New Book Studies Jameis Winston & Media

July 17th, 2019

There are fans and there are super fans.

And then there are those who write 404-page books in defense of one of their favorite players.

If you have a load of time on your hands and $18.95, you can head to Amazon and own Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome: How Media Bias Causes Us to Overlook The Start of a Hall of Fame NFL Career.

Ex-Bucs receiver Jacquez Green has endorsed the book, which is the latest writings of author “Jameis1of1,” and there’s also a foreword by Otis Leverette, a personal trainer of Jameis.

Joe has not read the book and has no plans to do so. The author advised Joe that it’s not the kind of publication that includes original interviews of players or coaches; it’s mostly a deep look at the media’s treatment of Jameis, as well a giant stack of statistical research and era-adjusted data not found anywhere else.

The author has blasted JoeBucsFan numerous times online, so the legions of Joe haters might really enjoy this new book.

113 Responses to “New Book Studies Jameis Winston & Media”

  1. isrBuc Says:

    At this point it doesn’t even matter if he’s the cause or the victim. fact is, the 4 years of rookie salary totally wasted. totally. It was the window, even the joes talked about it. there should have been some progress. something. there was none.
    how can you pay him next year when your’e already in cap hell and missing key pieces? this franchise is run by PR and marketing departments and a GM who’s worried about immediate results to save his own ass. there is no way around rebuilding and the process should have started 2-3 years ago by trading everything which has value for picks. there is no way around it. no its the arians illusion. ok. you can already think about the next one cause it’s coming.

  2. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    You know isrbuc I don’t know what you mean by window. I don’t care about having a super bowl window. I just want playoffs to not be a distant childhood memory for once. Lets get to the playoffs one time before we start talking about contending. Also what you are saying is 2-3 years ago after we drafted Winston or after we had our first winning season we should have started rebuilding and traded everything away.

  3. Pete I Says:

    404 pages and only 21 wins.

    No need to read the book, I’ve lived Jameis “meaningless stats” Winston’s career.

    I agree there is media bias on all sorts of topics but HOF career? It’s a long, long way to Canton and it better start with BA and his golfcart this year.

  4. Magadude Says:

    Winston’s record is his record. Period. Any book is just one person’s view, and there is at least one chapter left to write. People with bias covering media bias–on Winston. Gotta love that one. For starters, the title already looks to give it away–404 pages of why I love Jameis and the media is overlooking it. Kinda wierd really. If someone wants the book, my bet is they can wait 6 months and probably get it for $1.39…could be very insightful if you have hamsters or need to line a bird cage. Sure, I could be wrong. Naw, during some work breaks and morning coffee I’ll be reading JoeBucsFan.

  5. Magadude Says:

    So I overlooked it the first time…because I looked for an actual name of a human being as the author. Couldn’t find one, and come back to see to the author is indeed “Jameis1of1.”

    Huh? Who is that? Just a hunch, but this could have JP Peterson’s fingerprints? That would make sense for a lot of reasons.

    Okay, I will it on my list, right after (find and) read a book on the on the sleep habits of the kakopo bird. You know, they say these nocturnal creatures actually vary their waking hours in different seasons, by as much as an hour. Fascinating.

  6. isrBuc Says:

    @ Tampabuscsbro

    I’m not talking SB either. but I don’t see us building anything consistent this way and the mirage 9-7 season is the proof. That winning record was achieved exclusively by insane defensive play and we all know what had happened since. that was a fluke.
    all we do is keep rolling with false hopes every season. the “no fly zone”, “dunkaneers”, “who would you cover? (djax)” etc. now its “arians the magician”. won’t work. eventually you send away players like gmc for nothing. him and lvd should have been gone 2-3 years ago for a bounty so when we draft our next QB (could have been last season, this one or next) we will have a young nucleolus and tons of cap to sign top tier vets. look at the browns.

  7. Magadude Says:

    I wonder the alien is on the cover of the book? Winston is a nice looking young man (no, not saying it in THAT way), but let’s consider a cover with a drawing that doesn’t look like him, and author that apparently didn’t put forth his real name, and telling fans to buy this book because it’s objective? GTFO. I do hope whoever wrote it get’s their investment return on it.

  8. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    The “author” is “Jameis 1 of 1”????? WTF??? Yeah, it’s factual….LOL

  9. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Magadude…”JP Peterson’s fingerprints”……classic! (And probably true. That SOB called all Winston detractors “racist” on the radio. I called in, got on the air, and challenged his butt and he backed down. Then was let go. Good).

  10. DooshLaRue Says:

    There are fans and there are super fans.

    And then there are those who write 404-page books in defense of one of their favorite players…….

    And his name is Ndog.

    The book also comes with a scented JW poster and a slightly soiled jock strap fully “endorsed” by the author.

    Get your hot copy today!!

  11. Race to 10 Says:

    Magadude “Winston’s record is his record. Period.” Have you seen Aaron Rodgers record the last couple years and his stats? Term look at what his defense did when he won a super bowl . Better yet look at Tom Brady down against Atlanta im the super bowl 28-3 you mean he gets all that credit when the defense had to get the ball back for him? Csnt have sorry arse coaches like koetter and a horrible defense but thinking that a quarterback should win anyway. He’s not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers he’s a young good quarterback not a hall of Famer so yeah he needs a defense

  12. July Joe Says:

    I ordered a copy when it came out two days ago … we’ll see if it’s any good.

    However, one thing I am positive of, the author is definitely not JP Peterson. The author is on Twitter and has written for Bucs sites in the past under that pseudonym and is known on Twitter for debating and just crushing a bunch of main stream media guys.

    But writing a 400+ page book is a whole lot different that crushing people in 140 characters or less, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the book is like.

    I think it’s funny people on this forum are just crushing it though when they haven’t read it; that’s silly. It’s a 400 page book about the QB1 of the Bucs; I’d think any fan of the team, even ones who aren’t fans of Winston would want to read the book.

  13. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    This is a great book. Joe should really read it.

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow! And for only $18.95 (plus tax of course) you too can find out why Jameis has been so mistreated. Or, as an option, you can buy a 6-pack of beer, drink it and not give a hoot why the media & Jameis have this ‘Deranged Syndrome’. Then move on to the next JBF article that hopefully is a lot more interesting.

  15. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Not Sure if you guys have seen Jameis 1 of 1 on twitter , but that guy is a clown . Lmao

  16. SmoothBayRider Says:

    And the Fact that he wrote a 404 page book on it is Fing hilarious .

  17. Bird Says:

    So that is reason joe won’t read it. I knew there was a catch
    I figured he would have 50 copies by now. And a few signed copies by Jameis himself.


    On a serious note –
    Joe – you seriously think you have haters ?

    Don’t get me wrong , the blind favoritism of one certain player (including article after article in the past – literally 8 out of 10 in the past ) has rubbed some the wrong way …

    But you can’t get bucs coverage all day / everyday like you do here. Other sites may pump out an article or two all day. Most days here you get at least 5 articles and during the season that number doubles. Sometimes close to 15. Trust me …for the die hard buc fans like me who are in your site 10-15 times a day , we appreciate you.

    Just cause we don’t always agree or come back with sarcastic comments , doesn’t mean there is hate. That is the problem in the world today, especially with the media and younger generation , you disagree with someone and you are labeled a hater or racist.

    Keep on keeping on Joe
    We love the Bucs
    We love your site.
    Maybe some are just jealous cause you have our dream job. You get to cover the Bucs as your job.

