Attitude Surfacing With DBs

July 26th, 2019

Details new ways.

Joe is seeing things in practice not seen in quite a while:

Pass defense.

Now as stated earlier, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, had a rough day in the first day of Training Camp 2019 held Friday in the Glazer Hut at One Buc Palace. It’s quite possible one reason was that the Bucs’ defensive backs were flying around.

It is foreign to Bucs fans that defensive backs actually race to the thrown ball and bat passes down or — gasp! — intercept them.

Bucs defensive backs making things tough on quarterbacks? Just what kind of a world are we living in here?

And it is not just on the field that Joe is seeing, well, enthusiasm from Bucs defensive backs.

Take Vernon Hargreaves. Late in practice, “the twos” were on the field. Backups. Hargreaves was holding his helmet on the left sidelines. It was on that sideline that Hargreaves thought he saw offensive pass interference on one of his cornerback colleagues that was not called.

Hargreaves raced up to the line judge and began arguing with the zebra that a flag should have been thrown. That is a first for Joe.

Joe can never remember a Bucs player running after a referee in an underwear football practice.

Joe caught up with Hargreaves after practice to find out what the hassle was about.

“Yeah, we gotta get that situation taken care of, you know,” Hargreaves said. “They can review pass interference now so I had to see what the ref saw on that particular place because it helps you out too, of course. Of course it does. It lets me know how physical I could play. What I can’t do; what I can do.”

It just seems like the defensive backs are enjoying themselves. It’s obvious something is going on. New defense, new coaches, new attitude. Hargreaves didn’t deny that.

“That’s just what we do with Coach [Todd] Bowles and his system where we got speed in the back end,” Hargreaves explained. “So we run and that’s what we do.”

It’s damn refreshing.

As much as seeing Jameis struggle today worried Joe, Joe is equally giddy about how the defensive backs were taking it to the Bucs’ receivers with swag and speed.

Damn, this teams needs that kind of defensive hustle.

23 Responses to “Attitude Surfacing With DBs”

  1. Clw JB Says:

    D is always ahead of the O at this juncture

    Having a real DC might make a world of difference

  2. Bird Says:

    Others thought the same joes.

    Dbs had a good days. Picks / flying around / getting their hands on the ball
    It’s no pads and first practice but sounds like competition will be a great thing to see who starts the season.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nothing helps create an “attitude” is to draft replacements and to draft DBs with more speed….that, coupled with great coaching will do it every time.

  4. JimmyJack Says:

    Thanks for sharing Joe…….Very early but this is exciting nonetheless.

    Man if they get this secondary going……with the LBs we got the middle of our defense will be a force to be reckoned with!!!

    I did notice in the notes about Winston in OTAs a lot of defenders names were popping up…….Keep hearing more stories like these about our defense and there will be good reason for excitement. We already know that our offense is legit.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  5. B-Rad Says:

    My God joe its one practice. You made it sound like he threw 8 picks . Relax chicken little the sky is not falling . Maybe the DB’s were playing at one speed and veteran receivers were still playing at last years lesser speed . It will be corrected. Lord you make it sound like he’s played awful for a month straight .
    Overreaction is what we don’t need. Can they at least get a practice with pads on. And your assumption like it’s going to be on going is just silly.. and I’m referring to your last comment that it worried joe . Relax chicken little.

  6. bucnut2 Says:

    B-rad- i heard he threw at least 4 and had one dropped. That’s WAY too many. Joe has good reason to panic.

  7. Pickgrin Says:

    Speed has been seriously lacking in the Bucs defensive backfield.

    Speed and size.

    Davis has the size – but is lacking in speed.

    The rookies have both.

    Hargreaves and MJ Stewart have neither…

    WTF was Licht thinking when he took Stewart in the 2nd rd over a highly rated speedster like Donte Jackson from a great program like LSU??? That to me just continues to be one hell of a head scratcher…

  8. BucEmUp Says:

    Been saying this since lovie was hired, and smitty…..


  9. Defense Rules Says:

    BucEmUp … Coaching is always a big part of winning, but so is talent. This defense is about 50% new. If these coaches had last year’s talent (or lack of it) the Bucs’ defense would do better IMO than they did last year but it’d still be a bottom tier defense. It’s the upgrade in TALENT plus the COACHING that’ll make the difference this year. Hey, even Joe’s excited.

  10. El_Buc941 Says:

    Damn that’s great to hear joe. Maybe Jameis had a bad day because of the defense.either way if our defense gets beat its understandable. We do have top tier WRs in Evans and Godwin and possibly the #1 TE in O.J.

  11. NOSBOS Says:

    The last day of mini camp I told everyone pick a side,vet WRs or young DBs. I stated I’m “team young DB” once camp starts. Let’s get it MOs.

  12. Miketb19 Says:

    From everything that I read out so far when it come to our DBs it looks like Jordan Whitehead had an insane day of practice. I have high hopes for him and Mike Edwards together I think they make a better tandem than throwing Justin Evans in with the 1s right I’ve always thought he was a little over rated especially in coverage

  13. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Thank you B-Rad!
    It’s called practice! No wonder teams doesn’t want the public reactions during PRACTICE!
    The first day of practice!

  14. firethecannons Says:

    at this point I would rather see us develop a cohesive secondary, JW has plenty of time to sharpen his skills.

  15. JohnBoy Says:

    Joe – thanks for everything!

  16. LargoBuc Says:

    Other than Jameis, perhaps no other Buc has more to prove than Vernon Hargreaves. Fingers crossed 😀

  17. BucsFan727 Says:

    We should field a competitive team this year. Its good to see the secondary playing competitive. Where going to have a dam good football team.

  18. westernbuc Says:

    I feel like this happens every year…

  19. ModHairKen Says:

    Panic, Bucnut2?

  20. RustyRhinos Says:

    As long as Hargreaves doesn’t run around on the field screeching like a 14 year old girl at her first Pierce the Veil / All Time Low when someone else make a play. As for the arguments with the refs, I can see Hargreaves point about how they are calling the game, but screeching at the refs on a play you were not even a part of sometimes gets you a Yellow hankie and 15 yards. Need to watch that.
    Go Bucs!

  21. Old School Athlete Says:

    I understand why you feel that way. I do too, in a sense. To me, the biggest difference this time is that magic word “accountability”. Under the last two regimes, we hoped it would be there but it wasn’t. BA has a long record in the League and accountability has always been a big part of it. That is why I am more optimistic this time around.

  22. Bucsfanman Says:

    Two things I love about this. First, sounds like they’re playing AGGRESSIVE defense. Second, with a new offense, DCs are going to test Jameis ‘ decision-making skills. Hopefully he can hone his craft against a better Bucs secondary.

  23. TOM Says:

    I have a hard time seeing Hargreaves making the final 53.