield, Jarrod Goff, etc. and people “looked the other way” etc.

  89. T REX Says:

    People don’t like Winston because, as of right now…today…he’s technically a loser. I understand it’s not all his fault but he has a really bad record as a QB. No way he survives another losing season whether it is his fault or not. Losing is contagious.

  90. Magadude Says:

    Joes says: This is something Adam Schein brought up to Joe. To Joe, where a guy was drafted or if he is/was a star should not remotely be a factor. If someone truly assaulted a woman, it should not matter if a guy can’t make an XFL team or is a Pro Bowler. To say otherwise really, really trivializes and cheapens the crime on a woman if not the victim herself.
    Agree completely. Frankly, there are degrees of seriousness…but all such instances are bad. My nextdoor neighbor is a huge Steelers fan…but though BgBen should have been bouned years ago. I’d agree. Nothing about color. The sad part is the escalating discoure that starts with disagreement, then gets to name calling, accusals of lying, dishonesty, and finally, racism. Then no one can have a conversation at all.

  91. July Joe Says:

    @BucsBandit & @Magadude

    Two words:



    What Manning was accused of doing by his athletic trainer (jamming his naked anus & testicles on her face, then later writing a book ripping her as a person) is FAR MORE DISGUSTING and violating than what Winston was accused of with the Uber thing (brushing his fingers cross the driver’s pants and instantly removing them with no further incident after she just said, ‘what’s up with that’) … but look at the MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in how both QBs were treated by the media!

    The media COVERED UP for Peyton but ran segment after segment after segment against Winston.