    Seriously , The others got nothing on you.

  18. SmoothBayRider Says:

    All Jameis 1 of 1 does is cherry pick meaningless QBR numbers and blame Dirk Koetter. Hard to believe that Joe didn’t check this guy’s twitter before pumping his wayward book.
    Who said Joe didn’t check the Twitter? Joe didn’t endorse the book. –Joe

  19. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    I wonder how many feel this way about Dan Marino’s “meaningless stats” smdh 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  20. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Damn how does one spectacular college season inspire such devotion from fans?

  21. Magadude Says:

    @Race to 10. Yes, I have seen Rodgers’ record…the last couple of years, and the WHOLE thing. I’ve seen good and bad, playing through injuries, having off days, having sensational days. Overall, Aaron Rodgers–GREATNESS. Yup, looking at the whole record, NFL MVPs, SB, etc. Oh, I’ve seen that Brady character too. From numerous SBs, deflating footballs, having no D or running game, to having it all…and winning it all. And I’ve seen Winston. I look at the whole thing. Winston’s putrid D is as bad as bad things that afflict Brady and Rodgers, and Mahones, and Brees, and RGIII, and Paxton Lynch, and Mike Glennon. And that’s all part of his record too. The whole thing. Rodgers and Brady don’t lose because of bad players, squads, or luck around them. They WIN and win DESPITE all that. They are also leaders. They produce. Winston’s a pro football QB. His record points to him being an average to a below average starting QB in the NFL. He is of course in the Top 32-64 QBs in the world, at least for now. He has screwed up royally. He has played superb at times.

    I am sure many appreciate your undying support for Winston. He needs fans like you. And the Bucs need fans like me and you. And media guys like JBF who call it as they see it.

    Every day that the Bucs are losers they need to have their chops poked. That includes all of them, especially Winston. And when they and Winston do well, I praise them. Most player/coaches/managers causing the misday are gone. Some are left to go. Like I said, the whole record. Winston has to add to his record so it’s much, much, much better. But he’s not entitled to just in the position (especially given the past) just because some folks think his bad D, bad coaches, bad WRs, didn’t let him be his best. Maybe Ryan Griffin would have been another Tom Brady success story if only he got one snap. Spin anything how we want.

    A great QB finds a way to do great things no matter what. Yes, they are Superman if they want $100M plus. I don’t cherry pick the stats, and I don’t give a darn about how others overcame or have slumped. Oh, I’m intelligant and experienced enough to know about all the factors that affect Winston and other players. And when looking at the record…the WHOLE thing…he’s got work to do.

    And some book no one signed their name to (althogh it was reviewed by a clear expert in the field medical art board member who clearly knows about these things), that says “Look at this stats of Winston and the great NFL QBs and see how he’s on a HoF track if only you were objective.” Yeah, we need books like this. America is great because folks can write pretty much what they want and put what they think out there. Love it. Keep writing. I would literally risk my life for that right.

    And…someone could probably write another book that points out all the issues Winston has (some self-imposed) that make the case for why he is NOT on an NFL HoF track.

    In the meantime, he’s got a season coming up and needs to help finish writing whatever book needs to wrtten.

  22. Larry Says:

    What Bird said….ditto

  23. Magadude Says:

    @Morgus the Magnificent. I remember a day where JP said something on 620 to the effect of if you are being critical of Jameis, you either hate FSU or it’s about race. I heard a few call in after that and light him up for that…I was too much in shock to do it myself and didn’t think JP was very well reasoned as it was. I cCouldn’t believe the other legit reasons were ignored, and felt like he slapped all the listeners, and pulled the card on those who disagreed with him on a freakin’ talk show. I don’t know why left but wondereed if that had something to do with it.

  24. SteveK Says:

    I am a fan of the Buccaneers and Jameis. I root for him to do well. I will not be blind to what I believe is an objective lens that I view the game. My expectations of Jameis are to be a winning QB as he is a #1 overall pick. There have been glimpses of greatness and moments of wtf.

    I hope he lets his play do the talking that’s it.

    Some media may be too far skewed, but this book clearly has one objective. I wonder what the book says about the Uber “hassle”?

  25. JWilBuc Says:

    I am currently reading this book, and honestly it’s great so far. Statistically compares qbs in various aspects outside of the box. The author is genuinely a good dude from what I know, and supports our qb, although not being an FSU or Bucs fan. He is a fan of Jameis. The author doesn’t use his name because he is not looking for clout, or recognition. He just looks to shed light on the ongoing battle with biased media as it pertains to an overlooked start to a potential future HOF career . Well worth the price to download.

  26. Fragis Says:

    So some crackpot devotes god knows how many hours writing a “book” that aims to convince people that Gropey McCrablegs is really not only misunderstood but also a great QB if you twist some numbers a certain way? And said crackpot won’t put his actual name to the work? Oy vey. For a good laugh, go check out his twitter feed. Dude is in need of some serious mental help. But if anyone needs some relatively cheap toilet paper, by all means, go ahead and order his “book” that should be titled “A Tome Dedicated to my Blind and Biased Undying Love for an Average Quarterback.”

  27. Magadude Says:

    Bird is full of hate with most remarks.
    LOL. Just kidding.

  28. Oneilbucs Says:

    Magdu named 1 year the Patriots defense was last in every thing like ours and name 1 year that the Patriots defense wasn’t top 10 in scoring defense? Cause that’s the most important stat is how many points that a defense gives up . Or how many times the Patriots gives up 30 points in a season???? Answer the question lol lol lol !!!!!

  29. Magadude Says:

    @July Joe…All good points. First, who wants to buy a book where the author won’t use his real name. Is this a Kilroy thing? Is it those “Woverines” from Red Dawn? Are we inerviewing contestants on The Dating Game?

    Second, the timing and topic look suspect, and the marketing looks terrible to me. If the book is about what the forewords and reviews say, to me it screams “Don’t buy it.” If they spoke of exclusive insights and never-before published information, and how the author (who we have no idea who he is) is a genius in how he put it together….then it may compel thought to buy it. Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to compile 404 pages of stats and slap it on a page to make a case for guy is getting the short end of the stick.

    But again, you make a good point. I may buy it and have a look to see what it says…

  30. JameisSuperfan Says:

    Here’s my completely unbiased, objective take: Jameis Winston is the greatest quarterback of all time. It’s everyone else that’s deranged.

    Goodness, some people are too dumb to realize how dumb they are.

  31. Dapostman Says:

    Gonna be fun to see some posters disappear and others who will change their name when Winston has his best year yet and gets a new contract. I’m already making my list as to who will disappear on this website. I guess I should add a bandwagon list too. There are always bandwagon riders.

  32. 813bucboi Says:

    joe’s feeling got hurt….lol….boo hoo….lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  33. Fragis Says:

    I’ll try this again since it seem my first post was deemed not worthy by the powers that censor, er, moderate here:

    1) The “author” won’t put his name on his “book”. That’s beyond disingenuous and is, quite frankly, purposely deceitful. What reasonable person would give a scintilla of credence to the content contained therein based on that?
    2) As another poster already pointed out, this “book” is written about media bias by an “author” who has an obvious bias themselves. That is the definition of the word *irony*.
    3) Whomever wasted countless hours on this sort of topic has an obvious vested interest in JW and his success/public perception. Is it a friend? Family member? His agent? any way you slice it, it comes off as snake oil in written form.

