Jon Robinson Talks Jameis, Mariota & Humphries

July 12th, 2019


Jon Robinson has found himself on both sides of the Jameis Winston-Marcus Mariota equation and he’s still trying to add it all up.

Jason Licht’s former right-hand man in Tampa has been calling the shots in Nashville as Tennessee’s GM since 2016. He replaced another ex-Bucs executive, Ruston Webster, one year after Tampa Bay chose Winston over Mariota at No. 1.

“I was there in Tampa when we went through that draft,” Robinson told me this week. “We liked both quarterbacks but at the end of the day in Tampa, Jameis was the pick.

Having worked with Marcus here in Tennessee, I can see he’s extremely talented. Nobody works harder than him and he’s smart. Marcus and I have a great relationship and we’re a better football team when he’s out there … he gives us a chance to win.”

Since Robinson’s arrival, the Titans have reeled off three consecutive 9-7 finishes, with the 2017 club overcoming a 21-3 halftime deficit to upset Kansas City in a road playoff game.

While Mariota has been dogged by injuries, Winston has been plagued by turnovers.

“Marcus and I talked about being able to live another day,” said Robinson. “He’s got the mobility to get himself out of trouble, but we don’t want him taking unnecessary hits. Jameis stylistically is a little different quarterback.

“He’s tough like Marcus and they both want to lower their shoulders against a safety like a running back.
You can’t do that when you play that position — unless it’s the last play to win a Super Bowl.”

Like Winston, Mariota is playing on his fifth-year option. Both are seeking to cash in on long-term contract extensions, so the 2019 season will likely decide their fate.

“Marcus is constantly trying to hone his craft — he’s a workaholic,” Robinson said. “All the ingredients are there to cook up a winner. He loves this city, he wants to be here and we want him here.”

Robinson also knows a player when he sees one.

Hump Days

During his final season with the Bucs as director of player personnel, Robinson looked on in admiration as an undrafted wide receiver out of Clemson bucked the odds and make the 2015 roster.

Yes, that Adam Humphries.

Humphries’ history revealed

By improving his total of receptions and receiving yards each year in Tampa, Humphries emerged as a coveted free agent in March. The Titans signed him to a 4-year, $36 million deal and Robinson sneers at any suggestion Humphries is overpaid.

“Obviously, I had a history with Adam,” Robinson said. “I was on staff there in Tampa when (scout) Byron Kiefer brought his name up as a guy to bring in on a tryout basis. Adam came in and impressed everyone there in the rookie mini-camp to earn a contract. I remember mentioning him several times in discussions with Lovie Smith about his ability to get open. He was a tireless worker. Every day he’d be out there trying to improve his craft.

“I’ve watched his career and he’s a reliable target. He’s tough and he doesn’t mind doing the dirty work when he knows there may be a safety hanging ready to clean his clock.”

The Bucs will feature a new slot receiver this fall. It could be Chris Godwin or it might be a glue guy like Humphries, a relentless worker who won’t be denied.

“For that slot position, you have to be a very smart player,” Robinson said. “You have to be savvy in reading coverages on the fly. Coordinators in this league do a great job trying to disguise coverage and for that position in particular, your route can change based on a couple of different looks you’re getting.

“You have to be able to run full speed while deciphering the coverage and adjusting your route to give the quarterback a window to throw the ball. It’s hard for a quarterback if the receiver isn’t in the right position. Adam takes great notes and he’s a good sounding board for our younger players. In other words, the guy’s a real pro.”

Don’t Buc fans know it, too.

He’s been gone more than three years, but Robinson still keeps an eye out for developments at One Buc Place. Licht remains a close friend, dating back to their days together in New England’s scouting

“I still root for the Bucs,” he says, “anytime they’re not rolling into Nissan Stadium.”

6 Responses to “Jon Robinson Talks Jameis, Mariota & Humphries”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    No matter what happens with Jameis it will have always been the correct pick in that draft. For all of my accurate and fair criticisms of Jason Licht if he had to do the draft all over again picking Jameis was the right call in the Bucs situation every time.

  2. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Mariota wont make it through 16 games

    Tenn team is built to win now

    Ryan Tannehill will take the Tenn team , Mike Vrabel’s pecker into the NFC championship game”

    Kobe faker

  3. stpetebucsfan Says:

    NFL suspends Raiders offensive lineman Richie Incognito for first two games of 2019 season

    DB55 is still upset we didn’t sign psychiatric patient (literally taken into custody this past year for INVOLUNTARY psychiatric evaluation). His two incidents this past year are sad.

    This man is literally SICK. I do not wish to beat up on Incognito, just all the people who keep pimping for him here. That’s the ticket…let’s introduce some mental illness into our locker room.

    Good luck Richie…hope you get better..seriously..just glad it will be in Oakland and not here.

  4. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    So finally the Jameis Mariota debate is over. Jameis is better and will be better.

  5. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Mariota has a receiving corps this year. If he plays to live another play instead of risking injury as a runner he should have some decent targets this season, and having Hump as a safety valve only makes things better. I say Mariota will have earned his new contract if he stays healthy. I hope Jameis earns his too.

  6. SB Says:

    Pretty sad that the One and Two overall picks are on their 5th yr option without a contract.