  34. Magadude Says:

    @DaPostman…making a list? Seriously? Eastern Europeans did that stuff once upon a time. But never over football. Maybe that’s how it started. I’m really shaking in my shoes over your use of “disappear” (Twilight Zone music playing). Get real.

  35. diggler Says:

    Magadude Says:
    July 17th, 2019 at 4:57 am

    Okay, I will it on my list, right after (find and) read a book on the on the sleep habits of the kakopo bird. You know, they say these nocturnal creatures actually vary their waking hours in different seasons, by as much as an hour. Fascinating.

    ^^^Amazing what one learns on this site daily. The Bucs fan is truly a man of refinement and sophistication.

  36. Magadude Says:

    Two major plugs for the book from screen names I don’t recognize. Maybe that’s just me. Not for me to worry about…but an observation.

  37. Magadude Says:

    @Oneilbucs says “and name 1 year that the Patriots defense wasn’t top 10 in scoring defense? Cause that’s the most important stat is how many points that a defense gives up.”

    Oh, I’ve stated several times about other factors and how it’s not all Winston’s fault. I agree….the Bucs could probably win a SB if they had the Pats D and Tom Brady.

    The truth hurts. Winston is middle of the road so far, at best. Cherry pick and name drop similar stats all day long…doesn’t make Winston any better. And most people know it.

  38. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Your blurb on subject 1 fits the Joes here as well

  39. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Bucs d wasn’t last in every category…

    How does the defense make Jameis turn it over76 times in 56 games?

    Even in one score close games he’s turning it over

    No more excuses for a #1 overall pick

  40. Magadude Says:

    @Oneilbucs…trouble with internet today. Trying this again.

    As I’ve said, all the Bucs woes are not Winston’s fault. And I agree if the Bucs had the Pats D that would be an imporovement…but that’s NOT the most important thing…the QB being evaluated is, and is the only relevent thing. I already said I factored all the other stuff into my opinion…and I have a hard time believing the vast majority of folks outside the fan base don’t get it as is what seems to be the argument made.

    Winston has a bunch of issues to fix, and constantly cherry picking the good doesn’t do anything. I’m sure there are many QBs out there who would swear they would be great too, if only this, that, and the other thing. Maybe he can be as good as Archie Manning was. As I also said, great QBs make their own results. I’ve never seen a HoFer get there because someone else on his team was great.

  41. Magadude Says:

    ^^^Oh, now the first post shows up. Oh well…there you have it.

  42. BucsBandit Says:

    You know your book is B.S. when you don’t even have the confidence to use your actual name as the Author.


  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Scrolling through the comments…

    Who needs a book to read?

    Magadude just wrote one on this thread….

    Winston Derangement Syndrome in full effect.

  44. SteveK Says:


    lol I hear you, dude! I laugh at all the posters (sheep? 🐑) that change their screw name bc their opinions age so poorly they can’t continue to post with the same moniker. Not me, I stand by my screen name at, and will stand my by opinions.

    I called out the Freemanites for not objectively judging the QB play then, and I call out the FSU/Jameis Honks.

    I want winning football, and I hope Jameis has a career year bc that will mean the Bucs are competitive.

    I laugh at this book, putting lip stick on a pig. The number one overall pick at QB is supposed to be a game changer and we should not have to cherry pick statistics to formulate an argument. The big picture with Jameis: off the field questions (next infraction could be a year long suspension), turnover rate- too damn many period, and the winning of the team.

    The way some argue on here is as if they expect the Bucs to win in spite of Jameis and I am hear to tell you that the QB and number one pick needs to be better. I’m pulling for the guy and will wear his jersey every Sunday, but I refuse to make excuses for the lack of wins, turnovers, and off the field hoopla that has followed him since college.

  45. Magadude Says:

    @SteveK…all agreeable stuff…I like to use the general category of “decision making” as his problem, that includes the INTs, taking care of the football in general, deciding to blow off the play sent in, etc. That goes to off field stuff mistakes too…he does what he wants to do it seems. I want to see us go ONE year without him being in the news for the wrong reasons. That kind of sums it up for this young man. Great potential, but much to prove still. And to all the excuses thus far, his apologists now seem to include: “it’s the media’s fault.” After all, they overlooked him–their terrible bias! Overall it’s the fault of the D, bad coaches, running game, couldn’t relate to his OC, the software sucks, he’s trying too hard, and (I can’t remember them all…so many excuses), and now it’s the media bias overlooking his clear greatness if only we were objective. LOL.

    I was so upset with Schiano in what happened with Free, and then it seemed as time went on that Schiano may have had it right on him. To think for two years, the guy we were told worked the hardest, showed up the earliest, couldn’t be the problem with “slow starts.”

    Don’t think it’s unreasonable to push for the best from this young man in Winston. No passes, no free rides. No entitlements. Earn it.

    I’m a Bucs fan, I’m buying the book. And I’ll try to find time to read it…and I’ll state my opinion on it.

  46. Magadude Says:

    Okay…I just bought the book…coming Friday from Amazon. Really do hate the picture drawn on the front. Does not do the man justice. It looks like Alien Jameis.

  47. down in the dirt doug Says:

    So many sad and insecure Buc fans.The season is doomed before it begins.BA is a looser and will take his golf cart and retire again after game four this year.BA is clueless and doesn’t know that we need line and running back help.We will win one of our first eight games.Half our team needs to be replaced and all is lost.JPP will never return and we are cursed!.GIVE US A BREAK AND GROW A PAIR!!!!!GO BUCS ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR.!!!

  48. Dapostman Says:


    You guys keeping stating making excuses when people throw out the defense, running game and special teams have been sub par for Winston’s career. These are facts not excuses. Let’s for once see how Winston does with an average defense, running game and special teams before we run him out of town. I didn’t even mention the coaching. If he sucks and the other parts of the team are good then he would be the weak link and most every fan would want him replaced. The Jags replaced Bortles because he was that weak link on their team. Until the Bucs get better at defense, running game and special teams Winston is the least of their problems. That’s why guys like me don’t want to see him run out until we know he’s the problem.

  49. DBS Says:

    You can see name changes here just on this article. But on the next it will be back to their old names.
    This is nothing more than another poor mistreated Jameis opinion from someone. You know the old saying? Yes everybody has one. If you want to spend your money do. If you don’t, don’t. Simple choice.

  50. JWilBuc Says:

    I love how all these experts just know this is a horrible book without even reading it. I am almost halfway through it already, as a busy father of 4 who works 50 hours a week. There is no excuse not to read it. If you don’t want to buy it or read it, then don’t. But to crucify the book and author without even reading it is ridiculous.

  51. July Joe Says:

    REVIEW TIME (Part 1 anyways, as I’m only half-way through)!!!

    My book came today. Amazon’s 2 day shipping never lets me down!

    However, what the heck is up with not being able to leave a book review on Amazon unless you’ve spent $50 with them? Who just spends $50 every month on Amazon books? Not any sports fan I knows! What a stupid rule!

    Anyways, the eBook is only like $9 I think but I hate reading on little screens so I sprung for the $19 paperback.

    I still think it’s hilarious to me that people ripped the book BEFORE reading it … that’s sort of proof the author’s right about the “Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome” thing, no?

    Also, to those freaking out about the dudes pen-name, I mean are you guys serious? Tons of authors use pen-pens. Heck the Joes use pen-names. George Orwell and Mark Twain and J.K. Rowling (can’t believe I put Rowling in the same sentence as Orwell and Twain) are all pen-names.

    The author is some Christian theologian who’s written other books (according to his preamble chapter thing) so my guess is the circle he runs with might freak on him if they knew he published a book about Jameis Winston of all people, instead of, say, Tim Tebow. He doesn’t specifically say that but that’s the feel I get from reading it.

    I’m only about half way through the book now, so can’t comment on how it ends yet, but the first half has been frigging awesome!

    The author, whoever he is, is NOT just praising Winston and saying he’s the best, yada, yada, yada, he had a chapter about college QBs and where Jameis ranks and used a bunch of cool stats and the like to rank college QBs and Jameis definitely didn’t come out #1 … he came out pretty high, but was behind QBs I think he should be behind, so that’s good.

    As for the stat chapters – they’re ridiculous, like completely frigging ridiculous, in a good way. Some of the tables are stuff he’s covered on Twitter and relate to yards and tds and all that usual stuff, but when he gets into the era-adjusted stuff, holy crap! I’ve never seen anything like that from anyone and it’s really impressive.

    And no, he does NOT seem to be cherry-picking stats at all or just trying to make Jameis look good, as some of the sections Jameis will rank like 30th and others 3rd and others 8th and the like and then he compiles them all to rank QBs and just slots Jameis in where he slots in when compared to 21 other hall of fame qbs.

    However, when you see where Jameis slots in in all the sections it does open your eyes and make you realize just how ignorant the media and much of the fane base is. I mean, no one deep dives into stats like this dude has, and fans who work 40 hours a week don’t have the time to do so anyways, but when you look at the stats, you do realize the whole talk around Jameis is largely B.S. as people are just talking out of their rear ends and don’t have a clue how he really compares to other Hall of Fame QBs.

    One thing I will say … this book without even trying makes Dan Marino look great, that’s for sure, as he ranks high almost everywhere!

    Okay, I’ll post again AFTER I finish reading.

  52. Tye Says:

    There are BUCS FANS (Do what is needed to be a winning team)
    and then there are Jameis fans (Winston, Winston, Winston, Bucs are nothing without Winston)..

  53. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    @Magadude….you’re close. JP Peterson said if you’re a Jameis detractor “you’re either a Gator or a racist”……he can GFH.

  54. Stanglassman Says:

    Or both?

  55. JWilBuc Says:

    July Joe , you took the words out of my mouth. This book has opened my eyes to a lot as well. I am a fan of Jameis, but still did not realize how well he stacked up to other College and NFL greats. Read the book for those who don’t believe me. Facts are hard to argue with!

  56. JameisSuperfan Says:

    It seems Jameis1of1 is posting here using a pseudonym for his pseudonym. “July Joe.” Really? Just a coincidence that that username popped up on this site today? His posts read like his Twitter ramblings. Come on, dude. This is pathetic. Write a book, put your name on it.

    Author Jameis1of1

    #RESPECT 2 @JoeBucsFan🙏

    I’ve had 🔥 back & forths w/ the Joes but always supported the work they do as they’re the:


    Low & behold, they’re the 1st Tampa media outlet 2 cover THE📖on JAMEIS WINSTON‼️

  57. Bucsfanman Says:

    Hey, I need new reading material for the $hitter anyway! My wife’s Vogue is starting to stick together!

    In all seriousness though, someone CLEARLY has way too much time on their hands. I mean, REALLY?!

  58. Magadude Says:

    @Morgus…hmmm. Thanks.

  59. Magadude Says:

    @July Joe…the book says it’s what it is about. Yes, mine gets here Friday. Will take me into early next week on and off.

    Given the foreward, and the ridiculous long title, pretty clear what it is about.

    Have you read the book “Titanic.” Do you know how it ends? I won’t tell you!

  60. Magadude Says:

    @July Joe…the guys who use pen names ALSO reveal their real names. Does the author get inside his head and explain what possessed him to screw team for three games last year, or why he blew off the play call from the slideline? Just curious. Oh, I’ll read it!

  61. July Joe Says:


    Yes the author deals with the whole Uber thing and it’s a good chapter that contained a lot of stuff I didn’t know. What I like is there aren’t really “opinions” in the book, almost every single page has multiple citations verifying everything. I was expecting the book to be heavy on opinions but it’s not which is pretty cool.

    As for the pen-name thing, that’s just not true, a lot of authors that used pen-names waited years and years before every revealing their real names, some people don’t like the spotlight, others don’t want their work to mess with their other work, whatever, I don’t think it’s an issue. If anything, if this guy has published books in the past which he says in the book he has, and it’s pretty obvious he has as I don’t think anyone’s very first ever book would be something 400 pages long with 900 citations, he probably would have received more press if he would have used his real name. Like I said, I really think he just didn’t want to deal with folks in his circle who would object to him writing a book on Winston instead of someone like Tebow or Kurt Warner or someone like that.

    Anyways, I’m motoring through it and will write more when I finish.

  62. Oneilbucs Says:

    Rogers had 35 TDs in 5 interceptions and miss the playoffs. Last year he had 29 TDs and 7 interceptions I think and still didn’t make the playoffs. So what do that tell yall people who don’t know nothing about football. Facts!!!!!!!

  63. July Joe Says:

    @Magadude, about Titanic the movie … I HATED that the opened with the sub scene and the old lady, like what the heck was that about? I had to fast forward through that crap everytime I showed the movie to my kids as it screws with the story.

    Getting close to the end of the book … the author ripped Jameis for the Bengals game and had a bunch of neat info on benched QBs and stuff I didn’t know. The book has a huge index at the back and there’s hundreds of QB names in it and some of the qbs the book details and talks about I’ve never even heard of, kinda fun.

    The one chapter on the media is hilarious too, no wonder a bunch of media guys don’t like him.

    The one chapter that will probably tick off a lot of readers that are Bucs fans is the one on QBWINZ. I liked it as it’s loaded with stats and references to back everything up but I know a lot of people will just scream about Jameis’ win and loss record and hate that chapter.

  64. Magadude Says:

    @July…Oh goody. No opinions really. Just facts. Yes, citations are a key thing I look at. Never trust an author who is too chickensh*t to write his name though, so better back it up. I’ll add…there would have to be opinions if there is any analysis. I hope this doesn’t read like an Ndog diatribe after he’s had four Monsters. That is, I hope it’s not a reguritation of stats that ends in a “See, that proves he’s the xyz.” I know when I’m being bamboozled.

    You say: “The author is some Christian theologian who’s written other books (according to his preamble chapter thing) so my guess is the circle he runs with might freak on him if they knew he published a book about Jameis Winston of all people, instead of, say, Tim Tebow.”

    ^^^^Sorry, I’m raising the BS flag on that one! Good news: The author sold a book to me. Maybe good: I will write a review of the book.

  65. BringBucsBack Says:

    Exploration into media bias is interesting and necessary, if it is done with earnest journalistic principles. However, I have little interest in 400 pages of man-child palliatives. Admittedly, even as a #3 “hater”, the stats comparisons sound interesting to me. But, one stat that is probably not mentioned in the book that would negate & render useless all of the others:

    Number of women (or incidents) needed to end “HOF”;) career: 1
    JUST one!

  66. Magadude Says:

    I don’t see anyone complaining exclusively about wins and losses here. I know I don’t. I am interested in how and why over the long haul.

    The author needs to convince me there is a crescendo the sports world is somehow missing–not the decresendo we saw last year when taking the season as a whole into account (Yes, I know about his last six games).

    I’ll let you know what I think. No need to say more. And I hope like crazy this wasn’t commissioned to be written or financed in any way by the subject. Yup, if the author had some ballz, would be better.

  67. July Joe Says:

    @BringBucsBack, not to many hall of famer quarterbacks were only with one woman. I don’t know the percentge or anything but Tom Brady dumped his baby mama and even Russell Wilson is already on his #2 wife. Who knows, maybe Jameis and his lady will stick together for ever but that’s a rare thing these days.

    @Maga, you really think if the author would have used his real name if he’s some priest or pastor or doc of ministry or whatever would have given him more credibility with Bucs fans? I doubt it. It could have been worse and people just ignoring the stats and harping on religion or something stupid like that? Plus, it’s not like he’s hiding, the guy debates all comers on Twitter and has sent some big names into rages, it’s fun to see.

    The one complaint I have so far is that he actually seems to take it easy on some media types that he could have ripped a lot harder, I don’t know if he has a friendhsip with some of them or if the book was just too long as is or what but he could have been even harder on some of them I think.

    He’s also way too nice to Dirk Koetter I think. He doesn’t really rip him at all which I thought was a little strange. He didn’t really rip any Bucs players either, not even DeSean or Swaggy or Doug Martin. I would have!

  68. Magadude Says:

    @July…yes, credibility is bolstered not just by words and citations to back them up, but by the context and experiences of the author. Is it Winston’s dad or agent? No? How do we know? Because the author says so? Sorry, no ballzzzzz. Word to the wise: Winston’s situation is at least better than half his own doing. Ripping or not ripping other people for not taking better care of or developing an entitled guy playing a kids game an dmaking millions to do it gets little sympathy. I will looking to see if the author recognizes his own biases…which seem to be there based on the title.

  69. Magadude Says:

    “manchild palliatives.” Had to look that one up. BINGO!

  70. Buczilla Says:

    Buccaneer news every single day and another (distraction of the day) cute girl other than my wife to look at every morning. No hate here. 😀

  71. July Joe Says:

    @Maga … I hear what you’re saying if an author is writing a book about himself, like the author who Kristin Stewart is playing an upcoming movie that fakes everything. But this is a book about stats and historical data and all backed up, so it makes no difference if the author is some priest or pastor or if he’s Jameis himself. If the content is wrong, it’s wrong and if it’s right, it’s right. Anyways, like I said, the guy isn’t hiding and debates all comers on Twitter, plus he’s said he’ll appear on any media at any time so I think it’ll be easily to tell if he’s Jameis’ dad or agent or whatever whenever we hear him speak on a podcast or see him on some show.

    Also, you saying Winston’s “situation” is more than half his own doing is the exact sort of personal opinion that doesn’t mean anything. You’re just throwing out a statement, adding math to it (50%) and pretending it’s true; if the book was like that I’d throw it in the trash, but it’s not.

    Anyways, I finished it and will post a review in my next post.

  72. July Joe Says:

    REVIEW TIME (PART 2 – finished reading it!)

    The second half of the book was definitely as good as the first.

    I’m surprised it ended without the author ever ripping Koetter or a Bucs player, I really thought he would “blame” someone, but he didn’t. He just let the stats speak for themselves and slotted Jameis in wherever he ranked.

    When the author did that you can easily see that Jameis had some dips in how he stacked up to all the Hall of Fame quarterbacks, when last season is taken into account … he still ranks pretty well but not as good in certain areas.

    DAN MARINO really comes out looking like some sort of god in the stat sections, which is fitting.

    KURT WARNER also comes out looking really, really good when measured against all the other Hall of Fame QBs, but since the book only compares through their fourth seasons, it doesn’t show how Warner fell off a cliff … it does mention it and say he had a strange career being benched by three different teams and all that though.

    ELI MANNING comes out looking like a bum. The author covered all the stats of guys he believes are “guaranteed” HOF’ers and Eli made the cut. The author doesn’t really talk about Eli but when you look at the stats it’s really clear he doesn’t stack up with almost any other Hall of Fame quarterback … BEN ROETHLISBERGER does though, big time! That surprised me a little.

    TURNOVERS: There’s a whole chapter about turnovers which was pretty cool and really puts JW’s turnovers into perspective as almost every Hall of Fame quarterback was also a turnover machine in their first four years, and the author has this cool original stat comparing them all. It still shows JW has a turnover problem and doesn’t rank anywhere near the very best of the HOF guys but he also doesn’t come close to ranking near the bottom of the HOF guys either.

    The last chapter of the book gets a little philosophical and has some deep quotes and stuff and some football fans might roll their eyes at it, but since the guy is a theology guy I guess it’s an honest portrayal of his mindset or whatever. The book’s not “preachy” which is cool. It’s super clear the author is a Christian and everything but he doesn’t go all wild and start trying to “save” people. Actually the foreword by Jameis trainer is probably the most preachy part of the book but I liked it as it was obviously real sincere and it’s cool to see what someone who’s known Jameis since he was a youngster really thinks about him.

    WORST PART OF THE BOOK FOR ME: The fact that the author sort of let’s Koetter and ALL Bucs players off the hook. I was really kind of hoping he’d blast DeSean and Swaggy and the friggin kickers and Koetter but he’s sort of overly nice to all of them. However, who knows, maybe Jameis or Jameis’ agent or something asked the author not to crush any of his teammates?

    BEST PART OF THE BOOK: The stats! It really is awesome to see not just how Jameis measures up to all the other Hall of Famers but how all the Hall of Famers measure up to each other. There’s lots of “Top 10” lists on-line and stuff but they are always just opinions and are usually sort of silly whereas this book literally just lets the stats speak and shows how all these QBs really rank against each other.

    UNDER-RATED PART OF THE BOOK: The writing itself. I doubt many sports fans care if a stats book is nicely written as the stats are what they want but this book is really well written. I saw a couple of typos and the citations in the stat chapters can be a little hard to follow but it’s really well done.

    THE MYSTERY: Who’s the author? After reading it I’m positive it’s not JP Peterson. The race card is NEVER played in the book and it’s just worded way different than JP’s stuff. I’m also positive it’s not Jameis’ mom or dad or agent or something like that as I just can’t see any of them writing a book like this. Maybe if I read more theology books I could make a good guess but that’s not happening. There are some “hints” but I think it’s just the author sort of being funny. For ex in one part he sort of pokes fun at people for accusing him of being Jameis or Jameis’ dad and then says he finds it strange no one ever accused him of being Pat McInally and then lists some reasons the McInally comparison actually makes sense. McInally was some Harvard punter that played in the NFL and then retired and made a bunch of money on weird collectible investments (like the author claims to have done) and became a Christian and worked at some Christian place and scored a perfect 50 on the Wonderlic … who knows, but I doubt McInally wrote it as he’d put his name on it and isn’t an actual theologian … I googled him and he’s coaching at some Christian school.

    Anyways, it was well worth the $19 and was a very fun read. And I do think just about anyone would like it, as even if they hate Jameis, they can just read the stat sections and see how guys like Marino and Stabler and Griese and stuff stack up.

  73. Magadude Says:

    @JulyJoe…who are you usually on here? Or did I miss that you post here a lot (quite possible). If new, is your purpose to promote the book? Just curious…certainly your right.

  74. OneBuc55 Says:

    Turnovers are always bad buts there are HOF QBs who had about the same if not more than Jameis their first 4 years…

    My problem is that most of the people whining about the turnovers won’t even acknowledge how productive he’s been; very few QBs have done more statistically in their first 4 years…

    As for the media, I do believe they excessively recycled alot of old news since Jameis came in the league, in particular continuesly stirring the pot on the old FSU stuff…because of them there are people out there who literally think Jameis is a [scumbag — Joe edited to prevent ugly flamewar] that repeatedly screams obscenities, steals crab leggs every other day and habitually [grabs —- another Joe edit] Uber driver every chance he gets…but whatever, it is what it is…

  75. OneBuc55 Says:

    Really Joe, my comment goes into moderation, then disappears…Love your site, but commenting is basically a waste of time when that crap happens…

  76. JameisSuperfan Says:

    @July Joe

    It’s obvious that you’re Jameis1of1 and are here reviewing your own “book.”

  77. July Joe Says:

    I’m new to the forum but I’m not just posting about the book. I posted in a bunch of other forums today about Mike Evans (who I love!!!!!!) and Godwin (who I think has superstar potential) and even “the chin” Bill Cowher and you better believe I’ll be happy to post about Dean and Bunting if articles are written on them as I love both those young corners and think they could both be way better than most people think they can.

  78. July Joe Says:

    @JameisSuperfan (talk about a joke of a name since you like to bash JW),

    You can think whatever you want dude. I dont know many authors that would object to certain parts of their own book or say they wish certain things were different like I did in my reviews above. Who does that?

    By the way, if I was Jameis1of1 why wouldn’t I just say I’m Jameis1of1 and start debating people and answering questions and directing people to my links and all that stuff? That would make a lot more sense.

    You keep being the anti-Winston “JameisSuperfan” though, no biased there dude, lol.

  79. gilhealy Says:

    July Joe, positive posts are frowned upon on JBF. Stick to the script.

  80. BringBucsBack Says:

    July, I think you missed the point of my “one more woman” remark. While I hadn’t considered his wife until you mentioned it, I was simply referring to one more woman to come forward and accuse him of something indecent, as has happened in the past.

  81. gambelero Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to blast a book without reading it. Nevertheless, I’ve been an outside committee member on PhDs and dissertations about framing and bias. I wasn’t impressed with the methodology and saw more bias and framing in the analysis of bias and framing than in the original material.

    Soooo, the author is anonymous, but s/he’s denigrated Joebucsfan online. Does Joe or maybe one of his minions actually know who the author is? Or maybe is familiar with the stage name?

  82. July Joe Says:

    @BringBucsBack, sorry about the misunderstanding, I completely missed your point, though I’d say the HOF is loaded with guys who weren’t exactly choirboys.

    @Gambelero, what are you talking about? What “methodology”? If you haven’t read the book, how can you even make the statements you’re making? The dude just crunches numbers and slots Jameis in where he slots in, there’s zero “bias” in that sort of thing. I always find it hilarious when people yell about bias when stats are discussed as stats are numbers that are facts, they can’t be biased. I mean, if they are wrong, like if someone says Jameis threw for 5,000 yards last year, that would be biased and wrong, but if the stats are right, they can’t be biased.

  83. WestChap Says:

    “I’d think any fan of the team, even ones who aren’t fans of Winston would want to read the book.“

    Think again. Next.

  84. WestChap Says:

    @Bird speaks truth… I have posted a few uncharitable observations about some repetitive articles but this site is helping us all through the offseason. #NotAHater

  85. JameisSuperfan Says:

    You’re busted, July Joe. Give it up. You are Jameis1of1. The similarities between your posts here and your tweets are no coincidence.

    Your post: I always find it hilarious when people yell about bias when stats are discussed as stats are numbers that are facts, they can’t be biased. I mean, if they are wrong, like if someone says Jameis threw for 5,000 yards last year, that would be biased and wrong, but if the stats are right, they can’t be biased.

    Your tweet: Even if I was “biased”, the stats I tweet are 100% accurate & cannot be refuted, so it wouldn’t matter.

    Who has the time to read a 400-page “book” in a day and post lengthy “reviews” on Your criticisms aren’t even criticisms. They’re compliments. (“I was overly nice.”) You just started posting under this name today and clearly commented on a couple of other articles to make your “reviews” seem less suspicious. It ain’t working.

    You’re a fraud, Jameis1of1, and you’ve been exposed.

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Exodus 20:16

  86. July Joe Says:

    @JameisSuperfan, whatever you say dude. You talk about bearing false witness while your very name screen handle thing “JameisSuperfan” is a lie. You’re a strange dude. None of the things you’ve said point to meaning what you said they mean. The whole book is about bias and stats, it’s right in the title, anyone who reviews it is going to use the words dude. By the way, if you buy the book you’ll see it’s not really 400 pages, it’s more like 300 as the index sections and stuff are almost 100 pages and the stats pages aren’t “reading” just “viewing” and the book isn’t big like some piece of loose leaf paper it’s a normal book size you’d see in a store so most anyone can read about 2 pages a minute easy, so yeah, anyone with a high school education could read the book in like 2.5-3 hours tough guy.

  87. JameisSuperfan Says:

    @July Joe

    The evidence is mounting, Jameis1of1. You’re using a pseudonym for a pseudonym. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    Your post: You’re a strange dude.

    Your tweet: I sent you the graphic after you stated Jameis only bested Rodgers in “one” statistical category. I proved you wrong … as usual … and yet you’re puffing out your chest … as usual … you’re a strange dude.

    Difference here is that I didn’t write a “book” under a pseudonym.

    I’d rather set 20 dollars on fire.

  88. July Joe Says:

    You’re busted, JameisSuperfan. Give it up. You are Clay Travis. The similarities between your posts here and Clay Travis tweets are no coincidence.

    Your post: Give it up.

    MANY of Clay Travis tweets: Give it up.

    Oooh, busted! LOL

    Who else but Travis would pretend to be a JameisSuperfan while hating Jameis and ripping him?

    Oooh busted! LOL

    Who else but someone as weird as Travis would claim it was impossible to read a book in a day?

    You’re a fraud, JameisSuperfan, and you’ve been exposed.

    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Exodus 20:16


    By the way, my criticisms of the book were real criticism. I said there were some typos, said the end would turn some fans off, said I hated that certain players weren’t ripped, etc. Those are actual criticisms.

    I wonder if you also think the other guys who said they are reading the book and it’s good are the author? Or maybe you are the author just trying to stir up controversy to make people curious. It’s a silly game to play dude. I’m sure this site gets new followers EVERY DAY, you want to drive them all off with weirdness, do your thing home boy.

  89. July Joe Says:

    “You’re a strange dude” is proof, you nailed it big boy! What’s next, “you nailed it” is proof, how about “LOLOLOL”, how about “accurate stats”? Dude those are ALL common phrases but I think it’s awesome that you have so much time on your hands that you are scouring through the authors tweets looking to prove I am him; that’s super cool.

    You’re right, why in the world would you waste $20 to read something containing new information when you could just spend hours and hours and hours of your time acting like a clown pouring through someone’s tweets?

    Uh, oh, I just said “why in the world” and “acting like a clown”, I bet you could match those common phrases to the author’s tweets too and about 5,000,000 other people’s tweets too, LOL.

    Maybe I’m really Kevin Durant. When those really cool internet sleuths spent their time proving he used a burner and had multiple Twitter accounts and was arguing about himself on Twitter, that just changed the world and changed Durant’s life forever, right? LOL. No one cares.

    By the way, even if I was the author, so what? That wouldn’t change the content of the book or make the stats become false. Brett Favre wrote a book about himself – oh no the bias, light that book on fire, better to read a book written by someone else about Favre than one Favre wrote himself, how dumb.

    Authors and politicians and musicians and a ton of other people buy followers and buy their own books and their own cds to make them jump up the best-seller lists and no one cares. There was even talk that Marvel bought out theatres with Captain Marvel in and those theatres were nearly empty, just so they could inflate the box office stats, and again, no one cares.

    And like I said, if I was the author why wouldn’t I just use the name Jameis1of1 and debate everyone. The dude debates everyone on Twitter, why wouldn’t I do it here it I was him? SMH.

    Oh no, I just used “debates everyone” and even “SMH”, I bet you the author has those in his tweets, busted again, LOL.

    I don’t care if you read the book brah, but it sounds like you’re going to spend way more time than it would take to read the book just pouring through the author’s tweets, so go do your thing Mr. Travis.

  90. July Joe Says:

    Yo Mr. Travis / JameisSuperfan, I just checked Twitter and the author hasn’t tweeted in 7 hours and that dude tweets almost non-stop so you really think I’m him, and I completely stopped tweeting and advertisng my book on twitter so I could play games with you? SMH.

    I also checked to see if there was a “JameisSuperfan” on twitter, and guess what? There isn’t. Which means YOU are actually using a pen name of a pen name while accusing me of doing that. LOL,

    What’s wrong, you don’t want Jameis and true Buc fans to find out that the Wade Crawley that works the cash register at the local McDonald’s is really “JameisSuperfan” who’s really “stinkshoe69” on Twitter?

    Take a nap brah and wake up on the right side of the bed.

    Oh crap, I said “right side of the bed”, that could be in a tweet somewhere LOLOL

  91. Magadude Says:

    “I’m new to the forum but I’m not just posting about the book.”
    BS. I’m not saying you are the author of the book, but the whole thing, including the bogus raves on the book are all JV. As JV as the book marketing and endorsements. Dubious.

  92. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    July Joe, give it up, author. It’s too dam obvious. Promote with honesty.

  93. Fragis Says:


    Love that you have July Joe1of1’s feathers all sorts of ruffled. He, similar to mystery man Jameis1of1, is so long winded and has to reply multiple times to make points here just as he does on twitter. And again, a 400 page book with a voluminous amount of stats and citations – you’re going to breeze through that in a matter of hours? Uh, yeah, sure. Sounds TOTALLY plausible.

    It’s not surprising he jumped on here to post and try to sell what I’m sure will be MAYBE 20 copies of bird cage liner. The market for this sort of thing is basically nonexistent and he wasted god knows how many months of time on it.

    I wonder – did the book mention how the “author” has a vested interest in promoting JW? If so, why didn’t July Joe1of1 mention that in his dissertation, I mean “review” of the “book”.

  94. July Joe Says:

    You guys are funny dudes. Is this how every new person that joins the forum gets treated if he posts something good about Jameis or GMC or Licht or whatever? He’s immediately shut down, accused of nonsense and told to leave? That’s hilarious!!!

    Again, I gave my review, listed issues I had with the book, and it doesn’t take a long time to read as no one is going to read the 100 pages of index stuff; anyone can read the book in a day easy. If all of you can’t read a book in a day, I don’t know what to say.

    @Maga … I like you. You obviously don’t like Jameis but you also don’t just fly off the handle. And to answer your question, “yes” there is a chapter at the begining of the book called “full disclosure” that gives a lot of info on the author and his past investments in Kobe and LeBron and his current investment in Jameis and others. Again, if the author were trying to “hide” I don’t think he’d use the name “Jameis1of1”, debate everyone on Twitter and have a chapter like this. He’d call himself Bob Jones and pretend to be a fan of Mariota or something and say “even though I love Mariota, the evidence just led me to considering Jameis the greatest, blah, blah, blah” and of course he doesn’t do anything like that … he calls himself “Jameis1of1” as that’s the name he’s been known by for years in the collectibles industry according to the book, and obviously one would assume he would KNOW that using such a name for people who don’t know him would appear to be “bias” but he didn’t care. Plus, having JW’s trainer write the foreword would obviously make it appear the book is bias but he didn’t care. So, obviously the author doesn’t really give a crap what anyone thinks or what anyone will accuse him of bias and stuff like that and could have eliminated all those accusations by just using his own name or some other Bob Jones type penname and having Jacquez Green or JP Peterson write the foreword instead of Jameis’ trainer, but he obviously doesn’t care what people think or will accuse him of. The dude is some highroller investor who had enough free time to sit around and spend a ton of time writing some book that may not make him any real money, so I doubt he’s worried about people like you and me talking ish on a forum somewhere.

    As for the JV endorsements, I’m not sure what you mean. I even like CLAYTON GEOFFREYS (look him up on Amazon) books as while many would say they are written a t a high school level and are basically just info you can find on-line, they’re fun, cheap and pass the time. And those books sell like crazy (the eBooks are really cheap) even though they get a ton of 1* star reviews and people rag on the writing, but those books have NO endorsements at all, as in none! This Jameis book has a foreword from Jameis trainer, blurbs from two former NFL players, JP Peterson, some Christian author, and a promo blurb thing from Jeff Pearlman who is probably the most popular sports author on earth and if you like reading sports book I would definitely recommend ALL of his books. I haven’t read em all but I read Sweetness, Boys Will Be Boys and Showtime and they were excellent.

    Anyways, I get you guys like to just talk ish and rip on things you don’t like and all that, everybody does, so do what you do, I don’t plan to go anywhere or disappear after this article is replaced by another one as this is a fun site, so I guess you all can rip on me for a long time, whatever.

  95. Magadude Says:

    LOL. What a scam. Oh, tracking the package, the book is here by midnight tomorrow. By JV: Nobodies, low budget, a clear agenda just by looking at the ads. I’m a fair guy though. Will read it and let you know what I think of your work. I do hope the book is better than the third-rate cover and terrible drawing of Winston. He must be “Space Jameis.”

  96. Fragis Says:


    It actually looks like a police artist’s sketch based on a description given to them by one of the women who had a run in with JW….

  97. July Joe Says:

    @ Maga, all blurbs in ALL books rave about the book, that’s the whole point of them? Have you never read a book in your life? In the history of books, no one has ever had a blurb ripping the book. What books are you reading where the author of the book puts blurbs in them ripping his book?

    And former Bucs and maybe the most popular sports author in the world could only be called “nobodies” by someone who’s hating just to hate. You want to see really nobody, as in not one single blurb,buy one of Clayton’s books that sell like hotcakes.

    I like the cover because of the word bubbles as those are funny and so true. I don’t think the picture was supposed to be realistic though, it looks sort of like a bobblehead or bighead carcatiure thing, like what people have done on their honeymoons and stuff.

  98. Geoff Pearlman Says:

    Jameis1of1/July Joe,

    Let’s set the record straight. You keep spelling my name wrong. It’s Geoff, not Jeff. I’m not sure why you keep calling me a famous sports author. I’m a 56-year-old podiatrist from Omaha, Nebraska. I never endorsed your biased love letter to Jameis Winston. I said I admired your passion. Again, not a promo.

  99. Magadude Says:

    @Fragis…didn’t want to say that…but yes, I agree. Terrible!
    @JulyJoe…what are you talking about? My point is people that do the reviews and the foreward should be experts in their fields. They shold be premeir people.

    Here’a little hint for you. You wrote a book that says how AFU the media is (and any skeptics) for not getting it, and this doof JP Peterson brings race into it, and then right up front you say “undeniably” on a HoF track.

    Good luck getting the media to EVER consider Winston for the HoF now…not that he is really on his way at all. We’ll see. And as I’ve said, one can write a stats and factors book that talks about all the reasons why Winston is NOT on the HoF track.

    So far, the book and the promotion of it is a freaking joke. But I’ve seen crappy places to eat and it turned out the menu is fine. So I’m going to read it. But as I said…it is JV and that is being polite.

  100. Magadude Says:

    ^^^^If there is a bobblehead that looks like that…it won’t sell either!

  101. Magadude Says:

    You really want to help Winston? Make the POS free. And just like Bucs tickets to go see him play, you can GIVE them away and people still won’t go.

  102. Thursday Joe 5 of 7 Says:

    This book is great. Maybe the best sports book ever. Or maybe the best book ever, period. Highly recommend it. I’m not sure why Simon & Schuster wasn’t interested. By the way, this is NOT Jameis1of1 or July Joe. Nope. No way. DEFINITELY NOT.

  103. July Joe Says:

    @Maga, you’re colors are showing through dude. My guess is you’re not even a Bucs fan at all and are just pretending to be so you can bash the team and it’s QB. Maybe you’re Clay Travis (talk about a bad cover … a stick figure drawing of Kap getting dunked on by you know who) using a penname to just smear the Bucs. Weird.

    And again your comments don’t even make sense. You know you were wrong about how blurbs should be negative ones so you changed from that to saying the blurbs and foreword should be from “experts in their field” … dude, the foreword is from a former NFLer aand Jameis longtime trainer, there’s no better “expert” on a book on Jameis, and the blurbs are from multiple former Bucs, no better experts for a football book about a Buc than former Bucs, and the promo blurb thing all over twitter is from the most popular sports author in the world, no better expert than that.

    Your’re hating just to hate and making an idiot out of yourself in the process brah. First it sounded like you’d never read a book and now it sounds like you expect sports books to be like scientific journals. Weird brah, very weird.

  104. Clay Travis Says:

    July Joe is definitely Jameis1of1! I know that for a fact because I, author Clay Travis, am really “Magadude” and “Thursday Joe 5 of 7” and “Fragis” and “Morgus the Magnificent”!

    I hate Jameis Winston and hate the Bucs and love to troll whenever I get a chance. It’s so fun and such a good use of my time.

    And Jameis1of1’s book isn’t the greatest ever because my book bashing the media is better because I bash Jameis too! See, I know the trick to getting the true Bucs fans on my side, I just have to hate Jameis and then they will like me and bash any other author that writes anything positive about Jameis.

    And oh yeah, my cover art for my book belongs in the Smithsonian!

    Go Titans! Errrrr, I mean, GO BUCS!

  105. Magadude Says:

    I never said blurbs should be negative. What are talking about?
    I know who the guy who wrote the forward is. He is a nobody. Need guys like Jimbo Fisher, Ron Jaworski, people that someone knows. Of course, the author hides behind a BS moniker, so I’m not surprised I guess. And what’s up with comparing Jameis Winston to Jesus Christ? That doesn’t offend me…it’s just wierd and stupid. You give yourself away fright up front and are doing Winston no favors.

    Of course I’m a Bucs fan…season ticket holder have probably forgotten more than you will ever know. And only a die-hard wanting to be fair would buy this POS book. I am thankful I’ve already seen about 40 pages of it.

  106. Magadude 210 of 685 Says:

    So far, the book sucks. This is not magadude. LOL (it is…just saying).

  107. Magadude 210 of 685 Says:

    Okay…so this has hijacked Joe’s post enough. The book and looks like all the goons pushing it are a joke. The BEST thing is if I don’t write a review at all, IF the book is anything like I’ve seen so far.

  108. Clay Travis Says:


    You tell em brother!

    I’m sorry I said I was you, you’re you and I’m me but WE ARE WE and we are awesome Bucs fans because we both hate Jameis! Yeah!

    Keep sticking it to that July Joe guy, he deserves it, how dare he recommend a book that doesn’t just bash Jameis. Thanks for doing the Lord’s work buddy, you can come by my place tonight and we can rewatch the BCS playoff game when Jameis fumbled and Mariota’s Oregon ducks beat him and we can laugh and then have a good cuddle like we always do! Yeah!

  109. Clay Travis Says:

    And hey, keep up the good work bashing Jameis under a bunch of different screen names; that is definitely doing the Lord’s work buddy!

    You can fill an entire comment thread with just your comments but make it look like 30 different people hate Jameis, that’s so cool. Yeah!

    You’re doing great kid, no one can touch ya! Yeah!

  110. July Joe Says:

    Thanks Clay Travis for making it so obvious.

    Let THAT be a lesson to everyone on these forums … the reason there SEEMS to be so many Jameis-bashers on here and the reason Jameis is just nailed in the comments sections by “many” posters is because just a few weirdos post over and over under different names to make it look like the majority hate Jameis.

    THOSE are the exact type of people that have “Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome”. They literally hate Jameis so much, a guy who doesn’t even know they exist and couldn’t care less what they think, that they will spend hours of every day rumaging around online forums posting negative stuff about Jameis …. LOSERS, THE LOT OF THEM.

    So, yeah, thanks Clay Travis for exposing those creeps.

  111. Clay Travis Says:

    What? No! How dare you call my buddies LOSERS! How dare you July Joe!

    You just wait, WE will get you! I will make sure that “Magadude” and “Thursday Joe 5 of 7” and “Fragis” and “Morgus the Magnificent” and MANY, MANY more of my friend, errr, I mean my friendS, as in plural, yeah, more than one, my friendS, trash the Jameis book and trash the author and trash you and trash Jameis and trash anyone who supports Jameis!

    You just wait, I will make sure “Magadude” says the book sucks and even that he makes it sound like he’s being unbiased and fair, but still slams the book! HAHAHAHAHAHA, you can’t stop me from doing the Lord’s work!

    I and my friend, crap, I meant friendS, as in plural, I and my friendS will not stop bashing Jameis until we run him out of town! We don’t want his kind in Tampa and WE ARE LEGION, WE WILL WIN!!!!!!

  112. gambelero Says:

    So, you replied to many people, so I’m sure you forgot the one to my post. I said:

    “I don’t think it’s fair to blast a book without reading it. Nevertheless, I’ve been an outside committee member on PhDs and dissertations about framing and bias. I wasn’t impressed with the methodology and saw more bias and framing in the analysis of bias and framing than in the original material.”

    I haven’t read the book or gone over the quant. I was referring to bias in the analysis of bias in the media by students writing master’s theses and Phd dissertations–not to bias in the book Joe referred to.

    Still, saying that it’s “all numbers” or “just straight numbers” doesn’t mean it can’t be one-sided or unbalanced.

    If you’re wondering about my cognitive acumen to make the kind of judgments you see in the quoted section, I predicted the Bucs would go 12-4 in 2017.

  113. Fragis Says:

    And just as a followup, the July Joe1of1 guy is most likely Jon Wilson aka @JWilBuc on twitter. Friend/businesspartner of Jameis1of1 and another Jameis sycophant.